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A Oala Day In Every Detail Enter
talnmentt In Plenty for All.
Nature was kind yostorday m6rn-
Ins, sending us cool breezes, and Old
Sol was lonlont with his rays. Iiariy
in Uio morning tho roads woro alive
with pcoplo, and tho trains continued
to deposit peoplo within our confines.
Oood "humor prevailed and as flno n
crowd, as largo gathering as Is gener
ally ascembled together In tho Indian
Territory or any stato at onotlmowcro
our guests yesterday at tu Old Set
tlers' picnic and barbecue.
I'lcnty of moat was served free,
and stands galore, and If any one
went away hungry or despondent It
was surely his or her fault.
"Wo want to particularly c.idorso
Senator Ooro'B speech. That Is was
enjoyed goes without saying. U was
-lean, able, strong and Senator Ooro's
argument on single statehood was su
perb and tho pcoplo endorsed In its
entirety what ho said. Ho mado a
lengthy speech and ho haJ tho best
of attontlon from tho entire audience.
If wo had moro mon of tho "Gore
typo" wo would win In this statehood
battlo In a walk. Ho Is ono of tho
Indian Territory's best friends.
Our old friend Sidney Suggs was
called on and mado us a nlco talk, and
as Suggs is so well acquainted with
tho pcoplo In this country you know
Jils remarks aro always appropriate
and enjoyed.
Our sister town Wanotto, Ok., was
well represented. A special train
bringing In a largo crowd, among
Uiom W. B. Edwards, an attorney. He
was called on and mado a fow well
chosen remarks that woro interesting
and ho wound up by extending a cor
dial invitation for cveryono present
or othcrwUo to attend tho big picnic
to bo held at his homo town August
28. My. Kdwarda' talk was appre
ciated. Tho Indian ball gamo betweon tho
two teams of Choctaw bojs was vory
Interesting and was a fine feature.
Immediately aftor tho Indian gamo
tho homo boys played a toam from
"Wynnowood, resulting In a score of
12 to 1 In favor of Pauls Valloy.
AVe noted a good many peoplo from
Ardmoro In fact Ardmoro was well
represented. Wo wnnt to thank tho
First Regimental band for tholr mu
file Tho boys acquitted themselves
well and Ardmoro should bo proud of
that organization.
And as a wind-up to such a pleas
ant timo tho pcoplo gavo a grand ball
-at tho courthouso last night, and such
n Bnthoilng-of peoplo ns attended was
Immense Tho chairs and bouchos
woro moved nsldo In tho main court
room, giving lotB of room, and It was
nn Ideal place for a ball. Music was
furnished by a part of tho Ardmoro
band and homo talont and was oxcbl
lent. Taking ovorything nil rouud It
was a great day for Pauls Valley a
day of which wo nro proud, a day that
will long bo remembered by all who
attended. Whon wo havo anothor,
romo again. We will bo glad to sco
Other Notes.
S. T. Dlcdsoe. attorney from Ard
more, is a visitor.
S. L. Williams from Purccll was on
our Btrcots yesterday.
N. A. Ilynrs of Hyars was shaking
hands with frlonds Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Wllllnms from
"Wanotto attondod the pleiilc.
A. J. Agnow wont home to Sher
man, Tnxas, yostordny.
Mom an Prultt attendod tho picnic
nt Purdy today.
"Wo noticed several Ardmore boys
and girls here yesterday.
Miss Wilson of Purcell. Is visiting
MIbh Itottelo Sorlbnor this week.
Work Is progressing on tho four
now bricks on Mnln stroot.
Thoy nro putting the mnterlal on
tho ground for tho new building of
tho llnnk of Commerce.
Tlioro aro so many visitors lu tovyn
wo cannot got all tholr names, but
wo nro glad you camo and want you
to como oftonor.
Special Correspondences.
Blk. Aug. 21. Tho toloph6no lino
connecting Elk and adjacent towns
with Davis has boon takon down, tho
entorprlso not paying. Elk Is loyal to
Ardmoro nnil Davis abandons hor of
forts to soouro our trado.
Complaints aro frequent of tho dan
gerous condition of the Caddo bridge.
It will not bo long before cotton will
bo rolling honco. so lot us havo the
bridge repaired, Mr. Ardmorelto.
Cotton la now doing well, and with
g(tl prices this may still bo a
prosperous year.
A meeting of tho patrons of the
school hero resulted In tho election of
Dr. S. N. Garrison, Geo. W. Coopor
and Miclus Hendoti as trustees and to
those gentlemen applications for ap
pointments as teachers must bo mado.
Thcro are vacancies for principal and
ono assistant.
Messrs. Paolo and Majors aro ren
ovating their gin hero and aro mak
ing notlvo preparations for a big run
by having It in first class order with
all new machinery.
John A. Williams was hero from
Marlow and reports that ho saw
Thomason, tho slayer of Harry "Wy
rick near that placo, about two weeks
ago. Thomason had an old pony and
taddlo which ho traded for a pistol
and a fow dollars. This statement Is
undoubtedly true.
This Is not a. gentlo word but
when you think how liable you aro
not to purchaso tho only romcdy uni
versally known and a remedy that has
had tho largest sale of any racdlclno
in tho world slnco 18C8 for tho euro
and trcatmont of Consumption and
Throat and Lung troubles without
loBlng Its great popularltyall theso
years, you will bo thankful wo called
your attention to Doschoo's Gorman
Syrup. Thoro aro so many ordinary
cough romedlos mado by druggists
and othors that aro cheap and good
for light colds perhaps, but for severe
Coughs, UronchltlB, Croup and espe
cially for Consumption, whoro there
Is dlfllcult expectoration and cough
ing during tho nights and mornings,
tbcro is nothing liko Gorman Syrup.
Tho 2G cont slzo has Just been intro
duced this year. Regular slzo 75
cents. At City Drug Storo.
If beauty is only skin deep that
may explain why so many pretty girls
aro shallow.
Dysentery Cured Without tho Aid of
a Doctor.
"I am Just up from a hard spoil of
tho flux," (dysentory) says Mr. T, A.
1'lnnor, a well known merchant of
Drummond, Tcnn. "I used ono small
bottlo of Chamborlaid's Colic, Cholora
and Diarrhoea Uomody and was cured
without having a doctor. I consider
it tho best cholera modlclno in tho
world." Thero la no need of employ
ing a doctor whon this remedy Is
used, for no doctor can prescrlbo a
bottor racdlclno for bowol complaint
In any form olthor for children or
Adults. It novor fails and Is pleas
ant to take. For salo by City Drug
Storo, F. J. Ranisoy and Ardmoro
Drug Co.
"Kiguros never Ho In tho l.iarfs of
a poor accountant
Cured Paralysis,
W. S. Ualloy. P. O., Truo, Texas,
writes: "My wlfo had been suffering
flvo years wltli paralysis In her arm,
when I was persuaded to use Bal
lard's Snow Liniment, which cured
her all right. I havo also used it for
old sores, frost 'bltos and skin erup
tions. It does tho work." 25c. 50o
Special Corre8tondcmco.
Dob, I. T., Aug. 21. Tho wind has
been blowing from tho north for tho
last twenty-four hour and tho wenth
or Is coo! and ploasant. Tho worr.s
are still working an the co'.ion.
Harry Pearson, w'm ta been In
Toxas for some tlm 'etttrnoJ yoi
Grandma Ilrown of .Clollan coun
ty. Toxas, Is visiting hor son, J. M.
CapL Miles Rcasoncr went to
Galnosvlllo to get repairs for Ills gin
H. Splawn was In our burg today
on business.
Mr. Foster of Hlllsboro. Toxas. Is
visiting relatives In this part this
Health of our town and surrounding
country is Improving.
A Worm Killer.
J. A. J. Montgomery, Puxlco, Wayne
county, Mo., writes: "1 havo Uttlo
twin glrlu, who havo been bothered
with worms nil tholr llvos. I tried ov
orything to roUovo thorn which fall
od until I used Will c's Cream Vorml
fugo; tho first two ( jov'j brought four
worms from ono of thorn, Uio next
two doses, twolvo, ono of Uiom meas
uring twolvo Inches; tho other child
wns only rollovod of four worms, It
Is n most oxcollont medicine." Whlto's
Cronm Vormlfugo is good Tor children.
It not only destroys worms, it helps
Uio child to porfect growth, wards off
sickness. 2Gc nt W. U. Framo s.
Most of us can bo kopt protty busy
attending to our own bustaoss, In spite
of a provalllng tondency to tho con
Not Over Wise.
Thoro Is an old allogorlcal plcturo
of a girl scared at a grasshopper, but
In tho act of hoedlossly treading on a
snake. Tills Is paralleled by the man
who spends a largo cum of monoy
building a cyclone collar, but neg
lects to provldo his family with a bot
tlo of Chamborlaln's Colic, Cholora
and Diarrhoea Remedy as a safeguard
against bowel complaints, whoso vie
tlmH outnumbor thoso of tho cyclone
a hundred to one. This remedy Is
everywhere roCognlzed as tho most
prompt and reliable medlclno In uso
for theso diseases. For salo by City
Drug Store, F. J. Ramsey, Ardmoro
Drug Co.
Whon a man is drunk he always
holds his cigar In his left hand, with
his thumb on tho left side.
Eat All You Want.
Porsonu troubled with indigestion
or dyspopsia eat all thoy want If thoy
tako Kodol Dyspepsia Curo. This
romody proparoa tho Btomnch for tho
rocoptlon. rotontlon. dlEoatlon and as
Blmllation of all tho wholcsomo food
that may bo eaton ,and onables tho
dlgestlvo organs to transform tho
saruo Into Uio kind of blood that
gives health and strength. Sold by
Market Letter.
Special to tho Ardmorelto.
Kaunas City, Mo., Aug. 22. Qunrnn
tlno arrivals at Kansas Cltyi four Ins
this week aro -162 cars, against 3Kt
samo dny last weak Market opened
Monday mean and was Uttlo different
Tuesday. Wednosday things brlght
oned a little, nnd today's market Is
the best of the week. Cows and thf
host steers are better than Mon lay
and calves aro strong, but common
steers remain dull. Host gtw o ld
thlB week at J3.75, but bulk t steers
havo sold from $2.95 to $3.10. Cows
bring from $2 to $2.50 moult, with
somo canncrs bringing less than $2.
Veal calves sell well and bring from
$4.50" to $5.CG.
Hogs aro steadily climbing up and
reached Uio best point in over a
month today, when top light hogs
brought $5.75 and bulk of nil sales
was from $5.40 to $3.50.
Sheep rocolpts aro not heavy enough
for tho demand at Kansas City, and
prices aro not much changed on mut
tons. Feeding sheep aro strong ot
$3.1G to $3.25, with a big domond.
Lambs aro gaining gradually unl tops
this week brought $5.26 again. Feed
ing lambs soil around $4. Killing
muttons bring $3.25 and $3.50.
Livestock C3rrMpondent.
dave the Children.
Nlnety-nlno out of every ono nun-
drod diseases Uiat children havo are
duo to disorders of tho stomach, and
theso disorders aro all caused by In
digestion. Kodol Dyspepsia Curo Is
Just as good for children as it Is
for adults. Children thrivo on it
It keeps their Btomachs sweet and
oncourages tholr growth and devel
opment Mrs. Henry Carter, 705 Cen
tral St, Nashvlllo, Tenn., says: "My
Uttlo boy Is now thrco years old and
has been suffering from indigestion
over slnco ho was born. I have had
Uio best doctors in Nashville, but fail
ed to do him any good. After using
ono bottlo of Kodol ho Is a well ba
by. I recommend It to all sufferers."
Kodol digests what you oat and makes
Uio stomach sweet Sold by all drug-glats.
That's all right about swoot peas
lasting until fall. Thoy aro as dead
as hay right now.
Good peoplo, don't bo deceived and
think thcro is only ono man in t
Territory competent and qualified to
ship bodies who died of contagious or
Infectious diseases. I am competent
and fully qualified to properly proparo
for shipment any body placed In my
hands, and am tho only ono in Ard
moro having an ombalmcr's permit
from our board ot health. Also a cer
tificate from one of tho loading lec
turers and demonstrators on embalm
ing and disinfection In tho United
Stitot. Wo havo the finest and largest
lino of coffins and caskots to select
from and can plcaBO you. Satisfac
tion guaranteed. Calls attended to
promptly day or night.
Tho Leading Undertaker and Em
balmcr. dw
Indiolu College.
A Progressive
Christ an
oners superior nd ontnu'on for
tho higher education of you n if
Men and Women. Courses In
KnKllah History, Mathematics,
Science, Laniciuiraa, rhlloiopbj-,
Mualo and Oratory elven by n
flchoUrly Faculty. Location un
surpassed. No Malaria. Pure
Wsttr, New bullillntr and exten
sile grounds, Excellent moral
training;. Each pupil the object
of personal care, Terms reason,
able. Write for Catalogue.
WYNNEW000, 1. T.
The Best
Tiling You
Cull for It Evory-
Artesian Manufaclurlng
L Bottllotr Go.
St. Louis. DslIafTWaeo
fl 6nan66 lor
Men! i
We have a few dozen left of nice styles
and neat patterns
$ 1 .50 Eagle Shirts at
25 Dozen Work Shirts, full size, well
made, the entire lot at
Now ready for your inspection. Gents Furnishings
of all kinds are now. arriving.
New Suspenders, .
New Handkerchiefs,
New Hosiery,
The Ladies Are Delighted With the New Goods.
THEY SAY the New Dress Goods for early fall
are beautiful and that, the New Waistings are exquisite.
What the Ladies say is sure to be enrrct, for the Ladies
always know. If you have not seen these new goods we
will take pleasure in showing th-m to you
THIS WEEK we will .-igain give the Ladies a
chance to buy more of those beaunf il
1 5c Doublefold Madras at I Oc Yard.
These are the goods that went so fast two weeks ago.
We will again have on the Bargain Counter about 25
W pieces of those dainty little French Ginghams.doublefolcl,
8 Gents Yard.
uurinertnis week we wi c ose out ovorv mora rf w
Figured Lawn, Figured Batiste and Figured Swiss, goods
which we sold at 10 to 20c all go during this week at
nly 8 Gents Yard.
Be sure to be on hand early, the best goes first you
should get the best.
More of those New Embroideries and Torchon La roc
will go this week at last week's prices.
Madden, Sykes L Co. 1
The Only Strictly cash Dry Goods House in Ardmore tt
and $1 bottles at W. 11. Frame's.
all druggists.

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