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trading public, and we arc more determined that the Values offered by this house shall eclipse anything shown in Ardmore.
ME day of Thanksgiving should appeal with peculiar force to every American citi.eu, standing as he docs in the pure light of liberty, the
T scope of which is enjoyed by no other nation on the globe. We arc thankful, first, to the Supreme and All Wise Ruler of the Universe, who "5?
declared that all men ateequal and who inculcated in the human heart the never dying spirit of liberty. We are thankful to our forefath-
ers who fought and died that their posterity might enjoy this blessed boon. We arc thankful to our heads of irovernmcutQtoday who. with isV
jealous care are guarding this sacred principle. We arc also thankful to the grand army of men. women and children who have contribu
ted, by their patronage, to the building up of the mammoth business now enjoyed by the Hurton-Pccl Dry Goods Co., which we are proud, to say is
second to none in Ardmore or the Indian Territory. . We arc more than ever convinced that honest advertising and fair dealing is appreciated by the
"Famous Burton-Peel Kind," I
Micrcforc we offer
pecial inducements
this week m thin m:-
f4 in. Unit Blenched Tnblo Dnmask the re
culnr oT) cent vnluu ThnnksKivinp; J 4 -price
58 in pure Blimehnil Table Diuuiisk others
cut 3oc for it. TlinnksRivint; J 4 -price
72 in. Unlf Blenched Table Dumiisk sold
elsewhere tit 75c. TlinnkeKivinp; IQf
price 0 v
72 i'i puro Linen Satin Damask the best
valii'M-ver shown in the citv, threo (Ipsiros.
these are the cream of the Burton Peel
Linens and our price has never beeu less
than $1 50 pcrnnl, ro in tins
ThnnkfRivniR sale at. . .
70 in. pure Linen Satin Dnmusk n $1.25
vnlno and worth the price. Thanks-no
Bookfold Napkins $2.00 grade, our
1 lianksRiviiiR )nce
rivihr price.
One piece only special finish pure Linen Satin
Dnninsk a Rennine $,!J.OO value, will ro as
a apccinl ThnnksRiviiiR Q'J 1Q
ofTeriuR at $L0 J
Satin Dainnsk Table Sets, $8.50 grade
in this ThauksRiviiiR
Bookfold Satin Damask Nnpkius Q'l i
$:M)0 grade. ThanksciviiiR price. )40 O
Bookfold Satin I )Mninsk Napkins Q i no
$4.1)0 gradt. Thanksgiving price )t). O
NHpkins to match. Special
Per dozen
Bookfold Nnpkius 17x17 a 75c value Clr
in this sale per dozen 0 OL
Bookfold Napkins 1.00 grade iu this n Q
Thanksgiving sale only OL
The 50c grade go at , 39c
it ii
ii i,
Pure Sntin Damask Towels, Knotted Fringe,
colored border, 22x45, our $1.00 Q-J-teller,
go during this wick per pr-. OOC
We will also have on sale during our
Thanksgiving Sale a special display of
White Counterpanes
at prices much below their value. Be sure
to secure jour share of iliese special vnluea-
Fringed Linon Towels 18x117, our .10c
seller go at per pnir
Bookfold Napkins &1.50 grade, our
Thanksgiving price
Linen Damask Towuls, 2:1x48, kontted fiinge,
colored border, our 70c seller go in C "J r
our Thanksgiving sale per pair O OL
Extra Snfinial fnr Mon ! M
- - - - W W W W IIIWII
During this week we will put on sale 50
extension sole, dull kid top, our $4.00 seller,
they will go iu this ThnnkSRiTiiig & -) An
Sale at t)0.UU
KEEP TIN MIND our big reduction sale on Clothing is still in full force.
We wish you a happy Thanksgiving.
i" iniT'iTi nr 1 1 TtfiWililnlin iifT f H
&&9 Vr XV VV.- W.V: M. Aj
For the December Term of District
Court at Ardmore, 1003.
KoIIowIhk Is Uio list oC potit Jiuors
:ind Rlternates clioKen by tlio Jury
comralBsloners for tlio Hecember term
ot the United StuU'H court at Ard
more, which will convene Monday, De
cember 21.
J. ,1. Klundorn, Mnrlctta.
A. U. Mayhew, Anlmoro.
U. M. Cason, llurwyn.
A. S. Uurnoy, Mariotta. .
W. T. Cnlr. F.nrl.
J. C. Kaiist, Springer.
J. Tumor, Uurnoyvlllo.
W. .1. Dealiln, Sprlagor.
A. I'. Taylor, Horwyn.
Scott McKlnnoy, Marietta.
V. N. Gcnn, Ardmoro.
O. K Allen, Springer.
Pel) Ornliam, Hob.
11. Klllott, Artlmorc.
.1. T. Carson, Bcrwyn.
.1. W. Owens, Marstlen.
.M. M. Unnncr, Overbrook.
B. C. Wells. Uerwyn.
Olnk Orr. Holder.
C. C. Roberts, Earl.
E. U Jones, Mannsvlllo
Jcrso Holland, TliackorvlUo.
.1. 11. Mills. Olonn.
It. P. Short. Doughcrtj'.
Alternates. '
A. U. Hoblnson, Mariotta.
Ed Hyrd, Ardmoro.
J. W. Medley, Dainn.
.1. It. Crimes, Uarn'-yvilio
John Gaunt, l)no Prove
Joe Akers, Woodford.
J. II. Hushes. IU1
I. 11. Host, Ardmore.
D. L. Dodson. llorwvn
Allison Keller, Holder.
W. It. lUKram, llaUUon
J. C. Clinton, 'once
W. h. HaKan .1. V. Taylor, Ed No
tile, jury commU- mersi
Warning Order.
In the United States court at Ard-
more. In the Indian Territory, souin-
ern District:
IMIa Murifiy plaintiff vs. Charlio
Manny dofeudnnt. No. 5,099.
Tlio defendant Charllo Murray is
warned to appear In this court in Uilr-
ty days ami answer tlio complaint of
tlio plaintiff. Delia Murray.
Witness, Hon. Hosea Townsend.
judsetrf said court and the son! thereof
thlat l'JUi day of November. 1003.
(Seal) C. M.-CA.MP1I13LL, Clork.
lly W. S. CROCKETT, Dep Clork.
II. M. Carr, Attorney.
.1. C. Craham, Attorney for Non-
Resident Dofeudnnt.
First published Nov. 1003.
Moon Bros', buggies always glvo
good value for your money. Noblo
nros. See them.
Cured Consumption.
Mrs. W. 13. Evans, Clearwator, ICns.,
writes: "My husband lay sick for
three months. Tho doctors said that
ho had quick consumption. Wo pro
cured a bottle of Ballara'a Horchound
Syrup, and It cured him. That was six
yoarB ago. Sinco then wo have always
kept a bottle in tho house. Wo can
not do without it. For coughs nud
colds It has no equal." 25c, 50c and $1
at W. 13. Frame's.
Iron Beds
To oxchaago for wood bods. Now nnd
second-hand stoves from BOc to $30.
The Second-Hand Maa
Bargains In watches, chains, rings,
diamonds and novelties at
jg.tr IJULAUD'S.
When a homely woman has her
photograph taken she acts as ir she
considered the artist responsible for
lior looks.
Stoves fo tho parlor, st ts for
tte sitting room, stoves tor the kit
chen, stovos for tho ofnee, and stoves
for less money than others ask at
Williams, Corhn & Cos.
You tt more for your money In
heatlnR and cook stoves at Spraglns'
than any other plac. He sells the
Leader and the Garland. Can you
think of better stoveet
Not a Sick Day Since.
"I was taken sovorely sick with kid
iiov tmulilo. I tried all sorts of mod
Icincs, none of which relieved me. Ono
nay I saw an au. or your mocirio uu
tnru mill ilntnrmluiiil to try that. Aftor
tnl.-lnir n fow ilnKIIS I ffllt ruliUVCd.
and soon thorcafter was entirely cured
r.r.d have 'not ceen a si 'ii any biucc.
I-.lglibor3 of niT.e have joou cured of
,)itnninllcni non ml nln . Ilvpv nnrl kid-
noy troubles and general doblltty."
This Is what II. F. Bass or lTomont,
N. C, wrlttw. Only 50c nt City Drug
Store, w. II. fTame.
(By M. Felker.)
Tho followlug nro tho prevailing
prices paid for produce today:
Whout 7Gc.
OaU 33(TJ3Ee.
Hay $C.00t8.00.
Corn 10c.
Sweet potatoes per bn. 50 to 75c.
Butter 20c.
(By William Nowninn.)
Ducks Por dozon. $2.00.
Turkeys Gross, 5c.
Geoso Full lenthored, $4.
Hons Por doxen, $2.50.
Frying chickens $1.50 to $2.
Eggs Por dozon 20c.
Dry Hides 8 11c.
Green hides 3-lc.
Live Stook.
(By Cold Storage Market.)
Fat cows (gross( cwt. .$1.75 to $2.00
Fat calves $3,000)5.00
Fat sheep, per head $2.00$3.00
Fat hogs (gross) 100 ttis. .$4.50$5.00
Subscrlbo for the Ardmorcite.
Telephono B. V. Honson at Colemati
Plumbing Co. for estimates on plumb
ing of any kind. Phone 135. 15-tf
Best Liniment on Earth.
Henry D. Baldwin, Supt. city water
works, Shnllsbnrg, Wis., writes: "I
have tried many kinds of liniment,
but I have never received much bone
fit until I used Ballard's Snow Unl
mcnt for rheumatism and pains. I
think It the best linlraanton oarth."
25e, 50c and $1 at Y. B. Frame's.
For Exchange.
New folding bods for second-hand
goods of all grades, such as wood or
Iron beds. L. D. MASON,
Mm. Tho Second-Hand Man.
Skates! Skates! Skates!
A Handsome Pnir of Skates for
the Boy or Girl!
Boys ii tul girl, it you want some
winter fun. take ndvantnk'c f out
proposition, as follows:
UnCr Any boy or tilrl who wi'l se
cure ten new Buhierlljfrs for The
Ram-as Cltv ooklv Journal, at 25o
por year each, making a total of
$2 50, acd win Bona us aiiei oi i lie
names, together with tho money
wo will ship to ills or her sddrcaa,
express alutrgos prepaid, a hand
somo pair of skates!
'ir Do not fall to stale the size
of shoos you wear, that wo may
know the size ot skate to ship you.
Biier Boys and ems, hero is a
chance to Ret a nice present.
There l no better fun than skat
ing on the Ice in winter. It makes
you healthy, happy and o,ontcntcd.
tar Send money by iiostofTtee or
dcr or draft, and advlso an of the
name of vour express office, ud
addros all communications tc Tho
Kansas Olty Journal, Kansas City,
ear Send for sample copies of
the Weekly for canvassing.
Capatai Stock - - - $500,000.
Organized under the laws of the District of Columbia,
Certificate filed with the Clerk of the
United States Court at Ardmore. '
Arthur D. Hyde, Keller, I. T.
Astley Atkins, Winthrop Mass.
J. Percy Wade, Catonsvillc, Md.
Rollin F. Foster, Wollaston, Mass.
Thos. A. McCormick, Roslindale, Mass.
Chas. F. Richards, Cambridge, Mass.
James. A. Black, Washington, D. C.
TkkasurKk: Rollin F. Foster, Room 715; 131 State Street,
Boston, Mass.
cy y
This company was formed for the purpose of drilling flfor
1 on the Rector property
N. R. M Sec. 19 T 3 S R 2 W ' '
S. E. M Sec. 18 T 3 S R 2 W
N y. Sec. 18 T 3 S R 2 W
"This company now has on the Rector property, a Star
Drill with tools and a camp outfit. Drilling will commence by
October 15th, and we expect to have within six months, a paying
Subscriptions to the stock of this company may be had at
10 cents -er share. At this price all subscribers get stock at
the same price as the directors and promoters. Every dollar
paid in this company goes to actual development. There are no
salaries, rake offs, or steals, and the directors pledge themselves
to the proper use of the company's funds.
Subscriptions may be sent to the Home Office in Boston, or
to Arthur D. Hyde, Keller, I. T.

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