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I I'uorniKiOR. I
f-'ight Will Qe Between Hanna and
Roosevelt and the Former Will
Win What DfmocraU Are
Doing Panama Deal.
To the Ardmorolte.
Wnsnlngton, Dec. 8 There 1b uoiuL,
to be a Whole lot of ftin here nn or
about the 11th and 12th of the pt. -ent
month when the Republican na
tional lommi'.tpo meeU for the pur
pose of Delecting the time and place
for holding the next Republlc.fi r
tlonai convention. There Is going to
be au attempt made at the meeting
to lire (he Hon. Perry S. Heath, sec
retary of thr Republican notional com
mittee. The late report of Hon. Joe
Brlstow, fourth assistant postmaster
general, linn thiown tho hurpoou Into
Mr. Iletith wltli nil the onorgy of a
man who wanted to set even for some
tilings, and that repo. . . stirred
up tho president to tho sticking stage
nnd he suys that Mr. Hoatli must go.
Seiml. - TInnna, tho chnlrman of tho
column too. is tho frlond of Henth,
anil he Is as Insistent that Mr. Hoatli
must not be disturbed. Tills presents
nn Issue at once between tho presi
dent nnd the senator from Ohio, who
Is the real leader of thee Republican
party. Tho prosldent apparently for
gets that ho did not make up the
present national committee of the H
publican party, which wields the Iti-ll-.ience
and controls things until Its
successor is elected at the next na
lional Republican convention, but that
1 1 was made up by AlcKlnley and
1' uina, and therefore Is under the con
tiul or Hanna. This being the iaw
Hi.' committee will accept tho dictum
ol Hanna and refuse to "fire" Heath
That will discredit Rcosevelt and at
t&. rome time place the Republican
party In the attitude of working in
the interest of a man who practically
has been Indicted for boodllng In thr
postoffico department. There Is go
Ing to bo a warm, lime and Republi
can dirty linen will bo wnshed for the
delectation of the general public. It
will be a straight light between Hanna
and Roosevelt and Hanna is going to
win. Watch the game.
Tim letter of drover Clovoland sl
solutoly declining to be considered as
candidate for tho prosldontlal nomi
nation on the Democratic ticket Is
causing much comment here, nnd the
attempt of tho peoplo who were tout
lng Cleveland to make Judge Parker
of Now York tho residuary legatee o
Cleveland, has had exactly tho oppo
site effect on tho leaders of tho Dem
ocratic party 'here, that they expected
and hoped It would. It has shown up
those people as opposed to the true
principles of tho party. As wan stated
In this correspondence aomo months
ago, tho attempt to tout. Cleveland was
simply nn effort on tho part of tho re
organizing element of tho party In
tho East to feel tho pulso of tho peo
ple. They had no idea Unit Mr. Cleve
land would stand for ronomlnatlon, but
Uioy wonted to seo how far tho people
would stand for tho Idea. After thoy
Ardmore, Jnd! n Teirl ory.
Designated Depasitory fcr Bankrupt Fund,; of Glckasaw Nation.
Capital paid in $ 60.C00.00
Surplus Funds 180.000.00
Total $240,000.00
The oldest hank in Indian Territory. Accounts of firms and Individuals
unllelr d upon tho most liberal ternin oonHlstlng with good hanking.
Insurance, Bonds, Real Estate
The" Largest and StroriKetit Apercy
in the Two Territories? '
Managers, Ardmore Abstract Go. .
r, ... a,.0 I Illinois Life Insurance Co.,
GKNbHAi agents j UniUHj 8utefJ Fideiity nnd Guaranty Co.
had worked it as far as they desired '
they would bring out tho real man
bohlnd the movoment, n man who Is
entirely satisfactory to tho Wall street
interests. It seems that Judgo Parker
Is the man. The Democratic lenders
In emigres are laughing at tho ef
fort of thes peoplo to stninpedo the
Democratic party to a man who Is
the choice of the men who manipulate
stocks and Itouds and nil the new fan
gled geUrlch-quIck games thnt orlgl
note in tho Maelstrom of Money. They
say that If that la the game of those
people, they will have none of Judge
Parker In theira. They see jio differ
ence In a Republican and a man who
I acceptable to the Wall street gang
' in the Democratic party. They say
. " o may as well have a Republican In
the white house as a man who has to
go to Wall street Intc-.-sts and g"
the n-rnoy with which to elect him.
and who must make nnte-electlou
pioiuiscii In order to get It. in con-,
eequenco of this feeling the stock of j
the Hon. William Randolph Hearst as
: the candidate of tho Democracy In
: the next contest, the only man so far
mentioned for the nomination who Is
not dominated by that gang of com
mercial pirates, who hate him cordial
1, has none up several perceptible
polnU. ,
The Panama deal is still a topic or
lolltlcnl discussion here, and tho Dem
ocrats are as dotermlned as over to
make It an Issue In the noxt cam
paign. It they do they will show up
;ne of the most stupendous outrages
over attempted by this government.
From the looks of things this will be
supplemented by niiftther attempt on
the part of this Republican administra
tion to grab San Domingo. The re
cent troubles down there have mado
things ripe for the deal that a few
men in this wintry have been trying
lor years to pull off. It Is not gener
ally known, but nevertheless it is llu
truth, that tho bonds of Ban Domingo,
the nrrrro republic to tho extent of
hundreds of thousands of dollars, aro
owned lu this country and are con
trolled by Senator Matt Quay of Pi v.
sylvanla and his copartners in tne
grafting game. If this government
takes over the island of San Domingo
thrse bond, which cost the purchas
ers about twenty -Ave cents on tho
dollar, will be worth par. Thoy, there
fore, will make some three hundred
per cent profit. The game is woith
tho candle. Look out for develop
ments In San Domingo.
Tho sugar trust Is again In full con
trol of congress, nnd is corrupting the
legislation now, as frequently In the
past. It dictates every move made bv
the Republicans In congress, Tho peo
plo do not know It, hut behind tho in
nocent proposition to tako a voto m
tho senate on tho Cuban reciprocity
bill, stalks tho sugar trust. Tho voto
on this bill will occur in tho senate,
under agreement, on December 1C. Tho
bill and treaty can not possibly tako
effect before tho "6th. day of Decem
ber, and probably not until many dayo
thereafter. Observe now tho reas-ons
why tho senate, taking Its cue from
the sugar trust, Is proceeding so leis
urely. Tho sugar trust agents aro
now In Cuba and have boon for tho
past two weeks, engaged In tho pur
chauo of all the cano sugar, ground
and manufactured, int already owned
by tho trxst, wlthi tho vie of bring
ing this sugar Into the Unltol States
in dor tho reduced tarl'f v 1: . . Ml be
C. L. ANDERSON-Cathler.
uly eighty per cent of Hie Dlnglcy
itw rates. Thnt supr they are pur-!
Hiving from the lnnnufn -t ireis an. I
growers nt the market price obtaining
1'iiw, when It coul'l .ie Imported Into
this country only tinder the full hun
dred per cent rate of Nhe Dlngley
law. In this way the sugar trust,
which controls only a'.H-i'. lv?t!ir.!
)' the sug-i r TdurtlO'i if Culm, wl"
l" enable I purcbuse unc-th d .f
the sugar product In the Island at a
rate that will give It a profit of twen
tjtlvw por rort. more tha.i if Mi.i h
should be passed at thla time. That
Is tho reason for the postponement of
the passage of the bill. Thla means
abr.ut 12,000,000 In the pockets of the
sugar trust as a gain to all the sena
tors who ore In the deal and who art' ,
now engaged In buying sugar stock !
which has h -en toing up steadily since ,
the postponement of tho vote on lifr
bill Is this not a dlstraro.T And
this time the white house participates
In the disgrace, for, while the presi
dent moat strenuously Insisted on the
passage of this legislation, he has nev
er even suggested to tho removal of
the differential duty on refined sugar.
How do the people like the picture?
Ciccks Arc Advised Not to Settle
With the Government.
Tills I. T Dee. S Of tho original
.IRIS (.altiiants to Uie Royal Creek
claim, awarded by tho last regular
session of congress, only 1,006 have
listed their names with the special
United States agent, Mr. Mcfllother,
Tor jsirtlelpatlon In tho payment to
take place soon. The remaining 500
arc said to be holding aloof at tho
suggestion or Crazy Snake. The
amount of the claim as presented to
congress was $1,800,000, but was scal
ed to $600,000. Crazy Snako says that
this reduction was an Injustice to the
Roayl Creeks and that if they will re
fue It ho will go to Washington and
get the full amount for them.
A Divorced Husband Uses Stick of
Steve Wood With . Deadly Effect.
Oklahoma City, Okla,. Dee. .8. Six
miles south of here Oscar Letherldge
killed Oscar Smith, his brother-in-law,
ciushlng bis skull with a stick ot
stovo wood, and probably fatally
wounding the latter's brother, J. S.
Smith, both boys. Letherldjre's wife,
who had secured a divorce from him.
hr.d gone to her father's homo. He
went there to see her ami when the
elder Smith refused him admittance,
letherldge forced tho door. Tho boys
tried to eject him and tho fatal fight
Oklahoma City Negroes Line Up for
the C mi sc.
Oklahoma City, Olc, Dec. 8.--Tho
colored voters of this city aro lined
Uf on tho question of Atntchood nnd
nt n meeting yesterday ruiolutlons fa
voring slnglo statehood were adopted
nnd n coinmltteo appointed to confer
with all colored voters In tho territory
asking their co-operation in the cas'.
Fifteen delegates wero appointed to
participate In n convention to bo held
In Wiushlngton, December 1 1 and lii
and woik for single statehood.
O ' - -
Capital Stock and Additional Liability. : : : : : $200,000.00
Largest of any Bank In the Chickasaw Nation.
We accept small and large accounts and conduct a
General Banking Business for you.
0. II. Bmith, President. R. A. Jonkb, Wholenale and Retail
0. M. OAMPBELii, Vica-Pres. Furniture.
Lhk Cbuck, Cashier. Ham Noblk, Wholesale Hardware,
Q. W. Younq, Stockman J. R. Pennington, " Grocer.
J.O. Thompson. Attorney. R. W. Randol. Merchant;
The Increase In the Growth of Na
tional Banks In Indian and Okla
homa Territories Bxcsea That
of Any Stats In the Union
Special to the Ardmorolte.
'Xi hiiigton, Dec. 8. -That the nation.-.!
bunking Imnea In Oklahoma
aad Indian tuTitcln Is prosperous Is
.ui,i . woly K.;.u l.j a statement
just '..k le public by (lie niplroller
of Hi .inn my. From March 14, 1900,
to Xom km- :tu. laos, eighty national
banl.s wero organized In Oklahoma
with a total capitalisation of 12.245,
000. In Indian Territory during the
same period there were seventy-seven
national banks with a total capitalisa
tion of 2,42u,(K)0.
Of tho eighty national bands organ
ized In Oklahoma during this perlo'.
seventy-one had a capitalization of
less than $&0,000 each, footing up a
Vcinl of $1,705,000 capital stock. In
Indian Territory there were sixty-four
banks In this clnss organized with n
total capital stock of $1,005,000. Nino
national banks wero organised In Ok
lahoma with a capital stock of $f0,000
or over for each benk, the aggregate
capital stock of the nine banks being
$050,0(10. There were thlrteeu similar
national banks organised In Indian
Territory during the anme period with
a total capital stock of $755,000.
Tho increase in the growth of na
tional banks In Indian Territory ami
Oklahoma territories exceed that of
any state In the Union.
Tho report also gives some valuable
Information with reference to national
bonks organized throughout the entire
country. In November twenty nation
al hanking associations with aggre
gate capital of $78'.000 wore organ
Iced, of which eighteen with a capital
ar $460,000 were banks with Individual
capital of less than $50,000, and two
with a capital of $325,000, banks with
Individual capital of $200,000 and $125,
000, respectively.
Incorporating the organizations of
the month with thoso effected since
March 14, 1900, the total number of
organizations to date Is 1.7S5 with
authorized capital of $105,278,000, tho
bond doposit as security for circula
tion amounting to $25,198,850. Class
ified by capital, 1,1 lit! of the associa
tion wIUi aggregate capital of $30,
108,000 ware with individual capital
of loss than $50,000, and 019 with to
tal capital of $71,870,000, with Individ
ual capital of $50,000 or ovor. An ad
ditional clossiniatlom shown thnt
then) havo boon chartered 1,00'J banks
of primary organization, with capital
of $51,401,500; 3CS with capital of $35,
509,000, reorganizations of states or
private banks liquidated for tho pur
poso, and 20S conversions of statu
banks, with capital of $13,953,500.
At the closo of November tliero
wero In existence 5,159 national bank
ing associations, n net Incroaso o
1,512 since March 11. 1900; addition
al capital $150,021,000; bonds $110,011,-
300; circulation $100,701,219, tho lat
ter with tho exception of $69,500 cov
eroil by lawful money, representing an
addition to tho circulation secured by
Umds. Tho authorized capital of tho
bankH on November 30 amounted to
$700,332,095; bonds on doposlt $384,
C2R.930; circulation secured by bonds
$3S3,018,1S1; circulation secured by
deiwslU of lawful money $38,0S5,I95;
total circulation covered by bonds
aud lawful money $121,100,979.
Epidemic of Disappearance t Okla
homa City.
Oklahoma City. Ok., Dec. 8. The
sudden dlaaTpenrnTicf of fire men,
I -tvlri; !"bind th1 n Inr . "hort t"- -f
. i their ar.-.wnts, is tho icrerd of
oi 1'ihorra (!lty for tlin la t wc K.
T,!. IVO.-l pi'Olll'lUnt 1,1' thi- !llln n-
: Is V. W. Shlely. nt tin- titi. of
' Is l-av'ng lixal mmag-r of th Her
ald shoe store. It la alleged that ho
left town with a shortage or $0,000 In
his accounts with the store.
'Shorty" McUee, foreman of a car
r "titer gang, was sent to the bank to
cash a check of $150 to nay the men.
He did not icturn awl lias not been
seen since.
H. Mills, employed by the Oklahoma
Advertising comimuy, decniupod with
fcoveral dollars belonging! to that In
stitution. Olio lnwrenoo a contractor, Is gono.
Ho left bills or no Inconsiderable alzo
Charles lalmur, one or tho coinmlt
teo to arrange for the annual ball of
tho barkeepers, took funds of the com
mittee to the amount of $110 and left
for parts unknown.
Th Determined Teddy.
Washington. Dec. 8. The president
has again sent to the seuate the nom
ination cl General Leonard Wood to
be major general and those of 187
other officers dependent upon General
Wood's promotion, lie will also send
i the nominations of about twenty
Pro civilian appointees who failod of
lontlnnatlcn, including Dr. Crum, to
bo collector of the port of Charleston.
The commissions of all these appoint
ea have beejj. dated at tho time of
thc4rMriginaT appointments and are
n -girded by the president as bejgg
recows appointments.
Woman Tern to Pieces.
iK'SMm, Germany, Dec. 8. Fran
F.schor. a lion tamer, was lorn to
p'ores today by four lions lu a man
ago to cago and In sight of a great
uowil of people. She was trying to
rcako a Hon spring through tho
hoop and struck It with her whip,
whereiiptn tho nnlmal looped upon
her and dlsombowuled her at ono
stroke. Tho woman shrieked and tho
Ihrte othor Hone Joined In tho attack
on her and fought among themselves
Inr fragments tf her llesh.
Holiday excursion rates to tho
southeast and west. On sale Doc. 19,
20, 21 and 20. 1003. Ono faro plus $2.
Holiday excursion to points on lino
of C. O. & O railway. Seo ticket
agent- Dates of sale Deceinhor 24, 25
i nd 31 and January 1.
W. A. DASI1IKLL. Ticket Agt.
Subscrlbo for tho Ardinorelto.
J. A. BIVEN3, Prcaldtnt.
. II. PALMER. Caihlir.
lit c
Surplus Funds.
AccouaU'jr p4rni& and Individuals
Serious Breach In Diplomatic Rela
tions Imminent Between United
States and Turkey American
Cltlien Thrown Into Jail.
Constantinople, Dee. 8. The Unit
ed States flag over the consulate at
Alovandretta, Asiatic Turkey, ban
l en hauled down and Consul V. It.
I ni has lfft the post for ll"lrut In
i an sequence of a serious diplomatic
Incident during which Dnvls was as
Kaultod by tho local plico. The af
talr grew out of tho arrest of an
Armenian named Attarlan, a natural
l7ed American cltlzeu. He had been
In prison two months, and had been
liberated at Uie Intervention of tho
American consul agent on condition of
his leaving tho country.
Davis accompanied Attarlsn aboard
a departing stoamer when tho pollco
Intercepted tho party, Insulted and as
saulted Davis, despite reslstenco or
the attendant guards.
Attarlan was taken back to prison
Davis Immediately loworcd tho flag
ovor the consulate, and broko off roln
lions by quitting Aloxnndrotta.
The matter Is ongaglng the onergot
ic attention of the United States au
thorities hore. Minister I-olschman
has mado urgent representations to
the Porte, and is now awaiting a full
er report of llw outrage, which Is ex
pected to load to strong action on
tho part of the United States to oh
tain full reparation.
The state department has recolvod
a cablegram from Consul Davis at
Alexandrotta, Turkey, saying ho had
trouble with the local pollco and had
left for Beirut The stato departm
promptly cabled Minister I.oiscliman
at Constantinople to Institute a thor
ough Investigation of the wholo af
fair. The Ardmore 1'reselng Club and
French Steam Dye Works, tho only
steam dye works lu the city. 7-C
Don't forget those photo calcndnra
aud oflior fine Xmas cards at Webbs.
Ho Is making them for others, why
not for you? Ctt
Will buy a good two-room cottage, on
nlco largo lot, In good location, If
taken thlo week.
Buy a Nice Home.
Four-room cottage, barn, good woll
on deslrablo corner nisir High school.
This Is tho Bouthwost part or tho city
Is a choico location.
The Redfiold Agency,
Real Estate, Rents, Loans.
Phone i3i. ARDHORR, I. T.
DON LACY, VlccPresldsnU
solioliod Courteunn irsstciern
ail i.Ut.
ss Flour.

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