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r bidnhy auoan.i
I 1'honilKTOR, j
M'M MKU 41
Baltimore and Ohio Limited Plungea
Into Obstruction With" Awful 3ec
rHIce of Life Sickening Sccno
Witnessed Dooty Secured.
ContiGllsvillo, Pa.. lr .' 21. With a
lurrldc crash the Dti Qucsno limited
Iho fastest, throunh pawmgpr train
from Pittsburg to New York on the
U & O., plowed Into a pile of lumi;
at Laurel Ilun, two mile we"' of
Dawson at 7:15 o'clock last tilskt
Tho train left Puttsburg, running a
few nilnut.CH late, In charge ir n
noor Win. Thornley of Connellsville.
When approaching laurel Rim, which
Is a particular fino pleoo of roadbed,
tho trnfn wan running nt a high raie
of Kneed. Sit.lrtcnly the passengers
wern thrown from their seats b tho
lightning-like, application of tho ntr
brakes, and a moment later there was
a terrible crash. Tho train was made
nn of two baggage ears, two day
coaches,- ono fllcepor and one dining
ear. and at Uic time was carrying at
lowest ostlmato 1D0 paBsengors. The
train plowed along for considerable
.tiotor. nnii iho cars were torn in
ulcccs. passengers Jumping, scream
Inc. falling from tho wreck as It toro
along. Suddenly tho engine swerved
to the left and tho coaehos plunged
down over tho ombankmeuttothoedgo
of tho -Monongahela river. The mo
mcnt the cars stopped rolling there
was a wild scene. Many pass-tigers
wore pinioned beneath the wreoknge,
and tho screams and cries that rent
the air wore boyond description, i
Many woro injured in uicir rami (
cltcmcnt and plunged into thu river.
Others, pinioned beneath tho heavy
timbers, pleaded In agonized tones
tor release. So terrific was the forco
of tho wreck that nearly every pas
senger suffered a moment's uncon
sciousness and many of the able-bodied
men were unablo to assist helping
tho Injured from the wreck on account
of having fainted.
Connellsville, Pa., Dec. 24. A sinn
ing up of the results of last night's
wreck of tho Du Quesne limited on
the li. & O. shows that sixty-four per
sons were killed and nine Injured AH
1 ut a few of the sixty-four bodies have
been Identified and those who aro slUl
tnknown will he laid away in Hill
(rove cemetery at dawn of C.tiist
mas morning.
Much money was found on tho iir
Hons of tho unidentified T'ebtiy
ewed In a bolt on one forolgne, was
found more than $401). Sums rt'Si'ig
trrin $100 to 3iM) wore found .i v to ol
nl persons. All have been . t in a
Many victims or the wreck were
robbed of money. Jewels and Christ
mas presents which they woro taking
.i mint Ives and friends rrom Pitts
burg. Many rings woro taken rrom
the Oncers cf corpses. Hobbers woro
on tho scone oarly, om I before many
of tho roscuors had nrrlxcui they had
(.retired considerable booty, much of
which consisted of baggage and hand
bags that had been tossed about nic
cars. Many 'Connellsville people h.ul
boon In Pittsburg yesterday buying
Christmas presents are missing.
Tho Jury is now viewing tho bodies
and taking ovldcnco as to the cause
of tho disaster. Superintendent .1. l
Irwin of tho D. & O. .declares tho
blame of tTio wreck must be fattened
on the persons who loaded tho ties
on tho llntcar. His story Is that tho
Makes at tho side of tho car wore
weak and gavo way under tho tontlon
when tho car rounded tho curve. Mr.
Irwin says there Is no truth In the ru
mor that train-wreckers derailed the
Comes From Mouth of 3-months-Old
Babe Then Dies.
London, Dec. 26. An extraordinary
htory comes Trom Pcnrhyn, In Wales.
The wife of a quarryihan was bath
ing her -a-moths-olrt babe, whon she
was thut 'crstruck to hear the child
wiy pin in Welsh. "Noxt year will
bo a terrible year, mother."
Tho mother rushed in terror to tho
next door and told what she bnd heard
tr a neighbor, who ran Immediately
Kick, picked up thu Infant, and. as
-be soothed and caressed It, coaxing-
! nsked it If It hart told its mother
that next year would Ik- a trrttlil"
year To lior astonishment, the child
looked at her and sail "Yon and
fell back dead. ,
The ftory ha been cjiscusseit fur
and wide, and Uio two women have
icon uioefl-quosUoned' without vshak
lie their story. At Ponrhyn. where
tho people are rather primitive and
religion, there lis much foreboding.
Senator Jones Has Conference
Tulsa With Numbers of Tribe.
Tulsa. I. T.. Dec. 2ti. Senator Jas.
K. Jones or Arknnsas Is In town to
day conferring wltli Goorge Uullott
nnd other loading Delaware relative
to tho Delaware claim against the
tho Cherokee Nation, now ponding lie-
ore the Dawes orwmlsston. The case
cnnie up ror a neuritis iworc me
commission at Muskogee Tuesday.
The ruling of the comuilssloii whs ad
verse to the Delaware, and steps
being taken tl reverse H.
The controversy Is relative to the
basis for segregation of Delaware
tatid in tho Cherokee Nation. The
Delaware claim that tboy bought 1H
acres of land each when they becanio
citizens of Bald' nation Tho Chore
l;ees contend that the DelawnroB
should share equally with the Chero
fcees. Tho standard allotment of the
latter Is about fiO acres per capita
Miss Grantly in Romantic Drama.
Patrons of the theator who have be
come- tired of tho worthless frivolity
which abounds In a great many of the
so-called theatrical attractions of tho
day, will find rest and recreation In
the performance of "In tin- Palace or
tho King" at the Roblson opera house
ou Monday night. New York, where
it ran for 200 .ights. endorsed it
highly, and metropolitan opinion hos
been backed" by tho approval of every
city where It has been seen.
In addition to tho delightful play.
patron8 or ti,e theater will have op-
portnnlty of passing Judgment upon
ii young star whoso claim to recogni
tion nB a work exponent of dramatic
art seems unquestionable. MIbs Helen
Grantly, By her work In tho rolo or
Dolores In "In the Palace of .the
King" lias made for herself a con
spicuous position In tho ranks of
America's host players. Sho will bo
supported by an' exceptionally compi'
tent company.
Girls' Vicious Assault.
Hazoltou. Pa.. Dec. 2G. A strike of
300 girls omployod li the Duplan silk
mill hero has resulted In a riotous at
tack upon sixteen female strike break
crs. Tho affray took place nenr the
city hall. Tho giiU employed in tho
mill quit three weeks ago and efforts
woro being made to 1111 their places.
Sixteen xlrls were bolng escorted
through the streets to the mill by the
chief of pollco and a pntrolninn when
200 strikers fell upon th?ni. Sheriff
Jacobs and seven deputies who were
on guard at tho mill hsntouod to tho
scone and charged tlto mob. but they
were as poworless to copo with the
strikers as the two policemen. Tho
officers did not care to draw Iholr
club on the girls and the disorder
continued nearly an hour. Finally
tho -crowd was dispersed and tho
strlkors wore chased to their homes.
Iowa Indians Want Money.
Guthrie. Ok.. Dec. 2C The Iowa
Indians aro again demanding from
tho governniont the several thousand
dollars from which they ran away
about thlity yenrs ago. A few days
before tho money arrived for them on
tho Nomaha ilvor. on the Kansas-No
hrnska line, most or liiein departed
for tho Indian Territory.
They flnolly reached the Sac and
Fox agency, and would have Htnrvod
or frozen to .death It tlreiv formar
neighlmrs, tho Sacs and Fos. bnd not
tuken pity on them and hclpod them
until tboy recolvod aid from the gov
eminent. Now they aro again after
the annuity tboy ran away from Inns
Total Cotton Receipts.
The cotton receipts for the
week has been light, owing to I lie
holidays, nearly all the farmori. eelng
a homo wjth tlielr families.
Wo were unable to got the recruits
hibt night by yards, but loarned that
there wore 573 bales received (Piling
the week, against SOU the veek be
fore. Last Saturday night (!)! -Miibo
19) wo had received 20,421 baloi, ail
ding to that 579 received the- par.i
wuok, wo have 21,000 bales for th
A good place for a man to carry Uie
leek of his wlfo's hair Is In his pocket
look and his letters In his cigar case
On Clear Christmas Morning Death
Called and Claimed Its Victim.
The End of a Busy nnd Useful
Life Funeral Today.
In the midst of the Christmas fentlv.
ltios when the fires of happiness burn
ei! the brightest of any season of th
year. Death stalked abroad and claim
ei! for Its victims one of Ardmoro's
most respected citizens, and It be
comes our sail duly this niortiiiift n
ihronlcle fhe death of Max Muiui.h
hoimer, who dearted this life nt 9:2ft
Christ mas morning.
Mr. Munsesheiinpr took 111 alioiit a
week ago and a complication of tho
heart passed him beyond the skill of
the medical fraternity. Tuesda'y and
Wednesday bis condition was report
ed somewhat bettor, but his revival
created only a falso hope and admit
ted cheer and sunshine Into hl
hnppy homo only a fow hours bofore
the last cloud ot death nnd evetlasting
disappointment settled upon the home.
Deceased loaves a wife, five grown
cli'l-'ren and a host of friends tomouin
his ioss. His children are Miss Irene
Isa and Willie, who are still at homo;
Mis. Simon Westhelmer of Marietta,
I T.. and Mrs. Morris Sass of Now
York city. With tho exception of the
tatter the entire family was at his
bedside when I he end came. Mrs.
Sa&R arrived yesterday an 1 will he
present today at the funeral. The re
mains will bo taken this morning to
Gainesville. Texas. Interment will bo
hail In the Hebrew cemetery In that
city. A largo delegation of relatives,
Masons nnd friends will accompany
the remains fiom here. The funeral
will bo held under the nusplces of tho
Masonic fraternity and will bo con
tacted by Dr. Yledell of Denlson,
Max Muiizcsheliiier nad reached tho
ago of Ti7 years. Ho came here lifteen
years ago from Jefferson, Texas, and
embarked In the mercantile business
Ir. tho Iron store. Tho business was
a gigantic ono and while the old Iron
stoio hns passed Into other hands and
Is now vacant, It Is ono of tho old
landmarks of the town that Is known
b more people than any other spot In
the city. When Mr. Munzeshelnier
gave up this business lie embarked in
the wholesale commission business
and represented a large number of
wholosale dry goods Arms. Success
marked his business career, and his
homo is one of tho most handsome in
the city. He was a true friend and a
congenial gentleman, who alwnys look
ed at the blight side or life, and bis
capacity for the enjoyment or lire was
equaled by very row people.
rims a life lull of sunshine and full
o" cheerfulness has been removed.
Tho entire city mourns his loss nnd
his family Is lot t broken-Hearted. He
was a man who was popular with all
classes, neither sought nor despised
honors and when tho matter of send
ing a delegate to Washington was be
ing discussed recently his name was
frequently mentioned by his friends
ns being a unliable man to sent:.
A special irnln for the funonil pro
cession will lonvo here over the Santa
Ke promptly ill 9:-ir. o'clock and will
arrive hack hire at 5 o'clock this af
ternoon. Tho funeral will take plate
direct from the Santa I'o depot.
At a mooting of the Masonic IoiIro
last night, Henry M. Kiirnitin was ap
jointed mtistnr or ceremoniw Tor ihe
occasion y the runerul. W. F. Whit
tinglon was appointed mnrshal. and
the following members were desinat
tl pall hearers: W. A. Woher'on
II. W. Dick. .1. T. Colomu.i S T,
Rledsoo. Frank llutt. A. W. Dmiiiaui
Iienry llaum. Morris HaiT a
At Uielr mooting last uig'ii tl K'lki-
nppointod the rollowing ucuitberH us
representatives: .1. (3. Anorn-'tby, Joe
i lleikHhlie. Bd Itlnger, .1. fl. Wall.
W. A. Wolverton. Don lic;. S. T
Bledsoe. It. I.. Sanders and two "their.
Many members from both .b. r
iters will accompntiy the xmnliin to
Local Cotton Market.
Thoro hns boon no inorkt.' cin m
Thursday, tho 24th, and hem- iho
samo prices prevailed yesterday .is-
did Thursday, from 12 1-2 to 1.1 ten;
Tho receipts woro light yesto-.'.ay.
Oh what a tangled web men weavo
when first they practice to believe
Something Must Arise to Smother the
Growing Sentiment Against the
Administration at the Capital.
Bleed Will Cover Defsets.
TV the Ardmorelto.
Washington. Dee. 2. The president
now needs a war In his business, and
events are so lieina; shaped that there
I.1 a prospect or a (oIIIfIoo between
too United State, marines and Colom
bian troops before tin- close of the
Bulked in the s nate by opposition
to the Panama treaty, with a prospect
of a connivance of the administration
:i Ok first revolution nolng exposed,
if up to the white house forces to
do something Htreiiuoiis. I Hood letting
makes people fnreet shady diplomncy
nnd academic debates, ami in n small
war all the difficulties now lir the
Panama situation may be polvod.
i The president is chagrined at tho
spoech of Senator Hour and the reso
lution of Morgan, which measured his
part In the Panama business like unto
that played by a snwll town deputy
shoriff or a cheap fakir.
Hack oT Hour and Morgan the op
position 'to halr-tnggor diplomacy has
The Popama treaty niado between
Hay and a lot of American railroad
employes in Pauauin Is in Imminent
danger of defeat.
Henco tho necessity for a diversion
and Cint most handy is a war with
Colombia. If tho Colombian's tan no
irritated Into nssiilllng American sol
tilers nun more is a iignt. then up
with the cry of "My country. rlgTit or
vrong, my country," and with hented
ldood we will lick the life out of the
Colombians and annex Panama ns
war measure. Tho president will then
stand out as the war lord of the
woMorti hemisphere.
Five hundred Colomhlnn troops nro
reported near tho Gulf of Darlon. Tho
Gulf of Dark n is 300 miles from Co
lon. The Colombians arc In their own
territory. They could not get to Colon
or Panama overland In throo montliF
They aro Illy armed and a platoon of
New York policemen could run thorn
Into the sea.
The presence or those troops, .how
vcr. unloosed the war dogs. Half
Uie battleships and cruisois are :n
Southern waters, and other war meas
ures .nro being pushed.
If Columbia then will kltiilly inviule
Panama. territory or get Into a melee
with some of our marines around tho
Gull' or Darien, tho president's war
with tho senate will bo touveiti il Into
a war with Colombia.
Then as a war measure the Isthmus
can bo annexed, and when our hlcod
i. hot the senate will as a matter or
ctiiuso rntiry the act or annexation.
Tho equity or this plan the cost In
death and money are not considered.
Thu hair brained and those ohsossod.
with strenttoslty never consider nines
like those.
Says the Creek Nation Democrats Are
Opposed to Union With Oklahoma.
Hon. II. 11. Spaiildlug, Democratic
national ccmmltleeman for Indian
Teuiiory. niflrcliant prince and ox
mayor or Muskogee, wns here yester
day en route- to Deulson, Texas.
What about tho newspaper reports
that the Ifc-mociatH In tho Crook Na
Hon are turret ly favoring the lleve
ridge absorption bill?" asked a Capl
tal representative.
"Suab tepoits aro nothing short of
'hot air, replied Mr. Spatildlng. "Our
IMcrty. as well as the public In gen-
otal, Is not paying much attention to
tbe threat. It is also a mistake to as
sume that the Creek Nation Is Re
publicans for personal observation
pioiupts me to claim a clear Demo
oratlo majority. The towns outside of
Muskogee aro reliably Democratic
At Chccotnh there are but very fow
Republicans. Okmulgeo is about tho
same as is Wagoner. The Itepubll
cans cannot llguro on a very heavy
support , in the Creek Nation outside
o' tho' Federal olllclnls and negroes
Tho Indians will be Democrats. Wo
of tho Creek Nation nro opposed to
this absorption scheme, first, last nnd
all the time, and If there Is any senti
ment favorablo to It surely it comes
from the Republicans."
"What about national polltcs?"
' Well. 1 think the Democrats have
ei. excellent chance of ' winning If
.Km.novalt Is nominated. Just who we
will naftio Is, of course, ti question
soitiswhnt hoyond us all, but I nin In
clined to believe that It will ho either
CTnrman or Utidga Parker. I have en
tertained hopes ot Hill bolng the nomi
nee, but It seems like Parker or Gor
man this time. No, 1 do not view the
Hearst boom seriously. There will
he n meeting- or the national commit
tee at Washington January 12. 1 wilt
attend and return to the territory In
time to attend the executive commit
tee meeting nt South McAlester Jan
uary 19. At tho Washington meeting
he selection or the place or holding
the national convention will be made.
Personally, I fawr St. Louis, provid-
d nhn makes Urn right kind of offer.
"When the territorial committer
meets January 19, It Is prolmhta that
be Muskogee Democratic club will
i.ioscnt ii resolution protesting
ugaiust tbe restrictions being placed
ir lamb- In the Greek Nnlloii by the
interior department. We will ask
the organisation to adopt this resolu
lutluu. Tho intention seems to be to
secure) expressions from every rep
leseutatlve body of moil that assem
bios In the territory on this Important
subject. What we demand Is tho re
moval of tho ristrlcUon. South
McAlostur Capital.
First in Territory.
Drs. Ilnrdy & McNeosliave avuM'd
the contract for Installing the ste.nn
boating npparatus in their A-tnlinr!tti:i
to Weeks Hros. This will bo the flrit
steam boating machinery 1ns:-.l'o i in
the Territory. Tho plumbing Aorlt
necessary to the equipment of the
building was also awarded 'o Weeks
Epworth League Christmas.
.Christmas evening marked a very
iinppy gathering of the Kpworth
League at tho handsome new home
of Mr. and Mrs. It. W. Uandoi. More
than a hundred Leaguers were pres
ent to enjoy the evening In soclnl mer-
linient. Refreshments were served
nnd the party repaired to their home
after Mr. Webb had taken a number
o flash light pictures of the happy
Turned the Old Man Out
Somo tlmo last summer A. J. Hoff
man, who lived near Provence, shot
hlmseir In tho sldo or tho head with a
shot gnu. Tho peoplo. thought nt the
line that It was done with suicidal
utent. On or about that time, too,
hi was charged wlh committing an
assault on soiim niombcr of tho fam
ily, and he was arrested and put In
At Uie time of tile lucurccration the
old mans ml ml was undoubtedly un
balanced, and his trial was put off
from time- to time hoping that he
would get better, in which event tho
liulgo intended to turn bltn loose.
Yesterday aftoinonu bis friends
came Willi money to semi mm 10
Inuston. Texas, and Hoffman wns re
Attention, Masons.
Ml MnsotiK are requested to meet
In the ball at 8:15 o'clock this morn-
rig, when the monikers will March
to the housu and take charge of the
remains cf our departed brother, Max
Munstosholnior. All who are pot mom
hers wishing to go to Gaiucsvutc cr.n
do so. and are kindly asked to go
along. Tho faro for tho round trip
will be $1.20. The train will leave
here at 9: ICin the morning and will
leave Galnosvlllo returning .it 2 PiO
o'clock in the afternoon.
(1. II. lmUCH, See.
The Salvation War Cry.
Tho Salvation Army tire ontorlng a
contost for the sole of the Christmas
numbor of tho War Cry. A cash prize
o $60 Is offered to the corps that sells
tho largest numbor . All friends are
listed to purchase sevoral copies and
help swell the number. A bountiful
8iipplomoiit with each copy. Tho child
Christ loading tho children of the na
Hon was plannod by Mrs. Ilooth Tuck
or, who was recently killed In n rail
it nd wreck.
A Dad Accident,
.Master Uluford Dfivldson. ota.p. year
old son of Mrs. II. 1). Davids, a. wns
kicked on the Jaw by a horse ister
lay afternoon. The attendl.M phyai
elan says that the under Jaw ..: bro
ken and a part of the uppn- Jav a
klckod entirely off.
It'h a wise man who says nothing at
the right time.
The girl witli tho dreamy eyes- may
Mill be very wldo awake.
Can Carry New York In Walk Says
Roosevelt is the Weakest Man
the Republicans Can Put Out.
' Conservative Man Wins.
Houston, Texas, Deo. 25. Hon J,
II. Klrby arrived in the city early
this morning from New York nnd,
after spending tho day la the city
left tonight for Chester, iiure ho has
been called to tho bedside of his
mother, who Is vory 111.
Mr. Klrby submitted to nn intoiw ir
on the political outtcok. With refi-r
once to his reported cnnilitlnr for too
vice presidency. Mr. Klrby talked a
"1 nm not a candidate for anything
but tho success or Texas enterprises
with which I am Identified. I am not
In politics, and do not want, neither
would I accept auy otllco within tho
gift of tho peoplo.
Hoosevolt Is the weakest man tho
Republican Kirty can put up. Any
conservative Democrat In whom t'"
country hns conlldcuoo enn triumph In
1901. I am for Joseph W. Ilalloy of
Texas for tho presidency fcr ilrst
choice. Notwithstanding that he i
an Intenso Southerner and Inclined to
bo piignaeioiiB, he Is considered aeon
sorvatlve man, and if nominated could
win. If llailoy could not get the nom
Inatlon, then I am for Judge Gray of
Delaware, Judge Parker of Now York
or Senator Gormnn of Maryland -tlieso
gentlonion In the ordor namod.
The next campaign has promising o,v
Now York haa always been vous d
ered a pivotal state, and Is considered
as such today. There are lOO.t'91)
Southerners In Hint state who could
net bo induced to vote for UoorovcU,
though a great many of them voted
for MfKlnley. New York Is safp w.th
ny one of the four high grade mua
I have mentioned. Ilalloy ould r.ir-
Now York in a walk. It is duo to
Mr. Ilalloy to mention TiIb namo la
connection with tho presidency for tho
reason that ho Is the greatest man In
tho Democratic party considered aa
such by thinking inch aud tha' mi ami
that he Is the greatest man In Amur-
With reference to the report which
gained wido circulation somo months
ago that Mr. Ilalloy. would likely re
move from Toxtis to New York, Mr.
Klrby Inughod nt the Idea of such a
thing, stntlng Hint ho had never for
a moment considered any such move.
Prisoners Thankful.
We tho motnbers of the ChrUttatt
lSndctv'or society wlio -arc conflnod lu
the Ardmore Jail, desire to tender
our thanks inrougii tlio columns or
tho Ardmorolto to Rov. and Mrs. O.
T. Illnck for their Christmas renn m-
brance to each of us lu the way ot
nice gilts of fruit and confection,
which were thoroughly enjoyed by
about 100 moil who are member ot
tho society. The C. B. mcmbeis and
many others confined In Jail feel trjly
grateful to Ilev. and Mrs. Ulvk anC
wvh for thorn much prvi,rity !n
t eir Christian work, u p-vUt
prd stcre.
Ardmore, D3 2d, 1901.
Whitson Held for Murder.
Yesterday Ihe trial of II. H. Whit
son, charged with the murder ot
James Spratt a few weeks ago by fa
tally cutting him with a knife, was
completed, and the defendant denied
tall, charged with murder. Commis
sioner Robuett recommended tat
the defendant b allowed tarn lor
i.i.i iiclaiighter.
A Religious Revival.
Rev. J. 1.. Keller, pastor of toe First
linptlst church, will begin a seiU- ot
revival meetings nt his church today.
Two services will bo held each day fur
two woolu or longer. The pastor wilt
bo assisted by Rev. R. E. Ij. Farutor
of Maiigum, Okla., a strong spiritual
pioneher. Tho co-operation of all
Christian people Is urged and nil mudo
Will Preach at Court House.
Rev. G. T. Rlnck will preach tiUs
afternoon at 3 o'clock at the United
States court house. The services will
be held especially for working mea,
but all will be welcome.

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