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Mild Allu&lon to Panama Steal, Also
to Wood's Record In Philippines. 1
ShtIu1 to tln ilinor'iti 1
Wiishhmtoii. Dec. l!7- .Mr John C.
Kay. an i-xci'llent lawyer iiml lotiK- '
tlmo P'Hldisnt of this city. and always
u Hopiilillcan, sold toilny: j
"If Canada should want to have nud
ti hold and to Kiin thi Mississippi '
river ah a wHtt-rway to th Otilf of
jMoxleo, and If hor pooplo should I
I'lalm that nature. Intended It to b
lons to Canada, and If Ca inula should I
offer tills country two hundred million
dollar for the .Mississippi river, nnd
IT this country should rujcct that offer, j
and If Canada should then Inaugurate
Insurrections alonR tho borders of ,
the Mississippi river and take that'
Mtrcant by force, 1 imagine that one ol
tho first American citizens to cry out
and howl for war would he the patriot
ic. Kcntlemnn now In the White
Mr. Fay also wild: "1 was a soldier
lor almost five years In the Klrsl New
Jersey cavalry, and with a fairly kooi!
momory or tho civil war. I think I
Know what war was, what war Is and
what war ousht to be. And when t
road that (Jcncral Wood has won a
Cioat battle In which more than 2,01)0
Moros wero killed, and only one
American soldier wounded, It occurs
to mo that it was a wholesale slaugh
ter. Instead of a battle."
758 Students
Mt ndi'.l Tyler Colletfo last iar and
from the way they are now enrolling
over S(w will enter this year Tho ex
tiaoidinary growth of this sitn.ol is
due to Its excellent management and
pi ac tu al business courses of study
at a small cost.
They have the larnwt etnilpuieut of
ir-w typewriters of any school in the
South or West. Te tables, deaka,
office fl.xtu.ivs, etc.. are all new and
specially designed for the Btudent'a
This is a frehtol that you may enter
any day and havo a paying position
awaiting you when you have finished,
Writo them for particulars, ruMrefH
in Tyler College. Tyler. Texas,
Seorot Societies A TEXAS WONDEC.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure.
Digests all classes of food and
Htrougthena tho stomach ami dlKos
livo organs. Cures Dsypepsla, Indi
cation, Stomach Troubles, and mnkes
rich re! blood, health and strength.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure rebuilds worn
out tissues, purities, strengthens ami
sweetens Uio stomnch. Gov. O. W.
Atkinson of W. Va.. says: "1 have
used a number of bottle3 of Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure and hnvo found it to
Inj a very effective and, indeed, a pow
erful remedy for stomach ailments. 1
recommend It to my friends." Sold
by all dealers,
Believed to Be an Accident, But May
Terminate Fatally.
Special to tho Ardmorelte.
Ada, I. T., Dec. 27. Jess Walling
the mall carrier between Hickory and
Dolburg, I. T., was shot Saturday
night, and it is believed fatally In
jured, by a stray bullet.
J. U. Cornell has surrendered to
(lit: officers.
It Is generally believed the occur
rence was an accident. ,
Ashburnliam, Ontario, Testifies to the
Good Qualities of Chamberlain's
Cough Memccry.
Ashburnham. OnL. April 18, 1903.
I think it 1b only right that I should
toll you what a wonderful effect Cham
berlain's Cough Hemedy has produced.
Tho da) before Uaater I was so dis
tressed with a cold end cough that 1
did not think to bo able to Uko any
duties tho next day, as my voice was
almost choked by tho cough- Tho
same day I received an order from yoti
for a bottlo or your cough remedy I
at onco procured a sample
took ubout three dofios of tho modi
clno. To my great reltef tho cough
and cold had completely disappeared
and I wan ablo to preach threo times
on Easter day. 1 know this rapid ana
effective euro woo due to your cough
remedy. .1 inako this testimonial with
out sollclUitlon, being thankful to havo
found such a God-sent remedy. Ito
spcctfully yours.
13. A. UNGHJ1-DT, M. A.,
Hector St. Luke's Church.
To Chamberlain Medlcino Co.
This remedy Is for solo by F. J.
Ramsey, Ardmore Drug Co., Wv U,
Be Quick.
Not a minute should bo lost when a
child shows symptoms of croup. Cham
berlain's Cough ltotnedy glvra as soon
as tho child hoco-iics hoarse, or even
alter tho croupy cough appears, will
prevent tho attack. It never falls, and
is pleasant and salo to take. Kor salo
by F. J. rtamsey. Ardmore Drug Co..
V. II. Frame.
Odell and His Associates Now Work
ing the Wall Street Crowd.
Special to tho Ardmorelte.
Washington, Doc. 27. Those politi
cians aro misleading themselves who
imagines Uiat President Iloosevolt will
not have a big campaign lund next
Governor Odell has placed himself
In close touch wltli men of money
tho traders, lenders and Investors.
Ono has only to hoar the names of
tSovernor Oflell's advisers to reallzo
that they aro men who know money,
who havo money and who have known
and made money since they were old
enough to clutch pennies.
Tho advisers of Governor Odell are
Abo Cruber, lid Iauterback. Nat Els
lHjrg, Samuel Strasberger, Otto Ilo
salsky, Chas. Comlsky, Ilenj. Horn
stein, Isadore Krlschman, llonuo
l.oewe, Jacob Kaliu, Justow Alexan
der .Max Friedman. Herman Jnves
hof. They know how to do business
with Wall street.
Climatic Cures.
The iuiluence of climatic conditions
i:i the euro of consumption is very
much overdrawn. Tho poor patient,
ami tho rich patient, too, can do much
ketter at liome by proper attention to
Jood digestion, and a regular use of
Gorman Syrup. Froo expectoration in
Um morning 1b rando certain by Ger
man Syrup, bo is a good night's rest
Mid tho absence of that weakening
cough nnd debilitating night sweat.
Restless nights and tho exhaustion
duo to coughing, tho greatest danger
and dread of tho consumptive, can be
prevented or stopped by taking Ger
man Syrup liberally and regularly.
Should you bo ablo to go to a warm
er cllmato, you will find that of the
thousands of consumptives there, the
few who aro boncfltod and regain
strength aro thoso who use German
Syrup. Trial bottlo 2.1i ; regular size
r7c. At all druggists.
If you intend to burn coal provide
your home or olllce with a Wilson hot
blast coal stove. Sold only by Noble
nror. 27
When a girl at a matinee catches
tho eyo of ono of tho actors sho feels
as important as a man who opens a
Jackpot with three aces.
Election Notice.
On Tuesday, January 12, 1904, be.
twen the hours of 10 a. m. and 4 p.
m there will bo a mooting of tho
bhareholders of the First National
Hank of Ardmore at their olflco in
Ardmore, I. T for the purpose of
electing directors to servo for tho en-
Miing year C. I ANDERSON,
1G-U2 Cashier
You set more Tor your money lb
beating and cook stoves at Sprnglnn
thau any other place. He nells tht
Lender nnd the Garland ''an you
think of bettor tovot
Trustee Appointed.
C H. Lewis has been appointed
tniBteo for tho Spauldtng-Hutchlnson
Mercantile company of Musi. ogee and
Good for Children.
The pleasant to take ami harmless
One Mlnuto Cough Cure gives imme
diate relief In all cases of Cough,
Croup and InGrippe because It does
not pass Immediately into the atom
ach, but takes effect right at tho seat
of troublo. It draws out the inllam
nation, heals and soothes and cures
permanently by enabling the lungs to
contribute pure Ufe-glvlng and llte
sustalnlnx oxygen to the blood and
tissues. Dr. Armstrong of Delia,
Toxas, prescribes it daily and says
there Is no better cough remedy
made. Sold by all dealers.
Fine hand-painted china at
ls-tr. nui.Aiuvs
Notice In Bankruptcy.
In the United States court for the
Southern district or the Indian Territo
ry, at Tishomingo.
In tho matter of J. F. Sherrlll &
Co., bankrupt.
Notice Is hereby given that an Invol
untary petition In bankruptcy has
been tiled against J. F. Sherill &
Co., a copartnership composed of J
F. Sherill and E. E. Martin, and
against E. E. Martin individually. And
the said E. E. Martin is hereby no
tified to appear in this court within
fifteen days from tho date hereof and
answer tho Involuntary petition ot
Uio Monnlg Dry Goods Co. ot al., and
show cause, if any he have, why tho
said J F. Sherrlll & Co., and tho said
E. E. Martin, Individually, should not
bo adjudged bankrupt. And Is warn
ed if ho fails to so appear that the
said J. F, Sh Willi & Co. and the
E. E. Martin, will, at the expiration
of sold tlmo be adjudged bankrupt by
order of thin court.
Witness tho Honorable Hosea Town
scud, judgo of said court, and C. M
Campbell, clerk thereof, this the 15th
day of Decombor, 1903
0. M. CAM 1 HE I '
(Seal) Clerk
First published Dec. 1C, 1903.
- f. ASA
Knlnhts Templar.
v Ardmoro commandcry No. i
G ,K T. meets first Monday
lu every month. ;
W. IIOI1EHTS. ltecorder.
The Holidays.
R. A. M.
Ardmore chapter K. A.
M. No. 11. Regular meet
ing second Tuesday night
In each month at 7:30 o'
clock. Masonic templo.
O. H. IinUCE, H.l
Indlnnola Encampment
. 10 1. O. O. F, meets ovory
Friday night nt Odd Fol
lows hall at 7:30 o'clock.
Chlof Patriarch.
D. T. NISUETT. Scribe,
Ardmoro Hebckah
lodge No. 20, I. O. O.
F. meets ovory Thurs
day night at Odd Fel
lows hall at 7:30 o'clock.
D. T. NISUETT, floe.
One imMI bottlo of The Texas Won
iter, Hall's Great Discovery, cures ll
kldnty and bladder troubles, removal
rnvel, cures diabetes, seminal emit
sinus, weak anil lame back, rtuuma
tlnm and nil Iriegularltiss of th kid
neys and btaddor in both women and
men. Regulates bladder trouble in
children. If not hold by your druggist
win bo sent by mall on receipt ot SI
One small bottlo Is two months' trsat-
mnt and will euro any caio abovr
mentioned. DR. E. W. HALL,.
8olo manufacturer, V O. Hox 629.
St. Louis, Mo.
Sold by all druggist.
Animnrn No. 4. Patriarchs
,m.. i n n v hna retnibir meet-
Ing on first nnd third Monday nights
in each montn.
D. T. NISUK i i, uom.
I. R. MASON, Clerk.
Tho Wilson hot blast coal stove,
no other quite so good. For salo
only by Noble Uros. 27
The carrier who Handles the mail
between Shawnee and I'nrnell dlsnp
wared Thursday morning. Ho had put.
up his team Wednoslny nii;ht and the
next morning went out to get the nn
lmnls but he did not hitch up and has
not been seen since. Another carrier
took Uio mail In his place. The regular
man borrowed an overcoat from his
host before departing.
B. P. O. Elks moot
Becond and fourth Fri
day in each month at
Elks hall, West Main
A. W. DUNHAM, E. It.
It. L. SANDEltS, Sec.
A. F. and A. M.
Ardmoro lodgo No. 31 A. F.
& A. M. Regular meeting on
or before tho full moon In
each month at 7:30 o'clock.
Masonic temple.
G. II. BRUCE, Sec.
O. E. S.
Ardmore chapter
No. 70 O. E. S. has
regular meeting on
tho night of the
fourth Monday In
every month at 7:
30 o'clock.
Ardmore lodge No. 0,
t. O. O. F moots overy
Tuesday night at Odd
Fellows hall at 7:s0 o.clcck.
I. O. R. M.
Washita trlbo No. 33,
Improved Order of Red
i men meets In Odd Fel
1 lows hall overy Wcdnes
day night at 7:30 o'clock.
W. O. w.
Ardmore Camp No
, wooumen oi iuo
sWojWsaZ; World meets second
"S-Sr and fourth Friday
nights In K, of P. hall
Lady Maccabees.
Uello of the Prairie
hive No. 1, Ladles of
the Maccabees meets on
the first Wednesday af
ternoon In each month
in the Odd Fellows hall.
I-ady Commander.
Keeper of Records.
K. of P.
Myrtlo lodge No. 7.
Knights of Pythias meet
in Castle Hall,
evoiy Thursday evening
K. ot R. & S.
If you want to borrow monc
nmn tell him he can slim.
Acclib'tit" will happen, but not i i
man has u paid up ucHdent Insurant e
Big Blaze in Memphis,
Memphis, Tenn., Due. 2(. The
largo department store of II. Ixwon
stein & Hro. Is burning. The loss will
probably bo heavy.
At 2 o'clock tho firo is steadily guiu-
Ing headway, and It seems probable
that tho street will bo gutted, Tho
company carries a stock of npproxl
matcly fSOO.OOO, largely Insured.
Tho firo skirted before 1 o'clock In
tho basement whoro largo quantities
of bales ami Ixixes of goods were
$390 for Letters to Encourage Emi
The Rock Island System offers twen
ty prizes, of the aggregate value of
$390, for letters rolatlvo to tho Ter
ritory along Its linos In Arkansas.
Kansas, Indian Tcrltory, Oklahoma,
Texas and Now Mexico. Letters
should deal with tho writer's experi
ence slnco ho settled lu the South
west. Thoy should toll how much
money ho had when ho arrived, what
ho did when ho first came, wnat meas
ure of success has slnco rownrded hlB
efforts, and what ho thinks of that
portion of tho country where ho is
located. Lottcr3 should not be less
than 300 uor moro than 1,500 word1
In length and will bo used toe the pur
poso of advertising the Southwest.
Letters arc desired, not only from
farmers and fanners' wives, but also
from merchants, scliool teachers, clor
gymen; from every one, In brief, who
has a story to tell and who knows
how to tell It.
For circular giving details write
John Sebastian, passenger traffic man
ager Rock Island System, Chicago, 111.
Special Land Buyers' Excursion
Will run to the now lands of Oroor
county, Oklahoma, and other sections
of tho great Southwest In November
and December, via tho Frisco System.
Are yon looking for rich nnd fortlle
farming lands In tho Southwest which
you can buy for ono-fourth to one
tenth the cost of lands In tho East and
North? Thoy prducc as much acre
for acre. Horo is a chanco to better
your condition and add a liberal
amount to your pocket-book.
For full particulars and spccinl rail
road rates apply at onco to R. S.
Lemon, secretnry Frisco Systom Im
migration Bureau, St. Louis, Slo.
A. O. U. W.
Ardmoro Iodge, No. 41,
meets regular overy first
and third Wednesday
nights at K. of P. hall.
A. IXWENSTEIN, Recorder.
Seme raeu want credit tor paying
their debts when they have to.
The Woodmen Circle
meets every third Friday night and
first Monday afternoon In tho K. of
P. hall. MRS. I. R. MASON, Guard.
MRS. II. P. EVETTS, Clerk.
In the United States Court In tho hi-
dlan Territory, Southern District.
City National Bank of Ardmore,
plaintiff, vs. Slg Simon & Co., defend
ants. No. 5,735.
The defendants, Slg Simon & Co.,
are warned to appear in this court In
thirty days und answer Uio complaint
of tho plaintiff, City National Bonk ot
Ardmoro, Indian Territory.
Wituoss, Hon. Hosou Townsend,
judgo, this 9th day of Decombor, 1903.
(Seal) C. M. CAMPBELL, Clerk.
H. C. Potterf, attorney.
E. A. Walker appointed attorney foi
First published Dec. 23, 1903.
The Modern Woodmen of America
meot ovory Monday night lu tho K. of I
P. hall. J. F. SON, V. 0.
John H. Morgan Camp. U. C. V'.,
will bold its regular meetings on the
second Sunday In each month nt the
city hall at 3 o'clock p. m. All old
soldiers Invited,
G. H. BRUCE. Adjutant.
This organization will meet overy
Friday evening at the city hall.
O. A. MUE1J.ER, Sec
Have moved into the new
building" next to Postoftice
and have opened up an up-to-date
Undertaking estab
lishment, and are ready to
serve the public day or
night on short notice. A
beautiful line of Picture
Mouldings will arrive in a
clay or two. Let us frame
your pictures.
The .season fur Holiday Baking in here
and to insure your table being set with
the very best, do your buying front
Ardmore, I. 'I'., OcL IS, 1902.
This Is to cortlfy ihnt tho Texaf
Wonder, Hall's Great Discovery, curou ,
two of my family ot kidney and blad
ler trouble, and I can fully recotn i ,
mend It to others suffering In same I
manner. Respectfully,
B. J. 9T1LW1JLL. j
Everything Good to Eat Under one roof.
4 Sr H-'
tarsus' i'.
M7N .
1 w
You May Driven Home
th a Wilton that e-.i-i' 1' h t ii . nil ! 1i.it it m
1 trado with us. Wo .ire .. I i -i ' 1 t-.ua r.mt 'state
ments but tho experience we li..- 1i1 M-Mi'i ;
Studebakee9 e?sftl$
and Harness
warrants us ill Dtlttiiu: it ' fr -i". That c-.M-tirnrr :nvrs llml jj
notllitIC SatlSllt!8 SO Well .i . hlidtlia n .. Wetlun tlicriltoii'll
von that they aril honest good. Wluii li iv- i:i.ule onr put
chase you go homo satisfied and ,t .v M-iml, rh.it'; the Mini -f
ciiKtomers we need in tlu-Imili'i i i ' .Ii 1 li.it s why w
handle the Studcbakcr line.
Do you nooU momctlilny? .cl ub llejrc on ''. with joii.
iineutun jour jon is your i.t iciinruni v at j 14 h a It Lr r iiu &iu ml uj tit.
Is not half so exciting as the
way people arc calling for
Wii ate ilaci tr iIimii nil river the uoimtry. Thoy arc the
only stoves mmle w. h I'orcuplne l-'lre Uncks, Miey will last
you 1ohjut. W w 11 t to pirn e 0110 with you or an atlver
ti'iretit. We nre s-llini: unj-on lontla of Iloueebold Oooils.
Mmiir.NMir fill i-tovi'H or any tiling else on New Gooils.
Out ol lotfn Stoves and Wore Repaired same day Drought ta.
Big Stocky Easy Payments and your
Trade Appreciated.
verviliiiiff to Keep House on,
ry .
A thdrnuk-li, practical I'aliiliiir aohoul, complxto ami up to ilntu til nvvrj ilotiarltuent
Day ami nlubt vuLonl thu uutlro yonr Day puilln atteinl niKbt iiclioiil wllliout citrn
ctiurk'OB. Tuition I7.W per month or 110 'for unllmltotl nobolamblp. Iloanl 111) to JI2.no
por month. No vacation. rupiU may onter ot any tlmo. Every pupil Is plncod on nl
rltH or may advance an laplilly an liln ability will permit, 'rbornuk'b tralnlnic In
nliorti'Ht time connlattint with olllclonry. Itufnronccii Any bank or bulnmn nrm In
GoIdhuvIU For ratnlocun aililienn,
(J, P. HEI.V1DOK. A M..IriiiiliInnt. flalnMivlllA. Teux
Cakes Pastry
To be of the Inches Krmle of excell
ence, Bhould he obtained at Spieule's
wliere lht baker's art rciuns supreme
hi (I riots in the creatPst prolusion of
Kood thinKS to eat,
We havo the liiRMt Breads, tlmmost
luscious Cakes and delightful Kolls.
Warning Order.
In tho Unltod States ComrrUsioitcr's
Court, Soutliorii District, InJIon Ter
ritory, J. I'. Farm, lilalntlff, vs. Catallna
I'ratcr, Uofendant. No. 1,285.
Tho ilofcndant, Catallna Prater, Is
warnol to appear In tills court In thir
ty days and answer tho complaint of
tho plaintiff. J I" Kami
Wltncsa my hand at Unittd Stat. 5
comnilBSlonor thlo 14th day of Upo ni
U. S. Commissioner.
II. A. lidbottei attorney for non
resident. Klrst published Doii'iiiber U, 1003.
Subscribe for tho .Udniorelte.

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