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Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
i More Days and the curtain will drop on our Great Special Clothing Sale
' 3 ....... T . . 1
j more days to reap the Greatest clothing bargains of the season We put this io days clothing snle on June 1st with an
enormous stick, we have had seven days ol the greatest clothing silling in th 2 history of this city, b it V2 still have hundreds
ol Bargains in Hoys' and Mens' Suits and pants that will by yours until Saturday night next.
Boys' Knee Pant Suits
t.nr IUi' $.'" Hull" S"
I ..l ' 8tltl gO
(in Ih) 81II8 1 nl,
o.ii h.n $:i.M Sulii go M.h.
Our llo.. $ I ' Sulla go lit
Our Hoy $r(oo Hull go wt...
Our Huj'M H 00 Hulls go ut...
. . 1.00
. . 2.25
.. 2.G5
.. 3.00
. $3.75
.. 4.50
Mens' 3-Piece Suits
Our M'I1h f.'ioo SiiKh Tor $3.75
Our Mens $7.60 Suit fur ., 5.C5
Our .Menu $0.UO Suit! fur C.75
Our MoiiB in. oo Stilts or 7.50
Our Mens $12,110 Suits for 9.40
Our Mens $1.1.00 Suits for 11.25
Our Mens JUti.im Suits ior 15.00
Youths' 3-Piece Suits
Our youths $3.00 Suits for $2.25
Our Youths $3.50 Suits for 2.65
Our Youths $ 1.00 Suits ior. . 3.00
Our Youths $5.00 Suits for 3.00
Our Youths $5.00 Suits for , 3.75
Our Youths $C00 Suits for 4.50
Our Youths $7.50 Suits for 5.65
Half Price
Our Hiic lul lot of lMys' Uneo punt suits In thli tle nt Imlf
pili i
$1 :,o Hoy Hulls for
f.'iii inh Suits for
$. ,n iinM Hulls for
j .hi Ui. . suits for
j : ,.i ii, i Suits for
Jl ,,i d Sulla lor.
Men's Shirts
Our fill lr stock or mens si.no
shirt with rollnrs Hiiil cuffs nt
Inched In this KiiU nt
Hoys' Waists
Our I'liltiv si iU hi' Hoys "Oc rol
imi I ivimli- Uu'-t in tbl Mill- ni
Men's Pants
100 I'll Irs Mens light weight sum
hut I'nuts regular $2.ou. Sells
Ikt pnlr
Boys' Waists
All our Hoys 7"c colors 1 percnlc
unl-ts ko In this snle nt
Men's Pants
Our Mons $2.00 l'nnts for $i.so
Our Mons $2.50 l'nnts for 2.25
Our Mons $3.00 Pants for 2.70
Our .Mons $3.50 Pants for 3,15
Our Mens $1.00 Pants for 3i60
Our Mens $3.00 Pants for 4,59
Madden Company
Artlmore, Indian Territory
11. 'I u
, I 111(1
I 1 ill!
Dosclice's German Syrup.
Wo inn not understand why any
peiH.ui minViltm with h colli or throat
mill limit trouble will neglect to pur
... I. ...I.. ..- I...HIAII If. tl Ultl.l
S - ThOI'O 1 "O UN I j CIIHSe II Willi' "I II'"""" ")lHi ---
In 1 In- pu llmlni In nil .MIl.-.l partH of the world.
wttlioui 11 Mimic km' of failure There
arw thousands of consumptive Hunt
hero tn Indian Territory that give
JHost (' Herman Syrup the solo 1
credit f their being alive today. Auk;
your druggist Price 25 and 7.r cenis
Oelcuate to lntcro.itlon.il Conutess ot
Women Uses bironil u.uiu"m
Hcilln. Jiiik
01 strong witiIh
i ..ting or Hie international i'ongre-s
. 1 Women One ol the KnglUli dele
iu h declared point blank mat wo
men did not need to obey either man
, , ,;,, iw made by man In anv
1 , ! nurse, no w.uui
1 . .nan at l.e pres w
, 11,1 1 ae la of the
u as the tyranny am' . 1
KheumatUH might try
' . 11
1 t
1 li
1 1
, i
, 111
' I
' ..
w 1:1 made
i del fi
1 !',. UU
i- Rt
' ' ...llet,
. .1 niirl
1 1 r.M be
. .'I
, ''H
v ' :UO
. 1 In
,('.1 01
' I'll!!
i' ai
; liv
- IT
i an
en 1
- p
, 'mi 1,
1 ir.i ''.I- e
s , .11 .
' I! t'.li-
"1 l.
, l
..III '
1 !li
t :ici
1 ...ten
1' ki .1
Cures Old 8 eras.
Westmoreland, Kas.. May 5. lo2 -Italian!
Snow Mntmeni Ce.; Your
flnow liniment cured an old sore on
the side of my chin that was sup
IKH...1 to ho a cancer The sere '
. i". 1 would ml yieui iouvui
.1 1 I tiled Snow Liniment
1 the wcrk In short older
Mi ' Sophia J Car-on. AI
Mi:lln itiunty. Pa. has a
i;i!.i uists lhat it Is a can-
1 Jut a rie hot'lc Soluj
r. FrstuiV
V i e Hi os M ' . 1
r ii ' -laiii ' .
. ' on
Stale Convention Adopts Platform
and Elects Delegates.
Uuthile, Ok. Juue S. The Okla
huuia Populist invention today do-
1 dared In favor of the government Is
1 suing all money. Sgir.nst imperialism
and trusts, favoring eo.ua! rights to
! all sud sieclal privileges to none.
Spencer Saunders of Klngflsuer was
chairman of the convention, with
Jehn Allan of Norman secretary
the music launders y-B elected national com-
; n.ltteenian. and the followiiiK were
t hosen d legates to the national con
vention at SpilnRtlol.l. 111. on July 4:
' .lolin Allan of Norman. lv McAlies
' ter of MaiiRiim. J. A MIauRhlin i
rhanll r, Harry Join of Stlllwatee,
tipeunr Saunders of Kingfisher. 11.
!? Rope.ioi tUani county, P. H ghap
.1 Wi.-'j. Pr Hole, Walker o: Okln
iiiiia City and Mrs. V. II. ' rem if
Chandler and J. 11 Craig 1 ! Paw tie :
each delegate to have half a vote In
the ronveniton.
For a Hundred Years.
Tor a uundrcil years or more witch
hazel has been recognized r.r a su
perb, r remedy, but It remained for K.
C. noWttt & Co. ot Chicago to dis
cover how to combine Uk virtues of
witch hazel with other antiseptics. In
ttie form of a salve. leVltt s Witch
llnsel salve is the best salve in the
world for sores, cuts, burns, bruises
aud piles. The high standing of this
salve has given rise to counterfeits,
and the public Is advised to look for
tho name ' iVttt" on the package,
and accept no other. Sold by all
Melntyre of Memphis now stands
a' the head of the Southern I.eagu
pitchers. He has lot only one game
and has won more than any othei
A Strong Heart.
Is assured by perfect digestion. Indi
gestion swells the stomncn ana purr
It up against the heart. This causes
shortness of breath, palpitation of the
heart and general weakness Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure cures indigest'on, re
lieves the stomach, takes tiie strain
off the heart and restores It to a
fit II HAPfnpmanna r9 a fiiHntleiM ma t.
In North Caroling tliey still cling rMly Kodol lncreajes ,ne trength
to the idea that It Is proper to iriti- by enabling the stomach and digest
else a judge, when ft Judge shows !lve organs to digest, assimilate and
hlmseh a chump.
You never heard of any one using
1 Foley's Honey and Tar and not being
satisfied. Sold by uonner Bonner.
appropriate to the blood and tissues
all of the food nutriment. Tones the
stcmach and digestive organs. Sold by
all druggists.
Datld B. Hill la trying very bard
to effect his ihlrttvath rosutrcjtton, ,c''
Ask to see those bugglc3 that Wil
l!an.s. Corhn & Co. are selling wa:
Thrown Frcm a Wagea.
Mr. George K. Btbivitt was thrown
! from his wagon and severely bruised.
, He applied Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
irvei; huU ; 11 1 luv wi iiuimiui
In the United States court In tho
Indian Territory. Southern district:
Denial! M. Fowler, plaintiff, vs. J.
C. Fowler, defendant. No. 0924.
The defendant. J. c. Fowler. Is
warned to appear in this court In thir
ty days and answer the complaint cf
the plaintiff. Deulali M. Fowler.
Witness Hon. J. T. Dickerson,
Judge, this 6th day of June, 1901.
V. M. CAMPBELL, Clerk.
Brown . Marsh, attorneys.
S. H. Butler, attorney for non-resident.
First published June 7, 1901.
The way Gov. Beckham wins out
It. Kentucky Indicates that he is no
U.nser a 'babe" In politics at least.
Cures O'.'Mst ?iovcnt Prrumonlfj
Chreiiiie lironehiul troubles ami sum
1 mer tvuarlts can be outckly relieved I ,. i, nSr.-.-v i a well
'i,-' ",l ,and cured by Foley's Honey i r.l Tar knowu citizen cf North Plain. Conn.,
1- IMii , Bonner A Bonner. There is nothing equal to Pain Balm!
1 ior prio buu uiuivv. (
feet u cure In one-third the time re
quired Vy any other treatment. Fxr
! sale by F. J. Ramsey, ArJmore Drug ,
Co.. W. B. Frame.
i 1 v Trvc
Tin- Japs are rcpoiu I to lino
CONPtDERATl- ViTERA.N. I.aiuhi napping, but t..c upon.-
'"- M M ,rRSt v v ". l' V. O. V., h eem. 11 em the -u'eje.ts m
1 V.e',,1 Its regul meetings on the (u u
' s n.'.u In c.ch month at the,
lie. 11
; .1:: nt S o'clock r All old
1 s luwicd.
J w aoi.iKrwK.co.
H PKUCK. AdjttlAKt.
Sued by His Doctor.
"A doitor here lias sued mo for,
Sli ."i wi-uh 1 t-lalcitj was execs-1
ive for a ease of .colera m.ir.ui. 1
Kuropatkin U evidently
an impediment in
a w." 1 w v c- 1
r. f 1
- 1 .ore
u:n for
1.' i to d
ot of the
.an Suffrag
That Tired
, - - - - - . . , , , 1 ;i ail lauKU
D Whil., -f i'...S.II -l "i . "..
... ....... . .v... , 1 iscsipame ior woris.
, ... , ;ae inai no uraisea nis meaicai mii mur liver is out
During the siimmcr Kidney Irreg nJ RWliJ , Wm if ,. ,M'r " " '
uiaruies an' o.irn tmnrn u t-ex--
Ue drinking or tntng overhea'evl At
tend to the kidneys at
I Foley's Kidney Cur
rill assist nature to throw off head
' not Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and ache, rheumatism and ailmerts akin
o doctor could use a better remedy ' u writes March IS. 10I: '! Save
than this In g case of cholera mar-, Herbtae for the ran two years '
nwsf m ni. ma uj 1 11 .1: done more gooa man an
"vVrhea'.vl u ' n0' Chamberlain s CcUc. Cholera and ach, rheumatism and ailmerts akin vJLi V
otte hr ualna lMrrnv remedy he sed MlM;to nervousness and restore the eaer , . '
' Bonne- A Vo i 0vt Kon 10 b'Mev' " nJ n ; pies and TiUDty of sounJ and perfect V rJ
uonne inn ( myM M Mjr aB(J lt WM not... th j j Hubbard. Temple. Tex- A 'gj
his spec. a. i 'ft . i A K tvissuar, kamsas & temi ra.lvvay.1
' ' Hf S l:jtr.ttAzir:-M lit :-.-:-m-. Tralct,
SCSssm and I j'll THE "KA7Y Fr,Y?R AND
to throw off head jK HtW. UjJf -i'i ,1 fries. ,SJ
and ailmerts akin r-s Ojnasstd u f.iutj and Sir. .
There la nothing the Jans Itae bet
va as oflered her. ter than persuading Russia that the - Kaasey. Ardsaore Drog Co., W. H- the doctor?. When 1 feel bad and
1 v AKr nrii-
vaV wt rniuc m
J Jap generals are making a irat mit- J
vfl take.
If jvn hate kWney or Madder trou- j
Me and do not use Foley's Kidney j
Cur, yon vut nave ooiy jwirwu w ,
Was Wastlna Away.
The foBewIni; tetter from Robert X
JSnZr arai Mo , inrctlre.
JZltolJS JN" hare been troubled with Vidney
Is goMen
The tact tht
crentec the watptctan that Parker I M
ft gold
dtviMe for tne last nre year ! lot
ieh and never fait well and doctor
ed with leading physicians and tried
suggested without relief
The Russian spirit Is s&ld to be un
broken, but give the Jape time and
they will brings about a c.-apound
bare that tired feeding. I take a Joe HHWrH-H-r -H-.M...
Ten Years tn Bed.
H. A. Gry. J. P.. Oakvt'.le. Ind..
writes, "For ten year I was coo fined
Finally I tried Folo s Kidney Cure to my bed with disease of the kid
and lets tin t Ntt'.tui tMrnnlMel..-' nevs. lt was so severe t&at 1 coaM
Xo good health ualeas the kidneys aired me an ! r.ow ) aai wmW9 and not more port ot the time. I con-
ot Heroine, it is tne nest medicine
ever made for chills and feTer " 5oc , t
a bottle. Sold by W. B. Frame.
Is order to auVe room for or .
heavy shipment of Surgies now In
tranUt. we hare some special o2ers to J
nase tn White Elephant and Clnm- 4-
tui road buctrtei. Cafh or on time.
Cmli and be convinced
1 14 Broadway Phone 179
are town roteys svwaey vrr wen
tuahee the kidneys right Bcner
Bonne r Bonner
suited the very beat medical skill
Subscribe for the Ariaorelte.
available, but eowld get no relief
XVvT TTvV? TCrTTVTC vnTTJC til Foley t Kidney Core w ret
lyiXl C)iUmi14Jil menaedtome. It ha been a godsenC
; MVe Kldnejs cad Gladder Rlaht 'to sie Bonner Bonner
This ofpaslaadM wtll meet every
Wedneeday eTestnr at the city hadL
G. A. itUEU XR, Sec
5 Carriage Shop yen c get Rubber Tiros Heimircd. Uor.e
Shf d auJ sll Geceral Blueksmithinc ninl Hugcy HopairiaR;
RvrruUhinc Paiutinjr, To? RspaUitij:. fact the bii; end of
onr bnfiaess is BUGGY RK PAIRING- VH are siV iho-
4. jle in thu line. hv uot Rive us your work f .We wiH do
it ruht ami -ive you the best on priws. U. K. ALLKN. j

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