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I'lthllidii'd every afternoon (oxcept
Satiinlny mid Sunday uioruliiR.
OHWu of inildlciitlo,', North Wnsli-
Innlon streel,
sTdNGY SUGQ9, Proprietor.
Knterod hi the I'ontolliro nt Ardmoro
nt SecniiiloliiM .V.nll Muttur.
Nnvnmbur 2 1803.
Subscription Hntes:
Ono If
Ono month "
Olio yonr 't 00
tl'ylilo In Advnnro).
United 8tKlg Court lor the Montliorn
Dlttrtct, IntllHii Terrliitry. Ainu Mr
(ho ('hlrkairow Stock AMoolntlon of
Jhe Indian Territory, utid Ui olllrlnl
orjnn of the city.
Any ornnooiia rollwMon upn 'ie
ohRrailer ir n'pulHtlon of nny potion
wlilch mity b printed In tlio Ardmoro
Ito, or Hiiy nrtlrla bused on ruporta
Hint are fnlae will Blnuly ta cflrrwtod
If bronalit to th tilmutlon of tlio
Gulf, Colorado A S.mt.i Fe Railway.
Onlvoatnn & Cliliugo HX....3: 10 n. nt.
Clatmrno K C. l!x 1: 10 I1- '
t Northbound. )
nnlvMtnn & CIiIchko K.. 12:35 n. nt.
Clubiirm & K. C. Kx 11: BO p. nt.
Choctaw, Oklahoma S Gulf Railway.
Arrlvo nt Ardmoro 1:20 p. m.
Iaiuvo Anlmoro 3:20 p. in.
1Kiil frt-lght cnrryniB piiMWiigora
nleo. , .!
Arkansas . Choctaw Railway.
U'avo Ardmoro dull S:30 u. in.
Arr. Ardmoro dnlly.. ..12:10 p. m.
I'iivo Ardmoro dully 2:35 p. m.
Arr. Ardmoro dnlly 5:25 p. in.
Mixed trnln Lv. Ardnioio. .fi:00 n. m.
Mlxod trnln Arr Ardmoro. .0:00 p. in.
All United Stntes ji nlls close 30
mlnuteM prior to trnln time.
Heronflor tlio mulls will bo closed
nt 'J p. m. liiKtead of S p. m. n form
erly. i). Ki:nni:i.i. p. m.
Uso the l.oim DlHtnnco Telephone
nnd cull up Phono N r,, If jou want
the Ardniorelte
JLuUii LU 1 Uli
Ardmore, Friday, June 10, 190-1.
HntemolnRl! Cook U coniiiiK from
Ountemaln with his nuts. 1ml If the
boll weevils nre Miirod they show no
Indlcntlon of It.
The inlkmlo hns nnnotitu'i'ii u niiin
bur of mltllnry nnd nnvnl promotions,
nud the astounding deelnrntlou l
nmde that these promotions aro all
In recognition of xervlce . Then It
must be a mistake I tint Japan Is lin
ItHtliiK the customs of the United
Wlmtuvor wrong have lieen coin-
lilltted by the union miners In Colo
rado the wholesale o lit Ion of every
union miner In u st:B seems too ar
bitrary ji measure In a free country.
It aavorf Iih) much of tht same spirit
iit disregard for law that has been
condemned In the miners.
Mr. Hoosevelt has named the Ue
1 uldleaa nornlm1 tor the presidency.
' vice presldentlar nominee, and
i ' ued the platform, naming thena
I jnal chairman of the party, thus d.
ttti away with the necessity for a
convention. U Is naturally to be ex
jwted now thai he will take up a list
of voters whose suffrage he desires,
have them counted for himself, and
go on four years mere of his hlg
handed presidential brigandage Den
tfoa Herald.
Statements ot receipts show that
the rallroatla are running balilnd lust
yjlnr'a eariitjiK by 1 15,000.000. The
ms ts entirely duo to freight uip-
nientn, the imsoehger trnttU- havtnt:
Increased eonstantly Improvement
conditions Is not looked for mull
vn It 1s expected that the Col
' mill bo oxer as well aj
- '-el master and pilots
v lakes an. I the freight
n i lie Kast There strike
."i! stopped the output of
vianle. but they have tied
sis and scared shipper In
i old in their conklxnment.
Chickasaw Polities.
J. 11 Johnston, the candidate
national party for t:i last
irship of the Chickasaw nation
. caller at the New otMce yes-
and upon being Interrogated
,i o hts chance of election. Indi
cated that he waa very sanguiue ot
le mnlt. He said that he expected
hire tains ia Tishomingo, Panola
a)g Pontotoc counties over the vote
:for the nattcnal ticket In the last
flection. He told iw of many leadwx
Won In Ihese count B0 ver ni
lite tide this time that opposed hit
party before, which Indicate that If
oolJs the old ttrength of the party
Miss Annie Dennett r Ardmore U
here visiting Mrs Moe Chlgley.
Miss (Irare Palmer of Ardmore le
the guest of her grandmother, .Mrs
Sehlff, till week.
T. V. Kraiue and Mote Chlgley
have gono to Sulphur today.
Miss 11 ii by .MoColliim, (he teleplione
operntcr, It on the lick Hit tl
The Infant child of .Mr. nnd .Mrs
Walter Wicker died pestorrtny ail
will be burled thlt nrternoou.
I)r and Mrs. Shad's little lmliydlf;
yesterday nfternoon. Interment will
take place this morning at the fami
ly burial place In lve"s "Valley.
Miss Maggie HiiiiiIhiw, who hns
been hero visiting her aunt, Mr. J.
A. White, leturned yettordny to her
home nt Mill Creek.
Mis Knunle Hull, the telephone op
erator is up aBnln after n brief illness.
All Communication Cut Off Tallhlnn
Had No Rail or Wire Connection
With Outside World for Five
D.iyt-Tallhlna Escaped.
A Convention Failure.
The convention of. the Johnson par
ty for Pontotoc county, advertised
to take place nt Sheep Creek Monday,
May 30, was a flat failure, no one
ntteudliiK except Duk Johnson, Palm
er Mosely and six of their henchmen.
Prom this It cnu rendlly bo seen that
there nre only six Johnson men In
Pontotoc county nnd snows Unit the
1 ml In ii titlseiiH In this county are dis
gusted with riiiKlsm and scheme m1-
Itlcs promulgate" liy Johnson, nnd
that on election dny Mcl.lsh will
sweep everything before him like n
.Similar rcMrt come from nil over
lb" Chli'knsaw nation, which shows
Unit Dick Mcl.lsh will be elected gov
( rnor with u whoop. It' all over
lint the shoutln'. Wnpauiickn Pres.
The oldest bell in the Unlteu States
i .in exhibition In the New Mexico
t u.l ling i f the World's Tnlr. The
in 11 was brought from Spain on one
of die llrst expeditious to .Mexico by
Pnther Juan de Padllla, one of tT.i
Franciscan fathers who accompanied
Coronado to Now Mexico. It wns
hiiiiK In one of the mission churches
cstuhllshcd In one of (he seven titles
of CUiolln. Troni there It was taken
U. (Iran tjulvera, where It was hunt;
In n cfuirch of which the rulim nre
still visible. From Ornu ()ivern It
wns taken to AlKodoues, whete It has
hung in the parish church ever since.
Father Padllla was killed by his
guides while on the wny from Ornu
Qulvera to Algodones. The bell
weighs exactly 19S ixiuinU. It was
baptized Marlit Josefn. It was cast
Ir the year A. U. 1355. according to
the Inscription which Is cast In the
bell. The "T" In the wird "Josefn"
Is Inverted, and the letters "S" and
"K" are trnnsposed, the mistake evi
dently having been made In the mold.
Talihinn, I .T. June t. A cloud
burst over the Klamlchl valley June
I mill fnnnt wete dnmngeil. All fen
cut wore witthed uway Not more
tlinn n ipmrler crop lint been an veil.
Thure has beon no coinmitnlcntlon
with tile outside world for the Inst
live day. .Mile of rnllrond nre oft
the dump nnd bridge nre gone n-rtii
and south. There will be no trains
for four or flvo dny yot.
Tony Jones lost five children
drowned. He nved himself, wife and
one child by climbing trooti over night
There hns been nothing like such
wntor in fifty yonrs.
Deputy .Mnrahnl Hon 1-ock narrow
ly escnped duntn In rescuing n fam
ily of ten, putting thorn in trcoii.
where they stayed for live hours.
Hundreds of live stock were drown
ed. No mntcrlnl damage, wns do:ir t
the town of Tnllhlnn.
One child wns drowned nt Bengal.
Knox Succeeds Quay
Philadelphia . June P. Announce
ment waa mndo by the Republican
lenders this nfrornoon Hint Attorney
Cenornl P ,C. Knox had boon ngreed
upon as the successor to United
Stntes Sonntor M. S .Quay.
To Put Out Cattle.
Muskogee .1. T.. June 9. Cnpt.Johu
West, cuptnln cf the Indian police,
bus been ordered with his sqund, to
the Cherokee nation to put out all
cattle In the Cherokee nntion whose
owners have not imld the ?1 per head
cuttle tax on unlnclosed land and
15e per head on Inclcsed Innil.
Ills .first proceeding will ho ngnlnat
cattle nenr Clnremore, belonging to
John I.owry. This mid menus busi
ness nnd nil cattle must go.
It has been suggested that Attor
ney Cruce be applied to for a c py
of his speeih to the Jury In the con
demnation suit tried at Ardmore last
week, to be used for advertising
purpose by Tishomingo. It ts said to
dwarf Into Insignificance all the
Wells literature that ever was pi Int
el auent the city on the Pennington,
and would be worth more than the
cost of the proceedings for purpeses
of publicity. Chickasaw Capitol.
In Oklahoma two Republican pa
per have clmiteed their politic to
the neumorHtlc tanks.
Reminded of tli Law.
All of the employes of the Dawes
commission received letter last Mon
day from Chairman Blxby calling at
tention to the provision ot the Indian
bill to t.te effect thai no one connect
ed with the distribution vf the appr
piiatton will te permitted to hold
stock In lan.! companies. This pro
vision booome. effect Ixe July 1. and
Air i.iuy r.. at-kiM tor an espies-
sion trom c.uh em; .ee a to what
he Intend to do Kspodal mv Is
laid upon the fact tha: town lots are
not to be Invested in uy any of those
connected with Indian affairs.
Twelve riundred Mile Race.
Albuquerque. N. M.. June F. II.
1-elaud, a veteran cavalryman and
William Clossrn, a well known cow
boy of thU section, are organising a
twefte hundred mile relay. rsc for
cowboyt. open to riders In New Mex
ico and ArUoaa wtU the Parting
po(ut in Albwuiwrque. nnd tha finish
at- gates of the World's Fair In St
Louis. It has been decided to have
relay at short dlitance so as to oh-
'W douMl do, he will be rlate any charge of cruelty to an!
lactad hy a good round Majority. malt. The pur will be si. 500.
Th laat great IwiUa dajkte at Ard-
Mtolt paati to tt all sites at Par- mora Saturday night at the ball parts,
thing Brej 9.3 s-$
Special CoreBpondence.
lliock. 1. T., Juno 3. It contlniu's
ti. rain here nenrly every day. Far
mers had their crops In good condi-
tit 11 when "e rains begun therefore
we hear hut little complaint about
grassy crops, but cutting wilt be the
order of the day as soon as it clears
.Miss M'aud Ulgbee who hns been
lt school at Austin. Texas hns return
ed home to spend the summer.
Our town seems to be cn a boom,
merchants all Increasing their stocks
and trade is good. Some of our good
citizens are talking or moving to
Mexico next fall.
.Miss Bertha Dallen It vlsl'mg Dr.
MeOrnalds family this week.
The Brock school ia progressing
We have preaching anc Sunday
school erery Sunday and everybody
Is invited to attend. 1
Sec Farthing Ilros. big line of mis
fit trousers.
Levi 2, Lelter Dead.
Bar Harbor. Me,. June 9. Ivl SC.
I.elter of Chicago died of heart failure
today at the Vnnderbllt cottage here,
which the belters had taken for the
Mr. Leiter had not been well for
a leng time, but up to yesterday he
was able to take hit usual drive. A
weakness .of the heart leveloped
i'.iorily after midnight and death oc-
iune.1 at 3:40 a. m. Mrt. Loiter and-
to daughter were by tne bedside
31 the last.
Mr l.eitetwas years of age. He
was the father of Lady Curzon of
Ken!!estone, wife of the governor o
India, vi Miss Daisy Lelt.'r. whot
beauty has been the subject of note
it. English court circlet, ana of Jc
ceph W. Letter, speculetor and in
Revolution Endecl.
Washington, I). (' . June 0- The na
vy depnrtment received n cnhlcisrntii
today Tfr m Admiral Slgshee. dnted
Monte Chtlstl. Inst night, which Hiiy.s:
"Custom home here will begin
ItfltisncHon of business June 'J. Al!
pints of Santo Domingo now open to
commerce. Revolution now ended. "
Try nn 15ldo cigar. RMter than
ever before. 151m.
over Urst Nathnal tank Akdmokk, Ind. Ti;r.
WANTIJ1) One allotment to file on.
Call at C. J. McCoy's drug store
at once 10.d2t.wlt.
WANTHD Ladles for permRiient em
ployment; J2 per day; exporlenco
unnecestnry; home-town work. Al
so traveling wcrkort; salary and
expenses. Firm worth $250 000. (live
your addreRg nnd I'll call. 'I lurry."
Address postolllco box C12, rdinaru
I. T. S-0
WANTUD To buy n I or 5 room cot
tnge. Mall description nnd lowest
cash prlco to box 311, city. 7tf
WANTHD Subscription representa
tives by one of the lnrgest nnd most
popular magazines in America, to
whom, can be turned over each
month expiring BubsciiptlonB for ro
newnl; also to secure new subscrip
tions on n spcclnl plan which in
sures the bulk of the magazine sub
scription business In thin locnllty.
Whero one magnzlno was subscrib
ed for ton yonrs ngo, three nre ta
ken today. Every year hundreds
of dollars aro paid out In every com
munity for new subscriptions, and
In renewing old ones. Most of this
money Is sent direct to publishers,
but people prefer to do business
through .1 resiKinslble local repre
sentative, thus relieving themselves
of lime and trouble. Our repre
sentatives renew upwards of 50 per
cent, ot subscriptions on the c.xpl
tatlnn lists furnished. Write today
for authority nnd terms. Vddres.,
Publisher, box 50, static 11 O. New
York City. 7-C
MEN Our catalogue explains how
we tench barber trado quickly, mail
ed free. MoTer Harbor College, St.
l-oiils, Mo. 5-lm
WANTED Position by 'honest and
Industrious hoy. Groceries prefer
red. Give me n trial." 'Phone 320.
. 30-0.
WANTED Old rags. Must be clean
Apply nt this olllco.
FOR SALE All my housthol l goods
cheap for cash. Residence S13 C
street, northwest. Mr. Kallshnext
door will show you through house
Goods must be told. Hare bargain-'
in handsome new furniture offered.
Will be at my home at 5 o'clock
each evening. Dr. W. S. Ueihul
FOR SALE. A tock of gemral me;
chandlte Invoicing about eight
thousand dollars wilt be so: 1 i me
under an order of the bankruptcy
court at Wynaewood. Indian Ter
ritory, on June fourteenth, to t!:.
highest bidder for cash. For further
information address A. F Pyentt.
Pauls Valley. Ind. Ter. c-7
, SALE A -good tingle buggy an '
harness, a big bargain. O Dates
FOR SALR One 20-hcrsepower slle
crank Houston, Stanwood Si Gam
ble engine. Positively goc I as
uew. Also one large douhle-Joji
Lary safe. Easy twyments or
ch?ap for each. Apply or write M.
Zuckermnu, at Cold Storage. 3 lm
roR RENT New thrce-rotm house.
Apply Noble Brot. 27tf
LOST In Ar.Imore Mcnday evening
a laiyt gold watch. A ll'it-raj n
war.1 will be paid for return 1 arr. 1
to Ardmoreite. 13
LOST An Elk's gold pin. Flnler re
turn to this onlce and receive re
arl. 23
Stylish Straw fiats
W. H. BykD Company
Speciu ICorrespomlenct.
Mnnnsvllle, 1. T., June 10. Wo are
having lots of rain In this section and
croim are very good. The ground is
so tof tnow that it can not be work
Cortoz Frontley nnd L A. Hondor
son of Ardmore nre here on busi
ness. Quito n number of Indians nre go
ing through to Tishomingo To got
their pajmont.
Mr. Splnd mnde n biilnets trip to
Tishomingo yestcrdny.
Mrs. G. W. Ilelk, who hns been here
visiting her urother for somo time,
hns returned home to Olnoy.
Mr. Wiseman of Marlcttn wns here
Mrs. O. Wood ,who hns been quite
slckt Is much bettor at present.
A. C. Mnrtln lias n child quite slcS
with measles.
Mrs .E ,L. Jones Is on trio sick list
this week.
W. Ii. Scrlmshlro nnd wife hnvo
gone to Tishomingo for a few weeks'
A. L. Sims Is hore from the Choc
tnw nntion .
The boys are arranging the ball
ground for the game they nre to have
here at the picnic on the 21th.
Quite n number of Enrl people nro
hore today talking about their grass.
Messrs .West and Gregory of Mailill
were hero this week.
Jim Lynn nnd Ills brother are hi.ro
from Mndlll visiting relative".
Somo of our people have contract
ed tho Mexico fever and may remove
to that country.
Editor Ardmoreite.
Conlgnto, I. T., Juno 9. The town
site commission is now here apprais
ing Coaigato and people will v (,n
know what they have to pay fn- tv
After some four or five month-
ter contest with some eight 01 n ,,0
applicants for tho postoQee , .m-. 1
by the resignation of W. S M- r
F. L Mclnnis received the app' m'
nont. and soon after his nppolniiii. i.t
:t:formntlon wns received by htm i.it
'ho salary was raised from $i,r.m 10
$1,900 per year.
Mr. Mclnnis was put In charge .if
tho olllco by tho bondsmen of W S
Meller, trie retiring postmaster, un'i
a new postmaster would be appoint,
ed, henco to some extent he Is suc
ceeding himself.
For Rent
For Sale
Help Wanted
Rooms for RenL
Jones Machine-Repair Wis
Reptvr, Buy, Sell ami Exchnnrie Mat-hiaery of all kiud
If you have n break-do.vn I will be ready day or nifrht to
assist you nnd deuioustrate that quick and cood
work cau be secured at reasonable prices-
'tf Ifr v;,'
First door west of Morgan Hotel, West Main Si.
Represent everything that stands for the best in
and buy and sell everything needed for feed. Free and prompt delivery of
everything sold to your kitchen or barn, and our customers all over the city
say our goods, prices and method of doing business Is most satisfactory.
Place your order with us this month and prove it.
V- .S. .... .1. .n. j. jt. -i ... - .
- --- - w t. s.r .- ru J, i,x -V "T;
f the Road
It's a well tarnea ivt(tation
of tho
Bridle Bits
Gig Pads
! Snaps.
Sole Leather
43 Halters
' Sddlss
JO . Buggies
Lap Dusters
Cellar Pads
Rubber Heels
Moon Bros. Buggy Brush
Shoe Tacks
3 That it is tho Queen of the Road. When Half soles
ai you arive ono ior a wntio you would not
43 exchange it for any other make. f
Besides Moon Bros. Bu'-jries. our
- .fre is hea lq nat ters for
Stylish Harness j
0 lb
And pll other kinds of harness you can
laeution. Will save you monoy on ev. &
ery purchase Terms and jiritvs nro i
the best. Uh
J. C. Freddy
West Main St.
Plansifter Flour
Because it n the best and made at home by
Wlialey Will and Elevator Company.

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