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Published ovorr aliernoon (oxcopt
Baturdny and Sunday morning.
Offlro of publication, Nurth Wash
ington BtrwU
SIDNEY SUGGS, Proprietor.
Entered nt tlio I'oMotlicu ut Ardrnoro
as Sccotid-clnss .Vail .Mnttor.
November 2 181)3.
Ruhtcrlntlon Mates!
One wMfk M
One mouth 50
On ve'ur IB 00
tl'nyablu In Advance).
OnlteJ'pttitos Court lor tho Southorn
DlBtrlut Indian TurrUory. Also for
Uio Chickasaw Stock Awoclatlon of
Uie Indian Territory, and uio oiuciui
organ of tho city.
Any erroneous relief Mon unon Uio
character or reputation of any person
wiilch may bo printed In tho Ardinoro
Ite, or any artltle bnswl on reports
that are false will i?liuily bo corroctod
If brought to the atttntlon of the
Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway.
Oalveeton & Chlcujto Ux 3:40 a, in.
Cleburne & K. C. Hx -1:40 p. ro.
I i Northbound.)
Oalvofitoh & Chicago Ex.. 12:35 n. ra.
CleburuO & K. C. I3x 11:60 p. m.
Choctaw, Oklahoma 4 Gulf Railway.
Arrivo at Ardaiore 1:20 P. ni.
Uave Ardmore 3:20 p. in.
Local IfrelBhi carryng paHsougors
Arkansas . Choctaw Railway.
Leavo Attlmoro dally 8:30 a. in.
Arr. Arfltnin- dally.. ..12:10 p. in.
Leave Ardrnoro dally 2:35 p. m.
Arr. Ardnuiro Jally 6:25 p. m.
Mixed train I,v. Ardraoie. .C:00,n. m.
MUwl train Arr Ardmere. ,C:00 p. m.
All Uiilted States malls clone 30
bUnutcn prior to train time.
Hereafter tho malls will bo closed
at 9 p, in. lnsteo.1 of S p. m. an form
erly. D. KEDriELT). T. M.
Ubo tho 1niB Dlstonco Telopbono
and call tip 'Phono No C, If you want
the Ardmorelto.
Ardmore, Tuesday, August 2, 190A
Subscribers to the Dally Ardmorelte
away during the summer may have
the paper mailed regularly each day
to any address at the rate of 50 cents
a month. Address changed as olten
as desired. While out of town the
Ardmorelte will be to you like a dally
letter. from home.
Yes, tlie health of Ardrnoro Is fine
and would bo well nigh perfect If the
city was proporly cleaned.
The weeda growing along the side
walks in certain sections show enro
lcHBuetss In the highest degree.
A Sunday School girl defines a "sin
of omlroiou" as "one vf tliein bins
which, ain't been coinmlttisl yet. but
ought to be." VI11IU1 Chioftnln.
lOlght thousand miner over In Ala
bama threaten to strlko against a re
duction. Tlio "full dinner pnil" will
sot b' given first place In the procoB
aloii of torcU-bcnrfrs this year. .,
Arrangements have been completed
whereby Thomas Watson of (leorglu.
tlio Populist noinliuK- for President,
will tpen his campaign In Lincoln on
Aug 10. Just why Mr. Watton goe
arrow to Lincoln to open a Populist
campaign luis not been explained.
It wins that President IUxvjevalt
IB w hilly unwilling to permit Missis
Klppiiui to name a town Vnrdaninn,
either bwautx' llov. Vanlniimn ouco
critic 1 7 tHi the spurs of the President
or wears hU hair t(K) long. Vfcy not
name the place Theodore?
This fa getting to be an intensely
pr.Ktlcnl age A young man who
courted, n wealthy young woman of
Montreal has sued her for breach of
promise, claiming as pecuniary dam
ages file sum of J2 por hour for the
time passed with her on the parlor
KOfO. . .
A remarkable ea ! Uiat of a boy
In Utfay5'tte, Ind., who died from no
other cRiue than too rapid growth. Al
though but 14 years ld, lie was over
0 feet tall The growth of his inter
nal organ did not keep pace with
that of his body nnJ limbs, and heart
1 ; uble resulted.
t'omi) to think about It. Is not that
Smoot Investigation rUHcukns? Kv
ehytiodj knows all the faets. The ev
iJt'iHH4a in It Is eltJier agaltift Sen
ator $iutot or it Is In his favor.
Still. U) party in power, which biwsts
if its couraxo, miaed a commltteo to
"iiivestigato" tho eaao III order to
avoid roavoiislblllty for deciding It
until after the eleitlon la over. It
was a cowardly thin to do. Newa.
Ice for aalc every day at City Fl6h
Market. 29-lin
A wred duly hits been Hquartly
prcufMited to tho people of Texas by
the chiiiiwIkii of tho Daughter of the
Republic for tho pureJiaiHj of the
remaining proporty of the Alamo
iniatdon nnd battleground. It la a
duly too Ioiir m-Kloctml. It oiirIiI to
havo been apontnneuuftly performed
n generation ago.
It can bo jxntjxine;! no longer with
out a shameful confession of Itullffur
cure to all that la noblu In human
character. Tho property was about to
bo converted to ordinary commercial
nie when tho DaugTitera of Uio Ito
public organized and wcurcd an op
tion of purchase. Thoy aolcltod
popular .uhfcrlptlfrtit with" lint aennt
unrein, ni.d when the property wna
about to pas from rhlflr reach Mlaa
Clara !:! oil of San Antonio ad
vanced $17000 for the neccaaary par-
tint payment
rher"fi,e. If ,tho atte refiiaHi to
net thi fojierty will reve... nnd a
liohle Tuxai woman will lose tho sum
Rh tf 8ueroualy advance!. '
No limit would begrudge the few
doC'iM l.o -.vtmltl ,k1vo If he could be
personally aollcltod, but experlenco
prove 'hot audi popular subscrlp
tlona arc Impracticable, llealdea, the
obligation fthotild "In all fnlrnoas nn.l
reason be nwumd by the atato gov-
ertiinent. It was for Texas as a
whole, for the entire commonwealth
ami not for any Individual that the
Alamo sncrlllce was made. Without
the heroism of the war of which that
was the first nnJ. Uie all Inrplrlng
tragedy, there would havo boon no
Texas. Therefore, Texas as a whole
should pay tho debt of honor which
tho Daughters havo properl nnd
courageously assumed.
All political Initiative In Texas be
gins In the Democratic parly, vMch
Is the governing lnctor. To Uio
Democratic platform the governor
nnd the legislature look for direction
nnd limitation. Therefore, tho IX-mo-cratlc
party In the Houston conven
tion shoufd make the Alamo purchase
a platform demand.
No pi en of economy or of present
deficiency will avail. Tho state has
got to Increase Its revenues; that Is
as plain ns the simplest axiom of
hustucsti or government, and It can
Just as well provide a sulllcient In
crenge to cover this appropriation.
Mr. Illlss, treasurer of tho Republi
can National committee. Is said to
have fulled In his efforts to raise
money. He will find tho whole conn
try under tho Impression that tho
Candidate and his heliiers are taking
nil they wont out of tho National
There are many people In this
worl.l who affect to believe that t'no
newspapers are moved wholly by
what may be termed commercial con
siderations In all positions they take.
They will explain that, while the
press may not universally take money
for cdlkTlal work done, yet It caters
to the public, which la low form of
sacrifice of principle. If they are
right lu their conchiFluns. tho fact
that nearly every great dally In New
York Is advocating the election of
Parker wtuld Indicate that the ikjo
Dle of thnt locality are for him,
Among the personal possessions ol
the pope Is a magnificent sleeping car,
constructed In 1S0S, when the railroad
wna oiiened between Naples nnd
Home, fi r the use of his predecessor.
It has tliieo compartments 11 throue
room, a room for Uie guard of honor
and a bed room. The throne rocm 1-.
rlihly furnit-hed and has n cupola en
graved with the papal arms nnd
the twelve apostles. It Is so arranged
Inat the pope, wJien seated on his
throne, can be plainly seen by the
cr. wds who might be oxpectod to
throng Uie stations for his blessing.
The car was never used, but Is kept
In the Vntlcan grounds
Union Stores.
Tho following dry goods, shoe, fur
nlehlng and .furniture- houses observe
union 'hours: a:
Open 7 n. in. Close 7 p. ra.
Close Saturdays 9:p. Tin. i'
As other nccopt 1nI0u cards tbclr
nArr.cs will bo addea: f
Madden & Co. .
Uurton-Peel Dry Ooods Co,
J. i:. Hamilton & Co.
Ardrnoro Dry Goods Co.
Ilnndo). Unnka & Co.
George. Ash.
Sass & Crawford,
It. Ixiwenstoin.
Clnclnnntl ltnckct Store.
It. A. Jones, l-'urnlture.
A. C. Young, Furniture.
Y. n. Lynn, Shoes.
W. II. Dyrd & Co.
"Two Bottles Cured Him."
alnt for about two years," writes
J?. II Da via of ML Sterling. In, "but
two bottles of Folsy'a Kidney Cure
effected a permanent ouro." Bonner
& Ponner.
Tlie People Crowded to Hear, the
Speakers and They Heard Much
'for Ardmore's Good I- arrrony
and Co-Work Prevailed.
The Chamber of Commoico met last
night In toe commissioner's court
ruwa Hvery available seat In Uie
room waa occupied by an enthusiastic
citizen of tho town".
Sidney Suggs, the president, cnlled
the ;iieetlng to order and stateo that
the Ume wiu ripe to atriku some ef
fective blowa for the gol of the
Ilov. 0. C. Weith addressed the
Meeting In the Interest of n summer
Chautauqua and lllble Institute thnt
tho Indian Territory desires to locate
here. He aald That the synod of In
dian Territory waa seeking n place
for tho "permanent location of a Bible
Institute, that the meeting wns held
this year in Muskogee and tho synod
was not well pleased In tho location,
that Sulphur Is working for the same
summer school and that it behooved
Ardmore to do something at once.
Mr. Votfh stated tKUl the camping
site aud $500 was asked by the synod.
The ffioney will be used to employ
talent for the Institute.
D. 'Johnson said It shoula be an
easy matter to get twenty-five men to
pledge $20 a piece so that Mr. Welth
could roiwrt nt once that the town
nnd dono nil that was asked. On his
motion the chair appointed a "commit
tee ol three composed of W. U. John
son, Sam Noble and A. C. Cruce to
secure the pledges. Volunteers were
called for to pledge TT0 and In five
minutes tho money was assured. Dro.
Weffh was then ndded to the commit
tee and fiiey were Instructed to se
cure ns many names as possible to
divide the payment among.
V. A. lA'dbettor said he was proud
of tbo prompt action taken by Uie
meeting In rnlslng the money and sug
gested thnt tho soliciting committee
get out at once nnd do its work.
The president then called the atten-
tendon of the perple to lnllnn Terri
tory day nt the World's Fair and ask
ed the pebp'o how they wanted to bo'
represented on the occasion.
Mr. Furman wns called for and said
nothing could be done for the terri
tory to attract attention to Itself
when It had such opposing attractions
as naval battles, tho resurrection,
and other shows on the pike ecstlng
a milium dollars.
Mr. Suggs stated that Indian Ter
ritory had alreiuly atttacted the atten
tion oT the people, that 200,000 people
from other states had registered nt
Indian Territory building.
Tir. Ledbetter made a stirring
speech in w-Tjlch he said Ardmore
must not fall behind. He gave prac
tical illustrations of good resulting
from advertising and made a speech
that euthused tho crowd.
Mayor Dick followed with an en
thusiastic speech.
I. It. Mason made some practical il
lustrations and moved that a commit
tee of three, Including the chair, bo
appointed to confer with tho other
towns and suggest nn appropriate
method of observing Indian Territory
day on October 1, nnd report back to
a meeting to be held next Monday
night. 11. v. Dick and I. n. Mason
wns placed on this committee with
Mr. StiRRt.
13. A. Walker addressed the meeting
wilh reference to the Muskogee union
railway. He said while at Muskogeo
recently he was informed that there
was n possibility of our securing that
road and he believed prompt nctlon
should be taken In tho mntter. The
meeting was In full sympathy with
Mr. Walker's suggestions.
Mr. Suggs said that the Cotton Delt
nt Sherman was anxious to come
throng!) the territory and he thought
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Straw Hats
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V. II. Byrd Company
Tailors and Haberdashers
ns m 'l i' n.' n-s nc. i'd be n,n V
(ring them hrre
A railroad meeting wan calied for
1 30 this morning nnd adjournment
taken until next Mondny night.
(Ily Oulllot Dros.)
Chicago, 111., Aug. 2 Tho follow
lng (juotntlonB-were made on the
market hero today:
Liverpool Futures.
Open. Close.
Jan. Fob 6.33 0,27
reu. .-iar t 36 o.a
Mar. April ft 35 5 28
Juno July
Ju'y AUf 5 01 5 85
Auk. Hept 5.77 G.88
Hept. Oct 6 63 5.40
(lit. NOV 5.4'J 5 35
Nov. Dec 5 37 5 31
Dec. Jan 6 35 5.
Spots 0 10
New York Futures.
Open. Close
10.26 0 69
Jan.. .
10. 0G 10.8
, 9 93 9.92
0 88 9.87
9 69 9 89
Wheat Open. Close,
Sept 92 1 4 94 1-8
Dec 91 1-8 94
May 93 3-8 96 1-4
Bopt 61 1-4 63 1-8
Dec ; 47 3-8 49 1-4
May 46 1-2 48 1-2
Sopt 33 3 8 34 7 8
DPC 34 36 3 8
May 37 1-4
Sept 11 97 12.87
Local Grain Market.
The following nre the local market
prices today for small grain
Oats 31c
Wheat 750c.
The' Parsonage and Home MIbsIol
Society of the Broadway M. E. church
meets Uie first and third Tuesdays of
each month at the parsonage.
The Ladles Aid Society of the First
Baptist cuhrch weets with Uie mem
bers each week.
MRS. A. B. MAYHEW, Pres.
Tho Aid Society of Uio Cumberland
Presbyterian church meets every Tues
day with one of Uie .members.
MIlS. J. D. TANNER, Pres.
The L. T. L'a meets every Sundaj
afternoon from 3 to 4 at Uie First Pre
byterlan church.
The Foreign Missionary Society of
the Broadway M. E. chiirci meets the
first Thursday of each month.
MltS. T. K. KEARNEY, Pres.
The Christian Endeavor of Uie Chris
tian Church meets every Sunday ai
tcrnoon at 4 o'clock.
D. A. H. REPLOGLE, Pree.
The Aid Society of Uio ChrHtlan
church meets every Tuesday with out
ot Uio members.
The Aid Society of Uie Central Bap
tist church meets every Tuesdny at 3
o'clock with one of Its members.
The Pierian Club will meot every
Wednesday from 3 to 5 o'clock with
different members. They will study
tho Bay View course. Their object
will be to beautify Uie public school
The B. Y. ,P. U. of Uio Finsi BapUst
church meets every Sunday afternoon
at Uie church.
In the United States Court for the
Southern District.
In compliance with tho provisions
01' the act of congress entitled "An
net to provide for additional United
States Judges in the Indian Territo
ry ,anJ for other purposes," npproved
April 28, 1904, it is' ordered:
That thero bhall be three terms of
court hold in Uio Southern district
at each court, as provided by law, at
the times and for Uie terms herein
after stated, namely:
First: A lertn for tho trial ot crhn'
lnal cases:
Adn, Sept. 5 to Sept. 24; three
Tlfchomlngo, Sept. 2C (o Oct. 15;
three weoks.
Chlckasha, Oct. 17 to Oct. 29; two
Ryan, Oct. 31 to Nov. 12, two
Pauls Valloy, Nov. 14 to Dec. 3,
three weeks.
Purcoll, Dec. 5 to Dec. 17, two
Marietta, Dec. 19 to Dec. 24, olo
Marietta, JaD. 2 to Jan. 7; one
Ardmore, Jan. 9 to Feb. 11, flvo
Second: A term for ih? trial of civ
il cases:
Ada, Oct. 31 to Nov. 4tl9, -three
Tishomingo, Nov. 21- to Dec. 10
three weeks.
Chlckasha. Doc, 12 to Dec. 24, two
Ryan, Jan. 2 to Jan. 14, two weeks.
Pauls Valley, Jan, 1C to Feb. 11,
four weeks.
Purcell, Feb. 13 to Feb. 25, two
Marietta, Feb. 27 to Mar, 11, two
H-j, H,,i,,i, m i 4..t..n..n..t.4.4.4.
Office over First National Bank
1J. 1 i 'Ii'Kl'T 'I' -
Bookkeeping and Shorthand
toirethf r with all the tullii Ofnallj rmliri red In n blk-h'trrailp.
up to-dnte liutlnpfn courtt, aio taught uiutt ihniou:hly pracilcully
and fuccexlully In
Write for catalOKOe
C. P.Selvidge, A. M., M. Accts., Pres.
Vnn -will fin ti-oll in Tnt,octifrntn if vnn non1 a n t -
. II 111 W W II .JJ . J -AUIOlJf.lW J u it iivi.u 1. a j
thing in the Machinery Line
Jones & Taylor Ironworks
214 4th Ave., S. W.
Notice! Mill and Gin Men.
A full line of Pipe, Fittings, Packing, Hose,
Brass Goods. TanKs, Steam Pumps,
Rubber and Leather Belting. Try us.
West Main Street
Large, clean, airy, well-lighted rooms. Equipped with
every modern convenience, Surgical Diseases and
Diseases of Women are given special attention.
Trained nurses in attendance. Charges reasonable.
I Ardmore, Mar 13 to April 8, four
Third: A term for trial of crim
inal and civil cnges, tho length of
tlrao to be devoted to each to bo In
tho discretion of the Judge holding
said court:
Ada, Feb. 13 to Mar. 11, four Weeks.
Tishomingo, Mar. 13 to Apr, 8, four
Chlckasha, Apr. 10 to Apr. 23,"threo
weeks. . v ;
Ryaa, Mny-,1- to jMay.,20,three
I'aulB Valley, May 22 to July l.alx
Purcell, Apr. ,10 to Apr. 29, threti
Marietta, May 1 to May 20 three
Ardmore, May 22 to July 1 or lon
John H. Morgan Camp, U. C. V.,
will bold Its regular meetings on the
second Sunday In each month at Uie
city hall at 3 o'clock p. ni. All old
soldiers invited.
0. iL BRUCE, AdJutanL
Wo sell only the best fruit Jars
and will appreciate your trade. J. B.
Spraglns & Co. 15 d&w
. JB00K. Binding
Now is the time to have vonr
books Bound or Repaired. Many
valuable books nnd papers have
cone into the waste basket on ac
count of having no bindery in the
citv. Speciul'y of binding Sheet
Musi'. Cull or phone Shannon
Priu'iujjCo Kespfctfullv
James N. CopelancL
H 4. 1 1 H W 4"M- 14-f H'
cs r vox am i
Ardmokk, Ind. Tkr.
H - - M -
Unlimited Scholarship $40
Ardmore, I. T. and Gainesville, Tx.
Tinners and Plumbers
Lone Distance Phone 79
McNEES, Proprietors

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