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H'iflv I)
Those in Cherokee Nation in Serious
Condition Teachers Scare.
Tahlequoh, I. T Sept. 20. Tho
school situation In the Chcrokco Na
tion la serious. It now develops that
tlio appropriation malc by the nation
al council Is not enough to pa the
teachers' salarlos. Unless there Is
somo other provision made there will
bo twenty schools without teachers.
Dut this Is not all. There aro not
enough teachers.
Tho superintendents ot schools has
found great difficulty In securing
enough teachers for tho scnools al
ready opone.l. An effort has been
mado to get bettor teachers In all tho
nations this year and tho rosult Is
there aro not enough to go rounJ.
This Is tmo In nil the nations. With
tho additional $100,000 school money
this year thoro will still not bo enough
schools to nccommodato all tho chil
dren and Ihero will not bo nearly
teachers enough to fill tho places.
Now schools aro being opened In all
tho nations Just as fast as school
houses can bo built and teachers found
for them.
Ravia Appraisement Approved.
Tho appraisement of tho town lots
at Itavla. as mado by tho townHlto
commission, havo been roturned, bear
ing tho approval of tho secretary ot
tho Interior.
J. A. BIVENS, President.
DON LACY, Vice-President.
f tr T - '
Surplus Funds
stut t .f firm ort ti4i.
Capital Stock and Additional Liability. : : : : : $200,000.00
We Conduct a General Banking Business for You and
Accept Small and Large Accounts.
C. R. SMITH, President.
C. M. CAHPBELL, Vice Pres
LEE CRUCE. Cashier.
O. V. YOUNO, Farmer.
J. C. THOni'SON. lawyer.
Insurance, Bonds, Real Estate, Abstracts
The lark-eat anil stronKent aitoncy In the two torrltorios.
Managers of Ardmore Abstract Co.
General Agent ll,lnoU Life Insurance Co. and United Statoi
Fidelity and Guaranty Company.
L. P. ANDERSON. Preildent II. F. FREN3LEV, Vtc-Pie.
C. L. ANDEBSON, Csthlur 0. B. MAUPIN' Atft CaiMsr
Ardmore, Indian Territory
Designated Depository for BanKrupt
Funds of the Chickasaw Nation : : :
Capital Paid In $ 60,000.00
Surplus Funds 180,000.00
Total $240,00050
The olileat bank In Indian Torrltory. Account! of nrms and individuals
solicited upon the most liberal terras consistent with sood banking.
Deputies Mays and Wobb camo In
today from Pauls Valley having six
prisoners In charge, V. 13. Plemmons,
U. H. Plemmons, V. M. Smith and
J. A. Fitzgerald, whom thoy arrested
upon a chargo of usnault to kill. Their
caso has been sot for tho 28th of this
J. D. Cragg, larceny of a barber out
lit In tho central district, pleaded
guilty and was placed In Jail for sixty
days and fined $10.
John Dyers, a rogro, ono of the
twenty-eight who woro wanted for
disturbing religious worship 'at Wyn
nowood somo time ago. Tho other
twenty-seven havo been arrostod
somo time, Ilyors bo tho last of
the bunch.
Grand Rally Social.
There will bo a grand rnlly social
of the Sunday school children and all
members and friends ot tho First
Prosbyterlan church noxt Friday af
ternoon nnd night at tho church, for
which preparations aro now being
You aro invited to J. U. Wall's drug
storo to see tho largo display of Huy
ler's and Gunthor's fine candy, now
on sate. 2u-3t
J. B. WALL, tho Druggist.
norn, Yesterday to Mr. and Mrs.
II. T. Iluthorford, 214 Second Aven
ue Northwest, a daughter.
A. H. PALMER, Casnier.
FRED C. CARR, AssL Cashla'
v - w
to i
R. A. JONES, Furniture.
SAM NOBLE, Hardware Merchant.
J. R. PENNINUTON, Wholesale Her
chant. R. W. RANUOL. merchant.
Declares the So-Called Grafter has been a God-Send to
the Indian and is Today ; His Best Friend. Gives
Some Wholesome Advice to His Brother-in-Rcd
and Advises Him to not Sell off His Lands
Let the Surplus Lands go, but hold on
to All Your Full Allotments. ,
Hon. Senator Stewart's talk Saturday njent by which wo forever surrender
night was interesting anil had tho ring olir right!, to our lnnd. It has nl-
of gonulno sincerity and friendship for.rbady been changed by cougross, ant
, .i i ,.H,if i. ... ...... .... i. i . ... ....
the Indian until ho began to warm up
against tho grafter. It Is u deplorable
fact that tho best clement ot tho so
called grafters did not explain their
position. There were quite a number
of such that hoard tho senator's talk,
anil should havo gotten up nnd ex
plained their sido of tho matter. No
doubt that 75 per cent of tho nudlenco
lii one way or another woro interested
in tho so-called grafting business of
leasing lands from tho Indian. Sena
tor Stewart surely does not understand
tho treaty made with tho Choctaws
and Chlckasaws nnd the rules of the
commission for tiling these people, or
ho would have given the so-cnlleJ graft
er some credit for what ho has done.
Had It not been for tho so-called
giafter It would havo taken ten years
for theso two nations to have been al
lotted by tho United States govern
mont. The Indian was against tho
opening up of his country in the first
place, and it was only by chicanery,
bribery nnd making the Indian drunk
and. tho white clement among them
that caused his voto to show that they
were In favor ot taking their lands In
severalty. After the law had passed
and tho land, ofllcos has opened up
- -- " i'
the so-called grafters pcnt hundreds
f ih....j. r -iiioo i,in. tm.
of thousands ot dollars
buying Im-
proved farms, going Into tho wilder
ncss and mountains and bringing these
full-blood Indians to tho land offlco
and filing them on good agricultural
land, fenced, housed and Improved for
a three, four or five year leaso, as tho
case may be, besides paying each man,
woman and child from 50 to $75, and
hi many Instances $100 per year for
their allotment. Theso so-called graft
ers havo put In 25 per cent moro Ian 1
In cultivation this year.
Ask the tenants If they aro not mak
ing moro Improvements and spending
moro money along these lines than has
been spent In ten years previously. '
Tho so-called crnfter has been a cod-
send to tho United Stutes government,
the country mil tho Indian, so far as
tho Chickasaw Nation Is concerned.
I believe the senntor wishes our peo
plo well, but when ho said "If it lies
In my power to do so, I shall recom
mend tho removal of restrictions from
nil but 10 acres In cases of adults nnd
10 acres Is enough for mlnoTs, and I
will recommond that the money from
such sales be placed in tho hands of
tho government to bo paid out to tho
Indian, as It Is paid in by the pur
chaser. I would recommond that tho
lands bo sold to tho homesteaders, on
long time, say 20 years, to bo paid
annually, and the homesteader shall
remain on tho lund flvo years boforo a
tltlo shall pass to him." Choctaws
and Chlckasaws, how do you Jlko that?
From past exporlcnce, and tho hon
orablo senator should bo awaro of It,
not a slnglo trenty entored Into by
an Indlnn trlbo with the United States
government has been fulfilled on tho
side of tho government, when It was
to tho Interest of tho government to
abroguto It. Look at our Atoka agree-
Bargains in Real Estate
A bargain cq Da bad la a
.-room houm, close In
tslte soon, price.
eBt bargain hto off
lHn lrif lots, with i
",0g, orchari and bar
W hare somo ileilnbln ultea of
nfflcetHo rent Tbjr urn suitable (or
colt in offices, as their have north
Realty Company
Poet Office ilulldlni AUDllOHE, I. T
now It looks like wo will havo our
hbmostoads taken away from us. We,
at Indians, should stand shoulder to
shoulder nnd provent this great con
templated wrong nnd see that our
trontlos aro fulfilled In toto. Tho sen
ator roundly condemned tho policy ot
leasing of your lands. Tho trenty am
ply provides for leasing of land and
sets forth tho manner In which you
stinll make an agricultural lease. If
a lease Is made to somo grafter In
which the compensation Is Inai'cquato
the law will ptoteel you, havo tho law
after tho grafter, and get such leaso
set nsldo according to law No doubt
there have been somo poor full-bloods
Imposed upon by irresponsible people,
but to condomn and place every so
called grafter under tho ban as a thlof.
Is an Insult to tho Intelligence of
even tho full-blood Indian who mado
th'o lease, to say nothing of tho Insult
to those of us who with ourmonoy havo
secured somo of tho finest farms In
tho two nations and plnced you upon
them. Without our help, what could
you havo 'dono? Nothing. Tho very,
first question put to you bv tho Mine
clerk, "have you been on theso lands,
.n,i vn i .
. ...... 4w jwu v. " i. vuu lUJlMUIt'liiVUlH UU
-dame?" A negative answer brings
tho nolltn mmnrir fmm (i...
tho pollto remark from tho clerk,
oiv-j. uaiuu, jruu cuuuui mo wunoill Olll
of sale to tho Improvements
so-called grafter In 90 cases out of 100
has been your only friend. Ho has
provided you with" tho requlslto
amount of oxpenso monoy to get to and
tho land olllce; ho has bought
tho Improved farms, for you, built
housos, dug wells, built fences niTU
offered you nil the land you could
work, a house to live in on your Inna
and pays you moro money In cash an
nually than tho most of you over mado
before In your llvos to tako homo to
tho good wife nnd children. 1 appeal
I'eopio, me unoctaws, wnom t
lmvo uuInCl1 to st-'cllru homes, If 1 ul
correct in my statements. I would
ask all fair-minded people, bo thoy rod
oi white, who has been tho friend ot
the Indian, tho so-called grafter who
has expended hundreds of thoiisants
ol dollars In allotting theso Indians on
good farms, or tho man who tries to
tear down all that ho has dono? Sly
advico to my Choctaw, friends is to
stand by any just and lawful leaso,
but If you havo been robbed, go Into
court, uuu now uio roooer up, anu patchoa tuls mornng lt a threatcnod
get your land back. Tho honorable 0I1 both ,anks anJ on tho mmoUato
senator said that ho would try nnd front nrmos nr0 airelldy ln con.
mako good picking for tho young law- tact and RKianK Is In progress at Fu
ycr. Bo this as It may, I warn you to shun twulvo mllosj 80llln of MuU(lcn,
bo careful In going Into court. Do aenoral Kurokl has concentrated
suro you are right and thon go ahead. ono army wlth jmitslaputzo and Hen
Inquire into tho amount of fee your gu and lls raulu8 allJ hlg advanco g
lawyer proposos to chargo you. Close pushlnB forwarJ aIoB tll0 road leail.
oo deal; toll him you will call again ,ng u, shun and Ku PaS3i Tno n(1.
In about a week, and accept tho offer vanRtt forc,g of two othor armoa Q(i.
that nets you tho most money. I will cupy lho Yenlal ralnca) tho vlllaBQ ot
venture ho assertion your lessee will Vontal aml SantIoml, -nw front ot
In most Instances treat you right, nnd lhc30 Ulrco armIcs ,8 protecl0i by an
that ho has treated you fairly all 0utpot acrcon. whlcli tho Chinese aro
along; ho might establish this fact In not aUowod to p. A small Japan.
court and then you would bo out a too mo detachment Is moving along tho
and no better off. Ho not deceived; 'banU o tno IJao rlver,
you havo a lawful right unjor our
treaty to leaso your land for agrleul-1 St. Petersburg, Sopt. 2C Tho nnmo
tural purposes for a period of flvo pf Grand Duko Nicholas Nlcholtovitch
years, provided there Is a sufficient Inspoctor general of tho cavalry, early
compensation. Again, I ndvlso you to In tho war was on everybody Hps as
never sell an aero of your land, holdjlkoly to bo mado tho commandor-ln-It
"as long as tho wnters run and tho chief and lt continues to ba reported
grass grows." This last quotation that ho will bo placed In command or
was in your treaty Bomo sevonty flvo j tho Kusslan forco In tho far East but
years ago when you movod from your no paper ventures to publish tho ru
Mississippi homos to tho "Hoautlful In-lmor pending an official announcoraont
dlan Territory." Only a few decado of his official appointment,
havo passed, and you aro called upon St. Petersburg, Sopt. 20. A ills
t get out of tho way of progross. patch has been received from Gonoral
Your last stand has been made, nccopt Kuropatkln announcing that tho Jap
tho Inovltablo and show your whlto aneso aro preparing an oxtonslvo turn
brother that you, too, havo mado prog- Ing movement at Mukdon. A largo
ro3s. Do not let him forco you on a forco Is advancing from Lino Yang,
10 or a 10-acro homestead. Hold up by tho way of Tal Che, to tho Hun
for your rights and after you got rlvor and. at In Pu, between Dentsal
deeds In sovoralty, don't sell an ucro Pu Tzo nn 1 tho railroad. There woro
of your land. Choctaws, your Identity many casualties at In Pu.
las n race Ik doomed, but if you will
keep your lauds Intact, hh a people,
you will lo respected. Hesent the
Idea as being war.ls of tho United
States government. You are not
You havo paid 109 cents on the dollar
for nil you over got from Uncle Sam
uel You arc now a full-fledged Amer
ican citizen, entitled to all thn rglhts.
privileges nnd protection of tho flag.
In pence show your white brother that
you can compote with him in the pur
suits of domestic life, nnd in war that
you will protect trio stars and stripes
to the last ditch. Itinsmucn ns our
white brother knows more about farm
ing. It might bo host for tho restric
tion to be remood nt once on your
surplus so (hat you can have him as
a neighbor. Ho can show you and bo
of holp to you. Thon wo must have
taxes to run a government, nnd It
will be host for everybody for you to
sell your surplus nt onco, nil of It. to
enable you to got on jnir homesteads.
Yet If tho United States government
will keep tliolr promlso nnd solemn
trenty with you It would bo best for
you never to part with n foot of It.
nnd let the white man foot tho tax
bills, tetter on I will endeavor to toll
you more, nnd It will be qtilto Interest
ing reading. W. P. POIAND.
Deseigcd on Both Flanks and In
Front The Battle of Mukden Is
Believed to Be In Progress.
Kuropatkin's Relief.
St. Petersburg. Sept. 20. Oenernl
Sakaroffr In n dispatch dated yester
day telegraphs that tho Japanese u'd-
VIU1C0 S"nrd during tho last few days
,aUL'raptHl t0 ccl,Pv Kao" To' !,a8S.
but were repulsed. On tho south front
bU 1s nyhuhvskIrml8beii;occur
dally between ndvance outposts.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 26. Tho loft
tlnnk of General Kuropatkin's army
is seriously threatened by tho Japan
ese. Ilrlef press dispatches this morn
ing announce that heavy lighting Is In
progress and that tho result is stilt in
Tho dlspstches that tho Husslan
headquarters' stuff Is amazed at tho
swiftness nnd unanimity of tho Japan
ese advance.
Yestcrdny General Kumipatkln In
formed tho war olllco that tho Japan
ese had formally assumed tho offenslvo
on Fu Pass, about twelve miles south
of Mukden. It Is Inferred from his
report that Oynina had undertaken tho
Isolation of the Husslnii column guard
ing tho Fu Shun evial mines. All dis
patches this morning ngreo that fight
ing Is rapidly becoming general, and
that both armies aro rapidly closing
In for u struggle of supremo Import
ance. London, Sopt. 20. General Kuropat-
kin's army Is ngaln In a position ot
lho grefttcst peril. According to ills
Speculators too Numerous and Influ
entialThink Forty Acres Suffi
cient for a Homestead Let
Indian Sell His Land.
Sonator Stewart of Novadn, who
was In the city Snturday, mot a num
ber of the people Saturday night ai
lie United States court houso and
'iitertnlncfl thorn with a short nil
dross. Mnyor Dick called tho mooting to
order and stated that this occasion
offered to tho people of this section
their first opportunity to moot a Unit
ed States senator who had como hero
to Investigate conditions I Indian Ter
ritory. Ho Introduced the sonator as
a statesman who would denl Justly
with tho Indians and with tho whltos.
Senator Stewart began by statins
that he had not como hero to ludulgo
In n speech-mnklng tour, but to learn
moro of this country. Ho said tho peo
ple wcro willing to aid him In every
way possible by Imparting Informa
tion. Ho doslgnnted this country ns tho
prettlost In tho entire United States
nnd snld that ho doubted If It had an
equal In tho variety nnd bountirul
nosB of lt yields and said ho know
that It had no superior. Tho senator
said, "When this country is put la
a perfect stnto of cultivation tho
wealth of Its products will surpass
Illinois or Kentucky, nnd tho soil In
superior to California or Texas, ntfJ;
tho only mntter Uiat liampors this
country Is lnnd titles. Means of spec
ulation lmvo become so groat Ihqf
specularnrn havo bocomo numerous,
opulent and Influential. On this visit
I met a speculator who Informed mo
that he havl become In possession ot
130,000- acron of land" within nlno
months. Such a condition of affairs
Is not host for this country, for tho
records of tho world show that pros
perity never rosulted from tho lease
hold system. Ireland lost its popula
tion undor such a system nnd what
kind of country do you oxpect to havo
If your lands (fall Into tho hands oC
speculators? Such n system breeds
criminals and your people will bo
turbulent people. If grafting can't
bo stopped In this country your peo
ple are left without homos. Now,
hero Is tho remedy I proposo: Forty
ucres aro sulllclent for a homestead
and from teu to twenty ncres aro am
ple for tho minor. After reserving this
homestead glvo tho Indian tho priv
ilege of selling his land to tho actual
settler on long time. Inaugurate plen
ty of recording districts and havo
each sale first approved by tho re
corder and then recorded. Havo tho
money paid ln small Installments
to tho government and don.t lot any
Indlnn or mock guardian havo chargo
(o It. You had as well mako a hog
guardian ot a chicken as to mako a
trust compnny Runrdlan of nn Indian's
( estate. Tho actual settlor Is tho man
te go on tho lnnd and cultivate and
lmprovo It, and I would roconimentf
thnt no deeds bo Issuod to tho pur
chaser until ho has lived upou tho
lam,' for a period of flvo years."
Hero tho senator said that the
grafter was as moral as tho law, anv
he believed they woro a llttlo better.
Continuing, tho sonator sail; "I
believe that every loase contract
shculd uo aired In t;iu mil' a, I fa-
jvor stopping tho leaso privilege anJ
I of Investigating all that has beca
I mado. My policy Is to allow tho Indian
,to sell, but deny him tho prlvlleso of
transferring his contract to receive)
Hero nro scntencos from the sena
tor's speech which lt executed Into
law would revolutionize this country:
"I am opposed to tho appointment of
guardians and want It stopped."
"I hlnk tho secretary will siop the
ciic.ntment of guard toon.
"Congress must help you to got ac
tual settlers."
"Slnglo statehood Is tho sentiment
of congress."
"1 think stoxenool u Hit or 1903
Is early enough."
Sonator Stowart commented with
much enthusiasm upon tho fruit telt
of this country, Its coal, oil, Iron and
asphalt, and expressed surprUo at
tho permanency of Its towns.
Sonator Stowart Is chairman of lho
benutu committee -on -Indian affair
(Contlnuod on Fourth Paeo.) i

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