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Ardmore, Wednesday, Sept. 28, 1904.
And a spec ml
l ile'l I .Slll'l'l;, l (ii'ca'
Coiiit'dy I J i uma
"My Friend
From Arkansaw"
An intorcstinff Story of
Human Nature
lnirniirlDir ifiKnl ut-lo ilatii Hpeciic
Orr The riroat Muti Hi-biib firr
Srr The Funny Country ll.iy Srr
JUU Th Arkinmiw Farmnr Ul-L.
'u ii from Iwk'lnnlHt; to inl
Don't Hall to Hf It.
Night Prices, "or. '.7v ami 7 r
Matinee, Children under 1J
yours lc. adults J."-. 523
We havo a e .aipl t8 line of all the 3obo6l supplies that you
will need and would Ike to furnHh everyt'Mlntdln that line that
you will be reqilred to buy this season. Our stock of supplies
Is very nmple, ami we are in a portion to please those wbo like
to buy carefully. In purchMlnv Table, Pens, Pencils, Inks,
Etc., wo oxorcUo the utmost care. We propose to furnish the
hlRbost possible quillty at the most reasonable price
5c Tablets
Lot us show you what a large tablet we cm lre you for ilvo
cents. Quality is as Kod as the size Is big Equal values
throughout our whole line of school supples. Bring In your list.
..rnr ( il 1) ii Ham
Phone 3"
U Impossible wlUi a poor Instrument. ',
How embarrassing for a pretty miss
when Invited to piny to find tlio piano
ado alts down to Is an old rattle-trap. '
It spoils tlio evening. Our pianos
aron't that kind. The WKIJ KNOWN
MARKS of i) I at: os we soil nro a sure
guarantee of their quality. Thoy'ro
nplcndldly made, licautlful of tonoaud
-ornamental to the homo.
They're awfully cheap now; caa
or tlmo.
Few Words
to YotM
before bi'mnii i- 'O trll
you we arc all well and
hope you are enjoying tli
.same opportunity.
No matter where the !i tter is from if its one of
the family its :M welcome
StNlish St.tti iH-ry i.s appreciated by our frienda
and others. Tliat's why we carry such an elegant line
of it only. You always find juat what you want at our
place. Its better, aim iitwi jjih-c vwmt jl uauu iu uc.
E. B. LuKe
Main Street
Notice of Application for Confirmation
of Composition,
In tlio United Statu Court, South
ern District of tlio Indian Torritory,
at Ardmore. I. T. In tho matter of
O. W. llotchklts, bankrupt; In Bank
ruptcy. To tho creditors of C. W. Ilotchfclis
of ArttHMrt', I. T In said District of
Indian Territory a Bankrupt.
Notice- Is horuhy given Uint on tlio
ll day rf Otoltor, 1901, at Tisho
mingo, Indian Territory, nt 10 o'clock
a. tit., tho abovo naimxl Bankrupt w.ll
ask for :i confirmation of terniB of
wt)iltlon olferod lo creditors nuU
accepted by a majority in number and
amount of Nil creditor, who claim
Jiit been nllowwl.
.OlIN llINKI.lt.
Ardmore, i. t.
Referee In llaiiKruptc.'.
Septembar, 18th, loot.
The eiitlr company of "My Krluml
From Arkanaaw" Is said to he (,ry ca
pable. Yon can Judge fr yourself by
"I1K them at the opera lumso Oc
tolwr 1.
The Morris and Howe Shows.
It there la anything new under the sit i
Ip the circus world then It will of a
surety bo secured by Norris and
Howe for their new, big shown. This
season they have dUcoTcrod what they
claim la the greatest aerial act ever;
presented In this country. It is called
the five "Flying n Vans." At the
very apex of tho enormous tent,
these accomplished and death-defying
acrobats, have arranged a vast
net work of rlgglujc. triple bars, pe
destals, etc, and silhouetted against
the white canvass pwlng from the
pedestals, and pass an V repass each
other in the air, nt Ihc tame time exe
cuting different .feats o acrobats.
Tho whole makes a graceful, pleasing
picture, and the fear-compelling act
will be one to bo long remembered.
The veritable feat of circus novelties
which Messrs. Norris and Howe of
fer their many admirer this season
will do more to iirpctuatc their hold,
tin the affections of tho amusement
loving public than has ever occurred
'n the world of the white tents. Two
performances wlU be given al ArJ
more. Thursday. October fith.
Ioh Moines Dully Leader and Regis ,
ter says: ".My friend Prom Arkan-1
hw" drew u good houe and pleased !
the people You can be pleased I.1- " '
al the opera Iioiibo October 1 i
Avoid serious remits of kidney or
bladder dlMjrdcr by taking Foley's
Kidney Cure Itonncr R IV.iiner.
In Furniture
and luiusidio'd oi)Js of nil kinds. Two hi cars
will bit horn in next tun dxys.
Wait, See and Getur Prices.
V.' wt'.l .swap for yyur old Kuruittiru ami Sio(..
'Phone 104
122 East Main
Our Scholarship Contest
opens up very nicely for tho
tirst week. Several catuli
dates have been entered and
each has received a very com
plimentary vote.
Here Is our Plan
Fur EVKIIY CENT spoilt
in our hotiso you are allowed
to east ONE VOTE. You vote
for whom you please. Tho
you iifc' lady or gentleman re
cuivintf the highest number of
votes by !) p. m. Novoinbor
19, l'JOl. will receive this
splendid commercial scholar
ship in the International Cor
respondence School of Scran
ton, Pa., l-MJEE !
The Arilmorultii contains coupon
oacli day nood for TKN VOTUS wbun
ntgiKol by tin.
Help some deserving one prepare
for commercial life
The vote at 51 p in. Saturday
stood thus:
Miss Allle Cathey 0785
Allss Willie -ioyd 6655
nis.s .Vlntclieii (Inlt 5010
nalcunib Horn 5030
niss Ada I lllott 4385
Atlss flary Tucker 3615
uoodfor tfnrvntri; '"
ncli.ji.iiaulii n.HjVUlua contoKt
Wlu-n luieil I)) thu
llardle'a "ICldo" clgnr sold every-whero.
HanJIe't "Kldo" Co cigar.
Auk for the, "Kldo" 5c cig.r.
lip riml AVIiliu.fil n llnlly nml Thrn
HrotiKliI Hint lo Church.
A nicttiiKlut mliiioter tells the fol
lowing Ktory slMtit the late .ani ltozel,
the great Virginia evangelist, who In
his day was one of the best known
pulpit orators in the south;
".atii Hozel was a very big man and
had a wide reputation for physical
strength. In bis college days ho came
oft t'ie Held of lonilmt. usually a cir
cumscribed and secluded area of the
campus, wearing the laurel of victory
on many occasions, and after he be
came n preacher stories of his phys
ical prowess were spread far and near.
"One day he went to a village to
hold a protracted meeting. The village
blacksmith, who was a very big man,
and v bo was recognized, especially
amnug the tavern habitues, as n pugil
istic wonder, heard about the coming
of ltozel, oud the villagers did not fall
to tell hltn all they bad heard about
the size of tho parson's arm nnd tho
length of his legs, and of tho con
vincing way he had of closing an ar
gument with his lists.
"All this nettled the smith consid
erably, so when Hozel reached the
town Iih sought him out and asked
him to tight.
'ftozel, of course, said he did not
want to tight, but the smith kept on
Insisting, nnd finally Hozel became
nngry nnd agreed to grutlfy the fel
low. "They fought. ltozel literally wiped
up the ground with the big muti. When
lie bad pounded him until the poor,
vanquished bully was gasping hard.
ltow 1 picked, bin: up nml threw blm
over .1 fence.
"The blacksmith had not said a word
Hlnce the affray beau up to this point.
As lie rolled over on the other side of
the fence, however, he culled out:
" 'Say, parson, kindly throw my
horse over too. I'm going away.'
"Hut ltozel followed the man to his
home, nnd had hltn sitting on a front
bench nt the meeting that same night
Ringing louder than any one else."
ISaltlmoro Sun.
f0 'r S --5 r rzt r$ -3 -"5 -"5 rr '" 2 r$ -3 -jZ r5 ."2 r2
and be ready for your opportunity, a general
banking business trnnsaoted. You can opon an ac
count with only ouo dollar and make additions to
this from time to time to suit your convenience.
Got started. It Is the boglttnlng that Is Import
ant. The accumulation of money Is a habit, easily
formed. Wo pay
per cent, on Savings Accounts.
We are conservative, liberal, courteous.
Our fall and winter woolens havo
arrived, they offe the finest selection
o: patters to select from and wo guar
aitco perfect workmauthlp and Uie
li west prlcos.
J. J. STOI.KA, Tho '1j or
7-3 m
l have .purchased tho N. B. Oray fi.
Son stock of groceries on Wost Mam
street and Invito all my friends to
trado with mo. My bicycle and gun
shop has been moved to tho same
building. W. J. Illeifaoe has been
placed In management of tho grocery
nnd feed department.
G. W. Ritter
What's In a Name?
Everything Is In u name when It
comes to Witch Hazel Salve, E. C.
DcWitt & Co. of Chicago discovered
some years ago how to mako a salvo
from Witch Hazel that Is a specific
for Piles. Tor blind, bleeding, Itch
ing or protruding Plies, eczema, cuts,
burns, bruises nnd all skin itseaxes,
DeWitt's Salvo has no equal. This
has glvon rlso to numerous worthless
counterfeits. Ask for De Witt's -the
genulno. Sold by all druggists.
Sammons Lumbor Co., la offering
some nttractlvo bargains In standart
paints. Seo their ad. 18-tf
Imported German plated water
Dramatic Mltnnx In Convention
Which .omlnntil flr.nl,
III May, lJS, the Republican na
tional convention came along. Nast
went to Chicago to be pieaent.
it was .settled beforehand that (leu
em I Grant was to be the Republican
presidential candidate. The great sol
dier hud mulutuliied a culm and uoblo
dignity through all thu trying days of
conflict between congress and Andrew
Johnson and was nun bouorwl almost
as much for Ida diplomacy as for his
success at arms. Indeed tb m.utlt of
awcet rouown left by Lincoln would
seem to have lcn laid upon the shoul
ders of Grnnt, and be wont it with be
coming grandeur and humility.
ncallslns that the convention would
name Grant as its choice, Nast pro
pareil little surprise for tho event,
lie painted upon a larga curtain the
White House entrance, with two ped
estals, oni on each side, bearing the
words, "Republican Nominee, Chicago,
May "JO," and "Democratic Nominee,
New York, July 4," respectively. On
the Republican pedcetal was seated the
figure of Grant, while Columbia stood
pointing to the empty place opposite,
Relow were the words, "Match Hlui!"
This curtain, with a blank curtain be
fore It, wuh suspended at the back of
the convention tinge. At the Instant
when General Grant was announced as
the unanimous presidential choice of
his party the blank curtain was lifted,
and the great cartoon, "Match Hltn!"
was suddenly exposed to full view.
The occurrence wbb so unexpected
that the throng was silent for a mo
ment, taking It In; then, renllr.lng that
It was a hpeetaettlar climax, the picto
rial expression of u universal senti
ment, tho assembled multitude gavo
vent to nu enthusiasm thnt turned tho
great ball Into u pandemonium of exul
tation. Albeit Itlgelow I'nlno In Pearson's.
Attention, Please!
I am devoting my ttmo exclusively
to horso shoeing, which Insures good
work and entire satisfaction. If you
havo been disappointed In your wurk
tell mo your troubles. I place my
absolute guarantee on everything.
' For heavy blacksmlthlng, machine
work and carrlago work, I have era-,
ployed tho well known expert work
man, Walter Tyre.
1 To .lo all kinds of woodwork, I have
the finest specialist In the city. Oscar
finest specialist in the city. Oscar
Ritter has chargo of this ieparl'mcnt.
Give us your work. We havo every
equipment. AL RICE,
The Blacksmith.
Broadway .... Ardmoro
Foley's Honey and Tar Is peculiar
ly adapted for chronic throat troubles
and. will positively euro bronchitis,
.loarscness and nil bronchial diseases.
RoriibU substitutes. Bonner & Bonner.
Rye, alfalfa, wheat and barloy.
C-lin Ardmoro, I. T.
) noes jionoy ana Tar is uifieront
I from all othor romcdios offered for
tho benefit of cough, lung and bronch
Inl troubles. It contnlns antiseptic
properties and destroys tho germs,
and solvent properties that cut tho
9hlogm, nllowlng It to bo thrown off,
moves the bowels gently. Cures
Croup, Whooping Cough nnd Colds In
ono night. Sold by City Drug Store.
No, we arc not out of tho best wag
ons made. Como and wo will show
jyou. Seeing Is believing.
A Vulanble Hrrnpbook,
To devotu a Kcrnpbook to one subject
makes It much more liitcrutln and
valuable, and when you begin to gath
er muterlal on any one theme you will
be surprised at the amount which will
come to bund. .Suppose you want to
know all about some famous person,
either In the public eye at present or
Home one of past times. From maga
zines and other sources can be collect
ed articles, portraits, perhaps poems
in relation to the hiibject. etc. When
matter Is clipped, the scrapbook maker
mny copy It neatly with a pen Into a
book. The educational value of such
n book Is something worth while, as
well as the Katlsfuctlon of having gath
ered oneself ho much' Information on n
single subject.
Fall Brides
And brides of other
seasons, will find a Buck's
Range a most acceptable wed
ding gift. A Buck's Range
purchased now will be good in
50 years, will prepare the gol
den wedding feast, and during
all that time it will more Hian
Come in and see them, no
trouble to show. We also have
the best and most up-to-date
stove furniture to be had. con
sisting of niclcled, anti-rust
and enameled ware.
ArtcMiu Wurd'H I'rolrctor.
While In the r.how business In Penn
sylvania Artemus Ward was put to
Hleep In nu attic where the sash hud
been taken out for ventilation. In tho
night it turned cold. Artenius got up
and was huxy nt the window. "What
tire you doing, Art emus?" his compan
ion iihked. -Tiii so e-eold," be chattered.
" was hanging up some of these hoop
skirls. I thought they'd keep tho
coarsest of the cold out."
i$ iV, St 't K. & .4o. .o. A '?'. ft. tl: :': .oj t'i o. t' ft. ft. ft. ft ft. ft ft ft. fit fi t
.ft,ftft.ftt& ft "tAV.fitfiSjfitfifiWoH'H'SjfiHcJ o ft.ft.:lftft.ftft.
Tall Thk flunrl Thint nhnnf It!
q uu iiiiu uiui i 1 111111 uuuui hi
III. npkrleili-l.
"Theiv lire souio songs that will
never die." said tho musical enthusi
ast. "I guess that's right," nnswored Mr.
Cuinrox. "My daughter sits down at
the piano and trios to kill a few of 'vm
every evening. But it's no use."--Washlngton
fit fit
I e
ft' ft.
... ...
!t t?:
; ...
Wo nro spoclallstn In Men's nd Hoys' Reatly-to-Woar
Olothlui;. We hare made a life study of it nnd understand
ovory phaso of the business. When we 6nt our sonl of ap
proval on a garment by plnclng it in our stock, tlicro can
bo no question as to Its merits, oitber lu lit, stylo, matorlal,
workmanship or price. We liava Olatlilni.' horo for ovory
shape and llk'uro for old men, youup; mmi, boys for par
ticular pooplo. Wo lit to please them all. It's onsy for us
Wli KNOW HOW! And then Tlili PR Cli IS RKJIIT 1
Urown and silver i;rey mixtures are the popular thlnua
We have them.
The "HI Jo" cigar, tho Ardmot''
1 11, 'j 1 tuudf . -uars. i8-lm
Children soon learn thnt It Is fathe.
who has the money and mother wlfj
has the generous disposition. Atchb
Bon Globe, t I
1 a rn.L Mitln Hue t
fit ':
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