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I Propbistou, J
The Bond of R. M McFarland Placed
at $50,000 He May Have to Go
to Jail In Default Mlsappro.
prlatlon of Funds.
The Muskogee Evening Times sa-s:
It. M. McFarland, vice-president or
(lie defunct National bank at Iloldcu
vllle, was arrested Lore today and put
under $!0,000 bond on an Indictment
charging him with embezzlement, mis
appropriation of funds, disposing ot
Mortgaged property nnd otherwise do-f-audlng
the bank.
McFarland got wind of tho Indict
ment nnd came to town prepared to
make $5,000 bond. He could not raise
the 150,000 bond and Is In tho custody
of tho ofllcers nnd will go to Jail to
night unless ho succeeds In making
the bond.
Tho evidence bef.ir? the K.-und jury
wed that there hn1 been $GU,000 dl
rec'l misused In tho manner dated
and 112.000 Indirectly Invohed.
i B. Illlllngsley, who was nlso presl
'cut of the Capitol National bunk at
tJuihiH1, which failed, was prei(ient ot
I. P. ANDEUHON. ProHldent
C. L. ANDERSON, Clnshler
ArdmoreIndian Territory
Capital Paid In . . $ 60,000.00
Surplus Fundi 200,000.00
Total .. .$260,000.00
The oldest hunk In Indian Territory. Accounts of firm d1 Individuals
solicited upon tlie moat lltiprnl torms consistent with irood b-inklni;.
J. A. BIVEN3, President.
DON LACY, Vice-President.
Surplus Funds
Accounts of flrmi and lndlrlduals
Insurance, Bonds, Real Estate, Abstracts
The Unrest und Htronirost aconcy In the two territories.
Managers of Ardmore Abstract Co.
General Acronts II,lnols Life Insurance Co. sad United States
Fidelity nnd Guaranty Comoany.
Capital Stock and Additional Liability. : : : : : $200,000.00
We Conduct a General Banking Business for You and
Accept Small and Large Accounts.
C. II. SMITH, President.
C. M. CAriPUIiLL, Vice I'res
LliU CKUCU, Cashier.
(1 W. YOUNO, Farmer.
J. C. THOriPSON, Lawyer.
i lie Iloldcnvlllc bank. Ho Is slid to
ln In Franco.
If there have 'orcn any other indict
menu on necouut of this failure there
have been no arrests.
It Is claimed that McFarland utcd
his relatives and employes In bis
schemes to raise money for his own
use; that he would accept for thorn
notes and mortgages which ho know
were not good and would then use this
paper as collateral..
The bank was closed by the nntlonal
bank examiners last Juno, and Messrs.
M. It. Sturtevnnt and W. A. Pollock,
national bank examiners, were here
when the grand Jury Indicted McFarland.
Coal Mines Hpsutic.
After an Idleness of about four
iiiciiths, Wllburton's t"enty coalmines
have rosumod operations working full
banded. The output of these t.'.lnos
a11 nvernge from 150 o 200 ets per
day and gives empl ijiruit to 3,000
Wynne Is Postmaster-General.
V- "ington, Oct. 11. President
Uov. dt today announced tho ap
pointment of Itobert J Wynne acting
T,3tmastcr-gcncral, as postmastcr-gcn-oral.
The excursionists waterbound at
Ardmorc all called and much admired
tho fine line of queens and granite
ware at L. D. Mason's on North Wash-
I Ington street. 7-lra
II. F. KRENSLEY, Vlcu Pies.
US. MAUl'IN Ass't Casblor
A. H. PALMER, Casnler.
FRED C. CARR, Asst Cashier
solloltea. Courteous trestttmn
all alike,
K. A. JONES, Furniture.
SAU NOHLIi, hardware Merchant.
J. K. PliNNINdTON, Wholesale Her
chant, R. W. RANDOL, nerchnnt.
I ci ir.T ne w&n
Kuropatkin With Superior Force Is
Advancing and Forcing Battle on
Japanese South of Mukden.
General Engagement On.
Tvjklo, Oct. 11. Tok.o tonight Is
ongorlyawalting tidings ot tho persist
ently rumored engagement south of
Mulodon. It Is reported that the Una
Blnns are assuming the offensive, nnd
hnve crossed the Hun river and at
tacked Kurokl'K forces, capturing n
position, which tho Japaucso after be
ing strongly reinforced, recaptured
and re occupied. Tho Japanese, It Is
reported, have checked the Russian
advance. It Is said that the losses on
both sides wore heavy.
Toklo, Oct. 11. It is reported that
the Russians have crossed the Hun
river In heavy force and are aggres
sively attacking tho Japanese who
are moving northward.
A general engagement Is said to be
In progress.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 11. Kuropat
kin telegraphs tho Russian vanguard
now In contnet with tho Japanese,
who are within gunshot and tho scouts
nro skirmishing along the entire line.
Toklo. Oct. 11. The Japaucso gun
bont Heyen struck a mine In Pigeon
Bay west of Port Arthur September
19 and sank. Only four of her crew
were rescued.
Tho naval registers do not mention
the Japanese gunboat named Heyen,
but thoy contain tho name of a Japan
eso coast defense vessel, Hel Ynn,
which may be the warship destroyed
The Hel Yen Is of 2.0C7 tons displace
ment anil carries a crow of 230 officers
nnd men.
St. Petersburg. Oct. 11. According
to tho estimates of the war office,
Oyama's strength Is about 200,000 men
of which 150,000 are posted between
tho Hun river, to tho west, and Rent
slaputzo eastward, tho rcmnln ler be
ing held In reserve at Uao Yang. Ku
ropatkin has, perhaps, n slight superi
ority In numbers.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 11. A period
of anxiety Is ahead. The Russian pub
lic has been warned that now tho ta
bles are turned and the Russian army
Is advancing, they cannot expect news
which might reveal Kuropatkln's
plans nnd the people have to bo con
tent with meagre Information until the
Impending battle is In full swing.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 11. No official
news has been received fiom the front
as to what Is happening today. Rut
u portion of Kuropatkln's dispatch,
dated last night, given to tho public,
showed that his army was steadily
pushing forward and that tho Japanoso
wero gradually withdrawing tholr out
posts which were only a cannon's shot
distant. There have been nlmost con
stant artlllory sklrmlshos which nt
any moment may develop Into a battle.
Notice Is hereby given that all par-
tics Indebted to tho estate of W. R.
Campbell and Nellie Campbell, deceas
ed, also all parties holding accounts
ngalust tho same, will present samo
for adjudication not later than Mondny,
October 31, with tho undersigned. All
accounts must be settled before clos
ing up tho nffalrs of tho ostatc on No
vember 4.
Administrators for Heirs.
Dougherty, I. T.
For Rent
Hoarding Hume, 8 rooms, food lo
cation, close In, Just the place that
boarders like.
7 room house close In, 110 a month
lirlck huslnjm bouse SOxloo, contrai
ls looated.
J room house, 3 larije lots, saod well
of water, tiarn, V'.W
Realty Company
P st Olllco n jiMlntr AUDMOIIE, I. T
f Ardmore Lyceum Course,
For Information to our patrons and
the public wo wish to state tnat for tho
coming season wo have secured a fine
series of musicals nnd lectures consist
ing of the following six numbers:
Nov. 1 Hungarian Court Orchestra.
Nov. lRWosleyim Male Quartette.
Nov. as-Ooo. R. Wundllng.
Jan. 5 Mendelssohn Male Quartette.
Feb. 3 Ritchie Kntertalncrs.
Feb. 21 Pror. Ora S. (Irny.
So thoroughly did the Mcndelssohns
and Wosleyuns pleaso our people i
year that we have them again thin
souson nnd we feel fully warranted In
saying that the other four numbers of
this season's tviurse will be In evory
was n satisfactory m the two men
tioned. Season tlckethfor the entire course
of six numbers will bo sold at 1.50,
bnt this duett not entitle the holder to
a reserved sent. These can bo se
cured by ticket holders at 28 cunts for
each entertainment.
There will he no reduction of the
price of season tickets, evon after one
or nioro numbers nro past, so ir you
want to secure the full benefit ot tho
reduced rnto be sure to secure your
ticket before the first number Is over.
Tickets enn be secured from tho pas
tor or members of the ladles' Aid So
ciety of tho First Presbyterian churcn
CHAS. C WUITH, Manager.
Raiding the Gambler..
As a result of the disturbance dur
ing the last two or three days Federal
officials became very active yesterday,
raiding several alleged gambling
houses, and burning gambling fixtures
In the streets. Tho raid occurred late
yesterday afternoon, and was lenst ex
ported by the gamblers. Tho olllcials
a iopted a unique scheme in placing a
!arjr number of persons under arrest
Many iwore told Unit they were wanton
at the court house, and the followers
nf I he green cloth thliiKlng that they
were wanted us witnesses proceeded
to toe Federal building and were tak
en In charge by officers. Nearly thti
ty arrests were made, several spending
the night In Jail. i
- United Stales Commissioner Robnctt
gave the sports a hearing late last
night, and lined them $10 and costs.
Nearly all of them paid their linos,
while several were released on bonds
of ?100.
United States District Attorney
Johnson states that gambling must
cease In this district. He says he will
have tho gamblers Indicted when the
grand Jury meets, and will have Judge
Dickerson to Imposo a Jail sentence.
Ho isald'lt was tho only remedy to
break up gambling, and strongly Inti
mated that ho will vigorously prose-
tito nil persons hcrenfter who Insist
on running business of this kind or
who insist on gambling.
A Fine Exposition.
.Mr. Theodora Rowland of Portland,
Ore., who used to visit this country In
tho early -days, was a visitor in town
today. Ho says Portland Is making
great preparations for tho big oxikj
sltlon next year. Ho said tho show
would surpass anything that has ever
been seen In tho West nnd that Ard
moro peoplo woro cordially Invited to
como out.
Two Men Killed.
Colllnsvllle, Tex., Oct. 11. Will
Denton nn! Jim Honson wore run over
and killed by a tram about a mllo
south or this place last night. Tho
particulars cannot be obtained, but It
It thought that thoy had boon to their
home near Woodbine and wore on their
way back to whero they had boon pick
ing coHon, south of town, whon they
wore struck by an early train last
r.U'ht, as thoy wero carrying a basket
of tmnll chickens. Denton's body was
was horribly innnglo '. The forepart
or his head was cut off In front of tho
e.srs and carried a conslderal.lo ills
fT.re and pieces or Hob wore round
Iippglng to tho train wren It reached
Tmga. Sovoral trains passed ovor his
t.-viy and It Is not known for certain
which ono killed him
Honson was found by tho side of tbo
t.jck and was only wounded on tho
Appreciated Sentiment.
To Sidney Suggs of tho Ardmorolto.
Dear Sir The "Homo-seekers' Edi
tion" of the Ardmorolto received. It
Is n faithful and truthful history, of
tM magnificent country. It will 'Jo
tood wherovor It roaches. Your own
ntt-Iiluous endeavor to produco It at
si'cli small expense deserves tho
tluinks of tho peoplo or Iho Chickasaw
Nation. I am suro ym tad this su
pirb edition placed whtiM It will do
ire most good. What we need now Is
ir.ore papers and people of tho spirit
of tho Ardmorolte.
Pau j Volley. I T
Oitoher 11. 1001.
' Comanche.
j Tho now high school building at
this place Is thoroughly completed
and fully occupied.
There were ver 100 bales of cotton
on the loonl market here last Saturday.
Tho cotton which was planted after
tho hall last Hprlng when tht people
.thought It useless to replant Is turning
out to be the best raised In this coun
try for years. Much of It will make
more than n bnlo to the acre and every
day of such weather as wo are haying
now will add wonderfully to the yield.
Ileallh of tuo community Is good.
The estimated yield ot the cotton
crop In thin community Is Increasing
evory dny. 11 It tlwught now that It
.111 be greater than that of any pre
vious year.
The gin here has already put up
over COO bales and It Is expected that
1,300 bales will be glunctf during the
More cotton left hereyontrday for
tho market at Ardmore than on any
Jay previous. (1( (
Sam Illlllo of Colbert Is here visit
ing rolntlves.
H. A. Oann of Rtidgcport. Texas, Is
hero visiting relatives.
Wilt. Chnpiunu has moved to town
from ltls ranch. -
Oscar Cotton "linn gold his house to
S. M. Miller. Ho is to move to Lind
say In the near tut tire.
Thu Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. J.
S Jackson died Monday nlgnt and was
burled yesterday.
J. S. Spark, tho gin man or this
plac,o went to Ardmoro Monday on
W. H. Rltchey nnd daughter. Miss
Cora, went lo Gainesville Monday.
Pauls Valley.
The streets are crowded with cot
ton today.
There., has been no wugon crossing
effected on tho Canadian nt this place
sIikio tho Hood on account of tho wash'
lug out of a deep channel In tho river.
G. W. Young left hero Mondny In
rosponso to n message from Henrietta,
Texas, announcing tho expected deaUi
of Ills father, whose homo Is nt that
Mrs. C. W. Henderson Is very III.
Guy Attnway, who has been danger
ously HI, Is reported better today.
Special Corrosuondence.
Greenville. I. T.. Oct. 10. Pror.
V. Greon of Fort Worth sjient Mon
dny nnd Tuosdny hero with homo
Mrs. Ilnrbeo and Mrs. Crunicof near
Overbrook nro reported sick.
Rov. Champlaln of Humoyvlllo fill-
od his regulnr appointment hero Hat-
unlay night and Sunday.
Sovoral from this placo will attend
tho Mlnstrol show at Marietta tomor
row nlghL
Will Rlloy of Oil Springs Is roport-
cd ns bolng no bettor.
Wo hnvo had no mall hero for threo
days on necouut of the blockade nt
Tlusley Mulouo went to Galnosvlll
last night.
Wo are having high winds today.
Misses Annlo Uarbeo and Rose Ma-
lone 3'i reported Quito sick.
Special Correspondence.
Homer, 1. T.. Oct. 10. Rev. Urud
Ilajes was with us Sunday evening
nnd with tho assistance of Rev.
Snttcrwhlto, a Mlsionary Raptlst
church of nine mcmbors was organiz
Wo now bollovo that wo will bo able
to have a now house of worship,
as this makes two churches organiz
ed here, tho Mothodlst and tho Rap
tlst ..
Mrs. J. T. Pickens has been on tho
sick list (or tho past week, but is bet
ter. Tho army worm has mado Its ap
pearance among tho lato cotton and Is
getting everything that Is tender.
Most all of tho early cotton has been
already picked.
Tho health of our neighborhood Is
Rev. Brad Hays at Work.
Rov. Ilrad Hays proachod at Hen
nepin Saturday night nnd Sunday
morning. Sunday nftornoon ho proach-
ed at Homer and organized a Raptlst
church at that place. From Homer ne
goes to IJcrwyn and will remain there
nil this week.
C.iuslnrj Much Anxiety It Is Greater
in Volume Than the One Now Re
ceding Official Notified to
Move All M-itsrlal. .
An Oklahoma special says: Rail
way olllcials in Oklahoma City and
rallnmd men nil slong tho valley ot
the South Canndlnn river are bolns
ndvlsed by wire today or nuothor big
rise coming down the river Trout Colo
rado, duo tw snow and heavy rains.
The olllcials nave been notified to get
nil loose material out or the way as
It Is believed the Hood will be greater
than the one now receding. r fj.
Tho railroads hero liavo just com
menced to recover frum their crippled
condition, l-ist night tho first through
train ovor the bridgo at Purcell was al
lowed to pass on Its way to Oklahoma
City, and points north of hero. Since
the bridge nt Purcell has been In such
bad shape passenger traffic for Texas,
Now Mexico and California points lias
been tnkon caro of over the Shawnco
line, over tho bridgo near Asher, to
Texarkann. In Texas tho passengers
wero transferred to tho Guir, Colorado
and Sanla Fe and the Southorn Pacific
lines. Now that n second big rise Is
headed this way and from tho Tact that
tho bridge at Purcell Is In a safe con
dition all passenger traffic to Califor
nia, New Mexico nnd Arizona will bo
handled through Oklahoma City.
Canadian City,. Tex., Ojcl. i;. There
Is much uneasiness here over the sec
ond flood which Is now coming dswn
tho South Canadian river from Colo
rado. Tho river at this place, which
caused great 'destruction to railroad
property, has again commenced to nso
nt a very rapid rate and fears nro cn
tortalned that repairs on the railway
hero will hnve been accomplished for
naught. Tho workmen In tho employ
of tho Santa Fo, who hnvo been re
pairing tho roadbed and bridges In
this vicinity, have been Instructed to
removo nil loose material beyond
reach of the second Hood nnd to innko '
nrrangements for tho protection of the
repair work wjilch would have been
finished this week. Reports from Col
orado indicate that tho second flood
will greatly surpass tho recent high
water scon hero.
Purcoll, I. T., Oct. 11. Tho roport
of nuothor rlso in tho South Canadian
liver Is causing anxloty hero. Last
night tho two Santa Fo pllo drivers
finished thu work of putting In somo
100 foot of troBtlo work nnd repairs on
tho bridgo and permitted tho first
train to cross In five days. It Is be
lloved hero, howover, that n second
flood can do but Ilttlo damago to the
railway proporty because of a now
channel cut by the river which glvcs-
tho water moro space. Thero Is much
apprehension ovor tho trestle work on
account of tho fact that tho new chan
nel runs' under tho approach to tbo
bridgo which has just been repaired.
Barnett Glbbs' Will.
Tho last tostament or tho lato Bar
nett Illbbs has Just boon Hied for pro
bate In the Dallas county court. Tho
aluo of the estato Is given nt $100,
000. Tho will Is dated October 15, 1C00,
and Is not a very !ongthy document.
The will specifies that his wife shall
bo oxecutrlx of tho will and ndmtnts
trntrix of tho estate and guardian ot
any minor children. Tho sum of J10O
per month Is to bo given each child,
provided this doos not exceed one-hall
of tho net revenues of tho estate. All
proporty both personal nnd real Is te
ii:eathpd to his wlfo, all of which she
Is to enjoy. The will specifies that Inr
i vent of her second marriage she shall
have only one-halt of tho ostato and
tevenucs, and tho other halt golug to
tho children.
Tho will ndviaes tho wlfo not to
mako or consider any Investments out
Ride of Dallas county.
The closing paragraph ot Mio paper
shows tho affection of tho deceased for
Texns. It reads: "I want to bo bur
bl in a Texas coftln. evon If made by
a Dallas carpenter In a hurry, and
v.ir.t n plain Texas ftone, not over
i.3 feet. If It could be done In Dal
a . would prefer cremation."

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