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'M I)
1 Pnornimrk. J
N I'M HER 42
Court Decision That Vitally Affect
Every Indian Territory Town,
IDccIslon Based on Statutes
v of Arkansas Now in Force.
Muskogee, I. T., Dec. 2. JtlUge
Raymond ot the United States district
court liere has rendered an opinion In
the mailer ot erecting buildings un
dor ton feet In height on city lot
without obtaining a permit from the
city council. This, It Is believed, will
bo of Interoiit to nil towns in the ter
ritory, construing, as It does, n sec
tion of the statute. Aftor quoting so?
tlon 752 of M'misfiold'.s Dlgpst, the
opinion snys:
Tho statute seems very cleur thnt
the city council has no power to pane
an ordinance having for Its purpose
L. I ANDHHHON. 1'renlileni
0. h. ANDKttHON.OnKtuer
Ardmorc, Indian Territory
Capital Paid In .
Surplus Funds .
Total .
The olilrtit li ink in Indian Terrltir. Account of linn nmi Inuivlilualu
siilloitcd upon the tnort lllioral tiTinn connlitvnt with Rood banklm;
A Few Useful Gtiristmns Presents
Dining Table, Set of nice Chairs, a beau
tiful RocKer, handsome Ladies' DesKs,
strong and pretty Dressers, Princess
Dressing Tables, artistic Iron Beds, useful
Chiffoniers, convenient Kitchen Cabinets,
Mahogany Music Cabinets, Comfortable
Cotton Felt Mattresses.
J. A. BtVENS, President
DON LACY, Vice-President.
Capital $100,000.00
Surplus Funds 30,000.00
Accounts of tii-ms nil individuals solicited
Courtoouh treatment accorded to all alilcu
Insurance, Bonds, Real Estate, Abstracts
The larKi'dt nmi utroncent hcohct In tho two territories.
Managers of Ardmore Abstract Co.
flf.nor.Jl Aui'DtH J I , I o I o Llfo InsnrancR Co. and United HUtat
Fidelity anil Outrantr Oomp.inr.
Capital Stock anil Additional Liability, : : : : : $20n dOO.OO
We Conduct a General Banking Business fr r You and
Accept Small and Large Accounts.
C. R. SAUTtl, President.
C. M. CArtl'M-lX, Vice PrssJ
LEU CRUCE. Cashier.
O. V. YOUNO, Farmer.
J. C. THOrtPSON, Lawyer,
ili.' miitrol over the ereetlou of an.
building under ton feet IiIkIi The tie
osiou of the Unltnd States court or
appeals it. clear and explicit as to
this point. You etiunot In law do
indirectly that which you are given
no power to do dltoctly. This thu
city council seems to have sought to
do. Any building tindar ton root In
height can be constructed nnywher?
upon any lot In tho clly by any one,
landlord or tpnsut, without the inter
ference of tho city ofllccrs.
"Thai part of tho ordinance provid
ing that a permit must be obtained
for Hip erection of such building
Is rold. Judgment Is entered for pe
'It loner, and he Is discharged."
! Much con tit) very has arisen In Mus
! kogce over this proposition, the peti
tioner in the habeas corpus proceet
lug being one of the aldermen ot the.
city of Muskogee, who had attempted
to erect a building less than tu feet
upon his own property, when he wa
jarresed and sued out this writ of
I habeas corpus.
I Our fine lino of carving 30ts ds-
i ,;bt nil who sco them. They aro
crnutitul. Just tho Uilng for a holl-
Id.ty gift.
' The man -who trios to aide step doa
j tiny too often finds himself, up ngalnst
!n .still harder game.
II. V. 1'llKN'MI.HY. Vteu Pre.
O. K MAUPIV 't Ctudi.wr
$ 60,000.00
. 200,000.00
sells all of the above and forty
or fifty other useful articles.
A. H. PALMER, Casmer.
FRED C. CARR, Asst. Cashier
K. A. JONES, Furniture.
SAM NOBLH, Hardware Merchant.
J. R. PENNINUTON, Wholesale Her
chant. R. W. RANOOL, flcrchan.
Claimed By All to Have Been the
Most Successful and Interesting
Session In History of the
After transacting business ot i
rout Imp nature the TarrlUirlsl Teach
rs' Asfoclntlon udjeurned.
The meeting, white wol the large'.
In iKlnt of uttetidauts stnoo the or
ganisation wns formed, It Is claimed,
nan the most successful and wlthnl
the most Interesting In Its history.
What It lacked in numbers vrutt mad
up in enthusiasm. The discussions
wore of n nature thnt v. Ill result In
much good to tho body. Tho teach
ers woro v. all pleased with Ardmoro
They expressed their appreciation ot
l li- hospltiillty of tho city tlmu and
tlmo ugnln, und snld thoy were
charmed to meet In such n nice phico
us HIkh' hnll.
Prof. Iluek deserves credit and
praise for his untiring ort'orU in ho
half of them. Tho free entertnlument
afforded the teachers wns a preco
dent with tho association. Whoa llicy
entuu lo. pay tholr hills at tho hotels
there woro no f barges. Tins was duo
entirely to Prof. Duck, who raised
Hiilltclent mono) for thu purpose. This
was one feature Unit wnr greatly ap
prorlated by Iho pedagogues. Thuro
were oihor foal tires, of course, and
unite as pleasiiiK to them.
The association will long remember
tiie Ardmoro meeting as ouo of tho
nicest In Its entire history.
Following Is a list of those who at
tended tho sessions:
W. D. Jackson, lA'bauon.
.1. It. Trlsler, Iloldonvlllo.
Airs. J. (1. Abcrnethy, Ardmoro.
Mary t'nrr, Ardmore.
lllakle .ones, Ardmore.
John I). Benedict, Muskogee.
Fannie Walker, Ardmorc.
W. H. Iluck, Ardmore.
(i. P. Selvldge, Ardmore.
T. S. Dtilanoy, Hugo.
Ilelon Potcrman, Marietta.
13. W. Watklus, Tishomingo.
II. A. Stanley, Ardmore.
J. It. Hundrix, Ada.
J. M. Osborn, Pauls Valley.
Mrs. J. M. Osborn, Pauls Valley.
V. O. Harris, Sulphur.
10. 11. Hlnslmw nnd wife, Illoomllold.'
13. S. Light and wife, Illoomllold.
C. Cockerlll .Mndlll.
Kalhorlnu Wllllnms, Davis.
C'ornolla Washington, Ardmorc.
May Hlnslmw, Mndlll.
M. I.. Hurrls, Ardmoro.
Mrb Stanley Uruce, Ardmoro.
Mrs. II. D. Hardle, Ardmoro.
V It. IJ. McMunus, .
May Ingram, Ardmore.
Fnyrtte Copelnnd, Chlckasha.
T. D. Kelts, Mnrsdon.
0. V. Horton, Hroken Arrow.
V. P. Parker, Stephunvllle, Toxas
It. S. Hang, Troy.
W. A. Ingram, Ixmo Orovo.
George Ueck, Tishomingo.
K. P. Downing, lloff.
A. (!. C. Matter, Northcotl. Kan.
It. II. McSwnln, Oklahoma.
Meta Chestnutt, Mlnco.
11. M. Drake, Oklahoma City.
1. ela Allen, Coalgnte.
A. T. Hendorsou, Alo.
Calvin llallard, South McAUMtqr.
I.idu Park, Ardmore.
Kanulo Pulllum, Ardmoi-e.
Mrs. A. W. Iongmlre, Durnxod,
J. W. Tolloson, Bradley.
Itruco McKlnley, Rufnula.
Alice Fryer, Uoldenvllle.
It .15. Grace. Madlll.
J. II. Harris, Pauls Vai-uy'
It. Michael, Hnxbar.
Ida Cnrothnrs. Coalgato.
Murtha Ixmghlnghouse, Kgo.
.1. O, MnsterR, Hartshorno.
Amanda Kid, Tuskahoraa.
ICssKi Holl, Ardmoro.
I.o-dlo Woods, Ardmore.
Ilesslo Alexander, Ardmore.
Virginia J. brooks, Ardmore.
Virginia Dulln, Ardmoro.
Rev. Brad Hays.
I preached at Nowport Chrlitm?.s
day and will contlmio to prcu;h nigh
nnd day until after next Uunday. Tho
weather Is n little cool, cut there ntc
somo pooplo hero who go to church
all tho same. IIRAD HAY'S.
Merely to Show Their Hand Largo
Crowds Parade the Streets Flra
Is Burning and Excitement
Is High Cnd Not Known.
Port (taints, da., Dec. M. tile
farmers and mechanics met today at
Port 0lnes and decided to burn t heir
stinne of the 2.000,000 bale of turpltis
ttotfim. A start was made today,
hen a bon fire was mmlo of cotton
on the streets of Port (lalnes. ' It Is
I not j-ot determined whero It will stop
The farmers havo decided to set the
' pace, and are moving detcrmluodly
A lurgo crowd paraded tho streots
with much spectacular corcmony.
The object Is to show that the
farmers nro roady to ancrlllco a few
dollars for Iho benefit ot tho masses.
Tho tiro is stilt burning and excite
incut Is Increasing.
' Holiday Attractions.
''i;ho Two Orphans" tonight at
Ardmoro opera house by Ilcnuctt
lluhler company's nil star cast prom-
hch to bo one of the most pleasing of
ho holiday attractions.
The Kansas City Journal snys:
The Two Orphans" ijs truly the
greatest play ever written and Is ouo
of the season's most pronounced sue
resses. Honnott-Huhler present an
exceptionally strong compnny and
with prices at 26. 35 and .10 cents
should bo greeted with a crowded
Port Arthur's Strong i3;fun5s Over
whelmed After Three Months' of
Fighting, Sapping and Mining.
Japs Lost l.njO Men.
Headquarters Jnpaneso Army l.'o
fore Port Arthur, !:. 2V. Kitilun?
fort was eapuuvi this morning nt ?
o'clock with a ihMt-Ki'id l.i pnncvo cas
ualties. Suven dyuamitu mlnos oxplod
od at 10 o'clock yesterday made
breeches In tho from wall througli
which n largo body or Japanese troops
charged under covor of a tromondu-
'ous bombardment and captured the
first lino of light guns. A bltt.? light
resulted In tho capturo of tho lott
Tho garrison numbering ilv(,. imn.
drod men escaped.
Tokio, Doc. 23. Alter month.? or
lighting, sapping and mining tho Jap
auoso llnally occupied Rlbluug niMin
lain hHt night. Uoimner 2S. A ic
port received from tho rtt'rd Jupa
ueso army before Port Arthur says:
"Wednesdav, December 28, at 10
a. tii.. tho loft cunler column or our
army, following some heavy explo
sions on the front parapet of Rihlung
mountain, charged and occupied the
parapet undor cover of llro from our
heavy guns und constructed defense
works dosplto tho enemy's heavy tiro.
At 1 o'clock In the aftornoon when
our occupation wus practically assur
ed wo charged and occuplod tho Inner
linos of tho heavy gun positions, sub
Hcriuontly dislodging tho romnant or
tho onomy who vero stubbornly hold
ing tho gorge fort, when wo occu
pied anil captured the entire works.
Toklo, Dec. 29. .Manchuria army
hendtiuartorB reporting today, says:
"December 27. In tho arternoon. 'ho
Riusluns with heavy Hold guns bom
bardod the Hhakho river railroad
brldgo In tho neighborhood ot tho sta
tion and Russian guns at Tallentum
shelled Chlhslnng Tun and Spullntsu.
Russian cavalry attneked Holllntun at
sunset on tho sumo day but were re
pulsed by Japanese cavalry. Tho snrco
evening Russian cnvalry; enveloped
Japanese pickets who, relnrorcod, fi
nally repulsed tho enemy. Tho Japa
noso casultlos wcro three man kill
ed." A man Is known by tho compnny ho
keeps away from.
Endorse Single Statehood and Plead
for Absoluto Equality.
Iho following resoluttotiH were
adopted Tuesday night by tno Oklu
liiitnn City Chamber of Commerce:
"Hesolvcd, that wo roalllnu our mi
alterable fealty to tho principles oi
Joint statehood with Indian Territory
at the earliest itosslble moment.
"Hesolvcd, thnt as a mean! to that
end we endorse In general terms the
Hamilton bill, Including the senate
amendments affecting 'ecu I Intervals,
now pending before tho Unlit! States
' senate.
i "llesohotl, that we strongly omlorso
'the senate amendment to said bill In
.crendng the representation ot the In
dian Territory In the proposed consti
tutional convention; and It would
have lneti even more satisfactory lo
ii a had the said represeutallon been
made absolutely equal.
Hesolvcd, that we believe the op
rortuiilty shall be given tho taxpayer,
to vote upon tho locntlon of a perma
nent capital Immedlntoly after admis
sion of the stnte and wo endorse tho
amendment which loaves to tho elec
tors of the neu state tho llnnl doctsion
of that ipiestlon.
"Resolved, that we believe tho con
trnl location, commercial Importance
ami unusual facilities possussod by
Oklahoma Clly should mnko this
point tho exclusive location for tho
Federal court ot tho Western district,
and we appeal to conuross to sj
amend tho Hamilton bill.
"Resolved, that we heartily thank
Kenaior lloverldge und the other mom
jurs ol tho sounto committee on tor
Iioi'Iim fur their untiring efforts to
uake this measure fair and cnultnblu
to all of tho people of the now state,
and respectfully urge Chnlrmnn
Hamilton and the limine committee, to
(oncur therein.
"Resolved, that the chair uppotul a
committee of five, togothor with the
president and secretary of this body
lo select a delegation of nt lenst ton
lo go to Washington nt the earliest
practicable date, Instructed lo work
In hnrmony with Delegate McOttlro
nnd do nil In tholr powor to assist
him In procuring the enrly passage of
this bill."
South McAlester Chooses Four Dele
gates for Statehood.
Then- wiih a lair attendance out at
tho mass convention In Ilie court
house Inst night to consider pending
legislation. Dr. K. N. Allen wus clio
sen chnirmnn nnd Henry1 P. Robblns
Speeches on the pending Htatuhood
bill wore made by W. 13. llrowno,
Judge C. I). Stuart, II. II. Klrkpat
rlck, J. 1-2. Whllohond, Judgo Henry
Shepherd and others.
It wns the unanimous opinion that
(he statehood bill should bo amende I
so as to provide three places or hold
ing Federnl court In tho ICnslorn dis
trict or the new state, Muskogee
South McAlester nnd Ardmoro. It
was shown In tho meeting that It has
been the policy or tho government In
tho past, as It ought to bo In tho fu
ture, to consider the convenience ot
tho people more than the convenience
or the Judgos and court olllclals. It
wns far less uxpenslvo nnd far more
satisfactory to move the Judges about
than to drag litigants hnlf across a
stnte. It was shown that there are
seventeen places ot 'holding Fodernl
court In Texas, six In Arkansas, nine
In Virginia ami eight In North Ctiro
It was also doemod noil that South
McAlostor send a delegation to
Washington ti work ror statohood In
general and for the three courts In
particular. A committee was sent
out nnd roported In favor ot tho fol
iV Ing delegates: Col. Win. Ilusby,
Ion. II. II. Klrkpatrlck, Judgo C. 11.
Stuart and Henry P. Robblns. Tho
roport of the committee was unani
mously adopted.
Tho following commltleo was ap
pointed to flnanco tho delegation:
Ir. 13. N. Allen, A. U. Thomns, J. II.
Gordon. Tho committee has been at
work today.
It Ik thought that tho delegation will
leavn with tha Oklahoma City contin
gent January 7. Capital.
Shoomakors' aprons are longer this
yenr than before,
Don't wear a dross suit If you aro
working In a sowor.
Patent loathor shoos are not being
worn on scaffoldings.
It Is tho proper thing to uto n nail
if you burst a button.
Kxtsnslve Work to Seglu at Onoe.
a rail e Built to Hewitt Lino Will
Run Direct to Waurlka1 and '
Connect With Main Line.
i Tho Ardmorcite i pleased to nn
inouneo th report thai the Rock. Isi
jnnd road wilt begin work of extending
their line from Ardmoro westward
within tho next week or two. The
plans of tho company aro not known.
Tho report in circulation deals with
important extensions of tho Rock Is
land line, In which, 11 Is said, that
a direct line will be built to Wnurl
bo to connect wth the main brunch of
the same road.
As a basis ot the report that .ho
load will extend from this po'.ut
eoniou the Information that the work
of removing tho Frisco trnck from
Durtvood lo Ardmuro will commoncc
next week nnd that the track will bu
used In extending as far ns Hewitt,
u distance of eighteen miles, 'lie
grade lo Hewitt was completed some
time ngo. It will require sumo work
to gut It In shape, but this can bo doit',
very quickly.
It Is stated that a large crew n,
workmeu will be placed In tho lie
lo begin active work or removing the
Frisco trnck. A prominent railroad
contractor baa been In thu city ror
tho past week on tho lookout tor men
The Ardmorolte simply gives tht
report lo tho public without any at
tempt to color it.
Within the next week or so this
papar will be able to give Its rea 1
ui-s a little more In detail of tho plans
of tho compnny.
Tho reported extension Is based on
information received, and develop
monts nro' anxiously awaited.
With tho roport In circulation id
tho Rock Island will extend west
wnrd comes the story from Guthrie
to the effect that tho Santa Fo is
planning Important extensions In the
southwest territory nnd tha. tho ex
tonsl'ins Include '.he building of a lino
from Paris, Texas to IJirl-wy. "lie
report further ways thai tho contnic
for the building hns been awarded to
a KaiiHUH City llrm.
It Is slated on good authority thnl
Marietta will ho tapped by tho Santa
Fo extension. It could not bo learned
whether tho Hue would run via Ard
more. Agent Dunham, of the road, be
Ing nsked with roforence to I'., said
that he had heard tho report of the
extension, otherwise ho did not know
anything concerning It.
Alter tho honeymoou marriage be
gins to resolve Itself Into a guessing
"An English Daisy."
Those who witnessed the Initial
production of Murray & Muck com
pany In tholr latest vcreatlou ''An
Kugllsh Daisy," will recall tho roar ot
tho lions with pleasure. Tho per
formanco was one or thu bust ot th"
season, tho songs were bright an I
now and thu specialties found iuvor
with the mullonce. Tho gre.t'ost ui
terosi naturally centered In U'e lo
comedians, Murray and Mack, and
while tho plot does not afford them
much scopo, their work last night wit
clover und of a high order.
Murray & Mack havo suirouuJon
themselves with a capablo company
Ono or two of the characters over
did tho part, otherwlso no'hitij, was
lucking with the possible o.veepiion
tho scenory lnvestur,o which fell thon
Tho eccentric dunclng of Hurry i-ul
doll wus tho best that has boon seen
on tho Ardmop stage for yei". 'lite
songs "Dig Indian Chlof" and "Snuey
Sally" were woll rocolvcd.
Tho members of Myrtlo Lodge, N
7, K. of P., of thlu place, ura making
extensive preparations to give ti smok
cr and huvo a public Installation or
ofllccrs at tholr hall tho night ot Juu
uary C. Thoro will bo an open moe.
ing hold that night, and all K ot P
nnd tholr famlllos will bo Invltod I
ntlend. Tho band wilt furn'sh muMc
for tho occasion nnd un onjori
tlmo will bo bad. .

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