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Secretary of Interior Reverses the
Dawes Commission on tho Matter
of Time Ownership Begins.
Applies to Entire Territory.
Tho secretary or tho Interior has
reversed tho Dawes commission In
tho mattor of tlmo when an allottoo be-
comes the actual possessor or his allot
ment. Tho decision Is that he be
comes tho owner whon ho makes his
eoloctlon of lnnd, and not when he Is
approved by tho socrotary of tho In
terior as a citizen and ontltlod to tho
provision, of course, that he Is Unally
npproved as rightfully tho allottoo.
The Improtanco of tho decision llos
In tho collection of royalties from coal
and oil lands,
Somn citizens make
L. l. ANDKUHON. rri'Mdenl
Ardmore, Indian Territory
Capital Paid In $ 60,000.00
Surplus Funds 200,000.00
Total .9200,000.00
rim r.l.tet hmk In Indian Territory. Accounts ot :lrui and liullvliluuln
ollcitvd apoa tho mnit llhoral lorma oonnlMiMit with wood b.iukioc
j .1. A. BIVEN8, President,
j DON LACY. Vlce-Prcildent.
Capital $100,000.00
Surplus Funds 30,000.00
Accounts of firms nd individuals solicited
Courteous treatment accorded to nil aliko
Insurance, Bonds, Real Estate, Abstracts
The Isrk'i'it nnd strnnuertt auenor In the two tnrrlturU.
Managers of Ardmore Abstratt Co.
narn AKiintH ll,lnolM Uln Inaaranon Co. and Unltnd Htatot
Fidelity And aunmntT CompAay
i R A SW$
lis na
Stock and Additional Liability, : : : : :
We Conduct a General Banking Business ft r You and
Accept Small and Large Accounts.
C. K. SMITH. President.
r M. CAril'UHLL, Vice PrisJ
i UB CHUCK. Cashier.
3 W. YOUNO, Farmer.
.' C. THOnHSON, l-owyer.
their selection of land on which thoy
havo Improvement beforo thoy aro
flnally approved as citizens by Uio
wecretary of tho Interior, tho filing be
ing a tentative one, until tho flnnl do
clalon la made. If their ownership
tinted from tho time of npproval of t
citizenship thoro would bo soniotlnios 1
u year whon the royalties from oil
or gnu woIIk and coal mines would
go to tho trlbo Instead of to tho allot
tee. Tho decision rondcrod was In
the, caw) of William Johnston of llar
.tlesvllli', who claimed royalty from
I wells on allotments floloctod by his
two minor children whos citizenship
' had not boon approved. Tho roynlty
amounted to $5,000, The decision np
pllos to tho cntlro territory.
Iowa Man Gets Plum.
Washington, Jan. 12. The prusl-
.dent today sent to tho senate, tho noni-
Itatlon of James D. Yeomana of Iowa
t0 bo Interstate commerce commission-
Statehood Bill Laid Aside..
Washington ,Jan. 12. rn order that
tho appropriation bill might bo pro
ceeded with tho statehood bill was
temporarily laid asldo by too sonato
this nftornoon.
Mrs. O. T. C.rccory ia ronorlod 1U ftt
hor homo at 21C A stroot, northwost.
B. K. PltKNflLEY. Vleif-rreii,
C B. MAl'PIN' Au't Cuihtor
A. H. PALMER, Cashier.
FRED C. CARR, Attt CnhUf
: : : : $2000.00
R. A. JONGS, Purnlture.
SArtl NOHLK, Hardware .Merchant,
J. K. I'KNNINU TON, Wholesale Her.
. W. RANUOL, nerclian.
Russia Wants Tlmo to Build a Navy
When She Will Go After What 8h
Wants In tho Far East Wilt
Have Another War.
Jan. 12. Tho declaration
made by Vlco-Admlral Doubnasotr.
tho Russian member of thn interna.
If 1 , ......
V.Vd... I.UI1.U1.DD UU KKJ lUl.llllU lULd Lilt:
, ,, . . . .
',unu bua ,uc,ucu' ,a an miorwow 10
tho effect that honorable poaco bo-
twocn Russian and Japan is likoly to
bo made, Ih considered highly slgnlt'-
cant. Horotoforo tho mombors of the
I Russian ombar,sy and all tho other
" nuro uam rosonieu
Russian offlclats
'tho suggestions of poaco as humllU;-
lng. Thoro Is reason to bellovo tha".
'tbeso woro expressive or personal
vlows beforo hearing from St. Potors-
! burg, whereas Admiral Doubassoff has
ijust arrived from St. Potcrsburg after
a lengthy nudlcnco with Emporo
Nicholas, following tho tall of Port
I Arthur. 1
Tho admiral, who U chief of naval
construction, says ho submlttod to
tho emperor Inst Thursday a plan to
'comploto tho rehabilitation of tho na-
I .... Tl... n..,tl... , ,
I ( 'j- iuu uuiuuva ui inu piau wore en- 1
I bled to tho Associated Press Saturday. 1
1 Doubassoff says tho emperor gavo it
1 most favorable consideration and -said '
It would be submitted to the couneU
of ministers.
I am convinced," said tho admiral.
of Immediate nccessltv for
necessity for ,
.reconstruction of our licet at all lho.
nimslnn nn.l fornix,
.tho purpose or measuring strength ir-
ficleut to command supremacy at sea.
!Thls Is absolutely IndlspenKlblo, If wo
aro to expect victory ln tho noxt war
with Japan. Tho remnant of our flat
, is hardly than debris and entirely
luDcqunl to Japan's naval strength."
Tho admiral further said It was
necessary to recognizo these condl-
iion , if..i ....
to tho national solMovo.
"Thoroforo," ho addod, "1 don't 'jest
tato to say that wo tend toward not
far-off poaco. Wo will lcavo tho Jap
anese Port Arthur and tho territory
then now occupy In Manchuria. Wo
will set ourselvos resolutely to wo.-
to proparo an Invincible navy, as ttili
poaco will bo but temporary, and Uio
noxt tlmo we slmll bo nmply prepar
j Tho official vlow Is that Admiral
I DoubasEoft'H statement Is exproulvo
of tho growing sentiment wlUitn Uu.i
(8la favorablo to peace. HoportE show
tho movement has made notablo prog
ress ln rocont days, particularly at
Emperor Nicholas has not (down a
disposition to chock Uio movement, al
though porsonnlly ho disapproves of
ita opportunities.
Considerable Damage Done By Ice
I and Sleet Good Ralna.
To tho Arduiorelto. flco overy day, representing pnyraonts
Wynnowood, I. T Jan. 12. lho Pm town lots which havo boon pur
wholo faco of tho earth Is covorel chased by Individuals after tho town
with Ico and sleot. Considerable dam- Ho appraisements havo been mndo.
ago Is dono to fruit and shado troea. So many of Uioso coino through tho
Telophono posts nnd wires nro general-
Iy down wWch is a groat Inconvenlonco
to Uio pcoplo of tho town.
Tho health of tho town and com-
munlty Is good.
Thero aro a good many pooplo from
tho states coming In to this part ot lho
'territory, especially from Ovorton
county, Tonncsseo,
Wo had good rains In this section.
Tho rain and sleet will put a good sea-;
eon ln Uio ground for crops in tho
J. George Wright Re-appolnted.
Washington, Jan. 12. Tho president
today ro-nppolnted J. C-oorgo Wright
ns inspoctor for Indian Territory. Ills
commission expired several monUiH
ago and his re-nppolntmont was do-
layod bocauso of Uio opposlUon from
some oi mo senators on tno sonato
commltteo of Indian affairs. Ills re-
tentlon was strongly urged by Socro-
tiiry Hitchcock..
'The Indian Agent at This Agency
I Handles More Than $1,000,000 a
Year of Tribal MoneyBtory
, of Revenues.
' People have any conception ot
1 1,10 vn,t amount of business which,
' P""806 ,1,rugh tho Union Indian
agency at Muskogee,!. T. , every day.
. -
ji-eniress wisdom; clerk In chargo ot
( tj10 ngoncy In lho ubl5oneo of ln(1a,,
Agent fchoonfolt, nays that it is now
sending out an average of 000 letters
a day und receiving fully ns many, iieraiure, much moro sovore. Telogniph
Somo wocko as high as 4,000 letter.! ! wires are swayed beneath their cover-
nro scut out. All or tbeso pass j lng of Ice, whllo trees are fairly bow
through tho Muskogeo postnlllco ana ed to tho earth.
add greatly to Uu business. : The lighter telephone wires havo
Tho Indian agency also norrunim . conn .!ow. no If mnltiut nt avnrv mum I
many ot the functus of u big bank
or clearing house. It is estimated thn:
moro than 1,000,000 pass Uirough tho
nanas or tho Indian agont each year,
Homo or which ho handlod twice.
; Jhlfi ',008 not 1,lclurto money pnld out
rma.i.M .11 luiiiiuit,- .-.puunii3 oi
thu ugoncy, but merely the lun it
whlph nro entrusted to him arlalui?
from tribal revenues. This money la
sent to tho United States sub - tretu -
ury at St. Louis, where It Is plncea
to lho credit of tho tribes and pal 1
out again to thorn through tho Indian
agent. j
Mr. Wlbdom ofellmatos that tho
agency at Muskogeo handles ns much
, business as all tho othor Indlnn agon.
I nln I .. I .1. n If........ ... .
, I comu.no.i.
! " " UU,UB l"V """" 01 vo ot "f
moxi poworrui and highly civilized ot
...... . 1 1. . . .1 . .
",u u.uu, umu ui wuicil ara
n'"i0M0,y we,lU"' "" ,
"f1 "f rL;v,onu18- . nM ,
Iu CIloctftw uml Chickasaw na-
trlbon receive big revenues from tho
coal nnd asphalt lands, as well us
from tho oil and gas fleldB. TIioho
1 rovenuca arlso largely from Icasea
nnd royalties. They aro placed In tho
mnus oi mo inumu ngoni to go inn
! 10 eil";atlon,il f,,ndB r "o two na-
uons. vani sums oi money aiso now
iiuu uiu uouurb ui inu uuociaw ana
Chickasaw townsltes nnd town lots.
This year nearly ?1,000,000 has b3en j
placed lo tho credit of tho Indian agent
io uu ,-aiu iiui uupiui io uiu cuizuua
of tho two nations. A largoaddltlcn.
ul sum will bo placed to tho credit or
these, nations from tbo salo of segre
gated coal lands, which will bo dis
tributed by Uio Indian agent.
Tho heaviest rovenuos In tho Creek
Nntlon como from Interest on bonds
representing loans to different states
nnd paying A and G per cunt Interest
nnnunlly. Tho nation receives $125,-
000 InteroBt annually on thoso bonds.
Th? VT? fm .m,"ra!. rTU'C
iiuu inu nuiiu lux in uio urocK ana
Cherokeo nations passes through tbo
hnnds of Uio Indian agent, but In
stoad of bolng placed to tho credit ot
tho nations eollectlvoly, It Is paid out
tn Individual citizens.
A continual stream of money orders
Is coming Into tho Indian ngout's ot-
Muskogeo postolllco at times that the
postmaster runs out ot monoy with
w-nicu to casn motn, nnd has to bur
pmd payment temporarily until ho can
send out and replenish his ready cash,
,n addition to funds, all monoy roai-
''oa frora tl10 salo ot Creole lands by
scaled bids passos through tho agonc,
This In Itself amounts to several nun-
AtA thousand dollars a year.
fwrlng tho breaking up or tribal
affairs of tho llvo civilized tribes,
which will occur within tho noxt elgu-
teon months, tho money, to bo handled
by the Indian agoncy will bo greatly
Increased. Tho surplus and school
lands of each nation, togrthur with all
other tribal property, will bo sold bo-
fore that lime and all tho money Irom
those snlos will bo entrusted to tho
l;nl!an niiorit. in the Creek Nation
aiono tuo salo of tho surplus land will
net tho trlbo about tC(",000.
J Thcso vast financial lnfrosts thnt
Jnro entrusted to tho caro and super
vision of tho government through tbo 1
Indian agency plnco upon tho Indian
ugent grent responsibilities, which, in '
uddltlon to his many other dutlnt,
mulio his position of moro Import !
nnco Uinu those who tnko raeroty n
superficial vlow of tho subject brmi
ever Imagined.
Plays Havoc With Telcnraphlc Wire
Near Purcell An lev Tim..
, Purr-nil, I. T., Jan. 11. Tho nppar- i
(tint disparity tn tho temperature reg-1
Istratlon iu tho territory south, of the
Arbucklo mountains nnd that Immo
diatoly north of these mountains, is
noticeably revealed lu passage through
Indian Territory via Santa Ko railroad
during the present spell of weather.
South oT tho Arbucklo, tho country
Is Hooded and soaked from tho rain-
fall of tho ikibI few ilnvM. Ther.t in
a scant shlmmorlug ot Icicle clinging
(o tho twigs, whllo leloKr.inh wires
nro barely enameled with a thin coat-;
ot ),,,. , emorg)K from ,
Washita canyon, to tho north or these
I mountains, the scene indicates n torn -
' The IUvls. Wynnowood. Paula Vni -
loy ami Purcoll local wires aro greatly
' damaged us the lines nro swayed uud
' dangling In nlmost overy atroot. Att
Purcell tho ground has a covorluc or
( sleet and Ico an Inch and u halt lu
iiucKnoss, ami tne earth is rrozon
, beneath It. All Western Union wired
leudlng south from this placo aro
, working all right, whllo tho wlrou
' leading north nro out Throo PosUI
' wires, leading both ways, nro also out.
J still greater damage is expoctod
; during tho night, as tho contraction of
tho wires, caused by tho oxtremo col I,
added to thoir wolght ot Ice, will
greatly Increase Uio strain upon an-
chorlngrt. !
A forcb of Unomcu are here doing 1
sorvlco for tho Missouri and Texas j
lolephono company. Thoy woro sent J
hero to tepalr tho damage done to lho i
compmv'H transit span over tho Can
ndlan I'ver, during the overflow
that sti'Tm sovornl montliH tnco.
The new crossing on tho river lb
lelng effected l: tho erection of a bl;:
tower on either side or the
stream for tho support ot thu spai
across Uio rlrannel. This force of men i
will doubtless bo called unon to loot: 1
after thn linos of tho com tinny, whlei
havo been damaged during tho storm
lu re nnd to tho north of this place.
Enrolling Comrnlss.oners Benin Tak-
, Evidence at Atoka.
j Aloln( h Ti Jatli 12.Tuo CnoctllW
' rh,ro,ini! KmrnHRnlinril nTrfvlu, ,
Atoka today and begun hoarlug ovl
denco by parontB for tbo enrollment
of their chludren born r.i. ix Sept. 2S.
1002. Ivist night thoro wwj about 200
Indians and freedmcn hero to havo
tholr now-born clilldrer placed upon
tho regular roll).
The Choctaw council at its lust sua
sion passed an act authorizing titc
enrollment of all children born after
, Sept. 25, 1002, and giving thorn all
tho rights of other citizens. This act
1 will havo to bo approved by tho ProR-
Ideut of tho United Stales beforo M
bocomos a law. As thoro will bo sever-.
I hundred thousand ncrett of surplus
Innda after tho completion ot allot
ment under tho proaent roll ot citizens
It Is believed that the President will
npprovo tho act.
Statehood Delegations.
Among tho dispatcher from Wash
Ington yostorday Is ono showing that
tho Slnglo statehood delogatos thero
nro attondlng thoir business, It reads:
"Tho dolcgatlon from Indian Torrl-,
tory, which is hero to urgo Uio ad-1
mission of tho two torrltorics as one
State, called on Sonator Ilovorldgc,
who has charge of tho bill, and alio
on Senator Cullom of Illinois, who 13
lntorostod ln It. Sonator Bovorldgo In
reply to tho Introduction of tho dolu
gatlou and remarks by tbo chalrmun,
said ho was glad tho delegation had
come, slnco it demonstrated tho In-
torest of Oklahoma and Indian Terr.1-,80
(0ry pooplo ln securing a State lor
tholr locality, nnd it ought to nn1
doubtloss would havo a good effect,
Senator Cullom Bald that tho two to
lltorlos would bo brought in as ono
srito without reforenco 'o tho nctl ei
taken on Arizona and Now Moxlco.
Tho delogatos will go to tho Whlto
Houso to call on President Itoosovult
Russia 8nds Submarlno Boats to Vla
divostok Dy Rail French Otftctr
Declares Russia Will Win
Despite Many Rovorses,
Ubuu, Jau. 12. Pour ttubmunii-
boats havo arrived haro from tho UaU-
ud8tftlwl- T,'"r w,u h" ,M1nt to vl,l,
1 vostoij o) rail.
Suez. Jan ,12...-The division or Um
1 Ituwulnn second Pacific squadron com
! '"""dud by lkHrovslfy arrived here tw-
day from Port Said.
Umilon, Jan. 12. According to the
Dally Mali's Port Arthur correspond
ent Rear Admiral Voolkersam, com
manding tho second division ot the
' m,HHlnn 8000,1,1 1 lnc Hmiiiilrou. ha
i Blflltyl hw ,, w bo attacked by
! ' 10 Jlwnv" ln " ""N"'1 ''
l"UUB"1 1,10 u,lml- i"n wouu
i vim ill .uiiuif, in viiu Quyi-uuicn K"'v.
St.. Petersburg, Januury 12. Tu
admiralty bat) not given tho slightest,
otllclul contlrmatlon of tho report or
recall of Vleo-Admlral Itojestvcnskys
smiadron. On lho contrary tho offi
cials point- calmly to tho preparations
being mndo to reinforce tho squadron
with u division ot tho third 1'nclnc
squadron as sulllcluut ovldonco that
Rojeslvcnsky will not return to Kuru
pcan waters.
St. Petersburg, Jan. 12. A French
a. Hilary attache, who has Just return
oU trom thQ far Hast lu an lulgrvlow
j today oxprbssed Uio firmest conlideuco
I that, despite thu reverses suffered by
tho Russians on land and sea, thoy
would nrosecutu tho war to n succesa-
i fill flnlHll Thn full if fir( ArlHur
ho added, would chango nothing. Thrt
fortress hud ln reality somewhat em
barrassed tho nlnn of nun mil cm lint 11.
,.,, ,., Ua nllrnn9n
Fireman Cox InlurAri.
i -..n.... mi .i. t,n. .n,,..
was badly Injured Tuesday morning
liy being hit on tho head by what ho
1 supposed was a mall cranu while pas-
sing thu town of Aldurson on his to
I turn trip to this city. It Is supposed
tbut thu crano had been left project
lng over Uio track and that Cox who
was leaning out ot tho cab was struck,
by It, Inflicting a terrific blow on bU
head. IIu was Immediately taken u
South McAloster where ho was given
' medical attention after which ho wu
brought to this city where ho II vim.
Dr. Hardy, who dressed tbo man's In
juries, aays that tho blow was a terri
fic ouo and that although thoro 1 no
symptom of lntornul Injuries, It caus
ed concussion of tho brain. Cox wau
resting easy this morning and It u
thought thoro will bo no eorlous r-
suits from Uio Injury.
Cold Weather.
SIx degrees above zero is tho rocor t
, nt ln governtneuft thermometer Iu
Ardmoro for last night. Although tuts
wus seven degrees lowor than tho
night previous tho extreme cold affect.
ed ono loss It Is clear and dry and at
noon today tho thermometer register
ed eighteen dogroos above. Tho ground
Is thoroughly frozon, tho coal and
wood mon aro
lu their glory and n-
better hog killing time rarely come
-, ...
A car loadod with lumber while be
,DB swltchod nround this morning on
l" Santa Fo tracks was dcrallod by
"o mud which had banked upon
tl" crosslug on Main stroot. Tho car
ran oft tho track about n hundred
feet, dragging the englue off also.
Tho old maxim that to buy tho best
ln to buy thu cheapest Is tnio ln the
of confoctlonorlos, as well an
O,hor Mings, and It you buy at KahnV
you aro suro of getting tho best, 1.1
I Tho South McAloster council has
Ipassod au ordlnanco that all build
j Ings of more than two storloa In height
'shall bo provided with lire escape.
For hot drinks go to Kahn's. Ho
!i,-9 tho largest and most Beloct lino or
I drinks lu tho city is

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