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Ardmore, Sunday, September 3, 1905.
ljc Jtaihi SUDmorcitc.
SIDNEY SUGGS, Proprietor.
tared t tho Postofnce at Ardmoro
as Second-class Matter,
November 2, 1893.
Builnes Manager's Office, MS
Cttj Editor's Office
hoot Dltnco 638
Ardmort, Sunday, September 3,
One can understand tho Trioleins
of I'arls over the iecc terms when
one remember that 1'sri would hate
had to pit up the money haJ the Jap
Kotton an Indemnity.
SecreUVy lloaaparte wild he would
ml km a scapegoat to Hear the de
partment of the scandal caused by the
oxfltoaioii on the Hennlngton. He U
nssas; a commander and an cue pa.
TV- povernor of the Filipino we
Mt over there to hold down fat Jobs
tb-oltr In a cboro th HHpl will
not a competent for sett government
dactnr this nwrwtkoa Certainly not.
WkU ofielal advices do not say so.
th Impression Is left that the pt
Mm crsc-Ved his hels together, went
MtlitM be yard ana emptied hli
sdutoater and lassoed the calf tn his
otter Jov.
There I no u in eausinc hard feet
lacs wursng fellUcal -Campaign, but
5asMae ts always hart just the sane.
Taa ar-ores woW not fel 'like
thy had dose tholr duty if everything
passed tt smoothly.
Sometime a woman is Just on the
ere of swing her spouse for divorce
whan he die suddenly Tb:n her Erief
is so ueate that the U lmpiy lncoti
solabltv and her widow s weeds Are rO
thick that she cant see throng them.
The Japaneso have ""demonstrated
quite clearly that they 'have th true
Insight Into the Hunsisn character.
They ovldently eoneloiled that tf they
demanded enough to make a great
show of backing down It wonld please
the HuHslaiMs. and they would set all
thoy expected from the beginning.
America Is a great peace-maker and
has succeeded In slopping the war be-
twesri IlUMla and Japan. Her record
was a bit slow In this case, as a few
years ago, she brought peace to Spain
In three month and twenty days. At
that tltno, however, she bad only one
nation to deal wlth. whereas two have
participated In the last negotiations
New Orleans continues to cry out
against quarantines agalnfet her even
after her avariclousae and careless
ness Introduced yellow fever into the
United States. The cotd to Mississippi
coast towns and Vlcksourg and Natch
nc through the appearance of fever
there more iTIan Justifies all tho ef
fort of Governor Vardaman to keep
tho plague out.
K. C. llunUr of Chtckastm. svere
tary of the single statehood conven
tion held July 12 iu Oklahoma City,
has gathered Information which shows
that there were more Indians by blnod
and Intermarriage who took active
part In the single statehood cMM.n
tion than are now taking part In the
xp,irate state convention in t-csio
at MHkogee. Only Indians who favor
no statehood legfekttlon fire in sympa
thy with the Mufkoet-e constitutional
It U learned that there will be one
million acre of turpi u land in th
Gfctckaaaw nation and there are many
fttreca at work to divert Ita uae In
man)- directions. An effort Is being
made to nave all children born up to
March 4. lOt. given an allotment of
SM acre. Those who have married
lata the trm since lOt under the U
S. law have or canned and have. m
ployed attorney in an attempt to
ottr the right of cUltcnshtp. Many'
'of the Indian statesmen favor the
division of the surplus amotu
who are approved a cHlsea
Md th white euler ar memorial
hUanr caajgre to induce that body to
perdu the land and alfcw actual set
Uar to homestead IL
Millionaire Marry
lAadon. Swim. 2. UrhaU Vid.a
MMtrnbaM prince of Chtcaao. ha been
iwated a pe.ial lion to marry
DMa Spencer Caion, also of Chicago.
is a mlluoaaiiv la her rn right.
Th condition of John A. RoberMWv
the gMNatth. waa reported batter
ytrdr and strong ki- ar ea
twtal 4 for Us recov ry
Hon C. U Herbert was reported a
bctaf great ly Improved yeaterday.
Quhler Bixby. of the Wetls-Partv
Co. will depart today for WMllngton,.
Kh.. hr h goe to relieve the
or is wee. Mr. Mason of the
fore will take the cashier's
platv and Mr Floyd w.l! at for Ma
fturing ' N 'lars'
It often happens that men do that
which hastens that which they wished
to delay or delays that which they o
sayed to hasten. This, in all proba
bility. Is what will bo the result of the
Muskogee statehood convention. Many
of those Interested In the move for a
two-Mate contention, wore planning to
prent any action whatever by the
member of congrew. They hoped to
carry tlu people of the Indian Terri
tory with them In a mighty wave of
rnthuslaam and thn orente a mlghty
worklng force with which to defeat
Joint statehood and the white people
know that Is the only form possible to
socttre. The unexpected happened. The
more than half million white -people In )
the Indian Territory took so little part
In the. convention that the Sti.OW In-
dlaiu got more than halt the delegates , thp Aayt of yay wore at WOric
and completely di initiated the conven j with a view of making those meniora
tloc Th Indians have alwa- opposed I We days In. the history of our town.
. .lw .j i , ,u.lrl but hy rensonof the fart that ii was
wntehood and now are making their j by .t, ,lol,, af, tht.
laat stand agattiat tn nituoiuiion oj j
tribal goiernment and acceptance of
the white mans government, -imp
work is already done. It has ben de
croed that each .Indian ami stand for
himself and acquit tE cnatoms of riv-1
Hiaatlon. Th bf sure tht ha -already
lKn done- by moat of the members of
tfeeso trhd as a matter of fact, but
now they hum accept this condition
as blM;ag In law.
This oonventlon. ilominated by In-
dlons. i unanlnxmsly for stulehood.
"but statehood for the Indian Terri
tory alone.
They sive a nunther of reasons
why they should be In n sau hy them
olvea, not on of which is based on a
trad knowledge of conditions in the
two territories. The objection) they
raise R union with Oklahoma are
baed on a tnlsconeeptlon of conditions
htrv and of the character of the people
living In this portion of the future
4at. Thl will be made perfectly
clear to members of congress.
Suppose, however, the Indians were
able to convince congre that It would
work to their dltaihtintage to be
thrown Into the midst of a state with
a million and a half people at this
time. What would be the result of con
vincing or nrrens that Mich a onten
ttoe wag well founded? . Would it
brla statehood? not at all. There nev-o-
will be two states made out of the
territory I king between Kansas and
Texas. N'ow. htu ih half million
hlte people of the Indian Territory
should ae the drift affairs were tak
ing thaf would rahjo a mighty protest
against aay such Injustice. A million
'white people In the two territories ask
now and will continue to ask for, the
union of the two territories and their
appeal will be heeded. The Indians
will lose this tight. Statehood for the
two terrttortts is coming and no mere
sophistry can -nop the onward march
oC Justice at this time Time- Jour
Pontotoc County Fair.
Rnff. I. T.. Sept. S. (Special.)
Roff In tall her glory Is having one
of the most entertaining.- educational
and farm product shows that she ever
has had. Friday was the first day of
the Fair and at the close of the even
ings entertainment te ladies say it
far surpasvjd their Mxpoctatlotw along
the lino of success.
The buildings were crowded from 7
a. m. until 12 p. m . ami every visitor
went away well ropold.
The feature of Friday s program
was the hooe back riding contest.
The flrrt being the ladle, thtre wro
elcht sentries and Mime great eques
trian skill was displayed. Mr. Win. M.
Canterbury being the successful win
ner Miss Morris was the winnw in
ibtt girl's race and little Geo. Collin
was the T innw in the boyK rac.
Today the contest on decorated bus
g!c and carriages will take place.
Thre is a tine exhibit of wwlne,
stork of all kinds, farm products, art
handy work f all kinds, trtrtt and s "h
!ik which Is Interfiling to any ,4
and encourage the exhibitors and
thtiir neighbors.
At thb time only a partial Hat of
the winners on different exhibit can
be had but as soon aa It is given out
It will be published. tohr with all
the exhibits and ownr
QtWie a few visitors from a distance
are here and several of the Judges are
from KranrU. Ada and Madtll.
Caunte Found Ded.
f. I.ouU, Sent. 2. The dead body
of Mi Marie DcMate was found in!
her apartments today, sh had lived I families to locate In DnUaoa wb-n th
atone for .'er Hor rent nan was ;tmn was laid oat. She had r' itv,-Count-MU
Marie Muaelt. formerly of a number of place. For .v rv
Marseille'. France, and after having
r loped with au artisan, he wa dis
owned by the family and later desert
ed by her husband. She apparently
died a natural death.
Beastina Pauls Valley.
Tho. Hamm. the irte trretary of
tht Pauls Valley commercial dub was
la the city yesterday. He state that
Paul Valley Is growing fast and he
thtjriw 4 hat hi wwn is th . coming
city of the Washifa valley He says that
mora Improvement has been made and
that prosperity svefts to have settled
o the peopW of bla ec tlon a a whole, i
Mr. Hamm wu a pleasant caller at
the Ardsnoreite ottee while la the city.
He also stated that the Corns rem)
club w accomplishing a greai dfal
for Paul Valley In the matter of new
trprle. He regards a caiaercml
orgsuiisaUofl of its kind as oa of the
ssost Important factors and town bwlld
us and fhst It Is al in-'y n-r,-.aTy
Indian Territory 'Division Will Not At
tempt Reunion This Year.
To tho members of the Indian Terri
tory Division United Confederate
The following letter of Hon. John II.
Turner, chairman, etc, addressed to
Major 1'. J. llarrett. adjutant of Vlnl
ta camp No. 800 V. C. V., explain It
self: Vlnlta, Indian Territory.
August asth.1905.
Major V. J. llarrett. Adjutant. Vlnlta
Camp No. SCO. U. C. V.. Vlnlta. I. T.
My Dear Major:
Permit me to acquaint you at this
Irae with the result of the delibera
tion of the committee, of which I nm
chairman, appointed by the Vlnlta
Commercial Club. Tor the entertain
ment of the I'nlted Confederate Vet
erantt. In their reunion originally set
for July 3rd. 4th and Sth. at this place
but deferred. So prowl were we an a
town of the honor of entertaining our
vetrans. that said committee as early
jwjsu umnlon. the committer
thought it het at the time to poMpone
it until cool weather Sometime lnc
the matter was again taken up by th.
committ and active steps to preparo
for th reunion v.-ei again taken but
after mature deliberation we have con
cluded that In as much as the quaran
tine is threatened and will In all prob
ability be draattc along about the time
we had reset for th reunion, mu
threatening to keep away large num
ber of our people- from all ov-r the
territory who would be likely to at
tend, we havv- concluded that It would
be bet to defer the reunkm at this
place for this year with sincere regret
but with th hope that wo shall be
fortunntx enough to secure It for next
year, at which time we hope to be able
to honor onrelt by honoring those
to whom so much honor is due.
Regretfully. ,
Chairman of Committee
Fur the reasons set forth In the fore-
aolnc letter, there will be no reunion
of this division this year, which la to
be regretted, ns all Confederates were
liHikin forward to this reunion witn
much pleur. The Oklahoma Divis
ion U. C. V. have arranged to noiu
th. ir reunion in Oklahoma City on the
nth and 15th "f September, and
ihrouch Malor General Wllklns all
Confederates of the Indian Territory
have been kindly Invited to meet with
them. It Is hoped that as many as pos
sible will attend as Uiey are exerting
thninsrlvr to the utmost extent to
make this a glorious meeting for '.he
"nlit h.-v.'
Quarantine relations niay by that
tim.2 hpsumod fled as to anmu me in
dian Territory ueopl ' to enter Oklaho
ma u-llhrait IlitprnlDtlOD
I ileslr to urge all camps In tuU
Division to make renewed efforts to
innnwm their membership, bena tn
nnnunl diis to General Mlcklo. mi-et
regularly and let us endeavor to keep
our beloved organisation equal 10 iuai
of any of the. state organlxations.
By order o'
isn u OAUT. Maior Gen
. - Territory Dlv. U. C. V.
Adjt. Gen. and Chief of Staff.
Citizen Called to the Door at Night
and Beaten Up.
Sulphur. 1. T.. Sept. 2. I-tt night
ab-ut 9:."W o'clock an unknown party
came to '.he home of Mr. Pagltt of this
place, and calling him out In the yard,
askod if this was Pagitt, Upon oelng
told It was. he struck Pagltt three
times with a pistol, breaking his low
er JOv and bruising him up badly. Af
ter he had done his work he escaped,
running off through the woods Mrs.
Pagltt upen hearlnp the noise In the
yard rushed out in time to sec the
man who had knocked her husband al
most fcenseless. She recognUed him as
the nnn who had been boarding nir
Pagltt's home.
I'aelti'K assailant wint to the stable.
hired a ric and dNMW to ScuUln. The
rig has not been returned ana omcers
ar In'pursult.
We are showing one of the biggest
and best line of ladles', genu', tnlsse'
and children she we have ever car
ried. '
McDonald Run Down at Denlson
and Died in the Hospital.
Dentson. Tex. Sept. 2 Mr. Uiale
McDonald. d about 35 year, was
fatally injured by a Missouri. Kansas
ft Tenas train between S and olock
i hi morning, dying at 9 o'clock She
waa found beside th track by people
who lived In th vicinity and wa
brought to the railway company h hos
pital. One leg waa crushed anil there
wer Internal injuries which caused
death. . .
Mr. McDonald was a memo, r i tne
ntt familv. which wa on rf
j yr the has been in poor ovum
Cwwatry lard at J. A. Sklpworth's.
PiwN Bill Cemina.
One of th coming attractioi.s to
Ardmore Is Pawnee Bill s Wild West.
The show will he one of the h-M to
visit Ardmore thU year. Major Gordon
W. I.llli.v "Pawnee BUI." hi t oared
the country and Europe and daring
that time has nibled aa agsTegatton
which for. mafnitnde and merit stands
la a class disttneitvely its own v
All the entertaining featnr . of
"Pawnee BUIV exhibit ton are twau
ine. He has t-oacregated and broorui
togeslieivlmlmns from hy away Dako
ta. Coatacks from the Caucasus. Arabs.
Mevicaas. cowtioyn. togftht-r whh
Chinese and Japaaese cavalry. Sinhal
ese and racial representative of a
eore of coaatrie all livlax in unity
an.l vt.-lns in friendly rhalry -a thd
V .! W, -: r -ii i '- if 1 .irf
Is Promising from all Points of View
Both In Town and Country.
Davis. I. T. Sept. 2. (Special.)
The Industrial outlook along the great
Washita vclley Could hardly be morel
Mattering than at this time. Corn and
cotton has been made and other crops
have turnijd out entirely satisfactory
Merchants are stocking up In all lines
and expect an excellent trade this au
tumn. The building of tho electric line
from Oklahoma City through Davis to
tlu Eovernment reservation on Rock
crek-. nine miles cast of Davis, Is J
now tinder way, and the Coalgate
Southwestern, a steam road from Coat
gate to Davis will soon beunder con
struction. With all these things in
slgnt. Davis has taken on new Ufe,
and realty allies have Jumped up from
tlfcy it) one hundred per cent In thirty
Activity along Honey Creek, below
Turner falls. In the Arbuckles, Is grow
ing. . There will bo two large club
house built out ther. soon. The Fin:
and Feather club and the Honey I
Creek Fishing club will both .build ex-1
evllent cluo hot:es this fall and win-'
ter. The Fin and Feather club has,
bought a large tract of land along
Honey Creek, and they will have ae ,
government stock the creek with black
bass and rainbow trout. Applications i
for membership has been coming In I
rapidly of late, and Secretary Dickin
son Is applying strict rules as to mem-'
bershlp. There will be only fifty mem-
bers. and every man must show his
credentials as a sport. I
Mr. Dickinson says quail shoot'ng In!
the Arbuckles this fall will be the b;t 1
for many years. Owing to the heavy
rains during the nesting season the
quail left the valley and went to the
mountains. He says black bass will
be plentiful In Honey Creek next
spring and fishermen will flock to the
clubs early In May.
Avoid serious results of kidney or
bladder trouble by taking Foley's Kid
ney Cure. City Drug Store. .
More Cattle Tax Trouble.
Davis. I. T.. .Sept. 2. (Speda:.)
.1. D. Keley. accompanied by an Indian
policeman, was In Davis Friday en
forcing the payment of the delinquent
cattle tnx penalty of 1 per head for
nil cattle upon which the tribal tax
has not been paid. A new phase to
the question of collecting the delin
quent penalty was Introduced by the
enforcement of tlu- trioute upon a two-hundred-head
addition ra the herd
owned by Bob Freeman of this place,
npoa tho ground that the former own
er tf those cattlo had neglected to re
mit the tax of 25 tents per head.
Where It Is discovered that a cattle
man has failed to pay on his entire
hrd the penalty Is being strictly on
forcd und It seem that the .Inspec
tors ore finding divers way of ascer
taining whether all the cattle are be
ing scheduled. One, of the ways Is by
an inspection or the motf.gnge re
cords, etc.
Leaving Davis Friday. Kelsey and
the policeman went back east to look
after some cattle near Scullln, which
th.-y believe to be among the delin
quent lists.
Attorney General Rogers of Arkansas
Warns Gov. Davis.
Little Rock. Ark.. Sept. 2. Gov. Jef
frfon Davis of Arkansas was threat
ened wiih violence In Hlgglnson. Ark
this morning by Attorney General Rog
ers. Bitter relations exist between the
twv state officials. Davis, who Is a
candidate for the United States senate,
reacTied Hlgglnson this morning to de
liver an address. Rogers, who is a
candidate for congress, appeared In
IlieHnHin about the same time. At
the station the Attorney General step
Pfd up to Governor Davis and Is al
leged to havt rc!aliiied: if In your
speech today you attack my private
character In any way. as you have
done In the past, 1 will kill you In
tantly." If the boy needwa new ult. shoes or
hat. we have the correct styles and
Flooded By Typhoon.
Sbanghla. Sept 2.- TTie Shtlre city
Is noodud by a typhoon lasting last
night and this morning.
Your breakfast wilt be more enjoy
able if you have one of those fine rich
Jukw- steaks from Ttiebw'a Mark'
Foley's Honey and Tar Is ptc illar'y
adaited for chronic throa tnib!es
and will positively cure bront h ;- i
Hoarseness and all bronchial ilist j fs
R-fu- substitutes. City Drug' S r
It !s hard to get wha o t
hn yoi: ihn't know hat
BacKs It
Let r Ni.in show you a
South Bend Wat. h move
ment. nut on the tr.aiket v
n tmu licMdul by Cloru St j
debaker, offcitudebaker
wagon fame. There is i j
watch movement ruau r.
America Uist surpasses f
"We have an excelk-ntviiiu
in a .uatanteed 20 ye ar
watch chain. It is con
strueted in Ui sarae man
ner as u 20 year watch
case. -
Xew desitrns n Ladies'
Chatelaine Fobs. Xe'w col
ored gold finish on our
lately received loekete.
Mr. Mio tk Ixtt eTalBS
Catholic Church.
The usual mass services will bo
held at the Catholic church at 9:30
o'clock this morning. A cordial Invi
tation Is extended to all to meet with
First Presbyterian Church.
Services will be held today by the
pastor at 11 a. m., and at night. Sun
day school at 9.45 a. m. A cordial In
vltation Is extended to you.
CHAS. C. WEITH. .Pastor.
Episcopal Church. j
There will be divine services at St.!
Philip's church at U a. m. The Sacra-
mvnt of "The 1-ord's Supper" will be,
celebrated at this service. Organist
and choir will be present. Sunday '
sch3l at S:15 a-, m. !
F. -A. JUNY, Rector.
Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
Sunday school 9:15 a. m. Preach
ing 11 a. m. Junior Endeavor 6 p. in.,
Senior Endeavor 7: 15 p. m. Preaching
S:15 p. nu Everybody Invited to at
tend. Strangers welcome.
H. U WALKER. Pastor.
Rev. J. . l.awlnc arrived lipre ves
terday evening direct trou Chlckasha
and will occupy the pulp.'t Sunday.
and Sunday night at the hirst Baptist
Attentionl Attention.
The Civic committee together with
the judges In the Flower Contest, are
requeued to meet promptly at 4 o'clock
on next Wednesday, at the Broadway
Methodist church. The chairman
courtiously solicits the attendance of
any one interested In the work.
The Secretary.
' Wo have the finest line of ranges In
the territory. They are the celebrated
.Bridge & Beach.
2-6 Practical Tinners and Plumbers.
Max Westhelmer has returned from
Now York where he purchased a large
Kock of fall and winter goods for tho
firm of Westhelraer Si Daube.
lots of I'valdc
honey at J A
d. r. Neville
Whittington Hotel, Ardmore, I. T.,
Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 4, 5
There h little furniture required
In many professional offices besides
a combination of Globc-Wcrnicke
desk and bookcase sections. Par
ticularly adapted to the require
ments of teachers, physicians
attorneys, librarians and private
We are exclusive agents
for KNOX' Stiff and Soft
W. H. Byrd $ Co.
Exclusive Men's Furnishers
and Tailors.
To Parents In Ardmore.
Dear Friends: As you all "possibly
know, Hargrove College open Sept
7th. Many improvements have been
made on the college premises, gen
erally. My time ha3 been so thoroughly
taken up looking nfter these Improve
ments, I have not canvassed the city
for pdplls. I shall bo very much pleas
ed to hav a good patronage from. Ard
more, our home town. We- have a fine
faculty, and expect to do first-class
work, and very much desire a good
atfndanre of our home boys and girls.
Very kindly. J. M. GROSS.
TIu i.o!o of honor Slz Shoos, n
shoe with a reputation, for men and
On Jrial for Assault.
In the United States commission
er's court yesterday the examine trial
of Ord Rich, charged with attempting
to rape Mrs. Alvln I.atta was begun
Mrs. luitta was the principal wltni-s
again-". 'the defendant, who Is a young
man about 2T years of age. Th'p de
tails of the alleged crime have, boon
printed In the Ardmore.
Rich was brought here from Ada
recently and placed In Jail. In the
trial yesterday he appeared somewhat
nervous especially -when Mrs. I.atta,
who is more than sixty years of ase,
related the harrowing circumstances
of the case. Her testimony was dam
aging to tho defendant. It appears
that Rich went to the home of the wo
man and finding no one else there
made an assault upou her. Rich when
arristud hy Officer Cummings made a
general denial of the charge. Cum
mlngs testified that the defendant la
ter told him that he was "In for It''
and that when questioned as to why
he hail committed the offense tat-l
that h was craiy.
Rich Id the Fon of a widow lady and
lived eti Sandy near the t-ct-nc of the
The Bovernment was represented by
Hon. James E. Humphrey and Mr.
.Thos. McKcowan, a prominent lawyer
of Ada. No oao appeared for the de
fendant. Judce Robnett committed
Rich to jail without bond-to await the
action of tho grand Jury.
Just received our fall and winter
woolens. Including all the late novel
ties of the season. Now on displav at
i'r rr.
l" '',ir.ri.,t i a it-
ill -. s iLf ufl'iM'tv.:
IS '

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