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Ardmore, Tuesday, October 10, 1S05,
m w m m mi u
tHe has moved to 303 East Main Street
Colorado Beet Crop Nearly Twenty
five per cent Larger than Last Year.
Denver. Colo., Oct. 0 Tho stmar
boot rrop In Colorado this yonr Is worth
$10,000,000. ThU Is the largest produc
tion In the hlHtory of the Mate, and
Is all tho more remnrknblo when It U
considered that eight yearn ago not
n butt wns grown within tho coulluoa
of tho state.' Within tho oluhl years
ton tmgnr factories have been Itui.
and placed In operation, and three
more are now under construction anu
ton sugar factorlOB havo been built
The $10.00(1.000 which tain year's
etop will bring will go directly to tho
farmers of the stuto, at the rate of $r
lor ton. The average pro lit to tho far
mer for Hevprpl years lias been $U6
por aero on lrr!rs.t''d beet. This ear
nlono one coitipany, the (Jrenst Wes
tern Hugnr company, contracted for
tho cultivation of more than G0,(k
acres of becta for the use, of Ita six
factories, and will pay out nearly $(,
000,000 to tho growers. Colorado now
stands second among tho states In
tho production of beet sugar.
Some Seasonable Advice.
It may bo a piece of superllous ad
vice to urge pooplo at this hwhsou of
tho year Vo lay In a supply of Cham
burlnln'a CoiigU llomody. It Is almost
wire to be- needed before winter Is
over, nnd much more prompt and aat
lsfuctory results are obtained when
taken as soon us a cold Is contracted
nnd before It lias beoomo settled in
tho system, which can only be done by
keeping the remedy at hand. ThU
remedy is so widely knowu and so nl
toRother good that no ono Bliould hes
itate about buying It In preference to
any other. It Is for sale by F. J. Uam
soy, W. 11. Frnmo, Ilonnor & IVonnor,
nnd Ardmore Drug Co.
"Thoro Is always room at the top"
doesn't mean thnt there Is always
room on tho lid.
IlacUache Is never known to those
persons who tnko nn occassional doso
of linoulea. The valuo of tho rcm
obtained from tho plno treo has long
been recognized in tho treatment of
uiJUmsra of the nlnddor nnd kldnoys.
Ono dogo of PInoules will glvo rollof,
nnd ono bottle wll cure. Sold by City
Drug Slorp.
Tho greatest' foar some men appear
to have Is that tomb ono will roform
Danger In Fall Colds.
Fall colds aro llablo to hang dn nil
wjutor, leaving tho scods of pneumo
nia, bronchitis or consumption. Foley's
Honey ami Tar cures' quickly and pro--vents
serious result?. It Is old. and re
liable, fried and tested, safe and puro.
Contnlns no opiate and will not con
stipate. Sold by. City Drug Store.
Have you read our 1905 Fall and Winter Price Sheet? It
is a 4 page document and we thihK it about covers the
items you would care to have priced you. TaKe time to
read it. If you have not received it you will do so as they
are being passed. Should you not receive it, call or send
for it. It will pay you to have one handy. Don't buy an
item of Dry
Should He Persist in ncmalnlng De-
yond the State's Jurisdiction.
' 'Now York, Oct. "J. Should Jumej II.
Hyde, Win. II. Mclntyro and Thomas
1). Jordan persist in remaining outs'de
of Now York state's JurisdiclMU, It
Ik possible their attitude may remilt
in making them, In effect, exiles from
this state for an 'Indcllnlto nerlod.
from au authoritative source it Is
learned thnt the committee hnsln eon
temptation a series of punishments
not unlike '.hat which Mr. .leronu for
mouths indicted upon Reginald Van
.derbllt. The plan contemplated Is to
continue the technical life of the com
mit tee from one legislature to the
Should this plan be adopted and
indorsed by the legislature, recalcl
trants who refnso' to testify could
be exiled indefinitely, xo loug as the
committee chose to keep process
servers watching their movements.
A Judicious Inquiry.
A well known traveling man who
visits the drug trade says ho has of
ten heard druggists Inquire of eusto
mors who asked for a cough medicine,
whether It wns wanted for a child or
for an adult, and If for a child they
almost invnrlnbly recommend Chant'
berlalu's Cough Henvedy. The reason
for this Is that thev know there Is no
danger from It and that It always
cures. There, is not the least danger
lu giving it and for coughs, cold an..
croup it Is unsurpassed, lor sale by
F. J. Uamsey. W. 11. Frame, llonner
& llonner. and the Ardmore Drug Co,
You can't tell just how good a man
was by the numoer of people who at
tend his funeral.
Spent More than $1000,
W. W. linker, of Plalnview, Neb.,
writes; "My wife suffered from lung
trouble for ilfteon years. Sho tried a
number of doctors and spoilt over $1,
000 without relief. Sho becajno vary
low and lost all hope. A friend recom
mended I'Viley's llonoy and Tar and
thanks to this great romody It saved
her life. Sho enjoy3 hotter health than
sho has known in ten years." Hoftiso
substitutes, bold by City Drug Store.
There are those who, after taking
an Interest In you, think they can also
buy your principle.
A Dozen Times a Nlaht.
Mm. Pwon Dunn, of.Ilonton Forry,
w. vn.. writes: "I havo had kidnoy
nn'd bhUlder trouble for years, and It
.became bo bad that I wns qbllaea to
get tin at least n dozen times a nlkh.
I never received any permanent bono
fit from any mcdlclno until I tried Fo
ley s Kidnoy Cure. After using two
bottles I am cured. Sold by City Druij
Goods until you Know our prices
Madden $
Cures Winter Cough.
J. K. filovor, 101 N. Main street, Ot
tawa, Knna., writes, "Every fall it has
been my wifo'B trouble to catch a se
vcro cold, nnd thercforo to cough all
winter long. 1-ast fall I got her n bot
tle of Horehound Syrup. Sho used It
and has been able to sleep soundly all
night long. Whenever the cough trou
bles her. two or threo doses stop tho
cough, and sho la nblo to bo up and
well." 250, COc, and $1.00. Sold by W.
11. Frame.
One's friends may desort him, but
the miser Is always close.
Ono night Is nil the time necessary
to prove that lineliles Is tho best rem
edy In tho world for backacho and nil
kidney and bladder troubles. If you
havo rheumatism or nny other bioou
disease a single dose will glvo relief.
Sold by City Drug Store.
Some Jokers are as artless as their
J-jkes are pointless.
No danger of consumption If you
use Foley's Honey and Tar to cure
that stubborn cough. Sold by City
Drug Store. "
Lots of people suddenly become deaf
when duty calls.
Everything you ont will taste goo
nnd do good If you take Hlng's Dys
pepsin Tablots. Sold by City Drug
Thclnia perfume is made from fra
graut blossoms, but there never was
any ono flower that could impart such
a delightful odor. Have you t'rlou
ThNnia'.' It'x very popular. 50c ok.
S V. .1. ItAMSKY, Drugalst.
Wixu Ifc the man who decline to
lake hW troubles seriously.
Croup Is quickly relieved, and
whooping cough will not "run Us
course" if you use the original llee's
laxative Honey and Tar. This cough
syrup U different from all others be
cause it acts on Uie bowels. You can
not cure croup and whooping cough
until you rid tho system of all conges
tion, by working off the cold through
a copious action of tne bowels, lloo's
Iixatlvo Honey nn Tnr doos this,
and cures nil coughs, croup, whodpln
cough, ets. No opiates. Sold by City
Drus Store.
It talvfs a lot of will power to ena
ble a man to save himself from him
self. lMnosiUvb acts like a poultlco. Host
thing In tho world for bolls.' burns,
c'raokod hands, totter, etc. Sold by
City Drug Store, .
When .thoro Is a right way and n
wrong way tho . average iiinn Koes
"Watch the Kidneys."
"Whon thoy nro affected, llfo la In
dangor," says Dr. Abornathy, tho great
English physfclan. Foloy's Kidney
Curo makes sound kidneys. Sold by
City Drug Store.
In tho United States Court in tho
Indian Territory, Southern District:
Jennie Hhodes, plaintiff, vs. CharJes
lthodes, defendant, No. C334.
Thp defendant, Charles Ilhodca, Is
warned to appear in this Court In
thirty days and answer tho complaint
of tlio plaintiff, Jennlo Hhodes.
Witness tho Hon. Hosca Townsend,
Judge of said Court, nnd tho aoai
thereof, this 19th day of September,
1005. o. m. camphem
(Seal) Clerk.
O. A. WEM.S, Deputy Clork.
Drown & Turner, attorneys.
Sara T. Butler, attorney for non
rostdent. First published Soptomber 19, ltJUo.
"Filth breeds dlsase." How
filthy lucre.
Hawkeyo Family Sulve la guhran'
teed to cure Piles and all Skin Dis
eases. .Does not stain nnd acts quickly,
The. world's grontost healing power.
2f cants. City Drug Store, W. I).
Frame, prop.
Some men celebrate their tin wed
ding anniversary by siring their
wives 60c to buy a new coffee pot
Why suffer with your kidneys? Tho
discovery of Kldney-Ettes has proved
a blessing to thousands of kidney suf
ferers who hnvo been restored to per
fect health. These tablets drive the
deaase germs out of tho system nnd
wo urge nil sufferers to glvo this
scientific nnd miccossful "Wdney rem
edy a trial. 25c. City Drug Store, W
H. Frame, prop.
Tho Cotton Belt Ocnernl Passenger
department at Tyler, Texas, havo Is
sued quito a unlquo advertisement In
tho form or beautiful Gold Edgo play
ing cards which can bo purchasod at
Cotton Helt TIckot ofllcea and on our
Cafe cars. Prlco twonty-Ilvo (25)
cents por deck or sond thirty (30)
cents In stamps to Ooneral Passenger
department, Tyler, Texas, for trans
mission by IT. S. mall. 24-3m
Tho Ardmoro Job Shop and Plan
ing Mill has moved to ilroudway, ucar
First Baptist church.
DAVIS & TATE, Props.
O woman neyer falls to boast of her
Intuition every time she makes a good
Wo ofTor our lino lino of gUns at
very low prices.
If men and womon would toll all
they know about themselves to ono an
other before marriage thoro would bo
fo'wer divorce spits also fowor mar
riage. It Is n pleasure to take Dr. Dado's
Utile Liver tills and enjoy tholr tonic
effect upon tho liver. Sold by City
Drug Store.
sjSkmiA'' tSWr. ' - .',-'r , ; 'i . Mi
Large, clean, airy, well-lighted rooms. Equipped witliab
every modern convenience. Surgical Diseases and
Diseases ol Women are given Bpecial atteiltion. T
Trained nurses iu attendance. Charges reasonable
Everybody .Everywhere
j is interested in good, pure, healthful, e'roce
$ ies. Then it follows that everybody in and
0 around Ardmore is interested in doini their
j'i. ,
grocery buying at
S ,
F E L K! E
He lfeeps the freshest
has everythino good
Tho: Ardmoreite-
Pi'tnts Ail the
McNEES, Proprietors
tS lpi
m I
9 V
$ ft!
stocll in the city and
to eat under one roof.
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