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Ardmorc, Tuecday, October 10, 9j
tuic Xtatlii SlrDmorciic.
SIDNKY SUGGS, Proprietor.
Ella Wlioeler Wilcox, who write
some good- things somptlmet,, hasn (ny r, e, ciilllot & Co.. monibors or
New Orleans cotton rcicnango.j
poem on two kinds uf people thosn
who lift nnd'tlmso who lentr.
Mho says thnro are twenty lennors
where- there l one who lifts.
She-Is right.
In ovory Iiousr-hold there Is soriio
ono who U the main dopondeneoi That
' .-lll. tflL. VIrt mr Ilan Ian
IHlSlnOaS .MBIHISUI n "I .. . , ..... ., ,i, ...nrrv u'll Uf Jnn loll
r,.i. rtm.n D nn uiu uiiiucu
l JILT 1imui o """-v . . n-u jinr
Lcmx Dlstanco (uo tno otliers lean, usuaiiy n. i
. mother moro's the pity who doos
Fubllabea ovory ,v" ,, imiinr
Watered at tho PostoIUcO nt Ardmoro
as Second-class Mnttcr,
November 2, 181)3.
Ardmore. Ort. 10. T o following
am tho quotations tor today: ,
Liverpool Futures.
Oct Kor . : ,... 5 18 8 1
Not Doo '. J. ., 1 5 ?2
... 33 6 2D
: 5 M 8 M
Vi 8 31
Spot, and Sales.
a.i.,r.liiv. and Sunday morning. mo minis, spmii
- ' . . . . i m 1. 1 I i.n.innM it ii jiri ii inn I . . -
rifflnn nt tmlil rnlion worm wuamim- m i-vuij mm-n....
loa strcoL tnkos the lnltlntlvo,lo8 nto planning
Hp seems cut out for his task or.
B 000
New York Futures.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES. , ' ...' 7 " ., .. i . u upon nign uowuiosa
... U'mlr io " "" "l' - UOC V,l -9fH 97-' B Nl
GE WeOK , .i,,..i l.lm It ! no i. .... ..
UnO MUIim . ... I.l I l. 'Dill mm n ni t
V..- u wviniMPII PMHllir III 1U1IU llldll III IWI'ii I ' l VJ I vu
(raynuio in Auvanco. jn ,jip chiireh .i very few do tne
,m. ..nmini nnuntvuiur ot tno unit- work nnd make the sncriiiee oi umo
4 States court for tho Bouthern DIs- nn,j energy. The others lenn on the Hle.
trlcL Indian Territory, aiso ior OR,ier8.
Spots and Sates.
10 30
Chickasaw Stock Association ot tho
Indian Territory, and tho oDlclal organ
tf tho city.
Thi somo thing Is Irtio In state Ifcg-
New Orleans Fututes.
Mtinn IHtrh 1
. . . ... - t ...... .,. I v- -"O" "
IHIHllires, 111 i-uiiKivn. iv '""" ,,
no uie rem wuriv in iwshm.uihii.
Young Lady Was School Toaeher
Had Been Shot Twice Man Also
Shot and Throat Cutv Two
' Stories of the Tragedy.
Haskell. I. T., Oct. 9 Tho bodies
of Miss Margaret Lindsay, thu ilas
koll school teacher, and that of a man
from Jllxby,. 1. T., were found In the
road three mlloa north of Haskell to
day. Tho couple had been dead sever
al hours. Thoro wore- no marks of vi
olence on tho bodies and It Is bolleved
that Miss Lindsay and tho man com
mitted suicide.
The man's linme is Joseph IJ. Young.
There is Httlo furniture required.
Id many professional offices besides
'a combination of Globc-Wcrnidce
desk and bookcase sections. Par.
ticular.7 adapted to tho require,
ments of teachers, physicians
attorneys, librarians and private
R. A. J 0 N E S
others simply mark tlnio. Thoy loan Mar
There Is a lot of work to do In tho h" ;
Any erroneous reflection upon tho
..i.lnH rt nnv nnr
e.sractor r"',u"'""" j. on the strong spirits.
ISS? orman.Car,tS0 oased'onrt Arc you lifting or lean.ngT
ri that nro false, will bo gladly cor
rected If brought to tho auonuon oi world not meroty mg iiisks common
Oij nubllahor. everyday work. And some do nioro
Minn thnl- sliaro hccauso ao many l"""T-
Ardmore, Tuesday, October 10, 1905. M0 tlrs)(,( ovr.WrouBht
hoiiIh who break under tno strain uo-
.l.l.. tlml tnnv hii Malil for th! Innn imnn Ihom. I OJBH
wiii; iiiiiiti ii- i c.iilbu nu iiiuiij ii;... int. ...v.....
entity packers when they were i8 there some willing man near jou MarJ
- ... i I . . . I
caught with th goods tney prompuj wno B lifting more than hl snaro
of tho load? Koll up your sleeves and oat-
glvo him a lift
i 80
0 OS
io a
8 U3
.Muskogee, I. T., Oct. 9. (Special.)
Mny Lindsay nnd Joa Under, sweet
hearts were found dead by tho road
side near Haskell, I. T., last night c
11 o'clock.
Miss LIndray had been shot twice
nnd Under had his' throat cut and wns
shot. A knlfo and revolver was lying
s sb i at his fret.
1" 20
Spots and Sales.
16 C-B
..... 41
.ii 3-4
ii 3-8
M 8-8
41 3-4
acknowledged their crime.
Charles .1. Ilonaparto Is nnothcr of
thoso gentlemen who opinise restrict- woman unon whom for shame! you
Inn negro suff rag-) because It would lmvo icanr,i too long? Turn In and chtcmro .is.ouo
aluo ritrlct white suffrage.
Franco Is just beginning to nnd out
how badly Hmperor William , bully
ragged her. Johnnie Crepaud Is fairly
inaMng the welkin ring as tho knowl
edge soaks In.
Hrosldont Koosevolt says that "ordl
help tho overtacd bravo one.
Quit leaning.
J i jr
Doo, 2S 5-8 M
May Su S-4 3u 3-4
chlcmro .is.x) moo s.ouo
Eamtnn City 13,000 IV.CHJJ bOOO
Omaha ................ 4.500 b,7ji) 5 :ui
Hoif9 wo.ik SROo loft uvur.
IUct hut; n y par agu 'OvCt
Mixed 603-573
Uooil 63H-8C8
UuUk'll 490-81.1
I.lKtlt 8D0-8C0
Unitlo stonily
tihoou Htront-
Mrdmoro Prices.
Cotton sold on tho stroet today for
to a:3U. Heeu cotton a:uu.
Five years ago two rascally con
tractors named fiaynor nnd Orceno
robbed tho government of largo sums
narlly bears wcro not Hurried when 1 )f monoy through the connlvanco of
came suddenly upon them." There nro Qberlln M. Carter, who has just sorved
n whole lut of peoplo In Vnll street a flv0 yoars. tcrm n prison for his shooting Gallery Man Paints Town
who are ready to lunlio similar onser- , tn tho nffnr. nnd who Is now Shoots Mayor and Three Others
vatlons. l.olnir sued clvllli- for SG00.000 of tho ''in er. iu. vniio intoxi
a. a '- a. I . .i i-i. i... ...icon I taiuo "iH'u. J. AiKun, proline-
' e r I government's money which nu in
Wild Rose. Wis., turned out auer propritcd . rounds of tho business district, firing
some bank robbers, killed one, mor- c(lynor and dreeno lied to Cantula his revolver at random and chasing
tally wounded two nnd caught tho , , vo bocn fighting extradition cv- o.ery one i on mo sirecis.
.. .i Mayor W. O. Mulr was shot and sor
O UT IVUry IB Il'W "n cr SlnCC I Innalv u.nI....lo.l nn.l f-o.l l .nnD n -m-
the wild variety was specially bad for Powerful as Is tho United Stntos Myur iln,i tho town marshal' wcro
tho robbers. nmi nnxious nB Is tho Krltlsh Rovcrn- slightly wounded, Mayor Mulr will re
'V . . ..,-,. onr criminals for pun
The escar Is going to reiTre an mum- . . ,.. takcn nvo ionK yCars
oleut olllccrs in nis navy, i n- " . n-.i-.tni? In tho court to cut tho wil
has n great many omcers u ruuru irtB )1)t of C;inm,a
and no navy io spean oi. uu uorhw
tho work of reform too late. Thoro
are others. '
.t. .. 4.
Thoso 30,000 people who constitute
the decrease In Iowa's population Our
II... In.l vinp fir tn tin. ;ilillllt fivilll.
ly 'divided between the fanners who tho llnal analysis. It shows that the
oamo to Texas and tho ollleo holders way of the transgressor Is hard when
Unelo Snni sets oui auer mm
President McCurdy of the Mutual
l.lfo Insurnnco Company, Is a daddy as
cover. Akin was arrested
It Is supposed that ho killed the gin
and tlu-n committed suicide.
Tho girl wns teaching school at
Stoneblult. They both lived In Ill.xby.
Driller was taking .Miss Llndsny to
her school Sunday night In a buggy.
Tho bodies were found lying side
by sldo.
Tho Ardraorelto for all the nowa.
On Time
WE KNOW a possessor of
a South Bend Watch move
ment who had it regulated
last Christmiis. It has not
varied from Western Union
time since that date.
KODENBERG, Smith Co's.
20-yeur guaranteed watch
chains are built like a 20
year watch case.
Have Mr. Nixon show both
of them to you.
unuaoisTH and jewelkuh
Phono 268
We have just received our complete line of
Fall and Winter Suitings
and arc prepared to iive you more for your money tha ,
EVER. Before placing your order call and examine our
line. Our prices are RIGHT. Come and see.
Suits From $25.00 up
Every Thing a Man Wears Except His Shoes
W. fl. Byrd $ Co.
The World's 1
l Record
Loss thrtn a yoar old, the Southwest Limited has
become the preferred train for flrct-class travolerB be
tween Kansas City and Chicago. Every car on this
train Ib owned and operated by tho
iGhkm Milwaukee k St, Paul Rv.i
Ootnpartment-observntlon sloepcrs, standard ileep
era, dining cars, chair cars ntid coaches wore all built
expressly for Tho Hontlnvcst Lliulted, and are without
eqnal In boouty and comfort
Leave Kansas City, Union Station, 6:66 p.m.; Oranil
Avenue, 6:07 p. m. Arrive Ob'caKO. Union Station, 8:65
a. in., In tlmo for train a to the north and the eaBl, or
for the day's buelnosn.
finutlnve'tern I'asncnger Rrnt, Commercial Agent,
907 rinln St., Knnsus City, Mo. 20l-3oa 5Iaughtr.r lildg. Dallat
They will now return to Georgia
and stand trial. They have benefited W
by tho law's delay for a season, but 9
have nt last been brought to bay.
Their case Is a sad travcrsty upon
our methods of Jurisprudence; hut In
who went to Washington.
Can It ho the Amorlcan boy Is tiring
of his strenuous toy? There Is a
growing disposition In an expanding
nrea to criticise trips to .tho bottom
of the sea and hurling defiance at sleg
oni)ta fasclata on the pi
M. Wit to Is being showered with
roses by his peoplo for bringing nhout
poaco with Japan. Yet thoro Is Kuro
patkln who did as much In that dlrec
Hon as any ottier man and ho is hoot
ed. Thus do wo see the Inconsistency
of the people.
.1 .;. .j.
Is a daddy. He paid his beloved son
$1,059,207 commissions on business in M
a few years, wnen ine oki gem ki" 41
1 . . . - . .1. 1
irt of tho I young nopeiui an aiiujiuii. umL h
quires seven llgures to express, ne ih
entitled to be called "the Guv."
We pride ourselves in the fact that we have now in this department the best selections of New and
Stylish materials ever show in the city. We say this because we have more reasons than one the main
reason being that we arc already doing a handsome business with people who Keep up with the styles
and are posted on prices. :-: :-: : : :- :-: :-: :-: :-:
The goods in this department represent the cream from the best importers and can be depended
upon to be correct, both in style and price. An inspection of this department will convince the most
skeptical that every statement we maKc is true. We give 5'on a faint glimpse of what we have, we shall
tale pleasure in giving you a FULL VIEW. :-: . :-: :-: :-: . :: :-: :-:
It Is now stated that the purpose
of President lloogevolt In coming
mm Hi la to nrench the necessity of
congressional action In giving tho In
terstnto commerce commission further
power to onforco Its regulations ot
ocratlc representatives their support In
The Wnshligton Post tells about a crntlc reprosentntlvos their support In
putrlfled apple that has been dlscov- congress
i-rml mini' ("Illinium urn. Mexico. It
should ho left hurled there for fenr It A Chicago newspaper is autnorit
!.. ilu, fuinniia "aimle of discord" that for the statement that the birth rate
has Ueen keeping trouble going In the of mules in that town Is less than ll,at 1 571
Httlo republics further south. of female, while tho ileum rate oi m
!'! males is greater uihii mai 01 inimiw
Wo will all be In a bad IK If Presl- The tlrst fact may not be so easily
donl Uoosevelt Bhould conclude to re- accounted for. but the fact that the
consider his determination to retire death rate of males Is greater Is cijsl
from polities and again become a can- ly explained hj the fact that a town
dldato. We would have to take hack that Is constantly In tho throes of riots,
nil the nice things wo said about him strikes, etc., may nuturnlly expect to
and say other things with thorns and run short of klllnble material sooner
bnrk on them. or later.
t -J- I .;. .5. .;. 4.
.Ill ... I. I .. - la. U....tnn.. I
iiil. nraurBuirif bh.ii iu ........... mFW INDIAN AGENTS.
Hint tuo treaty wiuu japan means
noaco for tho next oecado. In other Oklahoma Man Appotntcd for the
countries this optimistic view is not Kiowa .Afjency.
shared, and It Is contended that peace Washington. Oct. 0. The president
...... . . . .. i. .1 1... today appointed John I'. uliicKon, ot
win uxii uiu, mini in.- """" ,,,,,, , i, in.Hnn.ncunt at Klo-
can innko n troaty among themselves wa nBCncy, Oklahoma, vlco Uandlott.
which will warrant thorn In nttompt- roslgncd, and Edward u. Ketiey or
Ing to tako aomo of tho good things South Dakota to bo ngont nt Kosetiuu
. ,,,. vr K!,.f n,n. nmi .Tn. agoncy. m that state, to succeed Chas.
" H. McChosney, who has been appoint-
pan seem io oe uisposou iu unjuy Cll especial ngOnt of Indian bureau.
nlone. 1 1
, , .
. i Miss Alice In Janan.
it- t I . 1 .. ..a it. k 1 -i. f f v ... 1 '
-ir. iuj.iuj, 01 uiu vicmsuu, n.i.uiv.. Tok, 0ct 0.m1sr a Hcq Uoose-
and Santa Vo railroad, testlllel before v,,jt lwBed through this city this
thu Intorstato commerce commission nmrnlng en louto tn Nlkko. Sh was
i.ni i.i. 1.1 , ........ met nt the station by tho governor ot
...uv .1,0 . (Lmb IIIUUVJ .ill VJ v J I . , .. .... . .
.1.1. ai1. ..,. I V.. J ....II ...U .....OVV. U, Vr. V -
nu.,.,..wi . ,m, Bml (Jnvtn t0 uj.eno .j,, nu impuiiai
pnoKing iioubcs 111 Kansas uuy. Auer carriage, whrro sho took tho train for
uwhllu II may. come out why ho con' Nlkko. hho appeared to bo In q.xcjI
tinned to transport the meat whan ooi neaun
lilu lima Iniatrtri minn.tir ltd iatnnc I
iiiiii tttia tuning ntuiivj uu IUUID- l kt, II, n ,,1., .w. I
portntlon. It Is right hero where the llev.nc ,8 tll0 onc. brlclt romQt.
ueer irusi ianps an located. era into to Up business with.
Mohair, Lustre, very pretty materi
al for children and Indies' shirt waist
suits, a new combination, only ..25c
All Vool Tricot 25c
36 inch mohair, in white, blade nnd
color--,- oOj ,vnde only 35c
All wool white Albatross, you al
ways pay 50e, hero . . . v 40c
50 inch mohair, a 75c value, hero at
t'ly .50c.
All Wool Scotch Plaids, a goods well
worth 75c. here1 . . . ; 50u
36inch Armure in white, bin ck and
colors much prettier than Henrietta!
Yon should see ft 50c
36 inch Cravencttc, in beautiful fall
shades , ,50c
S:e ourDcautiful Worsted Suiting
New and very stylish 38 inch
Only 50 cents
44 inch Rain Proof Cravencttc, ele
gant shades, $1.00 value for 75c
f0 inch all wool broadcloth, some
quote us'1.2r value, none sell it for
less than 1.00, hero at 85c
52 inch broadcloth, new chiffon fin
ish, all the best shades, a l.fiO value,
goes here at $1 00
Nothing in the City lo equal
them. .. All the new weaves,
You should sec them. All prices.
Beautiful Sillt Crepe De Chine in all
now shades, full width. Every one
gets S1.00 for it, here 75c
27 inch China SilH, tho prettiest
weavo over shown iu the city. Di
rect importation 50c
36 inch White Wash SilH, you pay
usually 75c, hero 50c
Beautiful Waist Plaid Sillfa, price
thorn elsewhuio at'Sl.oo hero.. ..75c
27 inch Imported Fancy Dress SilH,
always sell tit $1 U0. Here you buy
as much as you like, All new styles,
nt '75c
Sae our elegant Fancy SilK
Dress Patterns, new lot just
recieved and the prices
are right, too.
Moire SilK Patterns, the newest ami
prettiest out. White and leading
colors, 15 yard pattern $11.50
Blacll Sillis of All Hinds see thein
uud examine them.
One Pi ice
Spot Cash

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