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Ardworc Friday October 20, 3t
Uit flatin ArDmorcih;.
SIDNEY SV'i'.r Pra?r.xc
a tWoao4-eUi
Citr iitor't Otaee
lysi DmaatA
. k .SW
.... S
PabMst ?T afwrn (extept
tusrear tad SnaAtf asocTAaK-
M ir- ..
rat Week
Oe MoaUl
tm Year
(Psjsbte to Advtmc.
. M
15 W
4 states coort tor t. Wn-
il!ckMr Stock
of th-e
M4Ua Territory, and tk
f m ejr.
XMj vmomemt leasee, a t
Uirietar tad rtrttU" T r'
soa which may Ptt4 U Ad
raoretts, or Mir arttele bMrt rtt"
wru that are fait, will b gladtr or
rt4 If broagfct to the at! f
tbi publtobr.
Ardmcrc. Friday. Oeteber, 29, 59.
The talbT o( a family l apt to And
oat there l scarcity In hide. The
job-Mag nrice of bu be ad
vaaesd a pair
It Is sow la order for the Water-
prto Oil nwrpur to try on of K
nlcV. reorganisation. Mr. Ileree
?held know bow to do K.
It Ik sot serrtag Ijh tm a wo
man Ui work ob a table Mrf tor th
pre taw. vhlc kr Utile boy rT
arsa4 br with tb aM ot hU
tora out.
AeeordlBf to Um VtlMiadnol np
riHHHrt Mtloa. If com la wortb 4Cc
pr tMaod. Ut.K jxw ton. ta cot
ton tMd noaJ Bbonld b worth 128.S6
pw tot fr feodta;; jrpow.
A St. Ila man alt?tniUl to oarn
mtt ioldd J wltb a ipoon and nrly
inKcfcsdei. Another arKtimwnt In
vor f th mUwxl of wrly forboora.
who ato with their flngera.
That ladlctment against Senator
IlorUm waa found faulty. It la almost
es hard to mako a charge atlck
aKalnat a anator aa It In to hlvo any
othur eon of a rich man
A Ilrlllkb torpodo boat ha Ixjon at'
tackod by the Moorn. UnloM tho In-
habitants of Moracru uwt a llttlo
more cantlon, Oreat Britain may K-t
ome mor land for the nun to hoi on
Tfcoo Urtlah aUipn In Japanowo wa
Urn aru bolng reutod by bantias
Thati a ltu harmful and more cor
dial grouting Uian the llu8Rl.au ship
recently nrclywd In thoiw same wa'
The ICanjftn City Journal want
wufitern man for praaldant. Wliat'a
tho matter with 11 r. Itoonuvolt Aftr
hln bear .umimlan of IrM. iprlnp, ha
I certnlnly untitled to rank with
wrtorn men.
A mlaunderaundlnc vr a poker
raiuo reaulted In n tragedy nt 'IVchu
la, UIim. Two dnimmerB who were un
thouKhted cnoiiKli to call onIi uther
naiiina, fought a duel on the troU
and both aro dead
Tlie aUt or Mliaourl aUnda at Uie
head of n llat aa the largeat apple,
proiluolnjt atate In the union. The
a umber of berin treea In that atate
In 20.000.000. Now York atanda next
with 11,000.040, and llllwiU third with
Ur. Cromwell, Uie trenaurer of the
Uutuat Life, aaya that thoee ayndi
ratoa are neceaaary U) protect the pol
icy holder. I'erhapa Mr. Cromli
mnana Uint the olIlcerB and dlrectorH
wotild awlpe It all If the syndicate
woro not valchlng.
K Uuy dlpiito over Uio hox of an
i;oln lit rating In church carclw, and
there Ih a atrong dlupoeltlon to frown
down tho Idea that Uiore In any ot
tho femln'.no gender. Whatever may
bo Uie cam) In heaven and nooody
lipoma to have- any dednlto Infornm
Uon on tho point It la qulto certain
that all tiie angola on oarth aro tlrla
or womon. A male angol down below
horo la unthlnkablo.
At this beginning of n nw ncmlom
Ic yoar wo commuml to tho young men
of tho Hturient body upper clasemen
and freHhmen alike the udvioe . ot
Tlieoilor Itooaevelt, Harvard, '80:
mudy hard when you atudy and play
.hard wlien ydu play! 1'ut Into other
-HDrde, the advice meana that It l al
rayn- up lo u aelf-reapectlna; fellow
li do hla lavel heat, wjielher at li.t
hooka or on the grldlon. And Un i
the note hi "
TVre it jmnthlct lis-
the ac
"""" " .7",
I I a RTHOjBMeilc war. 3 vonuntnej'
uir ta' MM of Jt;na a
rcitckoa TMb t mot (6 r '- tb
act brtftf ttj tmm'.cm of trot la
; tfe niUfkn of Jmm. (or to tko Cfcrte-
ttea au4 HbU aia. mi wax -abltty
la the gnl la becoawc aai
that n to an bwpfrtec oectscta' to aa
o tcplno a work! i mtmn ae
kavwto4gteg his aepan dence aaon
powers MfVer than biaaaetf. It hrtng
the aonmaxe also, that Jaaaa'a aae
ceaa has not taraw) the spirit o her
people to rata -story aad egotJaaa. bat
that they have due regard for the
bightr thiara of life aecortlsg to thotr
bert coacepttosa of the aoMe atd the
A pwp''1 rerltioa la the txarat
5ioa cf Ki beat aahit. aad whether
tho rHftoe la trme or falae It itpra
ont( the ideal aa the aptfllas khfia-mn-
of ih? material aad tho spirit asi
aa th- pnaoblias vrladpal of the ani
mal ,
Jpaa vrihipa her ancestors as
the gnlde of her conduct vU the
pover of !wr schleTefaeati. She falls
far short of the Cartotlaa concept loa
of a redeeming Providence, bat she
Is looking beyond the carnal, aad that
la something.
Phlloaophloall aad actually the an
cestor waa no heUsr or wtaar or
stronger, on th averag. thaa th aoc-
eeesor. fmape Togo la a xreaier
by all knmaa measaremenu.
(baa the fathers whoee aplrlt he In
vokes. Bat he Is worshiping, not the
real man In his human act aad Uml
tattoo, bat the idealised aptrit who
has lost aM that la evil and' retains
wtth lateaetaed vitality all that la
par and exalting. He, Ma worship
Is not idolatry hut Idealism, whloh la
the right direct ion toward the trwth.
It Is m r observed, also, that Ja
pan'a wortnlp of ancestors Is aa m-
latlon of virtues, and therefore an In
centlve to nobler conduct. Among
some other psopvea there la a aort of
ancestral worship that Is nwre
Doastine: of blood and heraldry, which
la only pride and a boot the vainest
and silliest of all the forms of pride.
These worahlnera do not emulate;
they do not even Imitate their ances
tors except In respect to faults and in
firmities; tnd they seek to balance
their own shortcomings by the Imagi
nary vlrturM of a long llnoago.
The more the world learna of Japan
the moro it find to admire and ap
plaud. Whilo her religion la pagan,
It la a beautiful tort of paganism, and
It exhibits n atate of mind already
looking upward cr:d therefore tho bit
ter pruparwl to conceive and accept
the subllmo trutha of Cbriatlanity
The law forbidding all kinds of
gamo of chance If applied rigidly can
make progroeslve ouchre parties few
nnd far between. Gainesville .Mes
Prom tho above It would bo inferred
that tho editor of the Messenger , Is
opposed to progTesalve euchre. So in
Slate I'reii. and he ho no hesitancy
In saying that if Uiero Is any game
that ought tu be interdicted by law I
Ik progressive enchre. As II is played
il It uothtns more or less than a game
to hofuddle people and to make them
wroth at their kind. State press play
ed In a game once, and only for th
fun of the thing. About thirty women
were at different tablet at riving to
beat each other. There was a cbatt 1
that would make the noihimi barn
yard as silent a death. Th re wt-'i
cries and exclamations of )u rror an .
sniffing, and aome tears. Then for a
moment everybody got up a if they
were golns to light; but thai meant
that tho playcra were taking tanr
places at different table Th.-u af .nr
the noise on this account reaxud, tlif
other vocal aoiiBllu,r and wri-.tlin
c oairuccced. There may bo people who
can keep their heaJa In such n. bed
lam, bill Statu 1'rean was btup m.m
Progressive euchre Impairs th' n.iu l.
I'rogretalvo euchre dostroys the hear
ing. Progressive euchre develops
man's dislike for hi kind and partic
ulnrly fur hit female kind. And for
thla reason, in tho Interest 0 c)vd
aatlou and good order, the law
ouidit to stop it. And, in addition, U
can be said, that a poker game wlu re
thousand of dollars are bet will uo.
engender an nuuli bad feeling as u
progresHlvo euchro game over a 6tc
prize. Dallas Nows.
Somo of the uautern newspap. rs
havo boeu frightened out or such viu
as they hail ltecauuo the prosl.hnt of
some woman's club in CUicagu ope.u a ,
the sua to 11 the oUtcf day with ihu
terse declarntlon: "Woincn now ov.i
Lhs earth." Thort't, : In th it id
frighten anybody. Viiv ..wa now" lu
redundant. They havo al.vayn ov.no .'
It and "all that therein is, laeladin
the' men."
0fl '
Jlafara on buy, mi.$w line of crit '.
r ' Jirtiite C-'x' . h ccsl and woc
I' -a v. ' ,' 1 ' .
i.'if r.jr'l-al 'i'. ... li .ijjj Ti ::iJj. i ,
I By B. H QHl'ot Co.. member: ot
ftrtran raitm , I
Otj ' 2 The MOowiug
r th
anntaUoni tor undar: .
lrrerp4 FttUirec
v. t
- l-n
1 St M
: . j at in
44 ' SI
reh mm
Spsu and Sales.
N;w York Fnture.
Opa fMgk torn
tM MM tM
. - It W 1 MBt Mia
w is r? t 3
CIok ;
SptU and Sale.
is u
(Iw Orieant Feturea.
09a mm
Ijt Clote
st a '
it taat mat
mm m mm
is mu um
1t 1
Spat ind Sales.
it t-t
at 1-
41 l-i
M 1-1
. 11
kaaaiCltr im
OaMfea ja
si? S
lle Mady TTs Mt orer.
neeu boss a jmt ant
Mixed Ml
Good MS-IM
Enok M4U
Utrht fta-M;
Cattle vi tk
Sbep l ly
rdmore Hrlces.
Cotton sold on the strset today for!
9 l-2c to 0 3-lc.
Seed coUon tl 11.
Receipts for the day ISt bales.
An Ohl j minister says .ha has re
:eUed a "mysterious imprttsslon that
he mutt make a Journey around the
world." It is likely that many othera
have ncelved the Kirne lmpres.don,
but they haven't had any body to put
up ihe necessary Shekels to act on
the Impression.
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;' C4tVt of Owrtaac Wilt
he Vey
af Goad
rfeet -1 nMMMuoea ec ea
TheWMn' iaa l-.
f tte'OMk.
Detroit. Oct z. The Lower Lakes
er twept last atgkt hy te hvlet
t'.orm of the aaaaon. the wind Uawfekg
aisty utiles per hoar at soom (Mat.
Marinette. Wis.. On. S Thestorx
but sight did one hundred aad tfty
tsMasMd dotkari daanar ahanac th
ManonHutL river. Th docks hav
been wnahra arway. boat honain torn
to pit can, thoasaads of tons of eoal
thrown Into the bay aad saany tags
and x.MA'.re laenches wese destroyed
New Yotk Cation Letter.
of S3 JS a bale from te
How York cotton letter by Uclatyrw
Th cotton market was dnamlaatM
by weather conditions today aad ear-
T aavtceit ot uumg rrosts in uunno-
m B ' DOrtvl Teas stimulated
aciive raying mnHai iw ogu ac-
count , vhlrh con tinned dtrrhag the
treater par, of the day and carried '
prices up $1 and tl.2S a bale, making
u iJium at S3 hl (na the '
low level rarlitr in the week.
In addition to the unfavorable ,
weaUier advices the Interior ajtd port
movement was entailer aad the
amount of cotton brought Into eight
for the week f bowed a falling; oC
compared :h ibe previous week and I
rnat of last yetir. J
A greater part of the bujins was
for short account and the short. later-
eat nrust new be prety well enmiaated
from the narket aad this weakens the
technical (raltion.
Th rater weather advices were less
nnf-rvorab'.e and prices reacted to S
points 00 proS'. takln-r.
The teennicai condition ot tne mar -
kt will likely Indnc? more or lest
profit taklaK anJ unless weather coo-
dltloas are unfa .-oral le. a higher level
may also be reached by some opera
tions for the short account. We be
lieve It advisable to take down part'
of accumulated pdofitt and await
reaction In the market before buy4Bv j
for another upward movement. Oper-
attoas Is now turning more to the side
1 fir . m m i .w rmn nnn mil xii.nfHin I
to any estimates In escest ot
10.1&0.000 bales.
All Hpot markets arc quoted frai
1-S to 1-4 hitrher today.
Yours very truly.
.. K. K. GUUJ.OT & CO.
Thoe Mcntuna and Wyoming rob
bers, who have been holdins up stage
coaches to? Detty 15,000 hauls, must
feel awfth'.:' cheap when they read ot
tho hold up. of the great eailern life
insurance companies.
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Life Is Now Being Prolonged by Uo-1
ir.g Opiates.
Wiohi-a, Kans.. OcL 20. Ex-Oon-rressman
Jerry Slmton awoke this '
i morula l- a trifle stronger. Life, how-,
ercr. is hclnr Drolonced bv the use
cf opiates.
! .
At Least Two of Crew Crowned in
' Yesterday's Storm.
Cleveland. O., Oct. 20: During a
Btrce storm on Lake Erie early today
the -learner Sarah E. Sjxdden went '
ax'nore east of Lorain. She carried 1
a tow of thirteen. A number of whom j
jnmped overboard when the vessel j
began to go to piece, it Is believed
that at least two of the crew were
Standard Oil Still Advances.
Pittsburs-. Pa., Oct. 20. The bland-1
I ard Oil company today advanced the 1
j price on tit grades of crudo oil ex
I cept Raglan, Henna, Tiona, Newr.v.tb
I aiv Cadell oil Sve cents.. Corning wf
raised ten cents and some of the rest
j eight cents. Lower grades were ad-!
1 vanced two cents. I
Independence, Kas., Oct. 20. Mce
of weatern oil advanced' one cent to
day. Price ot fuel oil wa3 not changed.
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Ing stove? Come la and loo!c through
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