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Ardmore, Tuesday, January 2, 130G.
It in Sometime ti Very Dll.'Irull Mnt
trr ( liny Out'.
Hid American custom or plum it
over rl.q morning pajwr hm you Flp j o-i
.cofTeo . at breakfast rics with j "J
ulirond, but It Is id dimple tli.r.K
ways to stot a tnurtiiiiii paper. On com
ing down to brenkfiiHt the flint morning
In rMlnutirgli. I found tliero vn no
paper to be had. but, thinking It vu: a
ulmple matter to buy a Scotsman on
the street, 1 went out on J'rluee street
and walked three bbokn without the
slsht of a iipwhUo.v. "Where can I pet
the morning rVotsmnn?" I said to a
policeman. He thought for a moment.
"Wccl," hii Id he. "there's n grent news
shop nboot three blocks up, and ye
might tllitl one there." 1 followed the
direction and found myself in a law
news distributing depot. Tliuru Weiv
stacks and stacks of newspapurH and
inngnslnes all about. "I would like the
morning' ScotHinan," I said. The man
In charge looked bewildered. "I'll see."
he said, "If we have one." lie fumble 1
around a little while, and then we.it
back Into the rear of the store for fully
three minutes. At last he came bail.,
wiylng, "Wo haven't one." "Well," 1
said, "this Is about the strangest thins
I have scon. Can't pet tho morning pa
per hero In 1-Mliibtirgli." "No," bo said,
We'll Una t dlfleccult." "What Uo
they publish paper.; hero for, anyway
I rejolued. "Do tliey want to keep
them out of tho hands of the people?
Don't they want people to read thoiuV
Do they print papers to keep the newx
secret" lie bridled at once. "I want
ye to- understand," be said, "that the
Scotsman Is not published for the
general publeck; It's published for the
The Scotsman, you know, probably
ranks next to tho Iiiulon Times.
"Well," I said, "this Is all now to me.
In my country publishers want to have
their newspapers read. They want to
sell all they can. They don't try to
keep them out of the hands of the 'gen
oral publeck.' Can you tell mo where
I can get one, for I want to see the
morning paper, though perhaps I shall
have to get a letter of Introduction to
buy one?" "Weel," he answered
"there's n woman about a hundred
yards from here that takes tho Set '
man. She inlglit sell you hers." 1 U
tho direction carefully, found the v.
man who took the Scotsman she 1.
a thread and needle store I bought '..
copy, and reached tho hotel a half 1. .v
late for breakfast, which I had ordered
before going out on tho dltllcult rnict
of buying a morning paper In tho great
city of Kdlnburgh. I'.oston atchman
All thlng-i come to him who doesn't
wait, but hustles.
Too many clerks and not cuoug'.i
salesmen that Is tho cry.
' The sheriff Is nlways making googou
eyes at the store that doesn't ndvertlse
Itesolvo not to worry so much about
i your comnctltor. Tako the lead for a
1 change.
' Many succeed because they advertise
correctly and ever so many fall because
they don't.
If you never do more than you are
nald for. you will never got paid for
more than you do..
If you have no eonfldenco In your cm
I ployer, for heaven's sake bo honest nnd
I go In and tell him so. Draw your pay
and quit. Drains.
TIic Cruel l'lnnt.
A Canadian climber, the IMiyshnl'ntu
nlbens, ban received the name of "eruel
plant" from Its ill treatment of butter
flies. It. tlowcrn In the month of An
nus!, and the butterflies, attracted by
the perfume, hover around It In l.irga
number and ptuli tliulr trunks Into the
corollas to sip the honey. A pair of
sensitive vegetable pinchers In the
heart of the flower grips the delicate
prolMcI, and In spite of struggle tJ
got free the butterfly lmtig suspended
until It dies. Apparently the plant has
nothing to gain by the death of the In
sect, ns It Is not carnivorous, like the
Venus fly trap. In fact. If the butter
fly were allowed to coinu and go It
would tend to foster the speelei by as
sisting crots fcrtillKHtton. It appeivs,
however, that the "cruel plant" eai.-.e
originally from ltrnxll, where the but-
terlllos are much stronger and c?:'.rl-
cato their suckers from the trap. We
may add that another Canadian plant,
the Cnlcus discolor. Is charged with
cruelty. The flower has n giand which
secretes n viscous liquid capable of
liming Insects which are font I of It.
Moreover, they seem to lie stup-lled
and poisoned by It, and no rea.'oa can
as yet be assigned for tho deadly consequence.
A Colosnl llnr.
The Urgent harp ever made, so far
ns is known, was mat invented ami
constructed by M. Vcrltati, provost of
Durkll, near ltasol. It was known if:
tho gigantic meteorological .IColInn
harp. It was 31!0 feet In length and
was erected In the garden of Its Invent
or In 1787. This harp consisted of lit'
teo'i Iron wires, .'EM feet In. length.
Btretehed between two poles. The wires-
were from, two to three Inches apart.
tho largest being one-sixth of an inch
In thickness and the smallest one
twelfth of an Inch. They were placed
In tho direction of north and south r.ad
Inclined In such a manner as to form
an angle of from twenty to thirty ile
grees with the horizon, being stretched
by means of rollers properly diapo-ied
for the purpose. Whenever the wontli
or changed the wires sounded with
such loudness that It was Impossible tj
go on with a concert In the house. The
sound sometimes represented tho his-
lng noise of water In rapid ebullition.
soinotlines that of a hartnoiilcon and
sometimes that of distant chimes or
The I'lrsl llntn.
Discoursing on the subject of hata rr
antiquary expressed tho opinion tin
tho hat was first used quite as nine.
for decoration as for protection.
ancestor of all hats he considers t
have been the llllct, or band, around tla
hair worn by the ancient Greek
among others. Probably the llrst li'.n
rained by men regarding head on:.;
mcnts was through observing tin
crests, plumes and antlers of varlon
birds nnd beasts. Tho eastern race.
with their fondness for ceremony am.
display, afford the most notable In
stance- of the use of hats as signs t:
rank and authority. Thus In Dud
ilblst countries tho gods are represent
cd as wearing elaborate forms of he C
gear. In Korea the fashion attains I?
height, no fewer than fifty kinds o'
hats being worn by the natives as In.li
cations of thoir social position.
Trjcldrutu to Prove That (lie llrutr
Are .Vol Com ii r illy.
It has been said many times that
lions ore cowardly brutes, but of the
many ltbns with which I have bad per
sonal doijllng, expectcdly and unex
pectedly, lue epitnet cowaruiy is me
last I should consider appropriate ill
tleforlblug them. I have been charged
by .r lion, and he certainly did not look
cowardly. I have come face to face,
nt a distance of some twenty feet, with
n family party of half a dozen, fortu
nately full fed. They stood, with quiet
dignity, lm-xlng at us, and then slowly
moved away, stopping every few yards
to stand and look again. I here was
neither fear nor meanness hi their ap
pearance or behavior.
I have seen lions stalking game, and
I have myself been stalked by tlieni.
If I could have encouraged myself with
the conviction of their cowardliness
when I was the quarry and they tho
hunters, it would have put a different
aspect on the situation. We were at
this time living In a station over seven
ty mill's from the nearest connecting
link with tlie outside world, anil when
man eating lions look possession of the
one road which led to this link things
became serious.
A large troop was reported, and tho
natives maintained that this troop ran
along In the grass parallel with the
caravan road (a path some ten Inches
wide), and, having selected the most
edible member of the caravan, Jumped
upon 1 1 1 1 1 1 like n flash, and, seizing him,
disappeared as quickly as they came.
Our mall runners, attached to whom
were n couple of native police armed
with rifles, were several times attack
ed. Filially, as the1 wall party was
camping one night, fortunately for It,
with a native caravan, the lions be
came so bold that, In spite of Arcs, they
sprang upon a native and carried him
off into the bush.-Mrs. S. L. libido In
Dlaekwood's Magazine.
H lie Wont Durrlek,
The word derrick for a machine mcd
to lift he:i,. wolifhts Is curiously de
rived from ,i J.,wiluii hangman In the
beglnnlnu of i he seventeenth ceniuv
whose' name was 'llieodorlc and who is
often nienti-Mied In old plays, 'lie
rides clr.'uit with the dei II. and Der
rick must In- Ms host, and 'i'yboine the
Inn' nt' v.'h.ch be will Hglit" occurs In
"The Dcllin.m of 1indoli." published
In icitl. The name till! corrupted
cnnio ttfici-n.'ird to be applied, by tin
easy trim hi n, to the jtillow ami lat
er still to any frame or contrivance re
seuibllug it hi shape.
A It lot of Ink.
Canon Nlcholl used to tell how on one
occasion be bad visited the famous
house of V'.i- Tlirnle In (lint suburb of
London where Dr. Johnson win at
homo. "Johnson," said the canon In
recalling the visit, "had occupied two
rooms, ami the to were left ns he last
used them. The sight was mi extrnor
dlnary one, for Ink was' splashed fill
over the ti-:- nnd even on the wall.
It was one of the tIotnr'n habits to din
his pen In lid; and then shake It."
'I In nftiritl Kneet,
Kather I'rom my observation of him
last nlglit I enme to the conclusion
that young man of yours was rather
wild. Daughter Of course. It was
your constant observation that made
Mm wild, lie wanted yon to go up
stairs Mind leave ns alone. -Plnlndel-jtl.n
Flrxt Uc of I'otntoex In Irelnnil.
In the garden adjoining his house nt
Youghal, Ualelgh planted tho first po
' tntoes ever grown In Ireland. The veg
etable was brought to him from the
little colony which ho endeavored to
establish in Virginia. The colonists
started In AnrH. 1KJ5, and Thoin:; i
Harriot, one of thoir number, wrote a
(lescrlntlon of the country in 1"S7. lie
S describes a root which must have
'Loin tho potato:
"Opeuank nro a kind of roots of
rottud form, some of the blgncsse of
walnuts, some fnrro greater, which are
found In moist & mnrlsh grounds grow
ing many together one by auothor la
ropes, as though they wero fastened
with a string. Delng boiled they are
very good meat."
, The Spaniards first brought potatoes
b.o Europe, but Ualelgh was undoubtcd
Uy tho llrst to Introduce tho plant Into
Tile IIiii-kh'n Hoof.
Ill Its prosent elaborate form the hoi
of a horse Is the most perfect Iiif.tr;
m en t of support which has been '
vised In the animal kingdom to uplml
n largo and swiftly moving animal I
Its passage over Uie ground. The or!
Inal toe nail and the neighboring -.
parts connected with It have been n..i.
Hied Into a structure which In an ;.
traordinary manner combines solluit.
with elasticity, so that it may strli.i
violent blows upon tho hard surf..c.
of tho earth without harm. The res :i
Is "that the horse can .carry a grc:.U
weight at a swifter speed than au
other animal approaching It in size.
t to
In n
1 ItoH&lnl nml Meyerbeer.
Hosslnl, walking one day on tho bou
Jevard with the muslclnu Dragn, was
"greeted by Meyerbeer, who anxiously
.Inquired nfter the health of his dear
Kosslnl. "Dad, very bad," answered
the latter. "A headache, a sldo nche
bud a leg I can scarcely move." After
h few moments' conversation Meyer
beer passed on, and Draga asked the
great composer how It was ho had sud
denly becomo so unwell. Smilingly
hoFf!-il ivi--.nvod his friend: "Oh, 1
touK.a't Le I--iter. I only wanted to
rdenso Meyerbeer. IIo would bo &o
lad to see mo smash up."
A Untter'H Trlclf.
"There are tricks In every trade, you
know," said n New York clubman.
"Kven In retail hat selling many dodt,e-.
nro employed.
"I said to a hatter ono day:
" T don't seo how you can afford to
Iron for nothing all tho silk hats yon
''The man nodded nt mo gravely.
"'Wo have to do It, sir,' ho said.
'Tho hats would -last too long If we
didn't.' "
Some TlmeiileeeM Crnv Solleil More
Quickly TIiiiii OdicrM,
'I've been washing the faces of the
Mabel-Is she as happy as when she
lived with her husband. Molly Twice
as happy, lie used to allow her only
$9 n week, and now he has to pay her
$18 n week alimony. Kansas City In
dependent. You can get a very good Idea of "nnt
lira I selection" In Its practical wnr
ings by viewing n celery glass after It
has been once round the table.
Creates! II
TSac Tcri'icory's
Our offerings this sprine: includi
lini'st slock of
Buggies, Hacks Phaetons and Surreys
wo httvo over curried. Step into our buggy liouso on N.
Washington street, tnulto your selection, you'll lind wo
will givo you tho most liberal prico t iul tho lowest te.tins.
For the fanner we httvo tho newest tilings in
Cultivators, Cotton and Corn Planters
and Turning Plows
Wo want to sell you your hardwaro during 1900 ,
Stevens, Kennrely & Spragins
Election Notice.
Tho annu.il meeting of tho stock
holders of the Ardmoro National Dank,
city clock.-! nigh on to ten years, I i Ardmoro, I. T., will ho hold at their
guess." said a pleasant Scotch-Irish-American,
"and before that I did It In
tho old country. There aren't many face
wahers In this land, and the few who
know the b-.Hiness do well at It." He
looked prmperous In his tweed suit and
derby hat.
"Is yaur work anything like that of
tho steeple climber''1 he was asked.
"Dim you, no," he replied, with
twinkling eye, much aminted, "only In
one thing, and that Is that mostly sail
ors take up with the trade. That's be
cause we're goad climbers, you know.
I've wnnhed the faces of city and
chutclt clocks that were ISO feet from
the ground, and It tool; me two .mil
three weeks to do It. I'm n practical
clock repairer, too have to be, you
know and do my work In a huge
wooden cradle made for tho purpose
Some clocks get their faces dirty In a
year or so: others remain clean ten
years, and so on. Old Den, Vs'estmln
stcr's great clock, Is expected to keep
clean fifteen years.
"In the old days the trade was more
dangerous. We i:sih1 to work from
scaffolds mi i t any dangerous
falls. Now v..-1... ,o the cradles nnd all
the fl.Ing4 and comforts, and If a man
kcep3 hU bond bo can work as well as
on the curb. How Is the pay? Well,
that's hard to ilgure, for we work by
the Job. Wo don't clean clock faces In
winter, so we make enough In the
niniiuur to la 'it the year round. Of
course sometimes the clocks are taken
out of their cases and repaired in the
shops. Last year 1 cleared $"',000 and
visited only two other cities, Chicago
and Dostun. Uhls year I'll make mote,
because building operations have grim
ed tho clocks and given our trade a
llft."Now York Dost.
Night school Selvldgo Duslnoss Col
logo begins Monday, Jan. 1. Do on
hand at 7 p. in. 31-d
banking liouso Jnnuary 9, 1900, be
tween the hours of 10 o'clock a. m.
nnd 4 o'clock p. m., for tho elec
tion of nino directors to servo for tho
onKiilng year.
G. W. STUART. Cashier.
Flr3t puhllshod December 8, 190:,.
Report from the Reform School.
J. O. Gliick, Superintendent, Pruny
town, W. Va.. writes: "After trying
all other advertised eourh medicines
wo hnvo decided to ttao Foley's Honey
and Tar exclusively In tho West Vir
ginia Reform School. I find It tho most
effective and absolutely harmless."
City Drug Store.
In Offorl'd by tbo
To tho
ast and northeast
DRS. HARDY & McNEES, Proprietors
A Ttroucli Sleeper Dally from
Hot SPrliiKS to
Louisville and Cincinnati
For full Information ns to Hates, Tlmn
Tnlilcn, etc. apply to your local nijeut or
Trav Pass, Ant., I Ittlc Hock. Ark,
Large, clean, niry, well lighted rooms. Equipped with every
modern convenience. Surgical Diseases and Diseases
of "Women are Given Special Attention
Trained Nurses in Attendance Charges arc Reasonable
Tho I.imt Word.
"Does your wife Insist on having the
last word?" asked tho person who In
dulges In Impcrtluent' (piestloiis.
"Not nt all," answered Mr. Meekton
"It Is quite customary for mo to cloc
tho conversation with 'very well, or
some such remark, to iirdlcato that I
understand what Henrietta Intend.! f
convey." 'Washington Stnr.
inrt the
i entire
ly ento'
4 alillltj
Tho Mnliu In Scrvln.
1 Servlau peasants help each other by
means of nil Institution known ns the
uioun. A man wuo nns not nanus sur
Bclent to plow or reap his farm calls
(h tho moba that Is to say, Invites nil
bis neighbor!) to como and help him.
Ho I'ays nothing for this service, pre-
Iding only generous supplies of food
ml drink; but when nny of them np-
ily for tho inoba It Is understood that
will tauo uts turn.
Took I lie Hint.
"This seems liko a sweet dream," he
rapturously remarked as he lingered
with her at tho doorstep.
"It doesn't seem liko a dream to mo,"
Abo replied, "for n dream soon vanishes.
you know."
Ho vonlshed.
lie Knew Her,
"I can't decide," sho said, "whether to
tako tho hat or not, but It Is Just the
dearest tiling I've seen this senson."
"Tho dearest?" nskctl tho hnsbnnd,
with n sardonic laugh. "Then It's cer
tain that you'll tnko It." --
Not In Her 13xperlrncc.
This proverb," said Mrs. Hiram Of-
pn over Iit evening paper, "always
bakes mo tired." .
"What proverb's that, dear?" asked
tr husband.
Too many cooks spoil tho broth.'
don't bellevo thero ever was such '
lilng ns too many cooks." Phllnde!
lila Dress.
XntliliiK Nciv.
"Do you believe In original sin?"
"No; thero's no such thing. They've
ll been used hundreds of time?."
Cleveland Deader.
Duty puts a clear sky over ovr
man, Into wlileh the skylark of bar.
ness always goei singing Prentice.
rN 1C TP H i NCs
We Can Absolutely Guarantee
THAT IS, if your stove conies from our store you havo
tho best that's mado You can't expect more, unless
it be tbo prico and we make it reasonable. Wo sell
Majestic StecS Kamges
Charter Oak Cook Stoves
Charter Oak Heators
Remember that we sell tho standard makes of buggies and
Bivens, Corhn
.. Frensley,..
Shelf and Heavy Hardwar
iii i mi ii i mm
If so, don't you want to quit? I can positively euro
anything that walks tho earth of tho Liquor Habit and
within a very short time. My remedy is perfectly harmless
mid painless and has no bad effects whatever. Remember
my troitment is guaranteed to your entiro satisfaction be
fore you pay ono cent.
Are You Addicted to the Use of
I havo a remedy that will thoroughly eliminate all nar
cotic poison from tho system, thereby leaving you as free
from all desiro or craving for Morphine or Opium as you
wore boforo you over began its use. My treatmont not only
destroys all desiro or era" ng for tho Drug or Liquor
it, but builds up thenerv us system, making you feel
a now man or woman.
If you want a trcatr.
manont. A cure that y
whether you are cured
flit that is sure, speedy and por
t do not havo to ask someone elso
not. come to
AUCorroaponileticoBtrlcUyContlilonU.il. .J. S. Hltl, Jr.
.. Prop
We have mado arraniromonts with W. M. I'ftk'o to deliver Cotton Hexd Meal unit
Halls to your barn at 11.50 per ton for the Hulls and ILK per Back for the Meal.
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