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Plan to Construct Railway Along Flor
ida Keys t o Key West and
Ferry the Trains from That
t Point on to Cuba.
Now Orleans. Jttn. 28. Next to
tho building of the Panama cnnnl, one
of tho most remarkable and Important
transportation enterprises under way
is the extension of the Florida East
Coast railroad from1 Miami, Fla., to
tho tip of tho gulf at Key West.
A glance at tho map shows a long
string of islands loading off the south
ern point of Florida. Along those
Keys' (or islands) Henry M. Flagler
Is now constructing a railway which
will bring Now York nnd Key West
into direct rail communication. From
Key West a car ferry win transport a
train of thirty cars to Havana, and
tho gulf and straits will ho made a
veritable harbor of commerce
Tho dlstanco from Mlama to Key
West Is 151 miles; tho railroad e
tends twenty-eight miles of that dh
tancc to Homestead.
Sixty miles of this road Is on sol'.d
rock cmhanlrmcnt through tho ware;
of the ocean, sopanrtlng tho mainland
from Key West. Of tho e iflro dis
tance only slxty-flxo mllos of road will
bo on the Islands, tho rest of tho dls
tanco the rails will bo laid thirty-ens
feet above salt water.
Four concrete viaducts aggregating
nearly six miles, with Arty-foot span3
resting upon concrete piers sot In Ihe
solid rock nnd strengthened by pllw
There arc seven water openings e:n
twenty-flvo rect and three drawbridge i
which aggregate 410 feet.
I-irgo Is tho largest of tho keys,
and Is forty miles In length, but the
railroad only traverses fifteen miles
of Its area. Noxt comes Plantation
Key, and so on down n long list of
keys to Stock Island and Koy West.
In addition to tho keys which tho
road Actually passes over, there are
a number of othors In sight
Tho water between tho Islands Is
shallow, being from ten to thirty feet
deep, with a bottom of limestone. Tho
best engineering talent of tho country
has boon ompl6ycd to overcome all
obstacles. Mr. J. C. Merldlth Is tho
engineer In charge of tho work at
Mlama. A largo fleet of tugs and
barges aro employed constantly. At
Key West extcnslvo docks and ter
minals will bo built.
Supreme Court Makes Unusual De
clslon in Case.
Now York, Jan. 28. For tho first
tlmo on record the Supremo court has
advised a wlfo to support her husband.
Justice Marian, In tho special term at
Brooklyn, decldod that Mrs. Elizabeth
Schwaab must contrlbuto ?5 a week to
her husband, Geo. C. Schwaab, as
long as ho lived.
Schwaab is 71 years old and his
wlfo thirty years Ills junior. Tho cou
plo wero marrlod twenty yoars ago
and havo lived In Now Lots Roads,
Brooklyn, ever since. Schwaab trans
ferred tho real estate to his wlfo, but
asserts it was upon tho oxprcss con
dition that she would roturn property
to him whenovor ho wanted It. Ho
says his wlfo refused to transfer tho
real estato to him when ho demanded
Would Make His Birthday National
Now York, Jan. 28. Speaking last
night at tho annual banquet of Con
federate Veterans Camp of Now York
General Fredorlck D. Grant, command
Ing tho department of tho East TJ. 8
A., proposed an Informal rcsolut'on
that stops te taken immediately to
mako January 19, 1307, tho one Kan
dredth annlvorsary of tho birth of
General Robert EJ. IJo a national day
of memorial. Ho spoke of his fathora's
friendship with General Leo nnd of
tho lattor's heritage to tho country in
proposing tho resolution which was
adopted amid choors. F. Hopklnson
Smith spoko to tho toast "Old Plan
tatlon Day."
In his address, ho declared tho suf
frage of the negro was tho "greatest
-crime of tho country."
Hear Homer T. Wilson, Tonight.
Head of California University May
Change to Chicago.
Uerkloy, CM., Jan. 28. Rumors of
mine than passing significance con
ned tho namo of IJonJamln Ido Wheo
Jer president of tho State University
horo, with tho oxocutlvo chair of tho
Chicago University Just vacated
through tho death of Dr. Harper, who,
by tho way, was a firm friend nnd for
mer assoclato of President Wheelor
at Brown University.
President Wheeler Is particularly
ollblgle lo succeed Dr. Harper, Tho
Chlcngo University demands a thor
ough Hebrew scholar and an efficient
organizer, In both of which capacities
Dr. Wheolor, stnnds almost pro-eminent
In tho United States. It also re
quires a president of tho Baptist faith,
which Is Dr. Wheeler's denomination.
Dr. Wheeler is not over popular in
Berkley, somo say, on account of his
"ultra-progressive" methods, but theso
would especially commend hint to fol
low In Dr. Hnrpcr's footsteps. Ho re
ceives hero a salary of $10,000, which
would probably ho doubled In Chica
go. It is thought that ho Is willing to
accept tho post, though Ho declines
to discuss It until a definite oft or
has been mado him. Though not a
personal friend of John D. Rockcfellor,
whoso choice will probably bo abso
lute, he Is, or should be, as accepta
ble to tho Standard Oil king as any
of the other men whoso names havo
been mentioned as posslblo successors
of tho late Dr. Harper.
Employes Make Their Escape Notic
ed That the Oil and Chemicals
Were Not Mixing Properly.
Entire Factory Wrecked.
Tulsa, I. T Jan. 29. Tho nitro
glycerine factory of tho Shootors Tor
pedo company, 11 vo miles south of this
city on tho Arkansas river, blow up
late this afternoon. Two employes
who wero nt work In the agitator no
ticing that tho oil and chemicals wero
not mixing right and threatening an
explosion, fled from the building and
escaped with their lives. The total
loss Is about three thousand dollars.
By Assistant Secretary of the Depart
ment of the Interior.
Dependent Rela'vs.
Claimant and her minor son were
slaves when said son abanduued his
master and mother In 1803, and en
listed two years thyrteaficrr, now
having In any manner contributed to
his said mother's support. HELD, that
as claimant's said sou, tho soldier,
never contributed to her support, and
was not legally hound to do so. Sae
was not dependent upon him' for sup
port at tho date of his death, and not
pensionable as a dependent mother.
Tho claimant did not servo 90 days
during tho war of tho rebellion. Th :
government will not credit time spent
In desertion In estimating length of
servlco under tho act of Jun-J 27
Helpless Minor.
This child, although sound In body,
being so deficient mentally that lw
can not learn, has no memory, will
work only under constant direct per
sonal oversight, arid will not ho cm
ployed by any one, oven for his
board only, Is helpless within the
meaning of tho law and honco pay
ment of pension should bo continued.
Line of Duty-Absent from Command.
Tho clalmnnt bolng absent from
his camp, by permission to visit a
nearby town, In pursuit of his own
plcasuro and recreation, and being In
jured In tho right oyo by an accident
al blow from a firoball shot from a
reman candle, during Christmas fes
tivities In the town, was not In lino
of duty, and Is not entitled to ponslon
on account of such Injury so Incurred.
Death Cause-Insanity.
Claimant's husband'B death by sui
cide, by reason of his insanity first
appearing nftor his enlistment Is
deemed to havo been contracted Is
tho lino of duty, no other causo f.n
his mental derangement appearing
from tho evidence
Let me re-finish and repair your
piano. It. L. SMITH.
621 A street N. W. Phone 638
Reference E. B. Luke. 22-tf
Services at Church With Tribute to
the Memory of Gen. Jos. Wheeler.
Slight Change In Program
Body Reaches Washington.
Washington, Jan. 28. Brief funeral
services over tho body of tho lato Gen,
Joseph Wheeler, supplemental of
ihoso today In New York, will bo
held at St. John's Episcopal church
here tomorrow nftomoon nt 2 o'clock.
This Is a modification of tho original
program of tho military funeral which
was simply that the body should lie
in state at St. John's until 2 o'clock
tomorrow and then Ik taken to Ar
lington attended by a military escort.
Tho chango Is mado In accordance
with tho wishes of tho family and will
glvo an opportunity to mnny of his
comrades who desire to do so to hon
or the dead Gcnoral. Tho services
will be conducted by llev. Dr. Roland
Cotton Smith, rector of tho church,
and Rev. Dr. Stlrcs of St. Thomas
church, New York, who had chargo
of tho services there today. Following
this the body will be taken to Arling
ton. Washington, Jan. 2S. TTio body of
Gen. Wheeler arrived hero at 10:55
o'clock tonight and was taken nt once
to St. John's church.
A detncliment of Spanish war vote
tins of this city formed nn escort from
the station and acted as guard to the
casket. This detncliment will remain
as guard until the regular army gu.u-1
takes Its place at 10 o'clock tomorrow
Washington, Dec. 29. With full
military honors, the body of General
Joseph Wheeler was laid at rest to
day in tho n'utlonal cemetery at Ar
lington. Veterans of Union and Confederate
armies, with representatives of con
gress, joined with nations and mil
itary, In paying tribute. Tho cortego
was most Improsslve. Tho president
Indicated his purposo of attending ser
vices nt church.
United States Marshal Colbert Says
He Is Ready for Trial.
"Crime as It used to exist, rampant
In Uio Indian Territory, has been prac
tically stamped out," said B. It. Col
bert of Tishomingo, I. T., United
States marshal for tho Southern dis
trict of tho Indian Territory, nt tho
Hotel Baltimore, last night. "I Just
today took to tho now federal prison
at Fort Leavenworth, Kas., at the
closo of a term of court, flvo pris
oners for relatively minor offenses.
Four years ago at tho end of tho same
term thoro wore fifty prisoners, and
somo of them wore sent up for mur
der. It has been nearly two years
since thero was oven a case of high
way robbery In my district. Theso con
ditions nro being Improved largely
by the Influx of good people into that
country. This crowds tho had ones
"Even Ben Cravens, nhout tho last
of tho outlaws of that section, has
none, according to current reports to
New Mexico or Arizona. Why haven't
wo rounded up Cravens heretofore?
Well, one reason is, thoro is a good
deal of doubt as to what sort of a
case might be mado against Cravens
If ho wero captured. Ho- is accused of
a good many crimes, but thoro Isn't
anything absolutely posltivo against
him. So far as wo know ho has left
Oklahoma and Indian Territory, nov-
er to return. Cravens doesn't want
any trouble. Ho Is not going to do
any criminal Work unless ho Is cor
nered and compelled to shoot."
Marshal Colbert says that his In
dictment by a grand Jury at Ardmoro
somo months ago on a charge of con
spiracy to defraud has caused him to
uso overy means within ids power to
bring tho caso to trial. Evcrytlmo the
caso was set ho announced ready, but
each tlmo tho government askod post
ponement. Finally Judge Townsond,
upon his request, askod that tho caso
bo trlod at tho February term of tho
United States court at Tishomingo
and that this case ho brought up for
hearing tho first day of tho term.
"All I want Is a squaro deal, and then
I shall bo satisfied with tho outcome,'
said Marshal Colbert. Kansas City
Meeting Held In Effort to Straighten
Matters up But Nothing Is Given
j Out Conference Between
Operators and Unionists.
Houston, Tox., Jan. 28. Tills even
ing several persons camo from tho
Humblo oil field. Thcp roport things
quiet to tho time of their departuro
from there. Among thoso who camo
In was John O'Neill, operating a well
in the field. Ho stated In reply to
quevilons that tho Heywood well,
which wns'shut down by strikers last
night Just upon tho point of drilling
hi, had slnco blown out nnd destroyed
Itself with nil the machinery nnd tho
rig. It was a big blowout and tho
rig disappeared In tho oponlug.
Two othor wells, he stntod, had
blowouts on nccount of boring. Ho did
not know that they would bo a total
loss. He added that things were
quiet there, tho Rangers having tho
fi;ld pretty well In hand, nnd the
strikers having duo respect for them.
An attempt to npproach tho workers
on one of tho Moonshlno wells to got
them to Join tho strikers was prevent
ed by tho Rangers. Tho men who
were at work paid no attention to th"
efforts of tho outsiders.
Speaking of his well, Mr. O'Neill
stated that somo of his men quit last
night. They woro union men. Ho
Ul up to tho hour and filled their
places with other workers soon
enough to keep the rig working
straight along.
He believes that .the trouble with
the strikers 15" about over, as many
of them wero leaving tho place.
Humblo, Tex., Jan. 28. At an early
'hdir this morning tho well being
drilled by Sid H. Kcnughan for tho
F. D. Smith Oil Company blow out,
the rig nnd hole being a completo
loss, ostlmatcd nt four thousand dol
lars. It Is clalmoJ that tho gns lino
supplying fuel for the fire under tho
holler was shut off, henco tho pumps
ceased to do their duty, resulting as
A conforonco botwoon representa
tives of tho union nnd operators was
held at tho Crosby Houso lato this
evening, at which It Is rumored ef
forts wero mado to adjust tho trou
ble, hut no dcfinlto Information Is
given out. Sheriff Andorson Is Hero to
night and was present at the meeting.
New Orleans Preparing Great Wel
come for Old Soldiers.
New York", Jan. 28. Tho Confed
erate Veterans nnd tho city council of
Now Orleans nro mailing elaborate
preparations for tho annual rounlon
of tho United Confederate Votorans,
which will be held hero In April. Tho
city council has passed an ordlnanco
permitting tho uso of tho court houso
squaro, and Chairman Kruttschnltt of
tho commlltco on arrangements an
nounces that work will begin at once
on nn Immense temporary audltorlnra,
which will bo used for a convention
hall by the Veterans.
The famous old Hotel Royal, onco
the stato cnpitol of Ijoulslana, has
been secured by tho commltteo ou
arrangements for barracks nnd tho
great building will be overhauled and
fitted up with beds and cots for tho
uso of tho old soldiers free of
charge. Tho Hotel Royal has sovoral
hundred rooms and accommodations
can. bo arranged in tho building for
a largo number of Veterans.
Tho merchants of Canal and St.
Charles streets nro raising a fund to
lllumlnato these two thoroughfare
during tho reunion.
Tho local organization of Veterans
has opened headquarters in tho old
Canal bank building In Camp street
and committees will at onco begin a
vigorous campaign for funds for tho
Arrangements have been completed
for tho Illumination of the monument
nt tho Intersection of St. Charles and
Howard avonues In the colors of thn
Confederacy during runlon week.
All tho railroads entering New Or
leans have wnounced a rat of 1 cnt
a mile, for filters to tho reunion.
Fomo peoplo try to liido their lie-
ironro by sr- ng ihat they nre f
j perstltlous. i P
Father Visit Washington In Effort to
Secure Son's Office.
Purls, Texns, Jan. 28. Jude
John C. Gibbons ling returned from
Washington, where ho has been en
deavoring to secure tho reappointment
of his son, 1'. II. Gibbons, an post
master. He was questioned concern
ing a report that ho had caused the
holding up of tile nomination of Cnpt.
J. J. Dlckorson, by slating that ha
would file charges bofore the sonntc,
and wild:
"I wish to state I filed no charges
but requested that Mr. Dlckerson's
nomination bo held up In order that
upon my arrlvnl nt homo after an
absence of two weoks I might learn
whether an attack been mado on the
present Insutnbont or on his conduct
of tho olllcc.
"I find that none has been made,
and tho request that tho confirmation
be withheld hns now boon withdrawn.
I wish to say in this connection I was
fully assured by tho postofllco dop.M-t-mont
that tho conduct of tho office
by my son was excellent and that
nono of tho applicants had questioned
that (fet. Tho only objection urged
was 'political Inactivity.' This was an
swered by referring to tho order of
the postofllco department forbidding
IKistmnstors to take such nn active In
terest In politics ns would make
them objectionable to tho patrons of
their offices The appolntmont was
made solrlv on political grounds.
Affecting Indian Territory They Say
Company Is Prevented by Prose
cution as a Buyer and Trans
porter of Petroleum.
Bartlesville, I. T., Jan. 28. Orders
havo been received by tho Standnrd
Oil company that hereafter only a
third of the Mid-Continent field's out
put will bo bought, owing to tho fact
that the Staudard company would be
provonted from continuing ns n buyor
and transporter of petroloum through
tho proceedings Instituted by Mr.
Hndlcy of Missouri. Tlicro Is a produc
tion of CO.OOO barrels dally. ,
Tho operators aro organizing to
send n delegation to see tho Standnrd
Company's agents In Kansas City
slnco tho enforcement of such an or
der for long would mean tho suspen
sion of all activity horo soon. Falling
this they would go to see It ho in
tends to provent the Standard from
transporting oil across Missouri.
Tho commltteo will toll him that
If tho Standard is ousted from Mis
souri It will shut off tho market for
petroleum products In this field, be
cause tho pipe lino from tho Mid-Con
tlnent field runs through n portion of
Missouri. Already tho roductlon by
two-thirds of tho amount formerly
taken by tho Standard Company has
demoralized business and thero aro
fears that tho Standard will cease
entirely to take oil during tho agita
Man Steals Horse and Buggy Dis
appears, Leaving Grip,
Comauche, I. T Jan. 28. A man
supposed to be one of tho Mnasn, I,
T., or Montague, Texas, safcblowors
sold a horso and buggy at Ijoco, I. T.,
yesterday evening and fell In with
threo Loco parties. They drovo
through hero nt 10:30 p. m. to a sa
loon a mllo west, in Comancho county,
Ok. Whllo thero ho slipped out and
disappeared. He loft his grip in the
burroy. When it was examined It was
found to contain a full set of safo
blowers' tools, nltro-glycorino, dyna
mlto, electric battery, etc. All officers
In this section have been notified.
Dangers of a Cold and How to Avoid
Moro fatalities havo tholr origin In
or result from a cold than from any
other cause. This fact alono should
mako peoplo moro careful as thero Is
no dangor whatever from n oold when
It Is properly treated In tho beginning,
or many years Chamberlain's Cough
Ilemcdy has been rccognlzod as the
most prompt and effectual mcdlcino
uso for this disease. It acta on na
ture's plan, loosens tho rough, re
lieves tho lungs, opens tho secretions
nd aids naturo In restoring Uio By fr
om to a healthy condition. Sold by
K. J. Ramsey, V. B. Framo, Ardmore
Drug Co.. Uonner tc Bonner.
Heroic Rescue of Prisoners Appren
tices In the Detention Building
Have a Narrow Escape from
Death Loss About $100,000.
Newport, R. I., .Inn. 2S. -Sovoa
buildings connected with tho United
Stntos Naval Training Station at
Coastors' Harbor Island in this city
woro dortfoyed by fire tonight, caus
ing nn estimated loss of $i00,000.
Tho firo was disci vcred nt 9 30
o'clock by a sontry In passing tho
machlno shop. Tho alarm was given
nnd nit tho npprontlco boys, 1,500 lu
number, members of tho detncliment
of marines and enlisted men, an
wored tho call to quarters, By Uio
tlmo a bucket brlgado had been form
ed tho llnmcs had spread to tho do
tcntlnn building nnd thin and somo
mnnllor storehouses woro destroyed.
Tho Newport firemen responded to a
call, but by this tlmo the paymaster's
office and storehouses wero burning
fiercely. Tho safo was obtained by
tho paymaster and all tho money nnd
official documents were removed and
somo of tho stores wero saved.
One of tho burned buildings con
tained all of the small boats and cut
ters used for practice purposes. All
wero destroyed.
Several apprentices In single Irons
were confined In tho dotentlon build
ing at tho tlmo tho fire broko out
Physlcnl Instructor Joseph Klrby
liberated them by a heroic effort
Wlion he reached tho detention build
ing he could not spo tho young pris
oners on nccount of smoko, but they
answered his call. Supported by a lino
Klrby made his way to tho depart
ment whero tho boys wero In confine
ment and- passed them back one by
one to tho men bohlnd hi in and so out
on tho seawall. In passing over tho
sea-wall two of the liberated boys fell
overboard, but were rescued.
For a tlmo tho famous old frlgato
Constellation, which Is used as a prac
tice ship at tho station, was In danger,
but prompt work on tho part of tho
firemen saved tho ship.
New York Justice Says Witnesses
Make It Mockery.
Now York, Jnn. 28. Justico John
M. Tlrney of a municipal com I In tlij
Bronx, has abolished tho uso of tho
Blblo In his court. Explaining his no
tion ho said last night:
"I havo romovod tho Blblo from uso
in my court. It was a desecration to
uso it thoro. Lying words from 'tho
mouths of witnesses mado Its uso a
mockery, a travesty. I was brou;Ut
up to regard It with voverntlon and
rovorenco ns tho word of God. It Is
shocking to find men calling upon tho
DIcty to wltnesso tho truth of wh.it
thoy say 'so help mo God with a
Ho In their hearts and upon tho Hp
upon which they profaned tho good
"I now swear or affirm a witness
with upllftod band, but It roMly has
no significance to my mind. I would
prefor to let overy poreon toll his or
her story without either oath or af
firmation nnd then do tho beet I caa
toward ascertaining tho truth."
Dave Carpenter While Driving Alone
Thrown Out and Killed.
Comancho, I. T., Jan. 28. Dave
Carpenter, who camo hero about six
weeks ago, was thrown from a buggy
whllo driving In Oklahoma, about four
miles west of hero some tlmo botween
8 and 10 o'clock last nlcht, and Had
his neck broken. He was found dead
In tho road about 10 o'clock by Wil
liam Green. It seems that the buggy
struck against a tree and Carpenter
was thrown to the ground or perhaps
against a small tree that stood nearby.
Signs wero easily dlscornlblo whore
tho buggy had hit tho largo troo and
then slid across the road. No ono was
with tho unfortunate man, but ho had
boon seon driving recklessly during:
tho evening.
Tho coroner's vordlct was that ho
camo to his death by bolng thrown
from a buggy. Tho body Is now at on
undertaker's In this city, awaiting
word 'from a slstor who live at Die
Springs, Texas. (

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