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Says Facts are Belna Concealed That
470,000 Bales dinned Prior to
Sept. 1. Have Been Made
Part of Census Report.
Atlanta, Jan. 20. President llarvle.
Jordan of the Southern Cotton asso
ciation, today gave otit a stntoment In
whloli lie taken severely to tnsk the
census bureau nt Wushlngton for al
lowed short-comings. He says the no
tion of Director North of tho connus
bureau, In falling to make public all
Information ho secured from tho gin
ncrs January 1C and his persistent rb
fusal to do so In the fact of repeated
demands Is exciting cotiBldernblo in
dignation throughout the whole coun
try. President Jordan says that 470,000
bales of tho crop woro ginned prior
to Soptcmbor 1, and wero counted In
the commercial crop of 1904-05, but
have been made part of tho census
bureau report of 9,008,111, and deduct
tho 470,000 bales from tho published
total of 9,998,111 loaves 9,528,111 to
bo counted In tho crop of 1905-00. Add
to this 150,000 bales and there still re
mains a crop under ten million bales.
Ho says that wide Investigation
shows that spot holders aro not sell
ing tliclr cotton, that practically' there
Is no cotton for sale In the face of
the present depression.
Retire from Indian Service to
Enter Newspaper Work.
J. E. Jenkins, special Indian In
spector, has sent his resignation to
tho secretary or tho Interior to take
effect Jan. 31. Mr. Jenkins is the In
spector who conducted tho Investiga
tion In tho Chickasaw warrant frauds
and caused tho arrest of some of the
most prominent men In th0 Chickasaw
nation, among them, being Ben H.
Colbert, U. S., Marshal for tho South
ern district, whoso case Is set for
February 7. at Tishomingo.
"Mr. Jenkins will return to tho
newspaper business . In which he has
put In eighteen years previous to go
lug Into the government service In
1897. Mr. Jenkins has ueen comcni'
nlatlnc coins Into tho newspaper bus
Iness for tho past six months and has
l,w.i nrmnirlnir to that end. WhOll
seen last night ho declined to further
make public his plans. Phoenix.
Two Ladles Meet Almost Instant
Death at Lawton.
' Lawton, Ok., Jan. 30. Mrs. M. A.
Nelson nnd Mrs. Eugeno Otis wero
killed in a runaway which occurrod
on a businoss street of this city yes
terday afternoon, both being thrown
Trorn the buggy at tho corner of tho
street and tho heads of both striking
against tho stono curbing. Mrs. Otis
lives four miles southwest of tho city
and had come In to do some shop
ping. Mrs. Nelson was tho wlfo of a
lirominent loan and lnsuranco man.
Sho Joined Mrs. Otis at tho former's
homo. The- horso becamo frightened
and ran a block beforo tho women
were thrown out. The skull of each
was fractured and each Injured Inter
nally. Thoy wcro moved to tho city
hospital, whoro each died In about
two hours, ono wlthlu ten mluutc3 of
tho other.
Kansds City Democrats Organize.
The young Democrats of Kansas
City havo organlzod tho Mohawk club
,i imv electod pcrmanont officers.
Tho articles of agreement stato tho
plans nnd purposes briefly nnd to tho
-polnt'They say:
"Tho tlmo has come when tho
forces In the Domocrntlc party must
bo unified. Factional differences
should bo forgotten and tho warring
elements that at proscnt only servo
n rtestrov each other should bo har
monized on tho high piano of public
lntorest. Tho principles of tho Dem
ocratic party aro tco sacred to ho lost
In tho quarrels of Individuals or In
tho scrambles or personal preier
"nocauso of internal dissensions
tho party has lost Its predominating
position in tho city, county., and stato
and unloss thoso dlfforonoes aro laid
osldo this unfortunate- condition will
Was Not Promised Support of Frantz
and Filson.
(iuthrlo, Ok., Jan. 30. Following
the visit of Leslie M. Shaw, secretary
of the treasury, to Oklahoma City
last May. tho story becamo current
that Charles H. Filson, chairman of
tho territorial Republican committee,
afterward territorial national bank ex
aminer and now territorial socrotnry,
had promised his support 'In lining
up tho Oklahoma Republican delega
tion for Secretary Shaw in tho noxt
nntionnl convention. This story was
revived when FlUon was nppolnted
territorial secretary, Filson donro1! Its
truthfulness, and Secretary Shaw
wrote the following denial to an Ok
lahoma newspaper, tho lotfor being
made publl." yesterday:
"I have recently received copies of
several papers in Oklahoma and In
dian Territory containing statements
similar to U-.ose pppennng In tho 01c
inhuman of Sunday, January 21, to the
effect that Governor Frantz and Mr.
Filson have promised mo political
support in 190C. 1 do not recall any
roferenco to my polltlcnl future In
any conversation with cither of tlicso
gentlemen. Certainly thcro was no
promlso made, and no obligation now
exists. I do not ordinarily deny re
ports, however groundless, and I de
ny this simply because It may em
barrass Governor Frantz and Mr. Fil
United States Deputy Marshals Make
an Arrest at Checotah.
United States marshals yesterday
placed a man under arrest at Che
cotah on the charge of throwing
rocks at M. K. &. T., passenger trains.
Ho was taken to Kufaula to answer
the charKO In the United States
There hits been more or loss rock
throwing nt trains for sometime, an-'
rocontlv officers have kept strict
wntch In hopes of catching the cul
prits. Tho rock throwers aro tho
moRt annoying of tho many persons
who try to damage a railroad, as they
nre hard to catch. Their work Is
done at night and never twice In the
same place.
At Checotah tho rock throwing had
becomo not only annoying, but dan
gorous to passengers. Every night or
so a big rock would bo heaved
through tho window of a car, but no
one could ba caught. By the time tho
train was stopped and a search mado
tho rock thrower would have mado
his escape.
LnRt week a two-pound rock wan
thrown through a sleeper window,
narrowly missing n passenger. Slnco
then Checotah hns been filled with of
ficers ami secret service men. Her
Haunted With Spooks After Death of
Chief Riot Call.
New Orleans, La., Jnn. 30. Tho
colony of Igorrotes from' tho Philip
pine Islands, who aro wlntorlng nt
Athletic Park, created a great uproar
In that section of tho city today and
It was necessary to turn In a riot cnll
for tho pollco before tho Filipinos
could bo subduod.
Pus Aa Un, tho chiof of tho colony,
died Sunday, and tho Igorrotos im
agine that thoy aro being haunted by
his ghost. They becamo so panic
stricken with fear this morning that
thoy broko out and started up town
yelling and screaming at every
stnn. ami heatlnc tin nans and other
nolso-produclng Instruments to scare
or tho snooks.
Dr. Huntor, who has chargo of the
band, and who Is under bond to re-
turn tho crowd to the Philippines, was to call tho strike off as to all the opcr
unablo to control tho mob and turned ators and drlllert who aro fair to un
In a riot call for tho police. A platoon
of bluecoats wen dispatched to the
sconp and compelled tho frightened
Filipinos to return o tho park.
New Panhandle Line.
Port Worth, Tox., Jan. 30. D. T.
Bomnr of this city, will fllo a charter
for tho Ablleno Northorn railway In
Austin today. Tho lino runs north
from Ablleno by Anson, to n connec
tion with tho Wichita Vnlloy at Stam
ford or tho Orient, at sorao point north
of Anson. Work Is now progressing
on tho lino and will bo pushed ns fast
as possible
Punch Bowl for Wllhelm.
Now York, Jan. 30. Tho Gorman1
.War Veterans of America aro arrang-
lng to glvo tho Kolsor a punch 'howl
ori the occasion of his silver wedding.
Many Officials and Prominent Cltl'ins
Appear Before Subcommittee on
Indian Affairs and Ask That
Some Changes be Made.
Washington, Jan. 30. V) subcom
mittee of tiic sonstc commit tao on "n
dlan affairs hold a hearing ywtordny
afternoon on tho Curtta bill, winding
up the nffnlrs of the five civilizel
tribes. Oonoral PUi-w. Po-ter, chief
of the Crooks; T.tns Nlxby if t'ifi
Dawos commission, i.v J . 'en-.or C'uw
ford of "Kansas nnd It. W. Dick and
S. T. llledsoo of Ardmoro, appeared
before ttio commlttco nnd suggested
changes In tho bill. J. F. McMurray,
attorney for tho Chlckasawsj nnd
Choctaws, also made a statement. Tho
principal chango desired by Mr. Mc
Murray on behalf of tho tribes he
represents relatos to tho disposition
of tho mineral lands. As tho bill
passed tho house it provides that nono
of these lands shall bo sold until' ex
isting lease shall have expired.
Mr. McMurray told tho committee
that tho provision was not satisfactory
to the tribes that own tho lands. He
said they wanted thorn' sold at tho car
llest date possible. He also asked tho
commlttco to provide, in tho bill for
tho continuance in ofllco of tho tribal
chiefs and there executive staffs with
practically undiminished powers un
til the nffairs of tho tribes should bo
Sovoral of these who appeared be
fore tho commltteo advocated tho re
moval of tho restrictions on tho sur-
,,ug iamis 0f the Indians. As brought
Into the house, tho Curtis bill provld-.
ed for tho alienation of the surplus
lands In one, threo and flvo years, buj.
an amendment was adopted applying
tho restrictions to tho mtrplus as well
ay to Uio homesteads. The other
clrongos desired aro of a minor char-
actcr. Mr. Blxby is advising with the
The hearings nre not
Mixed Train Goes In Ditch Passetv
gers Bruised.
Donlson, Tex., Jnn. 30. A north
bound local freight train that left Den-
Ison, carrying passengers on the Mis
souri, Kansas and Texas, was wreck
ed near Colbert, I. T-, (it 10 o'clock
this morning. Several pa9scngei&
wero Injured, but not seriously. The
caboose, threo frloght cars nnd the
engine tondor wore dorallotl. Two of
t,ho fricght cars wore overturned. Tho
caboose, throo, frolght qars and the
engln elendor wero dorallod. Two of
u,0 freight cars wero overturned. The
Injured passengers wero tnken to Du
rante I. T., for surgical nld. Tho list
of tho Injured follows:
Dr. A. P. Seay, Colborf, slightly
bruised about tho neck.
G. M'. Morris, Colbert, back sprain
E. Watson, Colbert, sldo and logs
Dr. W. H. McCorey of Colbert, H.
E. Rosa of Durant, Frank Mnoro of
Donlson and IL II. Hunter of Fort
Worth sustained slight bruises.
Union so Decides and Things Will
Run Smoothly as Formerly,
Humble, Tex., Jnn. 30. At tho
meeting of tho Iyjcal Flold Workors
Union tonight tho members decided
ion labor.
Thero being no Individual or com
pany blacklisted, tho men will return
to work nt once, and it is tho general
bollof horo that none qf tho opora,
tors will discriminate oga'.nt unlit;
Thero is a universal fooling of rollef
apparent among all concorned, nnd
now that tho strike Is off,, things will
be running as before tho differences
Pauls Dresser Dead.
Now York, Jan. 30. Paul Dresser,
a song writer, whoso "Unnks on thu
Wahnsh" and "Tho Bluo ana tne
Gray" brought-his nntno Into public
notlco, died I vlay at tho homo of his
sister In hi- city. Mr. Drcser. was
born 47 ye.i-B ngo .in Terro Haute
it' IN-
Game Wardens Now At Work Along
Frisco Trying to Stop Wholesale
Slaughter Jack Gordon Has
Returned From Washington.
A special from Paris, Texns, says:
The kllllnj of game In Indian Terri
tory, which has developed Into a
'slaughter, will be stopped by sjnmc
wardens, who urc snld to be acting
Under instructions from the Indian
nwnt. Two of them nre at work nlonn
Ihe Frisco railroad north of Paris.
Warden Phillips at Hugo atid War
den Mcintosh at Tnlthlnn.
Every now and then tho territory
authorities have announced that his
piactlce must stop, but this tlmo they
appear to bo In real earnest and It Is
none too soon If nny gamo Is to be
left in that country. In the past fow
weeks several large parties from tho
north havo vlstod that country and
appear to kill tho gamo Just for tho
pleasure of shooting. About two weeks
ago a party of Kansas capitalists came
down in a private car. Tho gamo war
den stnrted nfter them but was stop
ped by high water. Another party from
St. Louis and Knnsns City Is said to
be camoed near Black Fort. It was
reported that as many ns fifteen deer
wero hung up in their camp at one
time nnd the wardens will investigate
Yesterday morning the carcawos of
flvo deer were shlppod from Antlers
to a man 'In Hugo, but tho warden
there confiscated them. The Arkan
sas statute, which applies in Indlr.n
Territory, permits hunting only In
November nnd December. Tho wi'.r
dens havo nuthority to not only -n
rest violators, but to conflsticato their
gamo ns well as all guns, am muni
(ion nnd hunting. outfits.
Jack Gordon, who went back io
Washington when tho house knocked
out his gamo presorvo clauso from tbe
Curtis bill, hus returned to Paris, Ho
is sure the senate will reinstate tho
provision and bolloves tho houso will
adopt It, as ho says ho has abundantly
disproved the allegation that It vm
L Intended as a gambling scheme.
They Cause a Panic Among People
of Ecuador.
Guayanual, Ecuador, Jan. 31. Two
heavy shocks of earthquake were felt
horo today, causing n panic.
Transfers Passenger Dlvlslort.
Tulsa, I. T., Jan. 30. Traffic Mana
ger Holden of tho Midland Vnlloy will
itnuounco a new tlmo card In a short
tlmo that will transfer tho passengei
division from Muskogoo to Tulsa. Tho
now schedule originates all passen
ger trains on the load, savo two, from
this point. Tho new card will covor
Korvlco from Tulna to Foraker, over
tho track Just completed. The lino
will bo complotod into Arkansas City,
tho terminal, March 1.
Woman's Long Sleep.
Fort Worth, Tex., Jap. 30. Mrs. U
A. M'cCnulloy, of Polytechnic Heights,
has lain in sleep or a trnnco twenty-
ono days. She w'as tnken on tho night
of Jan. 9, and exclaimed, "Oh, my
head." Sho has taken nourishment
but threo times and has lost fifty
pounds. Sho Is sixty years of ago.
Her physicians pronounce It hacmop.
esla, and say thero Is no hope for
her rccovory.
Woman Insane.
This morning Judgo Iwrenco ad
judged Patsy Bean, a colored woman,
Insane. Her brother, Chas. Postoak,
was appointed guardian for the wo
man Times.
Killing at Hot Springs.
Hot Springs, Ark., Jan. 30. Frank
Proasnlcks was shot and killed In his
barroom today. Stovo Vannata of
Temple, Texas, was arrested.
Confirmations by Senate.
Tho sonato yoatorday confirmed tho
following nominations for postmai
tors: C. D. Rodortck, Holdonvlllo; W
C. Price. Homer; G. E. Eisoly, Taliu
Railroad Rate Measure In House.
Washington, Jan. 31.-r!n tt'n home,
this discussion of tho raUTii.', rata
measure was opened todnv b.Cam'.i
bell of Kani.is.
Harmonious Session of Territory Com
mittee Held at Checotah.
Checotnh, I. T., Jan. 30. The Indian
Territory Republican oxecutlvo com
mltteo concluded Its labors today and
adjourned to meet nt Poteau April 30.
Resolutions on tho death of Hon.
Arch H. Quarry wcro adopted. A plan
of (lining vacnnclcs was agreed upon.
Tho resignation of Mlko Conlon as
committeeman and socrolnry treas
urer from tho Choctaw nation was
accepted, ilia Twenty-Third dlstrloL
which ho represented, will select his
The bRnn.net last night was n groat
success, one of the notable features
belli the Introduction of Judge C.
W. Raymond by his former polltlcnl
enemv. Toastmaster Clrtrenco H.
Douglas Harmony nil along the lino
was tho koyuote, nnd when Douglas
nnd Raymond shook hands tho choor
than wont up omphaslzed tho fact that
tho Republicans of tho territory aro
He Will On the Next United States
Washington, Jan. 30. A guntlumnu
who visited tho whito house tills
morning snys tho president has deter
mined to appoint John Abornathy
United States marshal In Oklahoma.
Tho Incumbent is W. U. Fossett. Mr.
Abernnthy has hunted wolves with tho
president and his feat of catching
thorn with his bare hands Impressed
tho president ns worthy of a panv
graph In his book. Mr. Fossett's term
will not expire until April, but the
nomination of Mr. Abomnthy, novur
theless, may bo mado uoxt wcok.
It Is reported hero today that Gov,
ernor Frnntz would he In Washington
noxt week to discuss patronage mat
ters with tho president.
Local Passenger Goes In Ditch,
Jurlng Passengers.
Donlson, Texas, Jan. 30. Katy lo
cal train No. 514, carrying passengers,
was wrecked this morning near Col
bert, I. T., and Boven persons wero
hurt. Tho engine tondor, threb frolghr.
cars and tho cabooso woro derailed.
Nono of tho train crow was Injured,
The main lino was blocked and trains
wero dctonred via tho Frisco.
Tho Injured wcro: G, M. Morris
Colbert, back sprained; B. Watson
Colbert, logs and left sldo bruised;
Dr. A. P. Seay, Colbert, bruised about
back. It. H. Hunter, Fort Worth
Frank Moore, Donlson; H. E. Rosa
Durant and Dr. W. II. McCoroy, Col
berl, slightly bruised. )
Pardon for Gainesville Boy.
lion. W. L. Blnnton Is In receipt of
a letter from Austin from tho Board
of Pardons, bearing tho news that tho
caso of Fain Bracken had boon favor
ably reported on and It has been sont
to Governor Ijiuham.
Mr. Blanton wont to Austin so.mo
weeks ago and placed beforo .he
Board of Pardons tho caso of Brack'
en. It- is now up to tho governo.
Bracken has been sorvlng about tw.
yoars. Gainesville Messenger.
Confessed His Sins.
Tulsa, I. T., Jan. 30. Arthur E,
Crocker, tho man who was shot and
supposed to bo fatally Injured by H
P. Stoker two weeks ngo, hns con
fessed thnt ho was not a brothor of
Mrs. Stoker, as was supposed, and
that ho had fooled peoplo In various
towns in Kansas and Oklahoma nnd
that ho hail taught Mrs. Stoker's chll
dren by her first husband to calr him
uncle to carry out tho deception. This
gave him an opportunity to bo closo
to Mrs. Stakor at all times. Stoker
shot Crocker when ho discovered th
dccoptlon. Mrs. Stoker when confrpnt
od by the story, agreed o It. Stokor
Is In Jail, but will probably not bo
held on tho chargo.
Luckless Russian Troops Have to Re
turn to Vladivostok.
Berlin, Jan. 31. Tho Hamburg-
American lino announced this aftor
noon that tho German steamer Silvia
of that lino which loft Vladivostok
Monday wlt:i n largo numbor of Rub
slan trops, who woro rotunilng home,
had struck a mine nnd had to return
In a sinking condition to Vladivostok,
whero sho' was run nshoro In order to
provent tho vessel becoming a total
loss. 1th tho exception of tho cook,
no lives aro nrontlonod as having been
lost. '
Chief of Staff of Viceroy of the Cau
casus Meets Tragic Death Oth
ers Lose Lives and Some In
juredCulprit Is Beaten.
riflls. Trans-Cnucnsla, Mouday, Jan
via St. Petersburg, Jan. 30 Gtn
Orlainoff, ehtof of Staff of tho Vice
roy of the Cucniu, was murdered
today, In a most dmmntlc and nud.v
Iwis manner. The assassin evident
ly had studied tho habits of his vie
ttn. and lay In wait bohlnd a wall
of the Alexander Garden, opposlto hu
ntrauco of tho pnlnco, where n c u
rlngo was drawn up to tako Mie Gon
oral for his dnlly lvc.
As all suspicious characters ire
liable to bo searched, In '.ho street',
by the pollco ana military patrols,
tho assassin lmpor..:inted n painter,
carrying tho bomb wl'.h vhlch ho comi-
mltted the r imo concealed In a paint
can. He wns thus nblo to pass tho
sentry posted at tho gntos of tho park
nnd reached tho placo of ambush with
out arousing suspicion.
Gen. Grlnznoff clad In n crimson
uniform and tho white wool shapka,
or cap, worn by tho Viceroy's nld do
camp, made a shining target for tho
crouching assassin wlion he emerged
from' tho palace. As tho general stop-
pod into tho carriage tho man sprang
on tho wall, swung tho enn by a cord,
nnd tho bomb, ns If thrown from a
sling with marvelous precision, sped
straight to tho mark and struck tho
general on tho neck. A flash of II ro
hnd n lerriffle explosion followed, ami
Grlaznoff wns lltorally blown out of
tho carrlago, nnd with his coachman,
Cossnck, orderly and tho latter"s
cossack, was Instantly killed. A lady
who was passing at i 3 of tho
oxploslon was nv a i u dod.
When tho corr pondont of tho As
sociated Press reached tho sccno Im
mediately after the tragedy tho ghast
ly dead still lay In tho mud. Tho
general's shapeless body, surrounded
by soldiers, prosented a slckonlng
spectacle It seemed ns If his crlrrt-
son uniform had melted Into a pool
of blood In which wiltorcd his head,
torn from tho trunk.. Tho goueral's
distracted widow knelt in tho mud
nnd blood bcsldo tho mutilated body
Tho assassin hnd already boon
caught, beaten Into insensibility by
the Infuriated soldiers, and, aftor be
ing loaded into a drosky, was being
carried off to tho ancient fortross
abovo tho city, where, as Tlflls is un
dor martial law, ho will probably bo
executed at dawn.
Arch Querry of Tulsa, Prominent Re
publican, Passes Away.
Tulsa, I. T., Jan. 30. Archibald R,
Querry, chnlrman of tho Crock nation
republican committee, dlod nt his
home In this city yestorday of a com
plication of dlseasos. Tho funeral wilt
occur today at 2 o'clock. Mr. Querry
was ono of tho bost known attornoya
In tho territory. Ho was born In Law
ronco county, MIpsoiiI, educated at
Plerco City collogo and graduated In
law fronr tho University of Kansas.
He camo to TuTsa In 1887. Ho was at
torney for tho Frisco railroad and for
tho Pralrlo Oil and Oas company
Burton's Case April 2.
Washington, Jan. 30. Senator Bur
ton's caso will bo reargued boforo tho
supremo court April. 2. Last Mtonday
Solicitor General Hoyt for tho
government submlttod a motion that
tho caso bo advanced on tho docket
owing to tho fact that until It was de
cided tho stato of Kansas would be
denied full representation in tho son
ato, At Uiat tlmo John G. Carlisle, at
tho roquost t Burton's attorneys
who wero not In Washington, Inform
ed tho court that Burton would bo
ready for tho hearing by April 3.
To Check up Officers.
Oklnhoma City, Ok., Jnn. 30. Tho
city council has authorized a rigid
checking up of tho city auditor's ofllco
and all city departments by McQrogor
Douglas, nn expert. Tho auditor's of
flco was Installed two yoars ago by
Hasklns & Sells of Chicago at a cost
of $12,000.
Do not turn tho poaco movomont
ovor to tho Quakers alone.
contlnuo to exist"

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