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Fast Schedule From St. L ouls to
Southwest Are Announced De
partment Will Keep Tab on
Time Made by Roads.
Washington, Jan. 31. One of tho
most spectacular railroad races ovor
witnessed will he commenced uet
Sunday bclweon tbo Iron .Mountain,
tho Texas and Pacific and the. InOr-
national and Groat Northern on one
side, and tho Frisco, tho Missouri
Kansas and Toxas and tho Houston
and Texas Central on tho other, wlMi
a prize In tho shape of tho mall con
tracts from St Iuls to Texas and tho
Southwest generally. Represontv
tlves ot tho Frisco and tfio Katy to
day filed a now schedulo with tho post
otneo department, which boats tho
Gould lino's time to Fort Worth and
Dallas, and It would sco'n that tho
limit has been almost roichod.
Tho race will bo run dally for about
a week. At (he end of that time tho
postofllco department will hnvo con
eluded which lino best nerves Us pur
Tho schedule filed today saves cv
ery posslblo second. Tho departure
ot the Frisco system Is advertisod
fifteen mlntcs at St. Louis, making
tho complete running time as follows
Leave St. Louis, Frisco system; 2:30
a. m.
Leave Vlnlta, Missouri, Kansas and
Texas, 12 noon.
Isavo Denlson G:10 p. m.
Arrivo Fort Worth 8 p. m.
Arrive San Antonio 8:10 a. m.
Leave Denlson, Houston and Texns
Central, 5:20 p. m.
Arrivo Dallas 8:10 p. m.
Arrivo Houston 6:10 a. m.
Tho Gould linos' schedulo would put
the mall Into Dallas nt 8:33 p. m'
and into Fort Worth at 9 p. m., and
It still offc-s much faster trmc to
Houston and San Antonio. At tho
former point tho International nnd
Great Northern promises delivery nt
2:25 a. m., and to tho latter ot C:30 a.
m., a gain over tho now Frisco schod'
ulc of three hours nnd two hours, res
O. L. Teachout, mall agent of tho
Gould lines, Intimates that ho docs
not think tho competing lines can
maintain tho schedulo thoy hnvo filed.
However, the samo opinion of the
Gould schedule Is advanced by tho
other side.
Secretary Hitchcock Gives Him Cher
okee Attorneyship.
Vlnlta, I. T., Jan. 31. News hns Just
been received that W. W. Hastings of
Tahloquah, I. T., has been nppolntcd
by tho secretary of tho Interior to tho
omco of national attornoy for tf
Chorokco nation nnd his contract has
boon approved. The office carries with
it a salary of throo thousand dollars
por annum' with expenses. This Is the
office mado vacant by tho 'cslgnation
of Judgo Luraan F. Parker Jr., win
resigned to become Judgo of tho Unit
ed States court of tho Northern -Patriot
of tho Indian Territory.
Mr. Hastings has boon an attorney
for tho Cherokee ration In tho Chore
keo enrollment work slnco J'lly 9,
1900, and has during the last fow
years had associated w'th him Jn iho
Cherokee Freedmeu work, L. D. noil
as senior counsel and James S. Dav
enport as assistant. Mr, Boll was not
actively ongaged In the work but as
sisted In an advisory manner only,
and during tho last year Davenport
put In about ono day a wook. Mr.
Hastings has borno tho brunt of tho
battle and tho department recogniz
ing this fact has placod him in chargo
of tho entire affairs of tho Oherokec3
Tho work that has hcrotoforo boon
done by tho threo attorneys will bo
' carried on by Mr. Hastings nnd tho
sorvico of L. D. Dell and James S.
Davenport will ho dispensed with.
Senator Clark's Loss.
Butte, Mont, Jan. 31. Fire th'
morning partially- dostrnyod Sonato
Clarko's Butte reduction works. Tne
loss will reach half a million dollon..
Bill for rrrf-'-al Building.
Dologato McGulra lias lntroducji a
hill In tho houso for an approvlat'cn
of. $450,000 for tho purchaso -or a slto
and tho eroctlon of ti public bull .ling
In Oklahoma City.
Fletcher Becomes Second Prohibition
Town In Oklahoma,
ljiwton, Ok., Jan. 31. The Hover
end J. M. Merrltt, pastor of tho Chris
tian church nt Fletcher, Okla., today
closed a deal whorcby ho has pur
chased the entire stock of liquor nnd
tho building bolonglng to J. n. Mc-
Klnley, a saloon man of that town.
Tho purchneo was made In tho cnusc
of temporanco and tho purchnso prlco
was donated by a fow citizens of tho
town Interested In tho temporanco
The transfer Is In the nnmo of tlio
Kovorond Mr. Merrltt nnd Is to take
effect when the license of McKInloy
expires, in a few weeks.
Tho saloon building Is to ho used
as a church nnd tho fixtures nro to
bo returned to tho wholesale houso
and tho liquors nnd barrels burned In
tho street
Fletcher becomes tho second prohi
bition town In Oklnlioma, Frederick
being tho first, and it wll hereafter
bo practically impossiblo for a liquor
dealer to procuro n license there.
Another saloon lcagno In Oklahoma
Is employing lawyers In many towns
of tho Territory to Investigate tho
petitions of applicants for Uquor li
censes. In all the so towns tho effoct
ot this work is forcibly felt
Were Found In Trunk of Passenger
Who Denies All Knowledge Gov.
ernmcnt of the United States
Will Investigate Matter.
New York. Jan. 31. Tho finding to
day beneath the falso bottom ot a
trunk of aboutGOO securities and bonds
Bald to havo n faco valuo of moro
than $100,000, by customs officials
who were examining the baggage of
passengers on tho steamer Finland,
which arrived from Antwerp, led to
tho uncovering of a mystery which
tho Immigration authorities havo ta
ken up for Investigation.
Tho papers wcro bonds ot tho Hun
garian government and securities of
vnrlous Hungarian railways, all appa
rently genuine. They wcro In a trunk
assigned to Isaac Hechcr, an Austrian
grain merchant nnd second cabin pas
senger. Ho said, howover, that tho
tninlc did not belong to him, but that
It was the property of Moses Green-
burg, said to bo a passongcr on tho
Finland. Falling to find Greenburg
among tho Finland's cabin passengers
tho customs officials turned Hechcr
ovor to tho Immigration authorities,
who held him pending a search nraong
the steorngo passengers for tlio
trunk's owner. Tho lattor, nccordlng
to Hechcr, gavo him tho trunk at An
twerp, requesting him to tuko chargo
of It until thoy landed In Now York.
Tho apparent "disappearance of
Grccnbcrg and Hocher's story of how
tho trunk came into his possession
caused tho authorities to think that
thero Is somo hidden motlvo for
bringing tho valuable papers eecrotly
Into tho United States. Tho Immigra
tion authorities announced that tho
Hungarlnn government authorities
will bo notified of tho seizure.
Hearst's Candidacy for Governor,
New York, Jan. 31. Tho Gloho's
spoclal from Albany says: Wllllnm
B. Hearst will launch his boom for
govornor nt Harmanus Blocckor hall,
In this city, early in tho spring. This
Is tho hall whoro David B. Hill's fa
mous "Snap" convention in tho win
tor of 1892 was held.
Mr. Hearst will rutv on tho munici
pal owonrehlp ttcket If all goes woll.
His campaign managors aro to organ-
Izo branches of tho Independent lea
gue In all of tho cities of tho state and
In many towns and villages.
Found Coon In Trunk.
Tho pollco officers raided a negro
cabin last night in sonrch of a young
colored swain who had beon dtsturn
ing tho pcaco and qulotudo of n fnlr
damsel, but a closo soarch under tho
hod nnd Ip ovory nook nnd corner of
that cabin failed to roveal tho whom
abouts ot Albert Patterson, Just as'
tho officers wer taking their leave
Policeman Cobblo "noticed n largo
trunk Jn tho room, nnd upon Hftlnr
tho lid out Junvpdd Patterson, shott
ing, "Mr. John, I surrenders." Just
$8,20 was tho amount asBossed agalns
Patterson in tho city court this morn
ing. Gain'eavlllo Register.
uossip Has ueen Started Over Eu
rope Princess Beatrice Was In
Love With a French Prince,
Who Had no Title.
uinrritz, France, Jan. 31. Tho
I'rincoss Una of IJattonberg and ho
mother, tho Princess Beatrice of Bat
tenburg, who havo been visiting tho
queen's mother, Mnrhi Crlstlna of
Spain, at San Sobastln, hnvo returned
Tho eyes of the entlro European
world aro now fixed on tho yojng
English princess, who Is soon to be
come tho brldo of King Alphono,
nnd upon her mothor, who was tho
favorlto daughter of tho lato Quoon
Every movement of theirs Is closely
watched by European diplomats and
tho public at largo and their visit to
tho, ex-Empress Eugcnlo prccodlng
the ono to tho queen's mother, has ox
cited no end of comment nnd recalled
tho romance of Princess Beatrice's
It was an open secret that Princess
Beatrice was desperately In lovo with
tho prlnco imperial, tho only son of
tho former empress ot France. As he
was without a throne, tho quoon of
Grent Britain did not favor Uio match,
So tho prlnco Imperial hied himself
off, in a mighty rush, to South Africa
where so many n youthful hero has
won his spurs. Ho won .fame, but
also rocelvcd his death, and for long
tho Princess Beatrice would not bo
This Is all a story of tho Inst cen
tury. Finally sho wa3 wooed and won
by tho Prince of Battenburg. Tho
pretty young Kna Is her only daugh
Princess Henry of Batternberg Is
now 55. Parliament grants her $30,000
a year, and sho earns It by traveling
nil over Great Britain opening church
fairs and bazaars wherever tho prefix
onco of royalty Is desired.
Democratic Leaders Are Hopeful of
His Victory.
New York, Jan. 31. A special to
tho Times fiom Washington says:
Just now tho eyes of senato demo
crats aro turned with considerable
anxiety to Tennessee. Tho question
whether Edward Wnrd Carmack is to
succeed himself or bo succeeded by
ox-Governor "Bob" Taylor Is soon to
bo sottlcd.
Anxiety Is not tho fruit of any spe
cial lovo for Carmack. It proceeds
from' a cold nnd huslness llko calcula
tion of tho Interests of the democratic
For a number of years the minority
In tho senato was a good deal of a
Joke. It Is only lately that It has
begun to manifest any signs of com
petency. In tHo present session tho
minority members havo conducted
their campaign with skill and success
nnd It has been conceded generally
that from tho beginning of thp ses
sion they havo hnd the advantaK- over
tho republicans.
Tho comment has been heard with
growing frequency that tk6 democrats
have the host ot It in personnel.
For tho first tlmo In years a cool,
compact, determined minority has
placed the senato majority on tho de
fensive and Is aggressively pushing It
Tlio senate democrats are enjoying
tho situation. Naturally these do not
want any Ot their strong men taken
away and thoy want to get as many
moro as possible Hence It Is that thoy
are viewing with somo disquietude
tho inroads that aro accredited to Tay
lor upon tho followers of the brilliant
Carmack. Not all of them' lovo Car
mack, but nono wants to soo tho
front rank of tho senato democracy
dlralnshcd by ono strong mnn.
, April will sottlo tho question wheth
er Carmack is to corao back or not.
Tho domocrats aro deopJy Interested,
and so aro tho republicans.
City of Second Class.
Ada Is preparing to bo ndvaneed Jo
tho rank of a city of tho second class,
City Attornoy Colllus cpi horn i n
to ChlCkasha to apiar before Judp?
PIckcrson In an ejff.rt to uee'ji" the
desired order from that official.
One Officer and Two Firemen Dead
Vessel Contained Personal Effects
of Regiments En Route to
the Philippines.
oHii r i.tucisi-u, vsu., tea. l. riro
which was discovered nt midnight In
ino uoia or tho transport, Monde,
raged for three hours and It beenmo
necessary to flood tho hold with water,
Third Officer George Wallace, am!
two city firemen, B. Ilennessoy and
Capt. Chas. Dakln, were overcomo by
smoke and killed.
The part of the ship where tho fire
broke out contained tho porsonal ct
fects of the offlcors and men of tho
roglmonts en route to tho Philip-
plnos.'The Meade was to have sailed
today. Tho sailing will now bo delny
layed ten days or moro.
Many persons were Injured Among
tlio Injured aro:
Captain Georgo Wilson ot the
Meade, shoulder broken.
Bitalllon Chief Fornandcz.
John Gilbert of fire dopartraont.
, First officer Lassok ot tho Meade.
, N. Dahle of the transport scrvlco.
4 Louis Cook, fireman.
-,Alox I-nck of Meade's crow.
Morris of tho fireman transport ser
H. J. McClockoy, fireman.
Several others were more or less
Tho following are reported as miss
Charlos Gill, operator for Chief Fer
Georgo. Brown, .fireman and W. H.
Aeyan; firemen". " '
Deeds of thrilling heroism .marked
the fire. Captain George Wilson fell
down a hatchway and crippled and
unconscious wns removed by Lassak
and others at tho risk of tho latters'
Later Lassak himself was rescued
from death by tho fireman, Joseph
Cook, Captain Dakln lost his llfo whll0
fighting the Arc in the hold. Captain
Gilbert was overcomo three times by
Concedes Defeat of Statehood Bill In
the Senate.
Washington. D. C, Feb. 1. (Spo
clal.) Chairman Hamilton of tho
house committee on Indian affairs, In
private, concedes tho dofeat of the
omnibus statehood bill by tho senate.
Chaffee on Retired List.
Washington, Jan. 31. Lieut Gen.
Chaffee will bo placed on tho retired
list of tho army next Thursday at his
own request after about forty-flvo
year of service. General and Mrs.
Chaffoo and Miss Chaffee will leavo
hero tho end of tho week for tho City
of Mexico where they will remain un
til May. During tho rummer thoy will
tako up their permanent resldonco at
Los Angeles.
Six Months 26,000 Pensioners
Have Died.
Washington, Jan. 31. In tho past
six months taps havo beon bounded
over tho graves ot 20,000 pensioners
of tho Civil war, according 16 a state
ment of Pcnslorl Commissioner War
ner yestordny. This, ho says, Is an evi
dence of tho rapidity with which tho
veterans are being diminished. The
total number of pensioners on July 1,
1905, was 084,608, On December 31, It
was C79.231.
Taxation Project Adopted Today.
Algoclras, Feb. 1. Tho Moroccan
conferonco today adopted, without
modification, tho draft of the taxation
Chink Woman Delt Faro.
El Paso, Tox., Jan. 31. In n raid
on a Chinese'- gambling houso nt El
'aso tho only Chink woman In that
town was found dealing faro. Sho was
To Join Statehood Delegation.
Durnnt, I. T. Jan. 31. Judge Charles
C. Parkor nnd Democratic National
Committeeman JL I Williams de
parted yestorday for Washington In
the Intorost of statehood for Oklaho
ma and Indian Territory.
1, 1906.
Would Postpone Closing of Rolls for
Another Year
Washington, Jan. 31. Tnms Blxby,
commissioner for tho Fivo Civilized
Tribes, went before tho senate Indian
commission yostcrday and urged that
tho bill winding up tho nffnlrs of those
tribes bo so amended as to postpono
the closing of rolU for nt loast n yenr,
As passed by tho houso tho hill 1I
reeled that the rolls bo closed next
June. Commissioner Blxby told tho
commltteo thnt a largo numbor of ap
plicants who hnd boon denied enroll
nicnt nnd appealed their canos and
that theno cases would not be finally
detoi mined lieforo noxt fall. Tho pro
vision closing the rolls wns Inserted
at the Instance of Secreiary HJtchocl:,
Held on Serious Charge.
hldbrndo, Okla., Jan. 31. Tho trial
of Elder Warllck for assaulting Mnr
thn Diew, nn 18 year old girl, was
held Friday at Hollls. Wntlick Is
iMi'uvuur in mo Liinsiinn cnnrcii o
rioino renown in his community, Ho
has a largo family and tho caso
causing excitement In the Star Valley
Warllck was bound over In tho sum
of $1,000 to await tho action of tho
grand Jury.
Thirty-One Persons Accused of Horn
Icldes Being Rushed to Trial In
Effort to End Reign of Ter
ror Additional Attorneys.
Chicago, III., Jan. 31. Thirty-ono al
legod ,murd,orcrs, nov In tho county
Jail, aro to bo rushed to trial within
tho noxt ten days under a plan of
Stato Attorney Healy to put an end
to the" wave of homlcfdo which has
overspread Chicago.
In addition to tho murder charges,
fifteen hundred other criminal charg
es will bo pushod by eight Judgos sit-
flng cotlnuouBly. Throo additional
Judges wore allotted to tho stato
prosecutor today, and theso will at
onco begin tho hearing of murder
cases exclusively.
Next week Is to lie known n3 "mso
dor-trial week," and Mr. Hoaly will
make special efforts to sccuro convic
tions In all cases where tho murdered
persons wcro tho victims of hold-up
men nnd footpadB.
Illchard Ivens, who murdered Mrs.
Holllstcr, will probably bo placed on
trial on next Tuesday.
He Likes Ardmore.
Courtnoy, I. T., Jan
Editor Ardmorclto:
Allow mo space to say that last
Saturady I visited Ardmoro for tho
first tlmo. I mot my old friend, MaJ.
Bubo Hardy, whom I had not mot In
21 years. Wo drovo to his palaco,
'home, sweet home," and met Mrs.
Hardy nnd tho children, nnd nto a
good dinner. After refreshments ot tho
Georgia kind, ho drov.o mo over your
olty of 13,000 Inhabitants, and I found
it tho "Eureka" of tho Indian Terri
tory. Ardmoro will grow to bo tho
Atlanta" of Uio Indian Territory.
Your schools and colleges will keep
your boys and girls at homo. Your
churches compare well with nny city.
Your lawyers and doctors aro equal
with tho best Whon sUfohood corals
and all of tho public domain Is put
Into farms, then Ardmoro will grow
by leaps and bounds. Cotton and wool
en mills will come, and silk factories
and manufacturing plants of every
kind. By tho tlmo tho Panama, ditch
Is finished Ardmoro will bo tho "Inp"
for emigrants both from land and sea.
Yours truly,
Washita River. Rather Crooked.
Turner Falls, Jan. 31. Tho famous
Washita rlvor Is nearly as crooked as
tho notoriously crookell Deep Fork In
Uncoln county, Oklahoma. It Is, from
tho mouth of Houoy creek, by tho
Washita rlvor, sixty-four mllos to
auls Valloy and only twontytwo
miles to tljo ii'amo placo by tho Santa
to railroad. No effort, however, hns
as ypt boon mado towards straighten
ing tho many kinks of tho serpentine
stream. The occasional overflowed
lands produco tho Over groon and
highly nutritious swamp grass very
abundantly That grass Ib greatly rol-
iiuod by cattlo and horses,
President's Railroad Policy May not
Be Taken Care of Until May.
Senate May Prolong the
Statehood Vote.
A Washington special says:
It need not occasion surprise If the
niorry month of Mny arrives boforo
tho gonatu sorlously begins to contom
plnto a vote on tho railroad rato bill.
Nowhere In souato clrcloB Is thero nn
Indication ot n doslro to rush intor
stnto commorco legislation. Tho un
finished order of business Is tho Bhlp
subsity hill. Tho ndvocatos of that
measuro aro not willing to risk n vote
nt thin time. Thoy will permit It to
ba side-racked temporarily for tho
statehood bill.
Afer the statehood bill has been
disposed of, tho Philippine tariff bill
will be taken up. In tho moanwhllo
thero will bo appropriation bills pros
sing nnd tho ship subsidy bill still tho
unfinished business. Tlio Sraoot caso
Is privileged nnd can bo brought bo
foro tho sennte nt any tlmo tho com
mltteo sees fit to report It
So far as tho Republican steering
commltteo has ngrced on n program.lt
pcrtnlns to statehood and tho Philip
pine) tariff. Tho presont Intontlon is
thnt tho statohood bill may bo sub
stituted for tho ship subsidy bill not
later than tho mlddlo of next week
and It mny b0 dono the lattor part of
this week. Unless an agreement can
bo reached by which tho Foraker
amendment permitting Arizona nnd
Now Moxlco to vote separately on tho
ndopllon of n constitution will bo ac
cepted by tho sennto committee, thero
will bo a prolongod debato on state
hood. Senator Bcvcrldgo Is confident
that ho has enough votes In sight to
pass tho hill without making any con
cession. Tho oppolsltlon says ho has
not nnd you can tako your choice.
Th0 frlonds of tho Hamilton hill nro
urging that tho Incorporation of tho
Foraker amendmont on tho separation
of tho bill would mean Its dofeat In tho
houso. Thoy arguo that Spoakcr Can
non having won his fight against tho
Insurgents would not yield to pressure
from tho senato.
This plea Is greetod by tho demo
crats and their republican allies with
derisive laughter. Tho houso will not
dare rofuso n bill admitting Oklaho
ma nnd Indian Territory to statohood,
snys tho Balley-Forakor combination.
This briefly Is tho senate fight and
apparently tho forcos aro nbout
ovonly divided. Into this sort of a con
test, wlioro presidential aspirations,
tho supremacy of party leaders and of
ono or tho othor houses of congress
aro Involved, tho Oklahoma delegation
Is endeavoring to plungo Itself.
Enthusiastic stntchoodors havo can
vassed, nnd after voting down ono
plan adopted another. Tlio plan voted
down was for tho members of a dele
gation to call on oach senator and
toll hi m about it Somebody suggested
that Tlio senator might not come out
to bo Instructed, in which event tho
lelegntlon would bo embarrassed. Ac
cordingly, It has been agreed that
ench Individual shall sco tho senator
with whom ho has tho most potont
pull and convert him. No report was
submitted tonight, but after It Is nil
over thoro will bo circumstantial
stories to relate In Oklahoma, "how
Brown fixed Aldrlch," nnd "Smith put
tho finishing touches to Lodge," for
many a year. It Is suspectod that tho
Btatohood bill may serve as a "buffer"
In tho matter of rato legislation. Tho
senato Is going to pass a vote bill.
Of that thero is little or no doubt,
but thoro nro many details to be
workod out, compromises to present
and schemes to ndvanco. While those
aro being workod out tho tlmo must
bo consumed.
It something olso offors n hotter
field for exploitation than statehood It
will bo taken up, but Just at this par
ticular tlmo tho Hamilton bill Is most
available. Against tho Hamilton bill Is
Forakor, who Is nlso opposed to rail
road rato legislation. In favor ot tho
Hamlltbn bill Is Aldrlch, who Is Just
as pronouncedly against rate legisla
tion as Forakor. Sitting astrido tho
fonco In statehood legislation Is El-
kins, also against rato legislation. Tho
Oklahoma dclogution must get their
Interests together nnd IV may tako
somo tlmo.

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