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Sheppard of South McAlester Tosses
Buoquets at Indian Territory's Ru
ler Proposed Amendments.
In Hands of the Senate.
Washington. Fob. 1. (SpuclHl)
There nro three Individuals at the
national capital from Indian Territo
ry that are demanding ihore than or
dinary attention nnd Identified with
thorn Is the fnte of 410.000 ncros of
so-called coal and asphalt lands In the
Choctuw and Chickasaw nations.
These three gontlomcn In question arc
Hon. .1. H. Sheppard of South McAles
ter, Dr. 13. N. Wright of Olney and
Delegate D. C. McCurtaln of the Choc
taw nation, son of the present gover
nor of the Choctaws. Tho former Is
representing In Washington the eigh
teen cities of the coal belt. Dr. Wright
Is representing tho Indians of Uint
section and tho Inttcr Is representing
tho Choctaw council of tho nation.
All threo are In the city to confer with
the secretary of Interior as to what
the future status of these lands shall
be. When the coal lands of the terri
tory were put up at auction last year,
but $3,000,000 was offered for them
and the bids were so low that It was
seen fit to teject all of them. As a
matter of fact tho bids received In al
most a majority of Instnnces were be
low tho agricultural worth of tho
lands to bo sold. For It must bo re
membered that the coal In this vicin
ity Is not of tho variety found on tho
surface, but considerably below the
surface. In almost every Instance the
wurface of these coal lands Is fit for
farming and promise good returns to
the industrious.
Of tho total area of coal lands In
tho Choctaw and Chlcknsaw nations,
109,000 ncro-i are under lease and be
ing developed us coal properties. And
it so happens that these very lands
are tho pivot upon which the fate of
th0 remainder rests, for the tlmo be
ing at lenst. Choctaw and Chlcknsaw
politicians look upon them as a good
graft and worthy of exploitation.
It was not long ago when tho Choc
taw council proposed for Governor
McCurtaln to sell tho lands and pock
t ten per cent of tho proceeds. The
governor, It Is alleged, had a party In
Hlght who was willing to pay $15,000,
000 for the lands and ten per cent of
which Is quite a tidy sum. Tho gover
nor, should tho deal have gono
through, would have woke up tho next
morning and found himself a million
aire, nnd probably tho richest man In
tho territory. Hut, fortunately for tho
people of tho territory In general,
nothing became of tho deal. Should
tho peoplo have submitted to the coal
trust, the Indians would probably
have gotten plenty of money, but in
stead of farmers and tillers of tho
ooll and homes, etc., minors would
bavo come In, and Instead of bundled
wheat nnd corn, mounds of coal dust
and unsightly huts, etc., would hnvo
hecn tho ro3ult
That tho deal between tho two na
tions and tho coal trust was not con
summated was tho fault of Secretary
Hitchcock, for It was that official who
vetoed tho act passed by tho Choctaw
legislature, clothing Govornor McCur
taln with tho power to dispose of tho
Indian coal lands nnd at tho snmo
tlmo allowing him a commission of
ten per cent on tho transaction. All
of this happened after tho failure .of
the secretary to got doocnt bids for
tho lnnds at public sale. Eevr since,
ho has been giving tho futuro of theso
lands the Krcntost consideration. Ho
la now dofermlned more than ver
that tho unloasod portions and un
commercial tracts bo sold to bona
fldo settlers, farmers, In 1C0 aero lotg.
What Indian Territory noeds most, ho
bclloves, Is farmers, tillers of tho soil;
men wTio will como Into a country to
build homes and not tn oxplon. tho
country. In this ho hns tho support of
both Judge Sheppard, who roprcsonts
thn cities of tho vicinity, and Dr.
Wright, who represents tho Indians.
. Delegato McCurtaln has given tho sec
rotary only lukewarm support In tho
matter nnd recently boforo tho sen
ato commlttoo on Indian affairs, ad
vocatcd that Undo Sam buy tho lands
In question nnd turn tho proceeds over
to tho now stato of Oklahoma as n
school fund. It may bo added hero that
the committee dismissed the sugges
tion without consideration.
The Curtl? bill which provides for
the final disposition of tribal affairs
in the Indian Territory nnd which re
cently passed tho House contains a
provision which postpones tho salo of
the Choctaw nnd Chickasaw coal and
nsphalt lands until tho expiration of
the exiting leases, which as already
stated, would postpone the salo of
these lnnds anywhere from 18 to 27
years. It is this featuro of the bill
that the Indians nnd whites of tho
two nations want changed nnd for
which purpose Secretary Hitchcock
hun drafted two amendments; ono
providing for tho salo of tho lands in
TOO ncro tracts to actual settlers, and
the other for the appraisement and
snle of tho leased lands to tho pres
ent occupants.
.ludge Sheppard thinks that the sen
ato will adopt tho secretary's amend
ments and that Secretary Hitchcock
deserves a oto of thanks from tho
people of tli? territory for his stnnd
in this matter. Mr. Sheppard Is a
great admirer of the secretary and
thinks him a very much maligned and
outraged man. "His being In constant
contact with schemers and unscrupu
lous men," continued Mr. Sheppard,
"perhaps has mndo hlra a llttlo suspi
cious of overybody, but that Is only
human nature with him, nnd I for ono
am willing to say that tho tlmo will
come when Indian Territory, no long
er prejudiced, will look upon tho man
from Missouri as the greatest friend
they ever hnd In the Interior department."
Wewoka Man Entst and Leaves Cap
ital Building Without Attracting
Attention Nothing Doing In
His Line of Business.
C. K Long, of Wowokn, was ono of
the three men elected "to congress" In
tho lato Sequoyah campaign, lis Is In
Washington and hns been slnco the
session commenced. Writing to a
friend bnck home the "congressman"
"You will observe that I do not
ue congressional letter heads and en
velopes nor do 1 frank ray mall. Tho
majority of tho members of congress
nro so stupid that I have thus fnr
failed to convlnco them or perhaps a
better way to put It Is to say impress
them with my importance, and tho
consideration duo mo as a representa
tive of tho stato of Sequoyah.
"My entrance Into tho Capitol build
ing, so far as I can discern, attracts
no special notice, although I some
times fancy that the policeman, door
keeper nnd other ofllclnls aro dispos
ed to observo somewhat as I pass.
My Imposing and lofty bearing, to
gether with my clolhes, nccounts for
tills I presume, nnd yet, If this bo so,
I can not understand why peoplo gen
erally should not manifest nn Interest.
"They don't though with tho pos
sible exception of my landlord, who
Inquires Into my welfaro at the end of
each week being sollcltlous ns to
whether I hnvo tho whoro-wlth-all to
pny the keep ot my wife and srir, I
"You of course, read In tho papers
nil about tho Oklahoma delegation.
They nro hero about 150 strong and
had two or three days hearing beforo
tho commlttoo on territories and when
I sought to bo heard, whllo thoro was
no positive refusal, I could not get
them to fix a tlmo.
"Chairman Hamilton would say now
I want to bo fair about this matter,
but tang, Tvhat Is tho uso, tho thing
Is fixed and although I Enow how you
havo somo "spollblndors" down thoro,
thoy can't chango tho Deacon."
Chickasaw Legislature.
Last Monday was tho day to whfch
tho Chickasaw legislature had ad
Journed, but up to tho present time
thoro has boon no quorum of tho sen
ato prosont. Thoro Is a quorum ot tho
house, but until tho scnato gets
quorum tho houso can do no business.
Chlcknsaw Capital. (Thursday.)
First Gun In Campaign.
Tulsa, I. T., Fob. 2. Tho democratic
mass meting held at tho opera houso
last night was tho first big gun of
tho party In tho spring campaign.
largo crowd attonded tho mooting
which was addroased by Hon. John
Turner, a well known attornoy of
yinlta. ,
His Assistants Have Not Yet Been Announced Is Man
of StriKing Appearance and Energy and a
Protege of Secretary Taft.
Judge George It. Walker recently
appointed district attorney was In
ducted Into omco yesterday In an un
nstentatlous manner. Tito oathof of-
flco was administered by Chief Clorki
McCoy, In tho presence of a few. Tho
usual formalities wero gone through
without Incident, and In a perfunctory
manner. With yesterday Judgo Wal
ker began to draw pay. He enters tho
servlco of tho government, his first
official office, unhampered by political
obligations nnd with a rigid determin
ation to enforce tho law as far as It
is within ids power to do so. Al
though unexperienced In public
olllco tho fact that ho hns practiced
law for many years, eminently qnal- j of Secretary Tnft whom ho know, back
Ides him for the position ho now . in Ohio' nnd It wns Taft who was ro
holds. Tho Indian Territory proco- sponsible for tho political success of
dure may bo new to him, but havl..g
tho ability ho will doubtless make a
splendid official.
Judgo Walker is a native of Ohio.
He Is 17 yenrs of ago and haB a wife
nnd two children. For tho past 22
years ho has resided In Chicago where
he has boon engaged In the practice.
As attorney for a corporation ho had
occasion to visit Indian Territory.
Tho stpry has been told that, having
becomo greatly Impressed with the
possibilities nnd capabilities of pro
duction of this country, he longed to
locnto hero. It was stated that ho
wns a candidate for Judge Raymond's
Frantz Discouraged Oklahoma and In -
dlan Territory Veterans' Plan
Guthrio, Ok., Feb. 1. Tho "Hough
Rider" veterans of Oklahoma and In
dian Territory will not purchase a
wedding present for Miss Alice Roose
velt, n. 11. Colbert, former United
States marshal for tho Southern dis
trict of Indian Territory at Ardmore,
suggested tho purchase of a present
and askked for contributions from
"Rough Riders" In tho" two territories.
Fifty dollnrs had been raised at Guth
rio when Governor Frnntz heard of
tho plan nnd promptly opposed It ns
wholly Improper and out of plnce. No
further attempt was mado to raise
wonpy nmong "Rough Riders' Gov
ernor Frantz was a captain of a
"Rough Rider" troop under Colonel
BUI to Separate Wllburton From
South McAlester.
Washington, Feb. 1. Senator Mc
Cumber's bill to mako a new record
ing district In Indlnn Territory, which
promotes tho nmbltlon of Wllburt-.m
to bo a county scat In the now stale,,
wns roported favorably to tho senat'J
today. Wllburton Is In tho samo re
cording district as Is South McAles
ter, and as tho county boundaries aro
to coincide with thoso ot tho record
ing districts, Wllburton thought It
had no chanco ot success In rivalry
with South McAJeator.
course this Is inero rumor.
Ills Impressions of tho territory
found favor In an artlclo ho wroto la
Sturms' niagailno entitled the "Hush-
tlo ot ,n,llail Territory." If Judco
Walker should do nothing out of tho
ordinary In his position to attract at
tention this artlclo Is of sufficient
merit to win him the lasting friend
ship of tho residents. His description
in which he uses the phraso "Tho
Indian Territory U a Jowel in nature's
open hand" challenges admiration. Ho
is a man of lltcrnry ability.
Indeed, it Is said that this article
won for him the district attorneyship.
Judge Walker Is a personal friend
tho appolnttee. Although Judgo Wal
ker Is practically a now comer to
tho territory, ho dlscuBses conditions
with nn Intimate knowledge. In his
eyes shlno a kindly light. Ho has a
friendly grasp and an air that Im
presses ono that sincerity is ono ot
his characteristics. Ho may bo termed
striking In appearance, having a he.iv'
dark mustacho nnd dark eyes, but a
sympathetic faco nnd massive head.
Ho Is well built and moves with
As yet he hns made no appointments
and ho will deeply consider tho mat
ter beforo selecting his assistants.
1 Rapid Fall In Temperature Over East-
ern States.
Pinttsburg. N. Y., Fob. 2. In the
Anillrondack regions yesterday It was
almost like April, whllo today' tho
thermometer registered from twelve to
twenty degrees below zero
Now York. Feb. 2. Thoro Is a so-
voro cold wnvo hero today. Tho torn
peraturo Is fifteen degrees abovo zero
Plttficld, Mass., Feb. 2. Tho tcm
peraturo hero Is two abovo this morn
ing, a fall of forty degrees in sixteen
Firm's Liabilities Estimated at Ope
Hundred Thousand.
Pittsburg, Pa., Fred L. Past & Co.,
brokers, mado a voluntary assignment
hero today. Tho liabilities nro given
as ono hundred thousand dollars. Tho
nssets are said to bo equal to this
Wrapped In Confederate Flags.
Now York, Feb. 1. A special to tho
Trlhuno from' Unltlmorp says Rev.
Mntthow O'Keofo was burled yester
day, under tho chancel of tho Catholic
church, which ho had built nt Weson.
In nccordanco with n request mado
long boforo ho died, throo Confedor-
ato flaga wero wrannfd jiwut his cof
fin. Ho was chaplain ot Mason's brig
Ignition when he was under fire,
Will Succeed. Fllson as National Bank
Guthrie, O. T Jan. 31.--John Hale,
banker of Chnndlor, who will succeed
Chns, H. Fllson as uatlonnl bank ex
aminer, If McGulrc enn controf tho
appointment again, is In Guthrie to
day. Several bankers of tho territory
nave npplleants tor this position, but
It Is understood that Halo has tho nec
essary cndornomonts. Govornor Frantz
while In Washington, will. It Is said,
urge his nppolntmont.
When asked this afternoon It he
had any nBSitrnnco ot landing th0 of
lice, Mr. Hale said; "I havo received
no definite information to that effect.
Numerous friends havo been kind
enoiiKli to recommend me. I cprtalnly
would not rofuse the olllco If I should
get the appointment."
Don't Like Head Line Writers.
Muskogee, I. T., Feb. 1. Carrie Na
tion arrived hero this afternoon from
Guthrie, to tho newspaper mon sho
said: "Thoro Is no truth In tho roport
that I had sold my property nt Guth
rie and it lias fallen Into hands ot tho
brewers, I hnve Instituted suit agalnBt
them for llblo." Sho asked how many
reporters wero In tho crowd saying. "I
am going to give each of you a hat
chet" and opened hor satchel and dis
tribute mlnaturo hatchets to them
all. Mrs. Nation said: "T havo n great
deal of sympathy for tho reporters; I
don't lll(o tho men who wrlto tho head
lines." Mrs. Nation will lecture here
Indorses President's Policies and Says
He is Now Engaged in a Struggle
With Money Powers Demo
crats Leave Chamber.
Washington, I). O., Feb. 1. Senator
Thomas Patterson, Democrat of Colo
rado, startled the scnato today by de
livering nn olaborato eulogy of Pres
ident Roosevelt, defending ills prin
cipal policies and ranking him as a
statesman with Washington, Jeffer
son and Jackson.
Tho action of tho Colorado senator
lias precipitated much blttcr.'y hostllo
criticism by many ot his Democratic
colleagues. As soon ns tho drift ot his
speech was discovered, almost all ot
tho minority members of tho senate
left their scats and adjourned to tho
Democratic clonk-rooms, whero, It Is
learned, they discussed tho question
of adopting rigorous methods to on-
force harmonious Demorntic notion.
It wns notnblo also that smnll heed
was- paid to M'r. Patterson on tho
Republican side. Apparently, tho Re
publican senators wero ns llttlo In
sympathy with him ns tho Democrats.
Whon ho had concluded, tho scnato
was almost ompty. Not n mombor
congratulated tho Colorado senator,
nn omission quite unusual nfterthodo
livery of a sot speech.
Most of tho Democratic senators
aro moro convinced than over that a
caucus should bo held on the Impor
tant ponding Issues, particularly on
the San Domingo treaty. Thoy bellovo
that the members of tho party who
vote" against policies declared by tho
large majority ot tholr membership In
tho sonato should bo formally oxclud
ed from a party causus. Early develop
ments along this lino are now expect
ed. Senator Patterson's remarks follow
ed his appointment to servo on tho
Committee on Privileges and Elections
In placo of Senntor Clark of Arkansas,
who today asked to be relieved from
Russian Emperor Appeals to People to
Prevent Disorders.
St. Petersburg, Fob. 2. In view of
tho profound conviction that Spring
will witness a revival of tho agrarian
disorders on a more deplorablo scale
than over before, tho emperor has ad
dressed an outspokon manduto to tho
peasantry, setting forth that tho
rights ot proporty aro sacred and that
tho peasants will bo violating his will
If thoy attempt to enter Into posses
slon ot prlvato lands. At tho samo
tlmo his majesty has assured tho
peasants that ho will tustltuto meas
ures for their relief.'
Do tho right thing by all of your
friend and you haven't anything but
the core of tho' apple loft
President Jordan Offers Criticism and
Says He Will Tell More When
'(he Occasion Arises It It
Said that North Is Sorry.
Washington, Feb. l.-The houso this
morning authorized Director North to
dlsburdon himself of his secret con
cerning the cotton. It wns movod
somewhnt by compassion for tho dir
ector, but moro by tho reflection that
such Information ns ho has gathorod
is dangerous whon kept socrot.
Mr. Crumpaker, tho chairman of
tho committee which roportod tho res
olution, said In urging Its ndoptlon, tho
director had gathered tho Information
as a matter ot economy, but that ho
was sorry.
Mr. Burleson, who advocated tho
ndoptlon of tho resolution, also said
tho director was heartily sorry, and
that ho would not do It ngnln. "It wa.
never Intended," ho said, "thnt the
Census Bureau should gather Informa
tion In which any clement of estima
tion entered, but now that theso esti
mates had been collected, thoy should
bo given out at once, nnd In tho reg
ular way."
Tho statement that Mr. North Is
sorry thnt ho gathered tho Information
Is no exaggeration. Ho hns been har
rassod every slnco ho got It, and would
gladly havo mado It public oxcepl tw
ills reluctnnco to nBsumo tho respon
sibility for what might happen to tho
Tho most significant feature of tho
discussion which attended tho ndon
t Ion of tho resolution today wan a
general expression of Impatlenco be-
caue of the bickerings nmong thovj
interested in tho cotton trade. Con
gress Is coming to think that the In
formation which tho government gath
ers Is being used largely to promoto
speculation, nnd It Is also coming to
doubt If It bo posslblo to satlfy all
tho organizations which concern them
selves with cotton. Tho re Is a suspi
cion that somo ot theso organizations
which profess n mission to foster thu
welfaro of cotton growers aro, In fac
leeches upon them, nnd that thoy ara
moro Intent on prlvnto proQt than nn
conserving the Interest of tho grow
ers. President Jordan's Criticism.
Atlantn, Ga., Fob. 1. President
Harvlo Jordnn of tho Southern Cot
ton Association today replied to tho
statement at Census Director North,
which nppenred yesterday. Mr. Jordan
"If tho law of tho census offlco pro-
vents tho Dlroctor from gathering es
timates as to tho amounts ot cotton
remnlnlng to bo ginned for public uso,
then the law clearly docs not contem
plate thnt tho Director should bo per
mitted to gather theso estimates from
tho glnncrs for tho Director's private
uso. I criticized tho Director for re
quiring detailed, dcfinlto Information
from tho glnnors regarding tholr estl
mnto of tho porcontngo of cotton re
maining to bo ginned In their respoc
tlvo localities nftor Jan. 16, 19CXS. Ho
could Just as well havo asked 'Is gin
ning over?' and secured all tho Infor
mation ho claims to havo wanted.
Reported Conflict at House of Farmer.
Results Unknown.
Simon, I. T., Feb. 1. (8pocial)
Word was received hero yesterday
that a considerable mob ot unknown
men surounded the rosldenco ot W.
S. Adcrhqlt, about four miles north of
Simon, and engaged in considerable
promlscous shooting. M'r. Adorhoit
armed htmsclt and returned tho fire,
with tho result thnt ho has a dead
horso and Is a hot wlnnor.
The horso was ldontlfled as belong
ing to a young man of tho Oswalt
neighborhood. It Is rumored that tho
.young man was sorlously wounded,
but tho roport lacks confirmation.
Kicked by a Mule.
Simon, I. T., Fob. 1. (Special) U.
U Mitchell had tho mtsfortunp to get
his log brokon and anklo dislocated
by being kicked by a mulo yestorday.
Negro Murderer Hanged.
Washington, D. C, Fob. 2. William
Waltor Hamilton, a nogro, was hang
ed In tho Jail hero today for tho mur
der ot his common-law wife.

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