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Ardmore, FrWay, February 23, 1906
STpoinj 3UDmorcttc.
SIDNEY 8UOQ3. Proprietor.
7rtrat"the"PoitoOce at Aramore
it Becond-cUis Matter,
November 2, 1893.
"KblUbereTerr afternoon (.excep
murdayi and Sunday morning.
OBce of publication North Whin-
at Week
Oa Month
Year 5 m
(Payable In Adrr.no.
IM offlclal nowipapor ot the Unit
4 BUtcs court for the Southern Dls
Act, Indian Territory. Alio for tte
rCcUsa Stock Association of the
adlan Territory, anc" the offlclal orgu
- rlty.
Any erroneous reflection upon tne
skaracter and reputation ot any per
mi which may be printed In the Ard
orelto. or any article based on ro
Mrta that are fals. will bo gladly cor
rected It brought to the attention ot
Ik yubllsher.
rm'.nfis Manager's Offlce "8
Hf- Edltor'i Offlco
Len, Distance t3B
Ardmore, Friday, February 23, 1006.
The South McAlcstor Capital has
prepared a splendid Democratic plat
form A platorm Is a good thing If
It Is really stood on.
4 oo
Even poor old Vlnlta has thrown
off the deady stupor and commenced
to pave Its streets. Surely Ardmore
can do what Vlnlta Is doing.
i oo
J SUrllng Morton, at one time sec
retary of agriculture under Prosldont
Cloveland, Is the author and origina
tor of Arbor day. A monument bonrlng
this InscrlpMon has been creeled to
his memory at Nebraska City, Nob.:
"J Sterling Morton 1892-1902 Auth
or of Arbor Day."
There aro two ways to iftako dirt
fly In Ardmore. One la to plant tree
and the other Is to pavo tho streets.
These aro two essential things that
must ho done and tho quicker tho bet
ter They go hand In hand, one beau
tifies the property and the othor ma
terlally Increases Us value.
Tha,t wns nice In Col. 'evoly to say
ho was not n candidate for senator
from tho to-ho now stato of Oklaho
ma nnd then ruggest Judgo Stuart ns
a fit person, for this exalted place.
Tho colonel was always good with sug
gestions' nnd nt the samo tlmo keeps
himself before tho public and Incident
ally manages to couple his namo with
Honntorlnl possibilities. Now, Judge,
you ought to say something for Hill.
At a dinner tendered tho delega
tion from tho Huslncss Men's 1cnguo
at St, Inils prior to their leaving
or Washington In the Interest of
tijit'hfd.Ar Indian Territory and Ok
lahoma, President Smith of that club
nald: "Realizing the Importnnt busi
ness relations between St. Louis and
tho southwest, tho St I-ouls mer
chants, who aro representatives of
tho Huslness Men's League, feel It
their duty to help Oklahoma nnd In
dian Territory to accomplish tho state
hood which they aro trying to obtain.
Wo feel that everything that wo can
do should he dono at once. A month
ngo tho Ixaguo ahked all tho Miss
ouri congressmen and senators to sup
port this statehood bill, and received
replls from most of them that aro
Tory encouraging. Wo think that now
wo hnvo nn opportunity to do oven
rooro offectlvo work to help tho Inter
ests of tho southwest. Wo bcllovo thnt
wo can accomplish mwo by sending
v strohjT delegation to Washington at
this tlmo thnn In nny othor way.",
(leorge Washington, r-j commandur
In chief ot tho Amorlcnn armies np.i
ns president of tho United States, was
nover censured for an olllcial act, ex
cept In tho caso or tho unfortunate
Major Andre, a young Hrltlsh olllcor
who was caught Insldo tho Araorlcau
lines whllo ho was negotiating wlh
tho trrtllof, Arnold, for tho surrender
ot West Point. Andro was hanged m
a hp, and Washington waB sovorcly
condemned by the British for not
pardoning him. This young man's dU
rrraceful death caused grcnt sorrow
In Kagland. Ho belonged to a good
family, was strikingly handsomo and
was very popular with his brother offi
cers, Strenuous efforts wore mado to
nave him by General Clinton, but to
no purpos. A injmument was orected
t: Andre' memory In Westminster
Abbey Washington utrenuously main
tained that ho had no nltprnatlvo but
In hang Andro as a spy, ho having
VOon caught In (hno of war Insldo tho
lines and with lre?3onahlo correspond
once on Ills person, nnd for thoso
re.vuns. would not Intorforp and per
mitted the liu ilnn. Most wrltora ap-
jirovo Washington' courngo, but all
nynpa'hlzo with tho gnllaut young
l-hiirlHlimnn and regret lie had to dlo
jia a spy.
Ajbor day Is generally celebrated
throughout the, union, and Is fixed
a a holiday by proclamation In frost
of the states. In the Indian Territory,
tho mayors of the towns and cities
flic this day and usually tome time In
advance. We suggest Mayor Dick is-,
sue a proclamation fixing the day for
some tlmq in the near future. Noth
log beautifies or ndds more to a city
than tree. A systematic plan shoulJ
bo adoptod and Intelligently pursued.
Tho following reasons are given why
trees should bo planted r
They Increase the value of sur.
rounding properly.
They protect the pavement from tho
heat of tho sun.
They add bounty and comfort to
the ity streets.
They cool the air In summer and ra
diate the warmth In winter.
They purify the air; tho leaves in
hale carbocle acid gat and oxhalo ox
Ti.ey aid Id eounteractlng tho usual
unnatural conditions of city life.
Ardmore was built on a prairie, and
amid the excitement ot business find
homo building, the Importance of hav
ing shade trees has boon overlooko-1.
The school children should bo In'!--ostcd
and a rizc off?rcl to tho orfj
who soils tho most trees during a giv
en period. Ardmore has many hand
Romo homes whose beauty and comfort
could bo materially enhanced by
shade trees. These trees would break
the winter's blast and cool tho 5 u Ti
mor's heat. They would bo a source
of Joy forovor. Trees can bo purch.iv
cd without much cost find ultimately
would add to tho value of tho prop
orty, -
No "town or city will grow and pros
per unless its citizens arc willing fot
It to do so. They must bo pjbllc spir
ited, give liberally to now enterprises,
attend chnmbur of comniorco meet
ings, talk oi tho advantages ot their
city, tell how It brut and Is growls,
what Is bolng done to Improve it,
make suggest Ions nnd act on them,
encourage Immigration, bo enthusiast
ic, wclconio new comers, nnd Intqroft'
yourself In them nnd thorn In yoi,
oppose no plan that Is proposed for
the betterment of tho city, improve
your property, build housos, keep tho
streets clenn, plant trees, and do nny
and everything that will make Ard-
moro greater. Knockers should not bo
listened to. Optimists, though thpy
often fall, encourage nnd Incite oth
ers to do things.
Ardmore Is at that stage of Its ca
reer where It must continue to grow
If It Is to bo n city, or else It will
mnln a town, and ho outstripped In
the race by fcomo of Its more onorgot
le neighbors. Concerted action for tlij
betterment of Ardmore by nil of tho
citizens will result In the largest an-1
host city of the territory.
Hut few people know that Gcorgo
Washington was created by IxjuIs
XVI a Marshal of France. When tho
Count do Hochambcau, who command
ed the French troops sent to America,
nrrlved nnd reported to Washington,
It was discovered that he, Kocham
beau, being a mnrshnl of France,
could not servo undor Washington. A
Mnrshal of Franco not being permit
ted to rccelvo orders from nny porson
of lower rank than ho. Military etl
qustto is strict on such points ami o
overcome this difficulty, by let". -is
Tjajtcnt, Washington was created a
Marshal. This was kopt a state secret
as many Americans w6uld hnvo seri
ously opposed tho acceptance of a for
clgn tltlo by any cltlton, This prob
ably led to tho passing of tho law
which now prohibits nny citizen of
tho United Stntca from accepting a tl
tie from any forolgn government
prlnco of potentate
Col. Hill Ecvely of Muskogeo In n
Washington Interview, with his usual
modcHty, says ho Is not a candidnto
for United Stntes senator from tho
new stato of Oklahoma, but suggests
Judgo CliarleB H. Stuart of South Mc-
Alestor an a man nbundantly qualified
to fill thttt Importnnt position, remark'
Ing thnt Judgo Stuart Is an ablo law
yer and a Jurist of tho first rank, hav
ing ono tlmo been on tho bench. Wo
agveo with Col. Zevely. It would bo
a mUfortuno for tho now stato not
to mnko Judgo Stuart ono of Its first
senators. Ho Is Democratic In his
tastes, a lover of his fellowruin,
mTtkes a splendid speech, Ms widely
known nnd wherever ho goes nttrncts
respect for his profound knowledge
He has n host ot friends In tho In
dlan! Territory anil Is well known
and liked In Oklahoma. Ho Is eminent
ly fitted, montnlly and physically, to
wear tho senatorial toga. Judgo Stit
art's former law partner wns Jo Hn
ley. With Those two in tho senate, tho
K)uthn I would have the two strong'
est nn n In It and xmos thoy could at
all times bo-proud of. '
If yon would bo clnssod as a good
fellow, all you have to do is to applaud
your fool friends.
Representation From All Sections of
Chickasaw Nation Much Enthu
siasm and Complete Harmony.
The Opening Session.
The fourteenth soml-annual meeting
of the Chickasaw Toachers' associa
tion Is In session here, having conven
ed in rtiks hail this morning for a
two day' session. Especially notice
able It the fact that every section of
he Chickasaw nation Is represented
and among tho points of special Inter-
eat is the large atttendance nnd the
enthusiasm manifested in the mealing
In opening the meeting Prof. Down
ing of Raff, president of the asso
elation, slated that be was gI53 to an
nounco tho 14th annual meeting. His
remarks were Informal and brief, and
were followed by the singing of a
patriotic song, "Hattle Hymn of tho
Republic," In which the entire assem
blage participated.
Rev. C. C. Wolth of the Presbyto
rlan church Invoked the divine bles
sing and he forvontly prayed for a
closer alliance between the homes and
the schools.
A song by two pupils of the high
school, Misses Irene and Verna Kd
dloman, was enjoyable. They were ac
companied on the plana by Miss Oul
dnFofitcr, whose technique Is charm
Following this came the welcome
adlress by Co). Sidney Suggs, who
grew enthusiastic as he progressed
He declared the teachers were enti
tled to the credit of ndvnncing the
country morally and socially, and un
der the quickening impulse of civ-
lllzntion had accomplishes! by their
efforts that which Jill live as a mon
ument forever. His tribute to alio
teacher was no less Intorostlng thnn
other features of his address. Ho de
clared among other things that the
teacher In comparison with their du
ties, the 'privations nnd the exacting
conditions, n part of school work, was
too poorly paid. In concluding his
speech he extended a hearty welcome
to tho pedagogues and predicted a
pleasant stay for them In the city.
Prof. Stanley of Mndill, on the part
of the teachers, responded and his
speech wns nn Interesting topic of
tho morning session. Among other
things ho was gla-1 to see Ardmore so
dcoply Tutcrosted In school work, paid
a tribute to tho efficiency of the pub
lic schools, Its superintendent and
toachers. Ho said that tho greatest
heritage to tho new stato would bo a
public school system In Indian Terri
tory. Prof. Moore of Marietta gave a
practical Illustration of school work
and his demonstration was of a high
order and created considerable Inter
est nmong the attendance. In his de
parture from tho regular program, his
address related to psychology.
The morning session concluded with
nn Informal tnlk by Prof. Evans ol
thnAr dmoro public schools. He was
well received. There waB no notlcca
bio deviation from tho morning pro
gram. This afternoon the regular program
is being carried out.
Tonight tho teachers will bo cntor
tnlncd nt tho Elks' hnll with a recep
tion and the nffalr wll bo largely at
tended. Enrollment of Teachers.
Miss Slmms, Ada.
Miss Cnlllo KIsselbury, Marietta.
Gibson, J. E., Marietta.
Johnson, J. T Sneed.
Mrs. J. S. Horkshlre, Ardmore
Overstrcet, Thomas, legate.
Wlllams, Hnrt. Howltt.
Heck, Geo., Tishomingo.
French, W. C Wynnewod.
Mlw Nelllo Hardy, Ardmore.
Miss Htnshaw, Madlll.
Miss Carrlo Hardie, Madlll.
Connor, A. T., Ardmore.
Mrs. Jordan, Ardmore.
Conway.W. T., Ardmore.
MIis Goldle Ross, Purcoll.
Miss TCIla Davis, Ardmore.
Mrs. Ella Stou, Rood.
Prof. Chas. Tivnns, Ardmore.
Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn, Purccll
Mr. and Mrs. Payne, Purcell.
Miss Oulda Cox, Purcoll. t
MIsb Carrie Pool, Purccll.
MIm Lula Glnddnn, Ardmore.
Mnrshal, J. W. Duncan.
Miss Ofn E. Cody, Ovei brook.
Jenkins, Will. W.. Kowport.
Allen, A. D Iloxbnr
Hendrlx, J. R., Ada.
Downing, n! V., Roff.
Stnnloy, H. A., Madlll.
Miss Warren, Ada
Miss 1ing, Ada.
Aycr, M. H., Ada.
Mrs. Washington, Ada.
Mrs. Strange, Ardmoro.
Ming Ingrnm, Ardmoro
Miss Luoy Kllllngswortli, Ada.
Wilson, A. C, .Davis.
Mil- Pearl CrnwTord, Ada.-
Miss VUls, Wilson, Marietta.
Miss VJ1U Wilson, Marietta.
Mtss Bamtxrg, Ardmore.
Miss Dora Walden, Wynnewood.
Miss Mabeile Settle', Wynnewood.
Miss Rna Prim. Wynnewood.
Miss Fay Underwood. Purcpll.
Miss McOlll. Davis.
Miss Reody, Davis.
Mi&A Davis, Davis
Mrs. E. J. Cioaghlll, Lindsay.
L. C. Ellis Willis, I. T.
Michael, Robert, Chagrls.
Orr. Fred, Gllsonlie.
Osborne, J. S., Pauls Valley.
Nlcholfson, N. A., Kingston.
Shaw, C. W., Dolberg.
Miss Eunlco Dosler., Purcell.
Mrs. Nlblack, Ardmore.
M. E Mc.-e, rarttta.
Supervisor Desk Talks Interestingly
of Tribal and Other Schools.
"If contemplated legislation as pro
vided for in the Curtis bill passes be
fore March 4th, all schools in Indian
Territory will continue to run with
the unoxpended balanco of tho appro
priation made by congress last year
and undor the direct supervision and
control of Secretary Hitchcock of Uio
Interior department," declared George
Heck, supervisor of schools in the
Chickasaw nation, who Is In the city
attending tho scml-nnnual meeting of
tho Teachers' Association. "If this
legislation Is not enacted all such
schools will close after March 4th.
This of course does not Include
schools In the towns which are main
tained by municipalities." This legis
lation. Is declared by Supervisor Beck
to be of vital imporlance and will
prove of great valuo to the schools
at this time. For this reason Indian
Territory is watching the Curtis K
with more than passing Interest. Tho
continuance of the Interior schools
depends solely on tho outcome of the
Curtis act.
In anticipation that the bill cannot
become a law Ey tho time al' 1 for
he dissolution of he tribal government
the tribal schools attended by Indians
alone are making arrangements to
cense. In several Instances pupils
have been sent homo, this being done
In ncordnnco with Instructions from
the tribal superintendent
Because the school fund is u nnor-ted
with tribal schols or rather because
the appropriation was Intended for
all schools In tho territory, schools at
tended by white children will bo sim
ilarly affected, yet with this appropri
ation white children could not attend
the tribal school. On account of thl:
pcculalr phao of Ihe law, white and
Indian schools have been conducted
separately. Congress appropriated
$ir.O,000 for tho malntnlnancc ot trl
bnl schools and the establishment of
schools for white children. With this
money tho icliool system of the ter
ritory has been wonderfully Improved
during tho past year.
Supervisor Beck could not pre-lltt
what would bo done after March 4,
when all schools will close. Congress
must make provision 'for that.
During the past season thousands
of children took advantage of the
school appropriation. The r,upervlaor
says that thousands ol children were
kept Tfi tho cotton fields when they
should have been In school nnd have
now only got Into school as shown Cy
tho schools at tho present time hav
ing their largest attendance.
Matinee Saturday afternoon, 2:30
Italians With Whom He Htd Business
Trmactlons Arc 'Jiier Suspi
cion One Arrest Made De
ceased Was a Forger.
Pittsburg, Kas., Fob. 23, Frank
Marsh, a real ostato dealer, of thfs
city, wasmurdered In a cold-blodod
manner Inst night on tho road near
Chlcopee, whllo returning In a buggy
with Tony Valencia, an Italian, from
Weir City.
Valencln, who Is under arrest, says
on unknown man attacked thom.
Marsh waa rondored unconscious by
a blow and shot through tho head.
Ills faco Is pounded to a. pulp.
Italians whom Mnrsh Is alleged to
havu worsted In real estato deals aro
BUBpected. Marsh was under n ten
years sentence in Missouri for for
gery, and "was out pending nn appeal.
Provision In Bill Extending Tribal
Government Another Year.
Wr.shlngton. D. C, Feb. 23. (Spe
cial) Tho flvo civilized tribes bill, re
ported today, contains tljo provision
.oxtondlng tho tribal government for
anothor yoar
Breckcnrldgo . Stock company nt
(innrn linnRrt hixlnnprt nt 'wortlf. 99.2
Wo nlways havo a lino or good bug
gies in stock and soli at low prices
and liberal terms.
Your Credit is Good at
Big Furniture, Carpet and Stove Store
Celebrating a Holiday
By the Sale of Seven PianosGreatest
Discount Sale in Southwest
Our store celebrate Washington's
birthday by selling seven plnnos. Fivo
of these Instruments aic in the homes
of Ardmore people and one went near
Madlll and the other to Pauls Valley.
No piano sale ever held In tho south
west has attracted so much attention
and there is a good reason for it
never before have such prices been of
fered on high grade Instruments. A
large shipment of instruments has ar
rived and our stock Is even more com
plete today than at any other time
during the sale. Ono thing wo ask
prospective purchasers to remember,
that Is the prices will be cut no lower.
They have now been reduced nelow
manufacturers cost and they cannot
be cut any lower. It's bettor to buy
now before the choice instruments
are taken. A fnll cash payment is
not required. Come in and let's talk
about tho terms.
Here is an offer on" which we can
save yo umoro than $10 a month for
an entire year. An elegant Schulz
plnno In figured Mahogany, largoet
size, made especially to order, pos- j
sesses the latest design nnd the very
finest action. Such a piano never
beforo sold for less thnn $425, our
price during this salo is $298.
Some of the visitors who have be-1
come astounded at the low prices of-!
fcred have made the Inquiry If wo !
E. B.
Established 1695
Japanese Newspaper Advocates Their
Purchase From United States.
Victoria, B. C., Feb. 22, Some Jap
anese newspapers aro advocating the
purchase of tho Philippines from the
United States nccordlng to advices
received by tho steamer Athenian.
The Yorddso Hocho eays tho Philip
pines havo cost tho United States
much money and no substantial ad
vantages have been secured and that
Japan could kcop with moro success,
as America has failed bocauso of ra
cial differences betwen rulor and
ruled and tho long distance which
separates the government and tho
Islands. Concluding tho Vorodsu Ho
cho Illustrates Japanese success In
Large Number of Novices Initiated
at Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma City, Ok.. Feb. 22. Tho
Shrinors of Oklahoma and Indian Ter
ritory hnd a ceremonial session hero
this afternoon nnd inltlatca 100 nor
Icea, among thom being Governor
Frank Frantr, who was provonted
from bolng initiated at a previous
mooting on account of Illness. Th'rro
was a street parado at 2 o'clock and
In tho .evening tho Shrlners with tholr
wives attended tho opera house.
Newspaper Man Disappears.
VIonna, Feb. 23. A tolegram from
Sofia says Albert Sonnlechson, the
California correspondent of tho New
York Evening Post, has disappeared
in Macedonia. Ho was an author, Jour
nalist and traveler.
Matlnco Saturday afternoon nt
2:30. 22-2
fatlneo Saturday, aftornoon, 2:30
Breckcnrldgo Stock company- (it
opera houso, balanco of week: 22 2
were selling out for the purpose of
leaving the town. We have nover
thought of such a change. Orders
have come from tho different factories
represented in our store to rcll.'to
sell quick and have set tho low prices
In order to oxchango theso instru
ments either for cash or good notes.
These prices aro for a brief period
only. When tho salo closes tho
chances aro wo will never Tc able to
offer you such bargains again.
Our tent has been pitched perman
ently In Ardmore. Wo have been hero
for moro thnn ten years nnd expect
to romaln. We arc completing arrango
ments now whereby wo will go Into
tho wholesale and retail business of
pianos and organs exclusively. The
stock will be more extensive than
ever but at no tlmo can we hope for
such prices again. When this oppor
tunity Is gano the piano you need and
nro thinking of buying will be worth
from $100 to $200 moro thnn it Is to
day. Come In nnd let's talk over tho
If you live out of Ardmoro do as
others are doing and take advantage
of our offer to pay railroad faro for
CO miles and also your hotel bill.
Add music to the other charms of
your home. Do It now while It will
not deplete the pockt book. Storo
open every night until 9 o'clock.
Secretary of Treasury Gets It Put uo
Straight to Him.
Cleveland, Ohio, Feb. 22. City
Clerk Peter Witto recently wroto a
letter to President Roosevelt in which
ho charged that the Secretary of tho
Treasury. Leslie M. Shaw, had sup
ported John B. Walsh of Chicago,
financier and quarry owner, In a con
test for a standstone public building
In Cleveland. Tho response from
Shaw was received today:
"Your letter has been handed to mo
by tho President," wroto Shaw, "l'ho
statement is wholly Inlso and your
nuthorlty must havo known It was
false. I did not oven know thnt Walsh
was Interested In tho quarries. You
must quit traducing public officials,
Wltte, or mako good your changes.
Namo your lnformnnt."
Wltto says ho cannot namo his In
formant without betraying confldcnco,
but will undertake to "put It up to
Secretary Shaw bu straight ho cait
get awny from It."
Matinee Saturday aftornoon, 2:30
Germany's Tariff Rate.
Borlln, Feb. 23. Tho Belch'stag to
day by a largo majority passed tho
final reading of tho bill providing
for tho extension of Gormany's Lirlft
rates to tho Unltod States.
Bromo Quinine,
Menthol Beans
And a cloion klmln of Conch Byrup for
your cold.
W T. HIXQN. Fjpeit Sllwsmllh
Drugs, Jewclo. Stationery
Phone 265

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