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Ardmore, Thursday, March 29, 1W6.
I, I
i 'i
ftljc Jlnilt) SUDmorcilc,
Tho Imllnn Tt rrltc.ry Is rompoBfd of
live ilUtlnct reservations set iipart tor
tin urn of tho Chorokrp, Crock. Swa
in tile, Choctaw and Chlrknsnw trlhaw
of Indians. Thes IndlaRB wore r
morol to tho lmllnn T.Trtlwy from
wist of the Mississippi rlTer lo th
year 1.S35, unclor certain treaty wtlpn
intloiw with the United fltntes govern
mrnt Aft-r tht lr removal Utoy at one
wlaltllahed anwriipieutH of their own
iwtti-iiittd after that of tho stntos.
Tlictr lands woro held In common nnd
wich Indian could tnkr. ni much or ns
little of It m suited lilni. So many
complaint w-re tnade that the more
enterprising Indiana ww tah..J(C ad
Tanlngo of Id Indolent brother ly
mirtoalnic nwre Innda than he waa on-
titled, and that the piddle funda of tho
tribe wore belli misused, that onn
Ktos finally decided 'bat a ('bangs In
conditions waa necessary. Therefore-,
in 1H93, thr waa apix'tnted a com
julslf, of which Henry K-IUwoa of
aKissachuxett wna chairman, to no
j;otlnte with tlfese. Indiana to obtain
their consent to abandoning lht!r com
tnnnnt systom of holding Ittnda and
accept an allotment of tho name lu
wvcralty and incidentally to glvo up
their tribal governments
lly vnrtnim nctn of congroaa paaiod
alter tho date mentioned tho commla
lrn wna authorized to dotermlno who
wore Indiana, nnd over since, baa lioen
imntltliiK them; theso rolla aro mrw
vractlcnlly completed, nnd each man,
woman and child unrolled has boon
allotted hla or liar share of tho public
When an allotment la Jlnnlly made,
a patent describing tho laud therein
ronveyed la signed by tho principal
ohlof or tho nation, attested by tho
nrent senl thereof, and nwrovod by
Ui secretary of tho Interior, and given
jiclf Individual allottee, llach Indian
receives w many acres of land, for
Mhlrh two patenta aro Issued, ono for
what l known an "liomstond" nnd
another for what la known ah "surplus
land." These patents nro the basts of
tltlo nnd cannot bo koiio behind nor
There la now pending lu congress
a bill which will probably past within
tint next ton days permitting nil In
(liana of less than full blood to dla
Tobo of nil of bis or her aitrplus land,
it la osllmnttd In tho Choctaw and
Chickasaw nation thoro nro some
thing over 20,000 Indiana, 12,000 of
-whom nro less than fullblond.
Tho standard allotment In theso two
nntlnna la 320 acre, 100 ncrea or
which In retained for tho homestead,
nnd the other 1C0 acrea nro tho sur
plus Inn. In. If thla hill iwaaea It will
hrow on the market practically 2,000,.
000 ncrea of land which enn bo dls
poaeil of by tho Indian without depart
mental aupervlHlnn and nt any price
-that ho may bo offered for It.
Tho rivgut nets of conRTcuB provldej
-tlint tho full blood Indian may havo
Tilu rcHtrlctlnna removed uion tho
alienation of h)n land by mnkliiK nppll
ration to tho secretary of tliu Interior,
iipou hIiowIok tint be la competent
o manago bla own nffalra. Many of
hn socillcd full blnodn aro aa capable
of IranHactlui; hmdncaa iih aro whlto
men lu oqual utatlon of lite, and hmv
drods of them nro constantly making
application to have their rcRtrlctlonH
removed In order that thuy may ell
their mtrplua Innda that thoy may ukc
tiro money received thcrofor lu tho
Jtnprovenient of their hnmrHteada.
Thlu nUo puts qulto a numbur of ncroa
of land on the market.
Many white cIUuuk of olthor aox
have Intermarried with tho Indiana,
hut tluro aro no reMrlctlona upon
tiielr dlspoaliiK of their Hurplua lnmta.
Jt la nald that there aro about 2,000
or tliene Itilermarrleil eltlxcm. nnd ns
aich hua a aurplua of 100 aerna tnla
jrlll nM put on the market an addi
tional 320.000 aero of land.
Tito AtchUon, TopoUa .t Santa Ke
railway enter tho ChlcUaanw nation
from the north near I'urcell nnil tra--ereH
It lu a aoutherly direction to
the Texnii line, a dlatance ot about 100
mile. It nltw haa a branch from PnuU
Valley, which runa north nnd north
nat to Shawneo, Oklahoma. These
different llntfi run tlinMiKlf probnbl
tho fluest Hgr!ciiUural land In tho
world; tho bottom lands nloni? the
Wnuhlta river are considered tho beat
In tho torrllory and will produce n
tmlo of cotton to the ncro nnd avornKO
nlxty bushelH of corn per acn Apples,
crapes and peaches can bo romllly
f,rowti and with but little tronblo.
Thoro Is probably In tho Calcknsiw
atlrm at UiIb tliuo gomothlni; over
300.000 whlto citizens, as compared
to nbout o.OOO Chtckar -v Indians, tho
whlto population ontutiniborlns tho In
dian nbout 1C to 1.
Tire U, S. courts havo full Juris
diction over nil crimen committed In
tho Indltn Territory. Thcro nro but
Tew murders conim'ttod In the Indlnn
Territory TIio Brc.iter violation of law
occurring In. tho Introduction of whto
ky, which Is strictly nroh'blted from
being Introduced Into tho Indian Ter
ritory by tho United Slatoa Iaw3.
Uinda can be pnrchaird at from $lft
lo JI5 per acie.
Tho cities and towns of Indian Ter
ritory have everything that goo
to make tip a good community, and
will compare favorably wliK towna ot
like flo In the aUtea, and In fact, the
Indian Territory I not an Indian rca
orratlon urotier, hut a alata wlthotft
tho deolopmonla, which offer a magnl
Meant opportunity for farmers to pur
chase landa at oJieap price And make
for themiwlvc good and comfortable
fiagaettlons on town BulldltiQ.
ThltJ la the way tho Iilxhy llutlotln
jiuta It: "No town or city will Brow
and proaper unlnaa II cltlaena are wilt
ing for It to do ao. They timet be pub
lic aplrttH, give liberally lo new en
terprise, attend commercial meeting,
talk of tlrt' adN-antagea of Uielr city,
tell how It haa and la growing, what
la MnR done to Improve It, making
auggotUona and acting on them, in
couraglng Immigration, bo ontbualnst
Ic, welcotno new corners, nnd lutereat
ourH"lf In them and them In you; op
Ikmo no plan that la proHael for the
betterment of tlw city, Improve your
propei ty, bittld houses, keep the
atreots clean, plant treea, and do any
and everything tbnt will make tlw
town bettor."
Always Keep Chambcrlaln'a Cough
nemsdy In the House.
"Wo would not bo without Chamber
lain's Cough Ilomody. It Is kept on
hand continually In our homo," ay
W. V. Kearney, editor of tho Indc
pondont, Iiwry City, Mo. That l
Just what every family should do
Whon kept at hand for Inntnnt uro. a
col I may be checked nt tho outset
am) cured In much less time than af
tor It has become settled In tho sys
tem. Tlila icmedy Is nlso without a
peer for croup In children, nnd will
prevent tho attack as soon ns the
child becomes hoarse, or oven after
tho croup- coiiRh nppoarH, which can
only ho dono nftor tho remedy is kept
at hand. For sale by K. J. Ilamsoy.
W. 11. Frame, Ardmoro Druir Co. nnd
llonncr A- Ilonner.
Wo havo a big linn of Qntcl; Moo!
Kasollno stoves to select from.
nivioNs, conns & fki:nsixv.
Compiled hy the Chickasaw Title Co
Abstractors. Virgil T. l.lndwy to Nathan Adler,
undivided half Interest In lota I, It
nnd 12, block SO. Davln. Cntihlderatloa
V. K. West and J. M. Collins, lota
S aud 0. bliK-U 20, Durwood. Consider
ation $tr.o.
I.ucy Tnntubbl to W. 1'. Poland, n
partvor See. 22. T I S, It 2 K. Consld
enitlon C0O.
Mnry Onrdner to W. F. Gardnof
part or lot 2, block 2, (Jlenn. Consider
ation 10,
Holm of W. It. Campbell to J no.
It. Crinor, lot t, block 13, Ardmoro.
Consideration $1 IR.r0.
J. II. Crinor to A. V. DoaU and I.
It. Mason, lot 4, block 13, Ardmore.
Consideration $200.
C. 1'. Troutman to Allison Coleman,
part of lot I, block 301, Ardmore.
Consideration $1000.
Harold M. Wallnce to Me Cruce, 0.
W. Rtuart und IV IX Maxwell, east
17.0 feet of lot 2, block 27C, Ardmoro.
Consideration Mi00.
C. nnd C. Nnt'ons to Rdward A.
Walgor, lot II, bl(K-k 275, Ardmoro.
IMtenr. '
C. und C. Nations to Ilstella Trout
man, lot -I, block 30 1, Ardmoro. Pat
ent. Nellie Vomer to I.0.1 Cruco. part ol
See. i0, T 1 S. It 1 I.'. Consideration
lDri. t fy(-
The Greatest Cold.
Herlln. March Professor Olsxe
wakl, of Cracow, haw Informed the nc.
demy of sciences or that city that ho
1ms Ruor-eedeil In producing the great
est rold that has ever been created ar
tificially. The Polisn aavntit Iiiki ex
pel line nted for yearn with reducing
gnspfl to liquids, but until now lui
foiled Jo convert helium. Ily employ.
I tig solid hydroKon, under a pruaauro
if ISO atmospheres, n tempenituro ot
minus 269 degroon was attained, vhlrh
further sank whon. tho pressure waa
suddenly released to minus 271.3 do
Kroea. This latter figure Is only 1
dogrto over what Is knowu na Iho
absoluto zoro, tho tompcraturo viucu
Is thcoretlcnlly supposed to provall
In Jntcrplnnotao space.
A Favorite Kemedy for Dables.
Its pleasant tasto and prompt curca
havo mado Chamberlnln'B Cough
Romedy a favorlto with tho mothors
of nmnll children. It quickly curca
their coughs and colds nnd prevents
sny dnogcr or pncnmonla or othor(
sorlous ccnicqucnccs. It not only
euros croup, but when given ns soon J
as tho croupy cough appears will pro-1
rent tho attack. For salo by F. J.
Ramsey, w H. Frame, Ardtnoro Drug
Co. and llonncr & Ilonner I
.Mrfc I.)'ila Ueal of a.i4ilpa nas
lif-n cnlet'd rr lHtotlogMlnft an 1
kIm o ti fin" of -f and thirty days In
Jail. Sho wilt be irled on three o'h-r
Jaipur A. Hale, a promlne.it attor
ney and meroWer of the territory Dem
ocnttc executlre committed, died at
ills home In South McAloater ilnturday
night, sued 11.
Mrs. Jessie lliinlue, wlfp or A. Mon
roe Huntuc, toaldltig nt Sprltigor, dleil
suddenly Inst w'eok after having taken
several doses ot chill tonic The mod
Iclnn was taken nt Intorvnla.
Olileliaslm la to have sti amusement
park: that will be one of tho best lu
lh south west. The street car com
pany which Is building there has pur
riiased one hundred ncroa adjoining
tho city nnd will begin work at onca
to convert It Into it park. An nrtlflclal
lake will be provided and a suitable
base ball park and race courao estab
lished. At Teoumaeh the Jury nwatded
dnmagea to Fmnk Wolfe In Uie aum of
200. The action wm against the elty
of Shawnee Tor damagoa rcoclved by
railing through a bridge. Tho niuoun'
cuod for wn 110,000.
Tlio Muakoceo PJioouIk awya there Is
going to be no mud over there In this
campaign exoept that on the streets
and aliluwalks. Thata tough on the
goods box politician.
JUtst Wednesday, at tlto depth of
432 feet, a flowing woll of wnter was
struck nt Sapulpa which aondri ntio
barrels a minute tlfty teat In the air
and tho Post says It Is the btggeai
woll yet.
Tim Poncn City Courier la maklim
a noblo flghl Tor tho people against
tho huh nrahhurft there and If the
looplu stand togotlior with tho Coiwli r
they will win. 'Thoro Is no use iryl.iK
to contond niuilnst n nowapaMir when
Its constitution ia baaed on Justice.
Durant, 1. T haa a wnter system
which coat, olghty-nvo thousand dol
lars, and the water rentals amount
to $110 a month. Thoro la n war 0:1
bouvoon tlfo norlh-sldora and Uie
south-sldera over nn axtonslon or tho
system nnd tho uowa makes spoit ot
tho contention.
Tho Piedmont Post claims that
own is tho host poultry nnd ogg innr
ket or any town lu tho twin territories
or Ita size. Fifty thousand ogga woro
brought there durlug the past uric
lays nnd alilpped out by (JoorK'
Hcnler. tho poultry king.
Tho good brother Ott of the Pleit-
mont Post has 11 way of boosting h'.i
homo town that Is rorreshingly Ind
tH'n.lcnl. and ho Is not In tho least
bashful nbout turning down the fel
Iowa who pass up. It's n pity
thou are not more edltorK that stand
'imiti their lights und date to assort
The Vlnltn. 1. T., Chluftnln. boaldos
idendlng dally for the pooplo or thnt
city to beautiry tholr lawna ofTcra n
cash prize of tumity-lTvo dollars for
tho best kept lawn and a real estate
man offers fifteen dollnru for tho sec-
ond best. Tho tnetrnal tltnesa or thlnics
m to upoak, would reverse that prize
buslneM, based upon value received.
The baseball fever has struck liar
tlcsvllle, I. T., proper, and tho Enter
prise gives tho rollowttiK war wlrtwp:
"Now that the business men oi tho
city have made professional baseball
possible It la tin to tho manager to.
give the. city n pennant winning team
Nothing short of tho best will do.
Never mind tho expense."
Tho good brother Campbell of the
Waukomls Hornet Is tin obiorvlug
fellow and keeps Iris enr open for
all tho good thlnsa llontlng upon the
brciven. Hero Is ono of his observa
tions: "A Waukom'a farmer at-ked Jils
daughter how nho would llko a nice
sober, settled ma-i or lUty for a litis
liand. "Father, I would rather havo
two of twenty-nvo," alio replied.
There la a practical sort of poot nn
tins Oaago Journal and Just previous
to the Istionucp of the 1'awhuska deeds
lo lot owner ho relieved his mind ns
"Chr:st'will count aKaln," 'tis sntd,
Hut when we do not know;
TJte worbl will Komo day retell nn ond,
Hut when we do not know;
Ther'll ho r time whon warring
creeds will censo tlto strlfo that
good Impodoa ana people hore will
get their nfcds,
Hut whon we do not know.
Mntlnoo Saturday 2:3u oporn houso
hwwe. Ibices IB and 25 conts 28-J
For Sale or Trade.
Full-blood Hereford nnd Holsteln
bull, 7 months old, will weigh b'60
lounds, n very lino cnir. Will cell
cheap or trade tor corn, hay or inllen
oow. W P. WARREN, 25-d2w3
Ramsey's Crcolo Hair OH makes
the hnlr oft and lustrous, It Is high
ly perfunledj Prlca 25 cents.
J5 F J RAMSEY, Druggist
Mt-n and women ot every occupa
tion ovrrtax th'i kidneys and Buffer
dally miseries when the kidneys be
gin to fall.
Any work that la a constant strain
on the back Is bound to hurt tho
kidneys. The lifting, digging and 1
planting or rami work, tho constant
bending over u Ueak or sitting at a ,
tawing machine, working for hours
on Jarring, poltlnK wagons or railroad
trains; the stoopid positions -and the
reaching, pulling ond heavy lifiiir?
of a hundrotl different trad"8--all
these are hard on tho hack and must
wear, weaken and Injure the kldnoys,
because the kldnoyn uro In the very
part ot tho back that reels tho stnili
Whon the nldnoya nro nick, every c x
erllon send.i a slinrp. sUiiainc nnui
through tho hack or loins, nnd yoj
nro woary nnd tired nil the lime
Many taka, Uko bouaowoi I , tint
do not require grimt physical stnn .'h
aro very trying on the back and 1 ' '
neys. That la why backrtcho Is 3
common. That Is vlty ao ninny
men arc unnnturolly weak and tlr 1
and l.p' i-a.
Don ns Kidney Pills havo c id
thousands ot working men and .
men havo given thotu str.mt; ,t l h
for their dally vork. Dom's Kidrtty
Pills help til.- klnueya to do their du
lyto eliminate the liquid poisons
rrom tho blood, nnd to send pure,
Sold by aM druggl .U.
Great Grandmother Weds. 1
San Francisco, March 28. An tin-'
usual fi-aturc or a wedding yesti rduy ,
wna tbo prosunco nt tho ceremony ot
Iho daughter, granddaughter and great
Kranddnughter of tho bride. The mar
rkige was that of John M. Wlnspunloy.
aged CT, years, rormorly of Muyfleld,
Kna., and Mrs. Marin llruwor, agv-l 7h
years, of Irrlngton. Alnmodu county,
Cnl. The hrido In a comparative!)
wualthy woman. The mairlago jes
terday wart tho h'-qutl to an earlier
-Oman co.
Dully Ar1mnrtU Ml eta, ft monti
Inir c.ninlalnt.
It li Naturcs's way of
prott taiL' ugnlnst im
proper food hastily de
voured or too hearty
tiichI,. and If the warn
I'Hi is unheeded serious
results wul f illow.
Whon voi'r stor.nch
rebr'.i nt tliis nbje,
It becomes inactive, your food fei-
ments.gafs form.and tlicro is trouble
ahead. Tlio quickest, dales', and surest
way to conquer this condition aud
prevent its return is to Immediately
commence 1110 use 01
Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin
This great remedy will Instantly put
inings ri cruer.
It H lust what your stomach needs.
Ono trial of this wonderful preparation
dud ou truth nnd upheld liv exnerience
Dr. Cnldwell'i Syrup Pepiin can be
obtained in both dollar and half-dollar
sites from all drugvlhts.
Your money will bo refunded If It
does not bcnclit you.
Yotu pottal cm J rmtiot will bttm; by rttnra
mnll our nrw booVlcl. "UK. CALIIWICLL'S
HCXJi; (IP WONDKltS" nmt Irre itmpla to
tlioto who ti.ive never tilcj this womloiful
rtaruy, ornu tor it loony.
Uontlosllo, Illinois
CbicHaiaw Telephone Co.
Loiif,' dtsttuico coupons will tu
old on tlio followlnj,' btisis 11
.ho futurt.
10or cont disc-omit will hi
A'un on 25.00.
15 pur cont liscount will Ik
jivon on r.0.00.
SOtjwr cunt tliseount will Ik
i?ivet on $100.00.
Coupons to bo fmuiht nnd
paid for in advance or bolon
opening au accouttt.
Wm. H. Rprrv. Gm. Mtir
vwkiAAstsV . 60 YEARS'
1 nsDC msnisa
CopvniQHTa Ac.
Anronaoondlns 11 tkHrli and iteiniDttmi iui-
rinlolilr iureriali onr itulntoii trum whrthrr a
inreiitlnii it trnhublf luuriitnl.fft, eomimit t
lliinam io(lrriiDiliiiui. tiAHDEOOK un 1'tui.i!
lent (ri-H. Olleit acciiejr Xcrneeudnr itrn
tpteUl notl,, wllliiiut llinruc, la lat
Scientific JlttteiiCcUi.
A tianilicmt'lr lllmlrn'.-il woek'r Inrsct '
rululoii mit nMitian I 'unul. 1Vn:i I r
iriri lour mu'illil, l. Hulabjr-Ul naixlenn -
lirnacU omoo, CI 1' CU WwMi cti, I'.U
Every Picture Tdls a Story"
. , , ...... .
henithglvlng blood to Iho inuncJes
and organs. Wo would rlncr. ly nd-!
vlso wots, man or woman whoso '
Prino CO eta Foster Milburn Co., llufTalo, N. Y. pro prictora.
Oneway Second Class Colonist Hates to
On Sale February 15th to April 7th
f77 IP To UlLtlNaS, Most
0 ii4t) aud latorncJUlcn
C)7 iZ 70 LvN08TO!l, .oo.n
$L 1 40 nd OAI'DMtR. Mont.
JU.'rO and HIIITI! I'lSII.MOnt
n n i'UK.sn wat.
Li UU nd It-tormcdlatet
Extrjitlj Liv Rates lo Nearly All Points la
Call on Your Local
J. W. MARING, Trav. Pass.
Very Low Rates in Effect Daily
until April 7, 1906
Many Routes from which to MaKe YourJChoice
Geo. U Lku, Gon. Pa.6. At , .LUUo Keck, Ark.
J. S. .MuNau.y, Div. Pass. Agt . .Oklahoma City
You Can
Afford n week's recreation yearly. This means to you
a well physical hcinji plus added cneriy plus a j(ood
clear brain which in all is Health, Wealth and Wisdom
&T The Sign of
Prlvito Cafo Oars serving meals a la L'arU. Tho llnct-t
meals and torvico in tho land for tho stntillcrit, cost. Mux
tmum seat race in thoHO ears bufwcen any point il) Tu.x;ih
UdftrcentaaiUy.CI'ullmoD'slatorttttandnrilalpriif'r nl cl au up to Uite
otiAtrlrnrn anil coavlieo from TVnuo.Cornlciina, I't. Worth, HalluH. Orttorvllle,
Tylor ami bitormoillnio luilnts loT.'inrkiinn. i lnu Illufr, tymtfait, rjrapoulil,
Mrm'iblt ami Saint. IjjiiIh
TravolliiK IMotonsor Agent,
Ft. Worth, Texas.
flcn Frelpht and Pass! Afce'nl
Tylor, Tcias.
work Is hard on the back to take
an occaafonal tlore or Doan'n Kldnev
Pills. It will keep tho kldnays w u
'and tbo back strr USf. and kcpluir the
( kiUnys well la haU.the task or keep
lag ine WHiy wey
h F M II 1, in the dyeing and clean
ing htwine-. or 600 W. Main St., Ard
t .e , I T . soya: "Wicn 1 first used
Iio.-ina Kldiify rills about four years
ai'i I wan In pretty bad shnpo with my
br T.u- least ovorc.xcra(m wa
itre to brii: on nn attack or It. t
i could 01 tsop or lift without aa
" ftciitc pain In my back nnd I was on
the lookout for 11 good romudy whon
1 k.im-'d or Down's Kidney Pills. I
u c Hour boxes or thtni,n.i.lfrom th.tt
day to thU I havo not had an hemr's
trouble tvlth backache or any othor
- symptoms ot kidney nllment. Many
,f istomca ot W. U. Framo who htivo
J tired thlb fcnii"7 are jutt as woll
j pleased viti 'he rcaiiUa ollalnrd -is
i am. 1 am y.au m repeal 1110 hviomcii.
, , . ,,,,,,,,,
1 R,irc for l,ul,llcllon t,rrco
recommending Doan'n Kidney Pills
n 1 i r To HIN.4UAt
Pi4tl O via Ht. Paul
LK. M.Bt..
To OOntiN and MALT
LAKI!, Utah
To IIKLUMA, lltlTTi:,
Hsrlhuejl For Forttur iDtrnnitlon
Aflent, or Write
Afjent, Sherman, Txqs
Good Servicej
Traveling rassonger Agent
'nco, Texnu.
' n. C. FYFE,
At Qen Krt. & Pa3 Agout.
Tyler, Texas.

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