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Sunday, May 20, 180.
(tljc JJatli) SUDmorciic.
lrry Day Eject Satsrfsy B
Mm; Sis..,.- Presides
C. L. Brrse W-PmW
ft. A. tUfUzi itiaigfej .
I. Tentre WUo. Xi-:Ut E4Her
t r. Easley Biten MisK
sutered at lie PiJS at Arfiaor
a Secad-CUu MaUer.'
Neresbe? J. HI.
The WetScly Ardtr.ertltt.
r-r Year, by Mill W
sux v.eotni
Three .doaUi
Tnt DiMy Ardmcrtltt.
On We-ok M
Oot HootS
One Year ...15 t
trayable la Adrsaec.)
The oSeui sen i paper r U UbK
4 Sues Court of Ue Southern Dis
trict, Indian Territory Aisa for tfce
CbkkaM stoc AssoclMlosi ot tie
Indian Territory, sad tie oSctal or
gan of the titr
Any errSt53t rflrtla '; tie
rnarcter and repnution of aay per
ob which may be printed la the Art'
tcorelte. or any article based oa re
ports ait ire fall. will b slr
reded If brought to th attenUon ct
tie publisher.
Confer with the Managing Editor
a an tnatten pertaining to the eci
orlal department and with the Pres
ident or Business Manager on trail
Business Manager! Oflce M4
ritT Editor's OSee &
Lonr Distance... ...SIS
Ardmore, Sunday, Mfcy 20, 1906.
Tho Oklahoma and Indian Terrl
lory Pro Associations which haw
Uutl concluded a ucceai(ul two
lay's mooting at Shawn unanl
monidy deckled to amalgamate. This
I a pntr stp and one that win
acorau to the advantage of the aaso
elation ami innwbers la general. Ai
a realtor nf fact It may be stated
that the Interest of both aHcla
lion were Identical awl anch hdi
tlio caau the amalgamation of the ra
Hoclntlon will resnlt In a stricter
and hotter organization. The yra
if Indian Territory ban shaped the
dontlay for a citizenship that is de
HfrvltiK. lti alrlvnn fw Rood H'vm
mont nnd haa battled for the Mopl
rlahti. Clrlllzatlon baa adTanced
until today the Koaa la a factor and
rt'Cfinnized popr tor all that la right
nnd JukI. OeaeralJy, the preai of the
turritory doMnran the encomiums
the iteopt for whoa lateroata It hat
always" been ready U knd a helping
Iwndl The urwa pi Oklahoma taa
ticon no lean aotive man iu
Han1" TorritAry. Ilnth hare labored
la aominon aympathy for tk pvunle
and af una bndy the aaaoclatlon will
contlnae In It efforts for a great
otMMNMMwaaUh. And the people will
not aoon forgai the men wte are
living the way for the greatest atate
In the union. Th4 Ardmorelte la
truly glad that th associations are
unltetl awl feel confident that to or
aaalzatloa will aecompllah srer
rotwlu than otherwla could have
bm attained.
All hall to the A mm ) mated Ireja
AiMMnnatton of OkhihHaw.
Col. Clarence 11. OouglM' Demo-
racy Is np lonaor held In qaeethwi
4ieUTilltiK to the Sooth McAlaster Cap
ital. The Capital says:
Col. Clarence B. Douglas, lb
brainy and iMlillant edlibr of th
MMhoajee Pnocnlx. In company with
w. u. Kennedy, tn Miuir or in in
irfde of the country weeklies, called
at the Capt'ai lc thli aiur.i'oa
m their w.y to th editor t en
tentkHi at Shawnee. Douj. txulalned
ills Utisnoeraltc enittkriala -to one esv
ur aatufactlon and m h hM mil
uiotw Ui eorroboniie wvtiMmiMU
I bur U not reu a reMohabfe doubt
In our mind."
No atatement from IH1I is required
Th editorial! latlsfled us.
The ArdmornUe" haa all along felt
that the staMbeed bill would pass the
jiroaont salo. It doesn't think to
now. It fafe that the blttrnsa wblcb
was engendered between th prut
oVnt and the Demoeratlc senators nu
tbc railroad rat farce will affect the
riabta of th territories. It Is this
way: If the bill should pass It would
-ii title us to live members of Uui low
or liuitae and give us two senators. R-
cunt lndloatlons have develojted whlcn
rLnsonubly Indicate that each of our
senators and representative would
bo of the Democratic faith. Th lte
publlcans In WasliliiRtou have grsve
ears of the result of the coming eon
KTL'Snlonnl campaign and being the
'"glUlSLt wlli?ot balncllni4 tp
wpiwiipiny jirtriMjBiiiuii mui woum
Klro.tljJ Domoqrats adrannge, Vitb
Tlic'ArUinoruJto, hope Is 'athe vum
Itlilnt iwlpt, So ,faf as sUttuKaod In
I 1 NiftJi . i2 1 LABEL?
Tcaj .i ii
TeearUi aaaaJrerMry
Th hlsiory of The AftoorcM .
th hastorr ef Ardaacre. This Jenns.iS
hu lWlaV4 with th frovtsf c t
tte city from rts arUet My- There
are a fw r tianu f Artaaor to4ay
who mMBbR th efty vhm It
UtU aaor thani a haaslet away ctt
in th etetUM. It was hi the early
aisjctte whn The ArwnsoreaK wa
ma oC on a HVahhaytfta ha4-p7rr
arm ia an hanibl Iraas ntck. th
only lehrtcaat n4 tor th machraen
hetag what Is popalarty kaonm as
"elbow jpiaae As th tow took root
aa4 baa to grow. Th ArtemHi
hgaa to trovt aad a xwraahaad
CMstfry CaagebtQ took th plae of
th U hand preat. Viators to Art
or l exes aai saw asal woa4ered
how the ltttl towa oa th hstVaa
wilds contd lad wAeiaait aewi to s-
du th tsMTau of IU reaoera. IU
district was Isolated Tlnxv wtr
bard Telegraphic facflitl were dia-
cnit ajK a4 un more giacnlt to
pay for th Teats and Mlsmrt papers
were tunnies Vfcici were wlthta
rearh of only a lew Their col a tans
wr tor ts pieees to swre thorn:
of th day or of th are4lag week
for Th Ardmoreiu's reader. After
years of struggle, Antasore cant to
b recofralsed as one of the coming
cities of th great Southwest, and The
Ardmorelte began to be known out-
Bid Its own particular district An
eirellrat Cranaton now took th place
of th Campbell to meet th lacreas-
Inic circulation tff the newspaper
which lost no opportunity of calling
attention to th aplvndld resources
and Illimitable possibilities of the
Chickasaw country.
Tb real history of th Southwest
had bun and Ardmore was then as
It Is today la th van of prosjrm
and development. KveaW were occur-
Ing which are leaving and have I'tt
their Ineffaceable mark on the history
of Indian Territory.
The weapon by which public opln
Ion Is enabled to bold itself In power
Is chiefly by the aid of an unbiased
and unpurchaaabl press. The rapid
dttfasion of knowledge Is one of the
most striking of present day charac
teristics. Within the memory of many,
reading tras the privilege of the few;
today, no home, be It ever so humble,
is without its newspaper. News rail!
ates In evory direction and Its Influ
nee la felt In every class of aoclety
The moment publicity Is given to mat
ters of moment they exclto Irresistible
Interest. The recent visitation of San
Francisco might have come and gon.
and the outside world have been never
the wiser fr weeks and months, had
It not been for the far-reaching facil
Ities of the daily newspaper. An en
lightened and educated public opinion
grasped th horror of the situation
from a perusal of th newspapers, and
befp began to roach the stricken city
In a nineredlbly short period
This earn enlightened public opln
lor creates a healthy and Independent
spirit among t- people, and oppres
sion consequently becomes so dlWcutt
u to be nearly Impossible. The idesi
newspaper ia that which most ffec
tuslly educates and most clearly re
Beets public opinion. That the Ard
morelte has succeeded is now bvyonu
doubt This Journal today has two
linotype machines in" operation and
will i n erect a four-story brick
home of its own. when It will Install
a magninoeat perrecung pr
every other facility for supplying Its
readers with th best news of th
world which money can secure. It
has proved its claim to popularity by
Ita unswerving loyalty to til city ana
country wilch It represents, and that
it Is properly appreciated la abrnd
antly manifest from Its steadily la-
creasing constituency. Nearly three
thousand copies of The Ardmoreite
rts ere printed every day during th
Bt two months and the weekly cdl
tlon was a welcome visitor Into more
thsn four thousand home. Its nelu
haa become larger and larger until
ft may be said that nn Ardmoreite
jnay be found wherever the Kngllsh
language la spoken. Th present pro
gress Is In Hserf conclusive evidence
of Th Ardmorltes enterprise and
ability to cop with existing condi
tions. Newt to be news must be nw. The
Ardmorelte has never yet failed to ketp
up with the requirements of Its read
era, and will not do so now. With its
unrivalled telegraphic service and Its
other escnent tactflMe for gathering
and giving at th new while It Is
new, It has no tear for th future
Th Ardmorelte haa no favorite, nor
does It know any loes. Where those
In authority are entitled to credit for
their assistance to-uie people, that
credit will be readily and cheerfully
glvtn. Where a wrong is bajog don,
no maimer tn 'bom, Th -Xrdmoroll
virtlf expo.e ji far-asJtJes In Its
pVr. It owect' will b oa it has
tiver.btiju, tathlpflnfyho development
an J procrees cf the Southwest, and
ti t- vh j: . . A" .St r, ai .
the prosp-Mty cf Ardasc-r k aJwari
i Heaaaed with th ss of
Tbe ArisaoVelu.
A Texas exrisaaa cbi rM tfku It
is cse c? the tacoaaistesKles oc gov-
trtasesw oc for an vy in paags.
that cansgrvM saonM spproprtai UC2.-
toe th. free dittnhntlcn ot narden
sis flsst aoeocy waatm, and hsary
tn ussaaanisi rooss th diasrhsttid
aheoaol Ml that every itr eaoeag th
Standard oil treat is oesaattsn."
Th Taloa n.! has ekafd
J. r. Carter tjc as Maisarl
LeXay as editor. The twUre tsptcy
of that paper, a ano-taeed by the
sw maaapeaseat wlTl be to bnfla tip
the Vatoa and to presaote the hsndsmi
eatiipitss of Use an, to strtre to
prossot natty aatd lrstrnlty saaoag
iu gsesnhers, to keep aoa-a eoarfneVa.
dlaoorda, dlvlsiosM or grafts stf aay
Mod. to speak ta thnader toaca la
behalf of the wochtsnt lanswr. to c-
po hit caste la every battle, to
eosrtead fur right orer wrosig, i pro-
asot harmony and pood will asanas:
all mankind.' Sstch a paper deisi in
to sncciad.
A man mtght steal a nickel from a
dead nigger's ej e or chase a rat all
day for a grain of corn. Cnder cwti'n
c1rentae he would be ezrniabl
for pushing a widow woman's dog In
the creek, bat th man who would do
this is a gentleman and a Christian
compared to the man who . subscribes
trr nls local paper for three months
on credit and two weeks before his
time expires marks his paper refused
and sticks it back In the office la or
der to beat the editor out of two blt
Ada Indian Arbiter.
It there's aay truth In Bobby Horns
assertion that
"Th fear o' bell's a hangman's whlj
To baud the wretch la order."
Th above reminder oosjht to apeed
lly bring th Arbiter's delinquents to
Assurances from Washington are tn
th effect that Attorney General Moody
Is stnted to quit the cabinet. The al
leged reason Is given as follows:
The attorney general's position cn
the rate bill controversy Is genera..y
regarded as ot the most embarrassing
character. As neither Tillman nor
Bailey have any relations with the
president, and never go to the white
house. Moody was regarded as act
Ing the capacity ot the president's
sookesman la treating with the Demo
cratic senators on the rat bill. The
president's action Is construed into a
public repudiation of the attorney gen
eral, which Is expected to lead to his
Immediate "retirement. It Is genoray
reeoenlied that he has been placed
In the attitude of acting without the
countenance of his chief, nnd submit
tine idans and furnishing written
memoranda to the president's enemies
under a misrepresentation ot the chief
executive's wishes or views.
. oo
'ass Into History And Create Amal
gamated Press Association.
Shawnee, u. i .. May IS. The last
esaions of the Oklahoma and Indian
Territory I'res Associations were
Ufld In this city est-rday.
Th Oklahoma Association was
called to order by President Iloy E
Stafford, editor ot the Daily Ok la
homan. and the Indian Territory
meetlne was ureslded over by Oen
ra! Otis II. Weaver of th Ada Eru
Inn- News.
immediately after being called to
rder, each association took the stsps
necessary to close up their affaire
dually, and each appointed members
if committee on conference, for the
turpos of preparing plans for the
imaJ carnation of tee two associa
At th afternoon sessions, th con
ference commlttsa reported to their
separate bodies a resolution providing
for the union or the two oodles unoei
ihe nam of the Amalgamated Press
tssoclatlou of Oklahoma, and setting
forth th reasons that have luttu
enced th consideration.
Tiee resolutions were unanimo-u
ly adopted by both organisations and
the Oklahoma ana Indian rem tor
Press Associations passed into lili
tor. A magt.irtcent banquet and bal
were tendered the lilting editor !
the people of Shawn. At the tn t
Ing of the Oklahoma association a
resolution was adopted Indorsing the
candidacy of r. 11. Oreer of th uutn
rl State Capital, for president of the
National Editorial association nnd
similar resolntlor.s afterwards pas
d in th Indian Territory associa
Books and Papers, of Two. Frisco
Concerns Found In God Condition.
San Prancisco. May IS. More that
l.OOO person, t-ach we.iring an -'
ious and worried look, am) Imparls
to examine papers and valuable 1
posited In the vaults of the Callfon.i;
Safe Deposit and Trust compan.
stood In line today awaltli g the !
Ing of the vaults when the brick at
debris bad been cleared away. Th
contents ot the boxes were found I.
tact, and most of the deuosltor 11
their valuables in the compartments
The Anglo-California bank also o;iii
d It vaults and found books, imi
pers, currency and coin in a perfect
Exerybody oan afford to buy n Gain
mor Steel Ilango, from
Stcrens, Konnerly & Spraglns Co
God tempers the wind US the shorn
lamb.' A warm wlntor balksd tho coat
trust, and a coohnummor so far is
shielding from the Ice trust.
A D-nlil is I'.tie That SrtaVer Can-
nen 7'atKed f Puttinf it Of! Un.
til Fall PrurttU Are Ga
as 7aty Have Evt Seen.
Washington. May If. shone of u.r
rtateb beonsm from Oklahoma
cd Indian Territory bar bta talk-
tag la a despondent say tor the past
few da;s. tnwncn It ha Uj dufccut
to ascertasa th reason for their
downout teettngs. slth a reslgntd
t&e sav they have jijdea -1
by to iitatihool Icgislatioa at u.ts
seas ion of cossfrea and believe that
the bill will be bnrt4 In tae canfer-
ea commttte as It waa iast : .
A detaocratae member of the con
isalonal csmltte on tern at
uday said that It had come to l.tm
that Sneaker Cannon had asked Mao
anxious member who had been m
ng inquiries cf him about stateht!
legislation what difference it wou.i
make if the statehood bill were left
over natfl nest inJL TMa indseated
to htm the procraan of th speaker
Totfar aa aathomaUv denial that
the speaker bad ever made such a re
mark was given. The speaker has
never at an time Indicated hint it u
his purpose or desire to postpone the
bill until th next session of con?r-'
but. in contradiction of that report
also In an explicit promise, said to
members of the Missouri and Kacsas
delegations In the house prior to tfc-
ume u bill was tent to conference
that It would not be buried In confer
ence committee, but that there would
atatebood legislation.
Some of the Missouri and Kaatas
members were balking on sending LV
bill to conference, fearing it would be
Kineu there, and on the promise of
Speaker Cannon they voted for the
motion to so commit the bill when it
came from the senate. Senator War
ner of Missouri Is also said to have
had aa understanding to the same
The situation, therefore, dees not
to lustily the exa. Dillon of tor.
lornness being given by the statehood :
contingent The utterance of Senator i
Bererldge hav as mucu as any thin r.
It not more, tended to this teeliag of i
ndvsnce dlsappolntn-iat. but after j
all. careful Inquiry develops the fact
that the chances of stateaood at ieast i
for Oklahoma and Indian Territory ,
oomMned Into one state are aa govu
as they have been at any time.
Room I Badly .Needed for Unfortu
nates In Indian Territory.
Muskogee. I. T., May 19. Indian
Territory Is without a place to tend
Insane white persons and the Jails
are now accumulating them for lack
of any othor place where the violent
ones can be detained.
The government has a contract with
St. Vlncent'a hospital tor the care ot
the Insane whites from Indian Terri
tory, but there are seventy patients
there now and the mother superior
has Informed Inspector J. George
Wrigbt at Muskogee that no more per
sons oan be received the.e unless
some of those now there can be dis
missed. Last year congress appropriated
f25,of0 for taking care of Insane per
sons In Indian Territory, there being
no asylum In the territory of any char
acter except a small home In the Cher
okee nation maintained at the expense
of the Cherokee government for Cher
okees only, and this Is a home for th
Indigent rather than the Insane This
sum wag found Insufilclent aad In
spector Wright secured an additional
r Ai.A . I L . I 1 . n . 1
.a,u"7 imuuBin me urgency uencienry j
bill. This money will be sufficient ? t
run until the close of the fiscal year
when the fS'i.tK'O appropriated by the
present coLgrcs will be available for
that purpese.
The go eminent sendi rt.tt- Ini-an
person to St. Louis, but insan In
-llaj! are t.nt to Cantor., S. D. wher.
there Is a government astlum tr
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j Territorial Log Rolling and Class
j Adoption, Modern WoodmejnqJ.Amer.
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