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Ardmore, Sunday, May 20, 1906.
Angelus Piano Player
What the heart i 'fit Jim
i nriimir taref i- t'i ibe Ai
,,i A' ih ean at-Tef' r m'Ii
f i. irht aed a'ii..i1 .f tke iitiBf t...
me 1-e the phramair! leer aak
ir Man anwer to the taeaa'att aa4
eaitinnn ..f ihe r.itpoer. Te
iKb'H t'.arb t h f'rScr "O
trt ..f the thra ler wMi
mulIF !lt k lellraey p'XalMe
.' p I'lnr witk tke Aaeli. atroair-
r I ret if- 1 tho ml'-t np. with
i k O'l anrrr ia tk rl(M -f lk
M 'ibc l er h rtTr lk r-
jit a iff o' i preMnr al the meaie
: r aierafed attfcfc will . f fee -mt
aa t mn-t on i fji of all l'k
dra i-.ib Bnifri r, h B.ut re
tain i to r ..rutin mi"-
-TvnTnarte' u re tn '-a Bt Mb
erpltb purer bat tk Aageian , II
B T '' plo plar
er b jt the AKln. aa4 tkli It nir
ae (the rnaay imprnTeneDtn that
bat bi i the Ar?m tka Risk ( an
W hm pieaned t bare va tall
n3 tseartbla wooderfal player.
Kt'i' nhe'Ptt. ARbMORE.l.T.
Special Notice to All
Property Owners
Wo are lire-pared to du all
kmdH of (Jiuiialitic, Rock,
Hot AsphRl' Sidewalk Pav
ing, floors, drlvewnyi. gravel
foundatiotiM, all kinds of cop
infift curbing, unything
in ado out of asphalt or grnn
ulttio concrcto work. All
work will bo gaar.mWxl .fcRt
isfactory. Call at oftico of
Downard Lester Hoc As
phalt. Co , phono 580, up
HUurs over post ofllce.
In bay real ettatn In Antmore tiw.fo
lOTeitfd now will mnaa IwiM la li
Wa have aomn nlrn realitrnro anil
liualnaaa trtrtr lor aale nml rent
cbeap, Hiealal atleo'lon ulren to coN
Icotlnna. Monay to loan on tiononal
OOlca 2ml door DoakIUililon Illdtf.
Notary Public. I'hooo Ml
Good Horses
Ownora of good horses should
bo caruful how thoy aro shod
I and another experienced man
dovoto our ontiro timo to
horso Hlioulng. We havo tho
bfflt cquipiuentH, wo know
l.ow, and wu do the bust work.
Condensed Statement
of the Condition of
The Ardmore National Bank
at Clote of Dutlnett April 0, 1006.
1-oaiiB I32CG12 80
Stocks, Securities, etc.... 12,0:3 SO
U S, llondB 157,008 75
rixturus 2,000 00
CASH 89,442 34
J5S8.077 O'J
Citpllnl Stock 1100,000 00
Surplus and profit (net).. 44,723 10
Circulation 100,000 00
DEPOSITS 343,354 53
J5SS.077 69
No bettor Index to tho growth of Ard
moro enn bo found than Is rodoctedln
tho constnnt nm! steady Increnso In
the doposlts of tho Ardmoro National
nruu, Artil 7, oi . . i.is j? i
Drpcli,, April 6, 1903 $168,789.61
Drpoill April 6, 1904 JI8I.172.90
Deposits, April 6, 1905, $224,65531
Deposits, Apr. '06 $343,354.53
LICK CIXUCK, President.
(1 W. STUAHT, Cashier.
Farm Loans
Wo havo money to loan on farm
lands-julck. nctlon no . delays
tornis to sulL Wnto uut.
17lf . Ardmoro, i. 'f.
Use Pure Talcum Powder
T 'it.
It rr i'
Ramsey's Talcum Powder
U aoaraatee to be aa t a -' wr as can ba produced. It eon
nn antiseptic and It r? allng. eocllaa an soothtw to the
. I' li dellantfuiij prf i -d and It a dainty powder for toilet
r 1 r ursefy use
V. f-'A a ! .11 pound picV. ize fir
V nir mo.-.ey ref'i:!l- I? J sr r. it aM-nl l-h the powder
Yi rin .Jsi llr.d Ell I .1 tiakea rf t.-ilrjr, towir hre
F. J. RAMSEY, Drug'g'ist
i mer ' 1 Jo aod Main
To Ccnttrwet Overhead Treley Syi
tem at Ovtrbrook Mlnea.
i i ki I'niliKi la la the aHy
frort' K-tia City, to aj;rtntad Uhj
-i.ti iM' n of a oarhaad trolly a
t.m f'. I. Mt Into oparatloa at lit
ovreiir xiK Aapnalt Mines, wkkeh-ar
rimi .:.t mil from t' ' eltr H
t!,H j. ir;oe tit the rotrs of
i.. ... in Imlld an orerbead
. .'..m. i.l tn'lev track a an Ukat Ul
aKii.ai' c:i te dumped Into the rail
road r ai.icn ran rar mo umva.
It la tho.ia-!it thU lthln a waak Ut
ivr hr. l vai.halt mmhanr will lit
la a b&tltlou to furatah aapbalt for
mMrnt ;itir: uati 10 any cny in in
LiilttU Juiei at a lowar rate than
k al:: ciatertal can bv UrnUh-
Kroah straKborrlfts dally at tho City
Klah MarheL 1-lm
The MKitlns capacity of the Koyal
Holler nink Is beltiK enlargei!. The
niaiinRBmant is making overy prepa
raikn to soe after the comfort of
those who attend. 18-2
, fine lino of soroin doors at Dlv
ens, Corhn & Frcnslcy's.
There nre only kohI clKitrn In our
cigar caso. wo soieotod ovey uraii'i
i MTHfnllv m that our cuntomrs
would not iiOTIbly pick a poor urjoko.
20 r . J. HA.MSKY, UrugBlsl.
The Itoynl Hollar Ulnk la tho flnost
Mkntlng In tlio SouthwcsL 18
For baggage wagon, phone 2d. All
hoars. 18-lm
Aro you gettltiK rowdy for n cwilor
room for tho summur Use an Aril
niorulto want ml.
Tho morning sosslon at tho Itoynl
Holler Ulnk from 9:30 to 12 will bo
devoted vxcluslvoly to ludloa and girls.
No gentlemen admitted. Rxport In
stnictors hnro boon omployel to teach
skating. No mlmlHulou fee, no charge
tor skates, everything free ovory
morning oxcopt Snturdny until Mny
27th. 18-2
Careful buyors nevor fall to
noto the bargains ottered In
tho Sunday'Anlmorolte.
If our drivers fall to correct errors
In your laundry kindly ring up 575.
Wo can't avoid nil errors but wilt cor
rect thorn at onco.
Tho management of tho Royal Holl
er Ulnk nre extending the band stand
which will equip tho rink with a seat
ing capacity of C00 moro people. This
has been mado necositnry by tho In
creasing crowds nt tho rink. Tho man
agomont can bo depended upon to
mnko ovory provision for the enter
tnlnmont and comfort of tho people.
Tho very best, always frosu nt lm
rlo's Croam Ilakery, 205 N. Caddo
stroot. Phone 258. rD-lm
Phono 78 for closed carrlago any
hour. CARTER'S Hack Line. 20-lm
J. F, Gwlnn has moved his black
smith shop from tliu $t(o of tho Royal
Skating Rink to Uroadwny noar tho
Wcat End wagon yard.
er kinn
4--H- 4""r4"!"H"r
Humphreys 8 Iknda
W bny n l mil Inillan limU. hare
imiril tract ut Uml tor ln cbiai,
lirloo. ami lovatlun lo ull We alao deli
city uroiiartr. ami van nil yiu both In
prloea mi l in-ilim. will vo jrnu
mnoay. boll, lo huyintr "1 aaltliiK your
land. or your cllr prnearty, Hen u be
for you ileal lib Mhr TboiiK No. t01
On Door Wett U. S. Court lluie,
i nova
r -hat i -1
r;a t' Th-
a J.d 'a! ,'
ARE indicted;
Aldermen Charged With Illegally Ap-3
propriating municipal Funds Act
ed With No Criminal Intent
Protected by Business Men.
Oklahoma City, Okla., May 19. The
Oklahoman of today says:
The Oklahoman' tip lemMv.i to tho
flurry that would retilt when the
names of (tersons Indicted by the re
rent grand jury became known,
proved correct
There was a busy time In the offices
of both sheriff nml district clerk yes
terday, and yet Sheriff Garrison stated
yesterday afternoon that he had In
his possession one hundred and ten
warrants yet to be served on por
wmH ngalnst whom true bills had
been returned by tbe grand jury.
In tho matter pertaining to indict
mont of members of tho city govern
mont o ntlio charge of the Illegal ap
propriation of municipal tunds, It u
known that many of the leading bus
iness men ni the city on ono or more
occasions signed n written guaranteo
to protect the council members vot
ing for such appropriations from anv
flnnnclnl responsibility In connection
with the transaction, but a fact that I,
causing some uneasiness Is the ills
covory that misappropriation of funds
for Illegal purposes Is a felony la tli'j
contemplation of tho statutes.
It Is true beyond a doubt that tr-e
majority of citizens Justify the im
propriations thnt were made In view
of the lact that In ovory case thoy
were voted for the bonellt M the c'.iy.
It develops Hint about M.200 ffc
voted to ontortnln the cattlemen's
convention, nbout 11,800 to entertain
the National IMItorlnl association
iiixm tho occasion of Its visit to Ok
nlhoma City lust year, nnd In the
neighborhood of ?S00 In fractional
parts on different occasions to send
delegnteH to Washington to litbor
for statehood and to urge nn appro
priation for the election of n federal
niilldliiK In Oklahoma City.
From this It Is obvious and certain
that few If any citizens entertain tbe
Idea that the Individuals concornu
acted with nny criminal Intont but
felt they wore laboring for the best
Interests of the greatest number of
their fellow citizens
A. F. Humes, who bnd nn operation
performed recently, Is roportod much
better. He has liven suffering with
n carbuncle u his neck.
Remember tho finest Ice croam In
tho city Is at Sogalo's parlor. 20-3
Struck by Meteorite.
South ..orwulk, con., Mny 19. A ce
lestial visitant Hashed from the heav
ens oai'vr .today mid struck Andrew
(ilso of Hotau Hill, near t..- city so
terrible n blow that he was found
sunxolosH with a crusheii and frac
tured skull.
Tho meteorite which laid (ilso In
sensible In the roadway near his homo
I l. .In. ulvii if .irtim.a alrnniiiitv our.
rugutcil nnd marked wltn crystalline
llgurea. ljicnl inTnernlnglsts diclaro '
after a careful examination of the cu
rious mass of metal, that It Is unques
tionably of moteorlc origin. The aero
lite consists of metallic Iron alloyed
with n small percentage of nickel Its
burning nihil through tho heavens
" Klvi'ii It a IiIiiIkIi bliu-k coloring
(Ilso wns removed to tho South Nor
walk hospital, and In a momentary
plinso of consciousness (Uf)nred that
ns ho wns walking home ho saw n
Hash In tho sky and ho wns suddenly
struck down as If by lightning. Dr
Jonn Dumortler operated upon (Ilso
this nttoruoou anil IC Ti said that hu
may live.
AH who have lmrts In tlio Katydids
please moot nt the new Cruco building
Monday at 1 p. in.
Wave of Morality.
According to Chief of Police Huck
Onrrett ho will soon Inaugurate 11 rt
form movement In Ardmore that will
bo rndlcal In Its effect. It Is stated
on good authority that n iiuinbrr of
PIho-s of questionable character will
come limit r the ban or Chief Garrett's
order and that within n few iluvs the
moral tno of Ardmore will bo Ins
proved Chief Garrett Is keeping an
t'UKle - open for vagrants and per
ho-'m without a visible menus of sup
port must either work or leave t' e
t;i y. He will start In to niak.- arrest
wltblu n few days nnd JiuUe (nit
will fix thu trimmings In Ms usual
nice way.
Onrupoi are snarce at other places,
you'll find plenty of tlim at Sogalo's.
Ch-gd W'th Burn.ng cf C. P. Hall's
Grocery Store.
Ma K Wi'.iu. a Wfl! known MUis-'
i rh'ictaw Indian who has an a.-
'nent south of the rlry. has been
I'acel under arrest chanted with ar
in coaneetiOB with the tarsia;
of C P Hall s yrocry store which
was destroyed by are about a week
B Wills wu arrested by Chief
of Police Buck Garrett, who speai '
considerable time working on the
caae. - r w
The eTldeae rarroundlnr the eae
U nmnnctaattal bat the facts as de
veloped led to tbe arreet of Willis,
who however has Ueea aliowet bond
In the ansa of tM. So far he has
tn unable to make bond
Willis claims aa alibi and states
that tn the nUht that the store was
vurned he slept at the honee of an
Indian with two other Indians. Thft
fart. It Is said, la disputed by oae of
the Indians. Aa employe of Mr. Hall
states that he wrote a letter for Wil
lis on the night the store burned. The
Indian altees that he wag eat of
tiwn that night. It has developed that
i plank was torn loose from the build
lnjc which was only partially destroyed
an l that robbery was the alleged mo
tive As nearly all of the contents
were destroyed by fire It could not bo
t ild whether anything was stolen.
Remember the big sale at the Hal
ir.mre lasts only ten day,' first come
first served. 20
President Ripley's Aid to Victims ofi
the San Francisco Earthquake.
j An order made by E. p. JUploy.-'-esl'iat
of the Santa F svatetn. dur
ing his visit to Sin Francisco after
the earthquake, Is referred to In a
private letter received In Kansas City.
When Mr. Ripley discovered tho con- j
dltlons In the stricken city he direct
ed that every married employe eif the
Santa Fe In Frisco, flr those having
Lthers dependont upon them, should
each bo glvon a checK for 1126. The
unmarried omployees wero oach giv
en a check for J00 upon the order of '
Mr. Ripley.
Remember tho big sale at the Bal
timore commencing Monday. 20
Nathan Sast, who has boon ongag
Ing In business In Marietta, has closed
out his stock and moved back to m
more. Send tn your hats by mall or ox-
press, I will know tho rest. make a
specialty of cleaning and reblocklng ,
Panamas and "Stetsons.
JOHNSON, tho Hattor. '
20-3 210 West Mala street.
Will Romaln In Effect on the Santa
Fe Railway.
Owing to tho recent disaster In San
Francisco Uiero will bo no meeting
of the National Educational Associa
tion in 190C.
, In order that tlioso who havo antici
pated tho pleasure of making a trip
to California may not bo disappointed
tho Santa Fo has decided to permit
rates and arrangements for tho abovo
namod meetings, as horotoforo an
nounced, to remain In effect
For those that may not be familiar
with those arrangements wo glvo
them below:
For National Educational Associa
tion convention nt San Francisco, to
havo been hold In July, a rato of ono
faro plus J2 for round trip will bo ef
fect, soiling Juno 25 to July 7. final
limit September 15.
Aa 8toovor privileges aro nllowoa
on tlioso tickets, you may visit Uio
(irnn.l Canyon of Arizona, Petrified
Forest nnd Mokl Indian Pueblos,
Drop mo n card for dcscrlptlvoboolc
lets nnd nny oilier Information you
may desire regarding trip o Califor
nia. W. S. KEENAN,
Galveston Texas.
O. P. A., Q. C. & 3. F. R. R.
Our screen doors nnd screen wire
will plcnso you, Dlvons, Corhn &
Some of Our Specials
No. M . 117 front by Hi deep, lota.S-rnnm houne, barn,
.rohtril. 1-3 block, Kl rat School, the beat prop- COOnO
erty 111 Ardmoro for the money) onl pvv
No. 17 3-room home, clote In, between Ilroadway and
Siteond Are, N.W., part caab, balance by the ClflO
month ... .....JUO
No. t IOt, atore Iiou.e,tnll atock of irooda, Cl.TJfl.
auburtMU atore, atock anil all, only H,lu
No. A l-I l.room home, plen'y water, orchard, 1100
N.K, part ot city, better hurry to But It nt VMWU
No. ft room houne, North Waahlniton,
Ninth and Tenth Avr.,li.iru, orchard,
No. 30 t-room houne, S.W. part of cltyt enay
No, 31 1-2 -Vroom hnuo on HUtb ave , N.W.,
junto lot, llnu location, corner, for
No. II (-room home, barn, plenty water, lartre
lot. H.I!
No. l-room home, icood orchard, plenty
water, atorm home ..
No. 17 1-1-l-room houno, fine part city, Kood
wilier, orcimni, ..w.
No. 19 1-7-1 Tervtlelrable Iota, on Flrat
H.W. "Ibla la a burk'alu.and will not lat
No. I llulneaa boiiKU rents tor 115.00 month 1
n bariraln, nt ..
No. 81-I.ot on Hecoml ave., H.W., peaches, tier-
rlra, grapra, etc. . - - ....
Kr. ftl 3 lota In block No. i, Urue Idla N W, city,
It and Cruen atrtfeta, beltar hurry to tetlt at
Inquire by Numbsr
Ardmore Loan Q Trust Co's.
Real Estate Department
W tale charge of property with the view of making recom-'
mendattoa looking to improvements to Increas net returns pay
taxes and place nre Insurance.
fielng always ready to make josm on desirable property and
buy vendor lien notes. '' We are In a position to aid purchasers
to complete their transactions so as to enable them to pay the
seller cash In full.
Ardmore Loan & Trust Co.
Episcopal Church.
There will be divine services in St.
Philips church, today, at 11 a. m..
and S p. ra. Sunday school 9.4a n. tn.
F. A. JUNY. Rector.
Catholic Church.
Holy Classes wltl be read at 8 and
10 o'clock In the convent chapel. At
the S o'clock mass five young ladles
will receive their First Holy Com
munion Everybody welcome.
J. J. WALLRAPP, Pastor.
.. Central Baptist church.
On account of the High school com
mencement exercises Sunday morning
there will be no prenohlng nt Central
Ilaptlst church Sunday morning.
Preaching at i p. m., as usual.
Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
Sunday school 9:45 a. ni., Junior
C. B.. 4 p. m.. Senior C. K.. 7 p. m..
Sermon S p. in No preaching nt
morning hour as we worship in union
service at opera house. Illustrated
sermon nt evening hour, on "Tho
Two Ways." Kverybody Invited.
it. L. WALKER, Pnstor.
Broadway Methodist Church.
There will lie no services nt 11
o'clock at Broadway Methodist
church ,ns we will unite with tho
High school In the llaccalnurate
services at the tipera house Regular
servloes In the evening at S o'clock.
H. II WATSON. Pastor.
First Baptist Church
Services for Sunday. Sundny
school at tho usual hour Preaching
II a. in., .1 p. in., and S p. in. Rev.
RobL D. Wilson, Houston, Tex., will
preach ut each hour, on the following
subjects: "To Whom Helongcst
Thou." (11 n. m.,) Mrs. Hardy will
sing two solos nt the afternoon ser
vice. "No Room for Jesus," (at 8 p.
m.) Tho public Invited to the revival
services. J. L. KELLER, Pastor.
San Francisco and Los Angoles, Col.
National Educational Association, An
nual Convention, July 9 to 13th, 1906.
Rnte. Ono way first class faro plus 12.
Data of sale. Juno 25th to July 7th.
Return limit. Soptembor 15th. stop
overs nllowed on either going or re
turn passage, for full particulars as to
stop-over privileges, diverse routes
and etc. See your local agent.
Des Moines, Iowa. Gcnoral Assem
bly Presbyterian Church. May 16, to
29th. Rate. One fare plus 12.00, for
round trip. Dates of sale, May 14
16, 16, 17, 21 and 23rd. Return limit
May 31st,
Eureka Springs and return. On sale
dally from Fob. 1st Rato, $12.50, re
tun limit 90 days. Rate $17.50. re
turn limit 6 months.
Sulphur Springs, I. T.. and return.
On sale dally from March 1st Rate
$2.60, return limit 90 days.
Saint Paul, Minn., Biennial Meet
ing, General Federation of Women's
Clubs, Mny 30 to June 7th. Rate, one
way far0 plus $2 for round trip. Date
of sale, May 26, 28, 29 and 30th. Re
turn limit, Juno 9th.
between C7'?0
tine locality
are. C9inn
long, at
One J-room boue aod lot A street, N. 1
fw- liOM T
New S-room hooie. clone lo, electric I
llRbta. city water ami bath foa J
I -roomhoue.J Ureft. baro, clo" 4
a. to acbool aod college. h!f caih, bal.-
X ance.onenml taoyeara htm
l-room hooe. close In. hilfcaib. bal- J
4. ance monthly payment .. Jltxd T
baalrable property for nale and rent 3
in all parts of cliy, 4
J. Office Sd door aouth jif P.O. Phone 1:9' $
Something About Rough Dry.
You probably have troublo getting
a wash woman and porhaps prefer to
do your own Ironing if you can get
your clothes washed, dried and
starched. From now cm tso New
Steam Laundry has designated Wed
nosday as Rough Dry Day. This en
ables us to roturn your rough dry
by Thursday evoning, giving you Fri
day and Saturday for ironing days.
Our price for this work Is 35 cents for
tho first dozen nnd nil over that 14
cents por garmont. To Insuro prompt
return your bundlo must bo in the
laundry by Wednesday noon. Do sure
to send list with bundle. Tho driver
will loavo you blank lists if you ask
for them. Phono 575.
Wo aro going to mako our work sat
isfactory to tho peoplo. Any sugges
tion you will mako to the drivers as to
how you want any special pieco fin
lshd will bo appreciated. Any ploco not
laundrled to suit you, we will bo glad
to re-launder frco of charge.
J. n. Thornton, practical well driller.
I do cleaning out, rccaslng and drill
now wells. Phono 72S. 11-lm
Afraid of Gasoline?
Then buy t.o blue flamo oil stove.
It '8 safe, clean and cheap.
H you claim citizenship rights and
aro not on the rolls or havo business
before tho Interior department, write
Immediately to W. W. Wright, regis
tered attornoy, Corcoran building,
Washington, D. C 21
Cream Bahcry Barbecue.
Try It nnd then you won't forget
tho number. 205 N", Caddo street,
phono 258. 29-lm
Funsral Directors and Licensed
Opea Day and Night
Phr ae SI.
Office at American Restaurant
Rooldenco phono 72. Ofnco phone 7S
Real Estate
Insurance and
Loan Agents
We are prepared to loan money on surplus
lands, five years' time
Place your property with us, cither to sell
or rent, and get prompt results
We have for sale hotels, stocks of goods,
city residences, farms, farm lands
Have Fine Gin Outfit in fine section, for
sale one week only. A bargain.
W. S; Smith Realty Co.

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