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Ardmore, Tuesday, July 10, 1905,
Piano Is Now on Exhibition at LuKen's Piano and Music
Store, Where Many Interested Parties Have Called
and Expressed Admiration for Its Rich Tone.
will cot bo t-o'jDtcd .nder any conrff-Coo
The olTer of Slvlne Rwgy as the Kratttl
rapltnl prlio the M" Ulnno Is 11 liter
al ono; Thl initio I of toe celebrated
"Ituiih anil Oerf roase. and enjoy
natlonnl reputation as to erenfss of
tirao, dttrWllty nU superior workman
Hhlp. In short It wm gotten by the Ar'
rourt'lto frtmi the lat 'X"1 of B. II.
l.uko, who peraottallr select! the
Instrument, ami amnrev th young la
try who -! it oae of tn nt that
money pun bay.
The other fifteen prices will b
awarded as follows: Tb Candida'
MnndlnR first In ouch of the five dis
trict!! at the end of the content aftw
the capital prlif bus been nwadd
will lie glvon a free trip. The randl
date xecoml In tad of the five dls
trlcta will We tvn a K'dd watch
The canddlnte stantilnK third In eaah
of tho Ave districts will bo Riven n
scholarship In SolvldRo Uuslnos Cot-
The Colorado trips will Include vis
its to Di-nvur, Colorado Springs, l'lkin
I'eak, Garden of the Uods, and etc. Tin J
trii nrc csx.clally npitenllnK and
arc attractive and cornprehonslvo and
onr a great variety of Itituriwt. They
represent the maximum of luxury aw
convenience of pleasure In travel
HIrii-cIrm blrthB are engaged en
roato and the young ladles will stay
at the best and most prominent ho
tcU. Whon travellnK, tnoflls nrc scrv
cd on dining curs or nt the most
Kultablo places, according to clrcum
stances. A coniploto program of sight
seeing, local excursions nnd carriage
driven Is Included, and everyythln
possible has been done to make tli
trip a complete sucr ess.
These trips Include transportation
both ways, Pullman I'alacc tdcoprs
nnd flrst-clnss hotel accommondntlon
for one week. The young women win
iilng these trips may go when they do-
Mrc, either Individually or In a group.
Tickets will be good for sixty days -it
least, nnd If the winner desires to stay
In t ho city of their choice for more
than onj week at their own expense
they tuny do so. Colorado Is too well
known to need any description. Hv
eryone Is familiar with the hundred
of ixilntH of Interest In this fnmo.is
Tho watches are simply Itltle bCHU
ties. They uro of standard inula', full
Jeweled, nickel movement' and first
class In overy sense of the word. Tho
cases uro 2ft-year gold filled anil Mr
lKun guarantees that If n spot hs In
an n pin bead wear off In twenty year
It will be replaced with absolutely
a now 0110 free of charge. See tners
on exhibition In Douii'h show wa
dow on Mnlu street.
Tho young Indies who win the se!iol
nrsiiip in tills contest will lie ,'ry
fortumite In lm vl lis them In the 3 i
vlilgo lluslness Collogo, It linvlnt: ih
reputation of turning out ftntt-c'ass,
capable students, bosldes K.iiinutt
lug over)' student it position with rellii
hie people.
"Without education In these ilityi
suremti Is almost ImiKNtnlhle. And
without iHliientlim there 011 tie rent
enjoyment In lift. The life of today Is
more and more a life of intellect
Tho uneducated man or woman 's
shut off from Intercourse with those
-whose society makes life pleasant nnd
from avenues that lootl to prosper
Ity nnd welfare.
Of education there are many kinds,
and there are hiiioiik human being"
many dejtreos of receptivity and
of capacity.
fluoh prltes as the ahovo are cer
tainly worth working for. .Make up
your mind rlnht now that vou ?e
going to bo among the lucky oues and
ktrlvc to attain that end. You can do
It ir you try. Don't wait tilt the last
minute, but start right In now. If your
name Is already on tho list, and you
havo not done much as yet, bogin
now. You will never regret the efforts
you make and you will be vory glad
on tho last day for what you have nc
compllshed. The Interest In this great contett
Is growing hourly and an evor Incrcm
inc number of votes Is the result
"Thousands of votoe come to the Ard
mnrclte otllco dally for the popular
joiing lady In this raco and those aw
all canvassed thoroughly and fltd
for Ihoso for whom they nro Intended.
There lias novor boon a contest In Ard
jnoro or Indian Territory which hn
tnclted ho much gonoral ontbuslas
as him tho Ardmoroltc contest, anl
Lcforo tho and of tho good natured
tug of war July 28 competition aud
latorost nill ho at fever heat.
There are many reasons for the s.ic
css already accorded this contest.'n
the flrt pla.ee the Ardmoreitc Is the
boat paper In Ardmore or the India 1
Territory and publishes more ncm
than any irtber journal In the vicini
ty. In the second place the prlies
being offered by the Ardmorelte are
m liberal that even tho most skepf
cnl nnnnot but admit that they are
worth conaMenible effort to secure.
Uet, but not least by any mentis..
be young Indies who have entered
he rce,re the most popular and win.
oie In Ardmore or Indian Territory.
Thousands of votes are east dally for
these young ladles and their ondeuv
ors and enthusiasm are meeting with
succnm on overy side.
Whether the Ardmorelte makes a
cent out of this scheme or not it Is
going to give away this flno $400.00
piano to one young lady nnd send five
others to Colorado Just the same.
TransiMirtntloii both ways, Pullman Pal
aco fcleepers and flrst-clsss hotel ac
commodations for one weelc nre In
cluded in the ofTor. All expenses of
the Colorado trip will Io borne by the
Ardmorelte. Not one detail has been
overlooked In connection with those
trips which could bo of any jiosslUle
pleasure or convenience to the suc
cessful one. Those who win will win
on popularity, and that alone.
Cnndlcatos t-hould put in their best
efforts now. (Jo among your friends,
tell them you are working for the fine
piano or a free trip glvon by the Am
morelto, and hoyo them take one or
'ir.lro yoRrt,4 ihlscrftitoii Ir 3(111.
They will not miss tho money and It
will not bo spent foolishly for the
vnluo of ovory cent paid on sulixcrlp
tlon will be returned In the news of
tho world. It will prove a good Invest'
mont and one that will never be re
gretted. (Jet your frlendH In other
towiiB to work for you, as you may se
cure votes from any place.
With overy subscription to the Aril
morelte (ild in advance) 11 coupon
good for a certain number of votes
W given. Tho number of votes dopr nus
iiMiu the length of tho subscription.
This Is explained elsewhere. Those
coupuiiM may be held iih long im de
sired, and votod at any time up to
the last day of the raco.
Tho trips are first-claws in cvory
reKot llrst-chiss transportation with
births and meals Included and accom
modations at a flrst-cluss hotel, at
tho destination being Included In thu
offer. K trip to Colorado Is not to bo
had every dnv ns easily as these urn
to bo won. Many of tho candidates nre
roalUIng this fact, and would almost
ns soon have one of those trips as to
have the capital prUo, the piano.
There sems to be somo misunder
standing as to the distinction betweon
old nnd new subscribers; an old sub
scriber Is one who Is or whs taking
tho Ardmorelte nt the time the con
tost liogMn. July I. A new subscriber
I" one that vtas nut taking the papei
nt thu time the contest began, regard
less ns to whether tho party had once
been n subscriber or not. One point to
bs remembered: Parties bnvlng taken
tho wiper for short lengths of time
Inco the contest has boon In opera
tion and wanting to ronew ngoln In
ordor to secure votes, will como under
tho head of a new subscriber, enti
tling thorn to the usual numbor of
votos thereon.
When paying your subscription be
i sure to ask for votsi, 93 Votes will
positively not be Issued upon receipts.
Division of Districts.
District No. 1 Includes that part of
Ardmore north of Main street
District No. 2 Includes that part of
Ardmoro south of Main street.
District No. 3 includes MarIotta, Ily
an and all of recording dlsthricts 20,
21 nnd 2C, with the exception of Ard
more proper and all towns north of
Ardmore on the O. C. &. S. F. Ry.
District No. 4 includes Pauls Valley,
Chickasha and all of recording dis
tricts 17, 18 and 19, and all towns
north of Ardmore on the G. C. &. S.
F. Ry..
District No. S Includes Ada, Tisho
mingo, Atoka, Durant and nil of re
cording districts 1C, 22. 23 and 25.
The Honor Roll.
At every evening's counting, the
young ladles standing head In tneir
districts will apitoar on the honor roll.
Watch the Honor Roll.
Miss Floy Million 1 140-10
Mint Mrgle Akors tU"
Hiss Thadle James l(i?2
Miss llattle Hunter 17MI
Miss Minnie. Ilnrdy 13298
District No. 1.
Hoy Mullln 114(MG
Lillian McNces 1 1674
Fay Heaves 11472
Ilec Wolverton 10314
lillsH Corlew 9504
Pearl Kraley i9i3
Fay Iltirnltt 72IS
Ainlo Heimott 71CC
livlna Woods S9S7
Rules and Regulations.
1. Cash must nccompany all orders
for subscriptions.
2. Porsoas' paying for tho Ardmore-
0 beforo Juno 4Ui, aro not entitled
to votos in this contest.
3. Whon votos nro desired thoy
should be asked for at tho tlmo of
paying subscriptions. Votos will not
bo Issued upon receipts for payments
subscriptions. This Is nbso
Itito nnd no variation will bo made
from this rule.
4. Candidates and othors sending In
inscriptions should stato plainly
hothor old or new, wiietbor paper is
to bo delivered by carrier or by mall
and whethor votes aro to bo polled
or roturncd to tho subscriber.
6. Votea aro not transferable and
a candidato drops out of tho rnco
sho cannot nlvo Lev votes to another.
6. Tho only way to secure votes Is
by subscribing for tho Ardmorelto or
clipping tho coupons out of the paper.
otoa oannot bo purchased. Kvery
cent must rujirosont a subscription.
7. Coupons polled nfter tho expira
tion of Xhe dato "prlntell on each ono
... 1972C
District No. 2.
Thndle James
M i.gie Uogcrs , . 14032
1 U Flauikiti , lo43
N 1 . It'iblson . . . . 10.jvj
M.I.I. . 'I Foster ... . . 10121
Xatali- Williams S694
May Sims 8521
Llla Stansel 7215
District No. 3.
Vlrgle Akern, Woodford 39847
Vlrgle Williams, Sulphur 276U1
Maybell Johnson, Ml to 20039
May Sallce. Marietta 21418
Stella Wllkersoii, Ityan 12554
Essie Head, Marietta 12081
Lilly Hardy, Mill Creek 9120
District No. 4.
Lillian Collins, Davis 15310
Hattle Hunter, Dougherty 17MI
Sophia Cates, Wynnewood 1 15S1
Kthol Howe, Pauls Valley U36C
ItoM llurton, Wynnewood . S69I
District No. S.
Minnie Hardy, Madlll. 15 J: 1
Molllo Satterfleld. Tiff 1055
Fannie Walker, Cos I irate 10BG7
little Itandoll. Manr.svllte SIS72
lieaile Mclaughlin. Tishomingo 5321
It you can't fln.l the Flour that mill you. cber up, try
Innnlt skill exerclap.l coD.iaoltT on a upoclOo thine brlnifi a
rh..'XVJ ?n-Cort;loly. Wc hai- ilerolr.l .11 our enericr a. .1
KeltlQK Xht ',Ji!t nTrr u"" F'uar beDCe "ro C6r",,n
ottho llounekeej.er WIIOLKHAI.H DIHriWllt'THIIH
To Contett Workers.
Whoro subscriptions nre taken to
go Into the same homes where coptcs
of the paper are going now, and n re
quest made to change the name In or
der that tho money paid In may secure
more votos, ns being n new subscriber
tho subscriptions will count ns re
newals and the votes will be counted,
This rule Is adopted that absolute
fairness mny prevail with reference to
each and every candidate.
Many Leading Colleges and Universities
Accept It. Oradoalei. on Certlllcate without examlDMlon. Select Hchoot oflMifb (trade,
'""vidua attention, rapid and thorough proitre... excellent Library firm dl.olplln.
OhrlMUnlnnuence..ctlte Y.M.C.A..Do ..loon., athletic., well equipped (Jyn.n..lum
hot and cold bath.. Oood board, healthful location. Send for Catalogue.
S. V. WALL, Honey Grove, Tex., Box 300 A.
Don t havo headaches they nre
nerve-wearing. Ramsey's Headache
Kllxlr will cure any kind of headache
and do It quickly. No bad after effects.
Price 25c.
8 F J. KAMSBY. Druggist.
Ardmoreite's $1,500.00 Contest
f ..TTTTTTTTTTTfttttttttttttt
t rrovTu i ti
i v i. i i i niiNvj
To Keep House with, New Good Exchanged for any Old
Goods. Wo do repairing of all kinds. Sao us if you want to
Call, write, send word or 'Phone 104.
South Side Main Street. i
V-H- 4 4
For Miss.
4 4 I. t J, J. ixixuum . . .
District No..
I?i:cori)inc; District No. ..
.Indian Territory
Tbl. blank when properly filled out count, me vote for yooni: woman
iinine.l anil place, tur In nouilnulon In tho comett.
1 TICKr.T8 0NHALP.JL'LYIJ,MANDI5. Klnal Limit for r.turn Auc. 3D, C J
stuifirnuNs in the ardmoreite'S Jl.500.00 CONTEST.
New Old
Ono month to Dally Ardmorelte. (mall or carrier) ioo CO
Thrco months to Dally Ardmorelte (mall or carrier) 400 200
on uiuiuiiB in uaiiy Arumoroiio (ino:t or cnrrler) 1,000 COO
Ono year to Dally Ardmorelto (mall or carrier) .' 2,-100 1200
Ono year to Weckl) Ardmoreito( mall 300 ico
Cash must accompany all ordors for subscriptions.
Votos will bo allowed on paymonts in arrears tho samo as on navmont.
In advance. When iuIiir your subscriptions bo sure to nslc for votes.
iiiu iincu ui mo Arumoroiio is as follows:
Mull 01 Cnrrlor.
wuu iiiuiiiu s Huuscripuon 10 uan Ardmoiolto t .CO
inroe months' subscription to Dolly Ardmorolto l.co
hix moiitus' subscription to Dally Ardmorelto 2.50
Ono year's subscription to Dally Ardmorolto .".'.'.WW C.00
uno years subscription to Weokly Ardmorolto 1.00
Address nil communications and subscrlntlona
a O'- vumuuv vv-
linnllimiii ma .1 . .
.'M.iiiivui, emu Aruiuuiuuc, Arc more, I, t.
Tho olllco of tho content
morelto, whoro ho mny bo seen at any tlmo for consultation rocardlmr mat-
tors concornliiB this contest. If you nro Interested call and seo htm and
hui uu.iniiiuou. mono .no. 0. Ofllco hours, 7 a. m.. to 9:30 11. m
Train, leave Ardmoro II iM a. yi. dally i arrlre at Denver JiM next day.
Throuicli aleeper. every day. There will be very cheap .M. rl.lo.
from Colorado point..
l'or further Information call onl
A, W. DUNHAM. AL-.nt
-5---n. .j.j..j4T
-?3 r3 r2 r5 r? :-a f si; -2 . .
M '
The Waldorf Refrigerator
Como in and look at our lino and lot us tell
you of tho advantages over others.
Genuine 'Philadelphia' Lawn Mower
'Tho tried and found worthy"
A complete lino from 2 to 20 qts.
Don't Forgot Us on Your Plumbing and Your Tin Wokk.
J Tolephono No( 79
200 West Main St.
Just at this season the Farmer who
has Hay, Oats, or other small grain,
needs the old reliable
McCormicK Mower nnd RaRe
HAY TIES are also in demand, and
we have the best Kind in stocK.
Moline and Mitchell Wagons, the
two " Monarchs of the Road," are
always in demand, and especially
during harvest.
When the thermometer creeps lazily uo
about the 100 marif. a Quick Meal Gaso
line Stove is a necessity in every home.
We also sell Majestic Steel Ranges and
Charter Oak Stoves.
Remember, we sell the John Deere and
Velie Buggies.
Ardmore, Ind. Ter.
The Ardmorelte-
Prims, All he NEWS
All the Tims.

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