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tMe daily ardmoreite.
Ardmore, Tuesday, July 10, .1906.
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. Terms tt Sabitrlptlon
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i..n.Ar rrronjPS r.aeflon p;yu th eliio
tor ad reputation of nr vrda wLltt
L KrlnudlStiiE Abinntitlia.f bnrartieJc
'ti1 oo rrtxirtii tht tnajr b- fle, "III li
rttlr cnrclellf brought tn the attention
i vt.th pablMier.
Coa(r'wlth the MttuKlnK Editor on all
milorn txtrUlnlnif to the edltorUI 1trt
nt, ami with the Frrlrint or llulnn
Mncron lmlnf.
. JI..A. KA(ILAMI) Matuk'tnit Editor
' JOUK K KAHI.KY . llannr Manaiter
''Ardmore, Tuesday, July 10, .1000.
' W6 'are-not exactly on to till blan
ket iirinmry. Tho "warp nntl woof
are Texas products. Hut In tho man
ufactured artlclo productive of pnrty
harmony? Or In It mado to covor tho
track of rascally iKilltlclans? I'oIIIIch
make strange bedfellow this blanket
might be nuidf to fit thnt bed. Mill
CrVek Times,
Othor and older HtittuH than Texas
Iiavo dealt with IIiIh problem.
In Mississippi, Arkansas, South Cur
(illnit, lnilKlnna and othor States,
nominations were mini' hy popular
vote In dnys gono hy. tin State of
luUluim wiih dominated hy n polltl
cal rliiK tindor control of the Louisiana
Htato lottery. Thoy oatmyeil to con
trot (tarty nominations, and for a long
tlmo succeeded. They hail complete
. control of the Slato mull tho pcoplo
J booairio aroiiHeil, and then u Kreut po
I lltlcal niw followed. Thi- Democratic
aiato convontlonujipllCnnd put two
nandldutcH In' tlmlluliLKliiiilly tho
fa'ctloiiH agreed ttmt Wbl.lhkot primary
ejection junior ngroed rules should bo
held th'iougnont tho State, and the
cundldntus of both faction Riibtnltlcd
to IL Tho Slnto wna nblr.0 with run
carotin and vindictive debate. The
proplo were tlionnmlily arointed. The
lottery wiib dofoaled at tho k)1Is and
llH xlltlcal rlim routed and the lottery
lUinllv driven from tho State. A moro
necont exiMtrlence nloni; thU line wrh
tho tight over tho nomination for (Jov-
' !rnor of WIhcoiihIii by tho Hepitbll
oattH. Tho Htalwart faction, bitukud
by the two United HtatoH Sontitnrfl anil
tho corporate Inllnonco of the State.
attempted to defeat (lovernor LaKol
Ictte. Ono of tho Usnon wna over
blanket primaries that Ih, whether
.. the noinJnatlmiH hIioiiIi) be made by
popnlaf Wle.- taiMluii'liy tvlUDP.Ilio
lwwor of tho InlluoncoM montloned
acalnHt htm. triiimplieif boforf Jh'o peo-
lile, and then the powers that foiiKht
him tried lo wrench hi victory from
V 'ljlm )y, pntthiK out a ticket nnlnnt
htm. Hut he beat tliom In the election,
and now occupleM one of the hooU IH
tho'siinato fnini WIhcoiihIii, after hnv
Iiik cniYlcd IiIh pollcloa nil to(a hoc
, ocHHfijl tormluntlon.
vTlid candidate nominated by every
ttnfalmekti known to convention meth
vodHund olcutud throiiKh fraud and
v cttl(janor occupies a fulHe position.
Hit ta put forth lis reirexentluK the
majority of tho people, whou In fact
he dooH not reproMiit them nt all, but
the creation of n lot of tricksters who
huve doculved the voters.
Deception of this nort will tear down
i-utlier tlisn build up tho faith of tho
jieoplo In H)lltlcal partlea which are
mi necemKiry for tho performance of
liTofound and lioiient duty to the pub
The party that cannot Klve the peo
ple an lion en t show nud a fair count
of tho votes does not desarvo tho favor
of tho iieoplu. This tlio Democratic
repreiinuHtlveH, ussemblcd yesterday
"at-KJiawin-e, declared for.
The praise Is thiilrs! They were
first to declare for tho rule of tho
How crutofu! wo feel that wo Iiavo
In tho new state a political party that
is wlllinc to place tlio political power
Jrf thf State In the hum) of the peo-
ll.iw InanlrlM nil thin! It nMMt Mot
b- iiirprMttic at all If the Demoonitu
' "
imp th country
Som mind rtwch a etirtaln itolnt
tn thir devekipment and stop. They
taoom abaolntely Immovable. So It
hu bcn with many of the northern
poHtletam who cams to manhood from
18M to ISM. Some of those minds
Mill control the HeiwWIenn jKilltlct,
ami they proMM wine kind of an at
tack on the South as a remedy for ev
ery trouble of their party.
Tata was town In Om recent plat
form ( Ow league of Heimbllcan
Clulw. Plndtntc that their imrty Ik III
dMHRr of beliiK defeatml In the com
I ok cHiffreMloiial elrctlon. they make
tii-ir old time appeal to aecttonal pre
Jwdlce In the hope of atoppltiK tho
tide toward Democracy. They appeal
to the Nation to cut down the South'
reproaentatloM tn CoiiKreM..
tt u ih (ild M.l .it of the minds
that stopped KrowInK In 1S00. whlcfi
iblnk that all the North can be unltod
and MlldlIUd by any iipihniI to attack
the South. Thoy do not recognize any
thlni; that has happened singe 1S08,
when Hootlonal hltternoM bepnn to
Thoo peotde want to ' ko back! t'o
thoiie shameful days and renew the'
flros of hatred and try to nave their
party by unltlni; It In a new war on
tle South. It cannot be done, but the
effort Indicates one of the peculiarities
of the human mind also ono of the
tricks of politics.
Vermont democrats and Indepen
dent republicans have fused. They
hope to carry the state. There Is a re
bellion, In the Republican party
nRalnst the Proctor machine.
For several years Senator Proctor
has had full control of the state nnd
this year had his son nnmlnnted by
th i.ipchlno for (lovernor. Tho revolt
Is finite strong mid tho' Independent
Republicans have named a mail for
Governor and tho Democrats have on
dorsed him. Tho total vote of Ver
mont In l'02 waH C9.700. Of that, tho
Democrats got 7,304. in 100 1 tho Dum
ocrnts got Hi.CCG, or about one-third
of the totnl vote. In 1002 tho Itepub-
l'cans won, but on ii plurality the Dem
ocrniit vote of 7.3CI nnd tho Proh'bl
tlon vote of 28,201 was n majority had
It been coniiolldalfd. So wo 'should see
what u fusion ticket can do this your
In Vermont.
In Pennsylvania there Is n fuslna
hotwoon the bettor class of Kopubll
cnus and tho Democrats. Twice since
the war Pennsylvania has shaken off
he !' p.il.lican mnchluo nud choxon u
Democratic governor. In PJOt Penu
sylvaula cast 1 ,'.'30,000 votes nnd of
this the Democrats got 430,100 and
tho Republican machine MC.S00.
Ill both these States the Democrats
are In a hopeless minority, 'except
when the Republican nmchlne gets so
had that the people rebel. That Is
the case In both those States now.
Things have gone to tho limit and the
Republican voters have rebelled. The
Democrats have Joined the reformers
and success Is hoped for In both states.
If tho elections go for the fusion
ticket It will mean a decided differ
ence In tho congressional deleg.itlons.
When our colstltutlonnl convention
meets to frnmoMho fun- amenta law
of our state-, they have boforo them
an undertaking which Is worthy of
oniy mo noniest' rimrncfersf1 wno
knows what wrong may bo done by
this liody. It rhny rest assured that
tho oil corporations, tho railroads nnd
tho trusUi will have their men there
an they have had them In the lobbies
nt Washington during this entire ses
sion of emigre. It Is plain to bo
seen that a great effort was mado to
shape tho enabling act to suit the
wishes of the coriKirnttons and fall
ing to some extent at Washington,
they will take up tbvtr next work at
tho constitutional rnnventloniln each
district they will put forth n man,
and It will hi only by careful voting
that men, prejudiced only for Okla
homa, will bo elected. It Is sometimes
hard to know the man who favors cor
t'orntloiiB Ho comes In all disguises.
He may oven denounce his very meas.
ure, and then push It through, when
elected. Tho honor to sit In a conven
tion which shnpos tho constitution Is
an honor which comes to few men and
wjll be eagerly sought after. Candi
dates will be plentiful. From nniong
thoMj mon, who placo themselves bo
foro tho people as worthy of this
honor, a careful choice must bo made.
We do not want it said that Oklahoma
has n railroad constitution, Thero is
oily ono way to prevent this, and that
by thu votes of Oklahoma at tho polls.
Vote for tho caudldato, with a look
toward his honesty, Integrity and mor
ality. . . . ,
A statu constitution Is a guarantee
to tho people from the state of the m
herent liberties and frdom.to whii h
they hare become accuskimol and t
check upon the future legislators ft
that state. Thn bill of rights con
tained In every state constitution
alves the people protection and friat
anteea their liberty from the fa-e
In other words, the bill of rights d x-s
the same for state taw. Ma the first
thirteen amendments do for the people
under national law. The other para
of the constitution are taken tip wh
article restricting, limiting or grant
Ing powers which are necestar for
government In that section of 'nt
country. The ranting of this part l?
the moat vulnerable for the railway
lobbyists. Hare la where they will
attempt to start the new state off
with a serious handicap. She has aid
ho Is capable of self-government an'
the time ban come for them to show
tho people of the world Oklatt--t-
I lor not
Indian Territory Division U. C. V. to
Meet at Ardmore july 26-27-28.
Official Program.
Thursday Morning, July 26.
0 n. ill, Owning of auditorium
Music Uy Ardmore Hand.
'9?30 Reunion c'alWd 16 order Iby
fieri.' J6hn' 1' Oalt, MaJ. Oen. Mra,
Indian Territory Division U, C V
Prayer by Rev. Hlackburn, Chaplain
Indian Territory Division.
Solo 11, P. Hee.
Address of Welcome Mayor R. W
Music hy the band.
Address of welcome on behalf of
John II. Morgan Camp No. 107.
Music by the band.
Address of welcome, U. S. ('. V.
Otos Weaver.
MurIc by tho band.
Address of welcome. Camp Sam
Davis W. A. U'dbettor.
AddrosH of welcome, on behalf of
Camp Sam Davis, J. Clint Gramim.
Music by tho uand.
Response to nddross of welcome,
b half U. C. V. W. M. Cross
Response to address o. welcome, be
hilf of U. S. C. V. C. A. Skien.
Presentation by (leu. (Jult of Gen.
J. Wllklns, Gen. W. I Cnbell and
ther olllcors to tho meeting
Ainu imcetneiit of committees on
credentials and resolutions.
Addroaa R. L. Williams
Music by tho band.
Ailoumment until 3 p. m.
Thursday Afternoon.
Joint session United Confederate
veterans of tho Indian Territory Di
visions and Confederate Southern
Memorial Association, Indian Terri
tory ilvlslon.
Memorial Address Stlllwell II. Rus
sell. Music by tho band.
Koort of credentials committee.
Address C. C. Welth. ' I '
Music by the band.
Friday Morning. i
9:30 Convention called to order.
Miscellaneous business.
Short tnlits b;; old soldiers.
Music by the hand Southern airs.
Address B. J. Glddlngs.
Ailournmenl until - p. m.
Friday Afternoon.
Report of committee on resolutions.
Selection of olllcers for the ensuing
Music by tho band.
Report of committee from Son of
Confederate Veterans.
Soiih of Confederates wilt-, meet nt
2:30 at tho city hall. J '-
Selection of the next meeting place.
Prayqr by, tho Chaplain.
Friday K.nht.
Rail to the sponsors and maids of
Special arrangements have been
mmlo for tho Old Virginia Reel for
tho Old Confedoratofl and tholr wives
or some othor confederate's wife.
Don't haVo any losltnncy don't bring
lib full dross suit do not hesitate to
Join In tho reel because lho, figure
will be called by un' old-timer..
Saturday MorninQ. f
Parade of tho Old Confederates.
Sons of Confederates, Daughters and
Civic Soclotlcs, school children, city
otllclalrf and flro department.
Line of March.
Formation. Meet In front of the
Presbyterian church on Broadway.
Chief of police nnd officers mounted.
Ardmoro Hand.
City officials in carriages.
Old Confedorato Veterans, double
Clmporones, sponsors and maids of
honor In tally-ho and automobiles.
Staff Sons of Confedorato Vetorans,
. Sons of Confederates,
Chapter Daughters of Confederacy,
on floats and. carralgs. Children sing
ing Southern sonci.
r The Hammering Continues
r We Are on the Last Month of Our 3
i Gigantic Sale I
Shoe prices lower than ever before. Great has
r been the shoe selling for the past three weeKs. 2
5. The reason has been a splendid oneit's ber
5 cause good shoes are under the hammer. 2
Ladirjb full pat. plain tee Men's Stacy & Adama
Gibson Tit a, 53 50 and $-1 $3.00 pat. $0 at $5.00
LadieB' vici kid, plain toe Men's Stacy & AdaitiB
Gibson Tics, S3 for...... $2.50 I kid, $5 at. $4.50 -3
Ladi'e'a'vlci kid. plain tee Men's M. A. Packard pat.
Gibson Tien, $2.50 lor... $2.25 j 55 ..53.50 and $4.00
Ladies' vici kid, oat.
welt eole, $2.50 and
Ladies' tan and black
sole, $2
GO pr. odd lots size
4fc, $2.50 at
10 pr. odd lots, size
3fc, $250
' Misses' pat. button Champagne
t0Pi pint" toes, 8.00 nt . . . $2.00
Misses' pat. plain toe, 2.50 at $1.50
JE Ohildron.'s slip., pat. strap, 1.50 at $1.15
Children's slip., lace & 1.00. 65c
Decorateil floats.
Anlniorc Flro Department, henileO
by chief,
Line of March.
Uroadwny to Main on C Btreot; Main
to -Union Depot on rlfibt hand alilo;
return Main street; Union Depot to
C Htrcet. and break rnnkti.
Ilevlewlnf: Bland, oUlcera nnd staft
nt llanka Hotel.
ConfedernteH and Federal Soldiers
will no admitted to tho Fair Grounds
nt all tlmoa freo of charge.
TrniiHortiitlon to and from tho
Rroundn will bo furnished free to nil
Old Soldlera and their wives during
the reunion.
All inealK will bo served on tho IU
union uronnds free of chnrgo to all
old soldiers and their wIvch.
For any nnd all Information In re
Kuril to. tho Jtijimlon, or accomniodn
tloiiH, tiucli ,as roomH. notelul nnd
umii&oiwntti,. aildnisB the t-- -
HUUN'IO.V. Ardmore. I. T.
All (UOHtlonH cheerfully nnKwcrcd.
The City Fish Market will movo on
or before SepL 1 to Lynn's old stand.
Showt Dakerlet, Sausage and Other
Factories In Filthy Condition.
Dy AHBocIntcd l'rd'ss'. '
London, July 10. Tlio report of tho
Inspector of factories nnd workshops
submitted today showB conditions hero
qulto as revolting as any thing alleg
ed to tho American packing centers,
dirty factories und disgusting methods
were found In some factories, llakcrles
and sauHago factories wero censured
ns being equally flthy.
8teamer Went Ashore.
Uy Associated Press.
North 8ydney, July 10. Tho steam
er Agla bound from Mexico forMnn
trcal went ashore today near-'Loula
burg. Details aro lacking.
Ladrone Leader Surrenders,
Ily Associated Press.
Manila, July 10. Montalon, a La
drono lffader, has surrendered at Tal
Isay and has been removed to Cavlte,
His capturo leaves only ono moro
I-ndrone leader at largo In Luzon
" ?l,UV UUU
Men's Heywood s5 and $0"
$4,50 and
Men'ti Heywood vici
$3.50 and $1 at.... $3 and
Men's vici kid, $2.50 and
3.00 at $2 and
Men's satin calf,
$1.50 and 1 75 at
$3.. $2.19
2 to
2 to
Boys patent leather Blu., 3.50 at $2.25
Boys vici Blu., 2.50 at $1.90
Boys' vici BlUi, 2 00 at ... ... $1.35
Boys' vici Bal 1.75 at ... $1.25
Makes Slight Changes In Plans for the I
Two New School Dulldlngs. '
Tho public school board met In call
ed session yesterday afternoon at tho
business oirices of the First National 1
bank. All members Of the board were
present, as wero several architects
and Contractor Fraley, wlm baa been
awarded the contract for tho erection
of tho two now brick school build
ings which aro to bo erected, ono
In tho second nnd ono In tho fourth
Tho purpose of tho meeting wan to
estltnato tho cost of making a few
changes In tho plnns of the buildings
which had been accepted by tho board
several days ago. Tho changes which
wero to bo figured upon wero In
tho basement. The board, had decided
to extend tho basement the entlro slzo
of the building Instead of halt Its
Alze, and had called tho meeting for
. that purpose. After somo dlsciisBlon 6n
J life' stibjqct and n carohiHgoiiigl,over
of tho plans, It wns decided that tlio
basement could bo mado tho hlzo of
tho building at tho same cost thnt It
could bo mado tho slzo first specified
In tho plHns.
It was thought tho contract for tho
erection of the buildings .which was
received by C. E. Frnloy, his being
tho lowest bid, would bo signed up
at tho meeting yesterday afternoon,"
but this was not done. Another meet
ing of4ho bonrdfwllt bo held Boon nu.lt
tho cohtr'ac? signed up, bo ttiat work'
can begin Immediately on tho con
struction of tho buildings.
H Is tlio Intention of the board end
thoy have Instructed tho contractors
to 'that effect that tho buildings bo
finished by tho- first of October, Hi
which tlmo tho public schpols of tho
city open.
Released on Bond.
W. A Watts, charged with Introduc-
Ing and selling whisky, war given a
-preliminary hearlngjlhls afternoon In
the commissioner's court, Aftor thd
' trial ho was bound over under $350
bond, which ho gave. Tho evidence In
. the case was lengthy nnd consume,!
most of tho afternoon. Watts Uvea at
Hrock and Is also under a $500 bonl
on n grand jury Indtctmont, charging
him with tho same offense.
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