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I !)()(.
End of Tomato Shipping.
.lacKson.iiio, Tcxns, July in. No
more tomntnnn will ! .... tltWl! title
I HRVA M soason 1,1 mrlo.nl lots, no the crop In
II. U. Ulll HI! Practically marketed. Not counting
express consignments, thore havo
licon 516 solid car load of lomatoo
'Hearst It Not a Presidential Can.ll
date But Will Likely be Supported
by Dryan Faction In His Race
Far Governor.
routed this sonwm grown within n CONDITION OF CROPS IS 'THE
New York. July 10. William J.
Dryan anil William It. Hoarst havo
roaohod an understanding and Mr.
Hoarst will osltlvoly support Mr.
Hryan for the Domocmttc notulnntlon
for president In 1008. That, accord
lug to Honrst mon horo, In tho monti-
log of Mr. Huh rat ' announcement that
ho Ik not a cnnillitHte for the Dem
ocrntlc presidential nomination.
It Is loarncd that negotiation havo
boon In progroHH for somo tlmo be
tween theHo rivals for Democrats
leadership In fact, over olno Mr
llryan'H now boom took definite shape
M'r. Hearst mado certain donmnds ai
tho price of his support, anl thoru
Ih good reason to bellovo that Mr. Hry
an has promised to grant them.
Ono of thoso donnnds, and parhniM
tho most Important from Mr. Htf rst'J
point of vlow, Ih that tho men who
wore rosKnslhlo for the nomination
of Parker In 1904 shall bo rologatcd to
tho roar, and deprived of whatovor
control they now have of tho party ma
chinery of tho Democratic party. The
lemand Includes the deposition of Tom
Tnggart as Democratic national chair
man and tho exclusion of August Del
monl and William F, Shcchan from
the party councils. Mr. Hryan Is ex
pected to do all this by virtue of his
position us tho apparently Inevitable
candidate of tho Democrats two years
hence. Whether his moral Mippnrt will
bo given U Mr. Hearst In the latter'
attempt to capturo tho regular Demo
cratlc nomination for governor of tblK
htato Is not known; but an Inference
to that effect Is drawn from tho fac.
that Hryan recently gavo I caret
friendly mention as a Democratic can
.ldato for president.
radius of rcvoh miles of this place,
approximating $300,000 worth of to-
matoos, tho highest record of any
Condition of Banks In Territory,
Washington, July, 10. The avorage
resorve of tho banks of Indian Terri
tory was 18.05 per cent on April C
Loans and illncountH Increased from
$15,274,2.15 to $16.81(3,010; Kd coin
from $217,088 to $800,101; lawful mon
Western States Have a Million Acres Government Will Require Purchaser af
More In Cultivation than Last Lots Sold to Pav Full Cash Amount
Year Conditions of Corn July
1 Indian Territory.
at Time of Pu.-r.hase Lots
Sold tc Hlghesi Bidder
Washington, July 10. Tho crop . U'Msh. I. T., July io. Tho record
sun agaii.jt waters-pierce.
Arkansas Demands Two Million Dol-
lara In Fines From Oil Company.
Uttio Hock, Ark., July 10 Suit for
pennltlofl aggregating $2,000,000 was
Instituted Saturday by tho state,
through Attornoy General lingers and
Prosecuting Attorney Hhoton. against
tiio Wntcrs-l'lorce Oil Company, un
der tho nntl-trust law of Arkansas.
Tho complnlnt nllegoH that the do-
of Indlnnn; the Hepubllc Oil Company,
h corporation nrgunliiil unilor tho
law, of tho ttlnte of New York; the
indHrd Oil Compflny. onriwntlnn
Tha Ml.l.l.. T- , . . .
fendant has enlorcd Into an nerco- V " " ' ..r ,o a "cr ,0 F"r Not.
monl with the Standard Oil Company. Z"ni Z VhJ ,aZi " V"
a company organized under tho laws s," L f "? A"dle"-''"mer.ed
u.mU appropriate sonp;.
lining iioaru or the buronu of ttH- In the nlllcra of the Indian ln.m.rlor
... ... . ... . . . i . . . i
ubuuh in uh? iiopnniont or agncu- snow that there arc hundreds of tow. . ..rwmliied iin.Ier th. Uw nf Vnu- rr.
..,-,,..,.,,,, ,. , . .. .
nv rMorvit iiimraniA.1 r...... mi mom i i-'--- ...v urn im t,i iiifi .t-rrmirv .imiiiwj. nun (iiiii'ra. m rMfi.in.A nmi iw
to $I.108,2,J; Individual delu from rWK),,,l',,!,1 ngwnl" wf Uie ' J"' wn ilofawltoil In Iho Kiy tho price of article of manufacture.
Ill 130.U6 to $13,776,771 .. .. m iiimi never wmii sold at tbe inriuuing petroieu
lean as follows:
' '""""""J rmiirn. snow I lie Hero- gov.rnmllt UHlo been use lb- n.,i,r.l.. such a imnbtlin lt..ln. v-n.,- ....... " ' """ "una-
. . I I , " . .v. nvarwviu iiiin W 11 1 ijb lumrki.iul.. At. . . . .
kkc m torn ro lm pmnti nlM)ut 91.- anifi.t w io. i.ui. i-n.i .i imi.mu... ..h. " "i rue or nan-
Hterllng. Ok.. July 10.-A Motho.ll..
in'..i-ter of this ,wrt of the new state,
who Is constitutionally and almost doc
irlimlly oppol to Immersion as a
mode of Imnll.in. runnnii..
n. and all prodnc.s NBImi of mm ."'a
Prominent Politician Su.c.des. M6.000 acr,.. an Increnso of aboi .ni w "2Z ZiZ u "T.. '"" ' north of
Hy Asuoclated Prws. IJ5U.000 or 1.0 Irt.r cent as compar- ho old at public auction to tl. i.i.i,. the .(..fmnli.... i.. Hi.n,. A'" ' rl . "8 ""rilmtei. the mlsfor
Omaha. July ll.-An.,.! i. tr.. ' wl11' H'''"te of the ncre(te ut bidder for ensh. Thin Is oi.. i.. vlslnn. ,t n. ,,.!.... i-u- "WhwnrdneM. his tender
nlngs. former city treasurer for six ,""V'Hr- , , , mHk" "m" """ lelslnlnre. and I. liable L this ZiHH o f hi." m !,u,
tears, nml ronnlillr-nn a '"e coiuiiiion or corn July I, Is us dor the obi vim
mnvor In.t ...ri..e n .,,..... follows: men, ,,.... ,, ,llri , .,., .... ""'"' ln,'y heenmo convcrtcl
-i ruivn.u 1 . - ......... I ...v.v jiui . .'r.iiiv-.i .n iinnn. mi n Rill I Ull.lur I II. Ill lion. I. ml ... ....I... .1. . .. .. .
.1.. . .... .1 ' "- IIIU .HUUHhllHt
faith. Having
that Immerslou
t form of bap.
pared with 87.3 on July 1, 1905, 86.1 In the future when a mm. I.I.I, fnr .
Ht tho corresponding date In 1901 and lot at govoniment snlo It will be on
a ion joni nvorage or hu.i. , (l CMh ,.18m ,, , , .
The average comlKlou of wlnlor over the ontlro amount and tho pat
wheat on July 1 wns S5.C as compared out will he Issued at once. Iots bought
with 83 Inst month 82.7 on July 1, 1905, that way will sell for loss money than
o.i ui iiiu corrosiKJUu i k i nto is u. i n.i..r ..... t ... ,.
at his homo hero this morning, by
snooting. No cause Is assigned
cc ... . . """" MM n U,wn ,ot t,,oro WM" 2R "M,r J"W'wnt Is nske.1 for a surrender and decided to ..ir
KanmiH 88; ndlan Territory 90; cen. paid down and the remainder of the charter of the company to do church
Oklahoma 93; ITn.te, states 87.6. In three ,ua. annua, payments, .n tnc business In this stale and damages In .1 a i, , e
The average condition of the grow- Choctaw and Chickasaw nations the the sum of $2,000,000. was the , m, lr n. i . i
Ing crop on July 1 was S7.G as com- payments were even easier than that. ' " .."J ? T!.T
OPENING OF BIG PASTURE WILL "'"! U tC" onr'H HVornKo of 79.1
These Lands to be Opened In Septem
ber will be Finished Before the
Constitutional Convention Shall
Have Convened.
Tho following tnblo shows tho fol
lowing western states having ono mil
lion acros or upward In winter wheat,
tho condition on July 1 this year with
the respective ton year average:
Ten year
Ave rag o
Insiwctors will not soil any of thoso
lots until ho gets ordors from the sec
retary of tho Interior.
States July 1
Kansas 7;
California 90
Oklahoma hi!
. 8S.0
Wyoming Fish Story.
Cheycnno, Wyo., July 11 (Special)
Whnt Is believed to bo tho trout that
viciously attacked and Injured n fish
erman lioro about a month ago lnus
been captured at Iiko Mahapaluth on
a set line. Kred Dlllmnn, tho fish's
victim, caught tho trout whllo seated
on tho end of an Ico chute, nnd at
tempted to Insert his fingers In Its
gills to drng It to shore Instantly tho
fish loaned nt him, uclzlng his hand
In Its mouth and terribly lacerating
tho flesh from tho wrist downward,
thereafter making Its escape Tho fish
weighs eight pounds and hns teeth
a quarter of an Inch In length. A
hook nnd several yards of lino word
found In Its gullet.
Oklahoma City. Ok.. Julv in win.
the opening of the big pasture In Co- tJnl,lMl statas
nunchc county, allotments of which
will bo participated In oy tho Klowns
Comanches and Apaches, tho last In
dlan lands In Oklahoma will havo
been opened to settlement, and tho
now state of Oklahoma will bear tho
distinction of coming Into statehood
1 1
To Make United Appeal
Hy Associated Press.
Salt l-nko City, July 11. silver How
Trades and Iabor assembly, Hntto,
Mont., has sqnt out an appeal to over'
Central uilor body In tho United
States to set apart Sunday, August G,
Tho nvnmt-o rnnillMim of u..rl..r I
r. - - ... aw,..,. ... ...., t. n ...
wh.-nt nn J..U- 1 w 01 !',.a ... """ ""UK" rninic J. amitn 01
V ' ' Vllllfil fU
next fiir n connrnl ..nin,t nn.i "J" Asoclnted Press.
I ll,l-,. ...I ..
viii"ui '"f n. juuge u'iniiis or
tlsm, she demnndeil the administration
of that modo. On the wny out to tho
creek she said to the minister: ".Vow,
brother. I want vnu ...
ARE IMPOSED "M,,l"r 10 wn,or cl8n" 1 r m id
.Nover fear, madam," replied tho
minister, with feigned relish of tho
dreaded Job, "I'll get you clean undor,"
Sbo weighed over two hundred imunds,
wniio the minister was n spindling fel
low with soft muscles. In tho water
the minister concluded his prelimin
ary ceremony with "In tho name or
tho Father, nnd the Sou and tho Holy
Ohost," nnd laid her gently back upon
tho wntor. All of her two hundred
pounds of weight wont under hut hor
faci. "Cot mo clean under," she de
manded. "Never fenr,'' said tho nor-
FINED $-10,000.
Two Officers Fined $10,000 Each Con
vlcted of Granting Illegal Rebates.
Fine Is Same as Burlington
Railroad Paid.
witn 93 last month, 91 on July 1,
1905; 93.7 nt tho corresponding dnto
In 1901 and a ten
The avernge condition on July 1,
sentenced tho Chlcngo and Alton
without any Indian or nubile ln.,.i of ,r,"K 11,1,1 wltur whent combined
for futuro settlement. Perhaps no nth wn" 87,8 "I"''11 wlth 8C-S on
lfatla.4 Sr r a m .ft
Caldwell, Idaho, either to glvo Moycr,
HnVWOOd nnd Voll .inn., nn I
trial nr nrimit i.nr isnii .t,..iirt rwiu, recently convicted of KrnntlnK
VOr livrrnin nf I in-tiuiu ... .
B" - trial for tho murder of Oovcrnor Stc- " ,vm"m' " P" no or i20,-
uneberg. 0,1 enc" or lwo counts, or a total
or m,ooo,
tho United States .ll.trlrl "'"" ""r. B you under."
K..n., , n,., V. ' 1 "'' "o released
ono hand from be
hind nnd pushed her faco beneath tho
water. Then It became necessary to
relcnso tho other hand to get behind
her In order to lift her out of tho wa-
John Kalthern and Kred A. Wann, Q "' " !
" ""Miwiiiuun lunrv iiuiu ma
former onirlal. nf tiw, r,..i M ' " m'
or Ktntn ti.nt , .......!.... .u. I Jly 1, 190G and 81.C at tho correstioi.il. Oklahoma Dl.trirtinn n,rj m, m..j , . ... .. . rm 8ll'I'co from under him nnd ho
...... ,.Mn i... iiu.i.iiivil llj IIIU I, ... " I u iuu . hum nu...Tii;i-i m INtJ II UtlO lu-nu ., I....,.,. ,i
union can-bniHt r iibn .iu. ' pcnoii in luui. me amount of An Additional Anoronriatinn. ir. nno nri. , . ..., ""' "'"k " "u mum current.
In fact, in nearly evorv other. M.to w,,cnt remaining In the hands of farm- (luthrlo, O. T July lO.-Prellmlnarv of $10,000 each. ikifendnntK nn.i . "l U' .oW My camo w,, a Llu-
that Is now in thn ..ninn iu I L'ra " Jui . ih estimated nt about ostlmntes mado bv tho owinhnmn ,11.. nn tun ,.( t ..!., ""u iw irom nor
less land that ..n- nv.,r .0B3,000 bushels, onulvalent to trlctlng board Indicate that thn lino. t.l..ln- tl... m,,n,u .w..n ... mmi"' 8,10 ejaculated, "I'm satisfied.
. . -- .
tiIKn. and Is yet available to Uio home
10,01.3,000 bushels, equivalent to trlctlng board Indicate that tho $100.- talnlng tho counts. The specific charge " , ' alc, "lm a"flI.
about O.G per cent of tho crop of last 000 appropriated by congress to pay on which they wore conv cted was glv- u i , ' Z, Kl mo,c'Cnn Undt'r'" an(1
lh0 CX"enstB "f 1,10 constitutional con- Ing the Schwarzchl.d. SuhSgercSi. S u Z "?JIT?. 'h 'V' th
Oklahoma and Indian Territory, tho ,no aver"K condition of tho oat ventlon and Its preliminaries and (ho pnny ono dollar per car on alt aliln- " . .. . . l" u-"k iin
big country originally set apart by tho on July w"8 81'0'
united Stntos government especially
for tho Indians, will ho cleared of In
elections rendered necessary by It, monts from tho Kansas City plant of
win no entirely inadequate for that tho packing company.
purpose. Lhnrles II. Fllson, secretary Tho court In nasslnc sentence snl.l
or rne ooara ana disbursing ngent for ho could see no extenuating clrcum-
fllntt l..n,lu l.t li l i
""uo "H "cuiaiiy ia- To ni0.ct Paelnn Hnll. Th .. .... ' 7 .
ken on tho cloak of active statohood. Sat ,erf ..h 7 " ",u luu-uuu ""i". nccoming to tho stnnceH In granting rebates.
.vaw leruis or mo sinienood nil . savs Hint
Nut Growers' Association.
College Station, ToxaB, July 11.
(Special) Tho featuro of today's ses
Hlon of tho Farmers' congress Is
meeting of tho Texas Nut Orowors' as
sociation. Tho poenn Industry Is nn
Important ono In this stnto and the
mooting lias attracted a conHldor.iblr
number of people. Prosldont Falkm r
of Waco dol'vored 'iO opening aJ
dross, and explained tho procosH of
budding tho nntlvo pecan trees, which
abound nlnng tho rivers of Texas, with
tho flnor vnrlotlos, nnd tnua Increas
ing tho quantity and quality of tho
crop. Papers wero also road by Judge
II. A. Halbort of Houston, II. P. At
water of Qalvoston and others.
rerms or tno statehood bill, says that Defendants gavo notlco of appeal. L.Vt r 7i, m.! ,u"
It Is. however, tho Intention nf th. n ... . 01,1 of 11,0 walur ' corpulent sister
n.l....n 11CJ ........... . . . ' . " - ...v. ....u iu,,.., in lUUIIUCni hlL-nn l...m...l.,. "-TLw..., -.....!. ...
(shed before tho constitutional con- , t"A,ni n ',Z,r ,ea, w "V "'. with that Im,K.ed upon tho Hurling- , . no,. , " :",.; " "Z
i.n i . - ...oivuu iiiu willlOl I rccani in t int fnrt nn.l Iruat Ir... i . .. - - " ""u uci
w.i..,.i nuiiii iimo couvoneii. I lie ,.ni,i., i..,. ....... ........... " " a nnuiiiir enwo uy !, .,. ...
nun uu llllil in COICrOSS to mnkn nniirnnr nil ...j It.... t...i. . ...
... . . -- ....... ... . . . .. Ulll..:.. ll'L. ...... ... ..... ......I(1 M
Tl.n nnnnlnff . n n.. ... r. . I
.... ,....... bu..ulll.u ... OCHUIU- ny AHHOCn,0(J V08S
uur, in vuiimncuo county, will no nn-
The I iinnlflnir l.n.icnu thnr,.
wlndlnir im of the Irlbnl nff.ilr- r ih. " 7 . . "'r- " """
Osago Indians nnd the nllottlnK of " TT0' h." " to cover any deficiency which may re circuit court.
their lands which has been uolne nn L " T l"u "cago su't. The opinion of tho members of
now for tho nasi si woni. win M . .""1K 0U!r onon 10 "ielr the loan! Is that congress Intended Attempted Assassination.
tbe Ounce K.tion n..w ..... r n.,. , m"lH 8a,",,,ry "'' t'"t the tl p.cvldo for tho payment of nil tho Hy Associated P
lahomn, cleaned of Its Indian lands
tho water. Turning to tho nudlcnc.
upon tho bank, ho announced: "IJt us
sing 'All Hall tho Power of Jesua
.Vanio,' " hut tho nudlenco was so
nmuscd It could not sing and as tho
dripping pair camo straightway up
Races at Brighton Beach.
Now York, July 11. (Special.)
Tho racing season at Hrtghton Ilcach
track opened this afternoon, tho chief
ovents being tho Distaff stakes and
tho Hrighton mile. Many good horses
aro entered for both races. Tomorrow
tho Jamaica stakes will bo run and
on Saturday tho "big thing" of the
meet, tho Hrighton handlcnp, will
a) mo off. Tho season will closo Aug.
-1 i-Ith tho Hrighton Derby.
To Straighten Neosho River.
Hons Into effoct August find.
Thaw Denies Insanity.
Hy Assoclnted Press.
York. July 11. Hurry K.
Thaw had reportors sout to his coll
today, whoro ho reiterated tho state
ment mado last night that ho was not
Insane Ho wished tho widest public
ity bo given to tho statement he gnvo
tho roimrtors last night, donylng that
i nn..m ... " w Hisaiio, "r Hint a luiinoy com
" I" ". n.l.loM l. .-... ... . ....
Of war will, thn n.nn.l.ora nf t.l Trll. """" ,.,..,..,, to lll.iuiru iniO
i i... ......... . . , ,,ls 8tno of mind'
ttv Duiibitnuaiuill ptlltui vnillliuiliu,
hns taken no active part In tho allot
ment of lands that aro to como to
his people. This will bo guarded, prob
ably, solely by tho government.
Catholic Educators Meet.
Hy Associated Press.
Cleveland. O.. Julv 11 M.mv
.to... ...in . ... . . " ... . . . ' "
...,..., 1...1-111 mi. p..i luvinuii ruguia- oxpeimeH or tiie coiu-tlutlonal convon- tsovnstlvol, July 11. An attempt sontatlvo olurlcH and teachprs of tha
the occupants of which aro tho rich
est Indians In tho world.
Qunnnli Parker, chief of all the Co
mnnchos, Gotobo, chlof of tho Klowns,
and Goronln. chief or tho Apaches,
aro to flguro In tho last nllotmont of
lands to bo mado to Indians In Okla
homa. Hoth Gotobo and Parker havo
been busy for tho Inst two weeks ad
vising among .heir pcoplo In tho se
lection of allotments for their pco
nnd was caught by tho train, which
wns switching. Tho head was cul lS
cloan and ono arm nin.hn.r tn ninn.
I. ... k. . ... ...... .
,.0..u.KUu, ji.-io-liu , Meyer , Rurvved by a wife nnd two
corps oi government, engineers win children, who" resldd Texas,
uu seni io ivansas in a row unys io
njnko n .survoy of tho Neosho river
Russian Students Shoot' and Rob
By rtssoclated Press,
Indon, July 11. A dispatch to a
nows agency from St. Petersburg says
Blacksmith Beheaded. three young mon, students at tho unl
Eunice, La., July 10. Gustav Moy- verslty, shot and wounded a paymastor
er, a German blacksmith from San nna two watchmen this afternoon In
Antonio, Texas was beheaded by a tno ""Ico of tho paymastor of tho ad
freight train horo tast night. Moyor nralty, nnd decamped' with $12,000
was a member oi tho Southern Pacific
construction crow engaged In work Strike at Buffalo.
horo. Ho was walking In tho yards Hy Associated Press.
Huffalo, July 11. a ggneral strllio
of frleght hundlers at this port today
spread to nil companies whoro freight
Is handled. A heavy detail of pollco
was sent to tho dbcKs, whoro thoy
made II rlmri-n nn tl... virion.. ........
. . r .... ...w D.tinu.,, uniiiK
bhOW a innn that vou bnvn Hnmn rn. hi. ... .. ..... . .
nnd to estlmnto tho cost of straight-' gard for his good onldon nf m, f . ' ' B,"Kjrrt. responded
cnlng and dyke.ng. that .stream. an ' ourrlendt . fe "fe
tlon and elections although thoy havo was mndo this nftenioon to assassl- Homan Catholic churc.i aro In attend-
so far been iinahlo to got uny ruling ato Vlco Admiral ChouUnln, commnn- uco nt tho third annual meeting of
on mat point from tho comptroller of der of tho Hlack Son fleet. The ailinl- 'ho Catholic Kducatlonal association
tho curroncy, undor whoso direction ml wns wounded nnd taken to the ' session here. Previous to begin-
mo lunus must bo oxpoudod. hospital. nlug Its business sosslons this morn
ing tho mombom of Mm nuunnlnir.... ....
a.nuuts ut HUM I NING. MY3TERIOU3LY MURDERED. tendnd tl... rntnl.rniln.. . ....
riintia n Tttia n,.n..i t nt..t
Younn Ladv lnlurri 3nrf inhn um. Vm.n cu. e... "k u" "'""0 """'""n". """P
ul7. " "-- - - -h- nortsmann oillclntlng. Tho mcctlng
Durlng the 7 . v Z Z , . nMJ """" Wl" C,,U0 " " w'
- w. ... , - ... .".in. nllltU lionlf . 1 1 .. p .
tl.l. nf...r.,nn.. 11..1....1.... ..... ...... .. "DU" "'"cmwion oi an
..hm,,,,, nmun iiiu ..iiiiiiHiipuiin, j.uj n. I no UlOlllliy nhiiKOS nf nomlnnrv mil..
Hue on tho residence of John Hblfinun of the woman who was killed bv a i ," , L.0!"." 00,1080
... .1 . . .. .. . . - m.i Jkliuui num.
ii. ii..- ouiuimuHi pan or ine cuy, myiorioiis nfsaiiant wbllo sbo slept
MinChlllK II llOWll anil Ii iiiIhl' ihlni-u I In n rnnm nt Mm imllnnl hntn.
o I ......u... IIIILUI IIUIU . ....
around at n llvnlv rntn. Mlu M,,,i vnsiiininv nu ,.0.i,iii..i ..ii. A0'nst immoral Posters,
daughter of Rov. II. II. Watson, pas! as Miss MIIIlo Kllston. a milliner of Associated Press.
tor of tho Methodist church chanced Klsworth, Wis., daughtor of a furmer. Chicago, III., July U, There waa a.
to bo standing by tho water sink, nnd The man who registered at the hotel ,nrK0 a"o"lanco today at tho openInr
was knocked Insensible for a fow mo- nn M. P. Wilson of Milwaukee was or tn0 leenth annual convention oC
mcnts, hor Injuries, howovor, wore not scon running from the woman's room. 1,10 Associated Blllpostors nnd DU-
serlous and sho soon rallied from tho The pollco wero unahlo to traco him. "'uutors. Tho gathering vrna called
shock. All tho lights wore put out Robbory ws tho motive of tho murder to ordor at 10 o'clock In tho assembly
of action by tho electric fluid, and It tho womnn had sold out her mllllnorj "al of tho Autdltorium hotel. Tho ai
ls inaeeu lucky that further damago shop nt Kllsworth for $6,S00 and com. ur0S8 or ''resident Harney Link and
did not result. hero upon business. No trace of the 1,10 reports o: various commltteea
monev was fn.iml nn M... vnnno- &-nm I showed that durlntr Lno nnnl raun
Lumner Falls at Chickasaw Yards. an who has always bomo a good repu- th(J association has made gratifying
.u.hu miioum or uimoor ren at taiioi.. progress n Us warfare cn Immoral
rtl.l ....... . i . . ... I I . .
v.....nuou luiuoer yaru uuring tno postora and Immoral shown. On tha
rain storm this nftornoon. Tho weight Ready for Duty. protest of tho nssoelntlnn .nvnmt n.
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