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Ardmore, Wednesday August 8, 1906,
The Finest
WALTER C. DEAN'S, 108 W. Main
No Trouble to Show Good
Eyes Tested Free Fine Wntdi Rcpnirinjr
Htt Aunnct "Haic You should dross comfort iVle,
Aioi August uays Soe our ylw of woolens.
Hi Washing-ton Clennlnv, Pressing itnd Repairing TrlmMm t
Frank Berryiiill
High Clas Sinking and
Prof, Nathaniel B ossom
The Greatest Blaclt Face Artist
on the Vaudeville Stage.
Motion Pictures and Songs for
Monday, Tuesday fc Wednesday
"Babies' Day"
"Coney Island at Night"
"Jane's Birthday"
and the great feature picture
"Weaiy Willie and the
Motor Car"
Illustrated Songs
"BacK Among the Clover
and the Bees"
"Little Dolly Driftwood"
Open Promptly 8:30 and 9:30
Admission, 10 c
funircl Directors and Llcsnsvd
o n and NioV
PJ. m. it
Buggies, Buggies,
nivens, Corhn & Freniluy bvo In
a line of now buggies.
Fly paper the kind that tangles
Dies' feet or the poison variety. Wo
huve the betit tunde.
C F. J. RAMSEY. Druggist. J
To our ninny friends and patrons who could not
attend our Gigantic Sale, will snyjthat
everything advertised
With many new bargains added. Look on
Bargain Counter.
LYNN, The Shoe Man.
The City Druggist
Phono 4
Your Life Depends On It
We Deliver Your Purchase
Line of
For Everything That Is
Made of TIN.
Tin Roofing a Specialty
New Buggies.
We have In u very IJne line of new
buggies ami are making the prices
anil terms attractive Cult in, look
through our stock nnil get our prices
before you buy.
noiilk imos.
Notice. Notice.
To my friends anil customers: I
nm no longer In any manner connect
ed with tiio market 1 formerly owned
on West Main streot but am with Mr.
Heath at the Cold Storage Market.
l'hoe 5!. J. W. DAVIS.
Pure apple vlnognr at J. A. Skip
worm's, phono td. 2-1 in
Notice, Rebekahs.
All members nro requested to be
present at our meeting Thursday
night. Candidate1 wi.l be Initiated,
nisei refreshments served.
T. A. FA1SON. Secy.
Attention, Eagles.
Your presence Is enrnostly reerno?t
eil Wednesday night. HuhIiipsh of Im-
Itortance. T. C. URIDfiMAN.
Original lnxn.lxo coug'i syrup. Km-
nedy'. Laxative Honey and Tar. Nc
Opinion. Sold by HoITmnn Drug Co.
Gold Storage Market
The Finest Fresh and Cured
Meats, Fruits. Vegetable,
and Melons on Ice. Quick
Delivery to any part of city.
109 West Main
K Red Cross
( ttx
urug oiore
Phone 15
H CI. (laws 1- in the ci'v . Pai'
J H. Mctnlla of Muskugsc, is In
the clt.
William Kmett of llerwyn, U In
the city.
J. W. Smith of Oklahoma City H
among the business 1fitoM to Ard
W. W. Clenk returned yesterday
atternovu from a business trip ije
points in Tttns.
C. P. Franklin, father of our towns
man. Hen Franklin, Is a rlsitor to
Ardmore from Marietta.
Miss Addle Watson of Nashville.
Tenn.. ami Mrs. Pearl Canlen of
Clare-more, are In the city the guests
of Mr. ami Mrs. J. T. Jones and fam
It.v, In the southeast part ot the cltv.
Mrs. II. J. Henley. Mrs. S. M.
Henrou and Mrs. W. P. Daden mother
and sisters of Mrs. II. H. Penning
Ion. and O. M. Henley of this city
are visiting here from Paris, Texas.
F. n. Henshaw of lona, I. T., but
recently of Illinois, la In our city pros'
pectin. He Is very favorably Im
pressed with Ardmore and soys It is
the best town he naa visited since lib
arrival In the Territory.
Andy Onrdonhlru formerly of Ard
moio but now with the Dawes Com
mission nt Muskogee, Is spending n
few days In the city with his ind
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Duck (liirdenhlro.
Mr. ('nrdouhlro has Just returned
from a trip to iwlnts In Arknuws unl
Is enroute to Musrfogee.
Miss Kloy Wntklns of Long View,
Texas, formerly a teacher of elocu
tion In Hargrove College, was In the
city yesterday. Miss Wntklns was en
route to Oklahoma City to visit
and was duiaved here on account of
washouts on the Santa Fe north of
Judge Frank Koblnwm of W,nno
wood, a prominent lawye of that
city, was here yesterdav. Th lulus
naa lMeu down In Texa iti a 'ns'
ness trip and was d.-l-ve! Iw in
connection with the ottier furtle
who were on the iiohiiinl passen
ger trains on ncrouu'. : lie wash
out north of here.
Committee to Communicate with Rail
..roads Regarding its Construction.
Aldermen I. It. I test and J. M. Shol
ton of the second ward, who were tip-l-oliited
by the muyor at a recent meet
ing of the city council, as a commit
tee to Investigate why the vladuut
on Fourth nvenue, northeast, In the
second ward, has not been coiiHtmUod
us was promised by the railroads, will
lake Immediate stoM to Investigate
the matter.
The council understood that the rail
roads would build the viaduct ami
had some contract to that effect, but
the roads have failed to do anything
so far. Thu committee will Investi
gate and report at thu next incui'.ig
of the council.
In speaking of tho building of thu
viaduct the mayor stated thut It w.u
his understanding thut It was to I uvt
been built kouio mouths ago end the
matter had nearly ecnpcd Mrt 'locu
tion, lie Instructed tho co.Din.ttco to
urge thu necoHslty of Immo-ll.-U? -ic
Hon on the part of thu ntllrcn U for
Its building, and to got tho.ii 1 1 be
gin work on it boon. Thu lU'lu.-t. Is
to be built Jointly by tho different
roads and this has necessitated Bonn-1
delay, as one road tnkos tho posltl'm
that It Is ready and waiting on the
other, whllu the other takes thu same 1
stand. Mayor Dick stated thai It w-m '
his opinion that tho roads do not ii.
tend to try to gut out of bulldld the 1
viaduct, but that it has been ing'oc-1
ed, and tho committee Is to jog ihe-lr
memory. .
Washington Street to the Dad.
There nre several placeB on North
Washington street which need Uie
atentlon of tho streot commissioner
and u forco of men. It la a fact that
there nre many such In the city, but
there Is no sitroot in the city which
has beeu cut up and left In the condi
tion that North Washington has. Af
ter it heavy rain It Is very dlllloult to !
drive a buggy up thu stroot. This Is
ono of the principal residence streets
In the city nud these places should be
attended to.
Imorovemcnti In Noble Block.
Tho two-story brick which Is being
erected by Judge Sims next to the
Noble block Is causing somo Improve
ments to bo made In that block. Sky
lights aru being put In on the eas:
side of that building for the conveni
ence of tho professional mon occupy
ing that bulldng. Other ImprovomoniH
are to be mndo. '
Initiated Into Kn'ghts Templar.
At the regular mooting of the
Knights Tomplnr hold last night J.
C. Thompson wns Inltlatod Into tho se
crols of that order, dubbod and creat
ed a Knight Tomplnr.
Fish nnd celery ovory day at the
rV.1.1 1 -... . . T 1. . . r- . - .
The Santa Fe Is the Greatest Sufferer
LocallyAll Traffic at a Stand
still far the Past Two Days.
Muh Track Under Water.
Information concerning the wash
outs on the rhllroads leading Into the
(tit) N still being received. Ilach re
port places the damage as greater
than in first estimated. There has
been no trains through here on the
Santa Ke since Monday night, and
thu operator here has received no
udvlri' concerning south Ixnind trains
silica isirrday afternoon. Th Santa
Fe made up a train this afternon at
this place and run It south. It run on
the M'Kular schedule time, leaving
hore nl 1:20 o'clock. Many itasaensiert
who have been delayed In the city
for the tit two days took advantage
of this train and went to Oalneavllle
and Ft Worth, where they were trans
ferred lo othur roods, thence to their
destinations north. The Santit Fo Is
feeding all who have bought tickets
and nre kept In this city on account
of the washouts. Tickets are Issued
to them for ovary menl at nre tickets
for Iteds. They nre malntiilued at tho
bust lintels the city arfords, and the
road Is making every effort to care for
Its passengers. It Is estimated that be
tween two hundred and lift)' and three
hundred people were fed heiu yester
day and given beds last night. Thlu
was also done again today and will
be done every day while they nre de
layed hi re. The road Is offering all an
opiMirtunlty lo return to Oalneavllle
or Fort Worth and take reseda out of
then- for their destination. Quit a
number took advantage of this and
left tnis afternoon. The mall Is idling
up m the depot ami Is lielng closely
guarded. Orders were given the rail
way mall carrier today not to bring
the mall for trains No. 17 and IS
down this afternoon, hut leave It at
the iKjatolllce until the trains could re-
nine their regular schedule.
Information received from Pauls
Valley la lo the effect that the water
Is still rising on the track Just noith
of that city, and the roadbed for mllea
Is under water. Akio at Dougherty
tlie road Is washed out and In a Iwd
condition. From these reports ll will
h tomorrow night bofore trains can
again be run on the road north of here.
The damage on tho mnlu lino of the
Frisco Is nlso groat. Tho agent hero
has received information that soveu
bents on tho Canadian river bridge
on tho Red river division have been
washed out near Frnnc! on the main
line. The Frisco's travel to St. Uttls
and Kansas Clt- will bo taken care of
via Hugo nud Monett, Mo. Tho train
leaving here nt C u. m. will make
connections with the train out of Hugo
duo at St. Louis and Kans'is Cltv the
fillowlng morning.
Considerable trouble Is being oxo
rlenced by thu Rock Island In thu
South Canadian bottom between Cal
vin and Wtwol.il, whore about ten
miles of track was washed out sov
oral yonrs ngo. At thlB placn posti
had to ho Hunk during tho big wash
out, and tho track chained tn thorn.
Tho company experiences trouble -with
this stretch of road ovory yonr. This
trouble Is causod by back water from
the Canadian river, which completely
covens tho trnok for a stretch of
ml Ion. Thu trains on this road nre
being dotourod via South MoAloier,
and over the M. K. & T. into Okla
homa City.
Hauls Valley, Wynnewood and all
Other Valley Points Cut Off.
New of high water come frn-n
every direction. Positions more grave
ly threatened nre joints alout the
Washita, of which. Pauls Valley la
perhaps In tho mont Imluent dangor.
ItMllrond connection has beeu cut o'l
from this point for more than lortv
eight hours and th Rush crude le
vee Is apparontlv 'i l.c ve ge w
breaking. Witter which baa coir up
through thu llool sates I' Handing
In somo of tho lower rouble neo d's
trlct, hut tho main itoitlj-s .f thj rity
Is frco from wntr !"nt. s' '.ic le
veo hoids, whloh some of thoae cipa
tile of Judging tsnv It will do, vlnee
thu Wushltn Is not so high bi' 'but
Rush creek can empty Into it before
tho weight of wator can brea'e the
Reports from Wy unowned are to
tho effect t,hat tho SnnU Fe is endeavoring-
to get trains through to
Pauls Valley, and hopo to rio so to
day or tomorrow If It does not con
tlnuo to rain.
A tralnload or nnssencers sre lie
lng held Jioro at this place alo. on
account of bad conditions south of .
li-'u 't K tin- txpi-rttd Ihnr n train
will l run north of this plnre befo-
oni" ilnie timorrow.
From Pauls Volley.
Ardmorelte Special.
PauN alley. I. T.. Aug. S. The
condition of Rush creek remain
Hbout the same here. The llotsl gates
which are need Ih time of high w.i
ter. were not closed before the rain
and after the rtln It was l.iiuossible
to do so. and as a coneen.'icnc: a por
tion cf the south part of town Is In
undated, but comparatively no dam
age is done.
A Santa Fe train Is report 1 tied
up between Washita river bridge,
above here. and lloln. About
owe-half mile f the San' a Fe track
between here and Wynnewood Is cov
ered with water.
Unwilling Visiters Here.
The city Is full of unwilling visi
tors. Tbey are delayed here on ac
count of washout on nil mad. Mai v
of them have been delayed here for
the past two days. One passenger who
has a through ticket and has been
Hed up here since ine waslionl. said
that Ardmore was a good town unit
at any other time he would be satis
fied to live here, but Just h present
he wanted to leave and lunvo soon
,Tho imesenger who aru delayed nore
are speaking In the highest tornis of
Hie mnnner In whlchthe rallroed com
'pMtiy Is taking enru of them and cou
trlhutlng to tliolr comfo-t
The washouts have Interfered with
several iMirtlus of traveler who were
suing lo leave yesterday fin points
north to spend the remainder of the
On account of tho washouts at
baggage and mall Is tied up here and
the hoggnge room at the Union depot
Is crowded lo the roof with bnggnge
awaiting an opportunity to be sVp
peil (Mil.
Tho contents of the express cir
were transferred today and as much
xprcss as ptsslble shipped to points
south on the 1:20 I rain.
Quite a number of pasf -imets who
have been here theiwtat two days took
advantage of the t.nltt run south to
ilny and left for Fort Worth and
Gainesville whore they will take oth
er routes to lots north.
Armstrong Dyrd Piano Co. Put In
House Here.
The Armstrong. Hvrd Piano c-omim
uy of Oklahoma City nre here and
will establish a music store In this
city. T. J. Clark nud J. F. Phlllliw
are hero as Joint managers for the
present. It Is expected that D. Arm
strong of Sherman, Texns, will n.-rlvi
horo on tho first of September to
tako chnrgo of tho houso. For tin
present tho company Is occupying
the brick on West .Main streut re
cently vnentod by J. A. Shlpworth.
The coming of this house to Aid
more Is only one among mat.y lni.
noHS eiilorprlsua that will eomu (o
Ardmore since tho nnssage of the
statehood hill. Thoro is a groat move
ment on now toward thU piriiet:.
lar seotlon of the oountn" nud Anl
more will get a very liberal share
of tho now enterprises and now peo
By Council Bond Given for $22,700
Vice-President McQuatters Here,
A. J. McQuatters, vlcoprenldcnt
of tho McQuatters Plumbing nud Man
ufacturing coiniwny of Hlllshoro. Tex
ns, which company secured the con
tract for laying the paving on tho
streets Included In Improvement dis
trict No. , as stipulated In n con
tract held by the city council, was
In the city yesterday for the purpose
of presenting hl-i bonds to the city
council and getting their approval of
It. The bond was for $22,700 and was
signed by the McQuatters Plumbing
A Machinery Com may and by the
Fidelity and Deposit comptny ot Ma
ryland. The bond Is required aa a
guaranteed the compRiiy .vill main
tain al Improvements necessary which
may be needed to keep the pavement
In good condition. This guarantee Is
for w period of live years. The bond
wns ncceptod by th council. Arrange
ments fur getting the machinery nec
essary to begin the imvlng on the
grounds Immediately s In progress.
At the time the' contract was let
to the McQuatters Plumbing & Ma
chinery coin puny Mr. McQuatters us
representative of that company state
to the council that the actual work of
IMvlug would he In progress within
thirty days, and he Is still ooulldout
his company will have begun work
within less than that time.
Express Appreciation.
We tako this inothod of expressing
our appreciation of tho loyalty of our
friends who so generously supported
us In the Ardmurulte contest. We also
greatly appreciate the liberal offer of
this iKipur, and wish It many years.)
of uninterrupted succom.
Washmood Held Without Bond in Ben
Collins Murder Case.
A. WashmiMMl. charged With leins
Implicated In the asak1mttleti of llui
Collins, wno was arrested nevcral
days a go nt Intrant toy federal e Hi
rers, was given a preliminary hear
ing before the commlaeloner at that
place yesterday. There wore several
government wltneaees examined In
connection with the mse, bur not nil
that were called. The commissioner
hold Washmood without ball fo
await i.ie action of the grand jny
at Tishomingo In Oelober. 11 I- nt
lege.i that Washmood was anim Vi
party of asusslns who kllcd f.iiiwj.
He was arrested on simpleton. -"i
ed from tho fact that he had i
frequent rlsitor to Collins' lm,.,. ,..
rently, and was said to have tu-d
to employ Collins to drive fu Mm,
when be made trips selling lift In
surance, which wns his pmf M-inn.
The evidence produced against Mm
was auttlcleut to hold him for tin nr.
Item of the grand Jury.
No other arrests huve leiit mado
In connection with th cast-. aiUtour'i
It Is said deputy maralwls are work
ing on the case and will be verv dll
llgeut until th perpetrators of tho
deed are fenind.
Wnshmood I not known hero by
many people, nltlumgh it U said that
he sold life Insurance throughout this
country for months past. He hnd head
quarters nt Diiriint, nt which placet
he was arrested.
The Ben Collins Case'.
Ardmorolto Special.
Durnnl. I. T.. Aug. S. The prelim
inary trial at this place yesterday of
A. Wnshmod. charged with the ns
sasslnatlon of lien Collins at hid
home near ISmet. on tho first day of
the month, resulted In his In ln
iiound over to the grand Jury without
Mrs. Dora Oornand, aged 21 at .,
died yesterday at the family renl
dence In the northeast part of tho
city. The remains were Intern d M is
afternoon nt Rose Hill cemetery. Fun
eral services were ne.d al the family
rosldonce nt 2 o'clock. Tho remains
went followed to their Inst resting
place by n number of sorrowing
irlonda nud relative.
To Locate at Ardmore.
A telegram was received yeslc-ifny
by Dr. J. M. Vaden from Dr C II.
Ruff, n dentist of Kennett. Mo. slat
Ing that he would bo hero with bin
family this week nnd Instructing tho
doctor to securo moms for him. Dr.
Ruff. In company with his wife, visit
ed this city somo weeks ngo nud wnn
Impressed with Its commercial nil
vnnlngos to such nn extent that ho
will locnto hore.
Band Boys Delayed.
Tho Old settlors who nro attended
tho picnic nud reunion at Oalne-nvillo
today nro celebrating without tho nld
of miselc. Tho First Regimental Rand
of this city, which wns to furnish inn
sic for tho occiibIoii, has been delayed
Jioro for the past twelve houra on nc-
count of wnshoutB on tho roadB nnd
did not lonvo until this nfteruoon nt
4:20 o'clock when tho train was mndo
up at this city nnd started to polnLi
south. Thoy will piny nt Claliiesvlllo
tomorrow nnd Frldny,
Ardmore Trades Council Cefs Busy.
Committees Appointed.
Ardmoru Trndws Council In regular
session Friday night, Aug. 3, met uml
transacted the buslnuss ot thu council
and then sppolnted commltteeti on I.'i-
bor Day celebration ns follow:
On Privileges and Cirounds: (', C.
Unlloway, W. W. Holt and llruce Hi
dings. On Program anil PrlitUiig W. C.
Reaves, J. F. Carter and W. II. Dlck-
On Rarbecue and Dinner J. F. Car
ter, L. It. Cowstoek and W. C lUuves.
Financial Committee W. I Chirk,
Ud. ThomiNton, W. P. Peed. John
Sprekelmeyer, J. C. Dixon, Stone Web
ster, O. II. Vaughau, Paul Phillips uml
A. II. White.
lSxecutlve Committee U 11. Horn,
i. It. Comstock, L. B. Sholkowlts, Uuy
Crenshaw, Paul Phillips, J. 11. DeAr
mond, J. W. Oolledge. R. tl. Vagen
C. Dlxou, J. F. Carter and D. N.
Outsldo Financial Committee John
Onlt, A. S. PulllRin, A. U. Cruce hiii)
Sam Wouks.
Any nsslstance rond(irol nay and nil
of thu above committees will be :ijh
predated by tho united workmen of
thu city, ns It Is tho intention of tho
council to make Iebor Day the biggest
thing of the kind ever soon in Ardmoru
D. N. FliROUSON, Sec-Trooa.
A woman has such it tlno vacation
buying her clothes to go away f r
tho fltimmor that she doesn't cure
whothur she goes or not.
Hot 'weather Is responsible for ni
meruuj bhudy transactions

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