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AUDMOlilC, I. T., TlirUSHAV HVBNIMi, OCTOIlUlt 25, Mint;.
The Fear of Defeat at the Polls Has
Kept the Party and Eler.tlon Boards
Busy Framing Various Schemes.
Here Are a Few of Them.
( Oklahoma City, Oct. 24, The fob
' lowing has beon given to the press
' ' by the Democratic Campaign Buroau:
Is Tho Republican party haH been pro
, claiming Its position as tho party of
equal rlghtH, and jet the Uopubllcan
olectlon boards havo contrived to
'i keep the candidates that were run
"i nlng independently off tin- tickets for
fenr they would defeat tho regular
Hepubllcan candidates. The pretext
' was made that the petitions were not
properly made out, but in some In
stances It Is known that such Is not
the case and the board deliberately
la order to save certain Republican
candidates from defeat arbitrarily
ruled In the matter.
In Oklahoma City were two prohibi
tion candidates that menaced the
chances of the Hepubllcan candidates
who are favorable to the saloons. By
putting out of the nay the prohibi
tion candidates they hopo to secure
tho votes of many Kopubllcnns who
wouid othorwiso havo voted for tho
prohibition candidates, in tho bolicf
that they will cling to tho regular Uo
publlcan candidates rather than voto
for u Democrat.
Tho Republicans ' have tried to
mal;o the negroes believe that the
party is their friend, but Ihoy put a
negro off the tlckot at Ardmore and
another at Muskogee. At both those
places tho negro was forced to udopt
n candidate of tbeir own raco for the
reason tho Republican party had do-
lflarsd against the negro In their con
'Cventlon. Yet the Republicans refused
d to let the negroes havo a candldato
of their own, preferring to compel tho
l negro to voto for tho regular noni-
S All through tho campaign tho Ro
.'? mibllcan leaders havo dono everything
. Jiclr ingenuity could Biiggest to win
iho election. Thoy havo not hesitat
ed to undortako any means to gain
gi'tho end. Tholr attempt to distort tho
J provisions of tho enabling act and
J open tho way for fraud at tho pons;
Iho gerrymandering of the constitu
te ia I districts to benoflt tho Repub
lic and tho consequent dlsfran-
Vt riein t of thousands of voters In
jibo Democratic strongholds; tho last
ti n fst ucsporato nttompi wnti
in Iih'o curried out, to prevent tno
c.it.i triates that would likely injure
trie li-onees of their own candidates
roui ig on Uio tlckot, shows tholr
It tho 'ndyrft of a party that is so
unfair will dopt such means to elect
ft their camU;. tos, what will titey uc-
stltiitlouat co. . ontlon if thoy aro
...tf ... i
f Gooi(f. mm 1
00T. 30 AND
In Purses and P
iuma. Indian
W i-
tory neighbors (fa
. ally invited. ReCuad X
railroad rates,, ?
' m
elected? j lie party that Is afral . 10
leave the question and candidates
J open to the people to decide, hns a
poor cause and Is afraid to let the
peoplo say who will mako tho consti
tution. Tho peoplo In casting their
votes should bo careful to voto for
tho party and tho men who havo had
to fight tho Uopubllcan organization
from tho btart In order to get a fair
election tho party whoso leaders
were compollcd to write to President
Uoosvclt nnd lay tho conditions bo
foro him In order to prevent a whole
sale fraud that was being advocated
by tho loaders of tho Hepubllcan par
ty. The peoplo will find upon Invest!'
gatlon that tho Democratic party In
Oklahoma Is the party that has forc
cd the Republican leaders (o give tho
people even a semblance of fairness
in this election.
Old Politician Dies,
riy At-sootntod Press.
New York, X. Y., Oct. 25. Col. Spe
derlch W. Korbcrt, an old time MS
sourl politician and member of statf
of Thomas C. Fletcher, win wna gov-
crnrr of Missouri. J led yoslerdaj
aged 75.
mm mzs
Charged With Complicity In the Mur
der of Ben Collins at Emet Dur
ing the Month of August Re
ward Offered by Chickasaws
Deputy United States Marshal C. A.
Ilnhn arrived In the city last night
having In his possession Henry Fruit;
whom he placed la Jail on the rharxj
of murder. Prultt is charged with
complicity In the murder of Ueu C
Collins, who was waylaid nnd ihot at
his homo nonr Hmct, I. T., last An
rust. A special received from Orr
by the Ardmoreltc last night silted
that Clint Prultt was also arratod at
the name time the arrest of Honrv
Prultt was effected, but ho made v
dating dash for liberty and under rov
er of tho darkness ho made good lib
escape, and although the marslnl
made every effort possible to find lilin
he has not been apprehended.
Seme years ago Ren Collin, shot
and nui do a permanent cripple of Poto
Prultt, a brother of Henry and Clint
Prultt, nnd when Collins was killed
suspicion pointed to the Prultts as
having something to do with the klu
Ing, but not enough information coull
bo gathered to warrant their nrrcs'.
until tho grand Jury recently met at
Ada, at which timo tho ovldenco was
submitted to tho grnnd Jurors nnd an
Indictment was returned against A.
C. Washmood and Henry and Clint
Prultt nnd probably others. Wash'
mood was arrested sovoral days ago
at Durant nnd Is now In tho federal
Jail. Henry Prultt was a very willing
prisoner and tho officer who placed
him in Jail said that if Henry was
out ho would make no effort to get
away. It Is said fiy his friends that
ho will easily provo an alibi.
Collins was a deputy marshal and
was also a momber of tho Indian po
lice forco. Ho was considered a good
officer nnd tho esteem in which ho
was hold by tho Chickasaws Is evi
denced by tho Chickasaw legislature
having offered ono thousand dollars
for the arrest and conviction of the
guilty parties.
On account of tho vast acquaintance
of tho Prultts and of Collins tho case
will attract considerable attention and
a largo number of peoplo nil over tho
country will keep up with tho caso in
nil of Its details.
Henry Prultt wns tried hore a short
time ago on tho charge of killing w.
Rubottom of Courtnoy but was ac-
Charged With Altering Document to
I Cover Deficit.
i S! J.rko City, Utah., Oct. 21. A
wia he Trlbuno from Wfrior. Ida
f -. f-
m ('.'. sdou, sheriff of Washing
it 'tiu' , mill oiindldate on tho Ro
n tick-1 for secretary of state.
b.i en nrrosted at that place. Tho
t was Issued at the Instance of
he', oard of county commlsslonem
uid i urges Lansdon with altering a
wiibllc record whllo sherlff'to conceal
H allowed deficit In the funds of tho
eetnty. - ' - '
Said It Was Done Without His Knowl
edge or Consent The Pleas In
Abatement May Be Argued Be
fore Judge Townsend Soon.
Simon Nelson Is a full blood Choc
taw Indian residing In the Choctaw
nation. Ho has some land In tho Ma
rietta district which hns been lonsiM
and tho government, In his behalf,
has brought suit to net aside tho louse
or to modify It. Nelson has entered
Into the ease by moans of a plea in
abatement, in which he Rtats upon
his (ii lb that he did not request the
government to file tiny suit In his be
ll a If, that It was done without his
knowledge or consent, that bo Is n
rocognled citizen of the United
SUtoa nnd Is subject to lt laws nnd
constitution, and thai ho Is entlllnd
to nil tho rights, privileges and im
munities gtanted under tho constitu
tion, ami that he has a right to mam?
tain actions and suits at law or in
equity en lib own behalf without the
Interference of the United State of
America, lie says tho suit was lirounlit
against his will and lie protests
against its maintenance. Ho nlsr
stales that tho loaso was not secured
bj fraud or false representations, but
for a fair consideration.
The law under which these suits
were brought presumes that the In
dian U still 11 ward of the government
nnd is not a full-fledged cltlren of the
United States.
Tho attorneys who havo lllcd Lie
pleas In abatement aro confident that
they will be sustained by Judge Town
send, and In the event they aro tho
result will lie the dismissal of some
thing near 0110 hundred suits that
have been filed In the Southern 'dis
trict by the government In behalf of
Indians. Tho district attorney filed
these suits upun Instructions from tho
Interior department.
An effort will bo made to Induce
Judge Townsend to give tho question
a henilng in Ardmore next Saturday.
If the restrictions placed upon tho
sale of lauds had been by congres
sional act alone and not by treaty
with Hie Indians this principle of law
would decide the matter whether tho
Indian cuild not dlapofo of his estate
as any other citizen of the United
Stntcs can do.
Who Declared the Rifles Surrendered
by Cuban Insurgents Would Be
Put Where They Would Do No
Further Harm.
Havana, Oct. 21. The htntenieut
made by Secretin- of War Tal't on the
eve of his departure from Cuba, that
he would put all the arms surrendered
by the Insurgents whore they would
do no further harm, was verified today
when a company of llui Cuban artil
lery spent the afternoon throwing
theso weapons Into tho Bea from the
outer bastion of Moro castle.
Thousands of rifles and carbines
wore mink In thirty fathoms of water.
Somo unrest continues to prevail In
Puerto Pri clpe nnd Santa Clara
"'iK-.re : al' bauds are commlt'.in; 11, 1
uor depredations.
Tho residents of Holguln requested
protection against a considerable body
of ox-robels and a battalion of the
Eloveuth Infantry reached Holguln
this afternoon.
Tho mayor of A gun Callente prov
ince of Havana, who was ousted from
office, was restored to his imsltion
Tuesday and organized an armed es
cort of twenty-five men, alleging that
ho feared an attack from tho modern
atos. Governor Magoon today ordeiel
Govornor Nunez to compel tno mayor
to surrender tho nrms and to bring
tho weapons to Havana.
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cleanse tho system. Dado's Littlo
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He and Another Called at Her Room
and Strangled Her Robbed Her of
Jewels and Escaped From Hotel.
Booty Was Divided.
Chicago, Oct. 21. Mrs. Margaret
Leslie, the actress, found dead in her
room In the Palace hotel lust Thurs
day afternoon, did not commit suicide
is hps supposed, lint was murdered.
Herltert K. Nicholas, n theatrical
Manager, arrested Saturday night ca
nusplcloii, confesMd toTuy that he
l.b ! in tlii- rnu.do;-. nnd !Knt Ceorgp
Lropod 11 drus clork, for whom the
; 1 llc j.irc now searching, was his ac
oniaplic . The wom:uiV. diamonds
md b i- money wmv dm motive for
the crime.
Before NM :Ia-. coiifi-ssed he was
iu'iij ". I 'd to u lot-; lnestIgatlon by
lh' pcli'-e, who hud gathered a grca;
leal of evidence against him. IIo first
ifferel io tell hU story If granted
elenM ry, but on this being refused
ho niTlf n eotnpteto confession lmpll
jitlnr, I copold. He sold that ho and
l.eopol 1 went to the woman's room
Wedii' sday night and after a fow
moments' conversation he suggested
that th have a drink, producing a
bottle f whisky. Mr3. Leslie was lak
ng off her jewels at tho time, and
he- back was turned toward them.
V1 il- iu this position Leopold, ac
cording to Nicholas, seised the woman
by the threat and choked her Into in
sensibility. Throwing uer on the bod. (
they placed ;i towel saturated with
chloroform over her face. Tho men
then took some of tho woman's gar
meiits ntiu Med them tightly around
Iter Lock. Seising her jewels which
'"ver-v vultiQtl.nt $2,000. tho men turned
en the gas Jets, hurried out of the
i"-n and left tho hotel. The next
ii' :-nln they met by npiKiintmcut and
liviiled the jewelry. Those which
yi'liidas tool; have already been re-
co-rred. It was tho anxiety on the
11 1 of Nicholas to lonlize money
iv.i the jewels which led to his arrest
DdnctlvoK working 011 tho caso found
-i.ii'e of the diamond:) In a pawnshop,
ni! they were traced to Nicholas. lie
was then arrested, and ho declared
that Mrs. Leslie, who had beon an old
friend of his, had given them to I1I111.
H- told conflicting stories, however,
and finally admitted the theft, and
undrr pressure tho confession of inur-dfi-
Right of Way Has Been Segregated
From Allotment.
Allen Uobbersou Is In the city to
day from Dixie. Mr. Robbcrson says
that Iho Democratic nominee In the
lOL'.id district will win In a walk.
In speaking of crop prospoct;i Mr
Robbcrson said that dry weather is
all that's needed to Insure a bumper
cotton crop.
Naturally Mr. Robberson's conver
sation drifted to the prospects of his
section liild ho said: "Tho Frisco
will nurely build Its Hue from Okla
homa City by way of Lindsay, Alma,
Dixie mid to Cornish. This lino has
not only beon surveyed but the sur
vey Is segregated from allotment. In
a recent conversation with the engi
neer, he stated to 1110 that tho survey
south of Lindsay offers tho best road
bed Unit ho had ever seen. Tho Chick
anaw Telephono company has an
agreement with tho Frisco to use Its
right of way and It has done so for
several miles north of Cornish. Tho
telephono line extonds north from Cor
nish along the right of way somo
twolvo miles before making the turn
to Comanche."
Mr. Robbcrson says that Cornish hi
to bo made tho terminus of the road.
The Oklnhoman in its local columns
some days ago stated that the con
tract for grading tills road would bo
let during the month of November.
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Actress Robbed of One Hundred and
Fifty Thousand Dollars In Jewels.
Cleveland. Ohio., Oct. 21. Tho po
lice and deU'ctlve agency are working
diligently to discover the whereabouts
of $1I0.000 worth of Jewels which An
na Held, the actress, reported wore
Htoleu from her on a Pennsylvania
train whllo coming Into Cleveland
early .Monday morning.
The gems. Bald lo Include many
very elaborate and valuable pieces,
were stolen from Miss Held'H stato
room while she nnd bur husband, Klor
inco Zolgfold. Jr., wore temporarily
The Jewels were In .1 small hnnd
latchel, which also contained over
(i.OQO In money nnd papers, bank
looks, etc., which MIhh Held said
bo valued at $100,000. When tho earn
as llrst reiKirtetl to tho iwtllce the
ero Incredulous, but Chief Koblm
iv he is now convinced that tl.
ibbery was commuted.
Six of the Dead Were Foreigners- Gr
Is Supposed to Have Been Set OH
As a Blast Was Fired Workings
of Mine Not Damaged.
By Associated Press.
Johnstown, Pu., Oct. 21. By an ex
plosion hi the rolling mill mlno of the
Cambria Steel company this afternoon
scum men are dead and two are pain
fully but not fatally hurl.
Up to the present tlmo only one of
the dead has lieun Identified. Ho is
an Amerlcnu-born miner named Samp
son Luther. It Is believed tho other
dead aro all foreigners, as are the
two Injured.
Tho oxplcjiion took place iu Hend
lug No. 20, a considerable distance
from tho Ill-fated Klondike seel Ion
where 111 men lost their lives about
four nars ago. Tho exact cause Is
not known, but It is supposed thai
1 lie gis was fired by tho putting olT
of a blast. All the men when found
had their safety lamps In proper trim,
showing that accident could not have
been enured by nogllgoneo In this dl
rection. No damage was dono to the
workings, and tho mlno will bo run
nlng tomorrow as usual.
Woman Worried Greatly About Her
Husband's Religious Welfare.
Lawton, O. T., Oct. 21. A woman
living at Meers, last evening took her
fliT-it meal in twenty-two days, during
which time she fasted and prayed that
her husband would bo converted. It
was during a religious revival that sht
became much wrought up because her
husband would not join the church.
She was brought to Lawton yestor-
daj where sho met her brother and
cousin. After much persuasion she
folded to breaking her fast. Her
hi'i-diand told hor that when a child
he was christened In tho Presbyterian
church but that ho was of the bellel
that the baptism was not valid.
Yesterday he acknowledged to hi.
wife that ho was convinced that tin
baptism was all right and that a sec
ond baptism would bo sacrilegious.
President Commuted Sentence.
Leavenworth, Kan., Oct. 21. Prosl
dent Roosevelt hti;i commuted tho cen
tenco of Frank Hunter, serving a fit
teen year sentence In tho fedoral prls
on at Fort Leavenworth for man
slaughtor and ho will bo released Nov.
Hunter, who is the son of a wealthy
cattleman of Indian Territory, shot
and killed a cowboy during a roundup
In 1001, in self-defense as he allogcd
at the trial when ho pleaded guilty
Ho wns convicted at Pauls Valley. I.
T.. May 4, 1001.
May Release Gcronlino
Lawton. Okla., Oct. 21. Vho Apaohe
delegation that wont to Washington
recently to ask that (Joronlmo ad his
band held under restraint at Fort Sill,
I. T;, bo set frco, roport that ft was
promised at the war department that
Secretary Taft will visit Fort Sill and
inakq a definite decision after personal
study of tho situation.
In Kansas City, Kansas, Which D.
stroyed the Chamber of Commerce
Building May Be Days Before
Number of Dead Is Known.
Uy Associated Prr.ts.
Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 25. In the
ruins of tho Chamber of Commoice
building In Kansas City, Kansan, de
stroyed by llro early today, thoro are
anywhere from a half dozen to thirty
ladles, according to the ostlmatcs
given out this morning by flremon
who worked at tho scone all night.
On tlm nthpr hand, tho assistant
fiij chief at eleven o'clock Insisted
the dead would not number ovor halt
a. deceit.
At 8 o'clock this morning tho body
of 1). h. Young, laborer, was removed
irom the ruins. Young lived on tho
fourth floor with bis family, whoso
Tate U not known. Ills Imdy was so
badly burned it was difficult to Iden
Mfy It.
The actual loas of life will not bo
known until a thorough search of tho
mine can be made, and probably not
then, as some firemen awsert sovoral
bodies must have boon burned to
ashott. it
The building waa used ub a tcne
mont hoiuo and hold, n near as can
he learned, close to two hundred per
sons at tho tlmo tho Jlro hroko out
at 12:.10 o'clock. Most of those com
posed families, many of whoso names
aro unknown.
It was tho custom for many tran
sients who como mostly from noarby
railroad yards, not to register, and
thus all traco of them Is lost for tho
time being.
Only tnrougn a search of tho ruins
that may take- days, and exact count
ing of tho missing will finally rovcal
tho oxteat of tho catastrophe
Later Tho known dead aro as fol
Infant of Mr. and Mrs. John Sparks;
Charles Lynch, driver of sand wagon.
lost his llfo In trying to savo tho
Sparks baby; D. N. Young, agod C2,
body recovered thla morning.
Tho missing follows:
Charles Carlln, stationary onglnocr.
who was HI with typhoid fovor; Mrs.
M. K. Brlgham nnd children, Amos
aged 15 and Scott nged 12; Patrick
M"cGulro, an elderly man; Qcorgo Mill-
lln, an Invalid, aged 20; Mrs. Ed Win
slow and daughters, Mabel aged u,
and May, aged 4.
Tho fatally Injured aro as follows:
J. F. Branahnn, wngon-makcr; on
unknown baby; W. J. Worloy, Mlsoou-
rl Pacific flroraan.
Only tho outsldo walls of tho build
ing romalncd standing. Tho Interior
construction wns of wood and tho six
stores on tho ground floor and rooms
on tho upper floor contained much
Inllamablo material.
Ixmg after tho floors had fallon In
a great pllo of debris attacked b
llamos of gnB from an open main that
entered tho building, continued to
bum, rendering to ashes ovorythlng
within roach.
The financial loss Is estimated at
Between forty nnd fifty persons
wcro Injured, half of them moro or
less seriously.
Kansas City, Mo., Oc. 2."i. J. F.
Branahan, ono of tho Injured, died to
Governor Davis at Tishomingo.
Ardtnorelto Special.
Tbthomlngo, I. T Oct. 25. A large
crowd of peoplo arc In town today lo
greet Gov. Jeff Davis of Arkansas, who
will arrive hero at noon on tho Choc
taw and will deliver a speech at 2
o'clock this afternoon.
After he has finished speaking hu
will be driven across tho country to
Madlll by Mr. J. M. Bounds of this
place, where ho will catch the Frisco
for Ardmore, his next place to opeitk.
Jesse- James Here.
Tho Jesso Jamea Show has arrived
In to.wn and pitched its tent on tho lot
near tho Elks hall. Tho company will
remain hero thrc ulghfa,, ohanglns
the program each night.

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