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Much Secrecy In Connection with the
Securing of Headquarters In Guth
rie Hotel by Some Lobby for
Work During Convention.
Guthrie, Olc, Nov. 15. Much secre
-y Is connected with the securing ol
hoadnuartors In tho Royal Hotel hen
Ity f-nmo lobby for work during thr
ouilng session of the Constitutional
convention. Tho presence of strang
ers, who wore supposed to bp connect
ed with o book concern, is one feat
ure of tho rumor. Mtfhibors elect ol
the constitutional convention, who
have- visited Guthrie within the last
few days, state they know nothing In
regard to the matter excepting the
knowledge, which seems to ho general
that such quarters have been secured.
Tho nowspnpors have had several
interviews with men of prominence
in regard to the cMnltllshmnr.t of n
stato printing plant within tho now
state, one of the purposes being to
print tho Htate'H toxt books. Such a
platform lias beun adopted la many
districts nnd n number of delegates
were elected thoroon. It Is believed
that this action by the constitutional
convention would bo opposed.
It Is known that mnny of the domo
e.artlc party leadors, including Chair
man Jesso Dunn, Editor Hoy Stafford
of the Okluhomau and others, havo In
dorsed a proposoltlon offering a re
ward of $500 for tho nprehciiBlon of
Uic first constitutional delegate, who
Is known to be undor the Influence of
a lobby, with tho purpose In view of
making an example of him.
Tho democrat are considering sov
oritl propobltlni's in regard to tho d
oction laws of the now state. One of
these Is the adoption of the poll tax
System, an used in Texas, each vol",
being compelled to show his poll tax
receipt before being allowed to cast a
ballot. Another proposition being
considered Is tho Massachusetts edu
cational provision In rcgnrd to voters.
This, of course, would ollmlnatc some
whito votes In tho rural districts of
Indian Territory, but on tho other
hand it would also cut off n big negro
vote in several portions of the now
The democrats as a rule consider
the prohibition question and tho set
tlement of the county seat locations In
Indinn Territory tho two big stum
bling blocks, which may cnuso divis
ions in tho convention.
Tho democrats elected to tho con
vention arc n unit on the proposition
that there must bo n coustttulonal pro
vision making soparnto schools and
Mjparnto coaches for negroes and
whites. Some of the district plat
.forms declared for separate r.treet
cars also for negroes. Tho democrats
as a rulo feel that they carried mnny
districts on tho separate bchool and
M'parnto coach platform and that tltlt
plank must bo placed In tho constitu
tion. Lone Robber Got $1800.
By Associated Proas.
Nowton, Kns., Nov. 15. Investiga
tion today shows that tho lono rob
tier who hold up tho ofllcors and cus
tomers of tho National Hank horo yes
terday secured elghtcon hundred dol
lars. Tnero Is no trace of tho robber.
A reward of three hundred dollars Is
As Are Three Others Connected With
Standard OH Company.
Kindlay, O., Nov. 11. Tho grand
jury today found Indictments against
John D. Rockefeller nnd threo other
persons In connection with tho Stand
ard Oil Inquiry which was reopened
niton tho reconvening of that body
In ndjoumed session yesterday. Wha'
tho Indictment nlleges or who tho
four other defendants nro In addition
to Mr. Rockefeller was not given out
by Prosecutor David, who, howover.
admitted tho Indictments had been
returned. Tho bench warrants issued
upon tho Indictments wcro placed In
the hnndB of Sheriff Grovj3, who
this nftornoon took them and went'
to Cleveland, where It Is supposod
they are to bo served.
Ohio Masonic Reunion
Ardmoreite Special.
Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 13. Masons
i rem all over Ohio and -.ur.i.nudiig
amies aro arriving her otntiv in
large numbers to take part In the
union of the noi thorn liinsd'clloii nt
Scottish Rlto Mr tons. Many Mnonlc
dignitaries aro In nttendanco at the
conclave, which vlll last Uuee 'uy
Order Placed for 438 Miles of Eight
Inch Pipe For Oil Fields.
Jy Associated Press.
Pittsburg, Nov. 15. It was nnnoune
cd today that tho National Tube Com
pany, n subsidiary company of the
United States Steel Corporation, had
received nn order for four hundro.'
uid thirty-eight miles of olght inch
Ipe, for n pipo nno connecting In
linn Territory oil Holds with tho 10
Ineries at Port Arthur.
Tho outlay for tfo pipe lino is said to
be about six million dollars.
ttorney General Says the Aggrega
tlon Make a Combination, Which
Should be Declared Unlawful.
Control Ninety Per Cent.
Jy AEsoclntod Press.
Washington, D, C. Nov. 13 Attor
ney General Moody today instituted
proceedings against the Standard Oil
company of New Jersey , under the
Sherman anti-trust net, by filing in
tho United Stntes circuit court at St.
Louis a petition in equity against it
and Its seventy constituents, coriK)
rations and partnerships and soven
individual defendants, making n
combination, which should bo declar
ed unlawful nnd In the future enjoin
ed from ontcrlug into any contract
or combination in restraint of trade,
Henry !f. Rogers, Henry M. Flagler,
John I). Archlbold, Oliver II Payne-,
and Clias. II. Pratt.
Proceedings wcro brought on tho
strength of tho report just made by
Assistant Attorney Genoral Purdy and
Messrs. Kellogg and Morrison, who
were appointed last Juno by direction
of President Roosovolt, to Investigate
tho btiblness of the Standard Oil com
pany. In tho statement issued today, Mr.
Moody says the Investigation tends o
show Hint the Standard and Its var
ious corporations control ninety per
cent of the oil business of tho Unltod
States; that "this share of buslnosB
has been procured by a courso of ac
tion which beginning in 1870, has
continued undor tho direction of the
same persons in Maine, down to the
present tlmo, nnd that their designs
throughout havo been to suppress
competition In production, transporta
tion and sale of roflned oil, nnd to ob
tain as far ns possible a monopoly
"Tho report shows," ho says, "that
this company has been cnab'od lo !)
tain, In Inrgo soctlons of tho counto
a monopoly on tho sale of rolliicd oil.
with the result thnt prices to column
ers within tho 'terrltdiy. w'c-o the
monopoly prevails, iiio very much
higher than within territory, whore
competition, to some cxtout, still ex
ists." Indian Mission Conference.
Tulsa, I. T Nov. 11. At tho hossion
today of tho annual conference of tho
Indian Mission of tho M. E. church,
South, W. P. Dunklo presented tho
presiding officer with a gnvel made
fom tho wood of a locust post In tho
fence surrounding Riley's Chapel,
near Tnhloquah bearing tho following
Inscription: "Indian Misslou Confer-
etcc, organized at Riley's Chapel,
loar Tahlequah, Oct. 23, 1S44. Wall
op Thomas A. Morris, president; Wil
liam II. Goode, secretary."
Fourteen havo applied for admis
sion to tho conference. Threo pre
siding elders will go off district work
on ncount of limitation. Rov. T. L.
Rippcy Is nientipned as onn of the
Among the distinguished men of
the church, who will address the con
foienco Is Dr. W. I). Palmoro, editor
of the St. Louis Christian Advocate
On nccount of tho largo number o
U legates, tho conference Is meotln'
la the opera house.
Receives Newspaper Men and Express
es Himself Delighted and Gratified
at the Welcome Which Citizens
of Isthmus Are Making.
By Ausoclatcd Press.
Colon, Nov. 15. President Roose
velt this morning landede Irom the
Louisiana, nnd was met by Cm i ill
Commissioner Shouts, Chief r3nKinr
Stevens and other oillclals. The
school children assembled at the pier
ami Ming "The Star Spangled I '.in
ner. "
President Amador Inter greeted the
Colon,. Ncv. II. Tho Unit trip of an
American president outside of tho
boundaries ot tho United Stntes sns
successfully concluded tills nftornoon
ut 1:.10 when tho battleship Louisiana,
having President Roosevelt and purty
on board, dropped anchor in the har
bor of Colon. Tho Louisiana, which ar
rived ahead of schedule time, was con
voyod by tho Tennosseo nnd Wash
ington and tho tnrco vessels nnchoicd
about a mile from tho dock during u
heavy rainfall.
Owing to the fact that tho Louisiana
arrived ahead of tlmo neither Presi
dent Amador of Panama nor Chairman
Shunts wero on hand to welcome Pres
ident Roosevelt. They left Pannma at
1:30 in a special train for Colon nnd
at 8:30 tonight boarded the Louisiana
and extended cordial greetings to
America's chief executive. In Prcsl
dent Amador's party wero Mr. SiiontK.
Chief Engineer Stevens and Secretary
Reed of the Commission and Mr. Squl
era, the American minister to Pana
ma. '
Dili ing the afternoon President
tcosovelt received tho local newspaper
correspondents on board. He said that
his voyage had been pleasant and une
ventful and expressed himself gratified
at tho welcome which tho citizens ot
tho Isthmus aro preparing foT lilm.
Ho' stated that ho proposed to look
Into the Jamaican labor question nnd
also Intended to seo everything possl
bio concerning tho cnnnl.
Hxtenslvo precautions have been ta
ken to protect Presidont Roosevelt
during his three dnys visit on the Isth
mus, aud it is reported that a number
of known anarchists havo been arrest
ed hero or nt Panama. All steamers ar
riving at tho Isthmus nro Inspected
and suspicious characters havo been
Imprisoned and will bo held In custo
dy until Presidont Roosevelt doparts.
Tho president will begin bis tour of
Inspection tomorrow and nn extensivo
program or olllclal ontortaintuents has
been prepared.
Ward-LevIs Bout Tonight.
Vrdmoreito Special.
Grand Rapids, Mlsh., Nov., 1. Mtlf!
Wind and Harry Lewis of Philadel
phia wll fight ten round nt 13S
pounds hero this evening. Wlion the
tnntch was made Lewis was consid
ered easy by Ward backers, but the
cent victories of the Philadelphia
over Fitzgerald and Dougherty huve
put a different aspect on the probable
losnlt of tho bout. The winner will
bu matched with Jimmy Gardner.
Indian Pastor Dies.
Tho Rovercnd Morgan Colo, a Choc
taw Indian, who had lived In Indian
Territory for flflj-slx years, died nt
Ills homo in Antlers last week. He
was pastor of tho Cumberland Pres
byterian church nt Antlers.
Terrorists Pillgae Jepot.
Warsaw, Nov. 15. A band of ter
rorists attacked the railroad depot at
suchednlow this morning, kiled a gen
darme, blew up tno safe nnd escaped
with a considerable sum of money.
On nccuiint of our sph-ndpl Short O'd Innii- wo nro
compelled to disc nlinue Mu M -rcliants' L'ineh lifter
Sunday, IHtli. Wo will conHnuo the best Short Older
Sorvieo in the city. Kespcctfuliy, ,
UnHrr Mr i, Theatre BIJOU CAFE
Every Line of Business Will be Cal
ed Upon to do Its Share, Even tt
School Children. ExWiuu win
be Second to None.
The executive committee of the
Federated Coinmorcial Clubs of the
new stale Imvo mot and decided that
it ts Just and proper that we sh n !
have a place In the picture at the
Jamestown Ter-Centcn:ilal okimipmn
next you-. It war. decided thai an ex
hihlt valuifl nt I3H.000 be n'i.tng!
for. Now it is up to tho various com
mercial bodies of the new state to d
their share toward getting the rund
together so that the exhibit can be
cured and put in place. If the nn-ttei
la carried throuah, au It will b- the
exhibit from tho new statu will 'e
second to none of any of the states ol
the union.
Ardmore will do Its share as the
business Interests have already beer,
felt In this regard and no one l.i or
pohfd to it. A demand will be made
on overv lino of trade to do It:, natt.
Tho exposition company wil! give
a lease on a plot of ground on wi le:,
can be erecteil a suitable bulldli C. ;d
a cost of $5,000. The lumbonni i ,ii
the stnto will bo called upon to fur
nish timber for tho construction ut
the building on the plun, perhaps of a
modem farm house, such as do ihc
prairies of the new stnte nt pren t
The hardware dealers and nlumViuv
will in all probability bo asked 'o ,lvo
the iioeossary hardware nnd pli-mbing
material to proporly equip the vruo
turn nud after the building is com
plotter1!!, will be for tho furnltiiri;
men to sec that the furnishings of the
"last star" building be second to none,
not even any of the older status.
When this Is dono tho plan to se
cure the necessary casli with which
to keep up the genernl expenses for
the maintenance of the building In
keeping with tho prosperity of the
country Is up to tho bankers and
banks. Tho plan to ralso tho cadi
fund is to assess nil of tho hanks and
bankers of thy new I'uto. Th(iM Of
$10,000 or less capital slock, each,
all of $25,000, $10; all of $50,000, $15,
and all of $100,000, $20. Tho real es
tate nion of tho now stato will be ask
od fo rtho money to pay for nil print
ed mnttcr to bo used lu connection
with tho exhibit, because It Is believed
they will bo more bonoilted than any
one else.
The coal dealers of the new stato
will bo naked to furnish the displays
of coal, oil cement, asphalt and salt,
mid to stand the expense of a man In
charge of tho displays nt the exposi
tion, tho commercial clubs fumls'-ln
t lie transportation. Tho mllles and
grain men aro to furnish a mm tr
gather a display of milling products
and grtln and to take charge of it. o.i
the exposition grounds. To general
public, which will also luclu... the
general business Interests, wl-i be h;
pralcd to for donations.
The educational dlsiday w'!l be fur
nlhhed by tho school children rf he
state, nnd the plan conlcioidutea a
very unlquo way of getting It up.
Cards will bo furnl:i'ie,l ovor school
In tho state, on wh'.-:'. -vlll bis wiltten
tho naino of tho tower and i"I.oi',
and accompanying UHa will bo u 11. t
of tho children corn'j it live cei:,
tho wholo to bo ined :? a ,art of the
dlspl'iy Another p.".i Is simfiar but
calls for n ten cent lGiiuttnn from
each school child, a portion of which
fund will be, used for buttons. The
latter will be used for advertising pur
poses. It Is not settled, however,
which plan v. Ill bo finally adopted.
Mississippi firemen Orgjniie.
Udmorolto Special.
HnttioHburg. Mihb., Nov. 15 A per
manent organization of the firemen of
Mississippi will probably bo effdcteii
as a result of a convention which op
ened hero today. I
Ledbetter Will Leave Monday for
Guthrie to Be at the Openlnn.
Hon. W. A. Ledbetter received tho
certificate of ills election Thursday
morning. Tho certificate beam tho elg.
nature of Ulecuon Commissioners lllx
by, Clayton nnd GUI nnd Is n ccrtlfl
cnto that ho has boon duly elected
from tho 103 district, us delegato to
tho constitutional convention.
Mr. U(ibotter Btnted thnt ho would
leave Sunday for Gulhrlo to bo thoro
Monday. Tho convention begins on
Tuen lay. the 20lh, and Mr. Lodbnttcr
will reach t he-re In tlmo to look over
tho situation before the convention In
As He Is Belno Accredited With Says
It Would Have Bee" Merest Kind
of Foolishness For Him to Have
Done So Here to Find Out.
.Muskogee. I. T Nov. II. Webster
Ilnlllngor, u prominent newspaper
man of Washington, I). C, who Is
accompanying tho senatorial party
composed of Senntorn Clark of Wy
oming. Clark of Moutann, Teller of
Colorado, Long of K.iusas nu' inn
d6gee of Connecticut, on their tour
thiough tho Indian Territory for tho
purpose of familiarizing themselves ns
to conditions hero with n view of
reporting to tho United States senate
legislation which they deem ncceftsary
for tho benefit or the Indinn 1n tlio
now state Is lu the city, having left
the party at Kansas City.
When asked by a reporter regarding
tho authenticity of the report from
Kansas City to tho effect that Senator
Clark or Wyoming, said In nn Into
view with a newspaper man a- Hint
place that ho was agnlnst tho whole
sale removal of restrictions from the
lands of the Indians of the live tribes
ho said: "I heard Mr. Clark make the
remark In tho presenco of myself nnd
n number of other newspaper men,
that tho occasion ot the visit of tho
party to tho territory at this tlmo
was to gather information looking to
tho onnctmont of legislation In the
coming congress for tho best Inter
ests of tho Indian. 'I havo found thnt
tho seunto as a body is woefully lack
lug lu Information, relative to tho In
dian Territory and for that reason,
I intiodiiccd th resolution myself
authenticating this committee, to go
to tho territory and get nt tho facts
aR tlioy really exist aud seo for our
selves.' " Continuing, Mr. Ilalllnger
said, "Tho Idea of Mr. Clark, making
such u statoniuut thnt ho was against
any ponding legislation, when he was
then on his wny in nn effort to as
certain Just whut tho Indian needed
is foollBhnesB. Mr. Ciark never made
such n Htatomont notwithstanding tho
fact thnt he Is credited with It."
Bass Reeves, a Negro Deputy Marshal,
Shot at Near Wybark.
.Muskogco, I. T., Nov. II. An nt
tempt wns mndo to assassinnto Deputy
Suchcdnlow this morning killed a gen
Bhnl'H otrico about 10 o'clock last night,
north of Wybark. Hass Is a negro doi
uty nnd has been In tho service for
over thirty years.
Reeves was in his buggy north of
Wybark and was driving under a rail
road troatlo on which tho assassin was
posted when a six-shooter cracked nnd
a bullet splintered the wood of ono of
tho tlos In tho trcstlo directly oror
his head. Ho saw tho man and reu
ed the flro hut tho wouni-ba assassin
got awny and was probably unhurt.
Hoeves hnd been over In tho vicinity
ef Wybnrk serving papers nnd looking
ror criminals and as the population
In thnt vicinity consists mostly of uo
croes it wns mere tnnn likely some
noTo criminal for whom he has a
Re.'ves declined to say whom ho
thinks it wns, but It is thought that
ho has a pretty good idea and will
eventually get his tnnn.
The Husband a Government Official,
the Minister a Brooklyn Divine
and the Wife Lives in Omahi.
Well Known Persons.
Wnohlngtou, Nov. II. The null foi
divorce brought by Charles C. Hakt
of the geological survey nga.nst his
wife. Kannlo Rico llassutl, tho dautk
tur of Heuutor Rice of Arkansas, U
which tnu Rev. K. i,uwrouco Hunt,
imHtor ot tho Noble Street Proubyto
Hun church in Urooklyn, Is named ;ui
cii-roHpoudoiit, lias been set lor trial
mloro Judge Asnley Uuuld in the
uiHtrlct oi Columbia lu the equity
court Novumuur 22.
Tho trial of this case promises to
be senBiitlonal, for It will hivolvu In
one way ir nnotnor uu ex-member or
the cabinet, ox-member ot congrcsu,
the wife oi it retired nrmy otllcur and
other persons nigh In the social ami
olllclal lire of tho capital.
Mrs. Ilnssett, who is now' living In
Omaha wlier stio lias brought a coun
ter suit ngalnst her husband, is not
contesting the present suit, not oven
entering uu appearance. It Is bolng
fought solely by tho Rov. 13. Lawrence
Hunt, Who la represented by Henry K.
Tho announcement a few monltu
ago of tho illlug of HnsBOtt'H suit, wltk
limit named us co-rospondunt, created u
sensation, not only lu this city, but
in nrooklyn. Hunt'u Urooklyn congro-
gatlon agreed to suspend Judgmout on
him until after tho conclusion of tho
cnbe. Tho taking of uvidonco In tha
Biilt was completed todny and under
the District or Columbia codo it wilt
bo read lu court when tho trial be
Elus. Much of It Id Interesting.
Among thoso who win ho broucht
Into tho case are Hilary A. Horbtrt,
secretary ot tno navy undor Preside
Cleveland, who wns a noraonal friend
of Mra. Hnssott; Mrs. Elizabeth N.
Rutherford, tho wlfo of Major Ruther
ford of tho array, nnd porhaps Mlds
Helen Cannon, I ho daugntor of Spoak
er Cnnnon, who waa frequently ontcr
tnlned In tho Hnssott homo. Uassctx.
alleged unfaithfulness on tho part cl
his wlfo, and named a number ot
plnceB whero ho chargea his wlfo met
Hunt. Ho asks for tho custody of the
four children, but makes no claim re
garding n Uftti child, which bonra the
nnmo of Lawronco Hunt DnssoU.
This child was bora In Baltimore,
March 12, 1905.
Mre. Jonn G. Gibson toatlflod tha.
Hunt, in tho summer of 1905, nnU-d.
two rooms In her boarding house U
Atlnntlc City for himself, hla "sister,"
nnd tho Iattcr'a two children. Tho Pin
ter turned out to bo Mrs. Uassct' An
cxcIUng sccno occurred horo, for Baa
sctt and ox-Congressman HilrchlU up.
pearcd suddenly ono dav nnd nttenut-
ed to carry oft Chestor, tho oldost oor
aunt nemos all chargeB of wrong
made ngalnst him. Ho says ho will
marry Mrs. Bassott if tho divorce 1
granted. Thin Intention ho coufldefi to
ex-Secrotary Horbort.
Automobile Held Up.
lly Associated Press.
Now York, Nov. 15. A hold up by
six men In an automobile In Central
park, west, early today, codt ono auto
mobillBt, Wlggo Brandt, his leg. The
polico believe tho hold-up was lntonded
merely as a prank by a halt dozoa
chafreurs returning from a ball.
Bullet Hole Found In Mouth Reaching
to the Brain.
Shnwneo, Okla., Nov. 15. At 3
o'clock today J. A. Johnson, a Baptist
minuter, died mysteriously nt his
homo at Dale, near hero. Ho had
been preaching for tho Homo Rollor
Association at Comancho and loft
homo Saturday, arriving snfo nt El
Reno. Saturday night his wiro re
ceived a measago from El Rono, sent
by Bomeono unknown, tolling nor to
meet tho train at Dalo with an ambu
lance, as her husband was vory HI.
Slio found him unconscious, In which
condition ho remained until rev.h. A
bullet hole was found, two front teeth
being mlnslug. The bullet had ran
ged through his mouth to tho brain.
Corpner Fleming la investigating.

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