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Ardmore, Friday, November 16, 1906.
There are no
trifling coughs
Any rough Is serious oiiouku. to Imvo prompt ntul rlBht nttontlnn, bo
cuimw there mo ho many sorbins tlilim tlmt tnrts from coubIUh.
Tho minus of pneumonia ami consumption can attack weakened
InngN only, nml the llwcrcil vitality that follows coldB and coughts
makes tlie comlltlon favorable. What wo wish to urge .a tills : Kind
n l.dlnlile harmless cough euro nml keep a supply on hand constantly.
When nny momoher of tho family tlevolopes a cough, start In the re
medy promptly. The romedy we think should ho
H Is Imposslblo for n cough bocomo uorloim whore IIIb remedy
la uned ns Boon nB tho co.cn f ... tly becaiiBo naturally.
rmody can ami euros poimanomns. It rurus as quickly as a thorough
It limit glvu entire satisfaction or our money back.
phone 30 J. Ramsey, druggist
Kspcclally In our proscription
to perfect that department anil wo
of It. Our proscription dopartmont
not yet Biitlsllcd. Wo want
to bring your prescription to uh special attention will bo Riven homo
formuliiB and receipts. Such n cold cream, face preparations, lini
ments nnd etc. Free delivery to any part of tho city.
Frank Berrylilll
Attached to
her Piano..
Th- Hush & Gorts Piano
si ins to i'i cnpallo of
winmnir iln ullivtio s,
us w II a Hit' aiimir '.ion
H nil anpr.jv.il of ail wlio
pluv upon it 1 f:ri''s
in f ivor it grows in
viMirs and Insos none f
its lino, rich, sworn on
This instniiui'i.t is llio
hot "hoiii' " piano wo
know of. It is tho host
piano in i s pneo.
Other pianos at nil prices from
107 Main Street, Ardmore, I. T.
Established lt95.
Ardmorf Transfer Co.
W. R INGRAM, Manager.
Lnrgebt Union Carrluco Lino In
tho Ct .
Some Good Advice.
For bta'er IiukkIoh for less monoy
tniin the jioddlers soil nnd on as good
tortus see Noble Hrothors. When you
trade hero your nolo 1b with homo
people 19-tf
.Don't fall to toad carefully lllvens,
Corhn & Fronsluy'B advertisement In
this paper. 12-5
Tho popularity of our Thelma Per
fumn Is certainly morlted. It has all
the Dilantins Unit mnko n perfect hand
kerchief 'extract. Tho prlco Is but 50c
an ounce.
F. J. HAM3NY. DrugElDt.
J mm
M il 5 IS.
department. It has bom an effort
feel as If wo hod, made a success
has ttcnrilly grown. Out wo arc
For Everything That Is
Mad of TIN.
Tin Roofini a Specialty
John Drooks Charged With Durnlng
City Calaboose at Marietta.
John Brooks, charged with arson,
Vina placed In Jail here today by Deputy
Cochrun. Brooks was hrpught to tho
city from Marietta. It Is alleged ho
set lire to the in ubcoso In that city
Thursday night, completely destroying
tho building.
Brooks was an lnuinto of tho cala
boose, having been pinced tltero m
a charge of drunkenness Thursday af
ternoon. Ho il en gnvo tho nlnrin by
shouting, which brought a crowd ot
people to tho scene. Brooks was got
ten out of the burning building, but
uccapoil f i oin tho Glllcors. Ho was af
terwards captured and .Deputy Cochran
plac d him hi Jallhgro today, on a
charge of burning tho cnlaboosc.
Tickets for Charles II. Ilauford on
sale 'Sunday. Curtalu rises S : 15. N"o
lieu list. 10-1!
Jndgo Alexander Oulctt was in tho
city this morning en route to his lio.no
at Tishomingo. Mr. Gullett has been at
I'urcell loproooutlug tho government
before the district court which Is lu
session at that place.
H. I-'. Turner returneu Irom legnt
tiimliiUKB at Puree. I yesterday att i
Chief of Pollc lluclc Uirrott has re
turned from Oklahoma' City. Mr. Gar
rett wont to tint piaco to stand trial
but the cam has not been set.
Tom Floyd, formerly Wells Fargo
'' nr h nioi"8 n it on the Santa I-V.
left Friday for Garden City, Kan..
uli.-r lie will tik- a pjslti&n with tne
Bnme company. Mr. Hoyd was to hnvo
gone to Poncn City but wns transfer
c I 1 1 Garden City.
A widow's wile aro innskrd with
Don't export a Hqouro doal If you
are not a square man.
Sumo people nro unable to respect
i. .one they feel sorrj lor.
It is always safe to accuse a home
ly girl of being protty,
A little lcar.ng ofton makes a man
until company for himself.
A man who grus back on his friends
seldom guts a chance to coino back.
Dlil you over Rot a gns bill thnt wns
finnllor than you oxpected it would
Hy tho tlmo tho averago man
nchlovcs success ho Is too old to ap'
prec!nt,o It.
Suggests Proper Restrictions De
Placed on Management of Full'
Dlood Holdings Favors
Sale of Coal Lands.
Chas. II. Car, jr, n .T-oininoui In J
Ian citizen, nnd n posslolo candidate
of tho Uemocrntlc, party for congroaa
was soflii this morning Itnd asked
ed as to his views on tho question ot
tho hour, Ir. .; o! (no iitniuv.il ut re
striction. Mr. Carter Is perhaps In tho best
position to know what the needs ot
this section are, an ha Is well poll
ed on Indian nffulrs and knows the
limitations of tho Indian. Ho Bald:
"I think that tho business Interests
ot i l.o community nnd tho wolrnro or
tho Indian demand that tho restric
tions of nil half breed be remove-!.
I. o. upon nil allotmenta except lioin..
Meads of the Intermarried citizens.
"Ab to full blood Indians, tucro nro
many of them who nro not competent
to niaungo their own affairs and I
think It would be well enough to hav-i
onte character of supervision over tlie
sales of their lauds, cither by tho de
partment or stnto government. I think
some plan could bo arranged where
by tho fullblood would be nllowcil to
mnnngo his landed Interest as ho seea
fit, whenever ho can show thnt ho Is
competent to nttend to iheso matters.
It should bo nrranged bo that edu
cated ftillhloods nnd in tact all thoso
competent to mnnage .their affairs
might have restrictions removed with
out too much red tnpc, placing tho
fullblood upon his own responsibility
when It can bo shown that ho Is sulll
clently educated to take caro of lihn
self. "Somo nrrnngcmcifts snould nlso ho
made to enable the full blood Indian
to leaso his land for a longer period
thnn ono yenr. Tho reason that many
fullblood nllotnionts nro only partially
Improved and many of them haven't
th necossnry capital today for Im
provements. Allowing them to lcaso
their lands, deals could be mado with
whlto farmers to Improve their places
for a leaso of a term of years on tho
"Ilolatlvo to the coal lands. I t.ilnk
tho department should provide for tho
sno of thu surfaco of said lands' at
tho cnrllest posslb.u moment; nlid
that some provision should bo mado
for tho salo of tho coal on said land
so thnt this product could cvonttm'ly
pass to tho ownership of tho stnto to
bo used for n pormanont school fund.
Having, of course, duo consideration
tho rights of Indians paying them for
such lands, nnd at the same tlmo con
sidering tho rights of tho lessees.
"I think that tho trloal authorities
will nut bo unreasonable and If given
nmplo tlmo to present their vlows on
those threo subjects, that somo equltn
bio solution will result which will re
dound to tho good of tho now Btnto."
, Hnnford's production of "Julius Cno- nlno role In tho enst and this Is ns
unr will be Been In this city at tho aumeil by Miss Mario Drofnah, whoso
uouipon opera nouso on Monday, Nov.
1 10. Thoro la but qim Important feml -
On a Still Hunt Through the District
for Votes Favors Primary Plan.,
For the Making of
D. II.. l.incbaugh of Atoka, a candi
date for congress In this district, was
In Ardmore Thursday nfternoon and
Friday morning, Mr. I.lncbaugh Is n
promising youn; attorney of this sec
tion ns well as u rising polltlcan. IIo
nlso favors tho primary plan of nom
ination, and lu speaking of the plan
said: "Wo promised It to tho people
nnd by nil means they should have tho
prlmnry so as to have tho valco of
(the entire patty as to who should bo
their loaders In both national nnd
Btnto affairs.''
t "Practically In all of tho districts In
tho Indian Territory the .Democratic
candidates for ,tho ronstltutlonal con-
I vontlou wero selectedlby tuo primary
nnd I think that the methods used was
tho most satisfactory, and should no
used In tho selection of candidates for
all olTlcoH, both for congress nnd
When queried as to his opinion on
tho removal of restrictions ho said: "1
feol llko tills Is ono of tho- most Im
portant questions to bo considered by
our national congress, nnd I favor tho
Immcdlnto removal of all restrictions
upon tho alienation of all allotments
of allottees, except upon tho home
stead of tho Indians by birth. I also
favor tho salo of tho unalottcd land to
! actual settlers In tracts not exceeding
ICO acres to any ono purchaser.
I "Now, as to tho disposition of tho
coal lands, I favor the purchaso by tho
federal government nt fair and rens-
jonnblo valuation of the segregated
coal lands, an; the donation of the
samo to tho now stato ns a permanent
school fund, with a provision of tho
Immcdlnto salo of tho surfaco to ac
tual settlers, In tracts not exceeding
I ICO ncres. In this way I feel that wo
will not only bo ennbled to provide
an amnio system of free ncnouis, nnd
, provldo homes, but will bo enablei to
crush tho coal trust that Is now rear
ing Us hcadjn our midst.
"The sweeping victory of Democracy
' In our last election should make tho
heart of every Democrat glnd, and by
I kcqplng faith with tho people our
party wll grow strong and stronger in
tho new state."
Petition For Funds For Football In
A petition asking for funds for the
Ardmoro football team Is being circu
lated over tho city. Tho petition will
bo presented to tho business Ardmoro
In an effort to rnlso an amount sulll
clout to put on games during tho com
ing months. It Is tho intention to have
a game Thanksgiving, nlso Christmas.
Other games are In view.
To Wvo these games and to bring
performances iinvo always commando.l
tho. highest approval. Hi
.More young pcoplo of this communiiy now liae hank
accounts tluin over holorc. Every duy thoy come in total: !
iiclviintiigo of our offer of it First Deposit Free. This is tho
Bring $-1.50 to (It posit to the credit of nny child of nny
nge irom one day to twelve yours We will add It to our
Free First Deposit of 50 ci-nts, making K.00 to bein with,
nnd tins money will immediately begin to enrn int lest
Sta t now while this oilur is open. JJ ing this 'ui it will
entitle you to thu credit of fiO cents ns ft part of tho first
Ardmore Loan
Prkscuiption Dhuggikti
tklhpiionk cgi - t - - : - 4..t" - - : - H -
WANTED A good hustling sober
salesman. C. K. Wiggins. 16-3
WANTED Men to learn barber
trado. Havo just moved Into our
new building, whore wo Have all
modoriL facilities. Special lnduco
mentn for short tlmo. Don't miss
this chance. Few Weeks completes.
Monoy earned whll elearnlng. Wrlto
today. Molor Harbor College, Kansas
City, Mo. 11-6
WANTED A colored girl to do cook
ing. Jipply this olllco or phono 150..
FOIt KENT Five room dwelling, nice
homo, 7th Ave. nnd A street, N. W.
It. T. Dallas. 1C-3
FOIt RENT Two furnished rooms for
light housekeeping, close In. Apply
at J. C. Prcddy's. 1G-C
FOR KENT Elegant room furnished
or unfurnished. Address box 195,
city. lGtl
FOR RENT Threo or four rooms, fur
nished or without. Four blocks
north of Main. Address l!ox 34. lltf
FOR SALE Six flro-proof safes. See
them at Santa Fa depot. E. D.
Payno, Hox 181, City. 1C-3
FOR SALE Delivery wagon worth
$C5, vory cheap. Havens blacksmith
shop. 14-3
FOR SALE A dining tablo and
chairs, buffet, tvV leather couchos,
library tablo, and otho furniture,
and room-slzo rugs. All" now. Ap
ply nt Struck's Cafo. 13-G
FOR SALE Tho stock and fixtures
now contained -In tho A. F. Jones
building, No. 332 West Main St.,
known as tho Jones' Morcantllo Co.
For Information nddross Hox 311
Ardmoro. Otf
FOR SALE My homo place, 203 E
Btroct, N. W. J. I Day. 5tf
FOR SALE Some koavy wrapping
paper, doslrablo and convonont for
ufo lu laying carpets. It's cheap ut
25c n roll. Ardmorolto. 28
LOST I-adles' silver watch, opon
face, cngravod R A C on back,
finder leave nt this olllco for re
ward. 1G-2
FOR TRADE Newly Improved resi
dence property located In notod wa
tering and hoalth resort and railroad
freight division point In Texas, for
Ardmoro Improved property. Seo
Sliltioy Suggs. nil
visiting teaniH to the city It is neces
sary to raise money.
Tho petition hns not been oxtenslvo
ly circulated as many of the business
men of the city havi not been seen on
trio subject.
Ardmoro hns succeeded In getting
together n winning football team nnd
they nre practicing every night. Tho
advi rtlseinent they can glvo Ardmoro
will bo well worth tno money expend
ed. Tho team will go to Sulphur Sun
day whero they will meet the Sulphur
bunch of huskies on the gridiron.
Should they win, Ardmoro will bo In
a position to put a team on tho Held
which can compete with any In tho ter
ritory or North Texas, A winning team
In nil sports bring to n town moro
money than they can possibly tnko on',
and create an activity all of which
Is for tho good of the town."
Our price nre tho lowosi on plujnb
Ing and you don't havo to havo It
done agnln.
tf t. . JIOIM.N & BEST. '
Trust Company
- :"t"M.A - ! - - t 4.4-..4.4.4....J..A
The Croat Temperance DrinH
Every bottle made in con
formity with the law.
A favorite beverage with
Gives absolute satisfaction
to every dealer.
Send your orders to
Manager New State
brewing Association
Self Explanatory.
Wagoner, I. T Nov. 15.
Dally Ardmorelto:
Tho report that, tharo will bo a meet
ing of tho Indian Territory Democrat
ic Executlvo Commltteo at Outhrlo on
the 10th Is an error ns there has been
no meeting of tho commltteo called.
Yours truly,
. Chairman,
On and nftor November 1st, 1900,
wo will discontinue nny cr 'dlt busi
ness, whatever, and will thank all
who owo us to como In and sottle
their accounts, ns wo do not intend Id
do any moro credit business.
Very respectfully,
Citizenship Claims.
If you have a citizenship claim paini
ng and are not yet enrolled, or have
other businesH beforo thu Intorior De
partment, wrlto Immcdhuoly to Wll
lam W. Wright, registered nttorney,
OfQccs, Washington Loan & Trust
IJuIldlng, Washington, D. C.
A Dusty Day,
Considerable real estate wns In tho
wind nil day. Dust has been tho
main talk on tho streets nnd not gold
dust either. Beginning yesterday of
toruoon nt sun down, a strong soutli
wind began blowing with tho result
thnt the first ,renl dust stcrni of tho
Benson visited Ardmoro last night
and today. Tho day has been very
dlsagreeablo as compared to tno
pleasant sunshiny weather or tho
past week. Tho wind had In it
promises or u northor, but happened
to bo blowing from tho south, and
winter has ben put off for u few
days longer,
See the human files at the BIJou
thin week
It's a wlso umbrella that knows Its
own master.
Ono stubborn fact weighs moro than
a dozen theories.
Tho gentle wasp doesn't havo to got
thcro with bota feet.
Funeral Director and Licensed '
. Em,balmers.
Qpun, Day and Night - , rPUon Ji3.

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