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Ardtnore, Friday, December 7, 1906.
mm relief
Th Situation Ha Deeeme
On 01
G'avr Seriousness Interstate Com
ucrce Commission to be Asked t
Investigate Car Question.
w .i.Mnrton , Doe. 6 "We hare
i. i i ii int where the whole, im-
I ! ,.i'tlt Ih im naeetl by
i . iii iw, i i f the count r "a tranaimr-
.. lln" deoblloil .Ittdg.' S. 11.
i i o ii. ohFoiLWoitb, Texas, who ar
il ' licrojo5i' t uigu l',p Inter
f i ommerci- rmiiinlHidiiit to tuke
it' i eTJtJl" i n lirttel service
i) " rallroail He i attorney for
' ' 5UjrSti'il'' iIHmi' assncla-
tin nnif l&Jinurb ti, do with draft
s' bv .ruSUill! last winter.
1 1 . trufiF tli il 'be crisis lias
lot . nfrcaelicil,' he continued. "H
1 ( 1 1 :alblo to trel 1lvntoek hlpied
In Tex because the rnlliMads do not
furnlsli erf?.
Tens of thoiiBanilt of head Hint are
ready for shipment have lieen turned
out rm th 'anno because thero aro
no earn for them. It la tho name with
our cotton no cars, lit) shipments
Tho situation gets worso all tho tlmo
nnd It moans Inevitable. ImaltiesB
breakdown. People ennnot go on rais
ing things they can't turn Into mon
ey Tho markets want them but they
can't bo moved.
"Tho trouble Is that tho men who
make our tranaiorfntloii nvatems are
mi multic too largely with a view
to the Wall street consideration and
tro little with tho necessities .t
fnlubt niovltiK In their mind. They
are eairylng mlllhiiis for tho lttcKy
tiisdii-i-s and distributing surpluses
ilia' h.io been piled up during their
pr -porous years. Then millions
ousht to have been Invested ill now
ilii'iientM anl betterments.
"If " falluro to Invest them has
ticket. UB ,,, t)l0 ,,r,iont position."
Cowan wnttts tho Interstate
lluy ycm to R0 to the bottom of
ens, Corj, rnr qlle8ton. Ho bellovea
egulutions will greatly Im-
','ondltlnus. Tho commission Is
bf"" ,'o hold a hearing and learn
l',r,u frum tho railroad men nnd ship
Vers. i: C. DeWItt & Co., of Chicago, at
whose laboratory Kodol Is piepared,
assure us that this remarkable iltest
ant nnd corrective for tho stomach
cotirnrniH fully to all provisions of the
Natl innl Pure Food and Drug law.
Sold li Hoffman Drug Co.
lluy holiday prosenta that will last
n llfo tlmo. See our carving sets nnd
silver tnblo waro beforo you mako
your purchases.
It tint chanco that makes our pro
ciitiii'in business so largo. It's be
cause we furnish tho purest Ingre
dients and as careful, export sorvlco
aa an be had In the United States.
2 F. .1. HAMSUY, Druggist.
In the Iil. trlct Court Df the United
Si nes for tho Southern District, at
i ilnie.ro.
In the matter of V. II. Scrlmpshlro,
baii'vi upt. -In bankruptcy.
Tu the creditors of W. II. Scrimp
il e in the Southern District In the
In n hi I'l l i ltory at Ardtnore, n bnnk
ni ii Nnilco Is Itoreby given that on
i'i. 4 1 1) ilav of December, 1900. the
anl W II Scrlmpshlre was duly ad
j'ui .0 bankrupt, and that tho first
"n: .,f his creditors will bo held
uieiiina of Ills creditors will
tie held nt my oHleo fit
itir ni.iit he jo In tho city of
Anlumre. on tho lBlh day of Docem-
in r V.Mifi, nt 'J o'clock 111 the foronoon,
a' wliiih tlmo tlto said creditors may
(I'oml prove their claims, appoint a
ii-. examine tho bankrupt and
'r.m nt suoii other business ns may
cm o liefi re said Hieolilig.
Hofereo In Ilankruptcy.
FlrRt published 'Wedtiosdny, Decem
ber C, I90C.
Our Holiday Perfumes are arriving
nnd tl-ev'ro worth your attention oven
thus enrlv. No liner line of exnulBltn
odors In beautiful Christmas pack
ages can be soon nnvwhore.
2 V. J. KAMSKV, Druggist.
juane lownsena ueciaes notaries
Cannot Administer Oaths.
Tishomingo. 1. T., Dove. C.-In tho
rtiitod Stntes crurt hero yostorday
Judgo Townsend rendered a decision
that will havo a far reaching effect
over tho Southern and Central ills-
trlcts. A number of persons who
wero under Indictment for perjury In
connection with securing their allot-
Bicnts of land, wherein It was alleged
thoy swore falsely beforo n notary
public In tho selection of allotments,
'nkd dimutrcis tj tho Indlctni. tits.
.Ttiilw t w .i-cml hld that no .lutlu.f
'lt was glsun by cdiiwivs 10 tintan
i. it'l,. in administer o.itlm In tho...'
, .1 i it.il manors and tho demurrers
. 1 1 fiiM.'Innl.
In Time ot Peace.
In ill" tlt-it month nf tho ltossla
i I, pan n.'ir we hint n striking example
'nt tin' necessity for preparation anil
tin- 'inr advantage of those who, so
. . uiini...i tiwttx ...... r
Ilii ti-nn. im- oiiiiirhu
!,. . ... TU- .l-.,.
1U UIJ WIllHII'l. "T 'HI""
.ration haa mode history and given to
us our greatest men. The Individual
as well aa the nation ahoultl be pre
pared for any emergency. Aro oti
prepareil to aticeeaafiilly combat the
first cold you take? A cold can bo
cured much more tjulckly whentreatiil
Ba uwn as It liaa been contracted and
before It has become settled In tho
system. Chamberlain's Cough tteme
ily Is famous for its cures of colds end
It should be kept at hand ready for
Instant ilae. For Bale by F. .1. ltamsey,
W. II. lame, Ardoiore DriiK Co., lion
tier A llonner.
Order Governing Same Promulgated !',,,n"' newsparH-r ...
by the U. S. Postal Authorities. ,lore 0hlc,KO ""v,'r"1 w""ks "L"
The fallowing order relative to the of luley 1 the public lit, .,
payment ot box lentala at the post-, l today. Ho was e.llto. , tin
offlcea has been Is-ticd. A copy c f Vlcksburg American when It v...
th. order Is In tho liands of each founded nnd afterwords was m...
IHistmnsler with Instruction
force the order to tho letlor.
tO OH-
master Douglas stated this morning
that tho order would be enforced In
tho Ardmoro postolllce, and those who
aro dollntitient In paying their liox
rent will lose their boxes.
Dox Rents.
October 12, 190C.
Ordor No. 1201.
I'araljrnph 2, Section SI8, lvistnl
Laws nnd Regulations Is amended to
rend as follows:
"ilox rents must be collected at tho
beginning of each ijunrter for the
entire quarter, but no longer. Ton
days beforo the last day of each miar-
ter postmasters are required to piaco
n 1)111 tou l-ortll lass or ioiis'k' oenr
Ing tho date of tho last day of the
Quarter In each rented box. If a box
holder falls to renew his right to his
box on tr before the last day of a
quarter the liox shall then bo closed
nnd offered for rent nnd tho mall
will bo placed In tho gcnoral deliv
"Acting Postmaster Ooneral."
Given Up to Die.
II. Spiegel. 1.-4 N. Virginia St., Kv
nnsvllle. Ind., writes; "For over Itvo
years I was troubled with kidney and
bladder affections which caused me
much pain nnd worry. I lost tlesh and
was all run down, and a year ago hail
to abandon woi'; entiely I had th e
of tho host phslclnns who did me
no good and I was practically given
up to die. Foley's Kidney euro wns
recommended and tho first bnttlo gave
mo great relief. After t ikmg tlia s-c
unil bottle I was entirely cured. I loir
man urtig Co.; City Drug Store.
Quite True.
"Who Is tho happlost, tho man with
n million, or the ono with soven chil
dren?'' "The man who hag seven children."
"Hut why?"
"llocatite tho man who has a mil
lion desires mc-ro and tho man with
seven children has HUlllclcnt.
Subscrlbo for Tho Ardmorclto.
Corrugated Iro i n all lengths at lllv
ens, Corlin & i'r nsloy's.
works wonders. H produces ''.nlr Just
as surely as rain and Htinshliio ralso
crnpi. It produces n thick growth of
duxurlant hnlr when all other reme
dies fall. Wo guarantee Daudcrlne, i
All druggists soli It, 25c, 50c nnd $100
per bottle. To provo ItB worth, send
this ml with 10 cents In stamps or sll-'
vor and wo will mall jou a large frea
snmple Knowlton Danderlne Co., Chi
cigo. HI.
Probably Got Full Oftener,
I Thoy were speaking of n hard
drlnkor mid suylng that when ho win
.drunk ho was nt his cleverest.
"Yos," said a man present, "like
'tho moon, the fuller he gets the more
ho shlnos."
Madden sells Toj-b for less.
Public Speaker Interrupted.
Public speakers aro fieipientu in
terruptod by people roughing I ht-i
would not hnpiien ir rolev's Ilnnov
and Tar were taken as it cun s rnuciu
nnd colds and prevents luieiiiiiniiia and
consumption, t he genuine c .11 ni nn f
opiates and Is in a yellow p.iei ae 1 1
Hollmnil D.-ug Co.; City II1114 Store g
1 -JfJ,
Fight Over St. Louis Bunds. tt
Hy Associated Pn si JBe
St. Uiuls, Mn . necjjijjfiefl nn- i-
being held iml.i. bjbreUitiKcs 11 mi.
and Sunburn nf thefte&rM fOUrj tn
the ni.itttr 1 t iheJJJorUCA i1canIn
1 r-w .-wv Trr.
iwgjjBF tonlal
"rl,lt, ""Manynd 01 uiolcan'
-"" 'iififmpnt am fo?
w""'1' htjMUslMppi .. . v Trust
clan hMbt?i a....u 1 rcec, r
Tht' legallbnttle Is u. de. ,1, h..w n.
$1.012.:. teposited null Su.-. Tr. .,-
"r"' OueUrh for the pint.-, 1 t..n ..r
bondholders i.f this m m Is to In dis
I,08e'l "f Atn iues f..i the i.ite cm
tend that this money should go to the
Missouri bondholders, because of the
l.iw i.u ii.. n il
In i f.-r tin i o
u 'tUIH. A ( i hi it
i M i .
bind ('iiiiiianU" !!! ,i .nl t ( i .
i ii i
1 1 1 1 i
diction of the fedetal minis Tn :
enee to the nppolntim ut of tin
reiver , .Mtmeiimn nilis ,n.
pending In the state nnd IVIm.i!
marts for thV Hisesa:iiii or Hie .1.
posit and the Investing or uiIhi
stntes are clnmoitiiu fot i -Inn
the million dollar melon. M.un ImuhI
holders are heiv nnd will lie ut . a an
oppottunlly to present their slOe nl
the case during the ln urlui: At mi
aey Oeneral Hadley Is lepitM-iitinu
the state of Missouri.
fndden sella Toys for lets
lint? Salve, car'm"d. a-ti 'ii.c
poultfe; highly n.it..'iptlc. .': ,
ly tisert ror ecxeina. ior ; m l h m '
and lips, cuts, leu i.i. Hold n t i.
Drug 8' 'e.
Newspaper Man Dead.
Oklahoma Clt. Dec. it. IIuim Si
" 0,1 I'SlierS Bl JBCKSOll, .HIH.
Two days' treatment free.
i llvHiwotatn 'PatitetM for IiiiiiiiIh il
U,,gion, impure breath. Impeifeet
slmlatloii of food. Increased appeilti
Do not fall
to avail yourself of the
above offer.
l'of sale by l'lt Dine
Carnegie Gives Annual DlnntM-.
Ardmorolto Special.
New York, Dee. 7. Andrew ('.line
gle will give his usual annual dinner
to his former assistant) In tin- steel
'lll,lII(try Bt 1iIh yltlU Avenue rel
l(lellco ,, uvenK. (jr(.at ,,.,.,
lo, nro lMIllK ,,,,, r,. ,,. , UM
,t IiroraUt,8 tu ell.se urn pie
Foley's Honey and Tnr cures the
most obstinate coiikIis ntnl cxpi Is the
cold from tho ststcm, as It Is nnl.lh
laxative. Il Is guarantis u. I in in: n .i
taking any but the genuine In Hie
yellow package. Hoffman liru t'o ;
City Drug hu.re.
A Ghastly Runaway.
Mobile, Ala., Dec. G. At l.ucodalo.
Miss., yesterday evening toe h.u se
ntinelled to the hoarse bearing the
remains of Dr. W. It. llruton became
frightened ns the funeral procession
started for tho cemetery, and ran
awny. Driver Oscar Orliues. aged 22.
was killed and the casket thrrwn to
the ground and tho corpse let out.
and exposed to view. The runaway
caused considerable excitement.
Cnscasweet, the Ideal medicine for
tho llttlo ones. Contains no opiates.
Conforms fully with National Pure
Pood and Drug Law. Write U. C. r)o
Wltt & Co., Chicago, ill., ror tho
"Ilaby Hook." Sold by Holltnan Iirug
Union Station at Oklahoma City to
Cost $300,000.'
Oklahoma City, Ok., Dec. C Presi
dent Wlnchell and other officials of
tho Hock Island arrived hero tod.iv
and tool; ji drive over tho cltv In car-
ilages. A statement was given out !
ono of tho olHcInlH to the effect that
plans had been prepared for a union
station hero to cost ;.t(10 Dim umli to
bo commenced after the Hist of the
year. W. II. Hlddle. third be prc-l
dent, was with the pait ami is muk
lug nn Investigation nf ar -in it.ige
,n "'at the eonipnn doing
.evcrtiiin't wllhln Its p.wei
Hove the congoftlnn and
trouble would suon lie i "h
I' d
-tf T. K. KEARNEY. I
W'C Still ll.TSO S..IVK
clioice W'aoi ins tint ut
;tre selling at I'A.ut
W'c alsn tiltcr snaps
111 I'ttter SihuttliT,
Newton and Hruun
W a n o n s. I Ii Ii H 1 '
fainl Klmvlikc C'ulti
S-atiirs and t) 1 1 v c r
tWuV S.
f mmm i ZsTpaaHT.' 'uVwi mtm ' w ViTTLa"rri"i"i i mmamw mmm u mirnm I im mn mm mimmmbwi wmm Mi H
But the most pleasure is in being properly dressed at ALL
occasions. Have you ever had to stay at home on account
of nc t having the proper wearing apparel for the occa
sion? Occasions occur at most ANY time. Can you
afford not to MEET people, and he dressed right when you
DO meet people. People DO notice what you have on,
and then, too, you feel more comfortable when well dressed
We sell Clothes of QUALITY, and you'll maKe no
mistaKe if you come "TRY ON" some of our Special Lot of
both Ladies' and Men's Suits ve have on Special Sale now
The Suits we have on special sale Include some or
the best lou'll And In Ardmoie. In Serges. Melluns
r'helots. I'lillnlsheil Worsteds, Thlhets and Fan
c Striped and Chicked Worsteds.
In this lot we sell the J25.00 suits fur $tS.90
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nil wniiaifcTTilnmi
Millinery and Ladies' Tailored Suits
We arc also t;oiny; to continue our Hi Reduction Sale on Ready-Trimmed Hats
and Ladies' Suits. It lias been many das since you bad a chance to bu as new
Stylish (it xxls as we're now showing in th'-M- departments at .such astonislun;l low prices.
C mi' trade v Ihto ymi can find what you wnnt at u f. UMHiahlt' price. We show the cionnes'. nr w
est stock of Dry ( iomls yuti'll litiil in Anlinore, nnd our prices we ejuarantei' you will lie UKJU'l'.
108 E. Main St. BURTON-PEEL D. G.
Conrjre.s Gives This Privilege to Na-1
tlonal Bank Concerns.
Washington, Dec. C Tho house
today passed tho bill permitting Na-
tlonal Hanking associations to mako
loans on real estate security nnd
limiting the aini lint of such loans
The vote was 111 to 51.
The hankers In the bouse urged the
passage of the bill while the oppu
nents ofthe measure insisted that real
lostate me. nut iiroiw r soeuiin fur na
tlonal banss Thcv contended that
1 1 When you buy Lard you get 1
I more than you bargain for. 1
I It's heavier in your stomach 1
I than on the scales. I
Lard is a foe to digestion. If you
had the stomach of an ostrich you
could hardly withstand the ravages of
lard-soaked pastry. You have probably
found this out and already given up
the eating of pastry. 'Tis wholly
unnecessary! Anyone can cat and
digest food cooked with Colloloir, the
perfect shortening. It is a pure vege
table product, made from the best beef
1 g
Nature' u
Pleasure in Goims
1 in guide Silk Plaids, special
$101) guide Milk Plaids, special
Vie grade Silk Plaids, special
.10 Hulls, all win 1 diess goods an extra
") gi ,ide, special
few Hulls uOc Plaid Goods. sieclul...
In addition to those spoelnl dross goods' bargains,
o tune hundreds of others In Zlhlllnes. Itroail
emtbs, Moliiilr. Prunella. Sot go. Chiffon. Panama,
Cnivaiietie, Henriettas and many others too. num
erous to mention.
We rzKtch them very nicely from our Immense
StocK of Trirninlni.j.
tho ss.iu had pioed a failuie uher
'ocr tried
,. ,,.,.,..,, ,lf mikho11,, thought
the bill wns bad legislation, nt it
would limit the power of the stale
banks. "Any man who has tinlucttm
1)t,r(Ml mi, (M(tnU, rnll R(,t (l ,ai, at
lower late of Interest from loaning
companies than ho can from a bank,"
ho said.
Mr Williams or Mississippi, the tnl
tierln leader, was in favor of the
tin .isui'o. urging that the lull would
aid the fanners ver groail and have ,
Collolcnc is never sold in bulk. It is
put up in carefully sealed tin pails.
When you buy lard you have no
protection as to quality you simply
know you are getting LARD never
mind the grade, it's just L-A-R-D. On
the other hand, every pail of Cottohnc
is uniform the product is guaranteed.
You take no chances whatever.
In the face of these facts just ask
yourself if you can afford to use hog
lard when you can get pure, healthful,
nutritious Collolcnc.
suet and choicest
vegetable oil. It
is neutral in taste
and odor.
COTTOLENE wii granted a GRAND PRIZE (hlghett poi.ible
award) over all other cooking fatt at the recent Louisiana
Purchase Exposition, and food cooked with COTTOLENE
another GRAND PRIZE.
"Home lltlpt" a book of 300 choice rcctpei, edited
by Mn, Rarer, it youri for a 2c tlamp.if you aJJret$
The N. K. Fairbank Company, Chicago.
A NEW FEATURE- Tha pattnt air-tliM top on Ihlt pall Ii for th purpoi.
of kceplnf COTTOLLNE clean, fratli and holoml it alto prvlit It
from absorbing all d.sairocabto odors of lh erocory, suck as fish, oil, etc.
Gift from the Sunny South
$1 It)
7 Hu h
. 39c
. 39c
CO. Ardmore. I.T.
E )i
a tendeno to reduce stock specular'
Kcproscntntivo Hill of Connecticut
took tho position that tho bill had not
been asked for by many national
linnks, nnd oxprosed tho opinion that
It was a dangerous precedent to estab
lish. Kennedy's .-ixntlve Cough Syrup
drives out the cold and stops tho
rough Contains Honey and Tar. Free
from any opiates Conforms to tho
Nanutial Pure Pood and Drug lnw
Plea ant to take. Sold by Hoffman
jrll(. co.
NUMIiUI! 171
m mm
Alarm Is G'vsn, Robber Flees and Is
Follows!) by Crowd and Officers
Who Art Held at Bay for an
Hour Express Driver Killer.
Il) Associated Press.
(Ireat Uand. Kn.. Dec. 8. Afi. i a
Isrlng attempt here at o'clock tl .
Horning to rob the J. V. Brlnkan ( n.
nny banR. single-handed, a man a I
flue his name as Geo. A. Iewi, uf
ansas City, was surrounded and - ui
Hud Westfsll, a driver for tho -U
"argo express company, was killed ny
i shot fired by one of tho pursuers
Lewis walked Into the bank a fi x
nluutes after It opened this mornlnt,
.ud iHilntlng a revolver at A. K Tn-.
or, the cashier, ordered the latter to
brow up his bauds. In an Instant
. clerk dodged Into tho vault and st t
IT the burglar alarm. Lewis fired,
ml Immediately darted up an alley
A crowd of men nnd boys soon were
lose behind li t tn In pursuit, and sec
9g hlmsulT lowing hemmed In, the
abhor darted upstairs in tho Wells
'argo building, two blocks from the
On the second floor he locked him
lt In a room and for an hour defh 1
rest. Several snots were II roil Into
le room In an attempt to dislodge
e robber. One bullet struck and
slant ly killed Driver Wostfall. who
is In the express ofllce on the street
lor. finally after parleying for nu
sir with Ids pursuer. Lewis stir-
ndored and was taken to the county
111. Officers bollove tho natno Lewis
fictitious. The man snld ho canto
ire from Chicago throe days ago to
tho oh.
El'ho cashier gnvo tho robbor threo
tndrcd and fifty dollars, which was
tovorcd In tho Jail.
i crowd followed tho man to tho
II crying 'lynch him," nnd It was
Jllcult for tho officers to keep him
I m the excited people. lie Is 20
lira old and well dressed.
lie says ho had contributed stories
newspapers and magazines but tbi v
to not nccopted nnd ho became d'
Grover Has Indigestion.
y Associate ; P us s
Sow Vn'.i, TRs-. c flioca." CIcvo
pi Is , nt bin how at Princeton
th ncutn tniMgoatlon. Physic! tna
y ho Is nt tn n very serious condl
n, but 1 In piiln.
rdmore Dry Goods Company's Ware
house Uurylarized.
Tho wnro room of tho Ardmoro Dry
oods Co., was pried Into last night
nd n numbor of articles taken. Tho
lurks lost their work suits and a
irgo number of cast-off hats and
hoes whlcI7had been loft In tho storo
oro takon. Nothing of much value
as missed. It Is thought tho dopo
jnds nro tho guilty parties.
Ig Dlaze Averted by Quick Response
of Employes.
What caino noar being a disastrous
o originated In the cotton seed meal
orage room at tho Ardmoro Oil and
llllng company's cotton mill Satur
ly morning about 7 o'clock.
The fire was Ignited by a match
using through the gin stand. Tho
itton i-eeil room pud tho
.orage room soon filled with flames.
,ho lire lighting department of the
till, which Is a complete ono, and ca
iblo ot coping with almost any lire
hen first discovered, was called out
id extinguished the blaze. The dam
o was slight the greatest damago
slug done to the gin stand, and tho
otton toed meal by water.
Tho city fire department was not
ailed out.
Beautiful DooHs
Xmas Cards
Fountain Pens
Fancy Stationery
Art Goods
Boyd's B00K Store
(In your way to the Poitoltlce

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