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Ardmore, Wednesday, April 14, 109.
Most 5-Cent Cigars
can be bought 6 or 7, and sometimes 8 for a quarter.
This means that when smokers pay 5 cents for such
cigars they get between 3 and 4 cents' worth.
CONTRACT 5-cent straight cigar gives you full
value for your nickel.
Its best recommendation is that it must be retailed
at 5-cents straight- to get a fair profit.
It's a better cigar at the same price.
It costs makers and dealers more.
Smokers get the benefit.
ROTHLNbCKO & SCH102S Ka-.a , C y Mo
Ij t'r 1 ' -
T- t
rounty tor.tains $1,165.5 S.
township in Tulsa county con-
S:m.lMI7. Madison township
ashington county contains H.
( -3 of to company's property
! amount of property beloe
' l- Prairie oil and Ou Co.
t-jr utatlon by them Is $15.-
- 'urr.psny in paying on last
a-tDvnt 1 3 . In tat?.
No Pie at Ciw Bureau,
w :.. :.ton. April H President
T aft l.as mstruced TMrector North of
r.. bureau to dlsrecard party
ii:.9 i!. urtag suitable men for
ip-r. isor and other appoint ho
pJa-und-r the !- census a't. Th
t.on. It a said, hue -po
-. . to the !outh.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
It the beit o( ill medicine for the cure o( diteatet,
ditorderi and wrVnee peculiar to women. It i the
only preparation of itt kind debited by a regularly gradu
ated ph:cian an etperienced and tlilled tpecitlitt in
tbe ditcatet ol women.
It It n afe medicine In an? condition of the tyttem,
THE ONK KKMKPY which contain no alcohul
nd no injuriuut habil-lormini dru and which
create no crarin( for tuch ttirnuUnti.
THK ONE REMEDY to good that i( maker
arc not afraid to print itt every ingredient on
each outtide bottle w rapper and attctt to the
truthfuloett of the tame under oath.
It it told bv medicine dealer everywhere, and any dealer who hain't it can
itt it. Don't take a tubttitute o unknown competition lor thit medicine of
tsov composition. No counterfeit i at iood a the genuine and the druitt
who ta tomethint elte it "jutt a good at Dr. Pierce'" i either mittaken
or it trying to dece-ve you lor hit own telfith benefit. S-ich a man it not to be
trotted. He it trifling with your mott pricelett potettion your health
may be your life ittell. Set that yeu ftt arhat jou aik fur.
Hsv.t This?
We oSer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh tha
can no: b cure by Hal la Catarrh
F J CHENEY k CO.. Toledo. O.
We. the undersigned, hare knows
F J Cheney for thel aat 15 yean
aai b'.;ete him perftctly honorable
la aU business transactions and
nancially able to carry out ny ob
.. gallon made by hit fl.tn.
WaMlng. KIn&an St Manrln.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Ui'.Vt Catarrh Cure If taken Inter
t.i::y. acMnjr directly upon the blood
a:.d mous surfaces of the system.
T-v'ttnor.iats sent free. Plcer T5 cents
lr bottle. SoW by all druggists.
Take Hall's Family rills for con
s'Ja'.lon. . d&v
.VPASf FILES SCHEDULE . . ... '. J'-
r . . i . !a'- f ikla.'.oti.i 'I
r pany Shot O-lahon-a ,j, ,, ,,. ,,,v.-r pae. s of ;
H 1 ga of MS.OT0.0O0. rut. n ii. ui'Im r,p' and lm's . i
! ! -, f f th
i a'. Ji" 'i "1 .
- l.a th- larg-i-t
Oil en Easter Dresses.
Klkhart. Ind.. April II. Six work
r.K K.rls fil-l claims aajtrenatlni; J2S0
today axatnst tbe Ike Shore railway
f..r damaKi- to Kaster suits and hats
by a diuar of oily water from n
lo. itlllOtlVc.
Serious Charge Against Young Man
Living ear Sulphur.
Sulphur. Okla.. April 13. Roy
TO Otvns wa- arretted and broueht in
yesterday for perjury. He mas accus-
ed of siwearlnt falsely to the a?
of a young lady whom he wished to
The fourth annual InterscholaaUc marry,
field and track meet for preparatory Owen Is a young man Hv in? a
and high schools of Oklahoma wll miles from Sulphur and h 1-
be held at Norman on April SI. The rtrd lo mkrT M, ''' Wright of
meet Is heM each year under the'1-" Mm 'rtbo'o- There s,.-m
. . ed to be corny objection on th-
aaaptces of the university. Q My.B
In order to facilitate transports. when the youn?c OTan camc Q toWh
tlon a special train has been secured and made affidavit that the brid-
and will run from Arkansas City to to-be was IS years of age he nial-
Norman. a.-rtcW here about noon mistake of his life. Complain:
and returning In the evening. l onc ma,le wlnst Oww
The meet will occupy two days. crn8 P?- " developed that
On Friday afternoon tbe tennis pre- th youn 11-v 'r " "
Itmlnarles will be played. In th WJ (?wen ia 20 prs oW but 1 '
evening a teacher.1 meeting will be h,d ,he con,Pnt ot hi Pr,n'
held. Saturday mornlnv the tennis
United States Depository
Okla. State Depository
City Depository
Capital, Surplus and
Additional Liabilities
If this bank Is a naf- place
for the city, state and nation1
to deposit their funds It Is a
safp place for the farmer and1
bualness man to keep his
funds. THY IT.
LEE CRUCE. President
finals will be played and a base ball
Swept Over Niagara.
14 -Th lrin nil wparat- pinx of property Irs ii .ilu;itlou of this company, their list
tiled their h' dul.- for tuhool district and county of tbe thows property to the amount of 50.
th the mat.- auditor Ktate It shows that tbe capital stock 61T.120.I". 1 he Mounds tuwi.Hiiip In
If you have backache and urinary
trouble vou should take Foley's Kid
ney Remedy to strengthen and build
up the kidneys ro they will act prop
erlv. as a serious kidney trouble may
SoU by all druggists.
game between Oklahoma City and $2!'
tiutnrie mgn scnoow. un tne even
ing of the 2ith the Oklahoma-Ard-
M.-re than Nine cat of livery
Ten Adding and Listing
Machines Sold Are Burroughs
1 'vrfrcTLt
nore the river's warnlncs crowlns
rlpp'.ea and faster current Nature's
warnings are kind. That dull pain or
, acne in tne back warns you the kid-
Preparations have been completed neys need attention If you would es
and the meet promises to be a most capo fatal maladies Dropsy, niabetcj
interesting one. John DarllHf. dlrei-,r "nrms dtsease. Take ?:iectrlc Hit-
tor of athletics, has sent out clr- Ln'v""!8, Backache fly and
. ... ... ... 8,1 vour st feellnps return. ''After
culars. pamphleu and other material ,on!; suffering from weak kidneys aad
on training to over 200 high schools, lame back, one $1 bottle wholly cured
The Santu Fe railway company writes J. R. Bankenshlp. of Delk,
1 has arranged to run a special train Tenn' 0ny SOc at Ardmore Pharmacy.
out of Ardmore. This train will leat
ansas debate will be held.
here April 21 at 7:15 in the morn
ing ami will arrive at Norman at
11:30. The train on the, return trii
Notice of Sheriff's Sale.
Uy virtue of an execution to me c.
reeled and delivered. Issued out of the
District Court of Carter county. Okla-
same evening.
Words to Freeze tne Soul.
"Your son has coaumptlon. His
! ease Is hopeless." These appalling
words "were spoken to Cleo. E. Blev- o clock, p. m
Ih'll in l,Sr,
Onl l.ooci HurrciiiKhs
Mil' Illtll S Holll III tlll'NC'
four inrn cuuiliiiii-d
2,121 llurrotighs Ma-chlni-H
Were Sulci in
'I las one Year
October, No piulier anil December, 1!M)S
1.SI2 Rorroas'i Were Sold in tlioso three
month'- alone more than till mat were
Hobl in the whole year of 1903
2,064 Burroughs Machines
Sold in December, 1908
t Will tniVA VtrmAn t C n's.lrwi tk..
. "v " noma, in an action in said court
wherein Frank Smith is plaintiff and
John Hartnitt is defendant. I will on
the 22nd day of April, U09. between
the hours of 10 o'clock, a. m.. and 'i
of Said clav t court
-,eUl merch,nt of, Spring- house door in Ardmore in the tountv
ia .pSuslIS. S washow; J' P-bllc sale and .ell
the wonderful power of Dr. Kingi to the highest bidder, for cash in
! New Discover-. "After three weeks hard, the following described prov
.use." writes Mr. Blevens "h wss ts erty, to-wit: One bay horse, about
erer. I would not take all the money u VMP t.i .,, ,', ,
In the world for what It did for mv Jear oUI' about u hand8 higli.
boy." tafai:ible for coughs and colds, branded C. I- on left shoulder; on -
Its the safest, surest cure of desperate black rubber tire buggy; one set . I
(Imbr disease, on earth. 60c and $1.00. sint. i,reast harness and hitch rein.
Taction. Trial tle' f. " W Proporty having been levied upon
as me property ot John Hartnitt and
taken on execution In favor of Frank
Dated this 12th day of April. 190.).
J. H. AKRRS. .Sheriff.
12-3 F. K. West. Deputy.
Bread - Making To
Be Successful
Naturally demands a .ih
grade Hour. Tl.i- exxctly
what the"iow celebrated pro
duct of the Big Hand mills is
a high grade, satisfaction
giving, fine bread making flour.
Good reason"! good wheat and
good milling. Ask any baker's
opinion of Big Hand Hour.
Tyler Simpson Co.
Wholesale Distributers.
Land Office Commissioners to Fur
nish Value of Land.
Outhrle. Okla.. April 14 The
commissioners of the land office
have directed the secretary to notify
each lessee of th appraisement on
his lease, land and Improvement!
The secretary expects to have a no
tlce showing appraised value of land
H You need an Ardmoreite
t: map to assist you In deter
ii mining the location of your
and Improvement in the possession ii oil, asphalt, gas and oil sand
A $25 talking and
singing phonograph
free with a $25 cash
purchase only at C.
P. Hall's store on
Caddo street. Get
tickets with each purchase.
"Musiniss conditions" did not present another general
smash-up of all ale records in the adding machine indus
try last year.
More Burroughs Adding and Listing Machines were
sold during the last three months of 1908 than were sold in
the whole year 1903.
More Burroughs were sold in December, 1908, than
eer were sold before in any one month.
More Burroughs were sold in 1908, in proportion to the
total combined sales of all other kinds of adding and listing
'l.tchines, than ever before.
More different lines of business bought Burroughs in
i(uS than ever before.
All the above is due to one specific condition that employers in every line of
business under the hun have discovered their need oi the Burroughs. Also, that
while every business is "different," there are different styles of Burroughs for
every business, a Burroughs specially adapted to the bookkeeping, cost-keeping
and billing methods of every business in other words, a Burroughs to lit the
special needs of each and every business.
Re m ember:
There in a HtirrouRhs
arratiKed especially for
your business whether
you ileal in linrdwarelor
111 Insurance and it is
likely that someone else
In your line is lining it to
cut down the expense of
(IoIiik business.
Let us explain to you.
In detail, the operation
of the particular Bur
roughs machine that Is
adapted to your business
and the various details of
your work to which it
may be applied. On re
quest, we will also- send
sQiuu forms illustrating
bow other people in your
line aro using it to save
time, work and worry.
Of the lessees In not later than mu.
I xeeJt. The department force work- ii
' lap Jiojrht and day In order to a' ::
complieh this. r
The hearing on the appraisement ::
Is set for April 2&th. 1909. at lo
a. m.. Outhrle, Oklahoma.
As soon as the appraisement I "4
deposits. Send $1.00 for the
Weekly Ardmoreite one year
or the Dally Ardmoreite two
months, and we give you a
copy of the very latest may of
the new state.
t: a a u a a v. a n u a n u a w
a a
disposed of the department will l.e
Kin prearatlomt for issuam of
Ardmorelto Want Ads will get It
for you.
Burroughs Adding Machine Company
Burroughs Block 1G7, Detroit, Michigan. U. S. A.
F. T. MILLER, District Sale Manaiier,
107 West Second St., Oklahoma City, Okla.
WATMI.VS (.Ncre-llueOlucle) W.M-
Ma lc to be superior to all others on
Hit market, l'er bull It, JOc and IL
' in..--, r. int. i.e.- . a t4inuun
cicr nary s'utKevii. put up in two si;.
i i u I Uie fur iiuriev. limits mi. a
i mu suffering witli .-pamnixilc coIk,
1 ' 4n jiiU ' w. tr tuiui uf bun
v. ir-jtes. I'er Louie, 11.
V.VTO.VS 111. .M1 MKAI.KH.
Hi j n r ti... I. aniens wi.ilt il ey
v. ik Hi. i n without leaving an un-
k Oiit- .tpli.uiin keep-tli
1 f . Kill worm
- . i i rouf l'er buttle una Jl.
VATO.N'f l.ltll'll) III.ITIlll.
" i ni; i"jukI.i f"r reninlv for b're
' ' r.t" I'liiit iumcir ana eniarK'
' 1
IlhCOkMtlTlht H
Cutxniico unci tn( rum foooajmmuU I
' ,i - J
callr.uvei.. abnormal depolt m,
j i . am uie reineay iwu r.--N
H when evry oilier I a
I'cr boltle. il.
t(v"- iM'itm: yux.
c lur l 'rf und mul s A
s . til complete. HinipU i'
. i..l iMiu-fitial. Kutti piirs--
j to i ..lee ..r mule Kel more .
' n ii tu:i of pattrit ilmk tn...ls.
I :. 1
wmtov rniinirrr.i:.
r - . i ,,!,! , . ,ifl IIU ' '(
e iru'li. l rtwulunir A Huueri.ir
ri::t" in which to onnmaio Htoi K.
l'er bottle. SI.
v.txivi iT.r!r!r;it nninnv.
s . hk hurnlreMn of horn-H surforlnpr
witli vurlfiu form of brain nrknc.
Hhcuhl bo on hand and uned early to
iiecure rrunmnteeil results. Per box Jl
.iolil Hrrjuhfrc or nent prrpnlit ou rr-
rciiu hi iirirr. wriie mr cireHinm.
U Wo always havo money to ii
it loan on Improved city and ::
U farm property .Wo meet com-
U rx-titlon. "You get all you it
U borrow." tt
ii j.
adams imos.
:: Rooms 7 and 9, l'otterf llldR. it
ii Office Phono 72C.
:: :: :: :: j: :: :J tt :,
Funeral Directors and Licensed
ItrKost line of Funeral
linods In Oklahoma
4 ).;. 4. 4. 4..4.4.
For Sale by Ardmore Drug Co. and City Drug Store
Cut Flowers, lloral dnslKiiH. IManta
forthohousonudlnwu. lloth phonos.
Gainesville, Texas.

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