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Ardmore, Thursday, April 15, 1909
i . r ! r i t
DVLva ac.riiiKiiain a
egetablc Compound
- -T in K. link-
; has cer-
.lone IDC
1 (rood and
t praise it
ii Iiufffml
. rreulrtrttiw.
. - w nervou-
a: A a lerm
::.- trouble.
; V Ilnkham's
v .! .e Com.
... 1 1 a retored
to perfect
1 ltii and kept me
n m t! operating
v.,. J..W I Without tnis
r e ' .."- Mr. S.iML
I. . ,.ru. m.. Louisville. Ky.
Another Operation Avoided.
i-. tia. " I suffered untold
EL -f. f r "in ft-male troubles, and uiy
t! r l an ot'ratiou was iny only
c . i . ,t:id I areadd It almost as
r as death l.ydia K. Mnkham's
A f k'- Compound completely cured
rc'w.! . it an operation. Lena V.
H , H V D. S.
T' ;rty years of unparalleled suc
cess ' :'rms the power of J.ydln K.
1 . k tux Vegetable Compouml to
c -i ft iiale diseases. The great vol
L f ' solicited tentlmony constant
ly j p iii prove conclusively that
, ' t 1. llnkham's Vegetable 'Com
I JiH remarkable remedy fur those
uist.ti'.i.p femii.nie ills from which
io n..u,y women suffer.
N w York. April 14. Mm. Claudia
1 V ( . Mains will be a Willie
.if.. i -.-t h r husband. CajOaln Peter
(.' Main, when he let put uu trial in
Flulung next Momlay for the murder
of William K. Annta at the ltayalde
YacLt ilub. So will her mother, Ml.
' .il - I.ibliey of Woeton. Krexlenyi;
t' IK wtt. district attorney, who wllf
prcsi'cute the young army oillccr. an
nounci d this upou hut return from
lioston where ne Interviewed Mrs.
ilalns and her mother.
I talked to the women four hour
Pi the presence of their attorneys and
tv y (onsented to como here next
witk and htand reHiiy to take the wit
in -i stand whenever I choose to call
thtm. Mr. Dewltt aaul. "I cannot
say what they will be called upon to
U !lf."
M-- iH witt said Mm. HalnK wants
from the captain, and there
d-1 lined to come here until ah
..urod that aha would not be
1 anything that might Jeopardlw
.iin ea of obtaining the decree.
.' f- nse undoubtedly will endeav-
-how Mrs. Haina' relations with
ton. of course, it will not be
' to inquire into any subjects
r.' not laid open n the state'
oung woman appeared eager
r custody of her children,
-tn t attorney said. They are
';' of General and Mrs. Halns.
Halna' parents. Deaplte the
to ionict riiornton llaltu.
w tl 1.. m.i.!- n. tt,.-
, 11. II. I). ) Cures Through the Blood
dflllnnd PniNnn.
K 3 il'"
'Xr HI1VF PilVS. fAV-
Rheumatism, Eczema,
Itching Humors.
ll 1
Mioo.1 Haliiil Is
i tn.it kills the
i.- a f.
. Ill- s
.11.1 -At..
1 tr,. u puntii. s
f 1 ur, rxh blood
.s rfiitc. Itones,
r the disease t
V 1
in tl.is wa all bores. I'lcera.
Kruptmna are hi air d and
il p.iins and mh. s of Kheumatiam
uit swellings subside. Ii B J rom
plt'i changi-a the Vody Into clean,
1 1 iPhy condition, ghlng the skin the
ri ! r d hue of jicrfect health. Ii. M.
t . ;rcs tho yorst old case. Try it.
Dotanlc Blood Balm (B. B. B.)
I pN isant and safe to Uiko: compoa
i 1 f pure llotauic Ingredient. It
pur Hi s and enriches the blood. H. H.
II sTcnxthens the nerves and builds
up !,' broken down system. Drug
Bisi il per large bc-ttc with dirt
tic ) a f. r h'ji ic cure
F-ld in Ardmcrc Okla by Vv"m r.
Fraim Druf Store, East Jlaln street
Hill Secure Part Owenfrship In Ter.
H.ll Oave Harrlman
mmal Ther
. .... v,
an Entrance to Seattle Two Years
St. Paul. Minn.. April 15 Loul.
W. Hill, praldent of the Great
Northern railroad, returned today
from a tiit to the Pacific roast
Almost the first thin he had to
ay after he reached hla office was
that the last remaining difficuhy
of operation between the Harrlman
. ... ., h .
and Hill inter, on the coart had
been settled by an agreement be-
tween himaeU and R H. Harrlman.
ty which the Hill road would secure
a part ownership In the terminal
at Portland, ana go -tn mere as a
liedfellow with the Harrlman Inter-
Incidentally, be said that the Har
rt man-Hill feud" waa remarkable
only for ila noslatenee.
- There never was any Hanlmau
Hill fend." he : "That was all a
!iennnper dream. Certainly there
baa leen and will continue to be
.harn comnetltlon. That a true ot
-w rv btiaineaa. There have been bus
iuexa contention, between the Harrl
man and Hill Interests. That's natu
ral enough. ian"t It. considering th.
capital invested, the territory co-r
ed and the business handled
i v mtln with Mr. Harrlman
on the coaat." he continue,!, "was
. . .. i
ml.repre.entl so flagrantly that 1
feh callel upon to deny the atorlen
printed. They 'had ua wanting to Jtdn
iamte and split np territory, which
In the first place would be crlml
it wonltl be conspiracy, wouldn't
"Looked like It to me. The true
situation was that we wanted to set
Into Iortland and made all necessa
ry pnrchae to put up an independ
ent station for our terminal. Hut
the I'ortland people didn't want an-
other station; thev wauled a Vnlon
station. We are willing to go In.
but not a Harrlman tenants. We
, lhl,
.nted to own an Intereat n th
terminal. On the coaat Mr H'n-
man and I talked it over and occlded
m attle it on the snot. In twenty
mlnutea I made a proposition - hlch
natlafled him. and he took I. btcK
with him to aubm't to th? boar I
of directors. So the lat obstruction
has bi-en rsmoved. "
-What about the much talked of
fight of the Hill interests to keep
Harrlman out of Seattle?"
-All nonaenae. Two years ago we
cut off a atrip of our property and
sold it to Harrlman to let him Into
Seattle and did tt so quickly there
was hardly a ripple. The transfer
' M ' . vnowng
waa made wlthodt anyone xnowmg
v ofte wonder how any peron
can be persuaded Into , taking WtWn
but J-oley's Honey and Tar for cough.
.,.h.,iti The aenulne contains
er substitute. The genuine contains
no harmful drugs and is in a yellow
ftoKt by a'.l druggists.
Forged ChacK "on Joplln Cigar Store
w ijo
April 13. Charles
:-d to film flam ti
i.e. Tul a. and his pat-
. ..p. -.it.-.i In Sapulpa a f-
v. it. in. under arrest In
; i n. M.. ul . r. they were tak.
1. .1 on .i .harge of forgery
a .Midi
id !.., partner repres -ated
.. ' hc manager. o
r.ittlit c s- iso
irr.mg.i tr .1 bovmc tourney to be
held iti :h. Tulsa opera house. Wil
liams had 1 elicited some raon.')
'-mil a Tulsa druggist, who had htm
arrested for obtaining money under
faKe pretenaea. No oic nn-.ied
agalnat Wlllam.. and be wa. turned
KX'' , , . , ,
After leaving here. Williams met
bis partner and the two went to
Missouri where they operated exten-
slvejy on the prii fight scheme
They were not satisfied, however,
with aecurtnc M.MO or $1,600 In
Joplin and surrounding towns, but
forged a check for ISO on a Joplln
cigar store man. who caused their
If yoi hav baekacho and urinary
troubles you should take Foley's Kid-
ney uemuy m eiiniMii
UP " kldneva so they wiU act prop.
crlv. ns a serous kidcey trouble ma
d vclon
Scli by a.l liroeglsta
Whit on Erlh Don He Wnt With
EijhUen af Thcmf
The great fandamentnl difference !
twoea the modern woman ami the
modern man is this that whereas the
raiment of the modern woman has no
locket at all the raiment of tb mod
ern man ba nothing ole.
Indeed, a man may be defined as an
Animal with a plon for pocket. If
you were aked to say offhand bow
many ekets yon poas at a given
moment. yu would be stumped.
It would Is neeaary to make ont an
inventory in the flrt place, there are
at lfit tlvt In your overcoat. There
are at least Ave more In your lounge
Jacket, four In your waistcoat and four
ta 'ow tronn Yo J.Te
icui euroteen pocaeta.
' M
Now. it l absurd to say that any
man need eighteen pocket. Why. It
la almost a set of pigeonhole: They
ourbt to be numbered or lettered. Of.
ten nian loses his railway ticket, and
nfter paying excess far be rind- It
Mdden In one of bis doten and a half
pockets. It takei some ttme to mrch
carefully In eifhteen little bajea.
carry a ereat deal of rubbUh In
tbt'lr Pocket. There are fair of n who
d uff-r1frt,m1 ccuu,?!j?nsl.of
old letters. ald and. unpaid billx. boo
nd tnm lb(4,erouchn and
wtaWalHWI, jj, tm,
We cn,nsw our Ootam ami Jetsam
from one suit of clothes to another, for
we are not happy without unnecessary
ikiiwuii. oi iprr.
1 once knew a man who carried an
amacinic A!-xirtment of uele thlncs
In bU imcket. Me alwayi had a lump
of chalk, a pletV; of string, a uiall
Ivory inch rule, a penknife, a ixmcll
and a pair of compare.
In til orketlook be carried stamp.
stlcklnr planter, telesraph forms and
pin. Another man 1 know always ear-
r balf a doaen sliver clL-ar caxps
"UVH ,lke nHHlMi with one clsar In
Some men have a mania for carry
ing euormonx hunche of keys. They
do not ue more than two of them ev
ery day. but they are not happy utiles
they have n key for overythlns they
have ever owned. When tbev lov
tUf!,r k".V". It Is a traeedy.
Um wondor why the chan-
cellor of the exchequer doe not Im-
wloU8ll ,ri,vt.llU, to ,wv fwr'
prisioim. it would f-; mtfii more
profitable than the ancient window tax.
for men could live without windows,
u,lt tlll'.v could uot possibly exist with-
out pockets.
A iMJcketless man would be misera
ble. Try to Imagine yourelf In clothes
wltl...i . pockets. The Imagination bos.
pics at the tlioucht A coat without
IKKl.cts would be a monstrosity, before
which n man would recoil In terror.
I suspect that the tailor Is the tlrst
cause of pocketltis. lie It Is who
forces us to nibtnlt to the plague of
pocketi. I apical to my fellow men
revolt against this sartorial tyran-
ny. Let us establish n pocket limit.
for n). SR10 man-Jame!, nousa!) ,n
i.onjOI1 M- A j.
Value cf a Laugh.
The value of a Rood natured lauch
may le rated low- by some people, but
many writers have attested its worth
In no measured terms.
It Is not sunrllns that the merry
Charles Ijimli should have said. "A
lauch Is worth HJ groans In any mar
ket." but from the lips of the somber
carlyle oue Is scarcely VrepanM to
hear. "No man who has ouce lieartlly
and wholly laughed can be altogether
or Irreclalmably bad."
Douglas Jerrold who boldly
S,K"',, ,lmt 'wbt was "sl of as
but a succe-sion of laughs,
a euro
reaching malic scale of merriment
fmm Mirth trt nirmniu
.., am ,,,,,1." 'wrote Uurence
tlttat: to his fragment of
Ijisi of all comes the verdict of Dr.
Holmes, glveu with his own Inimitable
humor, "The riotous tumult of a laugh
I take It, Is the mob law of the fea
tures, and propriety the magistrate
who rels the riot act"
"Hald the Rudder True."
f f'OU hae eneiuii.a. rk &iMtlK, am
tw, doll-, IIilm, tnem ,f X)MV m Jn
your way. walk around theln regard
leas of their plte. , man who has no
enemies is seldom good for anything.
lle made of that kind of material
wnlcn l worked that overy
band In It, A sterling char-
anu speaks what he thinks, lie Is al
ways sure to have enemies. They are
as necessary to him as fresh air. They
e-cep mm alive ami active. A cele-
bra ted character who was surrouuded
"J" enemies used to remark. "They are
ns wtrtcti if you 1J0 uot blow, will
L. f. lvo-" ""ve down
prejudice, was the Iron Pukes motto.
Let this be your feeling while ondeav-
orlng to live down the scandal of those
who aw bitter against you. Jf you stop
to dispute, you do but ns they desire
nd oon the way for more abuse. Let
the poor fellows tall:. There w HI be a
fle,lt" 'f ?u perform your duty, and
fJ", ,0,,f
XI . "'
Sandwich Man Is Old.
The w H.klng advertisement known
is a "sandwUb man" Is by no means
a modern Idea In 1310 a procession
or men lrcsscd to represent straw cov
ered w)ne bo,t,f, 1
treeU Qf P
lorence, Italy, being hired
by the w ine merchants there.
Thn titv Judge! note.
Chief Jntlrf I iw ul.riliP of Onta
rlo. Mr Jutii-e liiittmi ami Mr. Juv
tlt Kiildell. a i,e !i iipHiiitel Judee.
ere sittiae totetli'-r n eoort In To
ronto. Arvurdlns t. wmw k"ll.t who
ere pnaent, the p-eeiitHtiiin of arjru
uicnt ou behalf f one of the clients
was rather prolix aul not very much
la the potut, to put it mildly. Mr Ju
(let ItiddeU. wlio. by the way. wu no!
to the nme extent inured aalnt th.
tedliHi-nea of the pnneiliii- ne were
bi lletitfue. otweirl to paM
te of ttaeni n slip of pHper. on which
preoumably were v ritten !utne ute
on the -aie. Immediate! the -n"te"
were read, hoWeer. by hi elleajrues
there was a -uUlueU uere'tiou of
mirth areiit :i their art- It turn
M out that the "i,.te" read after this
fashion :
(With apx'.-xru-s t Mr. Rud)ard KlBMnc 1
" f ii it mak-t that bloontin' nolnf
Ak-t Flies- n-Parao.
"It s r,.utiel -iH-nln' anrument,"
Thr color wrinnl mid.
"K 'as m r the bally tucr'
Ak-d rtlea-on-Parade.
Tht ehM and his two hired men,
The rolur nercrant said.
Tor he doetn't know his Uw. ha ml--
represents the facts:
Ills luaic I m roiieii you can see throust
a. I the etack.
And he pretty sure to eet Itwhere the
rhlcken got t!ie a.
When the court delivers judament In th
. Cleveland Leader.
A Boomerang Contrast.
The author of "A ruiernncc Town"
and "A Tela Steer" -jw-nl much of his
time In hi com. try L.mie. but one day
lie appeared ui.exvtedly In New Y'ork
at the Iambs' .lub. loins -traluht to
the cafe, he made one liue. Inclusive
i:etuie. which linniisht every man pre
ent dIkiii; him. "It's on me." ald Mr.
Iloyt. Then he told hi story.
It was In-fore the days of electric and
iraoolltu motors, and he hud Ixniht a
little steam yacht. Ho encased as hlj
encneer one or his Yankee neighbor!
and otTepsl him liberal wase. with
the provision that I lie engineer -hould
rind hi own i-.uil. It was n lon wnj
to the nearest -ial yard, and Mr. Iloyt
had all the trouble lie was looking for
to beet his own furnace foil.
"Hut where hall I set the coal?"
the new engineer nskl.
"I ilon't carer ahl the foremost of
American suae humorists. "Steal It."
So the lnttKln was struck. All wont
well until In the early autumn Mr.
Iloyt wrnt Into his cellar to see how
much mure coal he would havo to
purchase for the winter. Of sev
eral tons on hand In the "prlns only
two or three sciittleftils remained. The
theft was -peodily traced to the eii','1-tH-er.
Saturday Kvenlm; I'ot.
The Sun and the Teleieope.
The Mtpular notion Is that the as
tronoiner points his telescope directly
at the sun and tires his vl-lon iolnt
blank acro the chasm of millions of
mlle. Instead, says a writer In the
Ohio Magazine, the errant sun rays
nre laood by a coelctate a great
clrcula- mirror drhen by clockiy.ork
In such manner that It throws Its
light Into another mirror above, and
this lu turn sends the long, conceit
trated beam far Into the Interior of
the telci-ope house The two mir
rors move In automatic ndjutmcnt to
each othei. o that the solar beams
may lie shot Into the building, no mat
ter In what portion of the sky the sun
may le -ituated. At the farther end
of the building the reflected sunbeam
strikes a nmcnve mirror which catch
es the light and. dashing It Imek to
ward the opening whence U flrt en
tered. focuses It Into a porfect Image
of the sun.
Female Diamonds.
The Jeweler held a magnifying glas
to a surii white diamond.
"po ji.u see those little diamonds
on the farther edge?" he said. "They
are lnlilile to the naked eye. but the
g!ai shows them quite plainly
doesn't It'- Well, they are the prool
that this diamond Is a female: hence
we -.iiy that theru nre male and fe
male d!niuond. the males, of course
being those that don't produce these
"Female dlamouds are always the
Uuest. lu fact, nearly all the dia
monds of wide world fame are females."-New
York Pres..
Society of the Cincinnati.
The Sim iety of the Cincinnati was
an order established bv the olilcers
of the Itevoiutionary army in ITSa to
IerietniHe their friendship and t"
raise fuiiils for the relief of the wid
ows ami orphan of those who bad
fallen durlug the war. It was so
named Imh-uuso It included patriots
headed by Washington. between
whom and the old Umiian farmer
general. t'lnHnnBtiH. there were siii
Jtoel to l.e many resemblances.
Present Troubles.
"All, pretty lady." said the fortune
teller, "you wish to be told about your
future husband V
"Not much." replied Mrs. Galley.
I've come to team wber' my prnseut
hustwud is when he's abent." I'hlla
delphia I'rtws.
"Father" said little Hollo, "what Is
"Kvulution. my son. Is a sort of apol
ogy w hl. Ii man has iuvented for dis
playing so many of the traits of the
lower animals." Washington Star.
Royal Remedy.
Mistress Your cold's very bad. Jane.
Are you doing anything for It? Jane
Oh, ye. ma'am. The chemist, 'ave
glv' me some cremoaiated stlucture of
Queen Anne. Puncu.
He a sutllciently learned that kuo"-
how to do well and has power enough
to refrain from evil CJcr-ra.
Bold Exploits of Colonel Thomas
Blood In England.
The Daring Scamp Almost Succeeded,
Too, and Managed to Escape Pun
ishment Alter Being Captured His
Attack on the Duke of Ormonde.
A daring, fearles scamp and one of
the most rekles and brazen soldiers
of fortune that eer cut a swath In
Kngland was the notorious Colonel
T hennas Itlood.
This choicest of seventeenth century
scoundrels was horn probal.iy lu Ire
land In or abont 101S. Piiring the civil
war he was active on the parllntncn
tary lde. was made a Justice of the
iece by Henry Cromwell and received
laree grants of land. These were con
fiscated at the restoration, and Itlood
forthwith began bis career as a des
(erado. Ills tlrst plot was to sehw linblln cas
tle and the jterson of the Duke of Or
monde, the lord lieutenant. In WZ. A
crowd was to Ik? collected at the castle
gates, a pretended' baker with a load
of bread upon his shoulder was to
stumble and upet the loaves, and In
the stniinble which would probably en
sue among the castle guards the gates
were to be soiled, but the plot was le.
trayed to Ormonde, and. although
HIimI himself oscaed. his brnther-lu-law
was attested and executed.
After a period of seclusion among the
Irish hills and In Holland. Hlood cross
ed to Knglnnd and Joined the tlfty mon
archy men. After one or two minor
deeds of dnriug lie planned and nearly
curried out u decrnte stroke lu 1070
In that yinr the Prince of Ornnge visit
ed Kngland and was entertained by the
city of l.omluii. In his train on the oc
cn.slon wns the Duke of Ormonde
against whom HIoimI nursed undying
hate. The duke was dragged from his
coach lu St. James street by Hlood ami
his son-in-law, strapped on horseback
to one of the conspirators and hurried
toward Tyburn. So determined was
the prime mover In the affair that his
enemy should die that he hurried on
toward thearallows to arrange the rope
The duke's coachman gave the alarm
nnd followed his master with assist
ance, and a timely rescue was effected
On May p In the following year Wood
made his great attempt to carry off the
Tower Jewels. He set aljout the task In
quite a modern style. Some three
weeks U-fore the attempt he and ri wo
man whom he represented ns his wife
his real wife lelng then lu the north
of Kngland visited the Tower, where
the lady feigned a sudden Illness. She
and her companion were Invited Into
the private apartments of Kdwards,
the aged keeier, that she might rest
''and recover.
Three or four days later they return,
ed with a preent of gloves as nn ac
knowledgment of the civility. Hlood
was courtesy luolf. admired every
thing, but especially Kdwards' pretty
daughter, and presently proposed n
match between the youug lady and his
"nephew." This was agreed to, and
the visitors nt once dined with the fam
ily. Hlood pronouncing an edifying
grace. After dinner they were shown
over the house. Hlood mannged to rid
Edwards of a case of pistols by pur
chasing them for a friend, and It was
arranged that the "nephew" should be
brought for Iiisectlon by his future
bride nt 7 o'clock on the morning of
May 1.
Punctual to the day and hour. H
appeared with three coinKinlons Par
. rot. Hunt and Hollow ay. Kach had a
sword stli k lu his hand, n dagger In his
belt and pltns in his jKX'kets. Hollo
way remained outside to guard the
, door.
Hlood. with n nice regard for the eti
quette of the occasion, proposed that
" they should await the arrhal of his
wife before Joining the ladles and that
Kdwards should show them tho crown
Jewels to while away the time. The
Jewel room was entered and the door
as usual, closed. Kdwards was at onco
attacked. gagg?d and lotind. an lni.
book 1-elng even attached to his nostf
"that no sound might pass from him
that way" In spite 'of threats he
struggUsl gallantly, was knocked down,
siablsl and left for dead. Parrot put
the elols. lu his lons breeches. Hlood
crushed up tho crown and thrust It Ik?
ueath his cok. while Hunt Wgan to
tile the scepter In two lefore putting It
In a bag.
At this moment, like a Nlt from the
blue, appeared Kdwards' son. newly nr
rjved from PI. unlers and eager to greet
lib) family. He went tlrst to his moth
er ami sUtcr. and the thieves slipped
out, but Kdwsnls. regaining conscious
ness, managed to give the alarm, and
they were taken. Said Hlood phllo.
fophically. "It was a bold attempt, but
It was for a crown "
After this one Imagines then would
U short shrift for Colonel Wood, and
we exit the march to Tyburn and an
edifying "last speech." Hut ho refused
to plead unless in private to the king
ami was admitted to an Interview, got
on the right side of the merry mon
arch, hinted a? accomplices by the linn
drod who would avenge his death, was
granted his forfeited estates and was
thenceforward friiiient In the pres
ence chnmlr. Then he quarreled with
his patron. Buckingham, and was cast
In damages for slander on the duke
He died in l;sj and was burled In Tot
hill fields; but. a "sham funeral" ru
mor King started, he was exhumed
two days later and ldeutlfled at iln In
quest. London Globe.
.Air Is estimated to surround the
earth to a depth of from 120 to 200
A Few of Our
Let Us Figure With You
On your proposed building. We can help
you save some money. Write, phone or call
on us. Office over post office, Ardmore, Ok.
Contractors and Builders.
Everything Good to Eat
The People of Ardmore
Who have tried the famous BROMIDE WATER
are highly pleased with it. The demand for this
wonderful water is growing every day,
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Grand Avenue Hotel
Good Cafe in connection.
Gorman, Bogie Si Dobbins
Insurance and Loans
Reliable Insurance, Quick Loans,
Over City National Bank Phono 50
W. P. Poland
Poland & Foster
General Insurance
Oflko Over 1'ir.st National Bank.
Ttilcpliont' No. ,)S.
W. H. Foster

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