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iti .ten only.) Soft and elvety. Remain., on the fcc until wwliol
Purified l.y n newly clitcovrfol ,rocu. Dtt not do the tev I teveni
ft of ihVolomtioin. The one ideal face ponder wlutr, lle.M, pink.
Price Nf. l loilrt nwiiirn or by urni' Vonr iiii.n"V tcfmwrd
i, NATIONAL lull. I I" COMPANY. Pan, linn.
c Weil Known Young Men Ar
i h.irged With Hobbnry.
l wile. Ti'Shm, April It. - Hod
''!'. I.uthi'i llprver mid l.u
, ill no. three yotniK men well
i t hi rtty hiiiI ci tinty. ten'
I I. tut ntKht uihI )tUid in
I , ( n irtji k if robbery of Dr. 8.
i i, . . '. stoie ill Sin-In lli'iiil.
i niKllt or OiIoImt II. IJMM.
J (i. i'h nloii- wits entered win!
, 'it ' il of ton :it-h'M, a lot ot
. i i kot knives. Rim can-
.! hut not until ywrtcrday
0 ii.rlff n in I In. liii'iwr lo
. uilty arti.
le i :m tin' mn were HMttti'd
Di )iji sin-riff Itilnttham arreted
, in nt MIwIh lleiiil nml the
1 r.l Imti' iiii'l locked Ihem nil
i ' ui iM'fitri' all of thoni hnd
i ..1 ;i f ill ronfesnlon of their par
t i p i xiii in the crime.
Thirty five Mongolians Landed In a
Massachusetts Fishing Town.
If .... ... .1 1 I'Ft.i II... . I......
'IX IHI H'ld I ' I I.I HI' " """l1
LgRw jaaVaaa bbL. iH
The ordeal thronuh which the expectant mother must pass is such that
she looks lorw ai d u ith da.id to the hour w hen she shall IVel the thrill
of ui ithtrhood l-uy woman should know that the danger and pain
of lIiiM birth can be awmled b the use of Mother's Friend, which
unders pliable all the parts,
asst'dmo nature in its work.
Hi its aid thousaud of
.. I . .1 .
w onicu uavc p a .s c u una
'.Hik f iiift'uHloii to mmirci t'ht free.
More than Nino out of livery
Ten Addinf; and Listing
Machines Sold Arc Burroughs
ISMI to IS!).-
0',l I.oimi Burroughs
Mill linn s mild in these
I jr . urs uinlnneil
"Bumucss conditions" did not prevent another general
smash-up of all sales records in the adding machine indus
try last year.
More Burroughs Adding and Listing Machines were
-ld during the last three months of 1908 than were sold in
the whole year 1905,
More Burroughs were sold in December, 1908, than
rer were sold before in any one month.
More Burroughs were sold in 1908, in proportion to the
total combined sales of all other kinds of adding and listing
machines, than ever before.
More different lines of business bought Burroughs in
1008 than ever before.
All the above is due to one specific condition that employers in every line of
business under the sun have discovered their need of the Burroughs. Also, that
while every business is "different." there are different styles of Burroughs for'
every business, a Burroughs specially adapted to the bookkeeping cost-keeping
and billing methods of every business in other words, a Burroughs to lit the
special needs of each and every business.
MILLER. District Sale iMamiiicr,
it I Ion It a Ill'Hiilly liindi'd Hurt
time Chinamen from Nmii Smtia .it
.Miirhlt'hi'Ril tut ipiielly iiuo Minniei
nlKlit three yoira am tht tin in
hiibllnnl of the old flshlm town
1 belle ted the visitors had been on n
'l-!-. Wfl admitted Uy (io.Ml.nan
Itillllim of thin nty In the I nlti.i
HtntrH district court today. Phil
In pleaded utility t a charge of
iNiniiKKlltiK and wan wntem ed to one
ar In prison.
PhilNps, who was nrnnloil few
years uro on a ttnlltir char', waa
Imllrti'd I iv the United fltnlca grand
Jury on two count n. Hi- pleaded
mil It y to lioth.
People hi mkldl life uaually have
xniim kidney or Madder diaonler tlmt
an the vitality, wlikvh la naturally
lower In ohl age. Polcy'a Kidney llein
iily eorrecta urinary troubles, atlmii
lntea the kldneya nml reatorea
IrciiK'H nnd vIkih. It cures uric acid
troulilea hy slreiiwlllt'iilliic the kidneys
ho ihev will atralti out the uric acid
Ilia nellies In the musclea and Joints,
uuilnt; rhcumntlxui.
Snlil hy all druggists.
Head Ardmori'lte want nd.
Is lie joy of the household, for
. w nhotit it no li.ippincss can be
'complete. Angels smile at
ami commend the thoughts
ami aspirations ot the mother
hendiiu! over the cradle.
-MJl Ilurroughs Ma
i bines ere Sold III
I 'as one Year
Burroughs Machines
in December, 1908
Burroughs Adding Machine Company
Burroughs Block 1G7, Detroit, Michigun, U. S. A.
inulHilO HriL lUllUnHlll
Friction Detwecn State and Federal
Government May Yet Result From
the Recent Creek Uprising Near
WaahltiRtoti, April 15. The Indian
I olftce in WnahliiKton, In elmrxe of
l'rniicea J. l.etipp, comuila loner of
Indian alfalra, propoaea that the gov
ernment -hall furnish attorney to
lepreHeiit .he IndlauM In Oklahoma
who were arrested on carKea of he
1 ii K i'oniiecteil with tlrf murder of
atate offlcerH near Hickory Camp
Ciouiiil. Thin la done on the theory
that the inillatiH are Imioruut and
I will not know how to properly ile
t fend themaeheH.
It waa staled at the comtulaidou
er'a office that the Koveriiineut had
no Intention of InterferliiK u any
way with the execution of the police
regulations of the Mute, ami that If
the depart meat of Jimtlce was called
tiHin to defend the IiiiIIuiim when
they are hrought Into court. It would
he on the theory that these Indliinx
are wards.
When attention was called to ttie
fut that these Indians are outlaws.
11. n they are cllUens of the I'nlted
Si it. and not on an Indian reser
vation, and tli.it any attempt on the
part of the government to make a
! f use would he likely to eatise fric
tion with the state courts, a din
thinner was immedlatel.N entered
that smh "s not the Intention of the
October, November nnd December. t!)()H
l.si'J Burroughs Were Soli! In these three
mouths alone more than all that were
Hold in the whole year of 1D03.
government, and th.it It would not
take :i hand nny further tliiin to see
that mi Incompetent Indian Imd prop
it legal counsel when lie came, n.
'lru statement sent out from Wash
Ihglnn tluit mi order had been Kent
to linlliiii Audit Kolney nt Muskogee,
to nee tlmt the Innocent Indians are
lirotccted, la inlalnndltiR. It wtia not
inti'iidi'd to convey the Idea that the
Kin eminent through It .MualtoKee
iiKetit ahould Mtep In ami Interfere
wllli tiny proceaa of litw.
A peeiilnlr fellttire aliout tlic policy
of the lndhiii office la Unit It leema
llliahle to illatlliKUiMli hetween a full
hlooil of the five trlheH and one on
a reaervatloii. It i Unown at the
I titl I tt it office here that the allKhtcMt
aaaiituptlon of pollie jurhndlctloii liy
the iroveriiiiient iiht the Indians of
the fle trllii'K would he reaenteil
ly tin' atate and county offlcera.
Swept Over Niagara,
Thla terrlhle calamity often 'iaP
pens hecaiise a oarelesH boatman u;-
nores the river's wnruliiKS crowing
rlpplea and faster current Nature's
1 warnings are kind. That dull pain or
I arhe In the hack warns you the kid
' nes need attention If yon would es
i cape fatal maladies Dropsy, Dlnliou-
i or HrlKht's disease. Take Klectrlc Hit
' ters at once and see Rickacho fly and
all vour hest fuelltiKS return. ''After
lout; suffering from weak kidneys and
lame hack, one $1 bottle, wholly cured
mi'." w rites .1. K. Ilankenshlp. of Kclk,
Tonn. Only DOc at Ardmoro lMiarmacy.
:: :: :: t: :: :: :: :: :: :: a :: ::
You need an Ardmoreltc
map to assist you In deter
mining the location of your
oil, asphalt, gas and oil sand
deposits. Send $1.00 for the
Weekly Ardmoreltc one year
or the Dally Ardmoreltc two
months, and we give you a
copy of the very latest may of
the new state.
The ladles of the Ilroadway Meth
odist church will hold their Saturday
market first door east of Kelker's
' grocery store Saturday afternoon.
1 l-:i
There, Is a Hurroue;hs
arranged especially for
your business whether
you deal In liarilwareor
life Insuraneo anil it Is
likely tlmt someone else
in your lino Is usIiik it to
eut down tho expense of
ilolii business.
x Let us explain to you,
In tlotail, the operation
of the particular Hur
roughs machine that is
adapted to your business
anil the various details of
your work to which it
may be applied. On 're
quest, wo will also send
some forms illustrating
how other people in your
lino are iisIiik It to save
time, work and worry.
Kaws' Surplus May Be Sold at Pub-
lie Auction or Under SealeJ Uidc
One-Fourth Cash, Balance Annual
U'ashliiKtoii, April 15. rhe new
regulations for the sal of the sur
plus laud of the allotments of the
Osaue and Kaw Indians in Oklahoma
havi"some radical chaiiKes from the
system tinder which lands of this
character havo been sold In the flvi
civilized tribes.
Perhaps the most Important Is that
the land Is to be sold on time. Tffo
regulations provide that the sales
may bo mado either at public auction
or under sealed bids, as the secre
tary or the Interior may deem best.
That 1!5 per cent of the purchase
price must be paid In cash and the
remainder In three eipial install
ments, the second payment to be
made two years from December 1st
following tlie sale. The remainder o
the money Is to be paid In two equal
annual Installments. The purchaser
will Rive mortgag-.'S o lithe land for
the remainder of the money after
the first payment. The notes are
to bear slv per cent Interest and
lie uou-liegotlnble.
No person will be allowed to make
application to sell his laud unless
he agrees that the sale and the pro
ceeds shall be subject to such term
and conditions as may be Imposed
by the secretary of the Interior.
'Immediately after the purchase Is
made a deed ls delivered to the pur
chaser, and the notes and mort
gages are deposited with tho com
missioner of Indian atfalrs. The sales
must be advertised for thirty days
before they are made. The purchas
er shall have the right to pay the
full purchase price at any time and
secure cancellation of the notes and
Hlank forms for application to sell
land nnd for certificates of compe
tency are furnished hy the Indian
agent for the Osages at Pawhuska
and the agent for the Kaws at Wash
niiKa. When a certificate of compe
tency is Issued, the land of the In
dian, except his homestead, becomes
taxable. I'nder the provision of this
act. however. three years must
elapso before the land becomes tax
able, but as the act beam date of
.luno 2S, V.iOG, the non-taxable period
has already practically expired.
How's This?
Wo off or One Hundred Dollars Hu
ward for any case of Catarrh tha
cart not be cured by Halls' Catarrh
I .1. CIIRNKY & CO.. Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known
l J. Cheney for thel nsf 13 years
and bellevo him perfectly honorablo
In all business transactions nnd S
naturally able to carry out any ob
ligations made by his firm.
Waldlng, Klnnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Curo Is taken Inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. I'lcer "C cents
per bottle. Sold by nil druggists.
Tako Hall's Family nils for con
atlpatlon. d&w
Caught With Marked Dill. i
Chicago, April H. Hugh H.
' Smith, a member of of the city I
board of examining plumbers and
widely known In municipal isilltles !
i was arrested today on a clin-jc '
of extorting n bribe. The arrest (
was made In tlie city hall by de
tectives from tho state attorney's '
officii. !
i Tho detcetls say that they found
$50 In marked bills In Smith's pos-,
session. Those bills. It Is assorted. ,
were given to Smith by (Iinrge ,
Haney In return for a plumber's'
license. '
Words to Freeze the Soul. '
"Your son has consumption. His
case Is hopeless." Those appalling
words were spoken to Oeo, K. Illev
ens, a leading merchant of Spring
i Held. X C, by two expert doctors'
one a lung specialist. Then was shown
i the wonderful power of Dr. Klng'j
, New Discovery. "After threo weeks I
' use," writes Mr. Hlevons, "ho was ns '
ever I would not tako all tho money
In the world for what It did for my
bov " Infalllblo for coughs and colds.
Us the safest, surest euro of desperate
lung diseases on earth. 50c and $1.00.'
rdinoro Pharmacy. Guarantee satis
faction. Trial bottlo freo.
Now York. April 1 1. A message
from Cieneral William Itooth, found
er and commander of the Salvation
Army, was read last night at a re
markable celebration In Carnegie
hall in honor of his eightieth birth
day anniversary. .Miss Uva Hootn.
the general's daughter and command
er of the salvation Army in Ameri
ca, read the messags to the packed
hall. It read:
To the American People:
l.ondon, April 10, 1U00 Oh, Amer
ica, how vast Is your opportunity
for making a lasting mark for good
on the entire human race! Kudowed
with measureless material resources,
enjoying the unbounded confidence of
your communication, favored with
the concentrated light of earth and
heaven, possessed of an Influence
covering like a shadow all the
world beside: what a power you
must be destined to become.
What will you do with this mighty,
magic force? If you are permitted to
realize your ambition to lead the
world, whither will you lead? To ut
ter abandonment of faith In the eter
nal nnd the neglect of every duty
flowing out of it, to senseless wor
ship of Mammon, to useless frivolity.
No! I am sure you won't and I
blush at the very mention of such
things and denounce them with all
my soul. s
Where else can you lead this
poor, blind, stumbling world of ours
but to the mighty, Just, holy God
mid obedience to Ills commands: to
the practice of righteousness, puri
ty, honor, kindness and simplicity
to self-sacrificing service of man
kind. Oh, America. I Invite you to the
actual realization of tho Christian
principles you profess and to prac
tical Imitation of Jesus Christ, who
came out of Ills heaven to seek and
Como along then, let us gird up
our reins and go out ot our heaven
and put our arms around perishing
multitudes and bring them to
Christ, purity, peace and paradise.
I Invite you to make our common
Christianity an tingalnsayable reality
and thus wipe out the reproach fast
gathering over us that It is nothing
more than an explored tradition, a
fashonable association or a lifeless
ceremony. Then when the wondering
world asks: "In what country can
I find the thing described by the
letter of tho Uiblo and set forth in
the life of Jesus Chri't?" the an
swer shall be America.' General WI1.
llam Ilooth.
Messages cabled by various gov
ernors and mayors In this country
to General Hooth In Kngland con
gratulating him on his birthday an
niversary and paying tribute to his
work, were read from the stage.
During tho spring every one would
bo benefited by taking Toloy's Kidney
Itemed. It furnishes a needed tonic
to the kidneys after the extra strain
of winter, and It purifies the blood by
stimulating tho kidneys, an'V causing
them to cllmlnat6 tli0 Impurities from
It. Koley Kidney Itemed Imparts
new life and vigor. Pleasant to take.
Sold by all druggists.
Association Alarmed Over Decrease
In Supply.
Cincinnati, April 14. The Nation
al Hickory association opened Us
first annual mooting hero today.
The object of tho organization, it
was stated, is to devise a plan of
co-operation between the users of
hickory wood and tlie national gov
ernment to Insure a future supply
of the wood. Tho visible suppl.
It was said, will last but fifteen
ears, and thirty years are required
to grow a new hickory tree. Hick
ory wood is described as tho hard
est and most durable of all, and
the slowe t to grow. The rousuin-,
ers say that If the government will
sell them the hickory on tho for
est reserves und then plant a new
tree for every one felled, tlie fu
ture would tako care of itself. It Is
expected that some plan will bo for,
mulated at this meeting and sub
mitted to tho Washington authorl-1
C. H. Hurras of Chicago, the
attorney of the association, said:
"The demand for hard woods, and
especially for hickory, Is growing
by leaps and bounds chiefly by
reason of the demands of the auto
mobile trade, and the supply Is vir
tually at a standstill. .Most of the
hickory now being used lit the car
riage and automobile trade tomes
from Tennessee and Arkansas and
from tho western states."
Foley's Honey and Tar Is a safe
guard against serious results from
spring colds, which inflamo tho lungs
and develop into pneumonia. Avoid
counterfeits by Insisting upon having
tho genuine Foley's Honey and Tar,
which contains no harmful drugs.
Ardmore, Thursday, April 15, 1905
United States Depository
Okla. State Depository
City Depository
Capital, Surplus and
A dditional Liabilities
If this bank Is a safe place
for the city, state and nation
to deposit their funds It Is a
safe place for the farmer and
business man to keep his
funds. THY IT.
LEE CRUCE, President
G. W. STUART.Cashicr
Bread - MaKing To
Be Successful
Naturally demands a high
grade ilour. That's exactly
what the now celebrated pro
duct of the Big Hand mills is
a high grade, satisfaction
giving, line bread making Hour.
Good reason: good wheat and
good milling. Ask any baker's
opinion of Big Hand Hour.
Tyler Simpson Co.
Wholesale Distributers.
A $25 talking and
singing phonograph
free with a $25 cash
purchase only at C.
P. Hall's store on
Caddo street. Get
tickets with each pur
chase. t: :: :: u r
tt W'o always havo money to
tt loan on Improved city and
tt farm property .Wo meet com-
tJ petition. "You get all you
tt borrow."
tt ADAMS nitOS.
tt Itodins 7 and 9, Potterf Dldg.
tt Office Phono 72C.
tt tt tt tt tt tt t: tt tt tt tt tt tt n
" -J
! . 4.
Funeral Directors and Licensed
fr Embalmers.
Largest line of runeral
Hoods in Oklahoma,
Out I'lowers, iloral designs. Plants
for tho house and lawn, lioth phones.
MaPB ran i s ' ml
Sou v all druggists.
Gainesville, Texas.

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