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Ardmort, Monday, January 1 19io
Hnoixitc.iftR(;HITECT IS HERE
By the
CO. .
SIDNKY St'Odii I'lcslili nt
Kntercd nt tlie I'oatoHIr" at Ardmore
as Second (Mans Matter.
If It Is In tlio Ardmorolt", It Is legat
The Daily Ardmorelle.
Ono Year
Ono Month
One Week
. .fill
. .U.
The Weekly Arilmoreite
Per Year by Mall I LOO
HIjc IMonthH Jj
Three Months .
ituslie ss Manager's Office
- ""'
Distance "
- . .
Anv crn neons remain... mi
,i,nM,r. at.m.llinr or lonutatlon of
any person, firm or corioratlon
which may appear in me commim
'rim Arilmnrelto will ho gladly cor
recteil upon Its belli brought to tho
attention r tho management.
Eastern Representatives.
Win. I). Ward, Tribune lliilldlnK,
New York.
Chicago Representative.
U. l- llenrhpioz. U.IS Maniuett
ArUmore, Monday, January 17, 1910
i: :: s: s !S
political notes. ::
:: :: :: t: :: :: s: :t :: s: tJ
l.eu Mixer, who has been assistant
u. .. ... , i i I- ..r uitifi. iiiulor ttill I'rois.
has announced his candidacy for that ,
office, lie says mis uuiien m ni'
. ... ,t.i. I.. .1... ..r.
Hie will prevent hi... from .linking n
K rM.mil campaign.
William Cross who was elected sec-
.vtary of state under the constitution
ennot Muccee.1 himself has announced
ior -st..t.. auditor, lie Is sending out I
letter- oer tlie state in which lie re
it rs to ills lung lllucaa and of the le-
0M,rts spread broadcast concerning ;
him wliile he was on his bed of affile
lu Imtitkf imtuKi'A hv W
F. Oll.n. r of Ard.nore who made j
nnmnim-c nt for this olfi.Hi some-
t ine ago.
J. II A. ltuberlHim in Ills candidacy
for kih 11 nor Is already on the defen
hlc. He Is nmkliig tlie ai-gumeiit
that he Is really in the raco to win
and has not announced merely to
fining li 1 tn prominence that will result
in In liming him some state appolut-
I. 11 nt Hceins rather early to get on
the difeiihhe liefore any one e'.e
II. ls -pukell.
William Murray Una not made ofll-
1 i ll .'iiiiiiiitn. iitmiiit vl for tlie office
' , ,
oig.verner. The tslk made by ex
irnor Harris a member of the official
f.uinly of thu
Chickasaw nation to,,.
tin effect that Cruce will carry .M111
ra own county doea not look good
for the homo popularity of tho Tlah
oiulimo laudidnte.
( 1 m i' Is taking tiliU iH'tlon by storm
us he did in tlie other campaign and
he will lie supported by almost tlie
s 1! d vote of all tlie southern portion of
tlie state and letters coining from
all -litmus of the state aay ho Is
wry Hpular everywhere. There Is
iili.-olutely no doubt or his nomination
Au-ui-t J.
t T Rexroat of Keller, Chili. W.
Tn.mui of lloUar uml T. J. Pollock
of Siu.d have already voluntuured
10 iiimiii.c Cruce clubs at each of
IV '.num. Itofore the campaign la
u. I I there will be from one to
il. i -i I'nice 1 bibs In every county of
t 1, -;..t.
It 1' 11 lHiulop who made a losing
1 ' state treasurer ta tn the run
e 1 . in Oils yw. He recelvttd
1 en s in Mi nefee ii wwn dbrtrlvt
1 Mi uefew (J.i in the Inst race but 1 'h.O acrea of laud iidjoulug the Mc
1 Ii li.ui Territory aide of the atnte ! Auater prison site ninl to be iuihI lor
wii mist hlw for the reaaoit that ! pciiltentlar farm. The 'and Is in
1- ! -s known here than his oj- ; the segregiited urea of the Choctaw
I . Duiilop has made uiuy 'ld Chlekasuw nation
iii'-. 111
this section of the state
' 'ae last cauipaigu. He own
1. 1 i.ind.i in JohnaUm county ami
I ! 1. int.- there upeak In the very
. , It -1 111.11.uer of him.
Date I'mlerwoml la another Joiiu
loii i.nit.ty man who kuowa every
man In that county ami anj-s Cruce
wll 1 ury Murray 'a home county. IJu
di ru d was here toJay ami Ida state-mint-
.re in acwrd with thoso of Gov.
1 rt" Huns.
,li e Garrett, a prominent iittermar-
rlid i IMen who realdes lu Tishomingo
an I owns a toek fawn adjoining Uie
town, says, "Glvo us anybody for gov
ernor 111 preference to Murray."
SeciiH like Murray ought to better
train n s own home people. They will
tell something 011 him soup- of these
More thwi fifteen atehitect Hi-idm are
In the lt to submit plana tor the
fliCitii county court home. All
ineinlti t of the lHianl of county com-
.n.sa onetM are present niri they pro
nmlgHled n nile nt two oVkiufc thU
utinioon extending Uie lluie for flllHH
fdans up to noon tomorrow and nt
,.,, wen into m-aslun. Kneli act of
,,!.,, , numbered hh ffd and they
,,. ,!,., thn finlir In ul.l.h thev
.J I t 1 ..... I. I . . I,,.- ,1...
art nun aim u.e menm-v. .mo h.f
, , , ,
Privilege of ffnliw befoie the board
ami explaining In detail hi pinna and
HiiiitlnK out the advantHK". a cor-
lain nniouut of time will be allowed
each firm. It will probnbly lie Wed
in xdny In-fore tho hoanl arrive at
any coiichndoii itinl tliey reserve the
illit after ncecptlim the plaim to
oiakc linpilry eoiireruliu the reliabil
ity of the ar(4ilteet whose idans they
Travel Seventeen Miles to Marietta
in Four Hours' Time,
i'lve young Ardmore athletes tried
their pioweas at walking yesteiday af
ternoon. 'I'bey were sit ting In the (ill
mer liotel w'lien a iliauti r was made
on a walking ti'st, all of tlimn were
game and a try out to Marietta seven-
tenn miles was agreed upon. In the i
party were Ccorge Cox, Luther llati-
J'. """ '"'";
Kied Smitli an'd
I'Jiey left the Oil
............ ... ......
"",r l",u,'i" aml W" kwl thu ra"' '
I'0"1 trmUn- '" ' I
'" Overlirook tlie first station soutli
I ...... ... . i .... i . i ...I j .n ...il.... I
ami minit'it'ii ipuie a ueai oi iiiiuiiiiuii
rr"m "vrbrooK people wl... could j
1 MnrtMa Just four
hours ami one minute after starting.
i They lirtnrlit witli them a letter from
v .... eroer y ii.rn er.y pr ncipa. ,
t'l illi- aiiMiniii- lllll rv;iiuiri i ilL' IV L"
( iw ivmU:
To Those Who May Ke Doubters:
"Vwonn ly appalled l.efo.e ...e Jan
nary u, line at i,:.iu p. in., .Messrs.
' ticoi-Ke Cox. Luther Itaudol, .11111101"
' Muiipliy, Kred Smitli and Thomas (Ill-
mer, pedestrians who s.iy they left
Aidmore at 1:1.. l-'or what crime I am
unable to say.
w. c. canti:iuii:khy.
A Louisville Woman Invests in Choice
Muskogee Property.
Muskogee, Okla., Jan. JC .Mrs. J.
II. M. Helm of Louisville. Ky Is thu
. uiiMlnli ','.,,.,!
"- . ' " .
I real eHtate. s 10 s a plunger ami is
Oov-!.,., v , . , ,
! whin ii inkM tii imiifi. 11 i't(. u'itir.n
... . .
1 i.n- 'I'ti.k n i H lunr oil.- ...in .iiji..il
J.IP.mUi worKi of unimproved real ea- 1
tate lu Muskogee. She buys nothing
lint corner lots, and she pays prices I
that almost scare the ical estate men, , has been placed In temporary charge Jn the county court today L. A. ily
even lu Oklahoma. Mrs. Helm spent r tlie oft Ice of Supervisor 1 M. , ruin was tried for unlawful possession
some time in Muskogee. She sized ! t'uiliolf. during tlie suspension of 1 f whiskey. The court instructed a
up the situation and decided which I the latter. Miss dallth Thomas, verdict of not guilty,
street would have the ip.lekobt and I clerk with the supervisor, will be I '"hn Merrltt tried on the ian.e
best growth. Then she Ciiiiiiueiiced 11 tallied In tlie olTle . charge, was acquitted. Merritt had
lo buy residence corner lots on her I possession of two lialf pints of whlsk(.y
fawirKe street. She says that she
1 has figured It out that within ten
ears ciery foot of property sho Is , Marietta, where she wSU do steno
liuylng wlll be business property, and I graphic work In the law offices of
If Iter Judgment It correct, ten yeans
will make her worth f 1,000.000. If alio
keeps the corner lots she lias pur
v aiiscd.
Prison Central Uo.ird Seeks Purchase
of I0CO Acres of Laud.
(Iiithrle. Okla , Jan. II!. The board
of prlso.i control will ask Hie govor
nor to Kul.uiit tilling the spcti.il (.eli
sion of the legislature an appropriH-
, Hon of $1."..00. for
the pim-haac of
Horn Mission Society.
The ladies ot the Home Mission So
liety of Uie Rio.ulwai MethnlUt
iitiiuh entertain with an iutoimal ie
iiiption Thursday evening, January
20, in tin- chinch. All member and
strangeis within our gates are coidi
ally Invited.
Circle No. 2.
Chile No. 2 of tlie Christian
ihitrrh will meet .with Mis. 1. J.
Wilkes, O street, northwest, Tiles-
day afternoon ,it thico o'clock. Re -
fiesluneiiti will be senod and all
arc Invited.
Daptlst Aid Society.
The Rrondway Raptlst Aid society 1 has bl4,n confined to Ills bed for sev
wlll ni.vt at the ehur. h Tuesday oral weeks and Is not strong.
.ifternoon at ;i oV'.ok All member . . .
ate urged to attend, Art'iuore'te want ads ro the best.
Wiwhiimloii. .Ian. K',. Krnent Kna-
ilrti lin attorney In iho department
or i,,Httcr. f nhit4l to succeed Judge-
rhnrlea W. Ruaaell In charge of
Imllnn illluai Ion III Oklahoilin.
Mr. Knabel la fron. Colorado and i
, i.. .. i...w. r n. 1
will HKUM u.liv hri ln"i " "
pioKocntlo.m .malnst (Governor m-
kell and othera under Indictment
allcgod eonnjiliney in connection with
the ch-'dullng of town Inla In Mtin
koRee. t Judge ItiiMti'll, wiio li.ift had charge
of Indian lltlKiitioii In Oklahoma, lias
In i n appointed minister to Persia
mill will le.ite the department of
n.Htl. e as hoo.i as his appointment
Is I'onfiruii'd liy the si'iiati
Little Stories
of the Street
Died of Croup.
Melton Johnson, son of Isaac .loiiu-
sou. ic Hiding seven mill's west of nate two members, but 1 think that
luie, died yesterday of croup. The course unwise. 1 think we should pre
(liibl was a little more -than n year 1 sent only one, thereby eliminating any
old. Tlie funeral was held at Con- of ibiMslsni."
I ninl hcIiooI house tills afternoon.
Wheeler Growing. "
I'crsons lieiu today from Wheeler
! state that little town is ihulldlug
lapldly. Dr. A. II. Davis has built a
"ll'U- ,lomi' ,l,0,v "ml Mr- "
ilnK. wl. formerly lived at Sliced,
waH ,,,.,. t(lay ,,uylUK ,umbor ,
. .. .
i buiiKalo cottage in
City Shop
Tlie city repair sliop will ne reauy
... ...
for occupancy rnursiiay. carpeutei-s
Ul,. nt
work today. The shop
near tlie police station
a portion ot the city building.
Old Timer Sick.
I'licle Hob Scales, vine of tho old
time citizens of tlie town, is reported
very 111 at his homo In northeast
Aidmore. Ho lias been very feeble
for mouths and his friends are very
uneasy about his recovery. Ills
daughter. Mrs. J. J. Chandler, iwlio
lives near him, is also quite sick.
Good for Kingston
W. It. Sehidge has returned
. . 11 1 1
Ingston, where lie -occupied
from Kingston
the pulpit In two sermons Sunday.
A ,i,., f s-jn was taken for
"''" """i" u .-.-., .uKv.-
awy l.as a hk! word to say for
I'.ls Kingston cliuivh and the people ,
Il( ..,.
I v -
Temporary Appointment.
David Shelby, district Indian agent,'
I Miss Blois to Guthrie.
Mis?. Jennie Clienaiilt has gone to
Kddlcuinii & Cruham while Margaret
lllois is in (iiithiie dining the spe
ilal session of the legislature.
Lott Siiotgun.
II. ('. Itlcketts Is in tlie city from
Craliam today and snoio out a com
plaint ugalusl Arthur Wilson, charg
ing 111 111 witli taking a $l! Winches
ter slmU'nti. a ducking hunting coata
and oilier goods from tho home of
Itlcketts last night. Wilson has been
at work for Itlcketts. Tlie accused
man welicha ISO pounds, has dark
hair and eyes and Is dressed In
black clothing, with black hat. Mr.
Riekctts has the officers 011 U.o look
out ami Is advertising for his prop
erty. Constable Retlgnrd,
Jim I'ouder, constable of the Gra
ham township, has resigned, and .Mr.
W M. Hodge is here today with a
p. '1111011 iivuii the people of that
tiiiMisbip asking the commissioners
to appolut him to succeed l'ondor.
.!. C. Little went to Sulphur yester
day where be is engaged In tho de
fense of Sheriff Maxwell. Ho says
thu prosecution so far has not pro.
, dueed any damaging testimony against
the sheriff and that If Mr. Maxwell's
, health will permit the trial to be con.
eluded that he w ill most assuredly bo
oxororated by the court. Mr. Maxwell
Wusliir.otoii, Jan. 10. The action of
the caucus of democratic members In
ll,L' house enumber IndleatoH that t'in
house members of t i. Hulllnger-Piii- .
chot Investigation coi,,mlttuu probably
ut' " '"s:
Democrats James
,""? """' of ,""lu";. J""i to.iltjht.
lim dlcans-I eKn ars: .McCall of
Massachusetts, Oiinstead of l'ennsyl-
vniil i, and Stevens of -Minnesota are
generally rtporLed to havo been so-
lectin I.
Republicans Insurgents; Madison
of Kaimaa, generally understood to t.'
tin- liisurKent clioico.
Tho democratic caucus lastoU two
hmrHi JioU8h n, nn mlf of
the session wns devoted to speech-
.linking and balloting on the se'ectlon ,
of a U;00 messenger to the minor. I
Ity, .1. .1. Speight of Alabama, urged
bv Hcnrescntul v.- Cliivton. bolnv
----, pal lllll'Ill. Ol IIIU III91IIUIIOII HUH Oil
t,llol,('"' liand over $1000 woith of nnimunlllou,
.Minority U'Udor Cliamp Clark nonil- ,, ., t.on),.c.,. lnrst.t (.,lltpnie..t. Con
nate.! Ollle James for tho Ualilngcr- HI.lci Iiik our resources we hope to
riiiciioi coiiiimuue. u lias oeeu sug- .
Rested," said .Mr. Clark, "that I nonil-
31 r. Sabbath ot Illinois nominated i
Mr. Uainey, Clnude Kitchen of Soutli I
Carolina seconding tlie noiiiluatlou. :
Mr. Clnik of I'lorlda nominated Mr. 1
II.. .. r f I ........ t .....l ,fu it.... ..a
-'"7""" lu '
VM-il,il'l firkttllnnln.l M Ulni.ilfkt. nf
Virginia nominated Mr. Slayden of
,TM. 'iho roll was called, each ,
""er lliiB fr two of the f"'"" 1
nominees. I ho vote steal; . ,
I..... ei. Iinl...... rii. f)l.H.1. in
..."". a,, ...: ,U, .,uUl Uv,
and Uueker. 1-
lie i-aueus una.. ...ously adopted a ,
.... . , ..... ,,..,,.
. . r g .i ....l i.. n...i ii.i i
i......., ..ecu, u uumocraw
"hii me mi) uio uigeii io
taue an active pan 111 procuring the
ratification of tlie Income tax amend-
iiient to tlie constitution."
Tho umoudinout is now being foug'lit
out in tlie suites.
There were about 12.1 democratic
representatives present, Mr. Clayton
of Alabama presiding. Mr. KlUserald
who voted against the prm.osltlon of
bavin; the house select its own mem-
Hers of the committee, was present at
tonights caucus. There wore no rac-
tlonul discussions.
I he republiean caucus lor the se-
, lection of their mouibers on the com -
1 '";'."" "eJintoly after
1 tm' I'rosWenis signature to the llal-
,..,.. . . r. ,
llllirer.l'incliot. Innnlrv resnlntlon Hint
1 ...
, .
""" liie uiu
,... ,.. b ,. ,, , ..m,,,,. i0Miv r
1 t .. " ' ' J'm,', or
Two Whiskey Cases in Which Jury
Finds Not Guilty.
I and tlie Jury thought he was not
The case against Henry Norton was
continued. Sheriff tAkers Is a witness
in tlie case and that officer Is stl'l
confined to his room witli grip.
Tlie lierce wire cutting case was
coutlnuud. Wlll Cllbert, atto-ney in
the case, wiled he could not cotno rn
account of the serious Illness ct his
wife in Oklahoma City.
The stilt in which the Rank of Com
merce was plaintiff and W. A. Talla
feno lefeiidant, was continued by
agreement for tlie purpose of being
settled out of court.
e Jones is. (iuy (iarner, a rent
I .. 1l.1i1.1i ,,,., ,1.., iu,i., ,.,..
- ,--. ....... ...V VU......
U on trial tins afternoon.
He Has Pride In His Work and Love
for His County.
Among tlie local architects who are
iwibmlttlng plans for the erection of
the county court house Is W. A. Tack
ett wlio tins maintained offlcbs lu this
city for a number of years. .Mr. Tack
ett has made special efforts to land
the contract, to furnish plans to iho
county. He Iris been at woik on the
plan for some time and has sought
the assistance of other architects lu
his w oik
He is a Carter county man
nnd beside having a personal pride
In ins wotk he Is .prompted by ta.1
very best motives of bavins Carter
county own a good court hoiuo be
onuse Carter county Is his county nnd
ho Is Interested In tho welfare of the
part of tho stato Jio contributes taxes
to support. Ho la well pleased with
the plans he has dhr.iwn and thinks
others might be as xood but none
rouU be better Adv.
Fiom Agricultural and Mechanical Col
lege at Stillwater.
Stlllwii: r, Okln., .Intl. 15. The work
of the winter torm Is progressing bel
ter than Hint of any previous year.
I Tin- students ore iiraetlenlly all settled
in tliulr nwctlo lotitlnon of work
nnd K Is noted that an uxcollent show-1
lug Isihelng made In both class rooms I
and laboratories. I
The following In the complete and
xacl ,.nro:iinont up to January 10,
ino, as reported by the reylstiar on
thnt date; Summer school, 270; son-
Mors, regular course, I'j; Juniors, CI;
sophmores, Ull; freshmen, 101i; sub-
freshmen, 1U2; ib.islness c
Specials, 71; shoU nrlcu
course, U0 ;
iiKrlcultural and
Uomestlc economy course, 12;' makliiK
U total eiirollmout of 1,01.1 since June,
A aniim of tlie National Hlfle assi-
elation of .America was organleil 1 ,
among the cadets last week. The tmlvy umM)1. yartl. All ordeis turn
necessary oiricors havo been chosen l(, nt ronipt-v 8w UK When In the
and due application has been made .. . v sn
I lor tile rigiiis anil privileges oi oruura
of this kind. According to the rules i
f lh(1 wur lUv,rtlllonti 1U orKanlza.
lloI1 wlll lm Mf tll0 ltll Kr.ulo , tno
n.lt,Hmll nHM)Catlon. The military no-1
...... , i
.....i.., ., ., hi1,iwi,il' at rifle work.
Miss Wise, a sister of Dr. Wise of j
tlie department of (ionium and Latin,
lias registered as a stiMent of tlie
The next Issue of tlie New Hduca
Hon which will ibe mailed January 15,
will contain tho pictures of tho new
wiiiniiiiH' liiillillnir tlie bovs' dor-
mimrv Tiw. oteiorm ,r Hi,. ntrlc-t
v i
Mgrlcultural school buildings will also
lie contained In this Issue
Th(, , tcA fm. US(J
h)l sllort (,,llrfio Il!1H 110l VWI
, w .,,,,,,,,. ,)(t ,)L,
hlbt 0wM, ,0 Ul8 f.l(.t Ulu work of
rt..ctIIB buildings and selecting poul-
,ry w)1 vmhMy U )mltu,(, fmm
itlu c(mrao montoncd.
Colw 1u)lotlll board con'a'm
an aiiiioiiii(.eiuent which proclalma tlie '
early dlstriliuton of tlie "Red Skin,"
the college annual.
Tlie unset tletl wiatlier lias prevent
ed drill for senile time. Ilow;evor, tho
elassen in military sclenco continue
their work qulto successfully. '
Some excellent woodwork Is being
ilium iliv tiw frpMtimrm i1fiust. Kitiiin tt
tho ,M nr mv ,,, L.al)Imt work
u mMAf
, ,.,,,,,.,. Hos Bavt, a V(.,.y ,Iltel,
' ecluru () M Uw ,,.
i,llml)Il)(, KrJ . ow Tho ,octHro
, . , . 1n.
!.,, ,,,,,... ,,SI. ,a
nilln,Hr of Al ,,.
1 .,, 1.1- ii.r.in-i
"s the 1e.1l thlnj, in his Icctuies.
.... .... I
1 il 1 . W C. A., delegates
returned fmm Rochester and
. . Interestinir nccomiL nf
1 , , . . . V
tholr trip and tho convention. A spe
ilal meeting will be held Sunday In entertainment or a higher grade dra
order that all may secure tlie bene- matlcally, and If tho theater-goer
lit of the report. doesn't patronlzo liberally, then It
Tlie llrst basket ball 'game of the ' will be because the public's tasto
year will be play.id In tho home gym-' has changed mightily In the last few
nasitint against Kimoin!, Friday even- days." j
lug A splendid game is expected. , Tlie original production Is booked
Dr. Rowers of the department r , here, and tlie management is gunran
pedagogy wlll go to I'and Creek .Inn- teed that tlie theater patrons of
nary il', to address the Teachers' In- ' tlie Roblson will see this play In
stltute of (li-ant county which Is to be Just tlie samo manner as produced at
held at that place. Dr. Rowers will
lecture on tlie subjects, "Rotter Kdu
cation tlie Rest Social Investment" and
"School Inipioveinent."
A Missouri Visitor.
Kliucr W. Van Slyke of Kansas
City. Mo., Is spending a few days In
Ardmore, the guest of ills cousin,
Mrs. C. II. Kvorctt, and Uncle I). H.
Kdwards, 109 A street, nortliwost.
Mr. Van Slyke Is senior member
of the firm of Van Slyke & Wood
ruff, architects, and while en route
here, stopped In Oklahoma City for
a few hours, and secured tho con
tract for $12.-1,(100 church to bo erect
ed there. Mr. Van Slyke Is very fa
' vinnlili- iimn-osseil win. nkh.lioinn.
..-...". ,-.
anil Is thinking very surlously
locating at Oklahoma City.
Report of Gold Discovery.
Ahln, Okla., Jan. Hi. Much excite
meiit prevails here over rumor of ills.
covery of gold in a well at Hoscdalc,
, ,lr,y mllos west of this city.' .1. I.!
MlUats, an old miner, while cleaning
out a well for Mrs. Albert Mitchell,
drove his plok into a gold-bearing l
gravel lied which netted, upon analysis
by tlie state chemist of Oklahoma,
llr..7l per ton. Resides this amount
! 10 of Kiiver ..r. ..ml Jinsn nf cm-.
1.1.10 of sllvei ore ami $10.80 of co-
per were found lu the ton. Tho veil
1 n question was an old one, which
hml lnm, Ux nmi fmca ,m
1 YOUNG WAX, ago 2S, wishes homo
twlth or without board, lu private
family, Catholic preforr d, west
end. Address f. L., care Ardmore
- i''1
FOU SALE A nlco piano, choap. 'A
niv Atrn a 11 Cook lofii v Wnih
Plj .Airs. A. II. Look, 100.1 .N. wash
Ington. or phone 12C blue. 17
Wo ar.' puparc.l to do ill kin is of
mill work No iob too small or too
1(rR( for us to ,mr vni ntten-
tOI1 , tIIUo a specialty of
Our fael Ities enable us to make
tlieso koois at one half what they
cost when made by hand and our
work Is better finished and made bet-
ter. Our stock Is mirohased In largo
(((H W(i h!(Vu Kt, l)l0 flrtlll.r
idvantniie of access to the Smith-
, .........
' Hmnt wiZar
H. T. HUNT, Manager.
The House of , Th.,...d Cand,e.
Tne H"s: ' a Thousand Candles.
In speaking of "The House of a
Thousand Candles," tlie attraction at
tlie llohlson opera house on Wed
nesday, January l'.Kli, tho Chicago
Tribune" says: "If you like mys
tery you will derive pleasure from
seeing "The House of a Thousand
Candles ut the Onrrlck, where It
opened last night and kept a largo
audience unusually well entertained.
It Is Just a story--not a stage trail-
stilpt from life, but the story Is a
cleverly devised aim inieresung ono
, i. ....... ............. rM..... .1... rtu...
ami holds attention
from the first
curtain to tlie last.
It is a good
the Hackett.and Daly's theaters In
INew York anil the CSarrick theater
in Chicago.
Seats now on sale at Post's drug
"The Red Mill" Coming.
Manager Kohlsou has secured "The
Red Mill," for Friday. January 2S.
This Is ono of tho largest musical
companies playing through this sec
tion, numbering 7.ri people, witli big
bounty chorus.
Tho two leading comedians with
"The Red Mill" are Ilcrt O. Swor
and Franker Woods, They nro two
of the cleverest dancers, ns well
as singers, comedians and acrobats
' ...
j II. l..ei.Ull
01 'Manager Hohlson Is to ho congrnt
j ulated upon securing "The 'Red Mill"
, for a date bore ut Ardmore, ns
tho company Is only playing tlie
larger cities, and It is to be hoped
that the theater-goers will show their
' lUrooIrvtio of his efforts and fill
date of tho Red Mill's appearance.
Making Life Safer.
Kverywhero life Is being innde more
snfo through tho work of Dr. King's
Vow iAto i'"1 Constipation, bill-
ous,le!if,i HPepsla. Indigestion, Liver
troil(lgi Kidney Diseases and Dowel
Disorders. They're easy, but sure.
and perfectly build up tho health, 2fic
at Ardmore Pharnfiicy.
UanderlnG t l,l,Z i
jU9t ns surely ns rain and sunshine
raises crops. It produces a thick
Kfowth of luxurlnnt lmlr when all ,
other remodlos fall, wo Riiarnnte
Danderlne. All drucclsta sell lt-2Bo. 1
60c nnd $1 por bottlo. To provo Iti
worth sond this nd with 10c In stnmpi
or sllvor anil 'vo will mnll you a large
mjrink CO., OhlcaRo. III.
L M '
Per Week
Buys a n Edison
Phonograph at
Music Store
Established 1895
Your Watch Needs Repairing
If yo- 'liul thnt It doos not keop time
wi our, regulator. Thoro nro two
i of unrryliig1 tho correct time.
First buy n good watch and then
Have Us Keep It In Repair
Tho very best watchoanocil attention
occnsionnlly. They must bo oiled
and clenncil nt least every year, If
you would get tho best results.
Tarver & Dorrah
witli that spot? Don't worry.
When you sond it to Kkkv U
Nbat Clur tho spot is not.
Don't Worry, Either
because of lack of funds to buy
a now suit. That last season's
suit will look like a new one
after beinf? cleaned by us.
K, K. SON. Prop.
Thnt your kindness nnd pat
ronago would bo rewarded', so
nil you havo to do ia to call on
1110 far what you need in tho
way of Rrocorioi nnd feci! and
I will well repay you for your
money and trouble. City and
country pooplo all buy alike.
Rottom price for spot cash.
No bad debts to add 011 your
purchase. Como cno and all.
Virgil B. Giddens
I hnve opened a store at 12.r S.
Wasliington St., 2 doors south
of City Hall. Wid buy, sell
and rent second hand goods
1 will pay you tho top prices
for your goods, and will rent
and sell you goods as cheap as
can bo done. Phono IS5S,
Ardmorelto Want aqs are the ben.

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