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Ardmore, Monday, January V. 1910
mm ruun
To the People of Ardmore and Carter
( umt '.
If you have never visited our store,
sou would he surprised to know that we
have two buildings 50x200 feet each in
dimensions up stairs and down stairs
Just lull of the best Hardware, Stoves,
Implements, Tinware, IUc, you have
ever seen. Our prices are the lowest
lor the quality considered. We appre
ciate your trade aiul we arc anxious to
show vnu our goods whether you buy
or not.
Yours for Husiness,
1 ,1--Infants, Willi tin- approval of th'
npi'ivlsor for that nation.
In the Creek nation there are tIx
ii'.'itilltiK schools. They arc flf F. I
( Ik school at Sapulpa; WValaka .M'l
.Vw.iynka hoarding school-, tie
l.n.ii illliK school at Knfanla and Hi
Cn -k Orphans' home nt Okmulgee
' There are also two eoloivd school ,
l, ONC Or THL CHARGES MADE .fan Mission ami Tallahassee
li f INTLHIOH DEPARTMENT Th,.r arv 30 m,n the.se liools
AGAINCT BENEDICT ET AL. , - , ,t)P Heinlnole nation are the male
Hehol at I'nmtinka nnd th" y.hU
school nt Mekosukey. The two havi
two hninlreil pupil. They are Mi
best school buildings In tli- fiu
tribes. In the Choc'nw nation ar
I the mala orphans' home at Arm
I strong, a similar school for k i r I .s at
6cnools of five Clvillietl Tribes Said , wheolork, known as Whcelock mail
to Be In Bail Condition Con- j ,.-, t,0 fonmle school at Tuskahn-
tracts Not Compiled with. But the ,, the Choctaw capital, ami .loiio.s
Indian Mas to Pay the Money.
Fresh Eggs
County Butters
Neufchatel Cheese
Pennsylvania Buck
tuheat Flour
J. A. Skipworth
Phone 578
Our facilities for furnishing you with
For lifht, power and heat are unexcelled by any city
in the state.
We also endeavor to employ gentlemanly drivers
tosuppl) )our wants for
Our many pleased customers are the best evidence
of the piahty oi our products. Any irregularities will
be promptly and gladly corrected. 1'hone 15",
Ardmore Ice, Light & Power Company
Mu.-lwinee, OMa., .Ian. 10. An off I
( .11 1 ircnlar Just Issued by Oscar
II l.ipp, who has taken charge of
,,! Indian schools In the Five civ
ilized irl hen, throws additional light
11 leiii the attitude of the government
in .iipcniliiiR Superintendent .lohr
0 n in -Hi 1 mill three supervisors
mull r liiin. Waller Fnlwell, of Ml
u4.i'. ( ;lvn Itallanl or .McAloster,
m l I'li il. rl. k UinholU of Ardmore.
11 n vcils the fact thiit the trouble
i', this limtance, Is whether or not
in 1 iuh'een hoarding schools In
ii. I'ne tribes, paid for and innln
I iiii-il hy inmiey taken nut of tribal
' 1 ' .1-111 u-. slum be kept tip in t lie
la ul.iiil of government - 'inola on
Imlian r "crvstlmiR whuc legular
iitiu.il appropriations are made each
-"ir, .Hid tlu schools are permanent
11 itiit ions.
Im identally, u feature that U
ImiiiiuI to be given consideration, Is
1 in incre-tsed cost of the necessaries
or life, which according to a school
t am horlty arc in many casos twenty-
, lie and thirty per cent higher than
liny were a short time ago. Various
! re.iiniiH are assigned for this, one
1 . r them being the now tariff law.
1 The miliar addressed to all mi-
," 1 intend. Mils having contracts with
1 1 1 iliau boarding schools, says:
, ' recent investigation shows that
1 a number of these contracts are not
' l. Inn compiled with. These con
1 ins provide that the superintend
t pt will supply t lit; pupils of their
- liools with wholesome and sufti
1 e til food, medical attendance, fuel
I mIh-. -.intiouery, necessary table
tt.11' anil In some Instance dallies
.11. I -Ii.m'h. It Is charged In some of
t''i-.' -(liools (they are not deslg
.ill. that the food Is neither stif-
1 ricni nor wholesome, that it is
oiini no' well cooked, and that In
ni.iiiy lusunii'cs the tableware Is not
lit to usa It Is alao charged that
litil caie in given the physical care
f the pupils, and that In many
instances children with sore eyes
'iae been peimitted to (jo without
proper medical attention. Further
lli.it not enough ton els, blankets. ct.
at.' provided and that the rooms
aie cold, uncomfortable and unfit
foi ll-e.
.' H is iurthr charged that In some
-1 hools the principals who appoint
.1--1M.111U, make these assistants feel
H..11 llimr first obligation is to look
.'M.r the Interest of the principal
in'iti.ii tors, rather tlian the Interests
' 1 In- p.iplU. There is 110 excuse
in "ken windows and doors, dirty
M-'li"ii- .ml buck yards, and so long
1 - mi and water are to he had
' 1- no excuse for not keeping
academy for boys near Mart shorne.
It, the Cnlcknsnw nation the largest
schol Is the seminary at llloomfl -Id.
Tli!t arlstocnits of the Chickasaw
natbm havo educated their rIi-Ih
(hero for 11 atiartr of a century
Other schools are Hurley Itistltm -.
Hock academy near Wnpaniicka, Col
litis. Institute near Frisco, and the
Chickasaw home .it Lebanon. In th"
Cherokeo nation, and no charges
bavo been made against theso
schools, tho principal school ii the
seminary at Tabb-quali where sev
eiity Indian girls and an equal 1111m
her of boys are in attendanc.', and
the Cherokee orphans' home four
miles south of Tahlequali, with eigh
ty pupils.
The schools are conducted entirely
a! the expense of the nations In
which located, the money being
drawn from the funds of the tribes
In the government treasury, and dis
bursed under the supervision of the
Roveininetit. In addition there were
last year. 1,250 day schools In rural
districts, for which tho government
appropriated $:S0ii,(i0U and this year
there are 700 of these minor schools,
for which the government has ap
propriated ijil.'O.niHi. This money Is
(iiisbursed by the government super
intendent. There are no charges
against the minor schools.
Croup, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis, La Grippe,
Quinsy, Hoarseness, Hemorrhage of the Lungs,
Weakness of the Lungs, Asthma and
all diseases of
United States Depositor:
Okla. State Depository
City Depository
Eleven years ago Dr. King's New Discovery permanently cured
me of n" severe and dangerous throat and lung trouble, and I've
been a well man ever since. 0. 0. Floyd, Merchant, Kershaw, S. C.
Capital, Surplus and
Additional Liabilities
If this bank is n Riifo place
for tho city, state and nation
to deposit their funds It Is s
.safe place for tho farmor nnd
business man to keep his
funds. TRY IT.
LEE CRUCE, President
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars lie
ward for any case of Catarrh tin:
can not bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. CHBNBY .t CO.. Toledo, 0.
We, tho undersigned, havo known
l .1. Cheney for the last to years
and believe hlni perfectly honorable
In all business transactions and fi
nancially able to carry out any obli
gation made by his firm
Waldlni?. Klnnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Inter
nally, acting directly upon the blooa
nnd mucous surfaces of the sy.Uem.
Testimonials sent free. Price 73 cent
per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
stipation, d&w
For quick service and satisfactory
5work in busijiv
repairing and
horse shoe
Last year the employes of the North
llrltlsh locomotive Company, l'ohna
die, Scotland, gave over $l,!Uu to lo
cal charities.
I.ast year Leather Workers 011
Horso (Joods made a gain of ten new
locals aiW increased tho genera' Mem
bership by -000.
The Society of AinnlsaiiMted Car
penters and Joiners is making ar
rangements to celebrate the fiftieth
anniversary of the institution of the
organization In America.
International Tpyographlcal Union
will in the future manufacture Its own
labels and furnish them to the local
unions nt cost.
In Canada there is not a single
member of the Amalgamated Society
of Carpenters and .Joiners on the un
employed list.
San Francisco district council of
painters has authorized a committee
to have a Monument erected In the
painters' plot In Mount Olive C'emc
tory. The General Federation of Trades
Is engaged In procuring for the pur
pose of publication statistics of un
employment throughout ICnglaud.
A monument to firemen who lost
their lives In the perfoiimaiice of their
duty will ibe erected In Union Square,
Now York, this year.
Boston, MiitrB., building trades
crafts have lxen uotlfldl that the
evening Industrial school, under the
auspices of tho city of Boston, will
start a class on plan rending and esti
mating. Illacksmlths' International Union Is
endeavoring to .secure a fund that
shnll bo used to obtain an eight-hour
day for the trade In all parts of the
United States.
Three hundred and seventy-five
teachors In SKknne's grado schools
aro ready to begin a campaign for
twelve months' salary, Instead of nine
mouths, as at present. They will also
ask for an Increase of 10 per cent.
Many of the llebrewH of the eastern
section of Brooklyn, N. Y., engaged
in the iboot and shoo trade have re
cently become organize!.!, and are de
slums of affiliation with other shoe
workers In the organized labor move-
Saved at Death's Door. ment.
MM... I m 1 il. .1 .. A .
m, moor 01 cieaia krwiieu lenu, . g u.k , , , ,.,,,,, ,
open for Murrav W. Ayers, of Transit . ' .
1 i..r , Brldue. N. . when bis life was won- l iMOine uon suites oy represou
..... , , , t, ,! , derfully saved. "I was In a dreadful tit Ives of the International Alliance
n.i .-ai monej to make them mod- POrtlon,-. ho writes, "my skin was , ()t rlck T1Il. nml TolT:l Cotta work-
luuiiunaiiie. ruis is 1110 nimost yellow; oyes suiiKon; tongue
l a-i. I. nioiit of dllU-reuee botween N'oatod; emaciated from losing 10,
I pounds, growing weaker dally.
U.IH.UB, lmtMf 0.1uU,nt 1,,. trou1o j,,,,,,,,,, mo ,,(nvl)
1 1 iiii-iia iviiicu uie Koverumeui
to the work of ieatliK a grea'er dtv
mand for printing bearing the union
label Contests are held at lnti-rvflij
during the year and a special label
committee Is constantly bending 1 s
energies In the interest of the label.
J The Anti-Asiatic League has ncelv
WITH ed a letter from iBattcrsea, N. '.., ask
ing for information and all literature
as to the operations of the league In
combatting the Japanese, as It is the
Intention to bring tho matter More
fully to the attention of the people
of 'New .calami.
The expenditures of the American
carpenters' union, miners' union and
a number of other (American trade un-
i'i Hie I'lie Civilijted Tribes the
iiiopeiiles were built and
"uneii by the tribes. Many of
i' ai wen built twenty-five years
They were good buildings in
1 1 ir day, but they are poor now.
T: .ire all to be abandoned soon,
- "i. i f ih -in lwve already been,
- 11. . statehood, ami neither the til
I'll iiiihorlibs nor the seeretarv of
Successor to Umholtz.
Muskogee. Okla., Jan. 10. Oscar
II. l.lpps, la charge of the Indian
sehools of the Five Civilized Tribes,
today announced that David M. Kid
ley, a district Indian agent in the
Ohlekasow Nation, had been placed
In charge of the schools of that na
tion to succeed Frederick If. Um
holts, who has been suspended.
Mr Kelly has been in the gov
ernment hi rvlco In Oklahoma ten
years, being connected with the
Dawes commission prior to his ap
pointment as a special district agent.
Ions, would each of then, show a larg- Amj t Qur famous l,rancl 0f
er Income and expenUlturo for bene- J
fits paid to members than the combin- BIG MAND FLOUR be
ed benefits paid by the labor organlza-1 . f
Hons of all Austria. It Is to bo noted "" J
that the Austrian unions Include the j iy using it the SWCCtCSt and
railway men, of whom 50 per cent are 1 . , , ,
organized. inost wholesome and nounsh-
Deelarlng that labor unions nre do- ' Jn brcad, biscuit and pastry,
lug a great deal of good work for the ( .
liublle. Dr. l'rank .1. Wame, or tho You Will be surprised at the
New York University last month :.d- djfrcrencc in resuts between
dressed the students of the Unlverslty
of Pennsylvania, and showed how this ordinary flours and this one.
work was Ibehi'g accomplished. "l.a-1
bor unions," he said, 'Mre a check to TvICr Oi SimDSOTI LO.
I Wholesale Distributers,
I .
Have you a monk throat? If so, yon
cannot be too careful. You cannot
begin treatment too early. Kach cold
makes you moro liable to another and
the last Is always the harder to cure.
If you will lake Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy nt the outset you will be sav
ed much trouble. Sold by nil dealers.
One reason why n man can't feel
very sorry for his creditors Is because
his own case is so urgent that it takes
all of his energies.
in up to a high staudnrd. .'he
iiinineat has repeatedly rejected
oiiiineiulnllons for the Improve-
'hi 01 buildings 011 the theory ; kidney troubles they're supreme. COc
ers for the purpose of Increasing th"
Vir-1 general membership this year.
Cabinet-makers In Southwest (5er-
to death In spite of doctors. 1 hen IuallJ. i,ave won all along the Hue. In
that matchless medicine l-.leetric ,. . . ...re.miont ins buen
Hltters-curcd me. 1 regained the 10 1-ninkfort a 11 w agreement l ab been
pounds lost and now am well and made to run till February lPl'J, where-
strong." For all stomach, liver and ( by the different sections of the trade
We Don't Mind the Owner
waii hiiitr in shile we are doing a
i jI) of p uniiiiiig for linn. Wo do bon
is! work nil the time and it nuikes
no dilieriMiee who looks on tir who
iloi-n t We hball be glad lo llguro
I'll our lie.M job If we gel it you
rnii we will both be 1-iimmI.
' 1 -inv i ns m
Use Ardmoreit Want Ads
I II! i.ie will soon 1m out of use.
-'iii' of the i-ontraets 'were op
' i 'veil in the government at a ri
! u:...ily low figure. In the Creek
'..uinii there Is one hoarding school
wliue the eontract gives tha super-
ntuult-ui-ooiitnictnr only fin per
inontii for boarding and keeping
. h pupil. Another contractor wrote
("liner Superliiteiideut BeiKidlct that
11. had already spent $1,700 more
1 liN (-chocl this year than he lind
uii-ixed. Most of them serve as
1 .11 In i. as do their wives, nnd their
ti'ii'lb- 1U
at AiMmoro Pharmacy.
Ret Millard Not a Candidate.
iTntlii-l.. niilti l-m 111 Hot Alii
lard, former Indian agent to tho ! labor situation Iminlgrants are being
get Increases.
In an effort to cast off tho domina
tion of the Asiatics In the Hawaiian
Islands and loosen the tension In the
Osages, now residing In Pawhuska,
will not be a candidate for con
gress from the first district, accord
ing lo a statement Issued today. Mr.
Millard will seek tho nomination for
a county officii on the republican
brought from Hurope by the board of
immigration, which is practically the
Planters' Association.
An aggressive campaign to organize
its forces in order to renew tho figlit
In the spring will be carried on during
the winter by tho seamen, firemen and
cooks, who rofitBed to ship on bo.itd
during the season just dosed. With
donations of money from coast organ-
The Deadly Delay,
Those whci nut off uslnir HALL'S
at the schools This TKXAS WOXDUH for their Kidneys, 1 Izatlons, the men are flxiM. well fl-
mot serious 1 harj. of the 1 Bladder and Hhouinatlc trouble make mnclnlly to carrv on tho controversy.
Kcwnumnt Th. contractor buys Ills 'l' dla,?A. "o0?.'1"',-!. 3nncnPlU. Minn., printers have
imi Mipnl. s, and appoints his own j BSj3
been Uovotlng couslderablo attention
IKiveity. ICach year they dlstrlbuto
ubout $10,000,000 In Ideath and sick
1 .....1 ... .. (,
11U11C111.S iiiid uiieiiiM(iyeii iiii-urauce.
At the convention of the Shirtwaist i
and Uuindry Workers' International 1
Union recently the Jurisdiction ipies
Hon was brought up, It being decided
that the shirt workers will give up
Jurisdiction over all members who are 1
employed In stock factories those es
tablishments In which shirts and ;
waists are made and laundered be- ,
lug made ready for tho wearer in the ;
one factory. It will retain Jurisdiction
ov-r all members oniployol In com- ,
inerclnl laundries, where woik Is done
for the ptiblle. The employes In the
stock factories will go to the Carnieut
Makers' International Union. ,
lu 1903 two strong miners organiza
tions were started in Japan, which
carried out several stilkes and boy
eottw and had a number of conflicts
with the jmHc-c and soldiery. Tho
government Is now trying hard lo atop
this movement, which, it successful,
would InyTfeie considerably with the
rapid expansion of the capitalist o 1
tutu, the furthering of wheh U the
great object of tile ruling c'.a.-isiM.
At the annual convention or the lu
ternatioii.il Brotherhood of Painters, 1
Decorators and Paperhanters the lung
standing voutrovorsy between the
painters and decorators and the paper-1
hangers, Involving trespass upon each
others' specialty, a unklerttood, was
taken up and a clause Inserted lu the
constitution designed to cover tho
matter satisfactorily.
A step towards consolldatliur the
trade union movement in Franco Is to
be taken by the minors, who have re
buked to extend their operations by
admitting men employed in ore min
ing (pinnies, etc. lu the building
trades, and In the metal industry, '
some progress has already 'boon mad
with the amalgamation of sectional
societies, though there aro still .ome
groups which aro unwilling to lve up
their autonomy.
The great btrlke In Now Soma
Wales, Australia, Is serious. The act
ing Premier stated In the legislature
assembly that If the employers and
workmen did not meet and settb
their differences the government .
would intervene, and that the peul
provisions of the Industrial disputes
not would be enforced. Steps woui-l
also be taken to establish a compul
sory wages Uiaul. He added th
the government was determined .f
exhaust every constitutionally auUior
Izod power to bilng aoout settled in-dltlons.
J. L. Wilson
Transfer and Storage
I havo a good building
leased in which I store all
kinds of household gocds
at reasonable rental. Phono
72 and I will do the rest.
Goods hauled anywhere
or packed and stored.
Protnp and careful atten
tion to every order.
V. P. Poland
ff. 11. rosier
Poland & Foster
General Insurance
Office Over The First
National Bank.
Telephone No. 48
Walter A. Evans S Co.
For Real Estate
Oflicos over City National
Rank. Phono 57
Owners of Walcott Ad
T. E. HOWARD, Mgr.
Mvl OFriNS " Caskets LJgm

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