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Ardmore, Tuesday, Jan. 1, 1910
p. '.tm.-uters Were Controllln" Ele
ment M TIiik O. O. P. Caucus anil
Wiien in Ooubt Tell Uaek on their
d, lite Tiilcr.il Court.
i.i i H , .Inn. 17.- The tftmMkm'
' i.nnilliee met at the Ion1
1 1 . . r . hi (iulhrli' loday ntnl to nil
11.1. ! .nut mrjHWM t represented
,.. I III .lf . llf t III Ml, III' Thr
I . Mi ' !i I II III I, ill I In I'llM
I i i .'li I'M l .lllllln ,ln ' 'III
To the People of Ardmore and Carter
if you have never visited our store,
you would be surprised to know that we
have two buildings 50x200 leet each in
dimensions up stairs and down stairs
just full of the best Hardware, Stoves,
Implements, Tinware, Ktc, you have
ever seen. Our prices are the lowest
for the quality considered. We appre
ciate your trade and we are anxious to
show you our ;oods whether you buy
or not.
Yours for Business,
Our facilities for furnishing vou with
For light, power ami luut ate unexcelled by any city
111 the state.
We also endeavor to employ gentlemanly drivers
i" -upply your wants for
Our main pkvwd customers are the best evidence
i i the quality ol our products. Any irregularities will
be p.impth ami ;ladl) ion cited. 1 hone i so.
Ardmore Ice, Light & Power Company
For quick service
r i n ii
5 XW
i s
i - a
if ,4 '-V I
...'aT.. ,. . , .
siii"ii from Oklahoma were all
mixed uii together In one endorsa
i.i "lit nni! the whole niimeailng moss
r iitiiiipd down the throats rtf tbe
iiiiiiWIiU without 111" Icaat ahow
of merry on the iart of the poat
iniiHti'M. The Insurgent aMllinnl
,m led by ntn-h men an Umory
Iiniwtilni. Omar Iteiindlct and I'M
Perry, and oiiUMp of thn com-mltii-e.
represented u trmjnrlly of
i he imwil thnl fltteiiiliil the meet
Iiik Inside the ronimlttoe, howev
er. Dm HittnlnlMl ration through Hie
P miiundtoifi of the stale had done
mhmii wonderful work In organlm
Hon. W'heiitrer a committeeman
showed any mIkhn of liiili'iienili'iit
thoiiKht or aetlon he, win unrere
nionlmiMly nut upon !y Hie tiiiii'lilni'.
The luwii At'llt roull.ed (IiiiL It
would 1i" Impossible to defml I lie
I'liM-tlon of Jim llitrrla mid aourfhl
t.i umbo a hnnnoiiy plea liy sup
lHirllnpr hi in unit In return to have
no resolution! iand endorsing the
lulled Payne . lilrleh lilll or the
tlliee lepilblli nil congressmen from
OklilliouiH. Tile posliiiiiatcrM accept
I1 with ninrli rr.ii limli' tin- Mile
in! ll.it 1 1 . lull 1 1 nlil lint s. r tlielr
IV 1 II I'l .llllltt 1 1 1 1 1 pl'lllll II
and satisfactory
k "''work in buggv
. . - 1
i u ii 1 1 1 an u
horse shoe-
mil sec
We Don't Mind the Owner
watching us while we arc doing a
lob ..f plumbing for him We do hon
est work all the lime nnd ,t makes
ii.. iliilorcii.-o Mhi. looks on or M ho
cloc-n't. W shun be glad to tlgure
i'o ) our next ie!t r w, K.t u ou
i in! we mi:: i.ntii i.,. pi, ascd
thought ami aitlon to have a place
In their proceedlnga. The postinnHt-
er crowd hfld previously prepared a
el of I'MMilntlona endorsing the Tnf
ndmlnlstnillo.i and Tuffs declaration
Unit tho Payne Aldrleh hill wan the
twill tariff bill ever (Hissed, nlao
endorsing the motion of lllrd Mr
(lulre. Hick .Morgan and ('. H. Oreu
gor. Of conrne the resolutions con
demned the demoomtle statu ad-
itillilHtrnllun. 'I'ho Inaumeiit eloniont j whmi lie was an officer, levied hIx
under the iMaderalrlp of Senator and aoveii iiiltln, now levleH on an
Htunfonl of OhnitilRon, offenil an j aver.ii'e I II tut I In. The brand of
fitin-iHliiieliL which idlmlimti'd tin." ; hnrmoiiy which prevailed today .w-nn
mimt iiniiHeatliiK part of tho rend- e.Mictly the same as that at Sliaw
lutloriN, towlt: Tin' elidoraeinent of nee.
the repubMcaii coiiRroNanien. The i
Inhale itthlch follow ed Urn olTorliir
of tho amoiiilment wax of nin-h
I'hararler that ihiIichIoh roala would
Im vii heen a Ki'iiulne eomfort. After
both hIiIch had evhaiiHted the HlroiiK-
i'm! worda eonlalned In WebMter'a t
illcllomiry. a motion to table tint!
ainomlnieiil waa jmide, ami upon roll 1
cull, developi'd a vote of Vi for j
lablliiK (hi nmeinlmeiit to ill iikiiIiirI. j
Por a fi'H iiioineiitM after the an
lioillicomoilt of the vole the ino.it
IiIihiiI ciiiilllnjt and oar apllttiui;
i.oIki-h came from all coruora of
Hie room. "PoHlmaiiterM! Pontmaa
lii'" yelled the InnillKelilH. "Pi)Hl-
ia.iti'is' machine!" va reverber
.' ,
hoed by the crowds In '
, I,
i fii-ilio In ..liinliiiHl'-it 1
.ti d .mil i e i i
nil. iih c In ordiM' to empliimlze
, ., . hi I
tin hnriuoii) that waa irevallliig, i
in other hide would yell, "Hurrah
(oi Urn II. nils!"
Tne pioccedltigH ftom this time
or tt.'ie chararlerlfed by the bit
tit est of fcelliiK. Someone nominat
ed Turk of Checotiih for treasurer.
liother Hlauil-patter Immedlalely
moieil that nominations be closed.
Hi fuii' the motion could bo put tin
tiiMirgi'iit-. Mere thrown
Into a '
fii ny of laughter by Omar Item-' ""' The llexall Store. The City
ilut luipiirlug in a loud voice: "la l)r,K Stole, W. II. I'raiiie, proprle-lid-
ameeable at Washington?" ! 1,,r-
Then Hie whole crowd would occu
'S a few inluiites by yelling, "Post-tii-i-ter.
'I'o all intents and purpose
I lie three republican congressmen
tlnoiiuh their subservient henchmen
have ualiied control of the repub
In an macliiiiei n Oklahoma. About
the sorest lot of republicans tha1
ever asM'iubled In (iiithrie are the
friends of other candidates, who
this owning are filling the corri
dors of the hotels swearing venge
ance against the postmasters' ma
iliiuc ami predicting that the dem
ocrats will carry the state by In
i ivascd majorities.
Tho i omiuittee refrained from
pa-sing any lesolutlou condemning
the .Mm Crow law, although several
o'ored In
ivthren hum- :iiiviiiiiuiv I
,. " ...........
......i.Mi ., oiuMiiii-iK ami insisteii ;
mat suuiiry memiiers redeem their
ii:iuiii- s almig this line. The coin-
ulttco aHo failed to condemn the I
two tent railroad fare, and as somV
i..' l'."in explained, it would be
daum rotis to do so. It seemed to
the lonci a.-us or opinion that It
um be b-iter to throw this re-
-:ou-.ullt.v upon the federal court.
In 111.- hurry and excitement the
i emii.itli .iIm) forget to call for
,i i iioit nil tbe condition of the
Capital National Hank which lulled
a r.'M eais ano In (Iiithrie.
l"ie ,n ople of the t i'" r-e iP
in dense lgnorau as to just what
tii po-tmasters wish to do with
tin bank guaranty law. It is prob-
iid' that tin.-. Is another Item that
Cure Free
With the first signs of constipa
tion you resort to the home methods
of relief, such as hot or cold water on
arising, lots of stewed fruit with your
breakfast, etc , but what do you do
when these fail?
The majority then stnrt on salts and
piUn-iHIvo waters, then rluni-n in kiiIui,.
tli pills, etc. If you have Sone through
im' various niiiRos you knmv thov v?r(
all units so far ai pennan.-m results
Kn't t.,,v Vl'.i".,u,ul11 ,ry. '! "nt anln
pom. vn mo tryuu; m accomplish, rfurti
a l vim i y. us thousninls o.m i..silfv u
suits, its iriKriHii.-nts ara smh that by n
Mi. f use of tt tlt stomach ami bowel
inu-.les nri tr.vln.-d to niiln do their
work norm.illy. so that In the end you i
.in do uw.iy with intMlvlnr of all kinds.
That It will Jo this Mr Ci. V lXidson of
S.invme. Va.. will cladly attest, and so
w. l Mis S. ,. Hampton of Portl.:;, O.
To those who are still skeptical thero
Is a way to prove these assertion with-r-'it
a p. iinv nf expense- simply ,fni your
l...'iie and address to i)r. Caldwell and oh
t.iin a fi.-e s.muil.. Kitile After uslncr It,
if urn sro then ronvincril It is tlio rem
dv von need, buy a flftv cent or nno
ii.ill.ir liotlle of Miur ilruiCKUt nnd con
nmio to use it f.r a brief lime until
':i,i. l,:"..',"-'::'1',,"l'ue simple mi the
.1 Is sni.ill
ii is tuensant to me t-iste.
ml m. so ' sutemeut, are bi aranuVd of
n '..iwv will iw. refunded. ,""'r'"u" ur
This ieme.lv over a quarter of a cn
t'irv old ond Is ttersonttlly taken by
' ""re dniKKlsts than mm other similar
lemedv on the American market Heeausn
I... i.7'''.,iv,',i7'. r,wl,Y t,,,:-:'-t
I isle It I.i the Ue.ll laxative remedy for
.hlUreti women .ind old folks ifenenillv
Pr Cnlilwi-H (wrsonally will bo pleaseil
l.t Klye you .my medical advice vol inav
.iHslr,. for vnur-ietf or fumtlv m-rtalnlni; to
1 ' ' . lit . k l I lie :n.l is nrt-tntnllt.- .rAl
fr.' !f "ohlrp. ViptatnH,vm,r '""'.i
'ter-ind b,. win reply to you in deuii.
name unar add""iPcn "it'r'i-ard0"?
we i buiMiinr, Minticclio, ill
coiisIkiiciI to tlielr best friend'
ami protector, the federal court,
The eomiiilttei', o far iih state af
fair weie eoneenied, wan a coifi-
mlltei! or protuat. One poor f-dluw
wlm had forlornly been u ntate of
fleer uiidor the carpet-bag r-gl
Ihtiiiiio very ImllKunnt b" aiiii' tho .
ileinociiitlc admlnlHtratlon are nctu-
ally colleetliiK Uim-h. lie forsot to ' A WISE AND CONSERVATIVE UNI
mention that wheroaH tin territory. FORMITY DANGER IN PRESS
We want everyone troubled with
I Indigestion and dyspepsia to come
I to our store and obtain n box of
llexall Dyspepsia Tablets. They
' contain IliHiuiith-Subultrate and Pep
sin, prepared by a process which
idiielops their greatest poner to
nt'i'i'i'iiiini il I i.tiut I v.. .1 tut ii i-l.'i tt....
... .v. I
IteMill I tygpepsla Tablets are very !
, ... ' ,, . ;
deasatit to take. hey soothe the
' " I
Ii Pliable, weak stomach, strongtheii ,
ami invigorate tne iiigestivo or
gans, relieve nausea and indlgiS'
I. on, iirotnoto iiutritlou and bring '
I,.... i .. r....ii.... .......I-.... I
i.MMit ,i n:i'iiiih m luiiiioii.
ii you give ,iiean iyspepsia i
lublets u reasonable trial wo will
return your money It you aro not
satisfied with the lesult. Three
Hi'I'M "fi l.lilllil .ll f.i.ntu .11.1 l Ail
,, . V, , wbcli I have referred will reason
Uemeiuber you can idtalli llexall . ,
''inedlert In Ardmore only at our
' I
store The llexall Store. The City'
Notice of Sheriff's R.ilr nf L.inH.
Notice Is hereby give... that it. pur- ' I""',k'U ls I,ruI,c,ly :l ',art wC 11,0 MJ
M.a.ice of tin order of sale Issued out wf tlu' "r4,llucl' U 1,i,H boca -W.-J
of the district court or Carter county. I UB r,imk'a " 80Und '" V
Oklahoma, on the r.th dav of January, ! pks !,ml Imt 1,1
1!M0, In an aetlon m herein .1. W. -,'" '' "-eady M'ho recognize that
ciiiii,u i.ini.xiir i i.. i o .'otherwise great unfairness 6ft i n-
........,. ...... ..t,.,ii , ij, ,. oillllll
and dazzle Smith were iderendanUs,
directed to me, the undersigned Sheriff
of Carter county, commanding me to
levy upon, and sell the following
propel ty:
All of lot Xo. Six (t!) In block one hun
dred and twelw (ll'J) situated In the
City of Ardmore, Oklahoma, In accor
dance with the official map and plat
of said City, as prepared by the
Chickasaw Townslte Commission and
approwd by Thos. Ryan, netlng Sec-
ret ary of the Intel lor, on the Kali day
- ' . .. ...... . .
m .muunrj-, A situan. in
carter couny. Oklahoma
to satisfy a Judgment and decree of
fori .-Insure In favor of said idalntlit
and against said defendant. Ii. .1.
i Smith, obtained and made in said
I,., nut on the 10th day of November,
uttH. lor the .sum or Six Hundred Nino
J Dollars and litt.i-seven cents (i'.o:i.:i7)
with Intent at the into of ten per
1 cent per annum from the tub day of
October, IHOH, and Tor costs or Ten
1 rollars and twenty-live cents ($10.'.'5)
and costs accruing; 1 will on the LMst
day of I'Vbiuary. lUln, at tho hour or
i 10 a. in., of said day, at the front door
1 of the court house In the City of
Arjinore, in said County and State,
offer for sale and sell to the highest
bidder for cash, the said property
above described, or so much thereof
as will satisfy said judgment with In
terest and costs.
Witness my hand this the ISth day
of January. 1100.
.1. II. AKIiUS,
Sheriff of Cnrter County.
Ity .1 W. (JINX, IVputy.
Eczema 1. Now Curable. ' f Mwa tho Mlwal and
X.IJ.MO, a clean liquid for external tho st:u" wveniments. It Is said, de
nse, stops itching Instantly and per- landing upon tin- idnt of lew, that,
niauently cures eczema and every some states grant charters which are
""'V , v ,,
X"?aR'V?I !?aJP,.18.-
tu uiii-
KM, says ZEMO Is the most success -
f11' all'l meritorious remedy ho has
ever sold for tho prompt relief and
Positive cure of eczema nnd every
form nf tohlr... akin .llu.man a oi.-
,os of ntiy remarkable cures mad)
by '.HMO.
Fven th.. shoemaker may be con-
M.iced that awl things are possible
to ,i '.vl men.
UK -San' dS?,?.
they frequently develop Into pneu.
monia. Foley's Honey and Tar not
only s:ops the couch, but heals and
s rengthe.is the lunps ao that no ae-
nous re-nuts need ue reareii. The
,.. . M, .
7 r"w ,,Hm' aim nr con-
tains no harmful drugs and Is In a
yellow package. Sold by all drug-
The V-js .1 woman has to say
., , ,
the longer it takes her to say It.
t hrtiulerlaln s Cough Re.nedr U a
very miHllclne for throat nn 1
lung troubles, quickly relieves and
cures painful breathing and a danger-
( congested langs. Sold by all dealjrs.
Neglect by State In the Enforcement
of Law Is the Most General Com.
plaint, With the Most Disastrous
Washington, Jan. 17.- It Mere un
wise to think of nbxolutc uniformity
of legislation throughout the Pnlted
Stales, In the opinion of Alton IS. Par
ker as expressed today In an uddie:is
before the Convention on Uniform '
State haws.
"We do not aim at absolute uniform-
Ity or law.ibut a wise and conservative
itiiir.ii-tiiiii- M uni.i in, I,,., ii. iM,.... i
Is danger In pressing unforin ty to ex- ,
, , ,, .. . :
ri.liln 1fni-Otu 'Pli.ir.. .i-.i illci.i.lt... i
, ... , ... , . ,. , '
of climate, of production, of tradition,
of 'heredity of liopulatloti, of pursui's
i ninong the 'jieople of our several coin- 1
I monwealths which should be general
jy ryspected
'Uniformity should be promoted
aloty the lines marked out by the
i Commissioners on Uniform Iawg.
I and as much further as tho diversities
.. . ...
-A tti.ti'iiiit.tttl .wi.i.ilt.- 1....... t...
" '
nuguraicu 10 mane eacu ministry near
the 'burden of accident to employee,
without regatxl to the question of ueij
llgcnce, uiion the ground that mich.
suits In easting uixm the einplojee
ami his family the entire burden of
accident legislation In lingland and
(ierinany thus provides for the com-
peitsation to lie paid to Injured em-
ployes. I ho hngllsh statute provides
for compensation idurlng disability,
equal to fifty per cent of the Mage
rate, and In case of death or total
disability, a sum equal to four years'
wages. Surely this country ought not
I to lag behind those enlightened na-
lions In righting what is now the most
' monstrous In Justice of the a'ie. Never-
t ... , ,....,.,.., ,
theless that is likely to happen unlesj
there bo uniform legislation In iuau,
If not all, the states on the subject.
I'or lu tho absence of a general move
ment for uniform legislation, .New
Jersey, for Instance, would hesitate to
place her contractors at a disadvaut
age In competing with Xew York con
tractors. "From this convention now assem
bled representing, not one or many,
but all the cjvlc interests of each and
all or the states, there should go out
an authoritative expression in favor
of uniform liglslatlou lu so far as It
Is conducive to the common weal. Let
us strive to promote unity lu diver
sityunity in all that touches In like
manner the Internal affairs of the. '
communities separated by state lines
diversity In those particulars which
are lH'culiar to each commonwealth." ,
Judge Parker thus closctl hi ad
dress after having reviewed lu detail
the eomvlleated relations between
I state and national government. In
j this res-pt he said;
' "ljattcrly complaints hae arUen of
1 Inefficiency resulting fiom tne division
far KH.. broad, vl
tar too .broad, -hlle others go to the
. ,Mt , . .
, "I'l'oslte extreme. That In some stales
the law has not been enforced against
dlsobislle.it corporations and their offl
1 e , s . ., M , )tllrs ,i10 u,aPIlrv is
' a rs- " 11,11 in ouiers uio it.iueni) is
violate all law, Miltten or unwritten.
' nht nubile loinnlHlnt for the ores-
puuuc iiiiiipmiiu lor im prtb
i.nt lu mnr. i-r.initr.iltv rhiit Iho --1'itfii
,Km, b(,iu ,nx ,n t.ntoKvllwM of
, wlth t Miwui CnIltJl!,
i , , ,
1 quenees. The charge of niylevt iniist
I be admlttoil by all who appreciate that
atlon -
, struggling for life was ereated lu the
1 face of the law under which they are
, ,,.,,,., ,..,,..,,.
i '
utuiiiiiieu ui uie cui mji .tiiuu uiiiii-
ders to ibe 'more honored lu the breach
than in the obsenance.'
"This Is not the time to consider
whether the one government or the
other Is tho more rcsKnslb!o for this
condition. For the claim Is that in
any event efficiency Is sacrificed '..
'the dual form of government, and that
In tbe interest of business prosperity
1 efficiency is o greater importance
'There U no jwlltical goverument
on earth so efficient as the govern
ment of the United States Steel Cor
jwratlon from a jmrely bimlness stanl
polnt. livery step It takes is In obe
dience to n master mind. Hut It may
safely bo said that no one would be
willing to have our government thus
managed, however much national
wealth might bo augmented each year.
"We are ambitious, It 19 true, for
wealth and the comforts it brings, but
we have not yet lost our faith In the
proiKwItlon that the objee.t of goven
' inent Is tho greatest good to the great
, est number. It Is desirable therefore
' now, as it was In the beginning, that
wo should endure i less efficient form I
i of government In order to avoid the
i greater evils which would otherwlae i
' The Deadly Delay.
; Those who put off using HAhI3
I TliXAS WO.VDBIl for their Kldnoys,
Illadder and Hheumntlc trouble make
a deadly delay. It gives quick nnd
permanent relief. Sold by nil drug
gists. Professional Cards
. II. C. Pottorf. E. A. Walker
1 Altn"' and Counselors
Ardmore. OUIa.
it La
Attorneys At Law.
Practice before all Coarts. Co.i!;n.3S,
Government Departments. lui'a.i
Cases a Specialty. Office, llonJ U'dt-.
Washington, D. C.
H. H. Brown L. G. Shelton
Rooms 11, 12 and 13 Wheeler llldg.
Phone 'JOS.
Ardmore, Okla.
Lawyer i
Wheeler Building Phone 29
Ardmore, Okla.
Office After Oct. 5, Over Hamilton's
Shoe Store.
; q, H. MCKENNEY, M. D. V. Veterln-
j ary surgeon. The only recognized
graduate Veterinary Surgeon In Ard- (
,nore Modern caulpned Hosnltal and !
Office, 130 XorUi Washington. Oppo
site l'ostofflce. Phono No 9. Residence
517 North Washington. Phone 111.
Office Over Bonner's Drug Store.
, Surgery, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
f'e3 accurately iuieu wiin uuibbcb.
Phones: Office 14G, Residence 44.
Rooms C03 and 504, Flatlron Dldg
Fort Worth. Texas.
Lady attendant In the afternoon.
uver ""n ai""-'- ' "one
i -. t.-. .Hi 1 n ti tn
W. A. Tackctv E. M. Tackett
Offic In Slms-Ponnington Building.
Ardmore. Okla.
New Service
Kansas City
Saint Louis
Leave Ardmoro 7:C0 a. ni.
Arrive St, Louis 7;00 n. m,
Leave Ardmoro 1:15 p. m
Arrive tvaneas City 7:20
a. in. .
T hrough Pull in a n
sleepers and up to date din
ing car service. Reserva
tion made on applications.
For further information
Tloket Agent
Or Write
C. 0. JACKSON, D. P. A.
United States Depository
Okla. State Depository
City Depository
Capital, Surplus and
Additional Liabilities
If this bnnk is n sife placo
for tho city, stnt" and nation
to deposit their fundi It la a
safe plnco for th famor nnd
business man to Hep his
funds. TRY IT.
LEE CRUCE President
G. W. STUAKT.Cashicr
And try our famous brand of
j cause it assures to every fam
j ily using it the sweetest and
I most wholesome and nourish
ing bread, biscuit and pastry.
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difference in results between
ordinary flours and this one.
Tyler Simpson Co.
Wholesale Distributers.
J. L. Wilson
Transfer and Storage
I have a good building
leased in which I store all
kinds of household gocds
at reasonable rental. Phono
72 and I will do tho rest.
Goods hauled anywhero
or packed and stored,
l'romp and careful atten
tion to every order.
I P. Poind
f. H. Ftsler
Poland & Foster
General Insurance
Office Over The First
National Bank.
Telephone No. 4S
Waller i Evans & Co.
For Real Estate
OlHcus over City National
Hank. Phono 57
Owners of Walcott Ad
T. K. HOWARD, Mgr.

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