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Ardmore, Tueday, Jan. 18, 1910
& F rensley
We arc heller prepared than ever to supply you with
E Wood Burners
Corrugated Iron Roofing
Barb Wire, Ho and Chicken Wire Fencing
Wc arc prepared f handle both cash and credit
trade. Make our store your headquarters.
Phone 49. Corner Main and Washington Streets.
Ardmore, Oklahoma.
jSjprecfjci? sic j&ufsclji
made at That Dutch Mill,
hutchinson kans..equalled
liutlirle, Okla., .Ian. If.. Tho fol
lowing rusolutlons were adopted ly
I In- Oklahoma School Olflrnra' awo
l.i i iit whU-li adjourned 1U minimi
i --sltiii here I'Vidny:
! Memorial to the (tmnroRn of the
1 ' n H .mI Stales.
' That f. mendiers of tho I'uhltc
S hool OIThcis' association or the
.-i. tie of Oklahoma, pray Hint eon-
i .:n - s iiiimh u law iMirmltthiR the wile
I i!n mirfut'p only of tho segregated
I., mis or the Htnla to 'actual settler
in qunutllle of 10)' acre on long
tun at low rates of Interest Umt
v In mix may ho used for homos
I'll io astdst lu local taxation for
i in' support of local schools and
i lllllll'H.
"We are in favor of tlm complete
'i iirceini'iit of ihiIIi'Ioh from nil the
' IiooIm of the uttito.
That tht legislature Hhonhl pro
vide iimlur proper restrictions for the
payment of members of school hoiirtlN
.urn hoards of education for their
mm' necessary for their duties ami
"i'r,'.ary e pennon attending audi
meetings a School Olflora' nasooln
That a temporary cortlflcnto shall
ii. vi homed until the applicant has
t ii.i n n written or oral examination
in the mthJeetK of reniliiiK. spelling,
l' a i ii in r mid arithmetic anil nliall
Ii i imrmil a grade of not loss limit
I .! rent in enrh suliji'cl.
I'liai till- sniijc't. uf spelling,
i' hIiiiu ur.imiiiar ami aril It mot Ic h"
'' "I lllol" ll lllllilll'llt III DIM' Hehool
mil :lir .ill ii'.u hi'i'o In- i i'iuiiiMl
ii mil,.' i lii.wli' of nut l.'.-s than 7.i
i' ii' i'i tli.'M' suiih'i u lor third
rr.uh' SO per i.Mit fir ,i second
I'.i .m i.'iiH'inliiM' (mii aihin' s, nn' llil. wi- h.ix,' mi 1 sum.' nli .
o! html this l.i st week, aiul .ii.- in position to .-ell mi iiiiiu' o'i
III" r.il In ills ('.ill .mil ni t mini in. d .limit this vciv impel t.mi
We ate again in piwitiou to offer yon omc t'ity hm-gulus lor tv
I t . i' uiiHhtti. miikiII pujmcnt ilnvvu. easy monthly payment with a
. inte. to lake hack property, lalk with us ahoiit thU matter
T ' i i Mini residence imilmalLlniia for rout Iho luuir i., i..
"i'li Bent neighborhood, eery convenience, ami on nr
fji. i hi
u i" 'i you money ou property, good farm or City Prop
i 'in' bh any tKHly.
' !-" nd 80 cro of line Ittml we win sail you riKht nun
- ry reawmahie wUt 1-1 eauh, Imlnnee In three enial pa nn nt
'''!' M'.ir, S per i-ent liltereat.
Oklahoma Loan & Investment Co.
uh , .mil tin pe r cent on a first
i.iih 1 1 1 i' ,iu on these hraiicllea.
I'i. it -'ml. tils In' r.'ipiireil to innUe
i :.nl' ,il not Icm-i than 7"i per cell',
i' Hi.' sahiicis of Mn'iliiiK, reailiiiK,
u i a m in .i r ami arithmetic to p.usH lm
(ininoii school exainlnntloii for the
common Mhuol diploma.
'That the teaching of method of
iiiHtrni'lInn he emplmnleil In onr
((unity normal liistltuten and that
csipcclul attention he kIvoii uradliiK
of tencherH in this important mih
Ject. "I'liat a chaiiKc he made In tho
f'onitltiitlon or tho nil! to ponnittlnu
n Reiicral ta levy for tho support of
the common whooU of tho Htnte snf
fhlent to allow each school district
ot the Btuto to maintain nix months
school, the wild levy to ho appro
printed in such n maimer ns oilier
public school funds mid to he I mod
In the p)utcul of teachers' hm la lies
"I'liat e fnvor a change in tho
constitution whereby the oai-.ite
s.hools or the Htnte may ho en rod
for at state expense ami he under
th, supervision of the county super
intendent ami county commissioner
of their respective counties.
"That we fnvor a change In the
1'iwnt law of pnylim out of tho
funds of the various school districts.
That a return to the plan of payment
by the county treasurers or a town
ship treasurer.
'Taut we wish to congratulate the
people of tho state upon the splou
did condition of the schools or the
stale as made by the .school people
ii'prcsciirliiit the various schools of
he state.
"We desire to offer our thtiuks to
President (ill ami Secretary llum
nhroy for their Impartial and UhhI
ui'Mtlikc methods or nmhliin this
meet Ina a wiecess, to state Super
intendent 12. li. Cameron and his
offUo force for ocurtesles mid plena
(in welcome; to City Superintendent
Cahert and the teachers of the
titiihiie schools; for the nice lunch
and enteiialiini'nir to the hoard of
eitih'.-itloii for the Interest displayed
H, .ittcuil.inct. and dlsmlssliii; their
'lionls, in iltc entire press of the
' ' V for an impartial report of
i li.' i,o dltiKS of our ineutliiKs.
Ui also wish to thniik tho l"od
i. it ion oi YVomcus clubs for encour-in--n
t .in, I assistance given by
Hull' piescuce ami by tho Interest
Ib-plaxd ui the cause of ediicntlon
ind ad'...' on the matter of school
s.in i. it ion .i very Important matter
mi legislature should not overlooK."
I'lu-lii' 7-ti
Potior f UUli'.
A Wild Blizzard Raging
InitiKs ilaiiKcr. suiferliiK often death
- t, iliosu.inds. who take colds.
oiii;Iis and laurtppo- that terror ot
Wmicr and Sprliuc. Its daiiKer slg
n il-, are "s turfed up," nostruls. lower
part of nose sore, chills and fever,
p.iin In back of head, and throat
urtiiplng (oiik'Ii. When Crip attacks,
is eu v,tlm jjHir life, don't delay
e Mm Dr. King's New Discovery,
oi.e hut ile cured me," writes A. L
I Mini', of Hue Valley. Ml., "after be
:im '..lid up' three weeks with drip."
I'"i' sore. lungs, Hemorrhages,
c Mialis, Colds, Whooping Cough.
Ili.ui. hills. Asthma. Its supreme. flOc.
fl 1111 Uuaniiitcel b Aulmure I'har
r.u y
(in1 iii i - Okla. .I.iii 17. U tho
iiiiOsiion advanced hy the minis
tiil.il .llli.itife of this city, ami re
(.n"(l with favor by other minister)
In iii'Mi'i inirts of the state, to
iiiiti.iii' a law allowing divorce Tor
IliM al grounds only, should be net
el upon favorably by the people of
1 1 . - -talc, Oklahoma coilhl claim the
di-. melton of swinging from one ox
turn.' of tho pendulum to the other
in the matter of divorce legislation.
I' h.is hcen only u few yours since
Oklahoma was the easiest place In
the country, with tho possible e.v
I' i'li.'ii of the D.ikotas, to get a
duurce. The creuin of society was
composed of woiihHio divorcees, and
i'ii -In. -s became loo heavy for the
ili-tiui courts, so that oven the
I i (.hate courts were nllowed for a
i 'in.' to grunt divorces.
hlle of course all that litis been
lt'ii- a way with for several "yearn
ii..st. the divorce sittmtlon In Ok
I.tlionia at the present time Is wor
i.Miig the social students who are
iniug especial attention to that
problem and Is Tar rrom satisfactory
t(, the ministers of the state, who
are heading the new reform move
mcnt. Investigation uf tho court
m cords at Oklahoma City recently
slio, veil that In eight months' time
157 mnrrliigi! licenses had been Is
sued and IMS dJyorci grrjnted.
showing nearly half as many di
vorces as weddings. Incomplete re
turn's made by Dr. .1. ('. Mnhr,
stale health commissioner, under
Hie ltal statistics law passed by
the flrt lugislatme, show alumst
Us high a per"ent.ige of divorces,
l''lgures compiled by the L'nltod
States government, alter caroful In
vestigation, are said to show a high-e-
percentage or dlvoix-es In Okla
homa at the present time than In
any other stole In the union.
The first step In the campaign
hiiinched by the (liithrle ministers
w III be the holding of uu open meet
lug on February 7, to dlecusM tho
dU.ircc question, nt which the prop
osition of Initiating a new law, al
VouMng divorce only on lllbllcal
grounds will he brought forward and
discussed. If the sentiment at that
meeting seems to ho sufficiently fa
cra'ble, a bill will probably bu
dt afted at onro and Initiative peti
tions with copies of the hill sent
t.i every minister ill the state to
circulate among tho members of his
congregation and others, who might
In favorable to the restriction of
the divorce evil,
Tho Itev. U. D. Cameron, state su
perintendent of public Instruction,
who I also pastor of the First Hap
list church here, and u number ot
the ministerial ulllauc , is prima
rily responsible for ' the new cam
paign. In a recent address before
the state teachers' association, he
di in- '."luted the pr valenco of di
vert e in Oklahoma, ami advocated
the teaching of domestic science a
a panneea. declaring that It would
make a girl want to get married nud
stay lmirrtod.
A largo number of peopl or tin
tldiml prominence claimed their res
idence In Oklahoma for a fev
mouths (luring the quick dtv.irue
period. Among them "ire Mr Jus.
(!. lllnlue, Jr., who socurcd a sepa
ration troni her Irwhand in tho
dlstilcl court in Oklnliom i county;
1 . 1 11 Ian HlatiMilt, the famous ,n tress,
who became a resid"iit of Oklaho
ma City to secure a b'g.il fcepar.i
tio'( from her hu-.li.ini! U. iVc iliB
trlct court In Okiahnni i tounty,
and Countess Vnaga, graiLlmothe."
of the present Duke of Manches
ter, remembered li.r a.i the niofct
bt.iutifiil oi all :it iii-'iii j of t'i"
divorce ctiiony -v io is now livltig
In retirement In the south.
Col. Nathaniel McKay, we' I
known as a Washington hotel man
and capitalist, was an Oklahoma
divonee, as was .Mrs. Helen Church
Ill C.iudee, the novelist, who gath
t'ted the malt rial for her book, "An
Oklahoma Itomuiice." during her
i luety dus rtulilauco ill Ciiithrle.
'Die lint i.k luded at least one prom
i.i ut 1-hiKl'sli woman, who after-
aid utarii d a member of parlia
,t i n nih-'i' of the t'oolldft
family, or Itoston, Mass, who di
vorced nir husband to marry an
Kngllsh army officer; one of the
exclusive l.nnler.s of New Orient) .,
and a former mayor of Tienton, N.
l.i who became enamoured with
the wife or a roremnii in one of
Ills mills, and eloped with her to
Oklahoma lu his private car; .1.
Charles Hooch, u legal writer or
piomint'ii' t. lu Now York City, was
or tlie lew uilHiiccessritl applicants.
Ile stayed tne required ninety days,
but. his wife got wind or his plans
ami filed a successful protest.
Not Ice Is hereby given that Hon
orable John It. Whayne. Iteprohenla
tlve of Carter County, Oklahoma,
will Introduce In tho State l.cgls
la til re of Oklahoma, nt tho coming
special session as called by special
proclamation or Governor C. X. Has
kell, Tor Its consideration .and pas
sage a bill, tho substance or which
will he as follows:
(1.) To valldato and legalize a
special election held on tho ll.lrd day
or March, A. I)., V.lOii, In the city or
Ardmore, Oklahoma, In pursuance to
an ordinance passed by the City
Council, or the City or Ardmore on
the 1.1th day or Fobruaiy, 1009, and
validating and legalizing tho bond
Issue, authorized at said election Tiy
the qualincd taxpaylng voters or said
City, as follows:
(a.) $i!.",000.00 worth or negotiable
bonds or the City of Ardmore. Okla
homa, to raise means for the Im
provement of Its street and alley
crossings of said City, to be owned
exclusively by said City, being of the
denomination or $1,000.1)0 each, and
being in number, and numbered
rrom 1 to 35 both Inclusive, bearing
Interest at the rato or 3 per cent per
annum, payahlo semi-annually on tho
1st days or June and December, of
each year, duted June 1st, 1909, and
due 2ii years rrom date- thereof.
(b.) $20,000.00 worth of negotiable
bonds of the City of Ardmore, Okla
homa, to raise means Tor the Im
provement or the Flro Department or
said City to be owned exclusively by
said City, being 20 lu number, and
numbered rrom 1 to 20, both Inclu
sive, and or the denomination of
$1,000.00 each, bearing Interest at
the rate of G per cent per am: mil .
payable semi-annually on the 1st
days of Juno and December of each
year, dated Juno 1st, 1909, and due
2." youM from date thereor.
(2.) To empower the Mayor and
Hoard of Commissioners of the City
or Ardmoro to issue and sell said
bonds or said City or Ardmore, as
Authorized hy the qualified taxpaylng
voters ot said City, at said special
election hold on the 2:ird day or
.Mutch, 1909, and declaring an emer
gency. JOHN It. WHAVNW.
Hopresentntlve or Cartor Coun'y-
W. F. r.UiMHU.
Representative of Carter County.
HAltltY K. AU.WN,
Senator ISth Senatorial District.
Mayor of the City of Ardmore.
wk 12-19-2i-2
Guaranty State Bank
Deposits Guaranteed
Four per cent in
terest paid on
time deposits.
Ardmore State Bank
Ardtnorc, Oklahoma
CAPITAL $25,000
Deposits guaranteed. Fastest growhnj batik in
Oklahoma. A home bank owned by home people.
Our "Motto; Safety, Courtesy and Promptness.
Doposlts, Individual, Juno 1, $18,57.1.0:!
Deposits, individual, July 15, $15,2.11.5:1
Deposits, Individual, Sept. 23, $100,008 1!)
Deposits, Individual, Nov. 27. $119,937.52
Deposits, Individual, Feb, 5, $152, 150. 2c
Deposits, Individual, April 28, $162,035.63
Deposits, Individual, June 23, $190,356.05
Total Deposits, September 1, $216,263.44
Total Deposits, Nov. t6, $30t,567A7
U. V. ANDUItSON, I'rca. MOHAN SCOTT, Vlco-l'res.1
C. li. ANDHHSON, Cashier. ED BANDMN, Asst. Cashier.
Ardmore, OKU,
Capital Paid In $60,000.00
Surplus Funds .165.000.00
Total $225,000.00
The oldest bank in Indian Territory. Accounts of firms
and individuals solicited upon the most liberal terms
consistent with pood banking.
J. A. MVKNS, Fresiilont.
A. H. PALMER, Cashlor
DON l.ACV, Vico ProBidont.
O. II. WOLVEHTON, Asst. Cashier.
The City National Bank
Ardmore, GHlahoraa.
Capital $100,000.00
Surplus Funds 100,000.00
Accounts of firms and individuals solicited. Courteous
treatment accorded to all alike.
The gill who marries for money
may dhcovor that n rich lover some
times makes a mighty poor hus.
Notice of
Sale of Lands
Under Ex-
Notice Is herehy nh'on, that In
pursuance of a writ of execution
isfiied out of the
the District Court
ter (Vanity. State
the first day of
111. action wherein
plaintiff ami I.. II.
Clerk's Office ol
lu and for Car
of Oklahoma, 011
AiiKiist, 190S, ''ii
Morris Hass vvaa
Dlllard was d.v
ftndant. ('ominiiudluK me to hn-y
ui on property lilonjtltiK to wild
di feiidant, 1.. II. Dlllard, sulTIcient
to Miitlsl'y a Judgment renderod lu
said action lu favor of Morris S.tiis
against said I.. 11.' Dlllard for the
.-inn of $::IS.0I), with $F!S0 costs,
. rk's tees MOO, with Interest
tli n in from the date of judgment,
the first day of August, 190S; 1 have
It vied upon certain lauds and tene
ments hclonglng lo said L. II. Dll
lard, not exempt from sale under
execution, for want of goods and
chattels of the Maid U II. Dill'ml.
The northeast ipinrtcr of tho
northeast quarter of tho soutlu.ii't
(Uiarter, of Section twenty-one; and
the south half of tho tiorthvvo.it
quarter of the northeast uuarter,
of Section twenty-two; and tho
southwest quarter of the northern
quarter of the northeast quarter, or
Section twenty-two; all In Town
ship four, south, Hange two west;
i'i Carter County, Oklahoma, formei
ly the Chickasaw Nation, Indian
And have duly caused said hinds
and tenements to ho aipralsed ac
cording to law, at $10.00 per aero;
new, therefore, notice Is horehy glv
en, that lu pursuniico of the om
mamls of said writ, 1 -will offer for
sale and sell for cash to the high
est hldder, said lands and tene
ments, or so much thereof ns will
satisfy the said judgment and costs,
on the 10th day or Kimruary, 1910,
at 2 o'clock p. in., of said day,
at the trout door or the Court
House In the City or Ardmore, in
said County ami State.
Witness my hand .this 17th day or
January, HUD.
Sherltr or Carter County.
Hy W. LANDIUJM, Deputy.
nlllf lri nn works wondora.
i nuenne It proiluC0H hRr
just ns surely nH rain ami sunshine
raises crops. It proihicos a thick
growth of luxuriant hair when all
othor remedies fall. Wo Ruaranto
Danilorino. All lrugKistHflolllt-25c,
50o nml fl per bottlo. To provo its
worth Bond this nil with lOo in otnmpa
or silver and '70 will mnll you n larce
froo samplo KNOWLTON DAN
DKRINK CO,, Chicago. III.
CO., Furniture, Etc.

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