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Ardmor, Sunday, January 30, iota
Thiro formerly lln-d a . -,h(Mil torn h-
i-r lit this county who mail. freiiielit i
vi.H. i am.,.,f,. II.. 1...1 u-..,.!,,,.-. I
lor piirchanliu women's 'iothltig and
owned a number of shirt waists,
.kiuboi i-ermtM .r in, own A ear ami
uivon one occasion he had an Anlmore i
ml IIii.t to onler hlni a win suitable :
,, ,
fur wear of women. Tim win wan mi
MiiKialvo article of l,,Wd ,lre,s but'
. . ... . ... I
rut iiiinir ,-iwi tiiziinuL in rnit unite i
when he wna purchusltiff woman's up i
parel. On one occasion ho vUltett !
with an ncfiinliit.uiee here ami pin)- '
i( on ttiH piano. He was an accom- ,
plWii'd .'iiualrimt and 'ould sing with
the voice of a woman or with the
video of a man He stationed this I
acipinliiiaiice In another room to aa- I
cerialll If he cou'il detect whelher I
lie waa a m.in or a woman from th
lone of lila lolce.
icT n'ereklhc.in
Mrn. .Niblnek, count) HUP'-rlnteml 1
out of schools, mijB he wna highly j
ilucated find wna one of the beat
teachers hIih eler knew. I In rinMoiiiioil
tlin talent .if liiimirl hor liirm-iiiiiiliiii '
to others that plnced hltu lu the IiIrIi
Ht rankH of hla profinalou but he
could never ohl'illl to the lilKhet
p'ace for the reason that hla weak-
ninw for nouinn'a apparel nnie rlHe
to dltilruiil on the part of the p,-ople
and lie wiei olten thrown out of cm-
Where be is now In not ktmun III.
wife was glien a tea, hers certificate ,
hero by Mrs. Mblaek and she said
she hud a position In Jefferson conn
The P.ilnter, a publication lu Okla
hoiim City, has puliUli..,! the fo'lowlng
lory concerning this Htrnn.- tsieher:
Man, woman or what?
Pieced together, bit by bit. the
known f of A. .1. Ijaker. who has
Imnui In Oklahoma Clt for the last
thrtii wei-ks, departing yesterday ev-
nlng, osteiiMlb!)- for III Heno, Is a '
Mory of inj'stery straiue ami almost
unfathomable, full of weird details
and brliiKH to light ;i ;ae of dual
liersonallty apparently well worth the ,
attention of the gnsiteat experts In ,
the study of mind and body.
If liakcr Is a 111:111. be lias been
masquerading as a woman, umletect- !
ed; if lUiknr Is a woman she has!
miIJ! suspicion when walking In
tlio streets garbed as a man.
dpilppcd with an education llbcrnl
and prollelent. an excellent teacher,
1 ndowed by nattinj. with (ualltleatious
to Impart Ideas to the youthful mind
that are found only in the Ideal In
Mructor; a musical genius, able to
miik male and female parts with cinml 1
facility and performlim on many in-
Ml'UUientt with wonderful technique
io!Woaned of magnetic power akin to
hypnotism; bandi-oine, culture t, polish
od, jtnieeful, n,,j(,.r ho boon driven
out of one Oklahoma community after
another because of auspicious concern,
ng hla sex, arouse I by his own state
incuts, as well as his appearance mi,!
Kaker first came into the limelight
at Hurrah, this county. In the early
part of 1107. He was living with a
woman, whom be said was his wife,
and with them they had a little girl,
about three years old, whom they
'ah! whs their chl'd. dloth were
eachers, and at tlrst both were top
ul ir. .Mr. and Mrs. Kaker were olnt-
d out as two of the best Instructor
a Oklahoma county.
Tongue of Gossip W.1qs.
Kill unm there came gossip about
Pinf. linker- a little hero and a little
Hiero, one thliii after another Prof.
K.ikorVi hands and feet wor,. small.
H,- had the oice of a woman. Ills
tuivs and walk. Ills features, tastes
in 1 habits were effeminate The word
n h sprew.l that he had
1 womanly 1
. ure . clerk lu a general store j
nd tint Prof link. 'i wore a corset j
Are You Coming?
Services every night in the week, 7:30 P. M.
Music in charge of Miss Hanna.
Flnallj it .n uhlipncd that Prof
linker had confided to some Hint he
"aM n Ionian and strength was add
1 iil (o the thioiy tnat he won of feina'e
lev whi n in Ighfoor reported that he
u.itllil tO a, hla lilillltt rltitl fnf )wiifl
. .tr-toh WOllhl ntmise hll.Helf
rMK.h,.t all(l fnncy work
. . . .
Licenses ((evoked.
' ' f ''" W,,H
ler. then county stuer htctiditnt of In-
- ?
Mtinctmn. wa attract, d by gossip i
and c. inpl'ilutH from a number of
achoo! patrons. She conduce! a ipilet
Investigation, and in .Inly, PJ07, re
xoked tho llceimti to teach of both
Prof. Kaker and Mrs. Ilaker.
The description given of Mr, link
er wuh that ahe wna a small, slight
leflned, pr'tty woman of enera;iy at
traetlxo appearance, but of a quiet,
letlrlnn dlaiMHritlon, and very reticent
when it came ti iIIhcuhhIiik the af
fair ot herself ami Prof. Ilaker.
After tho Jlakers left Hurrah, noth
ln more has been heard of Mm.
linker. Hut several times Oklahoma
te-iohers ha- heaiM of Prof.
I'lra: he wan said to be la ('ana-
I In 11 county, near III Uni: next In
(Sreer coiinly, near Mangum; and
llnallv In Carter county, at l.oue
(rove, near Anlmore.
Claimed to Dc Woman.
in cry w nere.
accoriiuiK to rtimoi'ri, ,
,h" ",,r.v "" 1 " ''' '" Hither
,M,'U "lected to be a woman, '
i""" "", IH'"M ,,,rl'",l l" lv,
;n,-,,M, IIHim as facher which he
huh securest.
Ho far as Is known Maker has not
b-en arreatcd,
nor has there been
, .
an seamdal attached to his name. '
s, far as his re.ations with others are '
concerned; no court him Investigated)
his sex. According to statements
made bj persons somewhat familial
with his history, linker has said, sex
cm! tiuii-s ibat h wan a woman.
While in Oklahoma City. Ilaker
iiayctl at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph T. Phillip, who llvo In a fat
at !in7 1-2 West I'lith street. The
Phillips' bine three small chl'tlrea.
PhllMps is a piano Htilesmau and has
a studio lor en urging pictures. Ilaker ,
acted as salesman and collector In !
the picture business.
According to Phillips he first met
Ilaker at the officii of Dr. .1. it. Allium,
lu hlekasha. He says that at that
time linker stated he wanted to come
to Oklahoma City "to have his beard
removed.'' According to his own
story. Phillip otfered to take Ilaker
Into Ills homo here while this opera
tion was being performed, and Ilaker
"'cepted the offer.
Physician Will Not Say.
Phillips says that at that time he
supposed Kaker to be a man, but
that Mrs. Phillips later discovered
Kaker to bo a woman.
Asked ns to whether she knew Kak
er to be a woman. .Mr.. Phillies said:
I 1 milk I snow it ah well as nnv- '
one could."
Whl'e In Oklahoma City linker took
tieatnient of Dr. W. A. I'owier, who
has an office In tho I.ee building,
l'ol'owing a statement by Kaker in
which ho said ho was prepared to
demonstrate that he was a woman,
and that ho contemplated throwing
otf his male nttlro and adopthu per
manently tJio garb of a woman, D.
I'ow.er was quostiom l concerning h!s
knowledge of Kaker. The physician
said that he was not lemming linker's
board. When asked as to linker's
c, Dr. Tow ler Mild:
"it wou'd be contrary to the ethics
of m profession to make any state
ment. 1 am sure that Prof. Kaker is
IHmsi'SKed of normal mental faculties."
1 11.11 1 1 . 1. . ... . .
1 " i "imiii nun ii.iKer 111111 n
r.ior and tdiaicd frequently
A "Perfect Gentleman."
Dr Milam a well known physician
Broadway Baptist Church.
Sunday, Jan. 30, 7:30 P. M.
Special Revival Meetings.
Leslie Lee Sanders, Preacher.
of ( filt-knnli.1. In a telephone ronvor- of commander in chief of the mill
Kiition, Midi: I tary forces, I (.iron Pardee brought his
I took Prof. Kakw Into my homo wife ntiil family from tho land of the
a few wesks ago anil treated hlni for orcult to thin country, where they
his eyes, ono of which was what Is might ImbRio the principle!! of modern
common y known an 'croMoil.' ! after- ' civilization Mid procure Instruction In
ward performed an oporatlon on the ' the art In the bcR-iiccs.
eye which was successful. I -'H0 purchased tho old Hesse man-
I found Prof. Maker to be a per- Klon which Is t,o famous for Its lin
feet netitl.Miiaii. II,) dll nothing to posing golhlc architecture and magnl
nroumi :ny suspicions, and ! believed ! iicunt commons walled with lt man
him to be a mail. It In tnio that he
had sonio eccentric way l. I believe
that he a a natural mind reader an 1
linu fix. tw.it ....
of hypnotism, 1-
though he has never t y ktiowl-
(M,K ,, l(t lhVU.lar K,(t for .
.,,,i.,i .,n
nrinclal profit,
1 ... ,,, . , , ,,
! ,; Tu- , , i ' ,
I "P", linker made tho statement that
ll" "ad .1 wife and two chlldron In
Oklahoma, near the Texan line, but
that Mrs. Ilakor had rcfiiw,! to live
with hint any lotiKor.
Mysterious Personality.
Ilttker appi-nred, while hire, to be
liiade up." To tho close obnencr, It
.ppeaied tha: IiIk whole phymoKiiauiy
uad been artificially traiiKforiiied.
1 here were tiny wrlnk en at the top
of bin none, and his noie did not ai
pear to have a natural ahapc, eye
hrowH had a peculiar appearance. His
upper lip seemed strangely molded,
ills forehead had an odd appearance.
1 1 In who'e personally In a myster,
One or the ipieHtloiM that natura ly
arlwa Is: Where in Mrs. Ilaker. the
ivoinau who was with him at HarraliV
What part does she play In the life
HI -Hi ry of Kaker?
While In Oklahoma Oiiy K.iker said
that Phll'lpi bad i;ott"ii In'o his ef
fect -t and found a clipping Uiat ton
llaker'H past life, and hal
a !(py of It. Ho mild be aid l.ili.r
(h,.,,vcivd the copy and f aid Phil
Hw was nlsmt to turn It over to the
neuspapers--so bo wanted to break
the news tlrst.
Figure In a Tr.medv.
ti,,. nifiiiii,.rii.i u-i,i..i. n..b .1
-"-i-. ... t ttttnv, n.1111
w,is taken from a newsp.iH.r published
(Jlu.,ec. Canada, dated .January 5
pji)-. tuM a r,.,,,;,,-,!,),. .story' of
, an l.ngllshwoinaii of nob"e blood be
ing exiled from Canada, after the mur
der of her lover of which crime she
was suspected.
According to the manuscript, the
heiolno of the romantic and strange
title had been teaching school In tho
I'nilcil States after she left Canada,
disguised as a man, and known as
Prof. A. J. Kaker. The name of the
heroine was ulvnn i,i.tv i,-...... 1
dee. and italtei-stai...i ti.,.t 1,. .....ii,
he Is Lady Pardee.
Phillips acknowledged that, curious
to know something of tho real Ins
j tory of Ilaker. he had gone through
some of linker's belongings, and had
seen the clipping, but (lonle l that he
had nuide any cony of It.
1 Publicity Sought; Avoided.
' lloforo 1 "ivliig Oklahoma City, llak
I er kept out of the way of reportors,
and appirently desired to avoid pub
I'ollowliu is tin-story, which, lhik
er said, told his or her real history,
ami which, according to Kaker, Is a
copy of tho clipping from the Cunn
dluu newspaper:
Ladv P.irdi- nm r.niitt,
( n,,. tragic fate of Sir (ieorgo Cur-
Ills, the Midden dUappeai.ince ot Sir
llcnr WeUe and the skillfully plan.
IK i encnpe of l.ady Pardee the day
beforo her trial for the murder of
Sir (ieorgo CniiK will well lm re
UK mbured by the whole reading mass
of the Dominion.
"Sociity has not received so severe
a shock for many years as when It
was noised abroad that Karon K
I'm dee's daughter was apprehended
for the minder of hor !oor.
in INS.". Ilanm Pardee came to the j who',, inhabitants of tho place under nffi'Ct his rights and his land. He
X.w World iu a representative of . ti. inritt. nee of some sleeping iwtlon. cannot read ICnglhdi. He seldom
Imliu to tho Canadian government, while I.idy Par'ce ilouued her broth- I to u postolTlce. Hules and reg
Kelng a innti ot man clou Ingenuity ..r' off., lal garb and boldlv rod., i.r , illations are Issucl bv conCres nnd
li'lelllgence. his services were i
coushh nil
. .
iinalunlile, so his a legi-iMiul
..I,.. aiiitii) , ,-n niiairs j
1 ""'"
From Land of Occult.
fi.r Ills promotion to the posltluu ,
; lve inwonry of to Id atone and It his-
toric portcullis barring the Intrudor
and tho Imiulsltlvo, or Kpannliii; the
diabolical firm of the moat with Its
dark waters creeping In deathlike
si ence around the oil grey wal .
Here was the placo tho Ilaron had
cnoaen to make his habitation, to
raise hla children and to expend his
great wealth. With lavish hand he
bestowed rich gifts upon friend and
foe, rich and poor.
'He became belovtd by a 1, for his
genial spirit and rare benevolence
shtme forth lu all he did or said or
"Ho ros0 o prominence and his son,
Carl, followed In the footsteps of his
paternal ancestor, being given, at his
eighteenth birthday, the military com
mand of the posts of The St. haw
re nee
"Ono other child blesseJ, tho home
of Karon Pardee Lady Irene Pardee.
A iwrfcet qtiei n In bearing, manners
and Intel ectunllty. Startllnly fearless
In expression, fresh as tho dew and
as pure as the snow wafted from
heaven; tall, graceful, captivated, en
tranced, myi-tlllcd. Hut sorrow was
soon to overshadow the life of this
dark-eyed child of India. Child? Yes, I
for at the nco ,f ulYiot.n Hi.. .i..-v
clouds closed around.' her and the "l,on w,n rwal "'vanns Ah
,.. .. . ' checta." which Is Cherokee for t-'nrin
. I,. 010K0 in us niry on her tin -
suspecting head.
Tragedy at .1 Ball.
A ball had been given In honor of
in r "coniliu out' on New Year's eve.
"All tho gentry were there; Prince
ICdward or Wales. Don Nlzza. and
Lady Charaiteris of .Mantlesburry aa
well as others of the royal fanillv
which was a crowning attraction of
the evening.
"hilly Par,!,, was greatly agitated
during the whole evening, left tho
floor lu the middle of a quadrille, go
lug out into the night alone and tin
pioteetul, where she was finally dls
covered by Sir Henry Welse, (one of
her suitors) stanllng over the life
Icks body of li r betrothed, Sir (Jeorge
Curtis. She held a plMol lu her hand,
the linnet from which was lodged lu
the brain 01 the man before her. Her
dress was bedrabbled with his life's
blood and when confronted with thu
charge of the crime sho endoaiored
io inako her escape but was provontd
from leaving the premises by her
"Her lather being held lu such
lili.lt ...... 1... tl... ..n-t..l..l.. .t ,
"V? 01 "'"
.,, a puimum. 10 iaKe
chatwe of his daughter after giving
bond lor her
ippearance at court for ,
,, , , . I
me 11 1111 01 me i-;ih( in question.
"(in unistantlal evl'ence was so
great that every one thought her
guilty; ien hor parents. She pro
testw. her Innocence, but endeavored
to persuade her father to help her
to escape but he was loyal tj his du
ties. Sin- then tried to Induce her
brother to assist her In her right, but
was m t with a severe rebuke for fur
ther efforts : "disgrace the family
name.' Xi t, her fertile brain evolved
a cunning plan to escape.
Escapes Across Border.
"She was thought to be dangerous
: III and was permitted to summons j liPt'8 wl, nr' a,), to 8(!t tM t''
her own medical aid. Her physician Tho nvu'aKo full-blood Indian Is
was her accomplice nnd after giving w"fUy Ignorant of those matters
orders that in, ono save tho doctor be j v"a"y affecting bin very home and
permitted to enter the room for twen-' "oslde, and the recent acts of con
tyfour hums, nrocooiled it nut n,.. I gross and the state leclslatnre thnt
brotln i-'b Inn-.. i n... .,n
. tt.v iivititDk 1 ,1 1 1 i
win in iii. m,ii,...i m i...r
1 - ...t, t.t.,i.-n in-noi-
the fourth bell of St. Mary's cathedral
Tor seven years detectives have
h.i,lw,d her In the states and for
tho laHt K0VL. vtar8 ,. ,ms 0,U(l(n,
them. I'wlco Detective drove of
Srotland Yards luu been thwarted In
liK a: tempt to seize her. Now, how
vi r. rrws comes that fonver free.
In r from all suspicion and fully exon
er.i'( s '11 r in the eyes of the who'e
Confestlon Clenrc Mystery.
Th- dying deposition of sir Henry
W( .,e who to mysteriously tllsippcnr
ed on tho eve of the tragic death of
his rival fci- the fair baud of l.ady
Pardee, brings Indisputable evidence
(Includli , a note wrICen by Sir
(Icorge Curtis himself, in which he
threatens to kill hlnuelf If Uuly Par
dee nfusi to promise to many him),
of l.ady PanWs Innocence.
' I n .1 It t 11, . .
hid i .i rui o w in uiidomiieii i
turn new to her former life atnonc !
...it, in. .1 in hit uiiiiier 11111 among 1
her friends and will begin f.. anew.
She has the deep sympathy of all. An
cmio rnnu home, shadowed for a. 1
crime of revnltlni'
s'io u-iu not l-iiii'i- f,'. 1 .
s e was not Mill.) to ce.l to ma
qucrade In mans nttlre to nvold cap-'
turo. her suffering must hao been
terrible 1
Hi,.. ,-i..t o,,.i I.. .1.. .
She taught bchool In the btates un-1
.Muskogee, Okla., Jan. 2y. Hacked
by tho five chiefs of the five civil
ized tribes and supiwrtcd by Influ
ential Indians In all of these tribes,
n now newspaper to represent the
Indians .mil keep them Informed
upon current events, particularly
those relating to affair covering
Iniidlaus and state and congressional
legislation affecting them, will bo
j established at Muskogee next month,
1 It will be printed In the Jndlnn
' languages, being divided up Into
Cherokee, Creek and Choctaw do-
! partmeiits. The Creek and Seminole
language Is the same, which In also
true of tho Choctaws and Chieka
saws. A plant for tho publication of
this paper has already been pur
chased and the first Issue Is expect
ed to appear not later than Feb. IS.
It will be a weekly publication.
Augustus (vey ot Stnwclt will bo
the editor of tho paper. He Is a
ncrtspaper man of experience, n
versatile and pointed writer, nnd Is
thoroughly familiar with the affairs
of tho Indians, being himself a
The tltl page of thin unique pub
1 , , ., , . .
a"'1 ir ('3lll('- Tliat Portion of the pa-
1 per which Is for Cherokces will be
! I"I"U''1 l,,u Cijrok,eo language
and the famous Cherokee characters
will be used. This Is tho only Indian
liingunge In the world that has been
developed to the point where Its
own characters could lie used. Tho
! (''lt'rd!l-i alphabet Is the Invention
01 hequoyaii, whose Kngllsli name
was Coorgo (Juoss, a half-breed
'whose bones lie lu an unknown
grave somewhere In Now Mexico.
The Creek nnd Choctaw will be
printed in those languages, but Kng
llsli letters will be used. Special
writers will be assigned to edit the
departments of each nation.
J For nearly fifty years thu Chew
kees maintained at Port filbson and
Tahlcquah thu Cherokee Advocate, n
newspaper printed In tho Cherokee
language at tho expense of tho na
tion. This was strictly an Indian
paper and was particularly valuable
to the full-blood Indians In koopln?
thorn informed aa to current events
1 during tho tlmo of tho formation of
treaties and othor policies adopted
Jo,ntlv , . ,,RIr nnt,on am, t)0 r,lt
,,,, Stnt(,a Bn..CPnninil. Sbn,-nv ....
I ed States covernmnnt. Shortlv lie.
tnr mm.,i,, ,.. ,,.M.,
"....., ...io titiiitt 1 1. ti .in .1
state this paper was discontinued
! and tho type and press stored In
I the old capltol building at Tahlequali.
This type Is very valuablo now. The
1 only fonts In existence arc at Tahl
! equah and thu molds from which P
I was made by a Chicago type foun
' dry were destroyed. The consent of
the Cherokee nation has been so
cured to use this typo In the new
publication. It requires a Cherokee
Indian who knows Ihn language well
and Is able to set typo to make this
useful. There nro only four Chero-
inu-u iv,n,i ,ir...i,... 1.1.. 1
r-"" iwi,,, it in itiuil ;iioi
iiu ..i.,i,, ... ,.n .. 1 ,. .....
t,f,t,t n. n.ii i, i it-.iM' n, ;it-
j state legislature may pass law.i
that nfftvt his schools and taxes his
land or restrict his liberty, nnd It
der name of Prof. A. J. Kaker In the
capacity of which. It Is sild. :he moat
excellent services were rendered,
Fear of detection, however, drove her
rrom place to place to practice her
profession. -
"It Is .loubtful If she will return to
her place in the social world, as De
tective drove says she has cultivated
inlto a beard, has had plastic surgery
transformations and that he should
have failed to recognize her had It
not been for two upper bicuspids that
were missing and n slight scar on her j
Saved at Death's Door.
Tho idoor of death seemed ready to
'lcrfl,n' snvrd- "l wns " dreadful
....... Iltlntt 1 -I .... I
, ' .-...tM. , t
XSi.o; e"
coated; emaciated 1
no "lira, my HKin was
sunken; tongue
from lncdni 40
Pounds, growing weaker dally. Vlr
ulcnt liver trouble nnlllnc mo down I
,0 death In sptto of doctors. Then
that matchless medicine-Electric
Kltttrs cured me, I regalnwl tho -10
pounds lost and now am well and
strc ng." For all f.'omach. liver and
kidney troubles they're supreme 50c
at Aivlmore Pharmacy.
may be months and possibly years
bi fore he knows It, nnd then only
by word of mouth and In n very
ague or distorted manner. (
Tho Indian chiefs nnd the more In- j
telllgent nnd educated classes of :
Indians are fully aware of this. This
knowledge Is rcsjionslble for tho
present movement. Prominent nnd
, wealthy Indians have agreed to sub-1
, sei the sums ot money to support
. the publication. Agents will bo sent
1 among the full-bloods to induce (
1 them to take and read the paper. '
A very large circulation Is nntlcl-
1 patcd, because there tire 101,000 per-1
' sons classed as Indians nnd per-1
j haps J0.000 of these are full-bloods.
There will be no politics In the pa-!
per and it will confine itself strict-
ly to Imparting to the Indians that
Information which Is of thu most I
vital nnd personal Interest to them.
An effort will be mnde to educate
them to the duties and burdens of
a citizenship In a state and remove '
from their minds a stubborn prej
udice against the white man and his ,
laws and customs. I
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars lie-1
ward for any case of Catarrh that ,
can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh
I J. CIIB.VHY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known '
P. .1. Cheney for the past fifteen
years nnd believe him perrectly hon-'
ornble In nil business transaction:. I
and financially able to carry out any '
obligation made by his firm. 1
Waldlng, Klnnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally, acting directly upon tho
blood and mucous surfaces of tho
system. Testimonials sent free. Price
7.r cents per bottle. Sold by all drug
gists. Take Hall's Family Pills for con
stipation. ,i&w
It Is qui. t possible for a negative
reply to be given In a positive man
Tablets. Druggists refund money If
it rails to cure. E. v. cuovK's sig-
nature Is on each box. 25c.
A talkative woman Is always pop- CailSC it assures to CVCry fam
iliar with the men. because there . ily using it the SWCetCSt and
Isn't any other kind. . , , , ,
1 most wholesome and nourish-
ror Sore Throat, suddpii cold nnd couxiw I iriR bread, biscuit and pastry.
10 remedy bug been dii ovcrcd t-o power-1 X7 Mi 1 1 1
u ijc, o uj Perry .ivi.,' pini ,iicr. ,u You will be surprised at the
iI.iui:naitithiiiinociuidiu(nringlibcu. , ,lifl prinro tn rncnlfc lmf,.,,,
umhiii or Kcurnlgin, burin nnd bmi,(w 'U'CrcnCCin results DetWCCtl
he u'l,V'cP,u'wriiou'Ui? lordinary ,lours a"d tin's one.
in' ine.qiost iiml Ik-sI rciuudy ollcrod 1 J
o the public. Only :ifltf. for a big bottlo. 1 Tvlor SimtlCAn Cdx
lhc-o nro other sizes ulw, 5c. audOOc. ' jlET CI OimpSOIl LO.
... ; ; ; . Wholnaalo nistrlliuters.
railing In love Is the easiest thing 1
In the world, but it requires consld- I ' "" "
erab'e Ingenuity to engineer a falling
Pneumonia Follows a Cold
but never follows tho use or Foloy's
Honey and Tar, which stops the
cough, heals the lungs, and expels the
cold rrotu your system. Take nt ni
sign of a cold and avoid a dangerous
uinesB. bom uy all ilmgglsts.
Duty is a saddle that wears sores
on one's back.
It Is .1 dangerous thing to take a
cough medicine con'nlnlng opiate
that merely stifle your couch instead
of curing it. Foley's Honey and Tn I
loosens and cures the co igh an I cx I
pels tho poisonous germs, thus pre
venting pneumonia mid consump'i.ou I
Hefuse substitutes and take only tncj
genuine Foley's Honey nnd Tar In '
me yeuow package. Sold by all drug,
A man thinks he can control others
when ho can't control himself.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy J3 a
very valuable medlclno for throat nn 1
lung troubles, quickly relieves nnd
cures painful breathing and a danger
ously sounding cough which IndlcaN's
congested lungs. Sold by nil doners.
The less a man understands girls
the more they make him think he
Rev. I. W. Williams Testifies.
Hev. I. w. Williams, Huntington. W.
n writes us as follows: "This Is to
certiry that I used. Foley's Kidney
Hi'inedy for nervous exhaustion and
kidney trouble and am froo to say
that Foley's Kidney Homcdy will do
(ill that you claim for it." Sold by
all druggists.
It's better to have a foolish belief
that comforts you than a wise one
that pains you.
Chamberlain's Cough Hemedy never
disappoints those who use It for ob
Btlnnto coughs, colds nnd Irritations
of tho Uiroat and lungs. It stands un
rivalled as a remedy for allthroat
, and lung diseases. Sold brirtldeal
ers. lwlr "our 8 S,'0I' 1,1 u, morning some
. tl... ..l.O.l.,... . !.. .. ..
"i -"" viii.iih.-ii .iiu mho m givo ll
voluntary Imltntlon of nn alarm clock.
Postal Ttgrah CabU Co.
N. Wsshlngton St. Tel. No. 31.
United States Depository
Okla. State Depository
City Depository
Capital, Surplus and
Additional Liabilities
It this bank la a safe place
for tho city, atato and nation
to deposit their funds It li t
safe place for tho farmer nnd
business man to keep btt
fnnds. TRY IT.
G. W. Stuart. President
P. D. Maxwell. Cashier
Utl HvRR 1 Vf
, And trv onr fnnmni hr-inH nf
iaiuous Drana Ot
J. L. Wilson
Transfer and Storage
I have a good building
leased in which I storo all
kinds of household gotds
at rcasonablo rental. Phono
72 and I will do tho rest.
Goods hauled anywhero
or packet! and stored.
Promp and careful atten
tion to every order.
I P. Poland
I. B. Foster
Poland & Foster
General Insurance
Office Over The First
National Bank.
Telephone No. 48
Waller I Evans S Co.
For Real Estate
Offices over City National
Bank. Phono 57
Ownors of Walcott Ad
T. E. HOWARD, Mgr.
1 SlHf

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