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Ardmore, Monday, February 28, 1910.
Ulln mil
lit If VI$Mff
Croup, Whooping Cotigl, Bronchitis. Ln Grippe,
Quinsy, Hoarseness, Heinorih.ige of the Lungs,
Weakness of the Lungs, Asthma and
all diseases of
Eleven years oro Dr. Kinc'o New Discovery permanently cured
inc of u severe and dangeious throat and lunR trouble, and I've
been a well man ever since. G. 0. Floyd, Merchant, Kershaw, S. C.
AND Sl.00
Implements That
Please, Talk
The man who simply sits an' waits
Fur trade to come along,
Ain't worth the breath that it 'ud take
T tell him, he is wrong
Fur business don't How 'round this world
Fur every fool to sup
You've got to put your see-ers on
An' go an' hunt it up.
Headquarters For
Good Hardware
Yours for Business,
lust Received
Felker's Grocery Store
New krout, sour and sweet pickles, sweet
Mango pickle, Dill pickle, Queen hulk
olives, seeded ribbon cane, sorghum,
fresh line new evaporated fruits. Call
and buy of our new goods. Fresh line
of ('base and Sanborn coffee and 1 Iein's
y, varieties of pickles and preserves.
When Hie
Ask him to compart-
his llgures
with tlu st . Cut
this out, kni p It
tin IiuikIh, st mis
Woodcraft a n tl
you can show it 's
tht best liihiir
mice in tlic world
l'irfci iiHKi't-'ui'iit Icucil St it c i)i r 1. I S'i i
Heuct.m .,Hii to .Lin. l, I'Mi'.i. Hi. ii ;. i .; 71
Airnge t nf tni iulnTsInp in 1 is. :.
cars ,uul I niniil lis
Average inor t a 1 it per 1.0 Hi, .! per ct't
Vverngc a mount collected per fl.uonin
surnnco in UUis, sii.
Total income during IMPS, Hi. I If. lit I.
I'ntal iliilnirHemeiits din ing W T,eti-.', 1 .
Surplux for H'Us' $J,3'7.1(W.
Expense of tuuiiugcnii'iit fur ltios was '. v
per memlier.
It 's the most economiiMillv niuniigeil m
Niirniii t' Horiety in tlie world.
During I !t't inure than me hundred tliou-
nii ml men were granted Woodmen ct r-
lilleatt h. If vou want to
anil get the best liisuraii.-t' Spe un eli.ip
per, or 1 all or writu
J. . MORGAN. District Urganirr.
Unless Philadelphia Hapid Transit
Company Comet to An Agreement
with It Striking Employe by Pri
day, General Strike Goes On.
If This
, is Ihe Iratlc-
t 'j mark which is
found on every
bottle of the
tlw standard Cod Liver Oil
preparation of the world.
Nothing c(iials it to build up
tiie weak ami wasted bodies
of vomit! and old. aii DniMim
' II-, i..un of .i r mi'l IM aiI. f r .
I- . .ii1 il Hiniin Ii k mi'l I'l. I I !"' '. '1
! I. I ll iNtllkcill IIII.Htl-' 1 I.U. k C' lltl.
SCI IT r A IIOWNI . 4(H Pull St.. N. V.
f.i.i i.blphla, fh. 27. -After u
urn of more than nix hniir.i, the
i in I I.t.hor union tit legate Suuday
11 i:iit ted to rail a sympathetic
11k. or the I ID trades tltiiunn In
I In tii Kanliuitlon, beginning next Sat
md.i. The delegate claim I25.00H
i' 111 will rftMiml to the call. llene
r.ii riou eecurretl Sunday.
This act Inn of the (Vntriil Labor
I 1111111 Im fraught with momentum
t(iUM'(iit'iii'e, the mil .11 officials nay.
'I he ileciHltin wan niaile at n secret
m Nsiun of alMiut Toil delegates In
l.atmr Lyceum I111I1. which hutted
more than six hours. There win
apparently no iticHtltm hut wliat tli"
lit It-Kates would vote to strike, the
spill being on the tpiostlou of wheth
er or not Ihe strike would lie ntar".l
liumetliately. The more conservative
elt nient pievaileil howevecr, and the
walk out was put off until next Sat
Meanwhile, there is hope that the
Mieet railway strike will he arid
tinted, despite the repeated declara
tion of the transit company, con
trolling all tin1 lines in the city,
that "then' is nothing to arbitrate. '
Nobody doubts tlint tonight's ac
tion 01 the Central Labor Union
maid's Ihe situation very grnv.
There is .1 strong feeling, especially
among business people, that the
strike should be settled speedily, as weak
all lines of business suffer because ! It
of the stagnation resulting from the
interference with truffle. Conseipient
l there s much sympathy for tin
inoxe for arhltratltm made by clergy
men of all dcnomlnatlmiK early In
the week.
There was surprise at the unanim
ity f Ihe ote In favor of a general
v mp;.thctle strike. l-Vr seveml dayi
the ini'i titix today had been ills-cns'-cil
ami there was a mixed sentl-
Negro Lynched Near Idabel
Mabel, Okln., Fi b. 2i.--The nemti.
Thatl llrown, who a nlmrt time since
killed It. II. I.illtre'l, n white man, at
l!alptwn, ahcut twoniy mile from homtn of ,ee nievet.s. this week
11. 1 1 n,i. oM.i , ich. an it is st 1 :
. H i today, after some wry cul l
.ta'li. '
Mi. in few ' ats tire belna sown,
t I. iil'u He' weather still Is too cold
: - 'i' r.il farming.
.1. V (irme vea called to Arilinoi"
1 . 1 of :M. week. ;
1 I'lli.iul of Hewitt Is hire buy
.1 .. lems.
."iiine Wlstmnn of Heck as mi
1 : 11 ei tnia week.
-t,nie Itexrnat heltl . nrt Ii. r
1 .11 i . i.v last. Arming those 1 1 out
.il;.ii ii' were Attoims IlroAii and
im ..il and I'ro'Pfiitlnir. ttoniey
l.il'i'i , also Oeurge White Tin
.vii im. lull of people nil (1,1 .
Hit We.il and Tom Allen hav
. 1. 1.1 .Si w Mexico.
I..'ii:'.d West has Rone to o
.ui'!. r l.oe and wire, fiom C.!
'i'. i.ie here vlalthm W. It lu
r,i .nil s I unity.
Mi lea, hers nr. at .1 ...
meet ins in Anlmorc- tod iy.
A little birl arrived at the U w
lot V. I). Tcaa;ue and a Ihi.v at tli-
Guaranty State Bank
4 Per Cent Paid on Time Deposits
Wo solicit your business on liberal terms.
.1. Ii. Rpntyins
M. (Ionium
N. IS. Kenyan
.l.M. I laird
P. C. Dings
S. T. IJlodsoo
W. A. Gilliam
J. W. Hannah
Jus. 10. Humphreys
hero. wn hot to denth last night by
An effort had bet"t mtule before
this time to lynch the negro, hut on
an such (K'cuslo. 1 he lias been etir
ccaBfully eplrlttd away by the ahur
Iff. Lalt! yesterday uftuttinon the lie
urn wna hroiif-ht Into c urt when the
ciowd had luit the t-ourt room, and
there pleaded guilty, and was sen
w It-
.1. It. Allen was called a.i a
itc-aa In court at llynu.
Wo learn that "I'lielc" Parley Wor-
1 shum la quite glck at I1I.4 home near
j aclner.
An Immcnae amount of oil must
he burning at Wheeler oi wells, Judg
I lug from the smoke v. see daily.
Airs. McKnlKht Is sti'll cotiflned
t . her bed.
J'rnsiu'ft nn fpvirnht fnr ruin.
t. ncetl to life Imprisonment by .l..di;e , u tnml t ln . ronip ;ih H u
llarnum. After that Deputy Sheriff . ,,, lwlU.(, f(),. farm
II. L. Stiff ;o.,k the negro from t!v
Jail and star -d to flag the train he
tween Idabel ami (iarvln, but tin
crowd overtook him and abut the ne
gro to pieces.
President Helps Orphans.
Hundreds of orphans have been
helped by the President of tho In
dustrial and Orphans' Homo at Ma
con, Oa., who writes: "Wo have
used IOlcctrlc Hitters In this Instltu-
1'AZO OINTMBNT is guaranteed to
euro any case of Itching, Wind,
'Weeding or 1'rotnullng Piles In C to
H days or money refunded. 50c.
Notice to Contractors.
The Hoard of County Conunlshlor
ers of Carter county. Oklahoma, will
receive soaied bids for the erectlm
and completion of a lire proof coifl
tlon for nine years. It has proved House building, according to the plans
n most excellent medicine ror worn. , illld spuieaMon.s furnished by Liy
ach. Liver nntl Kidney troubles. Wo . .. ... ,, , , .. . .
regard It as on., of the best family I t0"' Sn"th & ttWk- "rchltccts. t Ok
medlclnes on earth.' It Invigorates hihoina City, now on file in the ofTlee
all vital organs, purifies tho blood, j of the county clerk, of Carter county,
nlds digestion, creates appetite. To Oklahoma, anil at tho offices of the
strengtiien anti mum up pate, mm. h t w, lh b
leiinli nit I lil rnti ni rtniilrui'ri hoAtiln '
Ardmore State Bank
Ardmore, Oklahoma
CAPITAL $25,000
Deposits guaranteed. Fastest growing batik in
Oklahoma. A home bank owned by home people.
Our Motto; Safety, ICourtesy and Promptness.
Deposits, Individual, Juno 1, 118, 575.03
Deposits, Individual, July 15, J 15,251.5.1
Uoposits, Individual, Sept. 23, $100.098. 19
deposits, Individual, Nov. 27. $119,937.52
Deposits, Individual, Feb. 5, 5152,150.20
Deposits, Individual, April 2S, $162,035.63
Deposits, Individual, June 23, $190,356.05
Total Deposits, September 1, $216,263.44
Total Deposits, Nov. t6, $304,567A7
complaints. Only
rtiiition ii iieopiu ,
SOe at Ardmore
has no equal. Host for female 1 1 "
Destructive FI-" in Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City. Okla., Feb. 2ii.
l-'ire completely destroyed the building
ami contents of Carrol, DrotiKh & Ko'i
Intnl. wholesale grocers. The loss Is
estimated at $:00,on0.
The ineuranee 011 the stock was
$li:',.iiHi, on tho building IlL'.fiOO, at:d
on the llxtutcs $l,nno. The bul'dlng
11. eat as to the wisdom of calling out was owned by the company and wn'
ii rla.-cs of workmen. Leaders of located ln the wholesale district, In
,iiiiiis tradts unions mild they were the eastern part of the city,
oppo.ed to 11 genera) strike, because 'Authorities are Investigating, but
it 1 11 v led tho matter of broken no arrests have Iipimi made.
1 1 ,ie agreemi'litF. Others doubted
t'u 11 abl.ity to oitler all workmen
t 1 l.u down their tool- ami have th
b r olieyed.
Said Hoard of County Commission-
1 ers will require to be tiled with eac h
bli a bond, or In lieu thereof, n ceril
I tied check to tho amount of live per
! cent of the amount bid; conditioned,
I that tho bidder will enter Into a, con
tract, with appioved sureties, for the
ralthful performances of the worn in
accordance with the plans and sp. cl
llcutloiis, In case his bid be accepted.
The successful bidder will be
tiilretl to execute to the county a good
ami sufficient bond, in double 1 1 1 -sum
of sali! contract wi'h two or more
sureties, to be approved by the Hci.' t
of County Commissioners, condition
ed; for tlie tallhful and full perr i in
.nice ot said contract.
Said bids will be received a: the of
When lCtlltnr J. P. Sossman, of
Cornelius. N C bruised his lesr
badly, it started an ugly sore. .Many I lltu SIllu mimy iicra, until v-.i
j salvos and ointments proved worth- o'clock in the forenoon of Marili .".0,
e , less. Then Hucklen's Arnica Salvo liilu. nail will bn opened by the Ho.11 I
s the guthirine was secret, little
11 ,ui authoritative nature can m. l"aled It thoroughly. Nothing so f coun'y iCommlasloners, at their of-
' (r transpired behind XZ'cml Corns!' Sores8, l "'cI'k lllt' nlternoon.
t'i. ti.ured do.m. That there w:i j 'jiuple. Kczenin or Plies. 25c at said IIDth djiy of March, l'.ilo.
u .1. Ii oratory la evident from the I Aitlmore Pharmacy. 1 All bids tpust be sealed and ad-
fa t that the meeting of the dele
gates lasted from a little after 2
.link until s.ao.
The ureal crowd of work people
. nlni.'d outside the ha I would cc-
Bloedshcd In County Scat Fight
J Muskogtc. Okla.. Kt b. 20. -So heut
i tnl was the light between Wostvllle
! anil Stillwcll for the county seat of
Vrlnfl ,'(lll,lt' tuiloriliiv tll.lt lilfui.l.
1 lon.iily hear loud cheering and a I u , ,. ' . ' , ,
shed rcsuit-d. A man named Wolfe.
. -,.niiMe coeer wuum go up from
niit-iiliT. I'limlly. when th1
..liui; broke up and the anuoume
was made that the delegate
1,1 ii seivtHl that uuli Mi the I'lilla
M1 hi H.ipld Transit company
- 1 an agreement with its
. il.inu en ployes by next 1-Milay
1 i, i.esi s ifke In the history or
.i .1.1.1, hl.i ni be inaugurated,
11' was a 1rre.1t eheer and the
il disth 1 .1.
. i .niiy in. ml , r, of union if.
liu.il wit'i Hie Central Labor Un
. Hi.- allied iui:,'lng trades conn
' 11 of .,.. laii.ir orgauiatlon
i . .i.'delii1 1 , in .ui) way comic 'i
..11. 1 in. r.ii .'ii I'Vderntio.i :
urt. .i'. .1 I.) the cimlenm'.'.
1 sal I to hi' a W-tllle pirtisau, was
, sht t and kill, il a' W.ntHiiau prceln.-t
111 a I'l iiiote si . urn ui the loii'ty.
I Stliwe'l won ihe eh 1 tlon by :!2
j 0tes.
dressed to W. II. I-'mme, County Cli il;,
Carter county, Oklahoma.
Said court house building inut be
completed on or before January Im
Said Hoard of County Commission
ers reserves the light to rejec a: y
or all bids.
Dated this February 2ii. lOl'i.
Ciiairmau Hoard of County Conimls
Win. II. KltAMK, Count... Ckik.
I.y It. W. Duke. Deputy.
tSi.lh. -T-JTt
J. A. HIVKNH, ProBiilent.
A. il. PALMKH, Cnahlor
DOM LACY, V'.wa Preoitlont.
O. II. WOLVKKTON, Asst. Cnshler.
The City National BanK
Ardmore, OKlahoraa.
Capital $100,000.00
Surplus Funds 100,000.00
Accounts of firms and individuals solicited. Courteous
treatment accorded to all alike.
t w ii u.utea delay In treating!
-."lie cues of croup, .even the length'
.i.ne it take to go for a doctor,
.it.ii piwes dangerous. The safest
i.v 1 to keep Chamberlain' Cough
ii' im dy in the house, and at the
fli-: Indication of cronp glvo the
. 1. 1 I a d.ise. Pleasant to take and ,
aU.iy, cures. Sold by all dealir. 1
Kniotits Templar, Attention.
Uilmoii Commandery K. T. No ."i
i'l iin t'i in regular coii"lae q'm ,
. v i lining, March 1st, at G .io p
VlMt itioif f ICmiuent (ir.iini
i f u. n nider and staff. Work In lien
-- .Hid Templar tlegreet,. llantii. .
i n p in. Kvtry member 1 In i" ...
u mmied to report at asy'um: ls
"ii e Kina'if welcome
hoht ii un.Nin. i: '
I'm a
Woman of Importance
That's the title of n song, ami it's
also true of the woman who sings it
Stella May hew. If you'c heard Stella
Mayhew ou the stage, you know just
how important sho Is. She's the fun
niest girl in this country on or otV the
i-tagc ami nothing- but an Amberol
Kccril could begin to do her uistice.
March Ambt-rol Record No.374. Hear
her today at your dealer's on the
flet cimplfd. list of M..rch Itrccr from
....r.l.. .ifr rwi to ( l,flli..nni I'hr n Kr.ip'i
lim,..i'H -I .Hu'.i r Arnui i'rark NJ
Notice of Bale.
N nice Is hereby given that ln com
pl'.mco wth the order of tho Honora
ble A T. West, .ludgo of the District
louit of Johnston County, Oklahoma,
made on the ISth day ot January.
Llu. I will on the nth day of Mnrch
1010, sell at private sale fur cash In
hand, subject to tho approval of tho
Court, ullo f tho ass. ts of the aHnk
of tho Jhlekasaw Nation remaining In
my hands as tho Receiver of said
Soalud bids will be received at t'ie
office of tho Clerk of tho Dlftr'-t
Court of Johnston County at Tisho
mingo, or at Potter & Pottor's office
In Ardmore, Oklahoma, or by the un
dersigned at Ardmore, Oklahoma, nt
any time on or boforo tho 17th day
of March, 1910.
The assets consist of Judgments,
small claims and eiiulties In collateral
held by tho different Hanks ns per
list fllod In tho case of Samuel A.
Fisko vs. Tho Hank of tho Chlcknsaw
Nation ponding ln tho District Court
of Johnston County, nt Tishomingo.
Receiver of The Hank of tho Chlcka.
saw Nation. -it m-lG
0. L. ANDKRSON, Cashier. ED SANDLIN, Asst. Cashier.
Ardmore, Ollla.
Capital Paid In $60,000.00
Surplus Funds .165.000.00
Total $225,000.00
The oldest bank in Indian Territory. Accounts of linns
and individuals solicited upon the most liberal terms
consistent with good banking.
Our facilities for furnishing you with
For light, power and heat are unexcelled by any city
in the state.
We also endeavor to employ gentlemanly drivers
to supply your wants for
Our many pleased customers are the best evidence
of the quality of our products. Any irregularities will
be promptly and gladly corrected. Phone 156.
Ardmore Ice, Light & Power Company
Tomb Stones
By tho use of tho bost skilled
labor and tho only electric tnar
blo cutting mnchmory in the
Southwest no othor tirm can compote with us on prices. If
you need grave stones, tomb stones or monuments write us
for prices. Wo sell all over Oklahoma and Northern Texas.
Wholesale prices.
II AN WAY & OWENS, Ardmore, Oklu.
Use Ardmoreite Want Ads

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