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Euiopean Powers Hope to Induce
the Allied Nations to Modify The'r
Demand3 t0 Ter , y Already
London. Nov. 'it. "Con K nd take
them." was Turkey's del repl
to the allies' demand for
tlon of the Tchatalja forts :
It is not believed in dl;
circles necessary to end the
tiatlons although the ti':htin
been resumed. .
. latic
. -as
From Sofia came word todnv 'hat
the invaders are likely to modify
the conditions.
The 'European powers hjpe to in
duce the allies to restrt their de
mands to territory alrcftiy conquer
ed. It was believed that Turkey
would agree to sirrender all but
a reasonable strOT about Constanti
nople. The announcement from Sofia
this afternoon or the appointment of
Bulgarian plenipotentiaries to 'dis
cuss the terms of an armistice with
the Turkish envoys, confirms the
diplomatic contention that there
will be further negotiations.
The first class of reserves of six
Austrian army corps have been call
ed to colors, according to a Vienna
dispatch. Three of these corps are
In she north and three in the. south.
Many Friends of Deceased Came from
The remains of Uncle Charley
Henderson who died at Herwyu were
laUl to rest in the Beiuyn cemetery
Thursday morning at 10 o'clock. Hev.
V. R. Selvidge of Ardmore officiated
and those present state that his talk
over the remains was the best they
had ever heard on an occasion of that
character. Mr. Henderson was a
member of the Baptist church. He
had led a religious life and at the
time of his death he did not have
an enemy in the world and people
came lioni miles around to be pres
ent at his funeral. Among those
who attended the funeral were J. F.
Mctfurray and his son, Jack McMur
ray of McAJester, John Thomas and
Gregg Bean of Haum, J. K. Rose of
Marietta, James H. Mathers and
many ether old-time rfiends of the
deceased from Ardmore. Mr. Hen
derson is survived by a widow and
several children.
lie was president of the First Na
tional bank of Berwyn and of the
tlirwyn Mercantile Company. His
chief Interest was in agriculture and
he was one of the most progressive
farmers of the county. The death of
Mr. Henderson is regretted by all
who knew him and his loss will be
keenly felt throughout the county.
Find Body in River.
Providence, R. I., Nov. 22. The
body of Nora:, daughter of former
Governor Garvin of Rhode Island,
teas found In New river today.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 22. Sec
retary MacVeagh has asked tho
resignation of Gideon C. Banz, as
sistant treasurer of thv United
States, because he is not In sym
pathy with the policy of the sec
tetary of the treasury. Christian S.
Pierce will succeed Uantz.
Thirty Gallons of Bcoze.
That it pays a fellow to stay in
his own bailiwick was demonstrated
a day or so ago when enforcement
officer Nesbit landed on a citizen
of Ardmoare who was down at Ma
rietta witli a wason load of joy
Having previously had his suspi
cions aroused Mr. Nesbit mane a
til.;) down to Marietta and awaited
the arrival of the Ardmore citizen
with his traveling dispensary. 'When
he landed in Marietta the govern
ment officer was there ahead of him
and landed on him. Team and wg
on and whiskey were all conftseat-
Pfl The mvnnr la nnw In tntl in
Ardmore, Hie outfit the property of
the fed3"al government an:l tli
wbiskev destroyed.
Springfield, 111., Nov. 22. Holding
that the new Modern Woodmen
rates are burdensome, excessive and
unnecessary, Circuit Judge Shirley
r.i':."Hed a perpetual injiim i.on re
straining the head camp from put
ting the rates ir.to effect. The in
junction Is effective all over the
1'nited States.
Class Banquet
About 150 members of the Phila
tliea and Karaca classes of the Broad
way Uaptist church enjoyed the hos
pitably of the ladies' Aid SocUty at
a banquet given at the class room of
the r-arucas last Tuesday night. The
primary reason for the entertainment
was to inaugurate plans for augment
ing the number of scholars in the
various classes next Sunday. The
Sunday school of the Broadway Bap
tist church is the largest in the state
at present but Supt. Richards wants
the number increased to 730 next Sun
day and for that reason a campaign
has been made this meek with flat
tering results. Besides the elegant
feast furnished by the ladies last
Tuesday night a very delightful hour
was spent by the classes listening to
short taks from various members
of hte classes and to selections ren
dered by the girl quartette, consisting-of
Misses Littler, 'West, Lynn
and Mrs. Crockett. Speaking of the
quartette, this musical organization
was recently organized and Tuesday
was its first public appearance but
more will be hoard from it in the
As a whole, the affair was most
enjoyable and no doubt will have
dt sired effect of getting out tne
necessary number that Supt. Rich
ards' desire may be realized.
Has Ringling Signed?
The report that John Ringling has
signed tho contract tor the 'building
of the railway from Ardmore to
Lawton has gained cuirency on the
streets of Ardmore this alternoon.
An effort to run down the rumor
developed the fact that, a wading
attorney who represents the inter
ests of many in tids matter, wai
called to Oklahoma City by wira
last night, while others who are
known to lie interested in the build
ing cf the road are also said to bt
at the state capital.
A loeaI wholesaler wh Is inter
ested in seeling the road build stat
ed to an Avdmo-eite reporter when
asked what ho knew of the matter.
lhat he most positively had
nothing to give out today, hut added.
"The Ringling road will be built."
Commercial Club Meeting.
There will be an important meet
ing of the Commercial Club held at
the club rooms at the county court
horse tonight at 7:30. A full at
tendance of all members of the
hoard of directors is especially de
sired. The meeting will be an open
one and everyone interested in the
growth of Ardmore are urged to at
tend. The matter of the action
which our citizens may take In the
reception of the "kaffir special" mill
be acted upon and other business of
importance will com up for discussion.-
Operating in
officials of the
conjunction with the
Rock Island railroad,
the Oklahoma Development Commis
sion will start a train over the lineB
of that company on Monday, next,
from S to ! o'clock, November 23.
This train will be a demonstration
train run for the purpose of arousing
interest of the tanners of this state
in the great results to be produced
by thi! raising of kaffir corn.
This "Kaffir Special," as it will be
known, is scheduled to start on its
trans-state journey from Ardmore.
This being the case it seems but pro
per that the business men, the farm
ers and all live wire citizens of Ard
more awake, to the importance of the
occasion and help the Rock Island
people and the Oklahoma Develop
ment Commission to 'put Ardmore
on the map.'
It Is axiomatic that co-operation
is the keynote to success in every
line of husiness. It is also an axiom,
locally applied, that Oklahoma has
the goods in the line of the finest
virgin soil to be found anywhere in
the United States. All our lauds
ne d is development. To develop.
ie must have farmers. For these
farmers to prosper and induce, by
their prosperity, to come here, wo
must encourage the cultivating of I
crops which will yield the greatest
returns, being thereby the most prof -
liable. The primary object of the
Oklahoma Deve lopment Commission,
and of the Rock Island people, is to
In lug about the co-operation of all
wide-awake Oklahoruans. This co
operation will result in the bringing
jf other and better farmers anion1;
us It will bring the "landle'.-s fa.'m-
er to the farmeries laud." To get I the development of the state, of this
this class of farmers, to get the farm - I se'ctiou.of the statu in particular, may
er who will come here and i.uy land I be afforded the- opportunity of visiting
here and build houses here an I bring I this special train and he;aring all
families here, the people of t to state about the great bank roll producing
must show that farmer that u-j ean Icrop.
raise paying crops here. Sont'ii-ri' j The Ardmorcite would suggest that
Oklahoma raises the l'iuesst eo'.. j , the business me n of Ardmore get to
grown in the entire cotton producing j gether at once in the matter that
section. But our farmer coming heiejtney will add co-operation to e'o-op-from
other stales wants to raise ! oration and do all that may be feas
something besides cotton. He wnn:s
to raise something to feed to his
horses and heigs and to ship to other
feed consumers. He wants to raise
something that will build houses and
barns and fences; he wants to raise
something that .will buy autos Jind
fine stock and add to his hank roll I
in the most expeditious possible way. they w ill he advertising the county.
It has bee n demonstrated that kaffir j the-y will be advertising that part of
will do this. 'the great state whieh all true Sotith-
The farmers of the state of Kan jern Oklabomans think is the best set'
sas have proven that kaffir corn is j tlon in the United State's. The pro
one of tho greatest producers that j press of the city, the progress C;f the
can be grown rom the soil. It is now j county depends on a radical awaken
up to the people of semthern Okla- ing in both town and county, to the
homa to find out the same thing. : need of a more fully rounded pro
Let the people; the fatfner of the old-J gram for the development of all the
er states find that they can raise a re-sources or the sectiem, and knowing
crop in this section of the union that j the public spirit of the business men
can he depended upon, year in and of this section of this town and
vunr nut r.iin or shine, wet or dry i county us we do know it The Ard-
and they will come here ia droves.
We have the "makin's' the resources
on top of the ground, under the
ground and in the ground. All we
have to do is to show the farmer and
Hoodlum Wagon Tried Out.
The peace and quitt which has
reigned supreme in police circles for;
the past several days has prevented
the officers at the central station
from giving the hoodlum wagon a
trial. Officers say that the lack ot
excitement had begun to get on Mac
Pettitt's neves. Now Ma has j
t.t rltwlr lit tli eent "liU-tl- I
tion'at night. Also he" is supposed j
to answer trouble calls and bring the;
".jvagon" to the officer turning in the
call. As previously stated nothing
has been doing since the wagon has
been instaleld and Mac has grieved
over the natural course with which
events have been shaping themselves.
In fact, it is alleged by other attaches
at the station, he has expressed the
fear that the wagon would never be
used. Last night In order to re:eve
the hum-drum of existence at the
station of night, one of th" boys i0oiit
te w ii consented to become the gost
and give the wagon its maiden trip.
The telephone buzzed and the hurry
call at last came in over the wire.
Mac made the run , so It is s::d in
record-breaking time. He got his
passenger, he hauled him to the sta-
E .', .R L f I I
he may lie depended on to do the
rtst. To do this we must have co
oiMM'atinn. The Oklahoma Develop
ment Commission and the Rock
Island people are co-operating the
Development Commission with the
railroad because it Iwnnts to see Hie
state developed, because it wants to
see tin' wastes of timber laud and the
miles "I unfilled prairie turned into
fields of growing produce the Rock
Island wllh the Development Com
mission lieiause by turning the wild
lands into producing fields it will
have a greater annual tonnage to
handle and a consequent greater
amount on the dividend side of the
Why not l't the citizens of this
city the town from which this "kaf
fir special" twill start --co-operate
with both the Development Commis
sion and the Hoe-k Island and give it
a rousing send-off here?
The Commercial club of Ardmore!
have taken hold of the; matter an.l
will elo all in their power to se-e
that Ardmore make-s gooel on next
Monday. A meeting of this club is
called for tonight at which time all
initial steps will be taken.
Jt has been suggested that the- mer
chants eif this city get together and
make the 25th of November a "spec-
1 ial sale elay,' thus co?ope'rating with
the 'kaffir special." It has also been
, suggested that, during the hour the
train iwill be in the- railroad yards in
this city, while the lectures em kaffir
cultivation and kaffir raising are titl
ing given by the kaffir experts, that
all places of business be closed so
that all who may be interested in
ible to help the good work along.
By giving the kaffir special a good
start on its Journey through the state
of Oklahoma, the people of Ardmore
and Carter county will do more than
can bei calculated toward boosting
beitli Ardmore and Carter county.
Tlhcy twill he advertising the city,
moreite fe;ela safe in predicting that
the kaffir special will he -welcomed
he re in a whole-souled way and start
ed em its cross state journey with
the "boest" which it deserves.
Hon, and when he the prisoner re
fused to leave the wagon and be ork-
en up Mac removed him irom me.
aiin mid locked nun UD. v iieu e"e
joke was explained Mac tooa u
in good part and said that the trouble
was worth the pains as it had now
be. n demonstrated that both he and
the wagon, also the horse, were there
with the goods, even if the whole
was a '"frame up.
The sale of Indian lands closed in
Carter county at 11:43 this morning.
A total of 880 tracts of land were of
fere?d for sale and all were taken
with the exe-ept'ion of twenty-three.
The prices paid ranged higher than
any heretofore paid for public lands
in this state, showing that the day of
ehe'ap lands has passed,
cnifwy shrd shr etao shrd shdrluuh
New Minister to Belgium.
Washington, V. C. Nov. 22. The
appointment of Theodore Marburg of
Baltimore as minister to Belgium,
succeeding Lanz Anderson, was an
nounced today.
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"White Slavers" Have Hearing.
The two attaches ef the Carnival
company who wore arrested in this
city last week on chr.rgo of viola
tion of the Mann lav, were arraign
ed before United States Commission
er Fred V. Kin'iaele this morning.
The entire morning was taken up
In the examination of the girls whom
it is charged the two men persuad
ed to leave their homes in Viircel!
and follow tho men to Ardmore.
This nfternoon other witnesses are
being examined. It seems to be
the general opinion that the commis
sioner will order the prisoners held
?or the federal granel jury.
Cntnpbo'l & Campbell,
tors for feed.
Head piar
Milwaukee", "Wis., .Nov. 22. The
alienists' official report, which was
unanimous, announced today, says;
"John Schrank was suffering an
insane dedusion, grandiose in char
aeter and ef a systematized variety.
Our opinion is that he is insane at
the present time. On account of
the connection between his delusion
and the ue't with which ho is charged,
he is unable to confer intelligently
with cousel for his defense."
Selling Duroc Jerseys.
.1. B. Kathe of Ardmore, who owns
a farm ne'ar Berwyn, has take-n a
special pride- in the raising if thor
oughbred Duroc Jersey hogs. He
has a fine hea.lthy bunch of the
Jerseys and Is offering a few choice
young hogs for sale. The Jerseys
do well in '.his country, they have
proved to pe prize winners at the
fairs and those who own them are
very proud of their herds and they
make the farm much more profit
able. Mr. Kathe Is co-operating
with the farmers in getting these
hogs introduced into every commu
nity of the county and those who
desire to have a pi'ir tit them will
do well to see Mr Kathe before
his supply Is exhausted.
Notice, Elks.
Be sure anel bring your admission
cards with you to the Thanksgiving
Dance, Wednesday evening, as only
those who have cards will be nd-
Initted. Cards will be taken up at
the door by Mr. R. A. Fox. 22-2
Policy Roff, a neuro anel a well
known polie-e character, arrived in
Ardmore from Texas yesterday. In
ke.-eping with his past reputation,
Poncv started things as Boon as ne
got here. He brought a woman
with him from the 1-one Star state,
but he coneluele'd that while ho
haet her coralel dhe had bet'e" go
out and whip another woman who
was an old acquaintance. This he
did so satisractoiily to all concern
ed that the police judge thought
thi? morning that tl.e whipping was
well worth twenty dollars. Pewcy
liquidated in coin of the realm.
Advice to Alpine Climbers.
In the earlier part of the nineteenth
century many even of those who had
been up Alpine peaks themselves de
nounced the sport. Regarding the as
cent of Mount Blanc, Murray's Hand
book in the year 1838 stated that "all
who have succeeded have advised no
one to attempt it," and nearly 0
years later noted the "remarkable
fact that a large proportion of those
who have made this ascent have been
persons of unsound mind."
True Philanthropy.
"Really," began the collector, I can
not understand why a man of your
resources will refuse to pay his hon
est debts." "Then I'll tell you," said
the well-to-do citizen, confidentially,
"if I paid up I'd throw you and sev
eral others out of work, and I haven't
the heart to do it." Satire.
Good Fitter.
There's a country editor not a thou
sand miles from here who, when he
gets shy on copy, runs in a couple of
columns of "Luclle."
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t7se Ardmortlte Want Ads.
Althose Prince, in Confession to tho
Sheriff, Says He Killed Frank
Bentley Because of Attention xo
Prince's Wife.
Warsaw, X. V . Nov. 22. Altliosa
Prince, who wu-e arrested in con
nection with tho murder of Frank
Bentley, Is said to havo confessed to
She-rlff Bader today that he commit
ted the crime.
The shrtff says Prince told him
he had known for r-omn time of the
attention Bentley had r.hown Mrs.
Prince and that he killed him in 1
jealous frenzy.
Majority of More Than .Sixeen
Thousand for Woman Suffrage.
Topeka, Kan., Nov. 22. The offi-
cal figures of the suP.rage vote show
that the amendment carried in this
state? by a majority of 16,079. Sev-
enty-feur counties voted tfor it and
thirty cast a majority against it.
Brown countv was a tie on the
amendment. Thirty-one thousand
voters failed to vote either way.
Opens in New Location.
The Williams Mercantile Company.
J. Matt Moore,' manager, h;ia remov
ed its stock of goods from the bulg
ing it has so long occupied at the
corner of Main and C stress to do
Peak building on Main, near B.
The Doak building is nearer, the
business center of the city acd the
manager M the WillUims store thinks
it will prove a very desirable utand
A Heald'on Man Does Extraordinary
Week's Work.
The Ardmorelte Is in receipt of
a letter from John M. Hayes of Tem
ple, Okla., telling of a cotton pick
ing re'eord at his farm in which one
Walter Dixon of Healdton, 26 years
of age, six feet and one inch high,
and -weighin? 190 pounds, broke all
rocorels. lie picked:
Nov. 11 7S9 pounds.
Nov. 12796 pounds
Nov. 11801 pounds.
Nov. 1 1 8113 pounds.
Nov. 11 797 pounds. :
Nov. Hi 7S6 pounds.
Making a tidal of 4775 pounds.
Jlis e-losest opponent was Jess
Graham ot Temple, who picked dur
ing the week 39G6 pounds.
Mr. Hayes' boh weighed the cotton
and he add3 the figures can be re
lied upon.
Sidna Ailen Guilty.
Wytheville. Va.; Nov. 22. Sidnal
Allen was found guilty of murder
In the second degree today and bU
penalty fixed at fifteen years.
Sedalia, Mo., Soy. 22. Circuit
Judge Shane today appointed coun
sel for the deefndant, Mrs. Lesh.
who will probably go to trial Mon
day. It was believed, that a plea
of guilty would to accepted, a short
sentence pronounced and the pris
oner paroled. If this Is done, she
stated that she would return to her
family at Los Angeles. She scorn
ed the rerorts that fhe would so o
the stage if freed.

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