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Friday, January 4, 1918.
Hid Continent
Oklahoma and Kansas J2.00
Hoaldton 120
Morth Texas and Panhandle
Eloctra ...
Moran ... :
Corsica na light .
Coraiuana crude
f trawn ...........
Caddo Pool
38 and above
De Soto Field
3S and above .
Caddo crude
(.rlchton crude
Northern Louiaianu
35 to 37.9
ri2 to s-t.y
tilllf Co.lit
Bour LHke...1.00
Humble 1.00
Mark ham ... 100
Vinton 1.00
JcnnltiKH 1.00
I"-. K. ('. Harlow v as i mnliiyeil to
;( wad, Tuesday, Jan. 4.- H-i'y
i.-i to tin- Uussiau protest, the Carman
f i-ciK'i minister. Dr. Von Km lilinann.
nul shoot them. Since the wink ' i continued c lermau.N 's refusal to
.'la- by Doctor IUi'low the wells hav
.ht making 142 to M lianvls.
T!u' Oklahoma-Victor well in sortion
i -in passports to II aim Huusc, (livr
t ..'(Ifi.oiir and Carl K.iutsUy, socialists,
v. ho d sired to po to Stockholm to at-
nl an unofficial peace conference.
:!-!-1s!2v,, on the K. K. Poole farm in:)'-' Dr. nn Iviieldmann stated tills refusal
Poolrvillc, is drillim; nt :i00 feet in a ! -hoi. id net lc intei'ireti'd as an act in
h;ii-il f.nmatioo u-iiiih l.ris L-ivi.o i-r.vit ! op posit i 111 to tile movement for lieaer.
l.v.l of trouble in the wav of broken i Th:- ilcrnmn government believed, he j ""' ',,,'11,i" '' ullil'' "U"', :
-,.! v li.,l-t .,l,..ie r .1... ii, -nil. thai the nrouress of ncaoc oeirn- adjuipinK or eoiinootimx are about nor-
' fc l ,....! I,.,,.. i.. I 1 i .-it, ! 1 1 1' I ': 1 1
sao.l u:is viin. k in iliis well ;.t ii nations liiiu'lu he hindered bv an nnof-. - t
Will, Ml) IN OI'IINIM; AM.
Vjisliior.h'ii. dan. 4.- Serious riiti
TiiKi.K nun i;i:i:sn i) IN
Eastern States
I'f i:n. ll.T.'i
Cabell 2.7:i
Cumins 2. SO
North ),lina. 2.0S
South Lima 2.0S
Splndlelop 11.06
Saratoga 1.00
Batso.i 1.00
Kdgerly .ii
Dayton 1.00
("Snoyii Creckl M)0
Wooster 2 38
Soim rset 2."li
UaKlaial i.ril
lllinoifi 2.12
Indiana 1.98
Princeton ... 2.1J
I'lyr.-uth ... 2.0i
Petrolla (Canadian) ...
I-). C. Alans of Coleman. Te.vi--, i
in Ardnioie on Imsini ss i-.iuf.-vl r': li
a block of lease iicyr:!';.' in Coliio-:",
county, in which a iuiiiio. oi l .i-:
pi oilurei s ale inlrrr.-.tri!. Colt a.,':
count;. Join." Drown i.-oiiiity on t!,. w -i.
Tin re are si n ral shadow v.-li . pi ar
Santa Anna. i: tlial euanty. v.'l.l-'! are
p-iiilnrini; an u venire of !:. ,''! -.
Tiie A!.i'.;nolia c nnpan ia a nidi in
the renter of a bp; laieii hi I'niein.ni
i mnt. ulheii I'i'aelicd the smi'l at a
uepli: of :t.4n f several inen'lis aeo,
an., r 1 1 i i i i was to hare heen ilril'.iil
ia.'t Wednesi lay, ltt has r i t yet
hei:, r.'porte.l in. S.,,re tiie !::;r:,'er
well r ime in much iiileiest n; s been
!alea in ill. .-'nal!or lii iils ul this si e
linn.. ill! many deep tesls ill be mad'-.
. r. Ala h'hi'es deeper illill':;'." i.
these shallow lie). is u ill ri oilt in ..)!:
ni ti'P ' I'i'-' ooin and this 'i .tion of
'eas wiil Irennie lie renter m ae
ti'. n in the mid eonlineiit lield. Just as
deeper drilling in soiitli Kansas-, hy
openin:: up Augusta, I Ildoniiln and
Towanda lields, took the piilin from Ok
lahoma. Air. .Whits reports all of Tera
is In -iiiK combed by I he c.imI.hJ' !- of t he
hi1; eonpianies for structure
Dr. K. C. Harlow has a conti act with ; ; -
ft. Worth partien to drill a well in the i URGE MAXIMUM FARM
Ci.idiam district soon. The exact lora-i
tion will not hi made public at present, i
but it will he a short distance northeast
of the Kirk operations in section :!l-2 '.'.
'1'oois a e lr in", leotcd f"o:n the,
Critcldow well, abaii'loui',!. in section
Tis'iiw, to the Harford well in section '
!ii A.s.2w'. which will be deepened. ,
Tiii'miii, Alii., .lit i:. i. II. .1 I'.ie. '
I. os Aniieles. and Aluuel .Maitiuiv.. of
.Noales. Arizona. Aiueiieans. were
enmni; the thirty-six persnns killed es-
I en lay when Yaniii Indians attacked a .!c. letter. DKI.i.. .Ian. 4. - Sheriff
Soiilheru I'acitic of M.xi.o train south ,-,, ,,,,.,, ,,, ,,. T
of Knipalnie. Som.ra. aecrtlim; U m- s- ,;.,,,, ,., Ar,ul. soiitl, a, .1. : Small.
lor I satis rcacluinr tin railroad's oi'i'icers , 1,1,il,,,.lj .. ...a,:...,, u.ai .,,,,i .. i
The safe c.intained $20,000 in polil. It A l.ntiial ConrlosiflU.
was rtturnel hitaet to (Junymas.
I'.uftaio KxpriMi: I axnt the lirst
;iiiiis Kill I'ive More. part of my vara; ion on a motoreycle.
Xn.'..;ler. A: i:'... .Ian. 4. I'asse.u.c si -' in v. hat hospital did you Hpt'iai-
ai-iviiiv; here h t!i- Southern I'acilic the last p:n,7
de Alei,-n l eporiel dial Wednesday j : : - :
Vaipii Indians sill rounded a village near
e.ieriib.dii, So, torn, kihed i'ive iersons j
.ni.l wounded man. others. Tlie.s siidjl
the dead had i II taktn to (Jncrnhahi.
.'e ial conference held .simuHa nemisly i '"-'ra) A'rAooo l,y Interstate Com .ni. ..jaaatity u' whiskey in the .lack l-'ork
v L i the ofticial negotiations. ' j "u-rce Commissioner McChoid, in ehai'iie Ti .ivelini; Auditor Kalpli Snovl. an ,., ,.lils j ,, s:, , , 1 1 i x I part of i
of the eoiniiiisMou's inspectors. American, with he id.iiarters at MaJSil- piiisbur'.' county and arrested two men,
"lin worst conditions rcportci so ia n. w as w .luuucn. uicrio .nun nj , a n ,ainl,ert Dots in and (Hill Waits, audi
i-..,." ii,., ........i-t 11, V..,i iotller Ameriean. in' the It.irder 'I'l-aililie .... i. .. i... - ,
r. , .i.i.. . ..v.. - rue iiny. nn'ini I'oi.son, aooin 1.1 years
LOAN EE $25,000 liaven, the !' aosylvania lines we.-it oi c unpa ny at Ximalos. was -ihot three ,,,,, t lltictM w n port that, this was the
j l'ittsbiU!,'li. on the Connc'.sude and j t hues, but will recover. Amoni; the ,est eiiiipped still cvi'r cailured ill this j
W.e.hiin.toii, .Inn. I.- Inipoitaid
.'I .,"s ii il l- farm loa.i nn". ; yst.'-i;
arc ti e feiiuics oi' the lirst anaual it
i'i., I "f the fed'.'ral lain ionu Imac'
made public here. The hoard ri emu
The Ihlllbtvol company lost a ri;; by , lo:i i
tion -I I !.
i.t t hi : row i
til! oich.
Ciiiiiberlaud h imoiis ol the Da II imore iianiiuen much w ei c i oiioin ior i ar ie. vicinity -pi,,. t)M-,.,. m,.,, were hrouu'ht
and Ohio and on the western Maryland nil an express messenger. t., ,c.lester mid lodneil in jail,
and the Cuni'oi rlar.,1 Valley railroads.' The railroad reports also said Mexican '
on the New Haven (lie principal Pil , I o.lrral troops m pi.i -;u,i o: :cons en
tieultv appear-- to he the shortage tif ' euuntei-e I a part f r ii iei s last iiiulit
power, cue to a large number of en- i le'.ir (Juero oe I'.al.i and lost live killed.
in tin1 i. hops, and
l. K. I.niii; Dies al Sherman.
Sherman. Texas, .Ian. !. It. K. I.nuv
S viimm of ii'ji', foi iner Cravson eoiintv
.1 K. l.oic;
a'l of
'b1- v' ' " -. it: M lis !, on r anil for maiiv -.ears iiroin
I,,. I, -ml ii i-. i . i-ii 1 t, eiilie I-,. ii..ir ! A relief Iraili whieii i.el:t fe. ill! Cllnv- . .
rei itions P., iiie.t i',ir r I 1 ! ' n ' e 1 1 1 i ii ri ia i c in s i r 1 1 ei ion w o r K m ( ra
i i I. .lions ii. mi . im an i. ner ... . ... v..-.l .1 inn - leiurne, Hiis niucicii" .,1.1, the ....... . ..
fire lusl Wednesday moruimr in sec- ye 1 1 hefo. c ma k in.; hoi n .vln;: no i i'i- ! , . , ' '. ' ' , , '1.1 I ; ", e ium . men ai ins nome neie. li-
"' "l" -""' tM,ei 1 1 is surviveil hy Ins wife, two dauehieiH
. .. '. i.ielti.ieiit '-.dp. The ,.,.ns,..stin on 1 - Pl.oed i.l thirty -i. .n the iahs; r-jAilSS ,;,,. ,K, .,,) .t-. AI. K
!S and til o the Keek lease i !,.-.:. I ... -M.eii , .a- ...i-,;., j V "" " i U,,," :' "'V . "" this ,ity.
x . ' lr I the Connelsvil e r i I I u aoer'a in I 1 1 I-! ol i c .; 'ion-en ha... Iii e i e.irnetl awry
" ' l'u; ai ,.,.,. ,,,, ;, u , , , si of the I'.ai'imoi-e and Ohio, i due j l the V.opiis ' : , uied hy rail- J :
FROM OTHER FIELDS. ; T'l ;,.!:' . '"X rC u,,- at point! -
Kevnl. :., i, .,.v r,. united to hre 7. mo e lis of eo-ll. 1 oil 1 l.epcha. Ii.-entj-lolir I I .till
,., number. - ' 1,1 lynias. l aicou at .1 i er
l.'ia.'.ley. et
I e fur r,isP
outhwe;.; "U
are shut now u at I , tt
ia their No. I in the
ei ol si ri l, i: i i: "i - I ' a .
I'll -teller.
'l.'oe 'r,,-ii,"'; "esp,.:,! j : ,,:-;,,,,,r,
it l.NT.'t ii- t in Nm. 1 i. a the I'd nv
Ill in tiie no: I'ii ft 'la i t'-r ,,f
tion ' ''lii-Hw .
I 'irn',; 1'. l'o. !' .K ' ;.i .a.) a , .v
' i.i i'i i; I".', a ric fur a : I n; .n'lr:
'. ' M'.r ler of s.-p.'!i !i.'v,-:'w.
'i'w in .- ',a i ii! i nop. i ii - 1 ,-
, In. Nil, I It, I he I ,.- la . III :,. H...
,' oca..-' .piarie,' ,u" : , rli hi i r, ih,.'., .
'" at i Cilj.
in I.'' i i e. . ,,. ;j u.: e a : no f..r
.s.i. oi: : I iv IV l.irni , i.i
. . 1 1 '.-1 i oai r; o' : ; ii! In 27
i.-ii-Ih i I oi: i '.iiiii'iai I a : a Ho
i ir No. 2 "li tin .-'im ; ir ." : .: "i i,i i!-,.
ei. , '.V, i" i i er oi' : hi It'
J;ri-pr.t .
A. t'-pilie 1 'i t rol-M ai eieipia ny i dri'l
. , ; ai '.,V'T. li e! in it : No. 1 on the
l i .-1
withih a r. a ! of
a1 '' !'r tin !'
ilho'ieli l.liiKI is a in
I OI A I V l Inil.l) I I t
I Mf '. ( ilMI'i NS CHIN . V .
i ii, I,. ,
ili'n II'..:
a Ir I :
.il.lll p.
I" Mm
r i in
. i T!
: I ;:.- !i
i . it I ' !
r ;!:. i
su- la on d
U the em
Miek. T'
.,; il
a:- p .... '
ropi M.
ini'i l
l- I.
:r !! I he rear ft :rl I !
if r: SM-iitiiTs t a 'cin I .
Tiie I - n I i.i t : t i ' . i 'r iiiun ., indow
nd doors nut!1 e i t" in ti i . woman at!.
Ililil bat' lie II hi'le.l .! , OL'T-leil.
The iin!iii. eetirt of alt. on seei.t
li eu , ,:l he 1 1 in w as di' Itel seil
I'.-turniie... '.i He. seet'e of IP., h.il'liin
de . ..ins i.t.n i! I he 1 Lilian.-: -dill va :''l
:":i.r 1 1 i -. - . i p!-..-, : :,' wha.''
'ho,. h.m t i i iw n f n i : :. i , 1 "s;
'' and a si ., Icri;,. f ,i; ,v , . .
.. !de': :!:, . ie in f. let- .: . : , !h:
la! I'I w ' e ., . i:il w . -
: i i,
I'i' in in 1
!C If H.
1 .
Well eika.
it'.'! in P- No. 'I .hi' " I. Mill 10 tile
ee.ithWt'M ipiart"! nf lection il 11-12.
SladtOI". el a !. lire S'l'.' ii V. ,1.11 .t"il
feet iii their I in he p.t.ibv "t M'l.r'
p.'- of sect ion rah 1 n 1 ii w.
... ilKAI. CAI'ITAI.,
'.CI 0'
II. X. Cole of Tulsa was in the city
yestrrda.,- on business. Air. Cole has
resigned his position as treasurer and
ironera! inaiiaj;er of the Twin State Oil
company to take a position with the
Ohio Cities enmnanv as iiniiiii.-i.,. I'm-
all their onerations in tin. miniluri.ii I ulM I I' ASS,
outside of their relineries. The Twin
State has had a most r :o rrkaiile sm - I
... I ..i.t i I . .. . -i'i I. ,. I
cess under Air. I M),-s i: :: n;' vet. ; -tv. "''"" ' "'' ,;' " , ! 'ai.'M ine has sid...,i ihe.l j,
When he came to thai company live ; wheat anil k;ii I cotton r present ,' ip- , , ,,iin , )( )i!( l , s , . , , , ,,y ,
years ami it was without product ion. uai aim ueuerart o. me ui-i oi i ne i v
One of the first trades he made for 'a'' they are in lb" hands of others I
them was to secure choice, clo.,e.in than f.iriueis. ai d. in Ihe nn'iiion of i
ll"l Is Were t nivai-ded IIIIIIIC- "' ' "II .lie li.le.v II
' I;, to A. II. Sniilli. assistant .pie.-ilhe train. The Irdi
.. (.. ,.,., ,,t New J nk. wilh in- tlen :,. tie. Irn ':, ;'n
1 led i t" I'' roll' ' 1 1 , f hi 1 1 ' till 1 a"
r. ! I.rni d r v.! '" ihose oper- '
1 i'f. n my.' ill., .
i ,':,' h n." : lab ir a ,i I lie-i nee n lie-1 n-
e. tbi- Hieut 'Oil i I 1 1 -iur I b n-
i ll Ah'.Vi "i and his l lotlay almir '
, ' h I in 'U i . ' Ho ld of e ia I III no! I II
i-l and !! east.
I IP ads ,,:' I lie I .'iii' i :il w .-. v hpr r.er
il'Htds v. "t - . die ! j.,, , n...,'. i ,.,),-.. h,
i as - I ; e 1 : i r.ii en ,,n t in ni : i 1 1, i
f ei ,i,i'!' r :. i !! :.. . "P.' !. T..
: ' in I' V " id., h-. I ',' ia : ' 1 in . :' 1 ."t ; '
, ( . , . , i ' - . '.- 1 1 a :;;. r . i ir . i e r ee: ,; , n .
' !' a--e in w :.. s : 1 t h :-,:.::: '. M . id
,t, tin: I a i,c 1 1 i:;t a . n r r. d I , .' li: r 1 1, in . oils :
I't.r in'", e a', a .. .il i . Il: i i "M ill". I :te 1
'Is! '"'"" i-'il''-."1 ex, ,:;.;.,,, are pre :
pare i I" i'r.".i;r.';i -"I a : :,eral un" i.-.c.
I "ee:lii I'el ' 1 ' t : , I'C.'a 1 1 i.i . ! labor. 1" pre i
' ' 1,1 'hi1 nun from ".obr. In ol I r in- I
i ''.!-1 r i' s wil l'" ".'.e.cs are better. j
lolin Sliiho:. Williai'e eoinpt r .Hi r
of Hie i iiiTiiirv and th,- iniei-ior ui n-
'tis a. per on railroad linancial 'pies
foes, di-fiis-ed villi Air AicAiloo the.
situation which will develop .soon when
I railroad bonds and other obligations f;
I:. iaa. !. M , , i ih;,.i ,,.i;. ! '" furnish loootuot i' s and eipiie
111- fir:-! ri iiiiil.iinti ini'ii i.,.. '''" an.l in-:-ibl.-. enieloye.. to assist
lai-ei oi ioio'eii i . ; , Cea rim; the e: "t"ni congestion.
stahlbhiiie. a .e,visl, huiite 'a!'.
i an i.n.-ti'uc
-ill er -o il i.tii
w Pa t i e bid-
died. It was
il" 111.): -ai p. 1
.-. " V;e,.t-..A
tl-.li J
, i i.. t ,
I . v.;-nu . " . , I v ' i i"..v(
I '.yt :., Ii "! . w ants t he ai a n lb. -e
iia.-. i'i e h"S place to il is of.'
, 1' o , ,, .si's p..s h.tUli s of milk,
i ' ii i , .. . t : .e . I -: i 1 1 line on a i i f T (
ot i an mill v d li oi hei ... ; oen 1 1 t
will si .w vh it's what ami who's
v I '. i,i i t .' in :.hno' e ,'o 1 i
.:. I a , tai't. I'iione ?SX.
Him o if f . ii i t:
I ... r. i 'a ' r 01 S'i i. p it' r i ( Mll'a. .I.i
Dilwprlh's Wonder Sak!
Tiiinin row (Siilunliiy) All l;.Y
Pat, : - I ..' ,.c, in,' I -. ....
el li'lled ' h." " el f
." n ' ' '. ..a la P ir pi ' Uo ;a rv a '
..nii e-siii.i. ln.w 'vr. in nni-.i
r'i i -'. lo!"tvei, aiio!iie. -. ,.(ji,;. winch
I' '"'.: i hat s it s. c tin lit .- and ninnici
! '' ' i ' 1 1 : 1 1 ! fill- i , ,;i! i.-s p. ' i in
!" es a:. der : h- urtivisim:-. .if t!i- e .na
!'' ion law ( Iriui's was mini en
I 1 II :,n ol, .in t,il., tt I-,,.,. I ... ... I ..t.
:,, 1 .1,1111,,.. "I Hid ' ... ' I . I II
" ' " ' I "is ai , c.s w.-re hriil. "ii. This is
'one lb iiinis.ii. n ua. i ul
ease of this specific character.
Ins I
ccttBTOT.iii.-iV-'vi f-gi"f'-."ii'mntiillifmeTi,.ttf.'f:--. .'.,,,
d Southern roads have
acrea;;e ;it Healdton ini mediately after
IrilliiiK in the lirst Weil, on whici! the
company di velopn! :i produetion of
.'.noil barrels. When Cm-dime, cune in.
he not in there early and secured fur
his company leases that had n Hash
production of 12,li0il barrels. Kollow
iitK the briiminc in of a well at Vale
Air. Cole secured for bis eonipary sev
eral thousand acres in thai tcrriiorv
'.tiorney is. -iii ii '-. thiR. are not ex
i'ni)tet from pi.alioii by tiie Oklaho
ma laws which ware supposed to ex
empt raw farm products.. I Ie expri s-ed
such all opinion before the meeting
here of the county lax assessors of
the state, which had bet 11 e.tlie I by
Slate Auditor I'I. 1 e Howard. The law
was passed in 1, at a time when
the I iur.1pe.111 war had been in pro'-vress
ea; irma,. 01 1 pi. 11 'o i M.in'
en' (. 1 : imtiiit ie,. for "t",i ; :i 1 Xi
; 1':: bv.
winch. althoie ,,,,,- partially dr. I nd a year and ihe cotb.ii crop was
velopn!, has a produetion of about :i dim I sbctuated. Then tiie '"buy a bale" move-
h.nnis. Air. Col,, says Vi.ie Iris wo:
nerfiil stayiiiK ipiaHties. Their iirs;
well, which eanie in a year aim al ."ti
barrels, is iiow doiii'Jf ""ill ban 1 Is. I n.r
inu' the tiays of flusii 1 ir, ol : i t j. 1 at
Cushimr they built a smiiii ndi.irry
there to handle their production. Tbi
relhiery is now ha'idliu.r their v:di- pro
duction. AI'-. C,,r lias always b ,1
very popular with Aniniore opera: cs.
who are ;lad to see him make tin j;
elianp'. w liicli is iii the way of : bir; I
i 11. u was t:i 1 ; " ! 1 im in order to net tint
people to buy . --1 1 1 , 1 . . "son !hoiu;h tiny
1 1 ... 1. .1.1 i , .. ...l.li.. '!! .. . .-:,...
""" ' ' " " " ' i 'e 'e-al i ,ii ill I'"
id tin'. cd cotton and thrashed vheat.i. . , ... , ,,
, l " , . i 1 1 I '- 1 J
toe attorney ;:. neral ilei-lcred. would I
it k wink a Di! a i-i. i 1 "it Ihe farmer, I
he :; ii-i the pro.iei ty is all enr.ilieii a.-
"' ti e lirst of lb.. ;e.ir an i !;-e.i-:i!l,, '
I ;l:is time ti e farmer la's very little I
wheat or cot.'. hi mi hand. ems"ouou!l
w mil'. 1 1101 !' a IP en , 1.
S. S. Price, peoloe;jst. of Tuisn. i;..ssnl
throiifh Ardmore yesterday on Ids wny
to the north Texas fields.
lypsy's W. li. .lobosdo Xo. :!. .see.
lioa 2f 2s-3w, is drilling at I'AO feet.
Cypsy's Pruitt No. 2, s-etio:
is drilliiiu at l,51.t feet.
1 2.
'l.'.psy's I.inileriuiiith No. 2. ictiou
33, 2-3. is drillint,' tit 1.100 fret.
'iyp.sy's Aioiicrier No. 2. srctam 32.
Mi. i. drilliiiK at 1.4H5 feet.
iMisy's l-'itzperald No. 1. section 28.
2-3. is drilling at (115 feet.
Keyd well No. a has come in as a
Kassrr. and the flow is said to he stronK
er than in any of the other wells. This
is the fourth biK gasser in this field and
is located i.i section 23-ls-lOw.
A letter has been received from P. I.
i.ivrly. "somcw here in France," dated
Nov. 12 and 10. He says he is worfc'nK
bard every day. but docs not say what
the work is. It is supposed, however,
thr.t Air. Lively in drilling water wells.
The Roxanu petroleum company is
startlrsiT a hi i? tank farm in section
I'.il Cole of the Itepubiii: Supply coni
1 any and Robert Disney are In the
I'.urkburnett field looking over cimdi
lions there.
Nt wi or; .News, v 1.. .Ian. i. Two : ol
,iit s v bile iloi:m ;uar I dip;, hero a",
.i'lo'Kd to Inivt ber't f,o"e.i to death
:"...;:".' 1 1 and 1 : : 1 1 ; : ; - aivlit-. Th'-i,
do iii cii t ir'c it -s fiy tiny died ,i, ii.-.
clu.isft of duty. X.i offa iai .1 1 p.. a nc
:m r! is aval'. i. ile.
Washington. .Ian. -I. Tl.e war ;
inent lias no repo, t of soldins .'tr.-.i 1
to death at Newport News.
I'.e'l'.. ' iii.. I rash 1:;.! "::::.;:.. :
W e''e I''. I ive.l I IM-:) t ie l 'I,. . 0
X.niii-t t o !v, i, ion a i,; s 1 iiii.i'u'i 1
'.. e t I: 11:11 ice Zionist e tafi r. n ,
i '.11 i! inn no. Allium? the lai-irer e en ,a ,:
',", s are: Jacob Sehiff. ?:.'."i,nii.i; ; , ;
'I'i.ivis of Tulsa, ok la.. Jul.. 'in". 1 r t.r
-1 i:,' All ; .-r. '-'"'. 'inn.
ST !M III) Mill? T l.i
Ai-.i. I.o-o ' . klH. .Iaa. 1. dim New
solo 1 ibirvi.i. ' ik'n.. .'- ii -' i:he;l to i'i.
t. rda-.- Ie. 1 1 1 1 1 ,
.al Si: nip.-r. v. 'in
li"l ' 11 o' ci ' t hat 11 mob w a.. ;' . tp.
in:- to i'f::"k N.-wsfii for 1 1 : t 1 i 1 . a
: in 'ai ;s si ,ei 1 r in w ! orb i,e ; .
a'li-ae I to liave ::tiil: "!', woilld tiel h
Ol" in death I I see the li 1: I r V i:io I'"
j P' esitlcnt of the I 'ui.i ii St; V.
i so-. i was eiV";t a liur ii d in :r iur b
!' II I'ttif.,! Stiites coin. ll's. fo e r :.;
I I in...,, w l.a fxi'o hi. bo ,1 at SO iMIII,
j I'eiut; unable to fund" ii i:. Xdo soni wa-
IfroU'-'hl here.
llUkrni ill Bit
n.'i.n,T ji.u i-w
V.lllDAMTPFn ' '"V ACir'yr
r7 Why be satisfied with
orcinary iiour when
there's the "better
kind;' flour.
The Always Reliable
Made by experts so
your ''bake-day" may
be a pleasure. Phone
W. J. Lane
City Grocery
l.oiii'o.. . I ;, i . :'.. Compulsory ratio
il'.' is t i he put i.i ' ffect in liar.::,'
I soon, it win, announce I i.f '!! !i v.
lac white dinner plates
Km: i;iass table tumblers
I fie salt tied penper sbaher.
.-,t: ice t"a tumblers
Kif sherbet cups
1 ,'ie :l:--: sta'-.-h
1.1o e;lllH he I'll
Kir cans tuna fisli
lac sanilwirli tuna, fish
l.'ic cans ienna sansa;;e
1.7,' pkK Krunibles ior
lac pis spaghetti
Kir bottiiM sweet pickles
Kir bottles sour pickles ....
Kir bot'les malted clams
Kio size Kiape juice for ...
No. I can red beans
I'd", Xn. 2'.-j - eiiial 2 1b cana best liom
iny regular IAo slr, in ttiinorrow'.)
bit; sale all yon want for, oer can-9e
This bomnr, is worth more thin
!lr in i-ir lots, so iH-tte.r buy all ymr
shall "..int for a time.
Doilies' hdli room slippers, pair. -De
Men's . .ini as ".lovi'M, pair Or
i 'I i iii Ir;' a s Lie stationery for On
Ail K,c to.--, hooks ami Raines !
Ti.'kiv ft.ilher duster (special) lb:
Wood eoat and pants baicrer De
f. do, i n elothei pins for. flc
l.ic hot tie ma chine nil 0e
Ketch ):ii-k rat trips He
i, . in,.,;.,",,' Kettles and stove pots
won. 'cr value 0e
.Ml i ihi'iois, r.ii v value, every col
or ami v ante. I s:liadt nil extra
..prrv! :, " looiorrnw at.
..i d II lif I' ie"
A " ' , 1 ,. : :i:1i ri..;i a, toinor- '
ro. . i ei:r ctiotce for Ij
.ii st . ... . Half Price
M' !. c " oc.i -ii value choc dates. !'
i !! all ... " I iiial fancy coiter.,,
I . . . : ,di i, dale , tomorrow,
Pi e t'i' ti ..I'.le
Mi ie per ,t i; 1 1 , vitt'ie Cindy, ill-
tl.u. it .' iiina lav.s, pi-i- lb. .tilt:
- i 'i i a a " -'.. tiuiri.Tovv .I0: ;
.c . ii-., 's l.i.teel.il) . I'I,:
" " r. ' " - . : i nols . . ..... I!).:
-'"' i ', ,' . a r 'oii a I ; . l!)r
'! id.uid:! . lib:
: : -.' ., spi'cial ... l9c
in I'tniD'ii park a-nl
'. lie Piaiot row Ilk:
i dt. d rdmns .. ..inc
' I o ! : i i'se.-vi"! lit:
' ,1 .ijir Jiiice. You
!i;;iiti d with I hi f ii"W
1. 1)'' iai .v I!lc e
O lie pi.iO.T.!),);,,
A 11 3..c able doiir, for 1 9c
All liiys ip :o $1 1)0 vaJim-ll.iir Price
A ,! lit,-i.! p..i;,lc.l c'oiiiii, iiiinio ,'iirn
oatv;-.i.;i'. to be bail, al... Half Price
:fi..0 . i, ir',.; for v;oii.t'ii 93c
itO.. i hihirrn's ;owiis 39t:
27"- cldldre-i' ; iiiiacr -.kirts . 19c
'2Uc a id 2.ic. cbiblri'ii's drawers 10c
SI. M' princess i.lip.t for G9e
leic .on. iTe! pritici:-::! slips for ellil-
ilvc.i 39c
d.'tc l.ioi"s' eoiu'.ii..!linr auilii 19c
2'i,. carsi I e overs, ejitra value Iflc
i'.ltc t'ltildreii's lADomers 19c
Tliis side wi'l eimtiotio all day
hot In It"' omit! early and be sure ot
first choice. Hrini; tin; list with the u
thhus eon went marhi-il. It will save u
ime. J
I. kla
t mi...
Di 1
The Dilworth Co.
W. Alai'i
I'honu 104
Mo Tif if MomIi Hreatl
Tia ...
stair I C
,.K :. I a
w.o.i!.: I,
. t i.i d.
M,i" i
'It I'.l.'e:'. l'::"..i!i Kin. r.','
i'i ' ' iep'. ri : t in lias co::
i "' i '..! i.od'ie. ami that it i
tifed ",il a-' soon i's I:
ike ' d iui t biid been :
SPANISH I'AI.ACK lil i:ns.
Aiadrid. .bin 4.- I'Mre in the royal pal
ace a; La (iraiiju, Spain, soreiid lo a
church, which with lb" pnlrce wa ... d"
'troyd. Several lioiises also cativbt
."ir: . I'ire hydraiUs were fro.a n. (ior-
riunciiit troois were summoned to lik-ht
the fire. Very few of the valuable I "r
uirts and ;irt objects in the palace '.'.ere
saved. The loss will aci; refute sevel:;!
inillioo dollars.
mm pi am
The well recently drilled to the 270
foot sand by T. K. Rowland and asso
ciates on the Jeffrey home place in the
village of (irnhnm found 23 feet of very
compact sand which will probably have
to be shot to make a well.
IJ.ili li icl.acbe Av iiy W illi .Small ria
linllle of O'd "St. .lambs Oil."
Wiieji oiir back is sore ami liiine or
I'liiihano, sciatica or rln pinaiispi La-,
you stiffened up, don't suffer', (let a
small trial bottle of old, honest "St.
Jacobs Oil" at any dmi; store, pour a
lit'h' in your hand olid rub ii. riuln on
our acliine; back, aiui by tiie time you
count fifty, the sotencss ami lame
ness is (.'one.
Don't stay crippled! This sooth, u,.
Iiciiitratins oil needs to be used only
once. It takes the pain ri:;ht out ar 1
ends the misery. It is mimical, yet
absolutely harmless and doesn't burn
the skin.
NothitiK else stops lunibiiko, ser.tloa,
backache or rheumatism so pror.intly.
Kverv wotiiiiii's burdens arc iiv litenei!
when she turns to the riifht medicine.
If lar exist' nee is made gloomy by the
ihrouic weaknesses, ik licate ,lerani;e
oieiito. nul I'liinful disorders that af
flict her se:, she will find relief and
(mancipation from h"r troubles in Dr.
Pieivf's Kavoi ite I'rescription. If she s, It never disappoints! (Adv.)
overworked, nervous, or "run-down,"
slo- I'imts ni.lv lifn mid st i-,iii et Ii it's ii
iiowt rfiil. invioratiiiK tonic and nervine
which was iliscovei ril mm used by an
cinin: at physician for man;, years in
all cases of "female complaints" and
weaknesses. Cor youiiK Kirls just enter
Injr womi'.'.ihood; for women at the criti
cal riiaiiKe oi me ; m nciirins uow n ;
ser.sations, periodical pains, ulceration. 1
Inflammation, and every kindred ail
ment, the "favorite I'i ascription" will '
benefit or cure.
Tin- "I'rescription" contains no alci
Ul! '. Iris It,-, ll l '.'pi e sc.! j
till . i n.'i i'i i iimu' tiie mo re-
t lassl.l, il, obt'l i :,; .IU SUppO' '- ol s,,,;i
,,: lic.-s of fjo.;. Im; t ty. ha-, been dtie
to f.-.ilt. (Jisti iiimiot. ratiiff tba., i..
lack of ci ,i di. s.
'I'lie K adi-li labor uui o::.-: ha'.e ma Ie
i.isi-ient ileiiiiioiis for c I'.u'oii'sory r.i
liriUIIU. sllltiil.' that tile luesent s i
f mwiis oi I n -: iiiiil at the labor can
cos last wa ek was wiirue l ih;i ,
. I'lsls wt.ulii aid. unless t ner"ctU
up in tires we. e la ken.
: , I'I
; Viiiii-iiiiiIiii,ii ii l ii i un in, i, n i THi lnrii it ini nimiiii -mil nm i ' I
'i . . : !
. j fmwmm-iW ,n,naiMrT.rnfi..iiu-iLi il. i-j-i' j
Told by Herself. Her Sin
cerity Should Con
vince Others.
S. P.. Dennett of Oklahoma City, con
nected .with the VanWinkle Oil & Gas
company, is In the field. This com- I hoi, end Is sold in tablet or liquid form,
puny bus production in section 3-4-3. Mend 10c to Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel.
Several months ago the wells on this I 1 Buffalo, N. Y., for largo trial luickatre.
lease were making 35 to 40 barrels, and ' (Adv.) '
. i
H .f III M ' t nil lliinil tit mi' M l
vo::r s strut. I-'or n:t- b; I
I Mil
n vjM-ftitivn iiug wu. n
Christopher, 111. "For four years 1 j
BulTerod from irregularities, weakness, I
was in a run down
condition. Two of i
our best doctors
failed to do me any
good. I heard so
much about what
Vegetublo Com
pound had done for
others, I tried it
and was cured. I
am no longer ner
vous, am reptilur,
and in ovecUetit
health. I believe the Compcund ui!l
cure cny female trouble." Kr?. ALICT.
Hi bbEii, Chriidophor, 111.
Ncrvounncrs is often a symptom of
weakness or soma functionid di'ranf.;e
meat, which nay be overmme by this
famous root, i.nil hcrh nnieiiv. Lvtlia
I. Piiikh.-oa's V'.'ix'islili' Coi.ipound. s
thousands cf vcr.-ioi l.ave found by
If complicr.tio'ia exist, write Lydia E.
Phikhnnt Medicine Co., Lynn, Masa., for
flM-rtTcRtinnn in rer-oril to vniir iiilm.oil-
; The result of iti long t'Xbt'riur.cu li
st voar fervicp.
r -.-
Are The Best Tubes on the Market
The Michelin Tube is made to fit your easing and is curved
like : lire at all times, whether inflated or not. This tube has
this curved shape because it is made by the exclusive Michelin
process ; on a round or ring-shaped mandrel.
Remember that Michelin Red Tubes cost less than many other
quality makes. Give Michelins a trial we ask no more.
Oklahoma Oil & AuSo Supply Co.
Wholesale and Retail
DON A. COCHRAN, General Manager

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