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low tt;e Ai mits : ucteed
In Foo ing Each Other
By Various Tricks of
Painting and Screening
ofTvees Marine Cam-
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A), 1 iil.';.s w it
mr.ll-.'icl :iiv . lii-il
i-nil U lf .'itii.-. n! i
t;i(Kl anil 'he um i.f
Il 1 en. I I a
Inn 'lw
ii nun'
I lie tiu aiis
war ciiinc-i
I'lii' ail of 1 ii iiioiiII.ki' hi
wnJiT liii- iihfvc lull ami 1. mi
:Iif lie i olcclMiii.i for lln- mi
which J:. !i'(.i;:l.i in:; m h,
win - a war which lias 1 1 . reel th
Mllic i;!i,is (il f'.-icii naii'iii 'n
from. 'I I.e.- ai rnilai)c h i.- Iii i iiiiii
fyes of lln- iiriii.v anil when 1 he ;
,. ,,f
i' in
lliu llir
plane of Itie encin,. snfii rs I'i-hiii ..pi icul
Jlu.'.ioiia aixl tin :,nlil:ers ue savcrl the
nd jiii.lides Hir mean.-. Various il. li
lilt.Jon.s tin- j'.i 'b for the want which
cpally means f.il.int; by wa., of .
niont of Irene be s, posit 101
A military man aal r ive,
tlon "II um hi.': : in:: I 'i
... .1
main prirciple i' l).. .1." ! n:ct of
DTltline by paint or ollii : 'nil!!'..
.'W'unl rnl.ai.VMi I'.i for." '! be War.
it is a word unKci.', 11 pre u::r
dictionaries and ha: rem. 10 be 11' "
H.s il perioral term enverni.; all kiml
Of proloc.tive coloralu.n for inilitar
Viirposcs and oilier forms of conceal
ment, such a:, the screening of an c
poicil t.f:lion of a road, or the 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '
of mm positions from aeroplanes In
ficreons of foliage or placing iliimmy
, si,ouo salaky im i:i:.si:.
t '
'Tulsa., tlhla., Jan. I. The Cev. I,. K.
"Floyd, pastor of the First liaplist
'Church, lias been exonerated of the
chai'fte of making disloyal remarks in a
sermon lasl Sunday, allhounh the coun
ty council of defense has made no re
no. 1 ,,r iiu rti..Hi.iu r,.ii.,,. t
Uiy's investigation. The church board
Kuvc the exoneration in unanimously
Voting an increase in salary of J I, MM a
ei r.
Floyd denies even the thought of dis
loyalty and claims that misconstruction
was placed upon bis sermon ly fieisons
V In. desired to oust him. j
"J did say that my heart went out to
the Herman soldiers in the trenches, I
itil it was in the liodv of my sermon
;itr! the statement was made shortly 1
-after President Wilson in his message
HiaVl declared that America is not fight
ins! the Herman people, hut kaiseiism
laml- autocracy," Floyd explained. "I
Uhought f made this pain! clear in my I
itortnnn, but it was- very evidently pur- '
iiwsicly misconstrued. What I said was
tha;t the condition is pitiful in which the I
Cernian soldiers lire forced to right for
a tlovernment with which they are not
In Sympathy. " '
'fl, did not refer to I he itc.i Cross .s
rltdnp patriotism, lint I did knock the
clulap patriots who are taking advan
tagte of the national situation 'or either
Iirilatc gain or to get free advertising
oftheir personal assertion that Ihey
srr patriotic."
5lR.lT ItKtilNS IN (WNAI)A.
tttawa, Out., Jan. A. The machinery
of .Canada's military service act has
bi'ivi put in motion and is working
smoothly. Men conscripted in the first
drtit are reporting in hatches as pre
violisly arranged by district registrars,
nnrl will go Into training as rapidly as
they can be handled and dispatched.
Thv new legislatii n calls for Old.OJO
medi. The first di-aft is said to exceed
20.5llO, although the exact number was
withheld for military reasons.
Washington, Jan. 4 Approximately
J7.000 Filipinos ore expected to be mus
tered into the United Stales army un
der a bill passed by the house, taking
In. the 1'hlUypine National Guard and
t. .i :'.'t . ,..;t u " .i. i i v. m .... . .
in such a position as to draw
1 h
intention of aircraft and keep
.11 fi n:ii lirulini; the real suns. It
i1'1-'! c'tp :"i '.o '.Ii'.- color of uni
111 . Tiiu- .i v, I'ieoise I : rr; u r -1
IV. .il lic.a I'll. illc 'lis le-'Ci'.'. visit to
ti.'ii1 ivriUs. "I have seen Yprcs
1 h.
i-a'u. This ti.nc tlio:lKh still a suiicr
iiimiaii'd civilian I was in khaki, like
v. ryliod else li way of cainniilhuje."
, iiulilary man nivc.s the delinition
.f ca ni'iiitl;u:e as "the art of conccal-
1111 ill by ilevici". a.-siinilaled In nat lire's
111 ei I -lids and run oiind inivs."
i !'i e without sayim; lliut camou
II is of paramount imiortance
w he 1 e 1 hero are posh ions a ml especially
1 rt il lei y ha 1 1 erics I he si 1 1 111 1 ion of w hi.-h
is to be hidden from tlm enemy. The
IK neb. Hermans and Italians have
l.oilen tlii art of concealment down
to a real science, b'lt I he llrili.-.h arc
far from perfect as on one or two oc
casions 1 hey Iuiap painted an aero
plane tianrar a rcen srray and left a
number nf tents a ho ul it in their
natural color. in another plaee. for
some unaccountable reason, I !e u nis
were si riped 'o represent formes and
instead of ' oneea l:mc them the ," .pes
,:- '''I ail.'iilion 1.1 airm.11 that ;oine
ii'inj: was h.'inr hidden and fhe Her
man airmen pro. 'ceded to drop bombs
"tt Hie imitation fence with disastrous
results to the flriti.h sol, lief, who
vv. re eiieonipcd al this point.
Xiisli iiui And l.erman imn alim "il.
O The I 1 ni 1 11 s an.l .ii!riali; have
been partii ularly siiccf-sCul in hidinu
Iheir road by u camoiiilm;.- of I '-res.
U a I1i11gt1.11. .Inii. -I. I f noriiial pro-
doi'tion of the nation's food and f I
crops is to he had this .e:ir, prompt
retain to protect the see.! a,nil is
lircessiirv . Sicetaiy ll'iiistiin .vain. "I
1 1'lii'iess csenla il. asking IV- an
:il"cn: lie! icienry a I if! opl'ia ! i .1' t'ui to".
eminent purchase and sale of ij in
lainieis at cost. '
"There is urgent anil immediate need
for al least f li.lliiii.liiin and it is probahl" 1
that an additional sum will be 1 1'ipiireil '
in Ihe in ar future.' the m c: etai said. ,
"Tin- s.ed situation presents many ilif
iiclllties. Two geliei.il alias h;.w -III-.
lere.l sewich from drouth during the!
past s-'asoii tl... soiiihwist. nirlii'lim: a
i.ir.e arl of T. xas and a nail of OkI.t
Imma and a ciciilerrlile portion of the
northwest, including large sections of
North I 'akota and eastern Montana.
"The-,, icg'ion-i represent a large part
el tin g ( ai'i s iiilueii g a''-as o! ii.e
Tinted Slates 'I'll,, seed corn - it a. it ion ,
in the hoi tl. half id lln- crn belt is i
in. in era. lis 1 1 .: . i it has been for in my
wars." I
The ..cei eta. -an I ii is t s 1 1 i . i I a 1 1 1
that a.lcili itc s s'lpphes of . ov bean- I
ami v. bile or n.iv.'. beans .ic .r. ii'ablel
..r the n.'M planling season.
1 1 1 I . 1 1 HI II 1 1 1.1 IV I l'.U"V
l ii ia hntna l'it, .bin. I. Sccrelar of
Slate .1. I,. I. von has issued the fol
lowing charters:
Medical Mining couipiiny of tlklallo
ma City-, capital stock $::0,OlMI. I iii'or
poialors; K. S. Lain. C li. Taylor. Ok
lahoma Citj, and T. C. McCurih, Pur-
Federal Trust company of Oklahoma
City; capital stock $'Jlill,iHiil. Ineorpora-
tors: It. Copeland, H. 1 1. Marsh and '.
Allen. Oklahoma City.
The Auto Owners Supply company
of Oklahoma City; capital $ KMI.niid. In
corporators: tl. O. N'ewcomb, Oklahoma
City, W. II. Ilenke. Klk City, anil firmly'
I''. Slayton. Klk City.
.Who Lead and Zinec ompauy of Peo
ria; capital stock $:tl)0,MIO. 1 neiirpnia
tors: F. F. Sparrow, I . A. Thiirmnn,
and M. Nowlin. Oklahoma City.
I'.lue .lay Mining company of Oklaho
ma City; capital slock $100,00(1. In
corporators: Norman Nelson, W. N.
Hayes and W. A. l.edbctter, Oklahoma
Niagara Oasoline company of Tulsa;
capital stock $100,000. Incorporators:
P. Kingsbury. Albert II. P.ell and
l'.ay S. Follows, Tulsa.
Loudon, Jan. 4. According to a dis
patch from I'etrograil, the ill health of
Ambassador Hueliannn is reported.
f&yxg 23ryr2cAps' Za-r;g facm Rqo&&'
A! one 11I arc si'Vinl miles ot road
j vns hhMcn ly the branches of trues
lieiiif; tied nn ropes ami hunt; across
j the roud. Many Sirnns the aeroplanes
'01' ilie Allies pasfpii over this road
I while Austrian regiments were pass
j iiu; over it hnulintr smuc f tiif'r his
liiuiiM and failed to discover them at
all, taking the roud for a forest,
j The (lermans too liavr succeiMlcd
I in concealing many of their trenches
land Rims by tree limbs, sometimes by
actually transplanting vounc trees.
i Tliev iiave 1.1 l.i.ili ,lii,r.,v irn..ni,;.u
and -succeeded in drawing In fire in
1 ti ii t direction from the Trench, while
they were lirinj; from another direc
tion entirely.
Italian Arl.
The Italians have had excellent re
sults in ramouflaKltiK many of their
Alpine positions by covering the sand
bass with snow balls am! by wea-rinK
while uniforms which could not be
distinguished from the snow. They
are also clever in sitting up dummy
X uns in the snow so as to draw lire
in that, direction while the real nuns
are hidden some distance away, tine
particularly ;.-ood looking dummy Run
caused an Aus-tri.in airman to use so
many bombs that when he did finil
the real i?'in lie was out of bombs and
by the time he returned the Italians
had hidden the real un under the
snaw and had aunt hi r "fa ke" in plaee
it which he hamred away for some
At another place ihey dressed their
machine runners in a uniform of
yriSsiioppi r sreen :.n. iainled the
Washington, .tan. I. Tile American
marine is t In- wa finest dr-vi-cd of all
America's tigliiing men, the senate mill
liii'v r. uiiiii : t ; e learned fr.nu Ali.hael K.
I 'rise .11, a cloth expert from Carilan,
V .1, ami tin- Herman trooper in his
"gra dawn" uniform has clothing fill
per cut hiavicr and wanner and more
iiistb than lite American soldier.
A won', stained scrap of gray cloth
.in from th" own-oat of the lirst Her
man prisoner taken by Heneral Per
shing's men was held up to ihc view
of the committee for o.Viininat ion. The
committee's investigation turned on the
much disputed point of whether "shod
dy" mixed with wool is g I for a
soldier's overcoat.
Air. Iniscoll agreed with previous wit
nesses from the ia hi i ti'ii of national de-'
tense that there was little dilieieiiei
effect and that the clothing wilh "re
worked wool" mixed in was cheaper.
He invor.'il Inavier uniforms for the
men in Kuinpc.
st ATI-: di;i knsi; cocncii.
Oklahoma City. .Ian. I. The State
Council of Heidise will urge employers
throughout the slate to put women in
plarc. of drafted employes wherever
practicable, instead of tilling vacancies
with men drawn from other useful oc
i uputioiis. Limiting of purchases to
necessities will also he urged. A strict
surveillance of pool halls is to he made
by the council, and men found idling
their lime there may be drafted for
some kind of work. It is the purpose
of the council to econoun.e in every
way possible and labor and facilities
will he utilized in the same sense. At
a meeting of the council it was decided
to appoint .1. Al. Ayilelotle. chairman of
the State Council; Or. Stratton I'.rooks,
Male food commissioner, and Chester
II. Wrstfall. secretary to the governor,
as a committee representing the council
to be ju session and have charge of the
council's work. The last Saturday in
each month was li.xed as the regular
monthly meeting time of the council.
The well-known, tried and reliable pen
etrating preparation, "Mother's Friend",
13 prepared especially for mothers. It la a
natural aid to nuturo in Its worlc nnd is
absolutely and entirely safe. Hy lt3 uso
the abdominal muscles expand easily
when baby U horn and bearing down and
ulretchintf pains during tlia period uro
Runs the same ah:ul iCao coverinf?
the tois with sod. Keen the faces
of the ifiinners were covered with
fcroen masks and it was difficult, to dis
tinKuinh them from the surrounding
scenery. At another point they set
up fake Runs and wooden gunners
beside them. Pretty soon the Aus
trian aeroplanes flew over and began
to pepper the fake guns and gunners
wasting their bombs and energy. Jn
the meantime Italian airmen went up
and brought down one of the enemy
machines. The Imitation guns and
gunners suite red severely while I he
real ones renui'ncd unharmed.
l''rtM'h Artists.
The French are p;ust mwters in the
art of fjmoiillage and in many in
stances their humbugging disguises
have suved the day. At one time the
Hermans thought they commanded a
railway track far into the distance
behind the French lint.".. The whole
thing, however, was a fake, the track,
the signals, rails and ties, the trees
1 hat fenced the lines and the hills on
the horizon were .ill painted on a
screen by clever French poilu camou
lleurs and set up in the night across
a village street which was needed for
military operations. The Hermans
were driven hack by the men who
jus: e.l under the screen before they
had time to ue the railroad and
never d:scov. ri l the clever ruse.
Chicken wire is the foundation for
much of ' he camouflage work. Mends
and erass woven through it are used
i cotic-al post-, ons .-iiul iinic-is the
Oklahoma City
of education lei
of : Ic thrift stan
by It. II. Wilsoi
to lie onniHlclen
th. slate. The
CUsseii I lllil'ollghl .
Ian. I - I campaign I
1 1 : ve to tile pll rpose j
us is being considered
state superintendent,
iinong li'.e schools of
subject will be i Us
ui the stal" meeting
I of cnintv superi t : i indents here Feb. 14
an. I ."i, which ha- been announced. Air.
! Wilson believes there are many people
I nh ' w ish to aid in every way they can
fin the prosecution of the -war, but do
! not understand the purpose of the
i thrift stamps. He proposes that a
i plan be arranged al the superintendents' j
I in. cling ihiil car be taken back to the
schools h the superintendents and up
Iptied wilh eftect. Those in the state
v. ho w ill have charge of the thrift
stamp rainpaigi: 'vill be invited to the
meeting so the', call explain the work I
reiat i
In the stamps.
!i S MIOK I A(.l AT Tl LSA
Tulsa, okla.. .Inn. 4.-- Suffering from
gas shortage during the cold wavi" just
i nded was due to the fact that distrib
uting mains in towns in Oklahoma sup
plied by the Oklahoma Natural Has
company are for the most part inade
dilute for the service demanded of them,
according to officials of the gas com
pany. This applied especially to Tulsa,
which has grown so rapidly the last
live years that it is claimed it will be
necessary before long to replace all the
old gas mains with others much larger.
The Oklahoma Natural is connecting
with till available new wells in the
Tulsa district, it was stated, in order
to maintain the gas pressure at near
the demand. In spite of this fact, Tulsa
suffered severely on account of short
age of gas.
Madison, Wis.. Jan. 4. The indict
ment charging Congressmen John M.
Nelson and his sou, JSyron Nelson, with
conspiracy to evade the draft net, was
quashed by Federal Judge Charles Car
penter here.
Avoided. "Mother's Friend" has been
i'sc.1 by thousar.Jj of women for three
.fenerations and n woman should fall tc
apply It night and morning. Get a bott!--tmlny
from your druggist and wrlto for 11
lustratcd guide hook, "Motherhood nnd
the. Huhy". It Is tree. Address The
Pradflol.l Regulator Co., Dept. M, 300
Lamar BullilitiK, Atlanta, Go.
4 wv
4 V -
enemy aircraft flies low enough to be
brought down by the anti air-craft
guns they do not di.sc.over the camp
or trench of the men.
At another place a supply train was
painted to represent a row of cot
tages and wejit through without a
mishap from the enemies' aeroplanes.
Over and over, guns made from sec
tions of telegraph poles and the fore
truck of a wagtiu with board.-! for gun
shields have foiled the. Clerma.iis. One
particular stunt of the French is to
put a couple of ounces of gunpowder
on a tin shelf at the muzzle and lire
it by electricity, especially when the
real gun is being Mred elsewhere. The I
dummy gun always tempts the enemy I
to waste manv rounds of perfectly I
good live shell and wears out his j
nergy as well, for there Is nothing so
(iLshraj-tenintr to a military man !
to discover that he has been fooled.
Machine guns are hidden by the
empUM-i-inenus being covered by sod
care being taken that no sod be re
moved nearby. Dummy trenches are
built in places which will not endan
ger the real position. The Kronen of
ten cover these dummy trenches with
the limbs of trees which soon wither.
This,' of course, gives the enemy an
idea that the trenches were concealed
by tree limbs which have withered
and they invariably open fire on the
dummies. Karly In the war the grav
ing filumes and white gloves of the
men proved excellent targets for the
Herman gunners and had to be aban
doned. Pretty soon trench warfare
became Hie all Impr.'tunt way of light
ing and concealm -nf became neces
sary. Artists of all ranks were called
to a -wist and c inioitllage became one
of r'.ie 111111011:111' branches of the armv
i.yon si (;(;i;s'is plan for
Oklahoma City, Jan. t. Some confu
einli and possible delay h; receiving
votes from the soldier and sailor ab
sentees might be prevented, in the be
lief of Secretary of State Lyon, if a
suggestion be outlined in a letter to
Hovei'iinr Williams be followed. The
law relative to registration of candi
dates for state and county offices re
iiuiros that they register not more than
I no days nor less than forty days be
fore the dajc of the primary election.
In a majority of cases they have waited
until practically the last day. There
is a large soldier vote away this year,
and no matter where tliey may he. they
are under the law entitled to vote.
Lyon suggests thai the governor issue
a proclamation giving all prospective
candidates lifteen days from the be
ginning of the 100-day limit to register.
This would, in his opinion, give the
state election hoard ample time to have
the ballots prepared and the secretary
How careless it is to accept alcoholic medicine for
children when everybody knows that their whole health
and growth depends upon correct nourishment If
your children are pale, listless, underweight or puny, they
absolutely need the special, concentrated food that only
V -W V W Va W
gives, to improve their nutrition and repair waste caused by
youthful activity. During school term all children should
De given icoft tmulsion because it benefits their
blood, sharpens their appetite and rebuilds their
trength by sheer force of its great nourishing power.
Scott & Bownc, Blootn&eld, N. J.
"The Cafe for People Who Live to Eat"
Noon day luncheon from 11:30 to 2:00 p. m., 40
cents. Sunday we serve an elegant dinner from
12:00 to 2:30 p. n, 50c.
acrvioe. The French were the first to
use it with success and they have now
developed it to perfection. Ijiter the
oljier countries tried It with more or
less success.
AmrrhwiN To Study The Art.
In the American Army the art of
camouflage will be under the direc
tion of the Engineer Corps aad the
Chief of Kngitieers has kerned a call
for "ingenious youn,c; men who are
looking for special entertainment In
the way of fooling the Oeruians." The
F.ngineer Corps have been making a
study of camouflage for some time but
they wi'l welcome new ideas on the
subject and their call for men for
this new branch inchides various
trades and professions. They espe
cially desire sheet metal workers, sign
and scene painters, carpenters, cabinet
makers, stage carpenters, property
men and photographers. These men
can make themselves useful by devis
ing means and ways of deceiving the
eneaiiy wherever a machine gun is set
up or a trench taken, where a new
road is opened or a new bridjre built
Moving picture directors, scene paint
ers and movie property men will be
particularly useful in this line for they
are adepts in the use of trirJts In
scenery. Then too they are especially
-eurcerui along tnese lines. Already
our iroV "Over There" are making
luse of ,ho nrtw w'ence as the tents
of onb ent,rp oamI are camooftared
wlt1' branches of trees. It 1 expected
lu,; "n,re eqmpmcni or our araiy
will be hidden by scene painters and
wire workers in order that the enemy
aeroplanes may be blinded as to the
position of our men.
Ma-riiM' CamouftUjre.
Marine Camouflage began early hi
the war when Germany hid her U
boats by vising her wlreess masts as
supports for stills, which made them
appear to other vessels as harmless
sail boats until they were dose enough
to their prey to fire a torpedo. Another
ruse practiced by U-boats w.is to hide
behind some noutral vessel and then
come suddenly from behind and fire a
torpedo into the unsuspecting mer
chantman. One particularly bold trick
of the U-boat is told. It seems that a
big American vessel was zigzagging
its way off (he Irish Coast on a moon
light night, when suddenly the man
on watch saw a boat bobbing up nnd
down on the water. By the aid of
of slate lo svlul them to the soldiers.
This would enable ,-ie absentee vof r
I sufficient lime to return his vote and
j have it put In the balha box o.i the day
I ef elee; ion.
i ... .
I nion Teamsters.
Regular meeting of Uical No. aXa
Monday night for election of officers.
Oklahoma Chy, Jan. 4. Preparations
for collection of income tax for 1 01 S
were completed by the internal rev
enue collector when thirty-four em
ployes of the office left for different
parts of the state to assist those sub
ject to the tax in making out their
returns. The tielrl men have been under
the suprvision of Aliss Lois Cordell,
head of the income tax department. It
will require about sixty days for the
field men to complete their work.
Friday, January 4, 1918.
glasses Ihey soon discovered that it
was a ship's lifeboat. When the boat
was overhauled it was found" empty.
Just at that time the gun crow sighted
a submarine prepared to fire. The
Captain swung his ship around and
the torpedo passed, the bow within five
feet. The gun crow fired twice and
the gunners were not sure of the effect
of the shot. However, the big vessel
escaped destruction. The life boat
was undoubtedly a. ru.se of the sub
marine to get at the big vessel.
Another camouflage by the U-boat is
to surround the periscope with drift
wood whioh gives It the appearance
of a harmless looking mass of sea
weed or debris, and. before the Ship
selected as a victim gets close enough
to discover the trick the torpedo does
its work.
Battleships are always painted a pe
culiar gray which Is a sort of camou
flage of the ocean. Recently it has
been suggested that the superstruc
ture of the ship be painted a blue to
match the sky or some other color to
blend with the horizon. Another idea
is to paint the ship in a wavy design
to represent the ocean. This makes
the ship rather indistinct in the ey
of the periscope.
A well known naval authority in
speaking of Marine Camouflage re
cently declared that clever feats of
the art enabled vemeis to appear much
shorter than they are tending to de
ceive the U-boat marksmen. There Is
also another type of deception such
as painting a fake bow waves which
gives the vessH the appearance of
traveling along at a much higher rate
of speed than they are actually going.
This fools the U-boat gunner and he
usually fires too eoon and wates his
torpedo long bnfore the boat actually
reaches the point aimed at' Recently
It has been given out that Edison has
Invented a folding r collapsible boat
One In which the smoke stacks and.
sails will fold down. The vessel can
be painted the -color-of the water and
when the danger rone Is reached the
Captain can fold down his masts and
funnels and Blip through the water
unobserved. It ts believed that Yan
kee Inventive genius will exceed the
clover and artistic Frenchman In this
hocus pocus branch of the service of
Mars, and that we shall soon hear of
some new and remarkable camouflage
by the American Engineers.
m ,-mt nrl
All this week we are making
great reductions in all de
partments. 40c chocolates, per lb 19c
Marshmallows, satin butter
cups, peanut brittle and all
our regular 30c per pound
candy, per lb i9c
25c dolls now choice for19c
50c dolls now choice for25c
75c dolls now choice for39c
All our beautiful hand paint
ed china and fancy bric-a-brac
for just Half Price
124 W. Main St. Phone 104
Special Chick Feed,
Purina Scratch and
Chick Feed
for sale by
I'hones 673, 1012, H23

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