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The Daily Ardmoreite. [volume] (Ardmore, Okla.) 1893-current, January 06, 1918, Image 1

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A Newspaper of Character
irs ir m m tk tt tttx
ira gesgfs rural address
mm Asys of Britain may
ncLi 4 . T.I v fl'f t' H I Till1 I
uMvrLirciii.i.i.u.uiui. r.M.'-'t Alvn nTT-mo a i rv . . . .-r .
Steam Is Rising l'mra Subterranean
l'pths Through tho Streets Kail
ruuds Covered by L'arlli Slides and
Important llridye Is WrrrLed.
cii n'en pi - vj-srrc
Oklahoma: Sunday, fair, much cuKl
it. Monday, fall.
Mast Texas: Sunday, fair, much old
er; mid wuve- In iiorthrrn portion. Mou
day, fair, mldor in southi-aslci n portion.
West Texas: Sunday, k -uerally fair,
raider In norther, i 1'Oit.lun. .Monday, , .
Hilr. ;
!;;;';;;;:lia tuv xlw " '- : lN SECRET PLANS TO FORM PROTECTIVE ASSOCiA-
'wwt' uif Htutfs: G,,r,,!y fa I-.'- TiONS ARE DISI JONORASLY DISCHARGED GOV-
without Unusual temperatures, it.timun:
h will Ijc huiiu'wliHC i:.ildur Sunday.
Upper M Isaissippl un.l Lower .Missis-
I ..,.11....... I f..!.. ..V ,
HAVE MORE IN THE WAY OF DEMOCRACY TO J? now u pbtouuYmwai'. of tu,
wet.!:. Somewhat colder li.c aday.
Imt no unusually low tetrpcrutur'-.-j in
dicated during week.
miiiiii.:; o
; ri: Ad.
Washington, Jan. . Premier Lloyd Co ' address to the
British trade unions today on Great Britain ' .,ar aims created
u profound impression in official circles in Washington. Com
ment on it, however, was withheld until officials could give it
thorough study.
That t he address was ip.it v riexnoctcd was idain. The I'vowine
wwnmwn. ...-m. .-uua;ri..a..i u.v , anxiety exniuueu i,y iiie i iite.iU' e iia i; c e I lors since, the bejrinniiU'
hi i h r. 1 1
1 V.udr'id, dan. M U oilier.' l!y nu
; imimrcd that Spain is (raaipiil twry
;!it'rt. 'I In- number i l ii'in nitni-i-
sioiird i!lii rrt reiiiiivcil Irum lln army
linansii of tlu ir in ti il in lui iiiiii
I "aulas of delV.isr" lias rinili.il l,."()a.
I .Mad. id. .I;..:. I iKi i." v . '!''- nir:i-
i. u tun.,.! iti.ii.-i: ."I Willi .-dt i ''iH.Jt
I t"i ..lis fap:v.. ui". tr.f.a s-i".u: 1 :!"
cam;'.' of tla; sr,ini il of mi. i' 1 ) v. hi' n
! was la-M it:,. xp.vt.-Jly . .-t-.d . t'l'lui:'
! da I i' mi;::. Tl..- !.'.'. id' '- a- I
I t'uil H i' ' oi il w.i :.i:.d. :.. " o ., I'"
a'.i-n' 1 a n 1 1 at
i'" '' !'.'.:-. -, ... ! vit,. ,:" , pcm "Tr in ! noun';
Iv'.:.,: ..ml !!u.,.wu. t. .-' la: I"" 5' f', I b Li
Ll.e.- ni.udf. -stations of !..alt.v iiav I'-.-a ULjIli I L I 'J lii liUU I
inado -1 1 .. n tlii i.ixt ffW d.iv s a'l-l I ha ,
ahicf of tin' .! l a! l os !:as
the pp.-ldfit f tl..' ..:!!:.! to if;-l las ,... , . , ..,,,,,,,
li.l ; - il'-'. '.- ia ilia oi '1 ".-ill
of I'd :a 1 i
u di' a i
has been rnmpli'tuly destru.ved li tartli- ,,f 4 y ,. ...,, ,i :i,....,i. ,,, , ,. ., i., , S 'mi.: oi
,. shocks Thursduv am! ! riday, I . ,. 'H l folltel Cliff a.ltl tile openly expressed ' l0Vi:KNK OK 1KVVS S.WS lllS.lK.M' i,
whidi followed thust. lato in iA-oem-i 'l'1,ct l!lal somt' 'i must he taivcii to counteract these insid-
l ii ,ii i-.;..o y
, a h. M i -!,i :
bi.-r. Messat'c received by the state de- j 10US attempts of the lit'nilllll deh. ;.'.aies to mis!-e)l-esent til
partment today .said the loss of in,- this oi Uuiir ciicmifs, had convinced Washington officials thai
week is e.stitnati.d to be lai-ah r thin
c ainis
it there
that resulting from tlx: eaiiiar si
A di.spateh from tin' (.'"iitrai .nuii
can Teli'Kiapli company ;-ays:
"ur lyaiumer at San Jos.., lata
I soon must conic from some authoritative source a clear, ml-
l-LAIT'OKM Wll.l. in: T
W l 111 IS W AX.
. t't'i. !' of I I - ihl . a! I' ala
a i ,im . Ta pi ."-a a--i .its
miliar i, f.'i, ai. ai:--'ii"-.i:
i h it
ro: pi" aa-.
s i I I!
a' tia
of Wdii d.-ia .i lias i -"a. I a
1 nai ! ion i-t t1 a iia -vi-iii. -at . i,
! a I tha ,irt.- i las .- ami
oi a.-mml- i.ia-'l ofa.-i a, . ...
.ad. and , , :.a-al I-, '..'0. ad to rail''
a a .,.:, a- ' i. il " d- ;; f ". :
i.l- a iai I : . i of I d,- in. a i-'. s uf .Vi
la h ! !., n.: a - .- oaia 1 io'la of il-.-l .-; - .
. i i w -, .a : i i i t ..lit. Ilia ; a1 i . .
: - .-; fa i.a i . iv a i f..ll..,vr I
..11 MM 1 1 1
Sl.air in
a--- I
Austin. 'JYvis. Jan.
I', llnhby today anno
would be a i.-.h . I, date tv
"ia... r V
recently had pointed to a desire
mi the part of some of the ;:m ei iiments that 'resident Wilson every .u(,
form, lia said, would h" t.
-i-poNen declaration oL the real iioailioii of the powers l'iirhtinir
(iCrmallV. ',' Jlolibv tod.r, annoina-.-,! I
r-l I:, ins. 'Il ,
Mi, ,lal :,li;it
uh.a-Min tt. ! , ,
a r. I " n- : n
r.jrain .- lion L.1 sp."ak in deft !:'. ,,r the po.dlion he had taken V"" xvar ,,u,lu' r'V" ";" ""':.!
drej'y m reirar. to the v. air aims. The .-late deoarlment MJim "" ' "'':,.,,s-.' " " :" !"::"r "' i "
...... ..!,. ,i i . . , , ,. ', . ,, , r.sp.'.t win i.o tiir i na I . it .rt oi my ,,
TI..- !
!,, ! a a-I
of-! '"
v. i... ....... tl-.l .1 i.i ii f..:i . i wouhi lie a na
' ""HI- " H.II h' - ' l II , . L ll.lv o Ullie ).,(( ' II I'C 1 I LI' I , I ll
mala, teleirranhs the followina: u,a I u . . i n: , ,! , , . , , . . at ine .1 uiy pranai y . ai.ai
...... ... ., .... . . , . ifuu'.'s uiu iiar fii-iieiii;cicii
,) nai i.i i.iL .in.,., in..... v.,,, ...
ri iii-d'-r J n
ha, I ia j d
-1 It'... I a'!,
aa.d H: Il
-1 h.-. !... i Ii
. ;.l v .-I n
, r ' ill- -. .
i-.al.n- i I .
l-'da -. I h" 1 1 1 a
. 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' w i '
Mia lo tla
now willed out. HiorKs at lndl". p. nn,
fourth, linislied every thint;. Sl.-ain in
comiii;,' up in the str.-et... l.as Va.-as.
uriUKi lo I'.aiiios now uowin .ii.h.s o;i i,, (K.,i i ... .,...,.. I ... i 1....1 1:.. 1 : j 1. . 1 -
railroad between San .l-se and ei. v. ."' " 1 V ' ' 1 I ' 1 ; ' ' of l . , "aa uutlilieu 111 H1C lllt.St ...n,-;.,, n,,. and th , ci
No Urn's or trains r.'l.oite.l. I 'Hither ;J "'" l':""o 1:1.1111111 jus mn.n, ;Mliri a.t s position nail "i.v piaiiorni. ne.-aa.
man-. I 0 h
11111nie.it i"i
id la. l-h'-aa-
be the
il planl-: in
nd h.
-,- lla-.l: a
1 m.'iit .
its Ida
i'-;i-ii a.-i oali
a- niaaar.-h'
l! i'-n I' d' td--
a n ,'il'
and f. P du 1.
-1 to ' ' - 1 ' -. - a. 1
inn Killed. "
A eab'.eiam from t
cliai'tp' at (iuatemala City, dat.-l .l.in-Uary-
4. said a new sei i. s of e.u tli-
ciuaWe.s beean the ninht before and wei
1 1 ,.i':.. ti 1 . , 1 . . 1 ,. .. , 1. , . ,
ocen lieiwittci ti i-a-1 1 1-ea , (..p liu: jireseni at icasi.
Ani-rican I n llarmonv Wiff AIKo.
t!i shocks still in pro;;i(s
nit save no i
(lov.-rnor Hobby pha.J han.-'did if
elected, to 1 . -. -oil I :: I ." d thr- . il blni." on
. .. , ... . , , , . . . . . . , : I" .1 1 1 1,. I I 01 1 I a .HI 1 am .)j -I 1-
wniic ii was 1111 im;-. (.u mat tde wasauurion rovernmeiit had ; hibiiion a. n n 1,, t Minta.ii,
not iVen advisctl in aiiv: nee ,.( w hat 1 he I'.ritish ltrcmier had to 'ta!..rs.'d ti... bndn. t , yt. . f 1. ati ..:-
continuim,' when the dispatch was tiled. ! Say, Hint I tie U'ttls lie ll!ll!!l"(t Will not lead to ailV (Il 1 1 (MVllOOS , ""' M:'"' ''a" "dii 111 .- . an rinie.i ne
the weather was very cold. A second ; hetwecil the powers deems assured. Hot Olllv liV the lilVCHlinir ! ,V""M ,'",'"m",","l ;"l"vi '' i ,ti""
disiv.tah nled later that ihiv leoai-.-l 1 i .1. ... ... . ... ', ... . . u means ol nai e.isita,' til.' iniml-.r of
1. :e.ciiannes uctwc-ii i no cmenu; pov.crs ami asiuninon, out . (i,., mvati.,.,. n,. -i.i ,...
also by tile harmonious proceedings of the inter-allied war! his an would ).. ..wtpi..a. tiu.t he
council in J'aiis, a I . Iiii'i all the iuhjetts treated today by 51 l-'-onai cainp.a n.
J remiiu-J Joyd (icorj'-e v.-cre di-cii-scd.
,'ome ol'fit ials pointed out thai 'he Ihilish jiremier had taken
tliese repeated d"rl, (rations of ihe Italian and French )rciniers,
and not only ha. 1 clarified tlicia. but had stated them more
Washington, .Ian. .. I'iiyiiiciit .f Hie j frankly and diieiily t!:;.u ti; y l.,d been presented be fore . It
inierest on tin-Russian loan of s.")i!,tinii,- ..va.s iioicil that, evtai Preside..! Wilson's ivleas were put forth
011(1, il was announced by (he represcnla- laoro sliai ply than he hilllS'-lf expressed them.
,,1IS h
urssiA tromisi:.-! to rv
i .miki) st.vtks nn: imt:i:i:sp
ON TUV. LOAN 01 Sall.llliilMMI.
fives of the Russian Hoveriiincnl liere
today, will lie paid by Ihe National ily
Kank of New York on .Ian. Id .
1 $10,000
Realty Not Official Utterance
Aitnougn it nas tin i u lorce an oiiiciai ticclaration, it was;
pointed out here t.iiai ?dr. Lloyd C forge's s)eech after all could !0NK or ,.u;(i.;sT nxx IH or mWi.
not be seized upon by the central powers as definitely binding! ON kk(okd is .makp;
the entente allies or een Great I'.ritain to a literal acceptance j Ni-if MKt5U(M.r.t;.
of his war aims as the hasis of peace. They might, however,
properly be regarded as a lentalh e outline of Jlritish, and prob-j "
aldv entente allied, aims, which would be h-roaciied at anv peace I Mmd.-i.. . ouia., .die. n.-i--. -i. t-.-i cf-
conference, at whicii ihese powers mav take part, as the . n.-i-i---; l ,.-t ni.i.hi eontisi. h.vi i . v u mi. na. ; (
groundwork upon which peace negotiations might be founded. t,r ul,li,;: "' a '""
,i .l, i' ri I I I i 11 ;1 U'iles noi-tnwest el -1 lis!., 'a' e. ,
It is believed hor.- that ir. Lloyd George had a double mr- rh ,rjl ,ht, w
pose in mind in making Ids address. Parly last week the Urit- i.himd under :m- i on . ,y--- of in- '
ish trade unions n gistered their string insistence upon a dee-, " "'i"1" 1Ml" t: '-' oi.ii.m .'..im. , '
1 1; M.i-: (diuMi!0M-::
in'i l;:i.s rs m: i k; n ovi-.u
r,v ui :; i.iVLinir.
l'la.a h 'ol . i, Jan. ii. - R.-rar.'im; the
.tpi.it that tl." fuve.-i, in.'! t a len.i---! to
hide o v 1 -r the lie at indu try of the
United Mat .', I'd at .-. ., .1. lb i:e . -'.a-i
t lili.ent l-i'-h-r imv-1 ..a at in:; tie. peed
1 1 , -; btl an .-s, .... i I:
' Tile Coll: :" t!ie i 1 1 V i. Siea! a. II : ' tak
nn; ia oi.tin i . . e 1 ; di i . i lain yotn c.a
; i)i;t i..i:i;si ''i.s: ' '."iViiovrs on vissr-sM-n
I).- ,pt
!"f. I
.In. i"
!t oi iiuvis; uidiUi.i.N sr.
I.Ol 1 AN!i NliW OKI. LANS.
I Ihr
laration of enlante aims, and the premier's address today was i tl'J'; , T
, , , , , . , ... II. A. Larson, cael e
taken as an answer lo tnat demand. A second object which 1 m,.hl-s H,IU.. ,.,,,,.,.,..
r the l
t s.-r'.de
the nremier is believed to have had in mind was to impress unon 'in the n.u-tv ..r oiiie.r- mai.ii
ine JUissiau peace tieiegaies ine tact tnat Hie war aims ot tno " " u - 'neon' m
..,,,..,(., did.. ...... I,, a...,..,i.v,. ,. Kb t,..: I many iiiomlis.
I 1 1 1 , 1 1 L . I 1 I li . - till i ; i v 1 1 . it' in a i.l v " . t -1 " : : . I i n I lil.il l 1 1 . 1 1 1 v, II
W a.St
'e lllol'i
c. , ,, ; . i a . , t,., ., .....ab;,-,,. ,,.i,;,.t, t, ....
till tn.M c ' ' ' 1 1 1 i too. in. 'ti ,w ni.iy mi ii ine i-.ULi.il .i fis j retail prii
Washington, dan. a. Tn free Ineoiiu)
tie. and crews for the inor.- import
ant freight tran.tportatiun, twenty p'-i
edit of tbruuith pa.saeiig.r trains on ( .'111 ollt'l' th'Uil.
astern railroads will be dis. oiit inin-i to- W ould Calk IIci Peace Plot.
b" (-Sun,,a, ':y, ."'! One inference drain from the premier's address was that lie
ralur Or.enil MeA.loo. 1 la- iiinnim;, It ...- , i. ( i , . 1 1
n-tiedu'es uf others will he relit -.-d le.-'-'H uopos te.it uiv ...ewnau i.u.-;aineit ,u i.ic.m imm.-h ca II lie i ;ui,i;T.
ioi- speed to facilitate tie mo. em.'i.t balked Ml eft'l'l. 10 fl'IVf .'. 1 1 U 1 11 ll id t llig pe.lCC UpOll IitlSsia J
ui fxwsjji trams. and m that i onm ctioii it was recalled t Hat lnnls had l.een gi'( n 1
Thu policy, announced toi.ilit by th.; jn , . j, , j fU-ictl urcaas of a wiiiiiUTiOSs of th.c entente powers to
director Kffieral, will be KruUually e. . ' . . . I
tended t aifect tram .service . hrone,!,-: rccogn i ze the bolshevik government it it acted tairly towards.
i-w the country, fast trains between i the nations fuelling Germany, l! also was regarded as possiblp
New yum ami cbicajpi and st. i .ouis, jiat (,,. aihiid'ss micdit suffiie la meet the demand made bv
Lufl i.ween 11,.) and so,,ti,ei-i, an.ijj TroPkv for a statement of entente war aims within a ten-
vesttini) points pn.lMbly will be the next . a . , .... ,
VI' aJIwlfJ. individual railroads will day M'l 1011 . u. auout 10 fi.ijj.se toinuni .u tuaiij e uminuiiiig ine
powers too del mitely.
A featur." ol his adorcss whuli particula rly interested otfi-
l i-.ist.-i ii ( lUlahata.-i "I t !.-: : m;" J
the win lay captured
would be wa.i-iii n.ariy S 1 o.enni, a.j i..r :
here sella for ?s a qiiarl.
'I'll-1 eases uf wlii-dey iviii. concealed
in u'liinysneUs. 'I'lieie are no bills of
I mas',, a - ": t. da c. i-aie f i
1 in connci' ion '. i ii t i.a ie.it ,
nn t . t) I . de- al Trad" com- j
I I: l.'A-ii oi-aet ed io eon-
I d ' i ', Si a,' I.-!: ni. a : tae li.a s
i. 'I'll y,o erni.it til v. ..1 do what it
a- d . ral , ran
ol of the bii.-ine-s thnaiah a r
i dir." said a lilt mi-- :' of t h" ceil
..it who id-'io-.d tie: pt'iies" of
- ni na v. ide in. d in -. .-I .-a t i ' i
a, p., ..(,- .. "I c II. tie' I'" .fd. if I.
Ill,- ,! : aiaai ;, is to t ia- mil i"ll W II I t
....: a." ' 1 1 -"' I al-ti t am, an-!
It h..a h C'"a lie ivety ol o ' d tnal
1 . -1 . 1 1 ' 1 : . . 1 1 : 1 tiii' t il.n i - 11 '''a: at". ."
St. 1,.,'tlt:, .M..., .1.111. f.. Id S. Ih'MCS
cliaiiinnii of the joint inir cmiiiai.-.-of
St.. l.'.nis, .b niphis and New Orleans,
in as at.itt-iueiit made public b.dav, de-cl.u.-i
coiiai'-aa will he .-eda-.l .-o.ai to,
.; pr .ori.it.- in-ne than $ 1 :i,UvH.u.ji for
I lie builiUnt; of t"'v. h. mt.i and li.nr.-,
that Will on. rate on the M isMa: a a d
a .f P , ;i 1 1 1 1 fl i, m dt . 1 .''lis. this i ail
t'l.e M.'i in a rn.'.r.e.ii of a i.xival ol
lir ti
I . me,
'.let ,11 .
V.. ol
II. te
" ar:'.--
d la ma
'I h.
V ill t li-.ii'
'1 ,
! I '
' :. of nn... i
a ! s. A ma-1 ic.o
.la nd I.a -
all W....I :a"
-il l i . I h e--.
. I eeft r.nt a i
., ed id, I' ai-tl
ra -I. a;
aau a- -! i i'-r
irauion .le.-imad to add t a
oca i p-
War chlel. Ilrv,
Mr. II iw . s w ho baa ! . ; a: ilea 1 . nin
a hinio.iti, wlaae a- . . . s . ! . -1 .-d w it Ii , " hir
..all .,.,.,.. I Ci.Vft illicit oincl.,ls on u;e . , lie
,'..-, ,1 ..!,.. v, , I -, .' :i. ! ii Oil!
a n o " t a tint; coinpa n till he off re. I
inim-.'lialely '..r the St. I.t.uis-Memahi: -do-'.-,-
i i 1. -i ns trallic
!;., i. j -a-
ri an d- . i
a I- t ami!
i :
la- . I, lie
h.i'h .to
l ia, h h is
tile I, till f.
ill ' 11
Il it tl '
in lib the initiative in BUKKrsthic ran
UiaiunAn. lull lhto. will he npproved
kif llm B'W.w gpnral In most cases.
Tin- ptTRiajiii for vllnilntitlon of trains
uull Jfturthwiias el their runnin ' time
uunudy km lera uniinunceil by the
I'eiiiis-.vlviinia., JJaJtirnorB Ohio nnd
i:.n-.. i J. -M ill-
put I dl.an
I -. .
tia- .--i
a i... il
- ... lil'l-Mlte
.dd op.-, le th
I. di,. ,1 p ; ..-
1 1 1 a i
d .le.--'
i ' tile
r.e.i! Ol
id con-
Xe.v Yoi'l;. .fan.
A letter fiom
President Wilson saiinu he desired to
M ,:. ia-s (. a f .-, that ha had aa-i ady
die-. I Irs i a a- :.l lia- .liw . ai of U ,i:!l-
tun. a nd a -. i ti d Ida IV I. s al meat
Ilisp. . -'.io il :holild lil: t h" .'"I l.WI.V.
pi .-. ,-aaM la- ..,!. -I and tw.-'.iy.
f,-,-,. pn- ( .oil of th.- calld' and meat.
,l.pa of tl." eail'l'.-., Id I''' Coll-
served." -and Mayna-. who was nb-
I i;,i.il as an exp.-rl, "if the taovern-
m nt w iiiim-d.ii t : t" lix pi iee.t
r . rv "a i h.
'Ida. in. id-el . a. . d la re today
entrust the ll'i it.e'JU Pay Scouts of Aim r- 1
Mini 111" C'llima-.-
i w id nt hi St. 1'aui,
cials in Washington was the reference to constitutional govern
ment m Germany, n hile this wa.s regarded as nearly jn line i - ""ith a v.-w and important com. ,
with similar sentiments ex bv President Wilson, it was ', ,nlyi""- "1:,K" Ul"" Kovenim, ,,t 1l.:TAj,, .mlim li.WLS
,.,..at,l that ,1.,,1,.,.1,-in.r nnrniKe ,,-oo di'rnel ..,ll!i ,n l-atcll b.ateia" m cim.latiltc hnhe-l -,-.) JMNL AMI T!.!C
.-.Ui-J-V.-M-.H tool ..II ....it. l,...,.". v. irnvv .. "ai""".. till'-i I'lellilttal liv the eammittee on mil
iv:...,. Wi..,! .i.( ft-w tifliM' miin rr it... i :.. a ..(... a. ...a. c -si ..ii..
- " ine nonowness ami insincerity oi euoris matte oy (.-nanceuor hc infonuution. was nm i.. public h
ti,,..v i ii l... t-f,i .si r i.totH-tei to la tn ....... .... 1
filter uittimi xwton fA day.. : Hertlmg to conve; th' impression that Germany already had, today at the i:y s. 4, r A.,...-.ic
-h ..i l-rtMi i rtmncvi ii1 ft : irdfii h' hp' iii"U !il inn in 1 ho ti i r n c:t ii O . ,ul 1 ' 11,1 1 " -'"M"'' 1 i
r I . ".i , ...1-..:. 4. M .... K '"-'"'Il SC'Ut
1U U titUU.TlHIIIl. l.UniRJl IW I'iliUll llflil
tritiViil uh imiiuii pss'ih, but pi'om
i.st'tl tbitt irv ccficunuifr trahifl r otiii-rs
t,...,.ie...Hi' fnk ril'liUkF' ri I'D Hi t U9MI t li ( llf
uuaniextmt'i 'Mh eiimi,i;.;.i. ! ch.'inreTlor admit the right of that body tn approve or (lisap-;';''1' J'-""'' i '"'
.i i i i , i t
i prove, or m anv wa.v io nave anv resnoiisioiiuv tcr ihe concm
main committee to submit suggestions as to the peace nego
tiations at P.rest Liiov.sk.
A in : oi
I'd to place in i., i.j.i ..,;,.,..,
tin' hands of lifte.-n in lluent ia I jiei-sons , ,a n.at'i
P t.R RI IM I RA'I iN(
i i - lb ul M.-rciiaia t ,
1 1 is iiiid-r.-p ..-I th.- ,:.,uiiiii,.,.
1 eeomiii-'iii I to ri.ii::irM the lejiidd
two blllidreil Wo. .dell bal IP' illld SIX-t-
'-Il Sfe.-I laiVhoatS of .1 lle-i::II to lo
aii.ioe.l by the .amine. -i -i corps ot ihe
I'ldted State-, arnn or Ihe alii a-in.;
I. -.ai. I. .Mr. Haw-.. sa...s th coinm.i t " "
1-. e 1 1 1 1 it . : i -1 ed to say thai a company v 'Ul1 : 1:1
1 l.oroiii; lily i -tiiiij.pt I with tie- j, ,i, i- "" ;" P
.. h.iraet.'i- cf men and ii"c'-".-;ai y c O'ital
IS pre;. al-.- I iiner.lte the oari-e; ;is
onm a. tie-y are loailahle. A oi.iiip.iiiy
l- I -a i , ' I "' It . . hlllld the bal ye :, ;f sie!l Is
la-, l.-tl. can aiao la- i-iwid.-d, Mr. 1 l.e.v"
in.: i
-d I la
in f-f h
0111 o 1 . l -
ire. I t!.:.:
;. of ."'-.
i .. m i- a
.' tor tl
a. c.ltl'l a
a.-, v. i.s'd
.lain: : I .
.hidt a ci.
1 S
1 .laniiai;
. ' I wild
i -a-it
Ide t
la- i.
1(1' Ml H! i ii P it i', :m ' 1 it! 1'
! .',,.nd-' n -, P. ,
j which Will he t'e-aim-
.air. as t :i t
n av la
W.tfl.ilU'.tt.ll, .1.111. a. - A bill to Cl.'.ite
military lanes nn.iind .'hip buii-liii:;
zone:', to authorize the l-ici-idt-iit to lade
inn' cuulro! uf stiee! i adv.'.o. s, and
i'cri .' and Id take abps to ituprove
htm. is n t 1 1 . 1 1 1 i . o i -. w.is in'.iodu I to-
d:o.- by Senator I'a-t.ii.r. rii: il llt.ni of
.Ii.- senate eiinimercc . onunittee.
'lit' i ,11 Was it:' I tid'n e.l lip. ai ti'.e r- '
w ill I nmmeiaiai ion of the i i , 1 1 1 1 1 1 o. boaol and
a,-d 'ir ' d a - a .-a op to i i .ot n" c.'ii.o, rt. t to a
v. iiicli ail i ol' .-hip-.
a, la.
ia :n
in bis coinmunily the iniiniililets cn-!i.t,.-, nd ia th.
ilowovfi. it has been noted that at no time did the German i tm:-t".i t. lcm f a- .ifiiv.-ry, fui to j.,-,,.,..i t. i..
Ii. lie; ' I f tla d
to r ul the ptin.plilet throuBli and tb"ti ,i.lV .an: .; a
to pi. o r it "where the information Mil! ; ,-. ),, a r...
Aon of a ponce treaty with Russia.
routjliout lower ji
;s of iieinon.s de- ,
liimiin:i, .JUiJi'. . TUrou:
liiudUia Xiiiuy Jcirtg lines
minium ttim ltuy eiHKeriy competed fur the
iHUi.firj' '(' irKtiil vK-'.i the retallera wt ie
.-tiliif Jrt. Maltf islioni;, especially
in X'ut' wctt enJ. JIJ not open, ins lliey
liuil nM'iit lo ofn-r. Others had laid
iu .HKutt W raiWuitJ. which found a
jitiui.;; uuif mil c-nis to $1 each.
CiSauunfimaiT renw wcro wiltiessed
iitj lU fjoltliEt&l market. Hundreds of
,kiuLe'lii'ii 'liiure uj in carta and motors
.-itiiU .CMtHptttt.a for limited nupply of beef
ritnd UJ.W11W!. Tliere were freit fights in
.mai'ay jdufe. and the wholesalers had
tin sttasvje-nitS buti!K-.sJ owlim to the press
lwr iiniv33f. which were 4l) per cent less
riiiuii Vh-s nSfmand.
i -sun an njni ?o
BilOM biliL 5
Sjji 'iniilield. M"., dun. a. Thut a for- A. waiiaut litis been issued for the
livr sweetheart was t he inn :t v. hu bound man namea by .Miss I'arson.
nnd uafiK.'d her and 1. ft. her to perish I 'j'lie youuj; woman first said she had
in the llames of her heme i.ear Willaid, I been atlaclo-.l by two masped rnen and
likely (in good." ; i.Hent e-n . f
'I'hroimii this method, it was staled,' This i I "
I he fjovt rnniciit expects to reach at ere hi i.ao.
least m.fliin.OOa iei.-ons with every the dcpirtn
ii .: p
I de . :
i ratu.it bureau
i.-. Tl nt;.-.-. a en
v.. i" :,..i I y.-.-t'-i'-".a-iii
forty and
e : .unified their
. .-ia .
-1 iin-i-1 im; i-f the
ol I In1 ( i n i n il.. r ol
f.' 'If;tn! -:'". 'i'h" .-'.1 naiiie of Ihe or
paniz;,! i"ti was the llin-iness Men's
Credit Association and it will retain its
individual. i.r r.i.li nuah co-opeaaln-; with
'.lie till, ...il.. r of' Catinr.ei aa. Nat only
the tra i l iia. ;'.:-, hut ht.iiicsii laen i.f
every lie.;' tire Int-T. s'.r-l In Utf perfect
I nia,lltri'ii,n e of tint Ijukmu mid p. is
I I'upe 1 ;,l ta.i.i ;r.re'.''is .a jilacj it on a
. Uioi ou.--.il bu.iiurs.i biis.K.
last .Momhiy, is the s'.at. -ment made
today to the pi ns.-ciit im: attorney by
.Miss Ilium. i I'lii-ein ei .: lit e.-t; yirias o! I
A furiiier win. saw 1 1
flames aial the cirl l.vit".:
that after tin y lire. I the house, she
rolled out to the veranda,
tnie. t ioncd by th" proserntor, slip nd-
In e i . -e in i mitte.l a former s.veetheart calied dur
tl.e front imt th" absence of her father urul after
,,,rcli with her 1 ." t and funs ball ml, i acciishiR h-r of Mtulibiliif him, hnd nt
cani'd her lo safety. j P-mpted to burn her alive.
Kail.- i" City, -don id 1 1. Wall and
Washiucton. Jan. ii. Peclarln tlte
"The 1917 receipts r.f the Ardmor
postolliee has exceeded by $7,000 the
amount necessary to make it nn oftieo
of the first clans," said C. L. Byrne,
)Ostmaster, yesterday In rnminentlnp;
upon the Krnivth of business in the local
nltlee. Odloially this will not become
an olllce of the llrt rlasi-i until July 1,
but In t::o meantime effortu will bo
niude tn m euro two innro elerlts and two
more curriers to relieve the i'iin.'e.-.tt!
The lull p in id. - ti,, it, in lading pos
se: do:i of he. 'dm II .al t.at'i p.e ta'i.-ll
iiu- : . tla- a,o . an a ; a,,, ,i mill." aol
ceiipe'i - a itati, and if th- lowea- ohiitt--.
t hen p. a . nl of t he amount, a -hoi
:liall be paid. Willi the tunica l.l.i.nla
the privil.'L" to in uiu' su.t in t'u- iinii td
ide r i i - i i i - t!a' i en, ii . nd' r.
AMI.KHW Mill" IS t Nlv.
Xar Void, Jen ... -Thu Aliierican
St. aim. hip Siiriivua, a -. sel ol' 4.oi-t
tons uross i-.-ni--!. r and ouued by the
New Vo, k .V Ol iental Steamship com.
pany, was torpedoed and i. impelled to
run n.-i oi ,. ,. "V, .vinln in Mei'i.
teii'iine.in waters, aeeordim; to a lej.ort
l'e.-elved lor" ill Insurance circles.
Mexico City, .Ian. 4 (Friday). If the
r,(on nrnnnses a senarat.J ijeace. no i
inatli-r how advantaiseoiis, Japan would biirne 1 onl la- wii- l.-ciod bunis able. Icit itipos.-ible nnd (llsi'i-imlmttm-y, rr.'o. which eomil:,! often clerle., . Ix
his ihrei-ye irei'l .im -Id. -r vol.- family , 1 resent war tax law not only unwork- ; ,.imdil Ion now ..ulstllijf. 'flu. otlites
oSreg;ud it, Uarou Klii.itai 1 otoii, tin'
riw Japanese minister to .Mexico, de
clared today in u statement, concerninu
ties attitude of his coiinlry. Japan, he
ald, would renin in on the side of tne
allien and was co-opeiatini; in the war
lo her full extent, lleinp one of tlie
tdgmttul'les of tlie treaty of London, .la
l.an. the mlnlnter added, would not look
iM.n that treaty an a "scr,ii of paper."
from which rii- nmy .!e. m a r.an rt- . .M-iMtor smom, or un. m-iuuu im.inct. j c.u'i li'.'i, two HUhndlutnn un.l Ihe u
plosion, whi. li ii stiiii'd today nt t'a it' committee, today lnlrodue-tl amend-1 HutUlt jtnaunasitfi', him net be. n In
home w hen Wall lUliI- d a , natch ill ( iiiem.H estiiblishlni,' il new uyntelll "f j l,1,t,ln,t,, ,UI.I((, ,), ,,d, mn yvar,
one of the rooms. A s. iii'. h laded to Income taxes, Tim iientili.r contends bin j , ,1(1, ,,(.), ; ,m, uu, lh ,lu,s'a .llrt
icveiil tin- i.aa leal; Tl,. i" v,a : a i;i,s- pi opo-nlN would not iiffect the revenue ' sl,wn I'tanurliubla yrow-.h, When
heatim; :tov ia the raaut. A corner ohtnlneil miller Inn iiKlu'.im; law, but
nf the roof was t i n Item lh-' iiou-tr; ' would lot.ipliiy ihe lueiltotl of c.dlect
tind fiirnitui'e in i". My room wan I' nr. Tla-.i Inclu.ie repeal of thu Zone
scorched, l-'ii'". which n.irt.'d. l..i ex- s.-,tem nnd poslnl laicjon i-eeond-elans
t nn- a a-1 a
Ill iii iitlioi) bei'iimiu one n( the Ural cia -s
thera will be two hupttrula (llvi.dona, thu
tiii.uieii division unit thu mail d, i.-dtui
both of wliicli will be in oiiar-su of
uiltt rinteiiilelilti.
Ti.eoniii, Wu.di
tl-. iKw;i i ipci ruoi o of hnpci aunt uiiilttirv
I apei-.-t mui a lea It of military Mcei'i-bi,
Hoi''iin .Major 'l'hoinaii llulniutli Hit-
trr, i a,.: iiin-nt.d sergeant iiutj.ii' iu the
divisional at i.l n I ii 1 1 1 'u ollieu at lit-n 1 1. 1 liar
lev biiildiuK, Cesi,' Lewis, is held to
day in the 1'ieron noiinty jail, KP.ter'a
futiier la iu the nunrteriiiaiilcr feneral'H
arii'.y e.'.i p iu ( b -niiany.
Ilis.1 ninihei liv.-d in (ier-tinny
lam -.. i.. tl..a' i.j I I'm li. ui.t,i
vol ni; dOtiN i). not li:; i i i.i.ii
CAN' r r.i AN1 OIL
SniVLS W Ili.N tOALf.OIdS.
New Yuri;, Jan. a. -Jo'iu I). K-jeke.
felier, Jr., hts been obliKc-! to clnao lii'l
New- York home and move Into l"di
father's bom.- sit Tarrvtown, N. Y., be.
tMUso t'a Sinidarl oil cnmi'iaiiy Was
uiiiibbv to provide him with oil .stout
heaters. Thuy did. jiot lu.vo any b it
to ulvc him. .
Mr. KiMkefcber'.-; lmni an 1 tlms,- cC
.several utl'.ei' wealthy M,".v YiiiUars ad
joiniiiH have, i t ommon central In-niii'V
plant, but. lack of coal forced it to close,
down, lie sent a l efpn.tiou to the
Standard Oil Icnmpa r.y, in v.'hicll l.-
lull. l-'oilo ,vln j Aeeoi'ainj to the military authoritie... and bin father are tile le avl- s-. stack-
Killer lert tlonminy In ml, KoIi.k to holders, to-- tnirt.. -so; t il . tovt -. - a-up-datitii
Africa la tho Ormnti nrtlliery P':-' "xhaii-i i. Ca.u't. ;. . then f-u- you
halt ';,', lie retunied to Germany In I or anybody ed - " was the aif.it r,
I ii 1 9, totiiod KiMiieo in J? 14. Kolnir to vheivitpon .ldi. lda'k.'i'c'.l-. r, with a
mm us
li a. Wad'. Tel.::.. .' 1,1. .- : II. .-: -JU t
!o a id: i ad ii. i r ii." i; t-' 1 naelat m .a'
'.. 1.11-..11 .' of -- ri' ; a ', ,il ii 1 'inlv.a
Milcd l,.s i,i-.iiii--, 'I'liomas J-'iniey, at
lln-ii- l.,p.. in ,l. ,.- ; cni,..y i .d 'i da v,
,o con!, ii-,- to it uopa 1 1 a i ,- s-.t d bet a
Th. ( -a, d w
lil.lt 0. '-, I '. t ' I'l-'l! I
the C'lllaa !a I 1 -.
Wi'lia-n l-did";-, r c'i'lia'a'-.::ti. V...1
l'caiiiii:;' a. Idbh at the t'aiuily liresi.l-j
when th" i ; e :-' . t 1 aci o.-o that piei-lpi-
tilted til" Jlatl-'.'ida,
wid.. a- d 1"' ti-o
I , and a, sisp r of:
New York, ll-.t went to C'iiIciik'O nnd I shiver, decid -.1 to move.
t.ioli bis llr.it puiieeit ns tin American ;
1-::.VNC!' Ki t n;Nl'::.s UNl.XNl)
Hitter enlihto.l iu the I'ulO d States! AS I Mil il'iiN 1 ! NT !1 1 il I liLH'.
aiinv and wad bi al to the rhlllpplr.es, Tavi :. .Jan. M. -"Tho i'r. a' li "overn
w h re, ii i.-i b-iid, lo Is mi ipo-if! to ! mei'.t bin r-c ania i ip h! ;. i.l fi.-t
I H.l'iia. o been inlitll.ltt.. W ith the tierman th" !;id( aelaieiice ,, ' t le 1 , a'ladc of Flip
-I.l. . 1 caa.ui i;i a.en.l ia .iaa.iu, .lanti," s,. , ip... 'I'em.s la.l.,y.

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