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I Resolutions? Yes, we make Vui,
I Not to keep them, but to break them
j For we're only poor weak mortals
after ail.
"Little Johnny Jones." !
1 (1. I' Selviriro munuirer loan ss-
.. sociatiou: 1 mil toint to push my'
Simpkins is Fifth Man on baiD" mor lh"M dld '" IMl: 1
T - 1 TT. ... , will devote as much lime as possible to
Job Here, But His Work publi(. arfait.B. , anl t0 KiVtt ,
j family every advantage within my In
Has Been Far-Reaching
to Farmers.
Resolved: To keep cool when hot
chocks om in on cold water
I. ills. This is signed by employes
of the oity valor office.
11. O. Bailey, lire chief; The firo
"Bringing the oity and county to
: frether," has been the aim and the b
' ject of county farm agents ever feinco
' tho system vrnn established several
yeurs ago, and to the agent perhaps
more than to any other cause, baa a 1 boys me tletcrinlncd to make their
1 Jtetter feeling: been engendered be- I work as efficient an human caa ooh-
T .Z ,. . . "Wy perform
Carter county has hud tho services
of a county agent for several years, in
fact from almost the beginning of
' the system, and the agent has been a
; big factor in bringing about bettex
I conditions on too farm and better
methods of fornring.
The work of the county agent is no
.sinecure ho mu.it bo a man who un
derstands people,, know whereof he
' speaks and .be oblo at all times to
, t,"lv true and direct Information to
; the farmers upon all subjects In
! which they are interested. Such a man
j is a valuable asset to the community
, and worth every dollar the state and
'county pays him for his salary.
Agents Well Informed
Carter county has been extremely
' fortunate in this respect, inasmuch
lbs all agents who have been assign
ed here have been men who were
well up on the duties and require
menta of their office, and the labor
l they have accomplished is very evi
1 dent to thoso who knew conditions as
1 they existed on the average farm be-1
lloro the work was started. I
' The present agent, John W. Simp
iklns. Is the fifth man to hold tho
(job In Curler county. Mr. Simpkins
was agent In Tillman county before
cumins here. He has been here more
ftnan a year ana lias luiriy started to,
l put Into operation many plans that!
have been maturing tor some time.
One of the principal features that he
proposes to advocate this year is J
r rerrueing or larm lands 10 Keep ine
; oll from washing away. He has given
' sewral practical demonstrations of
the methods employed in various sec
lions of the county tliut have created
considerable interest iu this branch
.if fofrrt U'npV
Mr. Simpkins has the. farm boys of abo,,t '" wa,w or 1 l" I lh,! U
... r-OM
t mi
T I.I ' 0r
' '$k$
George Alexander, waiter: To live
a life so that my children au point
to their fathci s'nd say ' He was a
Man." How's that'f
"Undo .lohn", cook at city jail:
"Well, sir; I've just about reform
ed, but I'm resolved to get uiah
nelf a wifo before this next year
is out."
O. M. Henley, retail merchant: Live
better do more business and have
tho "Smile that won't wear off."
C. A. Crockett, manager Bass Fur-!
niture Company: 1 am resolved to '.
btmd my every effort in employing and '
using all the diligence in my power !
to co-operate with the authorities in
making the streets and sidewalks of
our city mure Uivltlug.
OMAHA. Would you marry a man
without even seeing him, just be
cause you liked his poetry?
Mona Marti wmi, daughter of a
New York capitalist, did. And hci
marriage turned out successfully.
Now she's mother of four children.
.Returning to New York from Pails
where she'd studied art under the
famous sculptor, Auguste Rodin, Miss
MarUnscn read a volume of , verse
by John G. Neihardt.
Mr. and Mrs. John U. Neihardt
She liked them. Hlie wrote to the
poet Six months later u train was
tarrying her to Omaha an-i Neihardt
knew that in tho things that really
counted we were one."
Neihardt Is the only poet laurc-
was standing on the station platform ate In thn United Ptr.tcs. The Ncbras
with a marriage license in i is coat j !.a J.:.".! i.iture Iium K.U'n him tlv.t
pocket. i title in rerosruitio- or lvs epic poe:n
"Why tbould if be foolish to marry
without Beeing each other with the
physical eyes?" Mrs. Neihardt asks,
"is not the ideal more real than the
material? When Mr. Neihardt was In
Omaha and I was in New York, 1
immoi'al.iing the wist.
The '.our Neihan'r children nro pn1-
dixies. They l.-r.ow tho lHad anl
Odyswy t. - Inti-ii .1 ;.;. tii yjur Itid
tlif-s i.l!(;w "Moth' r C;nose" nnd '.'o
W A Hill NCiTON . Diploma tic i (la-;
Uoiih between Osrmany and the '
I'mited Klates were resumed officially '
l iute Saturday when Carl I-ang, charsie
I d'affaires from the lieriin government
i prweiiteU ilia letters of credence and
i was received by Secretary Hushes.
1 The German charge preseut-d his
j credentials to Mr. Jlughna at 2.3S
' and at that exact moment were re
I snnirl the diplomatic relations which
! have been broken since Feb. 3, 1017,
! when Count von Itf-rnatorff the (ler
: man ambassador here was bande1
hs passports.
Mr. I-antv arrived in Washington
' only last Wednesday. The haste to
have Mr. Lajis rcc(iRiilzl as fler
i niany's official diplomntii: represen
i tntive was is-casioned by ti is desire to
I li received with the other members
of the diplomatic corps by President
Uardlni? at the New Year's reception
next Monday.
The new Austrian charge, Kdgar
A. C. Prorhnlkalso will be among
those to be greeted by President
Ilardins at his reception.
Gorman Takes Census of Boll
Weevil and Finds 'em Fewer
Mike Gorman of the American Na
tlonal Bank who gives much thought
to agricultural interests in this coun
try suites that there are fewer boll
weevils here this year than a year ago.
He bases this statement upon experi
ments made by himself. About this
time a year ago. Mr. Gorman says, he
made a trip to the country to make a dult boy," so the old adage goes,
investigations concerning tho presence As an antldote for this possible evil
of the weevil. Ho founu many or nrnlM; ,,. ,u ., nnal
Guess who mado this one.) ! umn. in me - , Ardmore.a remediM.
maue a trip ot ine same nuiu iui mo,
aBent.j same purpose and says he did not find! Under the direction of Perry Max-
Vol. ;a weevil. j-ni aoes not iuct.ii nam well tn club nas one-or the finest
"All work nnd no play makes Jack
j An invention of particular interest
:at this time and which has caused
, much comment in Ardmore Is a nut
; cracking device that is so adjusted as ;
j to crack a r.ut entirely and In such
a manner that the "goodies" are not
I crushed or chipped.
1 1 n " " u I This machine was Invented and Is
This hero resolooshun bizness Is all now being manufactured in Ardmore
right it shows a fellers got good in-j by II. C Atwood, who has a shop ut
tenshuns, anyway. ; corner oi i. ana r Fireeis, nonn-
west. ir. Atwood lias been working
Kven nt that, what's the harm In
Jon This and other inventions for sev-
iTnl V.fir u rid hng hnd llid mil .tii.lr.
breakin' them-becau, if yuh keep 'omin), w thp mart fop about
you won't have any to make next ,t yea,-, it is now being sold nil over
year. Logic. i Oklahoma and Texas and Mr. Atwood
Is planning to enlarge his factory In
Sounds kinda funny "if yuh keep order to take care of the increased
em you wont have any." Hah! ; oemana mr tins macnine. in aaumon
to the hand nut cracker, which Is so
l'iighteen youngster of Ardmore
began career as merchants on
Saturday. They are the Ardmore
ite carrier boys.
Beginning Saturday they took
charge of their own route., not
only delivering but collectuis fur
And the boys did surprisingly
well, too. People of Ardmore with
the exception of a very few who
did not understand the ptao ex
actly co-operated splendidly with
the young fellows.
I'lider the new circulation plan
the Ardmoreite boys on the
routes collect every two weeks.
Ity doin their own collecting they
are enabled to make more money
for themselves and then again they
learn to be more careful in their
If Ardmoreite subscribers pefer
to pay by the year, and prefer to
send their subscriptions to the pa
per direct, it is all right. The of
fice will pay the boys their per
centage just the same.
Tbe Ardmoreite asks the sub
scribers to encourage the young
slrrs in their first real business
venture. Have the few cents ready
every two weeks. The hoys will
appreciate it and. the Ardmoreite
will appreciate it.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Springfield,
according to all indications i&tur
day will start the New Year with
out Sunday theaters as the result of
the special election here last Tues
day when the voters by a majority
of almost two to one, adopted . a
proposed "blue law" closing all plae i
cf iimusement on tho Sabbath. Th
row law is effective' Sunday, and,
tin far as could be learned, no move
ment has been made by theatre own
ers to combat It 'with legal measures.
Col. S. A. Mills. Indian
"Whadda yc mean, resolutions.
; stead fixed it so resolutions aro
necessary forever. Forget it."
The girls 'II hatta help the fHlers ! "mde i,s t0 automatically adjust Itself
hi tne siz oi ine pecan ana xnere
' lore to cruelc it without Injury to
... . , . . n., , 1 the meat
out if they swear off smokln.'
Mr. Gorman "that there are no weevi.s : ,f KOUthwost Hv the wav. girls of the :3rd cen-' , 7 ' , nas aiso per-
here because there are, but It does fc 1 fected a. motor driven nut cracker
mean that there are not so many as ""d '"rough, his personaf efforts the j miy model, are yuh gonna swear off i ff,r Uf!e , ,h(. ian?e nut cracking and
;n ..,. .,,rn ; -00 members are daily taking more ; smokln ? ' mielling factories throughout the
James Barron, secretary Chamber a r"" ,,b"' ....,, ;,,,,
. . . , . . w ., , ...... ..,1 rn,n 1 active nteresr in t ie club Th s in- ' rountiy.
or t oinmerce; i am going 10 Keep .11 r. uoriuan una juoi it'uimi. -
!,fier ihi riiv ilnds until Hninethinc- is I a ti lt) to Coli n county, Texas, where teiest has extended to the women
Known to ne ami . ,,,lr!l, .,,.),. elnh ",-'u ,oi,u J" rm a
ihe county well organized and taking
tin Interest in their work, the various
clubs throughout tho county have de
veloped a spirit of rivalry among
rach, other that stimulates every mem
ber to keener action, and tho result
is Bhowlng in more and better cows,
pigs and poultry on the farms.
When the farm agent was first in
.Mailed in Carter county -he met here,
e tho agents met everywhere else, se
vere opposition from farmers who re
Kent ed his presence and he was told
' muru than once, to go about, his own
lousiness as they were geetting alonsr
1 very well, and did not ask, or would
not accept any of his advice.
Thi reception did mt phu.se the
Mment. He told Mr. . Fanner th.it ho
f was here to slay and that Mr. Farm-'-r
might just as well take a few
moments etc and listen to wnat lie
lhad to say.
Better Methods RslabUsbed
The result was that first one then
lunother farmer was won over until
kVefore very long all becamo tolerant
iff the county agent, and were willing
ho tu&e his advice on many thinirs
tihat they had hitherto been total
grangers to.
Tbe result was better farming mctr-
iub, ucbicr vuuuiiiiiii vi uviux uu 4
Iftirm and better contentment in niral
kwmtmroitiosi gcnendly. The name ones
nuu upifru vim uviit fc uio dkiii
Ining would bo tbe first to raise a
very audible protest- were it to be
iumounced that his services would no
longer bo available in Carter county,
mA the board of coanty commission
ers need hav no fear that they will
be criticized for allowing his salary,
but they were In the beginning, for
Lppoxllmr what a lot of farmers thought
pa4 money needlessly ppent.
A New York Oity r-ft:uii ant keeper
fciromises to satisfy the appetite and
Lnil to capacity with beans any man
twho comes Into ills place. And all tor
rihe .sum of fifteen cents.
At first glance it look ns though
11 lie restaurant keeper stands to lose
on this offer, hut it is Kiilc til say
'that nine out of ten of his patrons
f'svM fall far short In their capacity
t'er beans from taking his profit away
.U'rom him. The tenth man may cat
teo many besns that thero will be no
jnrofU to the server, but his offer Is
k'.tracting so much, business to his
, place that he can afford to forego
ft he profit on one dish ot beans out
nit' ''ery ten.
where the farmers raised a half bale of
cotton to the acre. He says the farm-
and during T.9-1 a
was formed which meets every two
iers there have learned to make cot-! weciis. uauy piaying oi ou is aiso
' ton in spite of the presence of the indulg'-d in by feminine club members,
I weevil. They do it by burning the An n.,.restne announcement to golf
, stalks, the; weeds, the grass, the cane ; js (hat Maxwe
1 pall'neS anil men uie eieuu um tuw
The fellers wot bumps over the oil Mr. Atwood was formerly connected
! witli an oil firm in Ardmore having
I come here from Durant, Oklahoma,
lution to only swear twice when goin'
over the holy hlghwav once when , on different inventions.
they hit the first bump, and then when
they hit the last.
DoKKonlt, now they've gene and
i fence rorners and they burn the weedb i now negotiating with two famous golf j XP,i ii, ,oad and we ain't gonna have.
much to juke about any more.
my job."
Dr. K. I.. Davidson. pastor
f'.roadway Baptist church: "I have
resolved to abstain from any ard
ent spirits and to lay off my six
gun during tho coming year."
. ... iii aii f ' and trash that accumulate there. By players, James Barne? of New York,
J. . ivrueger, snot Healer, ah oi i u vl weevil in tbe winter national champion, and Walter Ha-
us should resohc to co-operate closer . ,h(msvps f tne presence en of Chicago, western champion, to
with the Chamber of Commerce, and' " n . ' . . ,'.! ,., . ' ,,,,.;
IL il Illlilll'll Ulll llin 1.117 ruiiuu ,i,i.i.u- nuic n iiwiivii- u t,,,iiic Aitn -juiiiis
iing season. These farmers thin out this month. Definite anntfuncement of
tho parent stock of weevils, they ri'iid-. these urrangemenis will be made with
er them so few in number that they . in n shoe; time.
have- to multiply many times before During 1921 the cluJj building was
they become so plentiful as to have enlarged and improved in many ways
numbers enough to destroy all the cot-land the club has been the center of
ton. : number of very enjoyable social
After they destroy all the parent : events. j bono massagers pay double taxes for .
! gnoa roaus.
i in 1914 and he has constantly worked
I am resolved particularly to get be
hind the movement for a beiw-r water
W. C. Burton, manager oil mill: I
resolved sometime ago to make no
resolutions, but if I !,.ive made ono it
is to do all within my ,:-wer in mak
ing Ardmore a bigger and belter town
But, maybe, now we'll hear some
D. N. Ferguson of the Carpenters'
Union of Ardmore, hns recently had
opportunity to come in contact with
men of ids profession in Shawnee, I
. Greenwich Village, which boasts be
lng the center of art Ufa and new
artistic movements in the United
States, has had another bit of notor
iety thrust upon it. Fleas by the hun
dreds and the thousands have Invaded
the Village and the art students are
stepping lively these days to escape
them. The New York City health au
thorities are lending their aid in
stamping out the pests, which are
thought to have been brought into
tills country by immigrants. They
fear the Insects will help spread dis
ease among the citizens. Complaints
about the fleas are also coming fiom
other sections of New Yor City.
funny stories for the fellers wot ride Tulsa, McAlester Mid other cities of
the vends is gonna be in good humor " men say that me
after they're fixed.
And with the fixing ot the roads,
the osteopaths oppozishun Is gone.
By golly, they oughta make them
building outlook is favorable. The
prospects are that there will be more
construction work In 1922 than In
the past year "Labor and construc
tion woik are undoubtedly on the up
ward tieiid," Kaid Mr. Ferguson.
during 192:
Alma May Wintin, telephone opera-1
lor Hotel Ardmore: Not U get angry i
when someone trying to telephone gets,
mad. but to give due consideration!
j stock possible, they plant cariy, they
i cultivate intensely, they get as quick
! a growth us possible and they make
' some cotton every year.
"it is my opinion," said Mr. Gorman,
'Hint the tanners i
i Duff Heads Bar Association
j OKLAHOMA CITY. John Duff ofi Happy New Year, and
Cordeli was elected president of the i more of them.
Oklahoma State Bar Association at1
What is- claimed to he the world's
maicRt mnn has foeen discovered at
Saranac Lake, X. Y. The expression,
"he's so mean he'd take money from
a cripple," was borne out in this in
stance. Allen Sevcy, so crippled that
he must ho moved around in a wheel
ed chair, is at Saranac Lake for his
health.' Recently he asked an acqualn-
i tho state should mee
' houses, they should appoint captains,
j they should organize to carry on this
! cleaning up until every farm is given
tho same attention. If one farmer
works ever so hard lie cannot accom
plish anything. It is like killing rats.
If rats are exterminated ail must
work together.
"How much cotton should tho farm-
plant?" was a.'kl Mr. Gorman.
"All he can attend to," wus the reply.
i "Cotton is our money crop. We can
What's tho not get along without it. Every farm
You always:"' should attend to pigs and calves
and sheep and cream etc., but many
1 of them do not have a chance at that
kind of farming and they must stick
to cotton. There is nothing hero to
Justify Idleness. We have a task and
we must study the situation, loarn
how to triumph and then do it. I
.1. Robert (Wildcat Bold t Villain, ' have faith In r.hes fanners and be
clmnipion wildcatter of 4S states and 1 Heve they will win."
Mexico: Resolved: Never to drill any
to the source.
A. E. Ewell, Jr., with the Hum
ble Oil and Refining Company:
Never to make any more resolu
tions because I am too tender
hearted to break them.
J. C Clopton, manager Hotel Ard
more: To fill every room in the hotel
each day for Zio days during 1922 i er
and let Pep reign. Sholom Alechem
1M Gull, oil operator:
use of making them?
break them the next day.
1. O. l.: Never to tell a re
porter when 1 return from a trip
but always tell him I'm leaving
utter I'm on the train.
said Mr. Gorman, i , , i
n this section of ,ho losl"ff BMslon of 8nnUal COn- ,
el at their school vent'n hm' V
Sell It through th Ardmoreite classi-
iod ads.
Osage Claims Ordered Paid.
; PAWHT.'SKA. The Osage Indian tanee to take $147 all the money ho
thousand I agency l-ccoivcd government order to , had to the hotel office for safe keep-
Viof-in nnv:n.r . ni,,m ntri riot l ..,.. I . . I-t c-....... .1
wiwiipi u.i..,.,.- ,Si i iiji nas i.i3 ufccb ocvey our vi
potent Osages. under bill of March j his money, as his acquaintance de
li. Th claims amount to more than camped with it without paying his
$700,000. board bill at the hotel.
more dry holes, uiid to extend the
Hewitt southeast extension to Love
county and then seme.
Slate Checker Plsij ing Chump.
STILLWATK!:. Oklrj. I.. Hlmo of
I'usliing. won the state checker cham
pionship iiere by defeating J. M.
Grove In the finals of the Blih an
iiumI checker meet. .
Threw SI ones; Fined $5
OKIiAIIOM A CITY --Ten dollar
lines were asnssed Saturday againot
three men charged with having
l trow n rm ks during h dint urbane
ifcentiy at Packing Ton-n incident
to the strike of pnckuis house em
ployes there. The men were alleged
o he strikers. Ten meu wr injured
in tho mrlee.
A veterinary of Taenma. Wach., has
.tliM'uvered that an npernlion on the
lirynx of a naif y ;!o:it ha removed
Hie cuuc of her enntiniiiil hlutling.
In ntlier word". It has been a Mcn
eer to the goal. Tim goal's owner and
Ills neighbor are .'eiilly pleaM-ll at
t)i revolt and hav mad') up
rpnrse to buy the veterinary a prevent.
experiment are now boimt made
,011 e:ils mm dons. .No iloillit WHIlin,
ille next few" years hi- cliles Willi
oi'diliuliees iillrin4 any eilir.ensl
who tvish to keep-a, cal, to have tli ;
nieruiion ,.erfoi'ni"d on II. Thl". of j
ci'iirse, Is all ilepcntlcnt on the point
Ail whether the opeiatioli is mn'M'
ful In the cuso of cats, i
'"FOR RRNT Nice front bed room In n
beautiful brli-ii. Phone '.'llii. 2,"i
Fourth avenue, northwest. 1-3
I'olt I Sri NT Two light hon."leeplng
rooms. $"i.iui per week. Mmlerii.
f;(is' St.. N. W. 1-3
I yl Ri:T - Nice bed
'lit desired. C
niie 22111,
room with rnth
St., northwest.
LOST I'imtofliee key, name Hltnehed
; uu card. Finder kindly return to
l.ois Svlmlell, 6"J F St., mil th east or
ihon i -''it. 12
May 1922 Be A
Prosperous Year
For You
We take this means of thanking each and every
person for their patronage for the past year.
We also wish to state that we will do all in our
power to merit your patronage for the coming
It is our sincere wish that you will have a
Happy and Prosperous New Year.
N. M ASSAD, I'rop.
Ardmore'i Leading Department Store.
a ft. aVJl

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