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A Program of Strict JLaw Enforcement for Ardmore and Carter County in 1922 Is What Good Citizens Want Above All Els
I I, .
Tax valuation of Carter
county $33,081,530.
Tonight, cloudy, warmer; t
Tuesday, unsettled.
The Home Paper of Southern Oklahoma.
VOL. 29 NO. 2
rout OEFiciMs
Attorney General Freeling
Announces Plans for
.Investigation Being
Held Here.
New Commission Arranged for
Jury Selection; Freeling
to Try Murder Cases.
At least four officials of Carter
county will face ouster proceed
ings witldn one nwli, Attorney
General Freeling told The Ard
murelte ovit lone distance at
o'clock today.
As Hoon as tho voluminous tes
ll;nnn lius been gone into, other
suits tvill be filed, and Judge
h.nier K. Fulton, assistant attor
ney general will conduit the trial.
It is not yet know whether
IHstrict Judge It. C. Logsdon of
.Marietta will serve on tlie bench
,at the triai. It is probable that
an appeal will bo made to the
Mate supreme court for another
A new set of Jury commissioners
composed of Mike tiorman, Tom Kills
rrid ft third party have, been namea
to select a Jury for these pp. feedings.
Jt Is the tl.-siro nf (icncral freeling
to get a body of representation citi
zen who ore in nowiHe connected to or
leluted to any of tho present county
or city officials to servo on the
Thus far la tho examination cf
.testimony, . Mr. Freeling has found I
no charges of officers accepting I
money for bribes or for covering tip l
questionable action, ho said. j
Conditions - Had
Tho testimony deals almost wholly
with conditions In tho county, and
the cities, towns and communities In
tho county. "It shows that houses
have been run openly fur selling liquor
and for purposes of pro: Mutton," Mr.
Fulton said. ''These conditions are I
laid directly at tho doors f those!
who havo tho enforcement if the
law In their hand," he added.
Since Judge Fulton has had charge
of the prolio and matters lending up
to the" ouster petitions, he will con
tinue in charge and will he given a
free hand, Mr. Freeling said. Ttu at
torney general is standing behind
hlin on every move.
Wilson Murder Case Trial
"Since I started prosecution against
the :nen charged with murder grow
ing out of the tragedy at "Wilson on
December 15, It is probable that I
will continue the prosecution," Mr
Freeling said.
"It may be that I won't set b:iek
from Washington ' In tinu to prose,
ruto the rases on January 16. when
tlio criminal docket Is started, but
If possible I will be here. In caso I
don't get to come, In all .probability
I will ask that tho cases U contin
ued for the term of court."
"Ilofore we go much further with
tho prosecution ( want to look Into
tho statements made by Walter Car
roll, and to chock tip on another clue
and developments that have ioiiio re
cently," he Mid. "It 1.4 tho state's de.
sire to try tho case In a calm at
mosphcro of that Judicial district," he
.'hlr of Tollco Hlgnlght 1 iiropnr
inn his annual report to submit to
the city manager tomorrow. nnfl
while tho tenure of tifflei ha not
embraced a full year the chief Is
proud f the record of the department
under his administration. ,
Pine beginning hi term of office
last April, them has been madn 273X
arrests for various offenses, an av
erage of over 300 per month. The og
grc irate amount of fines collected.
f?4,?X.E0. ' Numl)er of commitments
I'sued, Bo7, amount of fined Imposed
by rommltnvent 17.7H.SO.
Aggreg.iti amount of work per
firmed n s'reets by prisoners, 2.00(1
dny. Kstlmatrd number of diys
scn-ed In the city Jail by 607 prls.
tner arroeted and held for other of
ficers or turned over to the county,
8.711. rtalance Imroscd In flnea and
paid after committment, $2,000.
The chief makes several recommen-
dn i Ions to the mnyor and manager
for tho hettertnent of the service
which witt bo glvn consideration In
the near future.
OKLUtO.MA CITr. federal dls
ti lot court will convene Jan. lit, It
fcfos announced today officially. Of
forrmnet Interest of the criminal rases
.rti the dket for Irlsl at this t-rtn
U the Pant Ke mail train rotihery
ticar Kdmonrt several months ngii for
which sis men are now being held at
War's Greatest Heroine in
Fight to Prove She's Alive
;J opS" S
V yiirw fv.I
V 4 . .a w'Jr
A ' ef
iti r
- u A t-r i . w:rA
4 1 t'ivJM
r?A v A J i Jh. ; ' v I
i ft W - -
I? 'TY' six? tm J
Miss Aleno
Negro Paid Attorneys Huge
Sum to Defend Him in
Eleven Years of His
Illicit Practice.
MrSKOf'.F.K. Okla. M.Ul Collins, a
t.i gro known here for year as kina j three alarms Saturday nk'ht, the first
of bootleggers, announced today thai coming from the home of Stanley Car
he had quit the whiskey traffic and j mm at II and Third. IT. O. Ilailey,
that he Intended ruti-riii;; the tm.r fire i lui f, placed the loss nt $3,000
cantili) bUNinSri. Colons t t : i i 1 tl his ! ilamngo done the hou.o and 1,000
i'itreer as a bootlegger to a ncwspapi r-! damago done the contents,
man with th same d'gre of nerve Tho wvurul alarm came from a va
that has characterize,! his penchant cant lintisn owned by .1. W. l'lckens
for Selling whiskey, lie asserted lh.it land IrJf Ions was estimated at J2"0
the activities of tie k'u Klux Klan
I mmptcd him to announce "to th'
world" that he had iuit handling
Collins, In announcing liii min
im lit, assorted that be bad l.v II li.iol
I'lTglng for 11 Jcmim, during which
time he said be hid paid attorney.
l.'.O.OOO to d'fend him. At present,
be is a defendant In tun federal li
H'lor cases, fuir slato liiinr tases,
pnd five lbjuor cases wherein ho nr
t ruled his conviction from
the ot
court. Ilii Is under i bond.-;.
Collins has Served one sentence of a
year nnd a half and (mother sentciic..
of thre years In the federal pciiltcn
tlary at IicavenvMnth on hsl.e
('harRc. He said that during thi
ll years ho had lxc:i selling whiskey
ff leers had never been able In catch
lilm with liquor In his n:seHb'ti.
WASHINGTON. lleglnnlng with
the New Year, orders Issued by t'ost
master rjenertJ Hays, newly appoint
cd postmasters will be renutrrd to nt-t-nd
school where they will be taught,
Hlliong other things, how to meet the
public, their plices In the r. mnuinitv;
how through publicity, to educate the
public In the use of the malls, how to
bundle complaints, guard tho mails
Mid maintain proper rcl.iiioiudiip with
the depnrtment. '
Central ncceuntlng post offices' will
be dosignnted ns echo ls In ca h state.
The chooU will determine, Mr. lli
said, whether the appdntee Is 0,'iall'
fled to serve behind n, piacnrd read
"Atk )Mir mstmnntr, when you
rint to know"
K. IYawley
Department Made Four
Runs Over Week-End ;
Smoke and Oil Damaged
Stock at Dixie Store.
The third run was made to the l:.ie
Store on Main near Washington. This
fire broke nut ngnin Sunday night ami
was the causo of another alarm. Tim
fire, n irding to the Investigation' of
the fire hlcf. was caused by a short
ci'i'iili In i he dec die win s on the
balcony in the r.-ar of the store. N.
Maiad. tho proprietor of the store,
plans bis loss at. ulsitit &0 per cent
of tho entire Block. Ho ilalmed that
the smoki) and oil. mused by the
, stnoKo. penetralia nil llie exposed mer
chandise to the depth of over nn Inch
nn well ns burning all tho dress good
on i .o Us In tho rear of the More.
l.lUlo damage was done to the stock
by water but tho Interior of tho build
ing was badly scorched and tho w-iod-work
was considerably burned, chief
Halley said that the heat generated by
the fire had all but reached the point
where it would have broken throuhh
ami caused damnco to the rest of the
budding nnd probably tho adjoining
WASHINGTON. Unusual In the
ultimate disposition of the' ten b.l-
lion dollar debt owed the t'nlted
l lates by th" nlliod g.iVerninenls has
bn n eiili tued t hrnuu-liout the coun
try during th last f--w weeks, trea
r.iry offlciils said today.
M.mv letti"s have enme Into thi
tnn-urv nsk'ng for InfonoiijKn on
the snblccl an.i offering u4l hlle
c.i Kiting soi letles lii th J.,ferent
piriM of tho country have been writ
Ing for d.at i on cll anuks.
What were desi-rilsil as "nut let
ters," it was said, gave many plans
for obtslnlmr avmenl nnd for iMn
th money for as many different pr
Records Show Nurse With
Seventeen Wounds Off i-
i cia ly "Dead" liut
She Says No.
PAT ANTONIO. America's sroat
tst woman World War hero, Miss
j Aleno K. Frawley, who has )oen
i wounded and shot, bulled alive and
j bombed, and carries 17 wound stripes
on her coat sleeve, is now facing
what sho calls tho toughest Job of
1 all
i That of proving to tho world that '
she la still alive!
And all this because, following tha
bombing of an emergency ho.spital in
the trenches at Chateau Thierry, she
waa officially reported "dead" 14
tho government war casualty records.
"A. E. F." that's what the loyb
"over there" called her, because of
her Initials headed for France two
Months after tho United States en
tered the war. Sho Joined up 'with
the 90th Division as a member of
the United States Army Nurse Corps.
Survives Hospital Blast
Then things began to happen rapid
ly. Wound stripe after wound stripe
went on her sleeve.
At Tours a hospital was blown up.
All but two persons In the building
were killed. She was one of the
two. In another case a piece of
shrapnel broke her finger,, caromed
and killed a man. .
Fourteen jther wound! came, .all
while shti was on the front, and
tarn the "faal" blat, when the
trrnih hospital was blown to pieces.
"Killed in actin" as lha report
rfter her name. 1
In the meantime American Koldicrs,
dug her out of tho ruins and took her
l j a hospital where she remained un
conscious for 27 days. A year and
right months later she left the hospi
tal and was sent .. the Walter Kecd
teneral hospital at " Washington.
Miss Frawloy's mother and her
ftepfather had long believed her dead.
Several Installments of her war risk
irsuraace had been paM to the fam
ily. Then enmo a telegram stating that
Miss Frawley 's "body" was being
ami to the hospital.
Fighting to Change Kecurd
And, In the meantime, everything
l:i being done to blot out the record
that she was ''killed In action." Mrs.
Frawley has made affidavits that
Miss frawley is her daughter
not nil imposter and the wheels are
beginning V turn that will straighten
out tho mixup, M Is J Frawley believes.
Miss Frawley was born near Ho
chestcr, N. Y. Her own father was u
doctor and her mother was a trained
nurse. Iteforo going to Kurope Miss
Frawley had served un nurse In the
Philippines. China, Hawaii and in
Hesides her 17 wounfl stripes thK
p.reatnst woman hero wears a Pis
tinruLshed Service Cross, the French
Cioix tie (lueiro and nuuiy other K-s-ti.r
My Opinion Is
Znrj ty 7k ArtUuralU aMtUsa fit
Ptms ukjc ( purtl latarwl.
Th uiviii trm pabUtW wlU tW ua
t tm latwrttwti.
What I your Idea or a good parly
platform (or the Oklahoma campaign
this year?
S. A. APri.K. oil otM-rutor and
former chairman of county cen
tral committee: "Nothing has hap
pened except republican failure to
call for a chanx In the platform
uiion which the democracy of tho
state has been standing for yenrs.
In addition to lha platform making
a comparison of democratic per
formances, and republican priii
l- and failure, would be suffi
cient." T. 11. OP.H. chairman county
central couimlttco: "That Is quite
a question to answer tight off the
Isu, but . one that must bo .an
swered sooner or t later. I do not
believo In a platform of Vrurl
o-onomy." but I do believe that
the inrty platform should contain
a strong plank for retrenchment
compatible with efficiency."
FltANK ADAMS, chairman of
tho county election board: "Ulv
us good men and get busy. Our
platforms havo been good In the
past and we have always improved
them by experience. When the
time arises for needed platform
principles to be announced, they
will be found all that tho demoe
racy of Oklahoma desires or de
J. It. niAMriO.V, attorney: "
want tho sumo kind of a platform
that Ollio James, Jon Vtsiley, or
any of the uld tlmA dyed la the
wool democrats would rlto On
this kind of a platform tho trty
will win overwhelmingly."
KL'NMKLU M. ItUOWN, attorney:
''My Idea uhuul that would be if
there Is sn) thing wrrmg with the
party nr the platform, the quicker
we get rid of It th bolter. I want
tn aee it platform such as won for
lis during the administration of
I'resident Wilson, he gave us sound
advice nn the subject nnd It seem
that w hav departed sotnewhit.
Lefa ft back."
Three Men Held for Assault
Believed to Be Members
of Butcher's Union in
Oklahoma City.
Packers in Fort Worth Go
to Court Seeking Ban
On Picketing;.
OKLAHOMA CITY. Three men to
day were being held in county Jail
hero under charges of assault with
Intent to murder following nn attick
late yesterday on M. P. Itovely, a
watchman at tho packing plant of tho
Morris and .Comnnny carrying a spe
cial (Uputy pherlff's commission.
Kevily told county officials that
ho was attacked by five men yester
day afternoon on a bridge a short
distance from tho Morris plant and
beaten with iron spikes and rods.
After a struggle, ho said, ho fired a
shot from bis pistol and two of his
assailants rsn. Tho remaining three
he pliu.ed under arrest.
Thoso held at. the Jail register are
T. C Kouderllng, C. Ilouko and
Wain Scott. Uevley claims they are
all members of the Meat Cutters nnd
ISrutchera Workmen's Union of Xorth
America; who have been on strike
sir.ro I tec. 3.
No disturbances from the strike area
had been reported to the sheriff's
office early today.
TORT WORTH, Texas.-Tho pack
ing house strike will reach the courts
here again this afternoon, when, an
other application for an injunction
agnJnst picketing will bo sought. One
packing company will claim a viola
tion of a recent friendly agreement,
by which peaceful picketing was per
mitted, and will ask Federal Judge
Wilson for an injunction. Tho strik
ers, through their attorneys, today
announced they would finhfthe peti
The Frisco Railroad has annnunc
f-d a rate r.-ductlon cf ten per cent
to be effective yest-rday, on some of
the products now car.-ied. The fol
lowing will come under the reduction,
grain and all grain products, hay.
live strvk. fruit fresh, gns-n, dry nr
evaporated, vegetables given or fresh.
( tton, cottoi: llnter.i, cotton se-il,
butter, eggs, and ioultry, live or
d: i ssvd.
This reduction . ! vo'untary on the
art of the "om('any. A. Hilton, vice
t resident in .-harco of traffic at Okla
homa City, said, and made In hopes
that It will ftlmiilate Hie movement
of grain and prain pn duets nnd bo of
material assi;,:ance In bringing out
n -Ttrultur.il t-niioiy realef profit
the Kile of these prdtifts, as this
rate Ih good between i.ny two pointi
i on ire? Frl.-asi system. This i-edjctlon
! added lo the (anceiiatlon of the three
per cent nr tux on freight ship
ments, and light t cent en alll pas-
m nger tlckii i ist.iblish a very sub-
rtantlal reduction in rates with th
biiKinnmg of the new vm.
being continued In Oklahoma City
and adjacent cnuMles tmlay for the
slayer of F.. W. Hrlnnlev. Mustang
banker, who was railed from his home
late Thursday nnd shot to death. So
fur no cluso ns to his whereabouts
have been found, according ti author
itles. Itewards now totalling $1,500
have lj-n offenil for the man's nr
rrst. His Identity Is said tn be
The primary function of n fi"wr"Mer in a rlty the ilz nf Ard
more, us the ArdmotYite si-es It, is tn publish local news. It hss the
additional duty of maintaining nn rdtlnnnl xilcy In keeping with the
lieel thought of the people It serves, and It Is tho mtslncNi medium of
the community as well; tut primarily it should rrfleit news, of the
section it represents.
Thnt Is the theory utun which the Anlmoreite works.
With this In view, wo cU our klientlon to the Issue is January 1.
It mntMncd, beside a lidemlld tun of ailvertistrg, a rredltiible editorial
page. Asecslatsl IV.ws news nnd "frature si-rvlce." the followlnr.
Flfty-me lo.nl news stoili. wiitlen uheii evrnls, people and Insti
tutions nf this iiHltltjr' ,
A sisieiy (vigo iiititainlng 3 arfiijer nf the tocUJ hnppenins of
this ommunty;
An i psge. rhisk full of lliteeenilng dal nlioul the oil Ihilnstry.
There were St paral articles on thv on iiose, eerul ef them iltmol
nallng ant lcluetie.
The Issue of Jntiii.iry l was n standnril one. We may l able to
Improve upon that a Utile ns time toes on. but lie the krd nf a paper
We believe )ru aptnn Into. I.ncsl news fliw.
"A Newspaper That Serves"
Wilson's Business
District Fire Swept;
Total Loss $80,000
Tourists in Shanghai Are
Victims of Anger Fol
lowing Brawl in Cafe ;
Liberties Halted.
FlIAN'GIIAT. Serious trouble be
tween sailors from Italian and Ameri
can warships here developed today
when a band of somi two score Italian
sailors surprised an attacked about a
dozen American Jackie In an Ameri
can caf- and then went from one
cafe to another seeking out and at
tacking Isolated groups of Americans.
Five Americans sustained kn(fe
wounds, two of them being seriously
Tho attacks were the outgrowth of
a trifling brawl in a cafe, following
which the Italians gathered the raid
ing party, which was ormed with
knives and several revolvers. The
Americans are declared to have been
All shore liberty from the war-
cr.Ut has been suspended in con
sequence of the trouble. '
No Anxiety for Ardmoreitra
No anxiety as the result of an out
break In Shanghai. China, between
American and Italian sailors', is felt
among their relatives and friends
here for tho safety of Miss Margaret
Smith of Ardmore and .Mrs. Katlier
Ino lirot. of Celina, Ohio, who aqe
In Shanghai on a tour of tho Far
Although Associated Tress dis
patches to the Anlmoreite this morn
ing were to the effect that a band
of Italians was moving from one
cafe to to another hunting Americans,
it was Indicated that tho clashes were
confined to the water front and were
'participated in only by sudors from
American and Italian warships.
Miss Smith is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C. U. Smith, 1003 McLlsh
Avenue. Mrs. Hret. Is the mother of
Mrs. It. K. Van Dyno of Ardmore.
WASH I V! TON. The doors of the
White House wire thrown open to
day to official Washington and the
general public as well to rfrcelve the
New Yi'nr's greetings of tho ITosidcnt
and .Mrs. Il.trding. These receptions
w-r abnndoTied during the Wilson
iiilininiHlrution anil tho one today Is
tho flrt in nine years.
The morning hours were allotted
t tho official group in'tnlersi of the
labitiet and their famliies, government
officials and officers of the higher
evades In tli urmy nnd linvy while
ficm 2 o'i lot k until 4 the White House
was to be r-p-'n to the general public.
In fm met- d-iys, frequently more than
C.Onn have U i n preeti-d by ihe exe
cutive during the public reception.
iiiit; rwiNti roNTRrfs
j M. Al.i:sTi:il. At a recent meeting
of the city council two paving eon
traeti were for nn aggreg-ite. of
more than forty thousand dollars.
One paviim district comprises nbotil
two bloi'ks on North .Main ttroi-t la
North Mi Alter and the other ex
tends from Sixth to Klevenlh strei-ts
on Sena. The former will tie brick
with concrete base and the latter
will he- entirely of conervte. The con
tract was b-t to Cluirlen L lh-fler of
Winflcld, Kan.
Two Volunteer Firemer
Burned and Blistered
By Intense Heat
This Morning.
An entire block of frame building!
on Main street, nctwoon Tliird and
Fourth avenues in tho Wilson busi
ness district were destroyed by flrt
at 1:30 o'clock this morning, with
an estimated loss of'JSO.OOO.
The blaze Is thought to have started
in the Vandurn -ulcaniztng plant and
spread rapidly, fanned by a high wind
from th northeast. Low water pres
sure udded to the handicaps of tk
voluntccr department in the ca. ij
niorninj; hour.
Two firemen, W. It. Comb"? nm'
Alva Matthews were slightly but nod
ana onsienu aoout ine ncaa anu oui:
by the intense heat.
Hall Is Heaviest Loser.
C. I'. Hall Furniture Company wan
tho larc-cst los'-r. ha havirtff had alia
store filled with new and second-hand'
furniture which had been received,
during the holidays. He was occupy-)
is nj
I ad
ing a part of a building used as
hotel, which loss was estimated
140.000, with m50. 000 insurance,
Hall announced this morning that ha
will replace his stock in a more sub--
stantlal building immediately.
Several other houses, across thnl
strer-l and in the vicinity of the burn
Ing block, were damaged by fire fronil
falling sparks.
Detail of Loss.
Other buildings to suffer are listedj
as follows:
Luna hotel, value $7,000, total lossj
Luna boarding house, value $3,000.1
total loss.
Weeks building and Wilson Aute
Salvage Cumpany, value $5,000, toUUl
Vandorn vulcanizing plant and gar
age, $3,000 value, total loss.
Wnrd-lll Motor Company, value
JS.000; insurance $3,000.
1 S. Mcfiiure lesidence, value $S0ft,
Insurance unknown.
Walker's wagon yard and fce-i
barn, value $l.i"00; total ' loss.
Collier lirothers, barflware, and
Jamis Hotel, In same building, dam
aged $2,5')0.
Donaldson garage, danutged $400.
Oxley's blacksmith shop, ikunaKcd
A number of r.utomobilea in the
diffemnt garpgea were lost, the own
ers and amount of loss could not be
ascertained nt 2 o'clock today. -
Somo of the owners stated at noon
that effors would be made to robullri
and resume operations Immediately.
Tl'LSA, Okla As a result of tho
bitter factional fij:ht over civic mat
ters which has been raging In Ited
Fork for several months, according n
o.fhlals. W. I'. liiriy lies lit his
In.mo there In a critical comlitlon,
Willi two knife vounitf in his back
t,nd K. D. I!t:r.l'S i In the county
Jail facing n charge of assault with
intent to kill. Huiihi-s is a l'i
l'i rk contractor, lairiv Is an elee
tr'il.iti. Vc.iteril.iy afinnooti tho two men
i-iisaged In an nllerratlon auid to
havo grown out of 111 feeling over the
idling of the contract to wire th
cay lull, although Irionds declared
there had l en previous bitterness
ivir tho lot!,- drawn out factional
Words hi! to a physical encounter
which resulted in the slabbing nt
Kuiiy and the urrest of Hughes.
rAA.r P.! f -

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