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1 ily
I I'linne 5:18
The feature of an oeii house ifteet-1
iNK'of the Ljulirs (if thf l.i'.-if. vhlh
will hp (jlven Saturday, is ii )-cturo
on "Jlodurn Diatim" by Mrs. Maj,-- I
ITU.- V. Harry of the A. A M. Coll-pe I
of Stillwater, Toxus. Mr. T'.mv ! I
well known to ArcJiuoro women, h:iv
lii lived hern sumo Jenr.s. uml is
rememhercU us a womiut of hi'h in-tellim-nce.
Tho jilaco fur this meeting will ho
announced later. Tho meeting of the
Lndiea of the Tho ar for- Monday
n flit-noun was jiostponed on aeeotmt
ill. tho iih.senee fi-uin the ejly ,.( nev
'nl liieinliera who were on the oro-Kriim.-
Tho Philharmonic program which
wus to havo been (jlven at tho Kirst
l'l'tMhylerlan ehnreli on Friday, has
been postponed unlit January 13, on
iieeount of thn Week of I'rayer which
will bo observed in tho churehen this
week. Uehearanl of tho chums for
"Ueuvens Aro Telling" will bo held
as originally -Intended, however, on
'1 iro.sday, .laniiiiiy Ii, at the I'luailwuy
Mothoilist Church, ut 7; 30 o'clock. All
.persons who lira to take part in this
chorus ore requested to bo present
lor the rehearsal.
Miss Ilollin Karp, who spent tho
holidays with here mother Mrs. D.
Ivesileir, j,09 Wolverton, left Sunday
afternoon for Nashville, where she. is
(iitcmllng Ward-Helinont college. Miss
Knrp went by way of Oklahoma City
whero she cpent tho niRht at the
home of her brother Ancel Enrp.
This week, the first week of the
new year, will be observed by, the
members of tho Emmanuel Baptisi
church as a week of prayer, Meet
ings will bo held ouch evening In
the new rooms recently completed by
the Woman's Missionary Society.
Mr. and Mrs. WeniM 7.. Miller of
Tulsa, uro guests at tho Hotel Aril
more (luring this week. Mr. Miller 18
a geologist' and will upend thn .week
looking over this territory. Jfrs. Mil
In' will bo remembered hero as Miss
tlruee Foster, who was a teacher in
tlie public schools.
At a recent entertainment, given
at tho home of Mrs. Edna MuJllns,
:.'-'7 (J street, . northeast, a new pro
fessional entertainer known us "Mil
lc r, The Tool" was prevented. Mr.
Miller who Is known as a nimperson
i'tor and change artist lms only
recently come to Ardinoro. Others
who appeared on tho program wore
-Miss Virginia Kraley, Miss flertrude
Calnes, MJsa Iiuth Wells and. Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Martin, of
Tulsa, Mr. and .sirs. Harold H. Crimes,
of I't. Worth nnd Mr. and Mrs. E.
IS. Ebson and Walton Hall of Okla
homa I'ity, who havo ibeon the holiday
guests of Mr. and Mrs, W. A. Hall,
11:1 West Main street, and Dr. and
Mrs. N. C. WmnI, 806 Fourth avenue,
southwest, havo returned to their
ie.peotlvo homes.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kendall, who re
side norlh of Ardmoro, had a their
ciiestd during tho holidays, Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Abbott Mlley of Kdmond.
Hie Misses Oania and Edith Wil
liams, teachers In the roolevillc
school. Miss Wlnnlo Dunn, tmehcr In
Hie Paubi Valley schools, H. E.
I'arnwworth, who Is Mrs. Kendall's
mother, and C. I), l'arnham, a broth
er, both of Oklahoma City Mr. and
Mrs. Mlley who mado tho trip by mo
lor, returned to Edmond today.
Mrs. Walter Jarrett and son, Ito-
t'urd, of Oklahoma City who have
been the guests of Mr. and Mrs, P.
T. Sites, 31S Stanley boulovard and
of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Kearney, 217
It si reel, touthwvttt, returned home
Sunday. Mm. Jarrett Is a daughter of
Mrs. SlUs and a ulster of Mrs. Kear
ney. Miss Cecile Jones, daughter of Mr.
I Mis. Curl Jones, fl and Stanley
I'ouIevMid, who lias beeu at home
over thn holidays, returned Sunday
in school at Ward Belmont college,
Tlio Misses Elvira, and Ruby Jones,
of Tulsa, who are nieces of Mr. Car)
Nmes, and who havo been visiting at
II. o Jones homo during Christmas,
also left Sunday to return home.
Mrs. J. C. Crosby and children,
Mn y mo Frances and J. C. Jr., have
returned to their homo, K03 C street,
l orthwetd, from Marlln, Texas, wher
I hey spent tho hnllilays with Mr,
Cicifby ut tho homo of his uncle, J.
A l'liipps, Mr. Crosby Is engaged in
i bo oil business In Texas and is at
1-re-n nt UnlUug a well ut liuumont.
Mr. Charles II. Ewreil has gone
to Wnihlngtoii, 1. '., to visit fot
l.t'Vrlftl Weeks Will) tier llltitliel'.
Mis. I'viivll has been III ill lieallh
Iwi' im time and she Is making
ibis limine In hiipis of nsoveiltig
:r usual gissl health. An fur a
Saint lunls she was nnempanii'd by
l,r sun lied Everett who has return
id to his wotk us a st ml. 'lit In the
t'nlxerslty of Illinois at Champaign.
Mr. and Mrs. IVrt Simpson have
returned home lo lyis Angeles after
a visit here of u hp nth with I hell
inrenls, Mr. and Mis. II. , A, Simpson
Mr. Fimpeon thoroughly enjoyed his
Itip hom and lie was belter pleased
Mih tho hunting limn any other fea
ture of the inn. In California he
ays he tnust'go li ill-tntne of 10(1
n.lles for any efort of Ibis ItlnJ nnl
as ft result he Uh-s nut hunt liny
Mr. and Mrs. Janu-s A. Coiner l
'ew York Who lire III the soilthwes.
twndlhg the holldiy seaeoii, are here
today and will leave nt once for their
nmw. Ttiey visiieil in Colomdo
Kprlngs, t)l.. ami In ln-nton, Ti-xn.
tesldes spending a portion if their
tilllg herf.
Mr. and Mrs. IV C. MtwraM Imte
i turned from t'hecolnh where they
petit the holidays with Mrs. Ellwcer
1 10 s parehU, Jialgo and Mrs. I.umft.
I'. C. Miili.m and John II. Iliitimth
'f MiAksler eent Nrr Year's day
irt Aiilimxe. Mr. Million Is A promt
In III lhkcr i f his I'ily slid Is
loyalty i-wner in CnMer roi-nty. Mr.
January t.
Oioii liniiso at liornlck Hills Coun
try Club.
Mrs. Cecil Jonea will entertain wltli
three tables of bridge at her home,
on O ftrect and Stanley boulevard,
for Mrs. E. C. .Tar-;ti, ' of Hugo, who
is a wwk-enil cuert.
KuLglits of X'ythlaH to havo open j
house. (Mrn e. An Informal affair,
which is tho regular New Year's
January 3,
The Mission Study Cluss, with Mrs.
Arthur Slrenhley, leudfr, will meet
at S o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the
Firnt I'resfliytcrlan church.
St. Philip's Guild will hold the
regular meeting nt 2:30 on Tucnduy
afternoon In the Guild rooms.
The r.nplist Young People's Union
will meet at the homo Of Miss
Beatrice Everett, S13 Hlxtoy avonuo,
on Tuesday "evening at 7:30 o'clock.
January 4..
' Philharmonic Muatoil Tea" at the
Young Woman's Christian Association
Thn Benevolent Association will
hold a meeting n Wednesday after
noon at 3 o'clock In the Young Wo
man's Christian Association rooms.
This meeting is for tho purpose of
pot-footing a permanent organization.
January .1.
Mrs. Arthur Walcott will entertain
the Thursday ltrldgn Club nt her
homo in Walcott addition, on Thurs
day In honor of her daughter, Mrs.
Helen Wood, of Fulton, Mo., who is
visiting her parents.
The Thimble Tea Club will meet,
with Mrs. Jjiicinn Hoard, 431 I street
southwest, on Friday, Jan. fi.
vim, mm.
This is an advance Introduction to
the garmeut Miss 1922 Bathing Girl
will wear at thj beaches this coming
Notice the difference in stylo. You
can sou from Miss Muriel Martin's
picture what tho difference between
the suit of 1921 and the new Is to
bo. That's Miss Martin, a .".legfleld
Fellies star. In the 1922 suit.
Shorter trunks.
Shorter skirts.
Narrower uliouldor bands, and
No sleeves.
"I'm for It," says Miss Mytn.
"It's a lot easier to swim In."
January 6.
Tho Wambniisoo Camp Fire Girls
will me't Friday afternoon at First
Presbyterian church for their"., monthly
ceremonial meeting. The meetiirtg is
called for 3:30 o'clock. '
Tho nert inoetinsr of the V. A. K.
will be held at the homo of Mrs.
Inez Lambert and Mrs. R. M. Mc
Millan, 904 d street, southwest, on
January 7.
Ladies of the Leaf to entertain with
"open houso." A lecture by Mrs.
Maggie W. Barry will be the feature
of the occasion.
P.ldpath is prominent In business
and also in Masonry.
Dorset (Porter, president of the
Coline Oil Company, was among tho
New Year visitors to Ardmore from
Oklahoma City.
Ir. and Mrs. J. B. Dudley of Mucn
liter, Texas, accompanied by their
two daughters Mrs. Frank L. Gibson
of Durum and Miss Ada Dudley and
also P.ifu Boher of Muenster,
nrrive'l here today to spend a day
with his sister, Mrs. John F. Eatdcy
end family, at . 11(4 North Washing
ton street.
LhXiE, PHONE fil3. 29-J
Four (loneratlons at Dinner
HE'RYETTA. Four generations of
the 'A. J. Copnago family were Join
ed In Christmas dinner, the guests
being a daughter, Mrs. D. .T. Preacher,
r.nd husband of Fort Cobb, Okla., A.
J. Coppage, Jr., Boy (C'oppaco una
l.oy Coppage, Jr.
(iarbrr Remembers I Jons
UNI D. Judge M. E. Garbcr, mil
lloftftire oil mail who is spending the
winter in Pontile, Wash., with his
f.imily, played Santa Clans to the
Lions club, sending to them 20 pounds
of fresh salmon and a box of applet
for their weekly luncheon Wednesday.
V ... v-: LH
K . . ? -. i
Mr. Lorlng f. tlirtMln
Mrs. titling C. Clirlstle, wife of
.one of the members of the (Vnadian
ileb-iraiion to iHo con f. fence on the
limitation of nrmftinrnts, Is one of
the many attractive women who ai
rnmiinniiil their hii"bnrt tn .the cup-Iml.
Plans For The Fair
The tents of t the gypsies showed
blue against the evrnln.j sky. Hero
'ind thero thn form of iic or tvo
of tho wemon could be seen bend
liiS over the ramp firo which cra- k
ioil merrily and sent up its s.noky,
satisfying announcement to tiioso mem
bers of the clun who w-jre still tn tho
drom (road) or by tho banks of tho
river, that sunset had come and tho
goodly stew was nr.srly ready for
every hungry Rominy chin and dial
to partake of.
"Tho Romany chlo
And the Roman dial
Shall jaw tnsaulo:
And dook tho gry
Of the farming rye "
sang Miguel in a deep, happy voice,
as ho camo slowly up tint dn m
ieading to the dingle. A son',' which
he loved despite the fact that it was
anth'i'.g but proper 'rjm tho con
ventioi'ii". poit of view, for it tIJ
lightly of the gypsy U.li and lansie
golnp o pol" ii tho pigs uml bewr.'.h
the heroes and cattle oi til-: far id's.
Not 'i cl:oie.- sentiment, t- bo Uie.
but v.'hen sung by till hmdsoine
young chief In his rolli;l:iii'r voice
of a wonderful evenlns at twllisn',
it "vi.s to to aflmlred.
Wiping tho sweat from his broa
n h he came up to the yog (fire) Don
Miguel smiled a sialic of great phy
sical satisfaction as ho sat himself
down upon a mat and pulled out hi'
filendly pipe.
"A wild day. Dye," he aid to an
eld woman puttering about among
the pots by the sldo if the fire.
"Aye, a wild one and not a cent to
8how for It. The Gorgios are very
tight with their moury and prom
Incs nowadays, Dye. We must sell
some of the horses at the fair to
morrow. Three of tho chics (girls)
can tell fortunes for tho crowds
r.nd the. 1'ilnccss Bona shall dance.
Then all will be well."
IIe.ro he lighted his pipe and drew i
in two or ihren deep, contented
breaths as tho soothing smoke curl
Cil in and out of his mouth and
rostrlls and a feeling of gradual
1 (-luxation st'lo through his body.
"Dye," he culled lazily to the w-o
man near him, "fetch me a dipper
ii water for I am near dead with
the thirst. Whero are the clmvies
this evening? It is still as the
grave here, nnd what are the wom
en ubout?" .
"Busy," said tho old one, taking
'i dipper from the ground nnd hob
bling away to get the water.
She soon camo back with the
clear, cold water for her chief and
he threw his head back greedily as
ho slaked his thirst from tho kindly
dipper. "Fine, Dye, best water In
the world." This done, ho sat smok
ing in perfect contentment looking
about st tho peaceful scene before
him with glad eyes. Once he was In
tirrupted in the midst of his reveries
by the sou ail of cries and got tip
to find oM what waft tho matter.
As h nude for the particular tent
frrw whence the- cries were emerging,
ho heard a woman's voice say, "Some
one is coming," and as Don Miguel
came up to tho place, jianting, a huge
r.akrd brown body nnd black, head i
wus thrust out of tho lent. It was
the head nnd upper part tf Jasper,
the rom (husband I of Hixelle, the
new mother, nnd h shook his head
sloonilly at his hief, ss I 'on Miguel
isked him the cause for tho cries
"Slie.s bed very bud, and frets
at the touch of the child's lips so,"
I.l- haid with a tragic look in his
dark eyes. "The dye's sure thai
she'll not btst till morning ano
there's no doing anything with her,
(Tc bo continued.
IIHquehold Hintt I
mi PyMHt.MOOTON 11
Oatmeal Meat Hash
Baklnj Powder Biscuits
Potato and Carrot Soup
Tomato Salad
B'rostvd Gingerbread. T
Cold Veal - Stewed Pointers
CiOldin Corn Proud
Vegetable Hulud
Cnramel Sguf'lc. Cookie
This is a good wnv to posvh eggs
Place a lat tfe spoon In a pun of rapid
ly boiling water. Slide egg Into spoon
:irst, and, after cooking an Instant,
gently slide into bottom of ln. This
dwiiys prevents tho -gg from stick
ing to the p-
Peanut Butter Variations I. A
can of best peanut baiter, add an
r.uut amount of hut tinter, hit of
Milt, olio tablespoon ' if good ill.
rook, stirring constantly. Result: A
creamy peanut butler.
3. Mix with best "trade of peanut
butter ftil equal amount of tart, un
sweetened Apple mlice.
3. Ono can of peanut butter equal
Amount of olive nil (or good sub
rtltute), mix. Result: A rich, sort
peanut butter.
4. Add an equal amount of may
onnaise salad dressing to panut but
ter. 5. One-half pound peanut butter,
one tablespoon each of prepared mus
tard, rftUup and oil. Mix.
I. Mix aft equal amount of thick
strained tmney nnd peanut butter.
An excellent spread for bread.
Orange and iTuno Salad Four
oranges, six whole walnut halves,
twelve cooked pruues, lettuce, may
onnaise. Peel otanges nnd rut In siloes.
Mourn prunes until tender, remove
seeds and cut in slices. Moisten with
DLiyonnUse. Lino ft snUvd bowl with
lettuce, ndd cringes and prunes ana
I ut mayonnaise over the top, press
Whole nut halves Into mayonnaise.
Tomalo Jelly t-'aliul One tublxupooi)
t:i latino, otie-qu.irl-r cup of roll
wuter, one cup bulling hot tomalo
riock, one-lialf pint creum whlpied
niiiil stiff and dry. Let tho gelatin
stand for fifteen minutes In the cob
v.r.ter lo soften. Add tho hot tomato
stock to lh softened gelatine, nnd
stir unlit tho gelatine is dhuiolved.
Let rool until the mixture begins to
thicken, then Iteat I inrd with an eg
lieaier until spongy. Add to whipped
errs m and fold in carefully. Turn Into
Individual molds wet wltb cold water.
When firm uitmnld onto rrlsp lettuce
and serve with mayonnaise.
A i loth moistonml with rhamphot
will remove yhlto sots from furni
ture. MM
Zinc should he cleaned with soap
cuds and salt, then polished with
kerosene. .
Tho most effective method of clean
Ing an Iron sink Is tn rub It well
With ft cloth wet milh kerosene oil.
Rub the nlckM trimmings on afore
with kerosene oil and whiting ftnd
then polish with ft dry cloth.
a nine wnue sugar msnoir-a in ,
hot water makes a good stiffening'
for dellenta laces.
Ardraoreite Want Ads Bring Big Results
The very hearty response 'to our unusual Clearance Sale has been most
marked. Unexpected values in stylish garments await those who ct
promptly as assortments are quickly broken. To the swift is the race.
Never Such Values In
When you note prices made without a precedence the first of real winter,
you will appreciate the importance of a quick response.
$98.50 and $89.50 Suits, (EQQ -7K
Clearance Price PJU I U
$84.50 and $74.50 Suits, C9Q Kfi
Clearance Price u $dVOVJ
$69.50 and $59.50 Suits, QtOA
Clearance Price a tDTCft I O
S49.50 and $39.50 Suit?, Q HZ
Clearance Price y)XIft I tf
$34.75 and $29.50 Suits, i ? HZ
Clearance Price (DlUilU
Smart Silk Frocks
Drastically Reduced
The opportunity awaited to be the possessor of one of the interesting
Frocks is here. Price is no longer a barrier. Tomorrow they go on sale,
most of them at less than HALF. i
$69.50 and $59.50 Smart Frocks, 0i HK
Clearance Sale tyU1: I O
$49.50 and $39.50 Smart Frocks, (J" A f7r
Clearance Sale DJL7ftlfJ
$34.75 and $24.75 Smart Frocks, M A f7pT
Clearance Sale $l.tO
Stylish Wool Frocks
Specially Priced
One of these Smart Frocks afford wonderful service and style assurance
to the wearer at a trifle of the former selling price, assortment being
broken, prompt response is necessary. Note the unusual reductions
beginning Tuesday morning: , j
$69.50 Stylish Frocks, CiOQ K(
Clearance Sale fP&VtOV
$59.50 Stylish Frocks, Of HK
Clearance Sale $Xft I O
$49.50 and $39.50 Stylish Frocks, CI Q HK
Clearance Sale J-ie I O
$29.50 and $24.75 Frocks, A 7f?
Clearance Sale ipLtU
Dance and Afternoon Frocks
While they last, Taffeta Dance Frocks in pink, sky, maize and white and
orchid combinations, also pastel Georgette Afternoon Frocks, tfQ AO
tucks and double ruffles of lace and ribbon trimmed, special tPft0
Exceptional Coat Values
When you consider these stylish Coats were purchased recently at much be
low regular value and in this Clearance Sale special -additional reduc
tions are made, the inducements are unusual.
Special Coat values
in thin sale ...
Special Coat values
in this sale
Special Coat values
in thU sale
Special Fur Coat Values
Having just two Fur CoaU left, and they being moot desirable in style and
pelta, this offers a rare saving to these two fortunate wearers.
$61!.r,0 Wonderful Mink Coat, beautiful brocade, natin COIA. CA
lining. Clearance Trice $047uU
?500.00 Hudson Seal Coat, 40-Inch, with rich, generous OOQQ CA
Skunk Collar and Cuffs, Clearance Trice WUUU0J
Special Blouse Clearance
Such material and newness of design In Jilouse- Ii offered In thl sale
In view of the limited quantity required a visit Tuesday morning to get the
High Class lllouses, very smart In combination and self flJJ ACT
trimmed values to $14.75, Clearance Price . . .PU7'0
niousrs of (Jeorgette and Crepe de Chine, tailored and trimmed JQ AO
wodel, value to JU.75, ClfarancB Price ...... tsUftfsO

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